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Full text of "The Black Book of Taymouth; With Other Papers From the Breadalbane Charter Room"

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DA  750. B2  N0100 

Innes,  Cosmo  Nelson, 
1798-1874,  Ed 

The  Black  Book  of  TaymouthJ 
With  Other  Papers  From  the 
'Breadalbane  Charter  Room 

Date  due 

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89   04     0 


'9?   n4  09 

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Q6  Q*5  17 








THE  BLACK  BOOK  OP  TAYMOUTH,       .         .  1 

THE  CHRONICLE  OF  FORTIRGALL,         .         .  107 

DUNCAN  LAIDEUS'  alias  MAKGREGOURIS  TESTAMENT,     .         .         .         .         .  149 


GUDIS,  PERTENYNG  TO  THE  HOUS  OF  &LENURQUHAY,        .        .        .        .  175 



The  Bowhous  Bwik  beginand  anno  1582, 265 

Compt  off  the  Bowhoussis  beginnand  the  yeir  of  God  1594,        .         .  268 

Expenss  of  Housald,  1590-1626, 300 

Inventaris  of  Plenissing,  1598-1640,         ...  319 

The  Actis  of  the  Laird  of  Glenurquhay  his  Courtis  1621-1642,  .         .  352 

Rollis  of  Able  Men  with  their  Armis,  1638, 391 

Feu  Charteris  and  Takis,  1550-1703,       ...  405 

LETTERS  FROM  THE  CHARTER  ROOM  AT  TAYMOUTH,  1570-1619,    .         .         .  429 


KILCHURN  CASTLE.— The  Castle  from  an  Etching  of  JOHN  CLERK  of  Eldin,  1777.  The 
Scenery  from  a  Sketch  made  on  the  spot,  by  HORATIO  M'CCLLOCH,  U.S.A.  Engraved  by 

SIR  DUNCAN  CAMPBELL,  the  Seventh  Laird  of  Glenurquhay,  from  an  Original  Picture 
in  the  Breadalbane  Apartments,  Holyrood,  Etched  by  WILLIAM  FORREST,  ....  Pref.  p.  iv 

Lithographed  by  W.  H.  LIZARS,  Edinburgh. 

1.  DUNCAN  IN  AA, 

2.  SIR  COLENE  CAMPBELL,  First  Laird,   . 

3.  SIR  DUNCAN  CAMPBELL,  Second  Laird, 

4.  SIR  COLENE  CAMPBELL,  Third  Laird,  . 

5.  SIR  DUNCAN  CAMPBELL,  Fourth  Laird, 

6.  SIR  JOHN  CAMPBELL,  Fifth  Laird, 

7.  SIR  COLENE  CAMPBELL,  Sixth  Laird,    . 

8.  SIR  DUNCAN  CAMPBELL,  Seventh  Laird, 

9.  SIR  COLENE  CAMPBELL,  Eighth  Laird, 

PAGE     9 



.  '      17 





THE  materials  of  the  present  volume,  all  taken  from  the  charter-room  at 
Taymouth,  have  been  selected  more  with  the  view  of  illustrating  the  antiquities 
of  the  Central  Highlands,  and  the  modes  of  life  and  thought  of  their  inhabitants 
in  the  old  time,  than  for  any  purpose  of  public  national  history,  or  for  the 
genealogy  and  antiquities  of  the  family  of  Breadalbane.  But  that  family 
having  so  long  borne  sway  in  the  district,  their  personal  affairs  are  to  some 
extent  mixed  up  with  all  local  history ;  and  a  general  acquaintance  with  the 
early  descents  of  the  house  of  Glenurchy  is  necessary  for  the  full  understanding 
of  the  materials  now  brought  together.  It  is  here  supplied  by  the  first  article 
of  our  collection. 

The  "  BLACK  BOOK  OF  TAYMOUTH,"  has  been  long  known  and  used  as  an  autfe  Booh  of 
authority  in  the  Highlands.  It  is  now  for  the  first  time  printed  from  the 
MS.  of  its  author,  Master  William  Bowie,  who  seems  to  have  discharged  the 
double  duty  of  family  notary  and  pedagogue  to  the  grandsons  of  Sir  Duncan 
Campbell,  the  seventh  laird  of  Glenurchy.  He  dedicates  his  work  to  his 
patron,  in  the  month  of  June  1598,  and  though  he  lived  to  add  some  matter 
of  subsequent  date,  the  conclusion,  coming  down  to  1648,  seems  written  by 
a  different  hand.  His  chief  object  was  to  record  the  successive  acquisitions  of 
property.  In  his  Latin  verses,  he  instils  the  virtuous  maxim — 

.  .  .  dominum  haud  nobilitat  domus, 
Antiquissima  quanquam  et  celeberrima  ; 


while  in  native  Scotch  he  admonishes  the  posterity  of  the  house  of  G-lenurchy 
to  follow  the  footsteps  of  their  ancestors,  and  as  their  chief  duty — 

"  Conques  or  keip  thingis  conquest."1 

Bowie's  narrative  of  the  descent  of  the  family  has  the  advantage  of  being 
founded,  in  all  material  parts,  on  charters  and  written  evidence  in  the  charter- 
room,  to  which  from  his  employment  he  had  access.  He  only  alludes  to  the 
origin  of  the  race  and  its  first  settlement  on  Loch  Awe,  and  then  passes  at 
once  to  Sir  Colin  of  Glenurchy,  the  second  son  of  the  Lord  of  Loch  Awe, 
who,  on  20th  October  1432,  had  a  charter  from  his  father  of  the  territory  of 
Glenurchy,  and  by  the  second  of  two  illustrious  marriages  acquired  the  third 
of  the  great  lordship  of  Lorn.  Master  William  Bowie  must  have  taken  pride 
in  recording  his  conquests,  as  well  as  his  building  of  the  Castle  of  Inverary 
for  his  nephew  the  first  Earl  of  Argyll,  and  the  Castle  of  Ilankeilquhirn,  long 
the  chief  strength  of  his  own  descendants.2  He  built  also  the  Tower  of 
Strathfillane,  and  the  barbican  wall  of  the  Isle  of  Loch  Tay,  whence  the  Nuns, 
who  had  given  shelter  and  a  grave  to  Queen  Sibilla,  had  been  ejected  long  before. 
The  last  two  seem  to  mark  the  intention  thus  early,  if  not  rather  the  natural  ten 
dency,  of  the  younger  of  the  great  families  of  Campbell  to  withdraw  from 
under  the  shadow  of  the  elder  house.  That  Sir  Colin  was  a  Knight  of  Rhodes, 
and  was  "  three  sundry  times  at  Borne,"  we  must  receive  on  our  chronicler's 
testimony,  unless  it  may  be  thought  to  have  some  support  from  the  popular 
pedigrees  of  the  Campbells,  where  Sir  Colin  is  styled  "  Colin  duibh  na  Roimh," 
— black  Colin  of  Rome,  and  from  the  family  tradition  recorded  in  the  very 
curious  Inventory  of  lieirship  moveables,  made  up  in  Sir  Robert's  time, 
where,  among  the  jewels  of  the  house,  we  find—  "  ane  stone  of  the  quantitye  of 

1  To  "conqueis"  is  to  acquire.     In  law  of  Eldin,  touched  in  China  ink  by  himself, 
language   we    still    speak   of    property   of  which  shews  the  Castle  a  good  deal  more 
conquest,     distinguished     from     that     in-  entire  than   at  present,  and   its  "  island " 
herited.  quite    surrounded  by   the    Lake.     Mr.    H. 

2  The  view  of  Kilchurn,  prefixed  to  this  M'Culloch  sketched  the  surrounding  scenerv 
.   Volume,  is  from  an  etching  of  John  Clerk  on  the  spot  for  this  plate. 



half  a  hen's  eg  set  in  silver,  being  flatt  at  the  ane  end  and  round  at  the  uther 
end  lyke  a  peir,  whilk  Sir  Coline  Campbell  first  laird  of  Glenurchy  woir  when 
he  fought  in  battell  at  the  Rhodes  agaynst  the  Turks,  he  being  one  of  the 
knychtis  of  the  Rhodes."  * 

Sir  Duncane,  the  second  laird,  acquired  land  by  precarious  titles  all  round 
Loch  Tay,  and  as  if  destining  that  to  be  the  future  centre  of  the  family 
possessions,  while  he  built  "  the  laich  hall "  of  Kilchurn,  he  "  bygit  the  great 
hall,  chapel,  and  chambers  in  the  Isle  of  Loch  Tay."  Sir  Duncane  was  slain 
at  Flodden  with  his  cousin  the  Earl,  and  buried  with  him  at  Kilmun,  "  because 
in  the  foresaid  field  they  died  valiantlj  together."  2 

Of  Sir  Colin  the  third  and  Duncan  the  fourth  laird,  their  historian 
chronicles  little  more  than  that  the  former  built  the  Chapel  of  the  Blessed 
Virgin  of  Finlarg,  "  to  be  ane  buriall  for  himself  and  his  posteritie,"  and  that 
both  kept  all  things  left  to  them  by  their  worthy  predecessors. 

John  and  Colin,  the  fifth  and  sixth  lairds,  were  brothers  of  Duncan  the 
fourth.  Colin,  though  inheriting  after  two  brothers,  was  thirty-three  years  in 
possession,  and  falling  in  the  time  of  dilapidation  of  church  lands,  had  time 
and  means  to  convert  the  "tack"  of  many  lands  of  Breadalbane,  held  of 
the  Charter-house  of  Perth  and  of  the  Crown,  into  a  secure  feu-tenure,  and 
to  conqueis  many  other  lands  in  Perthshire  and  a  town  lodging  in  the  county 
town.  He  built  the  Castle  of  Balloch,  where  the  house  of  Tay  mouth  now 
stands,3  and  he  added  the  four  kernils,  (corner  towers,)  and  the  north  chambers, 
to  the  hereditary  mansion  of  Kilchurn.  Mr.  Bowie  celebrates  him  as  "  a  great 

1  The  jewel  so  particularly  described  as 
the  amulet  worn  in  battle  by  the  Knight  of 
the  Cross,  would  seem  to  have  been  used  as 
a  charm  for  more  homely  purposes  after 
wards  ;  and  one  agreeing  marvellously  with 
its  description  is  still  at  Taymouth,  though 
it  has  not  remained  continuously  in  the 
family  custody. 

3  "  Duncan  M'Callein  an  dygriddir,"  Dun 
can,  the  son  of  Colin  the  good  knight,  is  the 

subject,  as  well  as  apparently  the  author,  of 
some  Gaelic  verses,  preserved  in  "the  collec 
tion  of  Dean  M'Gregor,  now  in  the  Advo 
cates'  Library, — a  collection  which  must  be 
studied  whenever  the  antiquities  of  Gaelic 
literature  are  to  be  honestly  illustrated. 

3  Part  of  Sir  Colin's  work  still  remains  at 
Taymouth,  and  some  of  the  escutcheons  of 
arms  with  which  he  ornamented  his  house, 
are  still  preserved  at  one  of  the  Park  Gates. 


Justiciar  all  his  time,"  in  that  he  caused  execute  many  notable  limmers,1 
(not  the  least  notable  being  that  "  Duncan  Laideus,"  whose  story  will  come 
afterwards,)  and  even  the  Laird  of  M'Gregor  himself,  that  is,  Gregor  Koy  of 
Glensthrae,  who  was  beheaded  with  much  solemnity  on  the  green  of  Kenmore. 
The  seventh  laird,  Sir  Duncan,  our  author's  patron,  is  a  person  on  whose 
history  we  dwell  with  more  pleasure.  Bowie  records  a  glorious  list  of  conquests  of 
lands  and  church  possessions,  and  the  provisions  he  bestowed  on  his  children, 
legitimate  and  illegitimate.  But  we  have  interest  of  another  kind  in  Black 
Duncan — Donacha  dim  na  curich,  as  he  is  called  from  the  cowl  in  which  he 
is  represented  in  his  picture  at  Taymouth.  He  was,  if  not  the  first  of 
Scotchmen,  the  very  foremost  of  Highland  proprietors,  to  turn  his  atten 
tion  to  the  rural  improvement  of  his  country.  His  predecessors  had  indeed 
built  rude  dwellings  and  places  of  defence,  round  which  time  and  decay 
have  thrown  a  picturesqueness  little  thought  of  in  their  erection.  But  we 
find  no  signs  of  these  earlier  lords  appreciating  their  beautiful  country,  or 
trying  to  increase  its  comforts  or  its  productiveness.  It  cannot  be  said  that 
Sir  Duncan  himself  had  taste  for  the  picturesque,  but  he  knew  the  profit  as 
well  as  the  beauty  that  might  accrue  from  clothing  the  hill-side  with  timber 
and  securing  shelter  round  his  mansion.  He  had  some  feeling  for  art  also. 
He  built  the  Castle  of  Finlarg  and  ornamented  its  chapel  "  with  pavement 
and  painterie."  He  built  the  tower  of  Achalladour,  repaired  Ilankeilchurn, 
built  the  house  of  Lochdochart,  a  great  house  at  Barcaldine  in  Benderloch, 
(between  Loch  Etive  and  Loch  Criran,)  defended  the  grounds  of  Balloch 
against  the  river  by  a  great  embankment.  He  built  or  repaired  the  Church 
of  Glenurchy,  and  built  a  bridge  over  the  water  of  Lochy,  "  to  the  great 
contentment  and  weal  of  the  country."  He  wa,s  enterprising  enough  to  travel 
abroad  and  passed  to  the  courts  of  England  and  France,  and  in  1602,  thought 
good  to  take  a  view  of  Flanders  and  of  the  wars.  He  took  measures  for 
enforcing  an  old  Scotch  law  which  enjoined  the  planting  of  a  few  trees  about 
every  tenant's  and  cottar's  dwelling,  and  on  the  greater  scale  which  became 
the  landlord,  he  "caused  make  parks  in  Balloch,  Finlarg,  Glenloquhay,  and 

1  Thieves. 


Glenurquhay,  and  caused  sow  acorns  and  seed  of  fir  therein,  and  planted  in 
the  same  young  fir  and  birch."  He  seems  to  have  imitated  his  cousin, 
William  Earl  of  Gowrie,1  in  introducing  trees  of  foreign  growth,  and  tradition 
points  to  him  as  the  planter  of  the  venerable  chestnut  and  walnut  trees  at 
Finlarg  and  Taymouth.  He  was  probably  the  first  of  Scotchmen  who  brought 
in  fallow  deer,  for  our  chronicler  tells  us  that  in  1614  he  took  a  lease  of  the 
Isle  of  Inchesaile  from  the  Earl  of  Argyll,  and  in  1615  "  put  fallow  deir  and 
cunnyngis  "  therein.  In  another  department  of  rural  policy,  it  is  not  so  cer 
tain  that  he  was  first,  but  it  is  of  him  that  we  have  the  first  evidence,  in 
connexion  with  the  rearing  of  horses.  In  one  bloody  foray  the  M'Gregors  slew 
forty  of  Sir  Duncan's  brood  mares  in  the  Cosche  of  Glenurchy,  and  at  the 
same  time  a  blood  horse, — "ane  fair  cursour  sent  to  him  from  the  Prince  out 
of  London."2  The  horse  had  come  to  an  untimely  end  even  before  his  royal 
master  was  taken  away,  but  the  stud  went  on  increasing  under  the  careful 
eye  and  vigorous  management  of  Black  Duncan. 

Sir  Duncan  may  be  thought  to  have  inherited  some  of  these  tastes  through 
his  mother,  a  daughter  of  the  accomplished  and  unfortunate  house  of  Gowrie. 
I  have  found  only  one  of  her  books  in  the  library.  It  is  a  copy  of  Sleidan's 
Chronicle,  London,  1560.  On  a  fly-leaf  she  has  written — This  buke  pertenis 
to  Catherine  Euthven  Lady  of  Glenurquhay. 

1  When  the  Earl  of  Gowrie  was  pressed 
by  Home  of  Godscroft  to  join  in  the  second 
conspiracy,  for  which  he  eventually  suffered, 
"looking  very  pitifully  upon  his  gallerie," 
says  Godscroft,  "  where  wee  were  walking 
at  that  time,  which  he  had  but  newly  built 
and  decorated  with  pictures,  he  brake  out 
into  these  words,  having  first  fetched  a  deep 
sigh — '  Cousin,'  says  he,  '  is  there  no  re- 
niedie  1  Impius  hcec  tarn  culta  novalia 
miles  habebit  !  Barbarus  has  segetes  I ' " — 
(Godscroft,  Edit.  1644,  p.  377.)  Upon  a 
scrap  of  paper  on  which,  while  in  prison, 
he  had  noted  down  some  pleas  to  be  ad 

dressed  to  his  judges,  we  find  written — 
"What  pitie  it  wer  to  take  me  from  my 
parks  and  policie  !"  He  was  an  extensive 
planter,  for  that  age,  and  particularly  fond 
of  the  Spanish  chestnut  and  walnut. 

2  We  know  something  of  this  "  fair  cur- 
sour."  The  Knight  of  Glenurchy  had  pre 
sented  the  Prince  (Henry,  son  of  James 
VI.)  with  some  eagles  with  which  he  had 
had  good  sport,  and  in  return  the  prince 
sent  him  "  a  horse  to  be  a  stallon,  one  of 
the  best  in  his  stable,"  with  a  hope  that 
when  he  came  to  Scotland  seven  years 
hence,  he  should  get  some  of  his  breed. 


We  have  abundant  evidence  that  the  seventh  laird  was  a  man  of  affairs, 
and  well  maintained  his  place  in  that  age  of  unscrupulous  politicians.  In  his 
own  territories,  castles,  and  family,  he  practised  a  very  vigorous  personal  control 
and  the  most  methodical  administration.  The  estate  books  and  books  of  house 
hold  accounts  and  inventories  kept  under  his  direction  give  us  the  earliest 
picture  we  have  of  the  life  of  a  great  Highland  lord. 

It  is  not  so  easy  to  imagine  the  rough  chieftain  cultivating  literature : 
yet,  grim  as  he  stands  in  the  picture  opposite,1  the  black  Duncan  had  a  taste 
for  books,  read  history  and  romance,  and  is  not  quite  free  from  the  suspicion 
of  having  dabbled  in  verse  himself.  Several  of  his  books  are  still  preserved 
at  Taymouth,  where  the  frequent  inscriptions  in  his  own  hand  shew  he 
took  pleasure  in  them  ;  and  we  must  remember  that  book  collecting  was 
not  yet  a  fashion.  One  of  his  favourites,  in  which  he  evidently  much  de 
lighted,  was  "  The  Buike  of  King  Alexander  the  Conqueroure,"  a  ponderous 
romance  in  MS.2  Some  original  verses,  mostly  moral  and  religious,  written 
on  the  blank  leaves  of  his  books,  would  be  worth  preserving,  if  it  were  possible 
more  satisfactorily  to  establish  their  authorship. 

The  influence  of  Sir  Duncan  Campbell  extended  over  an  unusual  length 
of  time.  He  was  forty-eight  years  lord  of  the  family  estates,  and  was  eighty- 
six  years  old  when  he  died  in  1631. 

The  next  generation  carries  us  a  long  step  forward  in  civilisation.  Sir 
Colin,  the  eighth  laird  of  Glenurchy,  was  as  fond  of  repairing  and  extending 
his  family  castles  as  his  father  had  been.  Moreover,  he  gave  in  to  the  new 
luxuries  of  rich  furniture  and  hangings  of  silk  and  tapestry,  in  which  England 
was  then  shewing  its  wealth.  His  chronicler  records  his  expenses  in  Arras 
hangings,  silk  beds,  and  damask  "  napery,"  brought  out  of  West  Flanders. 

1  From  the  original  picture  in  the  Bread-          parently  transcribed  for  Sir  Duncan,  who 
albane  apartments  at  Holyrood.  has  written  his  name  repeatedly  in  one  of 

2  This,  which  has  never  been  printed,  is  a  them,  with  the  dates    1579,    1581,    1582. 
translation   of    the   great    French    ROMAN  The  other  copy  contains  at  the  end  Duncan 
U'ALEXANDRE,  executed  by  Sir  Gilbert  Hay,  Laideus's   testament,   which  will  be  men- 
c.  1430,  and  extends  to  about  20,000  lines.  tioned  hereafter. 

Two   copies   are   at   Taymouth  ;    both   ap- 



We  learn,  by  his  books  still  preserved,  that  he  was  not  only  a  Latin  scholar, 
but  fond  of  French  and  Italian  literature.1  Contemporary  portraits  are  found 
of  Sir  Duncan,  but  Sir  Colin  is  the  first  of  the  family  who  employed  artists  to 
paint  pictures  as  ornaments  for  his  house.  He  "  bestowit  and  gave  to  ane 
Germane  painter,  whom  he  enterteinit  in  his  house  aucht  moneth  .  .  .  the 
soume  of  ane  thousand  pundis."  The  name  of  the  German  artist  is  not  found, 
nor  is  it  of  much  interest  to  ascertain  who  painted  the  "  threttie  broads"  and 
portraits  from  fancy  which  still  cover  some  of  the  walls  at  Taymouth.  Sir 
Colin  could  appreciate  the  more  delicate  pencil  of  an  artist  of  his  own  country. 
It  is  to  his  taste  that  we  owe  the  largest  collection,  and  perhaps  the  best  works 
of  the  pencil  of  the  first  of  Scotch  painters,  Jamesone.  The  notice  of  Bowie, 
and  the  letters  of  Jamesone  himself,  shew  the  rapidity  of  the  artist's  work  and 
the  prices  he  received  for  his  pictures.  He  undertakes  to  paint  sixteen  pictures 
between  July  and  the  end  of  September,  and  he  informs  his  patron  that  his 
ordinary  price  is  twenty  merks  for  a  half  length,  or  twenty  pounds,  with  a 
double  gilt  muller  (frame).  These  letters  also  serve  to  prove  that  Jamesone 
was  working  at  Taymouth  while  Bowie  or  his  continuator  was  writing  the 
"  Black  Book,"  and  it  does  not  seem  unreasonable  to  conjecture  that  the  fanci 
ful  and  often  grotesque  portraits  that  are  found  in  it  are  from  the  ready  pencil 
of  one  accustomed  to  paint  imaginary  portraits,  and  actually  engaged  at  the 
time  in  ornamenting  the  family  tree  of  the  house  of  Breadalbane.  The  por 
trait  of  Sir  Colin,  Jamesone's  patron,  is  more  careful  than  the  rest,  and  is 
evidently  a  characteristic  likeness.2 

1  He  was  iu  the  habit  of  writing  on  his 
books  those  pithy  Italian  and  Latin  apoph 
thegms  then  so  much  admired.      The  sen 
tences  of  Italian  seem  chiefly  to  be  taken 
from  a  little  collection,  entitled  "  Oracoli 
politici  cioe  sentenze  et  document!   nobili 
et  illustri,"  printed  by  Aldus,  1590,  a  copy 
of  which,  marked  with  his  initials,  is  pre 
served  at  Taymouth. 

2  The  large  family  tree  ornamented  with 
portraits,  in  the  south-west  tower  at  Tay 

mouth,  is  inscribed  "  The  Genealogie  of  the 
hous  of  Glenurquhie,  quhairof  is  dtscendit 
sundrie  nobili  and  worthie  housis,  1635. 
O.  Jameson  faciebat."  Sir  Duncan  of 
Lochow,  the  great  ancestor  of  the  family,  is 
in  a  red  plaid  and  kilt,  with  a  shirt  of  mail, 
short  checked  hose,  and  bare  knees.  The 
other  pictures  of  Jamesone's  I  have  observed 
at  Taymouth  are — 

Johne,  Loird  Leslie,  1633. 

Thomas,  Lord  of  Binning,  1636. 


If  Master  William  Bowie  lived  to  write  the  memoir  of  Sir  Kobert,  the 
ninth  laird  of  Glenurchy,  it  must  have  caused  him  much  grief.  The  house 
of  Breadalbane  had  fallen  upon  evil  times.  Public  events  and  family  expenses 
combined  to  bear  it  down,  and  the  Notary's  last  pages  record  the  legal  steps 
taken  by  numerous  creditors  against  the  unhappy  Sir  Eobert.  It  is  a  pity  the 
old  man  could  not  have  lived  to  see  the  family  restored  in  fortune  and  increased 
in  honours  in  the  next  generation,  in  the  person  of  his  pupil. 

TUB  CHRONICLE  The  second  article  of  the  volume  has  been  named  "  THE  CHRONICLE  OF 

FORTIRGALL/'  on  presumptions  afforded  by  the  MS.  It  is  a  small  4to  book  of 
paper,  much  decayed  and  imperfect,  giving  no  name  of  the  compiler  or  writer. 
The  first  part  of  its  contents  are  almost  identical  with  a  chronicle  already 
known  and  published  as  Dean  McGregor's  Chronicle.  The  author  (a  person 
vhom  we  reverence  as  the  sole  early  collector  of  Highland  poetry)  was  James 
M'Gregor,  Dean  of  Lismore,  and  Vicar  of  Fortirgall.  The  present  compilation 
notices  the  death  of  the  Dean  himself,  which  took  place  in  1551,  and  brings  the 
record  of  events  considerably  lower.  We  gather  from  its  contents  that  the  writer 
was  a  McGregor,  acknowledging  M'Gregor  of  Glensthrae  for  his  chief;  that  he  was 
a  priest,  and  "said  his  first  mass"  at  Whitsunday  1531 ;  that  he  came  to  the 
Cure  of  Fortirgall  at  Beltane  1532 ;  and  that  he  spent  the  remainder  of  his  life 
in  that  neighbourhood.  He  records  chiefly  the  obits  and  funerals  of  Fortirgall 
and  Inchaddin,  though  mixed  with  such  as  interested  him  of  the  passing  events 
of  the  Highlands,  and  of  the  public  affairs  of  the  country.  He  records  that  he 
began  to  sow  oats  in  the  Borllin  of  Fortirgall  on  23d  March  of  each  of  the  years 
1575  and  1576 ;  and  the  last  entry  of  his  journal  is  dated  25th  April  1579. 
But  though  the  period  of  his  record  is,  all  things  considered,  the  most 

James,  Marques  of  Hamilton,  1636.  Johne,  Lord  Naper,  1637. 

Anna,  Marquessa  of  Hamilton,  1636.  Johne,  Earl  of  Mar,  1637. 

Wiliame,  Earl  Marischal,  1637.  Loird  of  Lawden,  1637. 

Johne,  Earl  of  Kingorn,  1637.  A  sketch  by  this  artist  of  a  girl  with  a 

Sir  Robert  Campbell,  1641  (two  pictures).  goldfinch    has    no    name.     It  is    marked 

Sir  John  Campbell,  1642  (two  pictures).  "  JEtatis  suze,— 1641." 

William,  Erie  of  Aeirth,  1637. 


interesting  and  important  of  Scotch  history,  there  is  no  comment  on  public 
events,  and  nothing  that  is  new  to  the  student  of  history.  Within  the  space 
of  two  leaves,  the  deaths  of  Kizzio,  of  Darnley,  of  Murray,  of  Archbishop 
Hamilton,  are  noted ;  without  any  new  circumstances,  and  with  a  remarkable 
avoidance  of  any  expression  of  feeling.  Somewhat  more  is  elicited  by  the 
murder  or  death  of  some  good  neighbour  or  friend  of  the  chronicler,  when  he 
deals  a  short  eulogium, — "  bonus  fait" — or  especially  if  he  can  say  " non  fuit 
avarus"  or  "  Deus  diligit  hilarem  datoreni,"  concluding  with  a  "  requiescat  in 
pace"  or  " Deus propitietur." 

Perhaps  it  was  necessary  caution  that  prevented  him  from  denouncing 
more  openly  the  Reformation,  to  which  he  was  no  friend.  1558,  says  he,  fuit 
principium  novce  legis  hereticorum.  In  1559,  he  records  that  the  summer 
before,  the  great  steugh  came  in  Scotland  against  the  faith  that  our  progeni 
tors  had  long  time  afore  that.  That  same  summer  (1559)  "  the  Charter-house 
(of  Perth)  was  destroyed,  Scone  burnt,  mekil  trouble  in  Scotland.  None 
durst  say  mass  nor  sacrament  in  the  old  fashion."  He  notes  the  death  of  one 
who  was  "firmus  in  fide  catholica"  and  of  several  who  died  in  lege  Lutherana, 
or  who  "  renounced  the  law  and  the  sacraments,"  leaving  no  doubt  of  his  own 
principles ;  yet  he  occasionally  bestows  an  orate  pro  anima  even  upon  one  of 
these  heretics  ;  and  he  records  with  equal  impassiveness  the  day  of  St.  Bartho 
lomew  in  France, — "  the  Papetis  in  France  slew  and  murdreist  in  the  nicht 
mony  men  and  women  of  the  congregation ;"  and  the  death  of  John  Hamil 
ton, — "  the  said  bissop  was  tayne  and  justifeit  and  hangit  in  Strywelyn." 

Perhaps  the  part  of  the  Chroniole  of  the  Curate  of  Fortirgall  which  may 
prove  most  useful,  is  his  record  of  the  weather, — of  good  and  bad  seasons,  and 
of  the  consequent  fluctuation  of  the  prices  of  victuals.  The  first  noticed  by  him 
is  1554,  when  there  was  frost  and  snow  "whiles"  before  Andersmas,  (30th 
November,)  and  continued  frost  from  13th  December,  and  great  snow  from 
Yule  day  at  even,  and  every  day  from  thenceforth  more  and  more  without 
any  thaw  till  the  17th  of  January.  "  It  was  the  greatest  snow  and  storm  that 
was  seen  in  memory  of  man  living  that  time.  Many  wild  horses  and  mares, 
kye,  sheep,  goats,  perished  and  died  for  want  of  food  in  the  mountains,  and  in 
all  other  parts ;  and  though  partial  thaw  came  on  17th  January,  it  began  then 


to  snow  and  freeze  till  the  22d  day  of  February,  on  which  day  men  and  women 
might  well  pass  on  the  ice  of  Lyon  in  sundry  places,  and  little  tilth  till  the 
26th  day  of  February,  and  but  in  layth  (sheltered)  places." 

The  winter  of  1561-62,  there  "  was  mekle  snow  in  all  parts,  and  many 
deer  and  roes  slaine."  The  summer  of  1563  he  commemorates  as  "  right  dear  ; 
viz.,  the  boll  of  meal  5  merks."  In  the  following  summer  there  was  "  mekle 
rain  continually,  but  good  cheap  of  victuals  in  all  parts."  The  boll  of  meal 
which  had  been  as  high  as  5  merks  (£3,  6s.  8d.)  the  preceding  year,  sold  for 
eighteen  shillings,  and  malt  for  twenty-eight  shillings. 

"  The  summer  of  1570  right  good,  and  all  victuals  good  cheap,  but  the 
winter  and  Lentron  quarter  following  evil  weather,  many  sheep  and  goats 
died  through  scarcity  of  fodder.  In  the  spring  of  1571-2,  from  15th  January 
till  the  22d  March  great  frost,  so  that  no  ploughs  went  till  eight  days  thereafter, 
and  men  might  well  pass  and  repass  on  the  ice  of  Lyon  the  3d  day  of  March." 
But  the  following  winter  struck  the  chronicler  of  Fortirgall  as  more  than 
usually  severe.  "  The  22d  day  of  February  there  came  after  noon  a  great  storm, 
and  snow  and  hail  and  wind,  that  no  man  nor  beast  might  lift  up  their  heads, 
nor  walk  nor  ride,  and  many  beasts  perished  without  in  that  storm,  and  many 
men  and  women  perished  in  sundry  places ;  and  all  kinds  of  victual  right  dear, 
and  that  because  no  mills  might  grind  for  the  frost.  All  corn  came  to  the 
Mill  of  Dunkeld  out  of  St.  Johnstoun  (Perth)  betwixt  that  and  Dunkeld,  and 
all  other  bounds  about  far  and  near.  The  meal  gave  that  time  in  St.  John 
stoun,  43  shillings,  the  malt  34  shillings ;  and  before  St.  Patrick's  day  (17th 
March)  the  meal  was  25s.  8d.,  and  the  malt  for  30  shillings." 

Many  other  notices  of  the  weather  occur,  which  are  always  valuable  when 
made  at  the  time  and  by  an  eye-witness  ;  and  many  instances  are  given  of  that 
fluctuation  of  prices  which  in  times  of  little  foreign  trade  was  ever  and  anon 
reducing  the  people  at  one  plunge  from  plenty  to  starvation. 

Some  liberties  have  been  used  in  printing  this  little  chronicle.  The 
entries  which  in  the  original  stand  very  promiscuously,  have  been  arranged 
according  to  the  order  of  date.  A  list  of  Scotch  Kings1  from  Boece, 

1  P.  20  of  MS. 



has  been  omitted.  A  few  memoranda  and  notes,  moral  precepts,  medical 
recipes  scribbled  on  blank  pages  of  the  original,  have  been  here  collected 
at  the  end,  that  nothing  might  be  omitted  which  may  be  thought  to  show  the 
modes  of  acting,  of  thinking,  and  even  of  idling,  in  the  time  and  country  which 
are  the  subject  of  our  collection.  All  that  has  been  attempted  with  regard  to 
the  language,  is  to  print  literally  as  the  writer  wrote.  Probably  his  native 
and  familiar  tongue  was  Gaelic,  and  in  it  he  may  be  correct,  but  his  Latin  is 
very  peculiar,  and  even  in  Scotch,  which  was  not  bound  by  very  strict  rules  of 
spelling,  the  curate  of  Fortirgall  takes  unusual  latitude. 

saw  it  at  Taymouth  in  September  1769,  and  communicated  it  to  Warton,  who 
speaks  of  it  as  "  an  anonymous  Scotch  poem  which  contains  capital  touches  of 
satirical  humour  not  inferior  to  those  of  Dunbar  and  Lyndesay." 1  He  inclines 
to  think  the  hero  and  supposed  speaker  of  the  poem  altogether  an  imaginary 
personage,  a  mere  type  of  the  Highland  freebooter. 

The  verses  are  written  on  the  blank  leaves  at  the  end  of  one  of  the  copies 
of  the  Komance  of  Alexander,  but  in  a  different  hand  from  it.  They  are 
unfortunately  anonymous,  and  we  have  no  clue  to  enable  us  to  conjecture  the 
author.  It  was  a  mistake,  however,  to  suppose  that  the  subject  of  the  poem, 
the  person  in  whose  mouth  the  satire  is  put,  was  an  imaginary  person.  Dun 
can  M'Gregor,  called  Laidus  or  Laudasach,  was  but  too  well  known  in  Bread- 
albane  and  the  Highlands  for  half  a  century,  although  the  documents  and 
records  by  which  his  history  is  vouched  are  of  the  end  of  it. 

1  History  of  English  Poetry,  p.  482,  Edit. 
1840. — Though  so  accomplished  an  Eng 
lish  scholar,  Warton  was  hardly  able  to 
appreciate  the  language  of  Duncan  Lai- 
deus.  His  explanatory  notes  of  the  few 
verses  which  he  quotes  are  very  bad. — 
"  Barne  tyme,"  a  family  of  children,  Anglo- 
Saxon  beam  team,  he  renders  "  harvest." 
"  Rig,"  a  ridge  of  ploughed  land,  he  makes 

"Rick."  "Quart,"  he  calls  an  English 
gallon ;  I  know  not  why.  "  Into  deid,"  which 
means  merely  "  indeed,"  he  reads  "  unto 
death."  "  Allege,"  which  the  context  ought 
to  have  shown  him  stands  for  "  legate "  or 
"bequeath,"  he  translates  "give,  assign." 
"Sessioun,"  he  makes  "  Parliament,"  a  sense 
it  never  bore  in  Scotland.  Here  it  means 
the  Court  of  Session  :  &c.  &c. 



He  must  have  been  of  some  standing  in  the  proscribed  but  powerful  clan, 
although  his  daring  character  may  have  helped  as  much  as  his  cousinship  to 
place  him  in  the  office  of  tutor  of  the  young  Chief  of  M'Gregor.  His  chro 
nicler  informs  us  that  in  his  youth  he  led  the  life  of  all  his  clan, — the  life  of 
the  Arab  robber,  or  the  wolf  on  whose  head  a  price  is  set.  Hunted  "  through 
Lome,  Argyll,  Menteith,  and  Breadalbane,"  he  retired  to  the  wilds  of  Lochaber, 
where  he  hoped  to  find  shelter  with  Lochiel ;  but  the  Earl  of  Argyll  having 
pursued  him  hotly,  he  doubled  back  to  Breadalbane,  where  he  was  taken  and 
thrown  into  prison  by  Sir  Duncan  Campbell,  the  second  Laird  of  Grlenurchy. 
He  escaped,  and  made  himself  strong  with  many  followers  in  the  confusion  that 
followed  the  Field  of  Flodden,  where  the  Knight  of  Glenurchy  was  slain,  with 
his  cousin  of  Argyll  and  their  royal  master.  From  this  period  (1513)  till  his 
death,  he  was  the  terror  of  the  Highlands.  Of  the  injuries  he  suffered  person 
ally,  or  the  wrongs  he  may  have  had  to  avenge,  we  know  little.  The  story  is 
told- by  the  other  party.  His  last  exploits  we  must  take  from  the  formal  nar 
rative  of  the  public  prosecutor.  On  the  26th  November  1551,  the  Queen's 
Advocate  set  forth  that  "  Duncan  Laudes  and  G-regour  his  sone  recently,  namely 
upoun  Sounday  the  22d  day  of  November  instant,  at  sex  houris  at  evin  under 
silence  of  nycht,  be  way  of  hamesukin  cam  to  the  hous  of  Alaster  Owir  alias 
M'Gregour  servand  to  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  of  the  landis  of  Moreis 
and  be  force  tuke  him  furth  of  his  said  hous  and  be  way  of  murthure  straik 
him  with  quhingearis  and  crewellie  slew  him  and  spulzeit  and  tuke  fra  him 
his  purs  and  in  it  the  soume  of  fourty  poundis  ;  and  incontinent  thireftir  past 
to  the  landis  of  Killing  to  the  hous  of  ane  pure  man  callit  Johnne  M'Bayne 
Pipare  and  thair  assegit  the  said  hous  and  brak  the  durris  thairof  and  be  force 
tuke  the  said  Johnne  furth  of  the  samin  and  straik  his  heid  fra  his  body  and 
crewellie  slew  him  and  gaif  him  divers  uther  straikis  with  quhingearis  in  his 
body,"  &c.  For  this  murder  on  his  "  awin  natioun,"  as  his  historian  tells  us, 
he  and  his  son  were  charged1  and  "  put  to  the  home ;"  which  they  treated  with 
derision.  And  the  common  process  of  law  was  not  likely  to  be  otherwise 
treated  by  such  as  Duncan.  Here,  however,  it  was  enforced  by  others  than 

1  The  charge  was  executed  at  the  Market  Cross  of  Perth,  on  28th  November  1551. 



the  Queen's  messengers.  Alaster  Owir,  though  a  Macgregor,  was  a  "  servant " 
of  Glenurchy's,  who  was,  therefore,  bound  to  avenge  his  murder.  Of  one  step 
taken  for  that  purpose  we  have  the  particulars  in  this  collection.  On  the 
llth  March  1551,1  Glenurchy  took  a  bond  of  manrent  or  service  from  James 
Stewart  of  Ballindoran,  and  two  Drtimmonds,  whereby  these  parties  bound 
themselves  "  with  their  whole  power,  with  their  kin,  friends  and  partakers, 
to  invade  and  pursue  to  the  death  Duncan  Laudosach  M'Gregour,  Gregour 
his  son,  thair  servands,  partakers  and  complices  ...  be  reason  that  thai  ar  our 
deidlie  enemies  and  our  Soverane  Ladie's  rebels."2  The  foxes  had  still  another 
double  for  their  lives.  Notwithstanding  the  deadly  feud  that  was  between 
them,  and  although  Glenurchy  had  obtained  a  gift  from  Chatelherault  the 
Governor,  of  the  escheat  of  the  outlaws,  they  found  means  to  avert  his  wrath, 
and  even  to  obtain  his  protection.  On  the  2d  of  May  1552,3  Colyne  Campbell 
of  Glenurquhai  (the  zeal  of  love  and  good  conscience  moving  him)  received 
Duncane  Makgregour  and  Gregour  his  son  in  his  maintenance  (protection),  for 
gave  all  manner  of  actions  and  faults  that  they  had  committed,  and  gave  them 
back  the  escheat  of.  their  goods  which  he  had  purchased  when  they  were  the 
queen's  rebels  ;  they  being  now  received  to  the  Queen's  peace  and  his  favour. 
The  sole  condition  stipulated  was  that  the  Macgregors  should  fulfil  their  bond  of 
manrent  (service)  to  Glenurchy  in  all  points.4  The  subsequent  cause  of  quarrel 
we  do  not  learn.  The  wild  blood  of  the  Macgregors  may  have  broken  out  in 
some  new  enormity  too  great  for  pardon  and  too  clear  for  trial.  On 
the  16th  of  June  1552,  says  the  Curate  of  Fortirgall,  Duncan  Macgregor 
and  his  sons  Gregor  and  Malcolm  Roy  were  beheaded  by  Colin  Campbell  of 
Glenurchy,  Campbell  of  Glenlyon,  and  Menzies  of  Rannoch.5 

1  That  is,  three  months  after  the  murder  of 
Alaster  Owir, — the  year  ending  24th  March. 

8  17,  p.  192.  It  may  have  been  in  revenge 
of  this  undertaking  that  the  M'Gregors,  many 
years  afterwards,  murdered  John  Drummond 
(though  under  double  assurance  of  their  clan) 
with  the  circumstances  of  special  and  almost 
solemn  ferocity  described  in  a  subsequent 
bond.— 112,  p.  244. 

3  Little  more  than  a  month  after  the  bond 
with  Stewart  and  Drummond. 

4  18,  p.  193. 

5  Before  the  end  of  1552  we  meet  with  a 
gift  to  Glenurchy  of  the  escheat  of  inove- 
ables  and  immovables  of  umquhil — M'Gregor 
alias  Ladassach,  and  Gregor  his  son    .  .  . 
convict  of  certain  crimes  .  .  .  and  justyfeit 
to  the  death. 


Such  was  the  person  in  whose  mouth  the  anonymous  poet  of  Breadalbane,  fol 
lowing  the  practice  which  Dunbar  and  Lindsay  had  rendered  popular,  has  put  the 
"  Testament  "which  is  here  printed  with  scrupulous  fidelity  from  the  original  MS. 

The  reader  of  modern  English  poetry  will  require  to  make  some  allow 
ance  for  the  time  and  the  country  of  the  Scotch  poet  of  the  16th  century.  But 
the  student  of  early  English  literature  will  find  no  difficulty  in  the  mere  lan 
guage  and  spelling ;  and  much  of  what  now  seems  uncouth  in  the  thoughts 
and  the  management  of  the  poem,  is  in  truth  imitated  from  the  great  early 
masters  who  were  writing  verse  and  cultivating  the  same  Saxon  tongue  in  Scot 
land  and  England  equally  and  contemporaneously. 

The  impersonation,  in  the  beginning,  not  only  of  the  virtues  and  vices, 
but  of  other  abstractions,  a  practice  which  may  be  traced  back  to  the 
"mysteries"  and  Church  plays  of  the  middle  ages,  will  not  seem  altogether 
strange  to  one  familiar  with  the  allegories  of  Spencer  and  of  John  Bunyan. 
Neither  will  he  want  authorities  for  the  inartificial  confusion  of  the 
persons  of  the  supposed  speaker  and  the  poet,  though,  in  the  present  case, 
this  produces  a  bad  effect.  We  find  it  unnatural  that  the  robber  and  outlaw 
should  patriotically  lament  the  battle  of  Flodden  which  gave  him  his  own 
liberty  ; — should  describe  the  hanging  of  his  fellows  as  a  "  blessed  sacrifice  to 
our  Lorde,"  and  everywhere  mix  up  moral  and  religious  reflections  with  his  tri 
umphant  rehearsal  of  his  worst  exploits.  But  after  making  full  deduction  for 
such  faults  of  composition,  we  find  abundance  to  admire  in  this  short  poem. 
There  is  a  breadth  and  intensity  of  satire  worthy  of  Lindsay,  and  a  tone  of  natu 
ral  pathos  of  which  Lindsay  was  hardly  capable.  The  verses  in  which  Laideus 
distributes  his  spiritual  goods, — bequeaths  to  the  Curate  negligence,  to  the  Vicar 
rapacity,  oppression  to  the  Parson,  gluttony  to  the  Prior ;  to  the  Abbot  pride 
and  arrogance,  to  the  Bishop  his  "  free  will,"  and  flattery  and  false  dissembling 
to  the  Friars, — are  in  as  vigorous  a  strain  of  condensed  satire  as  the  heats  of  the 
Reformation  produced  ;  and  we  may  look  in  vain  in  authors  of  that  day  for  the 
expressions  of  natural  feeling  and  pathetic  regret  with  which  the  imprisoned 
savage  is  made  to  take  his  adieu  of  the  scenes  of  his  free  life  and  daring.  The 
mere  enumeration  of  the  places  is  highly  effective,  and  the  occasional  addition 
of  an  epithet  descriptive  is  often  appropriate  and  distinctive  as  well  as  poetical: — 


"  Farewell,  Glenlochy,  with  tky  forest  free, 

Farewell,  Breadalbane  and  Lochtay  so  sheen  ; 

Farewell,  Glenalmond,  garden  of  pleasance, 
For  many  fair  flower  have  I  from  ye  taen." 

"  Farewell,  Stratherne,     .     .     . 
Plenished  with  pleasant  policy  preclair, 
Of  towers  and  town  is  standing  fair  in  row" 

"  Farewell,  Menteth,  where  oft  I  did  repair, 

And  came  unsought  aye  as  does  the  snow, 
To  part  from  thee  my  heart  is  wonder  sair." 

Some  of  these  verses  show  a  sense  of  natural  beauty  and  a  tenderness  of  feeling 
which  we  do  not  look  for  in  writers  of  that  age,  and  which  no  earlier  Scotch 
poet  had  expressed  so  well,  if  we  except  the  admirable  Gawin  Douglas. 

Bonds  of  Friendship,  Bonds  of  Homage,  Bonds  of  Manrent  and  Mainten-  BONDS  OK 
ance,  are  found  in  greater  or  less  quantity  in  all  old  Scotch  Charter-chests,  but 
it  was  reserved  for  the  careful  Sir  Duncan  Campbell  to  engross  such  Deeds  in 
the  form  of  a  Register.  From  the  Book  of  these  compiled  under  his  direction, 
the  frame  work  of  the  following  section  is  taken  ;  but  the  original  bonds  have 
been  used  wherever  they  are  extant,  and  a  large  number  are  still  preserved. 
If  these  were  all  of  that  kind  so  well  known  to  the  antiquary — mere  modi 
fications  of  the  feudal  relation  of  lord  and  vassal — it  would  not  be  necessary 
to  do  more  than  to  point  out  their  evident  utility  for  family  and  local  history  j1 
but  here  we  have  some  of  a  different  character,  and  some  which  seem  to  present 
new  points  of  interest  for  the  Scotch  Antiquary.  We  have  never  before  had  a 

1  Two  large  collections  of  these  bonds  of  society  which  gave  rise  to  them,  I  would 
homage  and  friendship — of  "  manrent  and  refer  to  the  prefatory  notices  of  these  col- 
maintenance," — have  been  lately  published  lections  by  the  Secretary  of  the  Club. — 
by  the  Spalding  Club,  one  from  the  Charter-  Miscellany  of  the  Spalding  Club,  Vol.  II., 
room  of  Slaines,  the  other  from  Gordon  p.  cvi.,  and  Vol.  IV.,  p.  xlviii. 
Castle.  For  their  objects,  and  the  state  of 



collection  of  such  transactions  from  a  Highland  Chiefs  castle.  The  mixture 
of  the  two  elements, — of  the  patriarchal  and  the  feudal,— of  that  where  all 
property  was  (by  theory)  in  the  tribe,  and  that  where  (by  theory  again)  pro 
perty  was  in  the  lord  alone, — is  here  seen  for  the  first  time.  We  have  a  great 
Chief  and  ruler  of  many  Celtic  tribes,  living  among  them  and  conforming  to 
their  customs,  yet  holding  his  own  territories  and  his  position  in  the  kingdom 
as  a  Feudal  Baron.  The  M'Gregors  and  M'Nabs,  like  their  Celtic  brethren, 
holding  property  by  no  written  tenures,  having  perhaps  no  individual  property 
in  the  soil,  were  little  addicted  to  commit  their  transactions  to  writing.  But 
with  the  Norman,  came  strict  rights  of  property,  written  tenures,  and  a  pro 
pensity  to  records ;  and  instead  of  the  vague  traditions  of  the  pure  Celts,  we 
have  here  preserved  definite,  though  slight,  footsteps  of  their  immemorial 

Charter-chests  are  rare  in  the  Highlands,  and  in  the  Charter-chests  of 
lowland  Scotland  there  probably  is  not  an  instance  of  a  formal  deed  of 
Adoption  of  a  child,  though  the  practice  was  evidently  common  under  the 
Civil  law.  At  Taymouth  these  deeds  are  so  common,  it  was  evidently  an 
approved  way  of  transmitting  property. 

One  of  them  relates  how  John  M'Grillespie  received  John  Campbell 
of  Glenurchy  as  his  own  son,  and  took  him  on  his  knee,  calling  \nmfilium  adop- 
tivum,  that  is  to  say,  his  chosen  son,  and,  he  being  on  his  knee,  gave  to  the 
said  John  the  half  of  his  goods.1  In  like  manner  John  M'Bay,  and  Mary 
Vykfail,  his  spouse,  took  the  same  John  Campbell  as  a  bairn  of  their  own,  and 
their  special  oversman  and  defender,  and  delivered  a  glove  in  token  of  all  their 
goods  and  a  bairn's  part  of  their  goods  after  their  decease.2  Many  similar 
deeds  in  this  collection  show  not  only  a  new  form,  but  a  kind  of  transaction 
and  a  state  of  society  unknown  in  the  lowlands. 

The  Celtic  custom  of  Fostering  was,  in  fresh  observance  through  Breadal- 
bane  and  Argyll,  during  the  period  of  these  deeds,  and  extended  through  all 
classes.  The  provisions,  when  reduced  to  writing,  are  almost  uniform,  and 
one  instance  may  be  sufficient. 

1  7,  p.  182.  2  9,  p.  184. 


On  the  5th  November  1580,  Duncan  of  Glenurchy  agrees  that  his  native 
servant,  Gillecreist  Makdonchy  Duff  V'Nokerd,  and  Katherine  Neyn  Douill 
Vekconchy,  his  spouse,  shall  have  his  son  Duncan  in  fostering,  they  sustaining 
him  in  meat,  drink  and  nourishment,  till  he  be  sent  to  the  schools,  and  after 
wards  at  the  schools,  with  reasonable  support,  and  they  and  his  father  settling 
upon  him  of  "  makhelve"1  goods,  the  value  of  200  merks  of  kye,  and  two  horses 
worth  forty  merks,  with  their  increase  ;  the  milk  of  the  cattle  being  the  foster 
parents'  while  they  sustain  the  bairn.  There  is  a  stipulation  that  if  Duncan 
shall  die  before  being  sent  to  the  schools,  another  of  Glenurchy's  children, 
lass  or  lad,  shall  be  fostered  in  his  stead,  who  shall  succeed  to  his  goods ; 
and  he,  or  the  bairn  that  enters  his  place,  is  to  have  at  the  decease  of  the 
foster  parents,  a  bairn's  part  of  gear  with  their  children.2 

A  similar  bond  of  fostering,  with  more  minute  stipulations,  was  entered  into 
between  Duncan  of  Glenurchy  and  Duncan  Campbell  of  Duntrone ;  the  former 
"  being  of  before  foster  son "  to  Duntrone  and  Agnes  Niklauchlane  his  late 
wife,  and  Duntrone  and  Agnes  Nikolleane  his  present  wife,  "  being  of  the  like 
mind  that  love  and  favour  should  be  and  continue  betwixt  the  houses  of 
Glenurchy  and  Duntrone ;"  they  receive  Colin  Glenurchy's  son  and  heir  in 
fostering,  and  the  lady  promises  "  to  be  to  him  a  favourable  and  loving  foster- 
mother  in  the  same  manner  and  condition  as  the  said  Duncan  Campbell  of 
Glenurchy  of  before  was  fostered  in  the  house  of  Duntrone."3 

The  stipulation  found  in  all  these  deeds,  for  giving  the  foster  child  his  share 
in  the  moveable  succession,  is  nothing  more  than  reducing  to  \yiting  what 
was  the  customary  law  of  the  Highlanders  in  common  with  the  other  Celtic 
peoples.4  But  the  real  benefit  sought  by  both  parties  in  those  transactions, 

1  This  word,  though  known  in  connexion  the  foster  child  his  share  of  the  land. — "  If 
with  goods  appropriated  to  foster-children,  an  uchelwr  (high  man)  place  his  son  with 

has  not  been  explained  satisfactorily.    See        an  aillt  (villain)  to  be  nursed that  foster 

Jamiesoris    Dictionary,    Supplement,    voc.  son  shall  possess  the  land  of  the  aillt  after 

"  Macalive"  and  "  Dalt."  his  decease,  unless  he  have  children ;  and  if 

2  72,  p.  223.  there  be  children,  he  is  to  have  the  share  of 

3  79,  p.  228.  a  brother." — Ancient  Laws  and  Institutes  of 

4  The  Welsh  law  went  farther,  and  gave  Wales,  p.  10,  Vol.  II.,  translation. 


was  mutual  support  and  strength.  In  times  when  none  counted  much  on  the 
protection  of  the  law,  families  endeavoured  to  surround  themselves  with  friends 
and  allies  ;  and  a  relation  like  this  of  fosterage  begot  feelings  of  mutual  friend 
ship  better  than  the  artificial  system  of  Bonds  of  Amity,  which  were  apt  to 
stand  or  fall  with  the  interest  and  temper  of  the  parties.  In  one  remarkable 
case,  which  does  not  come  within  the  scope  of  the  present  collection,  two 
families  agreed  to  perpetuate  the  connexion,  covenanting  that  the  eldest  son 
of  the  one  should  always  be  fostered  by  the  other.  We  do  not  know  the 
result,  nor  how  long  it  was  before  that  contract,  like  other  schemes  for  unseen 
generations,  fell  to  the  ground. 

In  another  instance  I  have  lighted  on  a  bundle  of  correspondence,  a  few 
letters  of  which  will  serve  better  than  formal  contracts  to  show  the  feelings  of 
two  families  of  the  same  lineage  drawing  closer  the  bonds  of  kindred  by  the 
still  more  tender  relation  of  fosterage.  The  parties  too,  are  of  more  than  com 
mon  interest.  The  father  and  the  child  were  the  Marquis  and  Earl  of  Argyll, 
each  subsequently  honoured  by  a  death  on  the  scaffold.  The  person  selected 
as  foster-father  was  the  accomplished  Sir  Colin  Campbell  of  Glenurchy.  Even 
more  important  in  such  a  relation,  the  foster-mother  was  Juliane  Campbell, 
daughter  of  Hew,  Lord  Loudouu  ;  but  of  her  we  know  only  what  we  learn  from 
this  correspondence,  and  her  picture  at  Taymouth,  giving  the  impression  of 
sense  and  good  nature.1  The  correspondence  begins  in  1633  : — 

From  Sir  COLIN  CAMPBELL  of  Glenurchy  to  ARCHIBALD  LORD  LORNE. 



I  receauit  your  lordships  letter  from  Archibald  Campbell  schawing  me  that 
syndrie  of  your  lordships  freindis  wer  most  desyrous  to  have  your  lordships  eldest  sone  in 
fostering,  yet  for  diuerss  respectis  your  lordship  wes  better  pleasit  to  have  him  brought  vp 
with  me,  quich  I  acknowledge  is  a  great  testimonie  both  of  your  lordships  trust  and  love,  and 
I  hop  in  God  evir  so  to  approve  myself  to  be  most  willing  and  desyrous  to  deserue  both.  And 
in  regard  that  your  lordship  and  it  may  be  your  lordships  lady  have  occasioun  to  be  ane  great 
part  of  this  sommer  in  the  Lawlandis,  gif  it  may  stand  with  your  lordships  pleasour,  I  desyre 

1  It,  as   well  as  Sir   Colin's  portrait,    is         engraved    by    Pinkerton    in    his    Scottish 
by  the  unnamed  German  artist.     Both  are         Gallery. 


that  your  lordships  sone  may  come  heir  to  me  about  the  17  or  18  of  Maii  nixt,  quhair,  God 
willing,  he  sail  have  all  the  cairfull  attendance  that  may  ly  in  my  powar  to  give  him.  And 
in  regaird  that  I  am  not  weill  able  to  travell  myself  so  far  a  iourney,  I  intend  to  send  my 
wyfe  and  some  vther  of  my  friendis  to  be  his  convoy,  quhairwith  I  thought  guid  to  acquaint 
your  lordship,  hoping  that  agane  that  tyme  your  lordship  will  provyde  some  discrit  woman 
and  ane  sufficient  man  quha  hes  bothe  Irisch  and  Englisch  and  will  have  a  care  not  onlie  to 
attend  him,  but  sometymes  lykewayes  to  learne  him  and  quhat  else  may  concern  him  quhill 
he  is  in  my  company.  God  willing,  my  wyfe  and  I  sail  have  a  speciall  care  thairof.  As 
for  the  rest  of  the  particularis  contenit  in  your  lordships  letter,  I  sail  ansuer  thame  at  my 
wyfes  coming  to  your  lordship  or  vtherwayes  at  my  melting  with  your  lordship  the  aucht  of 
Junii  as  your  lordship  hes  desyrit  at  Stirling,  to  quhich  time  with  the  remembrans  of  my 
humell  seruice  to  your  lordships  nobill  lady,  and  evir  I  remane 
Your  lordships  assuritfreud  and  kinsman  to  my  powar  to  seme, 

[COLIN  CAMPBELL  of  Glenurquhay.j 


For  my  loving  cousing  the  Lard  of  Gleanorquhay. 

Man  propons  bot  God  dispons.  I  intended  to  heave  gon  presentlie  to  Inuer- 
raray  bot  I  had  ane  letter  within  thir  two  or  three  days  from  the  Thesaurar  Traquair  desyring 
me  to  be  in  Edinburgh  so  soon  as  I  could,  quhiche  hes  altered  my  resolution  that  my  farnilic 
cannot  stur  till  it  pleas  God  I  returne.  I  will  assoor  you  your  foster  longs  very  much  to  see 
you  and  doethe  not  dar  to  tell  he  had  rather  be  thair  nor  her,  and  I  assoor  you  he  shall 
heave  his  choice,  bot  as  you  may  see  be  this  letter  of  his  grandfathers  the  Erie  of  Morton 
that  he  intends  to  be  in  Scotland  so  shortlie,  his  mother  desyrs  if  it  pleas  God  to  heaue  hir 
childring  togither  till  that  tym,  to  draw  her  father  her  ;  and  if  wee  hear  any  contrair  adver- 
tisment  of  his  dyet  you  shall  immediatlie  heaue  him  (as  Archie  calles  it)  home.  So  remem- 

bring  my  service  to  your  lady  I  rest 

Your  loving  cusin, 
Rosneithe  last  May.  LORNE. 


To  my  lowing  foster-father  and  respected  freind  the  Lard  of  Glenvrqhey,  thes. 

Louing  foster-father,  I  thoght  good  to  wryt  thir  few  lyns  to  yow  to  shawe  yow 
that  I  am  in  good  health  and  am  vearie  sorie  that  ye  wryt  not  for  me  and  I  long  weri  much 


to  sie  yow  ;  and  as  ye  wold  wis  me  to  be  well  and  to  come  to  yow,  send  to  me  in  all  the 
Least  and  diligence  ye  can,  Duncan  Archibald  and  tuey  horse  with  him,  on  to  Mr  Johen  and 
on  for  my  cariage :  and  prays  and  requests  yow  to  send  them  in  all  the  heast  ye  can,  and  I 
wil  looke  for  them  that  they  may  be  heir  a  Fryday  or  at  the  fardest  at  Setterday  at  night  : 
and  take  it  not  in  anay  vncounes  that  I  send  not  back  the  ansuere  of  the  letter  that  I  got 
in  Edinbruch.  I  could  not  stay  because  I  was  in  heast ;  and  bring  my  commendations  to 
your  shelf  and  to  yowr  wyf  and  houpes  that  I  wil  seie  yow  my  shelf  shortlie,  if  ye  doe  yowr 
deutie,  not  duting  but  ye  wildoe  the  same,  comiting  yow  to  Gods  protection  for  euer.  So 
I  rest 

Yours  at  pouer, 


Wryten  at  Inderaray, 
the  thretie  day  of  September. 

From  the  LADY  LORNE  to  GLENURCHY. 
To  my  much  respectit  and  gud  freind  the  Laird  of  Glenurquhy. 


I  haife  sent  this  bearar  to  knowe  how  yea  and  my  sone  are  in  healthe,  and  to 
shaw  you  thatt  all  freindis  heare  are  weall.  I  heair  my  sone  begines  to  wearye  of  the  Irishe 
langwadge.  I  intreatt  yow  to  cause  holde  hime  to  the  speakeing  of  itt,  for  since  he  hes 
bestowed  so  long  tyme  and  paines  in  the  getting  of  itt,  I  sould  be  sory  he  lost  it  now  with 
leasines  in  not  speaking  of  itt ;  bott  this  I  know  yea  wilbe  more  cairfull  as  in  ewery  thing 
that  concernes  hime,  so  that  I  will  fully  leaffe  him  to  your  awin  caire  ;  only  prayeing  the 
Lord  to  giffe  ane  blessing  to  all  the  meanes  of  his  educatioune  :  And  so  I  shall  still  remain 
Your  most  assurett  friend, 

the  14  of  December  1637. 

1  This  Lady  Lome,  afterwards  Countess  and  Marchioness  of  Argyll,  was  daughter  of  William 
Earl  of  Morton,  Lord  Treasurer  of  Scotland. 




I  have  desyrit  my  brother  Roberto  to  schau  your  lordship  in  quhat  manere  Maister 
Jhone  Makleine  misbehauis  himself.  I  am  sorie  that  I  haue  caus  to  do  it,  bot  the  respect  I 
carie  to  my  lorde  and  to  your  lordship  and  the  loue  I  haue  to  your  lordships  sone  makis  to 
do  so.  Quhen  your  lordship  plaissis  your  lordship  may  lede  my  lorde  knau  it,  and  I  thinke  it 
may  be  best  remediete  be  provydinge  in  deu  tyme  on  to  supplie  Maister  Jhone  his  place,  and 
your  Lordship  knauis  it  is  requisit  he  be  ane  discreite  man  that  is  ane  scollar  and  that  can 
speike  both  Inglis  and  Erise,  quharof  I  think  thair  may  be  hade  in  Argyll.  Your  lordship 
may  do  heirine  as  my  lorde  and  your  lordship  thinks  expediente.  Your  lordships  sone  is 
veill  and  in  guide  healthe,  praysit  be  God.  The  Lord  continou  the  same.  So  vissinge  your 
lordship  all  prosperitie  I  remain 

Your  lordships  assurite  and  affectionat  friende  to  serue  you, 

Balloche  the  [1638.] 


For  my  loving  Cusin  the  Laird  of  Glenwrquhy. 

Since  it  hath  pleased  God  to  call  my  father  to  his  eternall  rest,  I  doubt  not 
bot  you  kno  als  weall  as  I  can  desyr  you  what  is  fitting  for  your  self  to  doe.  Onli  in  this  I 
desyr  you  to  suffer  your  foster  with  you  to  wear  uiurning.  And  so  ever  mak  use  of  me  as 

Your  most  affectionat  cusin  to  my  power 

4  September  [1638.] 

To  my  loveing  freind  the  Laird  of  Glenvrquhy. 

Accordeing  to  this  other  lettre  of  my  lordis,  I  will  earnestlie  desyire  you  to 
send  heire  my  sonne,  and  to  have  him  at  your  house  in  Glenvrquhy  on  Frayday  at  night 
the  tuentie  ane  day  of  this  instant  preceislie,  and  I  shall  appoynt  folkes  to  meitt  him  thair 
on  Satterday  in  the  morneing,  for  bringing  him  alonges  heir.  I  hoipe  ye  wilbe  cairfull  to 
send  sufficient  company  with  him  and  to  caus  prowyd  some  secure  place  be  the  way,  quhar 



he  may  be  that  night  he  comes  frome  you.     So  referring  all  to  your  cair,  exspecteing 
assuredlie  that  ye  will  send  him  the  tyme  foirsaid, 

I  rest  your  loveing  freind, 

Inverrarey,  MARGARET  DOUGLAS. 

14  Junii  1639.1 

1  In  the  careful  fashion  of  that  age,  an  account  was  kept  of  the  boy's  expenses,  from  which  I  cannot 
resist  giving  a  few  extracts. 


COMPT  of  MONETIS  debursit  for  clothes  and  utheris 
necessaris  to  my  Lord  of  Lome's  sone  be- 
ginnand  the  26  of  September  1633  : — 

Imprimis  the  xxvi  of  September  to  be  ane 
coat  to  him  iii  ell  and  a  half  bread  skarlet  freise 
at  v  lib  the  ell,  ....  xvii  lib  x  s. 

Item  iii  quarter  reid  French  steinyng  at  vii 
lib  the  ell v  lib  v  s. 

Item  ii  ell  Cambridg  at  Iviii  s  the  ell  for 
ruffes, vlibxvis. 

Item  ii  ell  of  per  ling  at  30  s  the  uther  33  s 
iiii  d, iii  lib  iii  s  iiii  d. 

Item  vi  dusson  reid  silk  buttons  and  iii 
quarteris  of  Poldavie,  .  .  .  xxxiiii  s. 

Item  vi  ell  of  verie  fyne  stuff  to  be  ane  wylie 
coat  to  him  at  xxvi  s  8  d  the  ell  .  .  viii  lib. 

Given  to  Johne  Drummond  taliour  for  making 
the  clothes  abone  written,  vi  lib. 

Given  for  ane  pair  schone  to  him  the  x  of 
December  1633, xiis. 

Item  for  thrie  unce  siluer  plaitt  laice  v  lib 
xiii  s  iiii  d  the  unce,  .  .  .  xvii  lib. 

Item  iiii  dusson  of  siluer  buttons  and  ix 
quarters  siluer  loupingis,  .  iiii  lib  iii  s  iiii  d. 

Item  for  half  ell  grein  sattin  to  be  him  ane 
mutch,  .  .  .  .  .v  lib. 

Item  for  sevin  drop  of  siluer  waltins  to  put 
on  the  said  mutch  at  v  lib  6  s  8  d  the  unce 
is, xlvi  s  8  d. 

Gevin  the  6  of  Julii  for  linnyng  to  be  four 
sarkis  to  him, viiii  lib. 

Item  for  tua  ell  of  Cambridge  the  said  day 
to  be  bands  ruffs  and  mutches  to  him  at  iiii  lib 
the  ell, viii  lib. 

Item  ane  ell  of  fyne  reid  skarlett  steinyng  to 
be  him  shankis,  .  .  .  v  lib  vi  s  8  d. 

Mair  ii  unce  xiii  drop  of  gold  gallons  at  vi  lib 
xiii  s  iiii  d  unce  is,  ...  xviii  lib  xv  s. 

Given  for  ane  psalme  buik  and  new  testament 
for  him, iiii  lib. 

Item  given  to  Mr.  Johnne  McLen  pedagoge  to 
my  Lord  Lome's  sone  in  September  1633  ane 
hewit  plaid,  pryce  .  .  .  .  xii  lib 

Mair  geven  him  the  first  of  December  1633  vi 
ell  of  mantling  at  xl  s  the  ell,  inde,  .  xii  lib. 

Mair  geven  him  the  first  of  Januarii  1634 
being  new  yeir  day,  .  .  .  .xii  lib. 

Mair  geven  the  last  of  November  1634  him 
for  his  Witsonday  and  Martimes  termes  fie 
1634, icxxx  lib  6  s  8  d 

Given  to  Margaret  Neill  the  woman  that 
waitit  on  my  Lord  Lornes  sone  in  August  1633 
ane  plaid,  pryce xii  lib 

Mair  given  hir  the  first  of  Januarii  1634 
being  new  yeir  day,  .  .  .  viii  lib  xiiii  s. 

Given  for  four  ell  of  gray  cloth  the  15  of 
Januarii  1635  to  be  ane  stand  of  clothes  to 
Duncan e  Campbell  page  to  my  Lord  Lornes  sone 
at  xx  s  the  ell,  .  .  ...  .iiii  lib. 

Item  given  the  first  of  Maij  1635  for  vii  ells  of 
fyne  grein  Jenua  Sattin  at  x  lib  the  ell,  Ixx  lib. 

Item  the  vi  of  Maij  1635  vi  ells  of  reid  ba:  rikin 
to  be  him  ane  ryding  coat  at  Iiii  s  iiii  d  the  ell 
inde,  .......  xvilib. 

For  tua  pair  of  grein  worsett  stokings  to  him 
at  xiiii  s  the  pair,  ....  xxviii  s. 

Item  for  tua  combs  and  ane  caise,     .       xvi  s. 

Item  for  tua  pair  of  gloves  to  the  bairne,  xiiii  s. 

Item  vi  ells  of  Beircorie  to  be  him  vaistcotis 
xxvi  s  viii  d  the  ell,  inde,  .  .  .  viii  lib. 

Item  half  ane  ell  of  Cramosie  velvott  to  be  him 
ane  bannet  mutch,  .  ...  ix  lib. 




Among  these  papers  there  are  none  indicating  that  the  native  tribes,  in 
making  their  submission,  took  the  name  of  the  dominant  family  either 
individually  or  by  whole  clans — a  practice  that  greatly  swelled  the  ranks  of 
some  names  not  more  numerous  nor  more  widely  spread  than  the  Campbells. 
Here  on  the  contrary  we  find  families  and  small  tribes  choosing  Glenurchy 

Spent  on  my  Lord  of  Lornes  sone  and  his 
company  that  wcs  sent  with  him  to  Perth  quhen 
iny  lady  his  mother  sent  for  him  betwix  xix  and 
last  of  Maij  1635,  ....  liiiilib. 

Given  to  the  bairne  quhen  he  went  to  Stirling 
the  three  of  Julij  to  see  his  guidsire,  iiii  lib. 

Spent  be  the  bairne  my  Lord  of  Lornes  sone 
the  said  tyme  going  to  Stirling  to  sie  his  guid 
sire  and  coming  back  again,  .  xl  lib  xiiiis. 
163C.  Given  to  my  Lord  Lome's  sone  the  28  of 
Marche  quhen  he  went  to  Rosneth,  ane  gold  ring 
set  with  ane  Turkiss  stene,  pryce,  .  xx  lib. 

Spent  by  my  Lord's  sone  and  his  company 
quhen  he  went  to  Rosneth  the  said  tyme,  iiii"xilib 

Item  the  18  of  Junii  to  be  coat  and  brekis  to 
him  x  quarteris  of  fyne  skarlet  xviii  lib  the 
ell, xlvlib. 

Item  ane  pair  of  silk  stokings,          .     xvi  lib. 

Item  ane  black  French  bever-hat, 


And  ii  dusson  orange  ribband  points, 

v  lib  xii  s. 

Bt  Jan.  1637.          To    the    bairne  himself   the    said    day  aue 
Spanisch  pistolet,          .        .  *        iiii  lib  6  s  8  d. 

For  iiii  ell  of  reid  barrikin  to  be  him  ane  toupat 
iii  lib  the  ell,  inde,  ...  .xii  lib. 

Given  to  Doctor  Kincaid  the  3  of  Maij  1637 
quhen  he  came  heir  to  visite  my  Lord  of  Lome's 
sone  being  seik iiii"  lib. 

And  to  his  man,        .        .  .     viii  Ib 

And  his  expenssis  in  coming  and  going  to 
Edinburgh xllib. 

For  ane  brusche  for  my  Lord  of  Lome's  sone 
to  brusch  his  head  with,  .  .  .  x  s. 

And  for  ane  belt  to  him,   .         .  x  s. 

Given  to  my  Lord  of  Lome's  sone  to  play  him 
with  quhen  he  went  to  Edinburgh  to  sie  his 
father, xlib. 

For  ane  Inglisch  byble  to  him,  .        .      x  lib. 

For  the  practise  of  pietie  being  double  over-       1638. 
gilt, iii  lib. 

Given  to  the  bairne  quhen  he  went  to  sie  his 
mother  the  said  tyme,  to  play  him  withall,  ane 
angell  of  gold,  .  .  .  vi  lib  xiii  s  4  d. 

And  of  siluer, iii  lib. 

For  half  ane  ell  of  fyne  skarlett  cloth  to  be 
ane  ryding  cap  to  him,  .  .  .  viii  lib. 

For  ii  quarter  of  Cramosie  pand  velvott  to 
lyne  the  same,  . -  . ;  .'.•**.  xii  lib. 

For  ane  unce  and  xiii  drop  of  siluer  lace  for 
the  said  cap,  .  .  ix  lib  xiii  s  iiii  d. 

Mair,  spent  be  my  Lord  of  Lome's  sone  and 
his  company  going  out  of  Balloch  to  Rosneth 
being  thrie  or  four  day  es  be  the  way,  Ixvi  lib  xiii  s. 

And  for  a  pair  of  spurs,    ...       xii  s. 

For  iii  ell  of  reid  skarlett  freise  to  be  him  ane 
jerkin  to  wair  under  his  clothes  at  iii  lib  the 
ell, ixlib. 

Given  the  last  of  Novembere  1638  for  ane 
stand  of  duilueid  to  him,  (furnisching  and  all 
being  complet,)  when  the  Erie  of  Argyle  his 
guidsyre  deyit,  .  .  .  icxxx  lib  6  s  8  d. 

Given  for  gloves  to  him  the  said  tyme,      xx  s. 

Given  to  himself  the  first  Januarii  1639  being 
new  yeir  day,  .  .  .  xiii  lib  6  s  8  d. 

To  his  page, xxx  s. 

Mair,  for  his  expenssis  going  to  Perthe  to  visite 

his  father  the  Erie  of  Argyle  the  14  Marche  being 

thrie  nychtis  thair,        .        .   xxxviii  lib  6  s  8  d. 

Mair,  given  himself  the  said  tyme  to  play 

with, xlib. 

To  my  Lord  Lome  the  20  of  Junii  quhen  he 
went  out  of  Balloch  to  Inuereray  to  visite  his 
mother,  ...  .  xiii  lib  6  s  8  d. 

Given  for  schoone  and  bootis  to  my  Lord  of 
Lome,  to  Duncane  Campbell  cordiner  in  Edin 
burgh  betwix  the  6  of  August  1638  and  7  of 
Februar  1639,  .  .  .  .  x  lib  ix  s. 


for  their  chief — sometimes  renouncing  their  natural  head  and  selecting  him 
as  leader  and  protector,  yet  retaining  their  own  patronyrnical  designations. 
These  new  subjects  bound  themselves  not  only  to  pay  the  allegiance  of 
clansmen,  but  to  give  the  "caulp  of  Kenkynie,"1 — the  Celtic  equivalent  for 
the  Heriot  of  feudal  customs;2  to  visit  the  chiefs  house  with  "sufficient 
presents "  twice  in  the  year ;  to  serve  in  "  hosting  and  hunting ; "  and  to  be 
ready  at  all  times  "  to  ride  and  go  "  in  their  lord's  affairs. 

THE  RENTALS  THE  KENTALS  AND  ESTATE  BOOKS,  of  which  extracts  are  given,  present  the 

ESTATE  BOOKS,  characteristic  marks  of  the  country.  Much  of  the  rent  is  paid  in  oat  meal  and 
malt — the  staples  for  food  and  drink.  The  tenants  had  little  capital.  The 
stock  on  the  farms  was  "  steelbow,"  the  property  of  the  landlord,  only  the  pro 
duce  belonging  to  the  tenant.  The  bow-house  (cattle-house)  was  rated  at  so 
much  "  kain  "  or  produce,  in  butter  and  cheese,  in  proportion  to  the  cattle  on 
that  pasture.  The  money  which  seems  to  have  been  appropriated  as  part  of 
the  requisite  stock  for  cultivating  the  bow-house  farm,  is  called  by  an  unex 
plained  name  of  "  strenth-silver."3  We  are  led  to  think  what  became  of  those 
cattle  during  the  long  winter  of  the  Midland  Highlands  ;  but  no  information 
is  afforded.  Hay  is  not  once  named,  and  the  natural  produce  of  the  glens  can 
have  been  saved  only  in  trifling  quantities  from  the  deer.4  Sheep  were  evidently 
in  small  numbers,  and  the  "  clip  of  wool "  insignificant,  compared  with  modern 
produce,  probably  from  the  want  of  winter  food  as  well  as  from  the  deer  occupying 
the  outlying  pastures,  insecure,  at  any  rate,  for  any  valuable  stock.5  These 
books  show  the  attention  to  the  rearing  of  horses  that  has  been  already  noticed. 

1  Caulp  is  the  best  "  aught "  due  to  the  everywhere— -ferreum  pecus — stdhline  viehe 
chief, — or  rather  melius   averium  de  con-  — steelbow,  all  indicating  permanency. 
questu.    "Kenkynie"   is  chief  or  head  of  4  The  old  Register  of  the  Bishopric  of 
kindred  : —  Moray  has  noted  on  a  fly  leaf. — "  Apud 

"  Syne  lief  I  the  best  aught  I  bocht  Spynie  4  Julij   1 580. — Not.  that  hay  was 

Quod  est  Latinum  propter  Caupe  wyn."     And  no  doubt  the  coarse  produce  of 

To  hede  of  kyn." — Duribar.  the  bottom  of  the  glen  has  been  saved  for 

2  10,  p.  185,  &c.  winter  use  since  ever  man  made  property  of 

3  Perhaps  it  has  some  analogy  to  the  re-  animals. 

markable  terms  which  designate  this  practice  c  Many  entries  will  enable  the  present 



THE  HOUSEHOLD  BOOKS  show  the  usual  provisions  for  the  table.  Oat  meal 
and  malt  furnished  the  ordinary  bread  and  the  chief  drink  of  the  castle,  where 
ale  was  distinguished  as  Ostler  ale,  household  ale,  and  best  ale.  There  was 
beef  and  mutton,  fresh  in  summer,  and  for  the  rest  of  the  year  "marts,"  killed 
and  salted  when  fat  on  the  pasture  ;  a  small  quantity  of  bacon  ;  salmon  of  Loch 
Tay,  and  Glenurchy  Salmon.  Loch  Fyne  herring  was  already  appreciated,1 



occupants  of  those  sheep  pastures  to  compare 
the  quantity  of  stock  they  maintained  of 
old  with  the  present,  and  also  the  produce. 
For  instance,  the  clip  of  the  brae  of  Balloch 
and  Drumturk  in  1603,  was  eight  score  six 
fleeces,  and  they  weighed  but  six  stones. 

1  In  the  year  1590,  the  family  spent  their 
time  between  Balloch  and  Finlarg.  The 
oat  meal  consumed,  deducting  a  quantity 
used  as  "  horse  corn,"  part  of  which  here,  as 
in  England,  was  baked  into  loaves,  was 
about  364  bolls.  The  malt,  207  bolls,  (de 
ducting  a  small  quantity  of  "  struck"  barley 
used  in  the  kitchen.)  They  used  90  beeves, 
("  marts,"  "  stirks,"  or  "  fed  oxen,")  more  than 
two-thirds  consumed  fresh  ;  20  swine  ;  200 
sheep  ;  424  salmon,  far  the  greater  portion 
being  from  the  Western  rivers  ;  15,000 
herrings  ;  30  dozen  of  "  hard  fish ;"  1805 
"  heads "  of  cheese,  new  and  old,  weighing 
325  stone ;  49  stone  of  butter ;  26  dozen 
loaves  of  wheaten  bread  ;  of  wheat  flour  3j 
bolls.  The  wine  brought  from  Dundee  was 
claret  and  white  wine,  old  and  new,  in  no 
very  large  quantities,  though  it  might  be  dif 
ficult  to  fix  the  exact  contents  of  the  "  bar- 
rekins  "  and  "  rubbours."  One  kind,  called 
"  vlet"  wine,  may  mean  that  brought  home  in 
flasks  with  oil  at  top,  instead  of  corks.  One 
barrel  of  English  beer  might  be  introduced  to 
stimulate  the  native  brewers  to  exertion  by 

its  rivalry.  Of  "  spices  and  sweet  meats," 
we  find  only  notice  on  one  occasion,  of  small 
quantities  of  saffron,  mace,  ginger,  pepper, 
"  raisins  of  cure,"  plumdamas,  and  one  sugar 
loaf.  No  deer  or  game  are  entered  this  year ; 
nor  any  poultry,  probably  from  some  omis 
sion  in  the  system  of  accounting,  which  was 
then  only  beginning.  In  some  subsequent 
extracts  made  on  account  of  their  detailing 
the  provisions  for  two  marriages  in  the 
family,  (1621-26,)  these  omissions  are  sup 
plied.  The  marriage  of  Elizabeth  Campbell 
with  the  young  laird  of  Drum,  was  on  4th 
December  1621.  There  was  a  considerable 
gathering  of  Dee- side  gentry  and  Campbells, 
as  well  as  "  comers  and  goers."  Besides  the 
staple  commodities,  we  find  on  this  occasion 
entered,  twenty  capons,  forty  poultry,  thirty 
geese,  twelve  wild-geese,  twelve  "  meiss"  of 
brawn,  six  "  furtches"  (loth  haunches  ?)  of  red 
venison,  eight  roes,  seven  dozen  of  wildfowl, 
partridge  and  black  game,  three  "bireell 
fowls,"  (turkeys  ?)  of  rabbits  only  eight ;  and 
we  find  now  a  greater  variety  of  sea  fish  and 
red  herrings,  and  reisted  (smoked  ?)  hams 
and  mutton  "  louings  "  and  salmon.  At  the 
wedding  of  "  Jeilliane  Campbell"  with  the 
Laird  of  Buckie,  which  took  place  on  18th 
June  1626,  we  find  notice  of  trouts,  wild- 
geese,  (not  easily  to  be  had  at  that  season,) 
three  whole  red  deer  and  ten  furches,  (I  fear 



and  when  other  fish  got  scarce  there  was  the  "  hard  fish  "  or  stock  fish,  which 
still  forms  an  article  of  Scotch  economy  even  in  Protestant  families.  Cheese, 
counted  either  by  weight  or  in  "heads,"  was  plentifully  supplied  by  the 
"  bow-men." 

These  books  have  a  great  additional  interest  from  mentioning  the  guests 
visiting  the  family,  and  occasionally  domestic  occasions  of  more  sumptuous 
housekeeping.  It  is  matter  of  regret  that  room  could  not  be  found  for  more 
of  these. 


The  "  INVENTORIES  OF  PLENISSING,"  beginning  at  1598,  are  valuable  for  the 
history  of  Scotch  manners  and  civilisation.  Every  article  is  tempting,  and  if 
there  were  room,  we  could  be  well  pleased  to  attend  "  the  Lady"  with  her 
aide-de-camp,  "  Magie  Peter/'  in  their  review  of  the  contents  of  "  the  great  kist 
in  the  gallery  wardrobe,"  and  "the  Lady's  kist  standing  in  her  own  garderobe." 
One  entry  in  the  "  household  garderobe  "  of  four  wolf  skins,  might  oblige  us  to 
turn  aside,  if  there  were  not  to  be  other  opportunities  of  noticing  the  last  of 
the  great  beasts  of  prey  in  Britain.  But  we  must  pass  by  the  caddois  and 
coverings,  the  plaids  and  curtains,  the  sheets,  board  cloths,  seruiettes  and 
towels  ;l  the  carpets  then  not  used  for  the  floor,  but  for  table-covers,  gorgeous 
cushions,  counter-cloths,  stools,  the  table  furniture  and  the  array  of  kitchen 
implements  required  for  the  hospitality  of  Balloch. 

Neither  must  I  dwell  upon  the  arms  and  accoutrements  which  the  porter 
had  in  charge.  The  artillery  was  not  formidable,  though,  probably,  more  than 
required  in  Highland  warfare.  The  hand  guns,  muskets,  hagbuts  of  snap- work, 
of  rowet  work,  or  of  lunt2  work,  (match-locks,)  prove  the  value  in  which  they 

not  in  very  good  condition,)  and  seventeen 
roes;  of  claret,  white  wine,  and  "Spanish 
wine,"  aquavitae,  vinegar,  &c.  ;  for  spiceries, 
pepper  and  ginger,  sugar,  cloves,  cannel, 
(cinnamon,}  saffron. 

1  Let  me  notice  in  passing,  that  the  ulti 
mate  fate  of  those  linens  was  not,  as  now, 
the  paper-maker's.  When  "  broken,"  they 

fell  to  "  the  Nureis,"  or  went  to  make  wicks, 
either  for  candles  of  home  manufacture,  or 
lamps.  There  is  no  mention  in  these  books 
of  the  purchase  either  of  oil  or  candles. 

2  Lunt-work  or  match-work,  a  common 
English  as  well  as  a  Scotch  word.  I  find  my 
transcriber  and  I  have  pertinaciously  read 
and  printed  it  Unit. 


were  held,  by  the  minuteness  of  the  descriptions  of  their  ornaments,  whether 
stocked  with  Brissel,  (Brazil  wood,)  or  inlaid  with  bone  or  with  pearl,  or 
gilt  pieces  with  the  Laird's  arms.  There  is  the  usual  array  of  arms,  from  the 
primitive  hand-bow  and  its  "  bag  of  arrows,"  to  horseman's  harness  with  steel 
bonnets,  plate  gloves,  corsletts,  murrions  of  proof,  steel  targes,  and  two-handed 
swords.  None  of  the  names  of  arms  seem  to  require  explanation.  There  are 
Jedburgh  staffs,  and  Lochaber  axes,  but  there  is  nothing  of  "the  ancient  High 
land  broadsword."  Andrea  Ferrara's  name  is  not  found.  A  "  running  spear" 
seems  to  be  a  tilting  spear,  as  a  "  wasp  spear  "  undoubtedly  was  no  weapon  of 
mortal  war,  but  a  salmon  spear  or  "  leister."  Among  the  porter's  gear  at  Fin- 
larg,  after  a  dire  enumeration  of  prison  furniture,  great  iron  fetters,  and  long 
chains  with  their  shackles,  we  find  one  name  that  suggests  even  more  odious 
associations.  The  four  "  Glaslawis  chargeit  with  four  schaikhills,"  seem  to 
have  been  instruments  of  torture.1  The  "  heading  axe,"  which  occurs  more 
than  once,  and  which  seemed  at  one  time  to  be  the  natural  fate  of  the  whole 
race  of  McGregor,  is  still  to  be  seen  in  the  Hall  at  Taymouth. 

The  most  curious,  as  well  as  the  most  careful  and  formal  of  these  inven 
tories,  is  the  one  made  up  in  1640,  when  Sir  Colin  and  his  sons,  a  few  months 
before  his  death,  agreed  to  set  aside  certain  articles  as  heir-looms.  The  jewels 
— the  target  of  enamelled  gold,  set  with  three  diamonds,  four  topazes  or  jacinths, 
a  ruby,  and  a  sapphire — the  gift  of  King  James  V.  ;  the  round  jewel  of  gold, 
set  with  twenty-nine  diamonds  and  four  great  rubies,  and  the  diamond  ring, 
both  given  to  the  gallant  Sir  Duncan  by  Queen  Anne  of  Denmark  ;  even  the 
fair  silver  brooch,  set  with  precious  stones,  are,  I  fear,  all  gone.  It  is  some 
thing  if  the  talisman  of  the  Knight  of  Rhodes  is  preserved.  The  Plate  is  very 
sumptuous  for  the  time.  There  were  not  many  houses  in  Scotland  in  1640 
which  could  set  on  the  table  twelve  plates,  twelve  trenchers,  and  twelve  "  sasers" 
of  silver.  But  the  chief  array  for  the  "  buffet"  was  in  great  "  chargers,"  "  basons," 

1  The  indictment  of  Patrick,  Earl  of  Ork-  inusitatce  crudelitatis  tormento  a  se  invento 

ney,  (1606,)  sets  forth,  among  other  con-  vulgo  lie   CASCHELAWES  sevissime  et  prodi- 

tempts    of    the   Royal   authority,   that  he  torie  subjecit. — Act.  Parl.  Scot.,  Vol.   IV., 

imprisoned  a  king's  messenger — ac  novo  et  p.  396. 


"  lawers,"  and  all  manners  and  sizes  of  goblets  and  cups  of  silver,  plain  and  gilt  or 
parcel  gilt.1  The  arms  set  apart  are  field-pieces  of  copper  and  iron,  and  a  few 
muskets  and  pistols ;  a  pair  of  two-handed  swords,  (one  with  its  hilt  overlayed 
with  velvet,  evidently  a  sword  of  state  for  processions)  ;  three  targets,  two  of 
steel  and  one  of  cork  ;  and  a  quantity  of  body  armour,  all  of  plate.  The  furni 
ture  consisted  of  many  gorgeous  beds  of  silk  and  velvet,  embroidered  or  plain, 
Arras  and  common  hangings,  velvet  cushions  for  the  kirk,  and  cushions  of 
Turkey  work,  damask  board-cloths,  Dornik  serviettes,  and  others  of  plainer  sort. 
Carpets  for  the  table,  dishes  of  pewter,  a  "  great  acavitee  pot,"  (a  still,)  kitchen 
furniture,  twenty-four  pictures  of  Kings  and  Queens,  and  thirty-four  of  lairds 
and  ladies  of  Glenurquhay  and  other  noblemen  ;  the  great  "  Genealogy  board," 
(painted  by  Jamesone)  ;  with  clocks,  organs  in  the  chapel  of  Finlarg,  and  a 
harpsicord  at  Balloch.  The  deed  also  entailed  two  charter-chests,  with  iron 
bands  (not  their  contents  !);  "  Captain  Gordon's  sword,"  which  no  doubt  had 
its  history  ;  and  a  considerable  quantity  of  cattle  and  sheep. 

The  acts  and  proceedings  of  the  Baron  Courts,  collected  in  1621,  will  be 
found  to  present  a  fair  view  of  the  rural  economy  of  the  district.  There  are 
regulations  for  muirburn,  summer  pasture,  peat-cutting,  mills,  smithies,  and 
ale-houses  ;  laws  against  poaching  on  moor  and  river ;  a  rule  that  smacks  of 
superstition,  against  cutting  briars  "  but  in  the  waxing  of  the  moon."  Swine 
are  proscribed  ;  no  quarter  is  given  to  rooks,  hooded  crows,  and  magpies.  The 
Laird  shows  his  determination  to  have  trees  about  his  tenants'  houses  by  nume 
rous  regulations  ;  and  tenants  are  bound,  under  high  penalties,  to  give  their 
cottars  the  comforts  of  fuel  and  kail-yards,  "  with  corns  conform."  Agriculture 
is  stimulated  by  rules  for  sowing  "uncouth"  oats,  or  seed  better  than  the  common 
black  oat  of  the  Highlands  ;  for  collecting  of  "  middens  ;"  even  for  irrigating — 
"  drawing  water  through  the  land" — long  before  the  grand  discovery  of  drain 
ing  had  been  made.  To  avoid  the  devastation  of  Highland  "  speats,"  the  green 
sward  on  the  banks  of  rivers  and  burns  is  not  to  be  broken.  To  save  a  dif- 

1  The  "  little  lang-shanked  cups  for  aqua-         of  later  times,  when  the"quaich"  had  no 
vitse  "  point  to  a  different  fashion  from  that        shank. 


ferent  devastation,  every  tenant  was  obliged  to  make  yearly  four  "  croscats  of 
iron  "  (probably  some  sort  of  dog-spear)  for  slaying  of  the  wolf.  That  great 
enemy  of  the  shepherd  was  not  finally  extirpated  till  the  end  of  the  century. 

A  few  extracts  are  given  from  the  records  of  the  Baron  Court,  rather  for 
the  sake  of  shewing  its  form  and  jurisdiction  than  for  any  importance  of  the 
cases,  civil  or  criminal.  The  legal  antiquary  will  find  relics  of  some  antique 
law,  which  had  disappeared  long  ago  in  lowland  courts.  Donald  Taillour,  in 
Morinch,  having  fallen  in  suspicion  of  stealing  ten  double  angels  and  forty 
marks  of  silver,  the  Assize  ordained  him  to  cleanse  himself  thereof  by  the  oaths 
of  six  persons  out  of  twelve  whom  they  would  choose,  or  four  persons  of  eight ; 
and  he  accordingly  cleansed  himself  by  his  compurgators,  as  the  ancient  law 
demanded,  and  went  free.1  In  a  court  held  at  Killin,  it  was  ordered  that  no 
"  blocker "  or  dealer  buy  cattle  from  strangers,  nor  even  from  the  neighbours 
dwelling  between  the  ford  of  Lyon  and  Tyndrum,  without  sufficient  "  caution 
of  burgh  and  hamer."  This  is  the  "  borch  of  hamehald"  required  by  the  statute 
of  William  the  Lion,  and  recognised  in  several  of  our  older  laws.2 

There  are  some  symptoms  of  starvation  in  Breadalbane,  when  Patrick 
M'Woyllen  and  the  Widow  M'Ewin  are  convicted  of  bleeding  the  laird's 
cattle,  and  John  M'Inteir  for  letting  M'Keissik's  bairns  die  for  hunger.3 

The  gear  did  not  prosper  with  Donald  Taillour  in  Morinch,  (the  same  who 
was  suspected  for  the  double  angels,)  and  he  accused  his  neighbour  N'Vane  of 
bewitching  him.  She  brought  a  pock  of  earth  from  Tomnayngell  (the  name 
sounds  of  spirits)  to  his  house  ;  since  which,  "  his  gear  has  not '  luckit '  with 
him,  and  his  corns  grow  not."  The  judge,  with  sense  beyond  the  age, 
acquitted  the  woman  at  this  time,  but  forbade  the  use  of  the  pock  of  earth, 
"  seeing  it  inclines  to  no  good,  but  to  an  evil  custom."4 

1  P.  373. — Acquitting  or  "cleansing "  by  voce  BORCH — "  It  is  common  in  the  High- 
compurgators  was  the  ancient  law  of  all  the  lands  to  exact  caution  when  one  buys  cattle 
Northern  nations ;  witnesses  comparatively  from  a  person  he  does  not  know,  and  they 
a  modern   convenience.     Act.   Parl.   Scot.,  call  it  borch  hamel,  which  is  just  borch 
vol.  i.,  passim.  hamehald." 

2  P.  389.— I  have  seen  a  note  by  Lord  3  P.  379. 
Auchinleck  on  his  copy  of  Skene,  de  verb.  sig.  4  P.  373. 





There  are  many  regulations  and  proceedings  shewing  the  creeping  in  of 
that  habit  which  has  become  our  national  reproach.  Even  so  early  as  these 
entries,  whisky,  as  well  as  ale,  was  too  freely  used  ;  and,  among  other  attempts 
to  abate  the  nuisance,  a  curious  law  inflicts  a  penalty  and  disgraceful  punish 
ment  for  wives  drinking  in  "  brewsters' "  houses  without  the  company  of  their 

It  has  been  doubted  how  old  the  practice  of  rod-fishing  is.  On  6th 
December  1632,  his  father  becomes  caution  for  Duncan  Campbell  in  Creit- 
garrow,  that  he  shall  not  burn  a  blaze,  shoot  a  waspe,  nor  put  out  a  wand  on 
the  water  of  Tay.2 

Of  the  MUSTER  BOLLS  here  printed,  it  may  be  sufficient  to  observe  that  they 
have  all  apparently  been  made  to  satisfy  some  requisition,  and  seem  intended 
to  convey  no  more  information  than  was  absolutely  required. 

The  articles  concluded  by  the  barons  and  gentlemen  of  Argyll  in  1638, 
on  the  eve  of  the  great  struggle,  shew  a  forethought,  a  unity  of  purpose,  and  a 
determination  to  risk  all  for  the  cause,  very  unusual  among  our  countrymen. 

Out  of  some  huge  volumes  in  which  the  Lairds  of  Glenurchy  registered 
the  charters  and  leases  granted  to  their  vassals  and  tenants,  a  few  have  been 
selected  for  illustrating  incidental  points  of  character  or  custom.  The  first  is 
a  lease  granted  for  keeping  the  Castle  of  Kilchurn,  and  shows  the  arrangement 
of  its  seneschal  and  his  small  garrison.  Before  that  time  (1550)  it  had  ceased 
to  be  the  chief  or  even  the  usual  dwelling  of  the  family.  The  second,  a  feu- 
charter,  brings  us  acquainted  with  a  race  of  hereditary  "jongleurs,"  "  rhymers," 
or  "  bards,"  holding  their  land  by  service  in  their  craft.3  Two  leases  here  given 

1  28,  p.  359. 

2  P.  389.— The  "blazing"  the  water,  or 
killing  salmon  when  drawn  by  the  light  of 
fires  within  sight  and  reach,  is  still  too  well 
known  in  the  upper  Highlands.    A  "  waspe  " 
spear  is  the  same  as  the  "leister"  of  the 
border  Highlands.    The  wand  or  rod-fishing 
was,  I  hope,  with  fly. 

3  Some  one  more  versed  in  Highland 
genealogies  may  tell  us  whether  the  Ewen 
who  received  this  charter,  was  the  origin  of 
the  M'Ewens  who  were  hereditary  Seanachies. 
The  current  popular  history  of  the  Camp 
bells  professes  to  be  founded  upon  "  the 
genealogical  tree  done  by  Niel  M'Ewen,  as 
he  received  the  same  from  Eachern  and 


are  the  only  transactions  I  have  met  with  among  these  papers,  touching  the 
management  and  produce  of  the  deer  forest.1  The  fifth  charter  was  chosen 
from  its  giving  a  Churchman's  view  of  the  police  of  the  country, — "  Hibernica  et 
rapinosa  regio  ubi  incolae  vix  terras  laborare  aut  habitare  ausint  propter  fre- 
quentes  furum  et  latronum  incursiones  qui  in  speluncis  illic  latitant."  A  lease 
of  Ilan  Puttychan  gives  liberty  to  set  six  small  nets  in  the  loch,  but  without 
slaying  salmon  or  red  fish  ;  and  Donald  M'Kerres  has  a  lease  of  a  half-merk 
land  of  Port  Loch  Tay,  with  steelbow  and  "  bouage  "  according  to  custom,  and 
a  right  to  set  three  small  nets  upon  the  loch.  Hew  Hay  and  Cristiane  Stennes 
served  the  ferry  coble  of  the  Cagell,  and  undertook  to  keep  an  honest  hostelry 
at  the  coble  croft,  with  sufficient  ale  and  bread  and  other  furnishing  at  all 
times  in  readines  to  serve  the  country,  with  greater  provision  for  courts,  con 
ventions,  or  strangers.  The  Laird  undertook  to  build  them  a  hall  and  lofted 
chamber,  with  chimneys,  doors  and  windows  water  tight,  meet  and  convenient 
for  such  hospitality ;  and  also  to  put  down  rival  hostellers  and  brewsters  between 
Stroncombrie  and  Wood  of  Letterellane  on  the  north  side  of  the  loch,  and 
between  Cronaltane  and  Ardrananycht  in  Ardtollonycht  on  the  south ;  and 
promised  certain  impracticable  privileges  of  pre-emption  of  victuals.2  The  eighth 
deed  is  a  specimen  of  an  obligation  of  a  tenant  instead  of  rent  to  enter  into  deadly 
feud  with  the  Clan  Gregor,  and  to  make  slaughter  upon  them  privily  and  openly. 
The  removing  of  the  tenants  of  Ardcandknocquhane  affords  minute  information 
of  the  "  plenishing  "  of  tenants'  houses  in  Breadalbane.  The  reddendo  of  the 
tenth  charter  is  curious, — besides  £10  Scots  and  forty  bolls  of  oatmeal,  the 
vassal  was  to  pay  a  gallon  of  sufficient  aquavitae,  (the  manufacture  of  his  own 
still  without  doubt,)  optimum  chlamidem  coloratam,  which  is  translated  "  ane 
fyne  hewed  brakane,"  and  a  sufficient  "  Cuddeich,"  which,  I  believe,  means  a 
present  given  in  token  of  vassalage. 

Artt  M'Ewens,  his  father  and  grandfather,  bable  that  the  hitherto  varying  patronymic, 

as  they  had  the  same  from  their  predecessors,  should  be  fixed  with  reference  to  the  first  of 

who  for  many  years  were  employed  to  make  the  race  who  obtained  a  feudal  title  to  his 

up  and  keep  such  records."    The  "  Arnold  us  land. 

filius  Eugenii "  of  this  charter,  may  be  "  Artt  *  3,  p.  409  ;  17,  p.  426. 

M'Ewen"  Latinized,  and  it  is  not  impro-  2  7,  p.  414. 


Three  leases  are  granted  to  craftsmen,  the  builder  of  the  Laird's  park 
dikes ;  the  smith  of  the  castle — who  took  his  name  from  his  calling,  Patrick 
Gow  ;  and  thirdly,  to  Andro  Kippen  the  gardener  of  Balloch,  whose  contract 
to  entertain  the  garden  and  its  knots,  borders  and  alleys,  orchard  and  kaleyard, 
and  to  rear  all  sorts  of  flowers,  herbs  and  strawberries,  as  well  as  plums,  cherries, 
geans,  apples  and  pears, — presents  to  the  imagination  a  curious  contrast  with 
the  present  appearance  of  the  lawn  on  which  the  castle  stands — the  very 
site  where  Kippen  must  have  "led  his  fulzie,"  and  collected  his  "middens" 
before  the  peat-house  door.1 

Some  of  the  deeds  are  given  to  show  the  care  of  the  stud  of  brood  mares 
in  Glenlochy,  which,  like  the  other  pasture  farms,  is  here  managed  on  steel- 
bow  ;2  and  in  one,  a  tenant  on  Loch  Fyne  pays  a  part  of  his  rent  in  herrings, 
and  furnishes  the  Earl's  family  with  white  fish  and  shell  fish  during  their 
residence  at  Castle  Kilchurn.3 

Black  John  Crerare,  a  name  long  after  associated  with  Highland  sport, 
has  a  lease  in  1663  of  the  merk  land  of  Pitmakie  and  the  sheeling  of  Corrie- 
goir,  his  service  being  to  be  fowler  to  the  Laird,  and  to  go  to  the  hills  with  a 
sufficient  lying  dog  and  fowling  nets,  and  kill  wild-fowl  and  moor-fowl  of  all 
kinds,  and  to  train  up  a  fowling  dog  for  the  use  of  the  Laird.4 

LETTERS.  The  last  of  these  selections  for  the  antiquities  of  Highland  life,  are  a  few 

letters  chosen  from  a  vast  quantity  at  Taymouth.  I  have  avoided  all  which  bear 
on  historical  and  public  events,  as  beyond  the  scope  of  this  collection.  Even 
the  documents  touching  the  immortal  feud  with  the  unfortunate  Clan  Gregor, 
I  have  put  aside.5  It  is  sufficient  to  point  to  the  Taymouth  charter-room, 

1  14,  p.  24.  VI.,  when  he  did  see  the  Earl  of  Argyll 

2  15,  18,  pp.  425-427.  coming  into  the  Abbey  close,  after  Glen- 

3  19,  p.  428.  livatt,  (the  battle  of  Benrinnes,  1594,)  but 

4  16,  p.  426.  with  a  very  small  train,  he  asked,  although 

5  A  long  letter  of  Lord  Breadalbane  to  he  knew,  who  it  was,  and  being  told  that  it 
his  cousin  Barcaldine  in  1706,  preserves  the  was  the  Earl  of  Argyll,  his  answer  was — 
tradition  of  a  characteristic  story  of  King  'Fair  fall  thee,  Geordie, (Huntly,)  forsend- 
James  VI. : — "  It  is  reported  of  King  James  ing  him  home  like  a  subject ! ' ' 


as  full  of  the  genuine  materials  of  Scotch  history  from  the  Reformation  to  the 

The  first  letter  printed  is  a  characteristic  exhortation  and  encouragement  by 
the  Laird  to  the  keeper  of  his  Castle  of  Glenurchy  who  had  lost  his  geir  by  his 
service.  There  are  two  letters  concerning  supplies  of  venison  and  game  to  the 
Court,  the  first  on  occasion  of  the  christening  of  Prince  Henry,  the  second  when 
Charles  I.  was  about  to  visit  Scotland  in  1G33.  One  letter  speaks  of  terriers  and 
fox-hunting  as  affording  sport  in  Scotland  in  1631.  Another  is  printed  only 
as  giving  a  notice  of  Capercailzie  in  1651,  which  soon  after  disappeared  from 
Scotland,  until  restored  in  the  present  generation  to  the  woods  of  Breadalbane. 
Several  letters  here  given,  and  .others  omitted,  have  reference  to  the  famous 
white  hind  of  Corrichiba,  which  King  James  VI.  greatly  desired  to  secure,  and 
sent  his  foresters  to  attempt  it.  Mr.  Bowie  only  informs  us  that  "  the  said 
Englishmen  saw  the  hind  in  Corrichiba  on  22  February  1622."  The  corres 
pondence  shows  that  they  failed  in  their  enterprise,  and  also  that  they  spoke 
highly  of  the  hospitality  of  the  country.  It  is  not  from  themselves  we  learn 
that  the  Highland  drink  was  too  potent  for  the  Southron. 

Before  leaving  the  subject  of  game  and  deer,  I  may  mention  an  early  notice 
of  the  venison  of  Breadalbane.  The  account  of  the  Lord  High  Treasurer  of 
Scotland  for  August  1506,  has  the  following  entry : — 

"  Item,  payit  to  the  Comptrollair  for  iiij  barrellis  to  send  to  Sir  Duncane 

Campbell  to  salt  venisone  in,  to  send  in  Spanyee,       .         .        .        .        ix  s. 

"  Item,  for  carying  of  the  samyn  to  Lochtay,      ....     viij  s." 

It  is  plain  that  the  Catholic  King  had  heard  of  Breadalbane  venison,  and, 
despairing  to  taste  it  as  it  should  be  eaten,  was  content  to  have  it  salted  ! 

The  correspondence  about  fir  seed  sent  to  Lord  Lauderdale  and  the 
Marchioness  of  Hamilton,  shows  an  early  attention  to  planting  of  that  kind. 
The  letter  of  the  Marchioness,  here  printed,  and  others  of  her  ladyship  at 
Taymouth,  are  characteristic  memorials  of  that  remarkable  woman,  and  serve 
well  to  illustrate  Jameson's  curious  picture  of  her. 

The  last  letter  of  the  collection  is  from  Master  William  Bowie,  the  inditer 
of  the  Black  Book,  who  here  figures  as  the  instructor  of  John  and  Duncan, 


the  sons  of  Robert  Campbell  of  Glenfalloch,  afterwards  Sir  Robert  of 

One  word  of  omissions  before  closing  this  Preface,  already  unreasonably 
long.  A  collection  from  a  charter-room  seems  incomplete  without  the  charters ; 
and  those  at  Taymouth,  since  1432,  would  illustrate  not  only  the  possessions  of 
the  family,  but  the  older  tenures  of  the  whole  neighbourhood.  But  a  tolerable 
selection  of  these  would  also  require  more  room  than  could  be  afforded  here. 
Therefore,  with  many  masses  of  letters  of  correspondence,  (a  large  part  of  the 
latter  transcribed,)  these  have  been  for  the  present  wholly  set  aside. 

Among  the  charters  of  lands,  were  found  some  documents  of  a  less  com 
mon  character,  and  affecting  less  substantial  rights,  —  viz.,  the  privileges 
attached  to  the  custody  of  a  certain  relic  of  St.  Fillan.  Fillan,  the  son  of 
Kentigerna,  was  of  old  reverence  in  the  valleys  of  Breadalbane,  and  his  mona 
stery  in  Glendochart  was  still  of  such  consequence  in  the  time  of  William  the 
Lion,  that  the  Abbot,  whether  then  a  churchman  or  secularised,2  was  named 
among  the  magnates  of  power  to  support  the  operation  of  a  particular  law 

1  Some   extracts    from   Master   Bowie's  For  making  of  Jhone  his  cott  of  the  sam 

account  may  be  allowed : —  fma, VJ  8* 

•        ^    c    i    f  For  PaPir  to  thame,  •        •        •        .      XT  s. 

Jhone   Campbell  his   compt  since  the  first  of  For  ink  to  thame,                                     viij  d. 

November  1618  :-  For  u  Rudimentis  „  to  Duncan>  .         y  g.  vj  A 

Inprimis,  for  ane"  first  part"  and  "colloquie"  For  pulling  thair  heidis,    .        .        .        vj  s. 

to  mm XJ  s  Item,  for  tua  pair  of  grene  schankis  to  thame 

Item,  for  ane  pok  to  his  buikis,         .       iiij  s.        thig  winter  1619j  making  and  all>  _    jjy  merkia- 

For  his  candle  in  the  school  e  all  that  winter  „    _.      .     . 

vij.  g  •  The  powerful   Abbot  of  Glendochart, 

For  ane  eln  linnyng  to  be  him  sokis,        xij  s.  Joined  iQ  company  with  the  great  Earl  of 

For  ane  half  eln  of  cloth  to  be  schankis,  xx  s.  Athol  of  the  ancient  dynasty,  looks  like  the 

For  ane  eln  and  half  ane  quarter  of  red  stenn-  ]0rd   of  a  secularised  Abbacy — the  Coarl 

ing  to  be  him  tua  paris  to  the  holy-day,    iij  lib.  of  gfc>  piuan_the  "  successor  Sancti  Felani" 

of  the  quhilkis  Duncan  gat  ane  pair.  i_         ,  i      T>  v,   j  .c    i  -j 

_  ,    T.  ,,        ..    e  .  ..  from  whom  the  Dewars  had  first  received 

For  schone  to  Duncan  the  xxij  of  August,  xij  s. 

For  schone  to  Jhone  the  penult  of  August,  the  custody  of  their  relic.   It  is  possible  that 

xv  s.  his  line  continued,  though  the  lordly  power 

For  ane  knyff  to  Jhone,     .        .  vj  s.  and  title  departed.     I  wonder  that  some 

For  making  ane  cot  to  Duncane  of  his  black  seanachy  has  not  discovered  his  descend- 

freiss  cloik,    .        .        .  .        .vis.  ,    .      ,,     -»,r/vr  i.     /^r--    *u  *•  \      -u 

.,...,.       „,,          ants  in  the  M'Nabs,  (fihi  Abbatis.)  who  so 
For  making  ane  cott  and  brckis  to  him  of  the  " 

freiss  that  cafn  to  him,  .        .        .        .        x  s.        long  *>ore  sway  in  the  region  of  St.  Fillan; 


beyond  the  reach  of  common  legal  process.1  It  was  a  century  later  that  a  relic 
of  St.  Fillan  is  said  (by  Boece)  to  have  been  the  subject  of  a  notable  miracle, 
which  Bruce  turned  to  account  for  encouraging  his  soldiers  at  Bannockburn.2 
The  story  may  be  received  as  evidence  of  the  reverence  paid  to  St.  Fillan  in 
the  historian's  time.  That  it  continued  afterwards,  we  learn  from  the  following 
documents,  though,  I  fear,  they  shew  that  his  relics  were  degraded  to  the 
purpose  of  tracing  stolen  goods.  The  particular  one  which  forms  the  subject 
of  these  instruments,  the  Coygerach,  was  known  within  the  present  generation 
in  the  hands  of  the  family  of  Jore  or  Dewar,  who  so  early  vindicated  its  posses 
sion.  It  is  the  head  of  a  staff  or  crozier  of  a  Bishop  or  mitred  Abbot,  of 
silver  gilt,  elaborately  and  elegantly  ornamented  with  a  sort  of  diapered  chasing. 
It  is  described  and  figured  in  the  Transactions  of  the  Society  of  Antiquaries  of 
Scotland,  Vol.  III.,  p.  290;  and  in  Dr.  Wilson's  Archaeology  of  Scotland, p.  G64." 
Two  of  these  documents  have  been  printed  before,4  but  from  imperfect 
and  faulty  copies.  They  are  now  given  from  the  originals  :— 


Hec  Inquisitio  facta  apud  Kandrochid  xxii  die  mensis  Aprilis,  anno  Domini  millesirao 
quadringentesimo  xxviii.,  corain  Johanne  de  Spens  de  Perth,  ballivo  de  Glendochirde,  de  et 
super  autoritate  et  privileges  cujusdam  Reliquie  Sancti  Felani,  que  wlgariter  dicitur 
Coygerach,  per  istos  subscriptos,  viz. :  Karulum  Cambell,  Reginaldum  Malcolmi,  Donaldum 
M'Arthour,  Cristinum  Malcolmi,  Johannem  M'Nab,  Patricium  M'Nab,  Johannem  Alexandri 
M'Nab,  Johannem  Menzies,  Duncanum  Gregorii,  Dugallum  Gregory,  Duncanum  Elpine,  Alex- 
andrum  M'Austillan,  Nicolaum  Gregorij,  Johannem  M'Callura,  et  Felanum  Pauli,  Qui  jurati 
vnagno  sacramento  dicunt,  Quod  lator  ipsius  reliquie  de  Coygerach,  qui  Jore  vulgariter  dicitur, 
habere  debetannuatimethereditarieaquolibet  inhabitante  parochiam  de  Glendochirde,  habente 
vel  laborante  mercatam  terre,  sive  libere  sive  pro  finna,  dimidiam  bollam  farine,  et  de  quolibet 

1  Act  Parl.  Scot.,  Vol  I.,  p.  50.  the  custody  of  the  crozier  of  St.  Mund,  and 

2  The  only  foundation  extant  for  Boece's  lands  in  Lismore  by  the  custodiers  of  the 
legend  is  a  certain  payment  of  ,£20  made  bachuill  more  of  St.  Moluach.     The  latter 
from  Exchequer  "  to  the  fabric  of  the  church  relic  is  preserved. — Orig.  Paroch.,  Vol.  II. , 
of  Saint  Fillan,"  in  the  year  of  King  Robert's  pp.  72, 163. 

death.  4  Miscellany  of  the  Spalding  Club,  Vol. 

3  Lands  in  Kilmun  were  held  in  virtue  of        III.,  p.  239. 


in  dicta  parochia  habente  dimidiam  mercatam  terre  ut  predicitur,  libere  vel  pro  firma,  medium 
farine,  et  de  quolibet  in  ista  parochia  habente  quadraginta  denariatas  terre,  dimidiam  inodij 
farine.  Et  si  quivis  alius  inhabitans  dictam  parochiam  magis  quam  mercatam  terre  haberet 
nihil  magis  solveret  quam  ordinatum  fuit  de  una  mercata  terre.  Et  quod  officium  gerendi 
dictam  reliquiam  dabatur  cuidam  progenitor!  Finlai  Jore  latoris  presentium  hereditarie,  per 
successorem  Sancti  Felani,  cui  officio  idem  Finlaius  est  verus  et  legittimus  heres.  Et  quod 
ipsa  privilegia  usa  fuerunt  et  habita  in  tempore  Regis  Roberti  Bruys  et  in  tempore  omnium 
regum  a  tune  usque  in  bodiernum  diem.  Pro  quibus  commodis  et  privileges,  prefati  jurati 
dicunt  quod  si  contigerit  aliqua  bona  vel  catalla  rapta  esse  vel  furata  ab  aliquo  dictam  paro 
chiam  de  Glendochirde  inhabitante,  et  is  a  quo  ipsa  bona  vel  catalla  rapta  essent  vel  furata, 
propter  dubium  sue  persone  vel  inimicitias  hostium,  eadem  bona  vel  catalla  prosequi  non 
auderet,  tune  unum  servum  suum  vel  hominem  mitteret  ad  eundem  Jore  de  le  Coygerach, 
cum  quatuor  denariis  vel  pare  sotularum,  cum  victu  prime  noctis,  et  tune  idem  Jore  abinde 
suis  proprijs  expensis  prosequetur  dicta  catalla  ubicunque  exinde  sectum  querere  poterit 
infra  regnum  Scotie.  Et  hec  universa  per  dictam  iniquisitionem  fuerunt  inventa,  anno,  die, 
loco  et  mense  prenominatis.  In  cujus  rei  testimonium  sigillum  Johannis  de  Spens  ballivi 
antedicti  presentibus  est  appensum,  anno,  die,  et  loco  supradictis. 


Another  Instrument,  not  hitherto  printed,  records  that  on  the  9th  of 
February  1468,  Margaret  de  Striveling,  lady  of  Glenurquha, — 

In  curia  de  Glendochyrt  tenta  apud  Kandrocht  Kilin  per  balivum  ejusdem  a  Johanne 
M'Molcalum  M'Gregour  petiit  firmas  suas  de  terris  de  Coreheynan.  Qui  Johannes  respon- 
debat  plane  in  facie  prefate  curie  coram  omnibus  ibidem  existentibus  denegauit  et  dixit  quod 
non  accepit  assedationem  dictarum  terrarum  a  dicta  domina  Margareta  sed  a  Deore  de  Meser 
et  quod  non  tenebatur  in  aliquas  firmas  de  terminis  elapsis  quia  solvit  illas  dicto  Deor'  a 
quo  accepit  prefatas  terras.  Testibus,  Colino  Campbel  de  Glenurquhay  inilite,  domino 
Mauricio  M'Nachtag  et  domino  Roberto  M'Inayr,  vicariis  de  Inchecadyn  et  Kilin,  Johanne 
de  Stirling,  &c. 



JAMES  be  the  grace  of  God  King  of  Scottis  to  all  and  sindri  our  liegis  and  subditis 
spirituale  and  temporale  to  quhois  knaulege  this  our  lettre  salcum  greting.  Forsemekle  as  we 
haue  undirstand  that  our  servitour  Malice  Doire  and  his  forebearis  has  had  ane  Relik  of  Sanct 
Fulane  callit  the  Quegrith  in  keping  of  us  and  of  cure  progenitouris  of  maist  nobill 
mynde  quham  God  assolye  sen  the  tyme  of  King  Robert  the  Bruys  and  of  before,  and  made 


nane  obedience  nor  ansuere  to  na  persoun  spirituale  nor  temporale  in  ony  thing  concernyug  the 
said  haly  Relik  uthir  wayis  than  is  contenit  in  the  auld  infeftments  thereof  made  and  grantit 
be  oure  said  progenitouris  ;  We  chairg  you  therefor  strately  and  commandis  that  in  tyme  to 
cum  ye  and  ilkane  of  you  redily  ansuere,  intend  and  obey  to  the  said  Malise  Doire  in  the 
peciable  broiking  joicing  of  the  said  Relik,  and  that  ye  na  nain  of  you  tak  upon  hand  to  compell 
nor  distrenye  him  to  mak  obedience  nor  ansuere  to  you  nor  till  ony  uthir  bot  allenarly  to 
us  and  oure  successouris,  according  to  the  said  infeftment  and  fundatioun  of  the  said  Relik, 
and  siclike  as  wes  uss  and  wount  in  the  tyme  of  oure  said  progenitouris  of  maist  nobill  mynde 
of  before  ;  And  that  ye  mak  him  nane  impediment,  letting  nor  distroublance  in  the  passing 
with  the  said  Relik  throu  the  centre,  as  he  and  his  forebearis  wes  wount  to  do  ;  And  that  ye 
and  ilk  ane  of  you  in  oure  name  and  autorite  kepe  him  unthrallit,  bot  to  remane  in  siclike 
fredome  and  liberte  of  the  said  Relik,  like  as  is  contenit  in  the  said  infeftment,  undir  all  the 
hiest  pane  and  charge  that  ye  and  ilk  ane  of  you  may  amitt,  and  inrun  anent  us  in  that  pairt. 
Gevin  undir  oure  priue  sele  at  Edinburgh  this  vj  day  of  Julij,  the  yere  of  God  jm  iiij°  Ixxxvii 
yeris  and  of  oure  regnne  the  xxvij  yere.  JAMES  R. 

The  Coygerach  of  St.  Fillan  was  long  afterwards  known  in  the  High 
lands  of  Perthshire.  The  last  of  these  deeds  was  registered  as  a  probative 
writ  at  Edinburgh,  1st  November  1734  ;  and  M.  Latocnaye,  who  made  a  tour 
in  Britain  in  1795,  gives  this  notice  of  the  Relic, — "  Ayant  vu  1'annonce  d'une 
fameuse  relique,  en  la  possession  d'un  paysan  aux  environs,  nous  avons 
demande  a  la  voir.  Elle  ressemble  assez  au  haut  bout  d'une  crosse  d'e'veque, 
et  est  d'argent  dore*.  Le  bon  homme  qui  nous  1'a  montre,  et  qui  gagne  quelque 
pen  d'argent  avec  elle,  vraisemblablement  pour  augmenter  notre  int«5ret,  nous 
a  dit  tres  serieusement,  que  quand  les  bestiaux  etaient  enrages,  il  suffisait  de 
leur  faire  boire  de  1'eau  passe"e  par  1'interieur  de  sa  relique  ;  1'eau  bouillone  sur 
le  champ  quand  le  remede  ne  veut  pas  operer,  (d'ou  on  pourrait  conclure  qu'il 
opere  souvent,)  et  que  1'on  veiiait  de  plus  de  cent  milles  chercher  de  son 
eau.  .  .  Quoiqu'il  en  soit,  j'ai  e"te*  charme"  de  trouver  une  relique  parmi  les 

The  Relic,  it  is  believed,  has  been  for  some  years  in  Canada,  but  whether 
it  retains  its  virtues  in  the  New  World  is  unknown. 

Such  are  the  materials  which  a  Highland  charter-room  has  afforded  for 
illustrating  some  centuries  of  Highland  life.  The  volume  will  not  be  slighted 

Promenade  autcur  de  la  Grande  Bretagne,  par  un   Officier  Fra^ais  Emigre,  p.  294. 
Edinb.  1795. 


as  a  mere  collection  of  antiquarian  curiosities,  if  it  is  found  to  throw  light  on 
the  state  of  property  and  the  institutions  of  an  interesting  district,  and  to  ex 
hibit  early  forms  of  life  and  progressive  changes  of  manners  in  its  pastoral 
people.  While  there  is  enough  of  romance  in  the  glimpses  here  opened  of  the 
rough  life  of  "  the  good  old  time/'  it  is  pleasant  to  think  that  while  much  is 
changed,  every  change  has  been  for  the  better.  The  country,  which  these  papers 
show  us  in  so  wild  a  state  of  lawless  insecurity,  has  for  the  last  two  centuries 
steadily  improved ;  and  the  progress  has  not  been  more  marked  in  the  face 
of  the  country  than  in  the  moral  and  physical  condition  of  the  people,  and 
their  social  happiness. 

0.  INNES. 

0500ft  of 


Qtfhofoemr  fal  happin  to  wrett  anie  thing  concerning  the 
JuUe£t  and  mateir  begun  in  this  luke,  he  Jail  nocht  do  amifs 
to  tak  hed  to  the  order  obfervit  be  the  firjl  writ  far  heir  of 
tuiching  all  the  circumjlances  vjed  andfett  down  be  him  in  this 
litill  trettifs  of  the  lyfe  and  deith  of  the  firji  Jemn  lairdis  of 
Glenwquhay :  and  nixt  to  liald  thame  within  the  compafs  of 
the  vtmejl  lynis  of  'everie  page,  and  to  draw  the  fmall  lijnis 
betuix  the  quhilkis  he  Jail  wrett  according  to  the  forme 'fett  down 
in  everie  page  wrettin.  Thus  far  I  thocht  gude  to  advertifs  the 
writtar.  Bot  I  hope  the  honorable  and  verteous  awnaris  heirof 
from  age  to  age Jail  haiff 'that  cair  of  it,  that  it  be  nocht  de- 
formit  ather  be  the  wrang  placing  of  the  circumjlances  of 
the  mater  itfelf,  ather  be  vnlegible  writt,  or  of  tranfgrefjing 
the  lynis  drawin  about  everie  page,  keping  alwayis  the 
utmejt  lynis  fre  of  wrett — nam  vbi  non  eft  ordo  ibi  eft 

Illustrissitno  clarissimoque  viro  Domino  Duncano 
Campbello,  Domino  Glenvrquhae  JEquiti  aurato, 
domino  suo  cleraentissimo  et  plurimum  colendo. 

S.  P.  D.     Guilielmus'Bovius. 

Felicem,  Duncane,  tibi  multosque  per  aunos 
Proroget  Omnipotens  vitam,  votisque  quod  optaa 
Stet  tua  prisca  domus  totidem  quot  secula  mundus 
Versabit;  multaque  simul  de  prole  parentein 
Grandaevum  memoranda  canat  sine  fine  vetustas, 
Per  seriem,  et  numeret  veterem  te  sera  nepotum 
Posteritas  atavum  ;  tanta?  cum  sit  tibi  curae 
Prisca  tuoe  for  tuna  domus,  caligine  mortis 
lampridem  caeca  obductos  revocaris  vt  omnes 
In  lucem  proavos  rediviva  voce  loquantur 
Qui  tecurn  adque  tuos  etiarn  sua  facta  nepotes 
Enarrent ;  quae,  si  (qua  tu  virtute)  sequantur 
In  Domino,  tua  se  nunquam  sententia  retro 
Versa  feret  forsan,  semper  sed  firma  manebit : 
Namque  domus  natique  tui,  nascendaque  ab  illis 
Progenies  terras  (quarurn  possessio  felix 
Tota  tua  est,  quaesita  tuis  maioribus  olim, 
Sollicitique  tui  magna  virtute  laboris 
Servata,  atque  agris  etiam  cornpluribus  aucta) 
In  mage  diffuses  non  solum  sedula  fines 
Porriget,  et  late  metas  distendet  in  amplas, 
Cum  mundo  verum  (quod  det  Deus)  omnibus  ilia 
Accumulata  bonis  pariter  stabitque  cadetque. 

Tibi  in  Domino  addictissimus 


Anejchort  dejcriptionn  off  the  genealogie  of  the  howfs  off  Glemrquhay, 

and  vt/ter  thingis  perteininy  thairto ;  as  is  att  lenth  contenit  in  the, 

tytilljett  down  in  the  nixt  leaff  immediatlie  following,  fayth- 

fullie  col/edit  at  the  command  and  defyre  of  Sir  Duncane 

Campbell  Knicht  andjevint  Laird  off  Gknvrquhay 

be  hisjervitour  Maifler  William  Bowy,  and 

thaireftir  in  this  buke  infert  and  writtin 

be  the  f aid  Maifler  William  in  the 

moneth  ofJunij  and  zeir  off 

God  ane  thowjand  fyve 

hundreth  fourfcoir 



£ne  aDmomnoun  to 
^otteritie  of  tye  ^otB0  of 

refcar,  in  tl)i$  genealogie 

b?  blu&e,  b?  lauc^full  birty  an&  name, 
9[n  nc^t  or  ftue  l^ne  (0  or  luifete  to  bee 
c^nrolD,  ag  one  b^  terteto  ant)  gu&e  fame 
31n  nobill  ranft  to  lefce,  t^inft  ftame,  t^infe  ftame, 
tDtcftit  neiu  or  ttuggifcjjneg  to  t^ne, 

tertetc  qn^tlfe  in  peace,  tceare,  feilD,  ann 

pretiiceffouri0  manie 

conqueft,  fteipt,  ann  maiD  for  to  be 
C^air  futefteppi^  tl^en  iff  ttjoto  toill  imitatt, 
toitt,  fyv  minDe,  ann  tx)l)ole  insane 

tliair  enC^mple  fure  to  ia?  t^ijs  platt. 
(Hill  t^otn  tl)^  ^onour,  ^otote,  anD  rent  to  ftanfc, 
Conquer,  or  fteip  tJjingijai  conqueft  to  t^^  ^anfc  ; 

9In  fa^tl),  feare,  ioue,  fyy  d5ou  anD  prence 

all  obeDience. 



Tu,  cuicunque  Deus  nunc  dederit  bonus 
Huic  priicse  domui  nominis  vt  fimul 
Et  confanguinitatis  titulo  imperes, 
Et  terras  (quibus  olim  folita  eft  potens 
Tarn  late  dominari)  et  populos  regas 
Natura  indomitos,  faepe  revolvito 
Tecum,  quod  dominum  baud  nobilitet  domus, 
Antiquiflima  quanquam  et  celeberrima, 
(Dicaique  bine  numerofam  veluti  ex  equo 
Troiano  fobolem  exifle)  bonum  nifi 
Sele  et  magnanimum  prseftiterit :  domum 
Sed  Temper  dominus  nobilis  et  plus 
Illuftret  decoretque  ;  et  domui  prseeft 
Cui  tails,  fibi  non  parcit,  et  omnia 
Nimirum  redeunt  buc  fua,  ne  malo, 
Se  vivo,  afficiatur  minimo,  et  cavet 
Ne  quis  prretereundo  ferat.     '  O  domus, 
Heu  nunc  quam  dominaris  domino  impari.' 
Antiquse  Jebovam  quod  domui  precor 
Di6tum  Temper  huic  abfit,  et  illius 
Stet  fortuna  diu,  detque  tibi  Deus 
Vt  virtute  tua  nobilites  earn 
lam  nunc  quifquis  huic  imperitas.     Vale. 


The  genealnyie  of 

the  howfs  of  Glenmquhay, 

contening   the  oriainall  Jlok,   the 

lineall  proaenie  and  lauchfull  difccnt 

thairof.     Quhairin   is   dejcrymt  the  name* 

and  number  of  the  Lairdis  of  Glemrquhay  tJuimc 

f,  thair  wyffis  and  children,  thair  Jeverall  conguefs 

and  tiggings  in  thair  awin  tymes,  tJie  diftributioun 

thairof  to  thair  eldar  and  fecund  Jones, 

the  manages  off  thair  dochteris,  with 

the  tymes  and  places  off  thair 

death   and  buriall,   as 

eftir  followeth. 




.it  OS 

10  The  Black  Book  of  Tay  mouth. 

off  tye  original!  :  follotoety 
lineall  ana  lauc^full  Difcent 

Clje  foirfato  Colene  (aulja  eftirtoart  toa$  Ifylitt 
Colene)  reeeating  from  Ijig  father  tlje  20 
off  flDftober  anno  1432  tlje  foutfcoir  marftlanui0 
of  d5lentrqu^ar3  ttje  tuentie^feWn  marftlanni^  of 
31nnertnen5  &c.3  l^ann  on  Loc^o^  matreit  to  ^te 
firtt  totff  fl^atiott  ^tetoart  Doc^tir  to  OTaltir 
off  aibanie  (fone  to  3]fobell  J^ueljeg  off 
ann  Counter  of  JLennojc),,  au^i 
nepartit  fc^ortlie  t^aireftir  but  TucceflSoun* 

C^e  Cain  ^>ir  Colene  eftir  t^e  Deceit  of 
firft  tx^ffe  tnareit  31onett  ^tetuart  elDeft  tioc^tir  to 
COiilliam  ^tetoart  lorD  of  JLorne  (tcit^  QU^OW  ^e 
gatt  in  name  of  toc^irgutie  ttye  auc^tene 
of  t^e  Ura?  off  Lorne3  ^ir  father  being  tljen 
'Bot  eftir  I)ir  fain  father  ))i$  Deceit  tye  ^aill 
fc^ip  of  Lome  falling  to  ^ig  t^re  Docljterig 
trices  t^airoff,  t^e  fain  ^ir  Colene  be  terteto  of 

T/ie  Black  Book  of  Tay mouth.  11 

t?ff,  eineft  of  tlie  tyree,  fell  to  tl)e  Ijaill  fuperi* 
oritie  of  tye  lornfctyip  of  Home  ann  firft  thrift 
tyairoff,  ejrtenning  to  tua  ^unnretlj  ann  tyftie 
€>n  tyir  tyt  begatt  ane  Tone  calltt 
Duncan  Campbell,  qul^a  fucceDit  lairD  of 
nD  ane  Doctytir  callit  d5eillt0  Camp^ 
bell,  au^a  tceja:  tnareit  on  fit^Cotole  in  Home, 

Clie  fain  ^ir  Colene  eftir  tfte  neat^  of  I)i0  fein 
fecund  to^ffe  mareit  ane  tooman  off  t^e  Clan&on* 
Doqu^ie,  on  qu^oui  ^e  begatt  ane  fone  callit 
3foone  Campbell  qu^a  t^aireftir  tua0  bifcljope 
of  tye  91le0,  ann  ane  Doc^tir  callit  fiat^erine 
Campbell,  qu^a  toes  mereit  on  flHaltir 
bailee  of  'Balqu^iDHer. 

C^e  fain  ^ir  Colene  eftir  t^e  neparture  of 
fafn  t^rin  tc^ffe  mareit  apargarett  ^titling  noc^tir 
to  tlje  lairn  of  Jfeeir,  on  quljome  Ije  begatt  tua 
fone0,  t^e  einar  callit  9)^one  Campbell  (qu^a 
t^aireftir  fuccenit  lairn  of  HatDerig)  t^e  otljet 
namit  George  Campbell,  qu^a  neit  toung,  ann 
ane  noc^tir  callit  ^elene  Campbell,  qitya 

12  The  Black  Book  of  Tay mouth. 

firft  mareit  on  flpafceane  of  amnamurroc^  ana 
ti&aireftir  on  fllpafigregoure* 

C^e  feiD  *a>ir  Colene  toag  laim  tye  fpace  of 
fourtie<eigtyt  ?eirte*  &i$a  (b?  tlje  lanDis  qityilfrte 
^e  gatt  in  heritage  from  $i$  fat^er^  anD  t^e  lantii0 
qu^ilfei^  ^e  fell  to  be  toa?  of  manage  foirCaiD)  ^e 
conquefllt  t^e  tafeijs  of  t^e  ten  marftlanni^  of 
aucljmoir5  t^e  tafti^  of  t^e  tljrettie  marftlanu  of 
arntallonift3  t^e  ^eretable  t^till  of  t^e  ten  marfc 
lann  of  t^e  ^ott  ana  3!fle  of  Loc^ta^  t^e  four 
marfelanti  of  9!nnerneill  in 
t^aireftir  ^e  eiccambit  twty 
of  OBalloc^^  t^e  ten  marfelanfc  of  J^rumlean  ant) 
'Blairborofe  l^anti  in  fllpenteit^,  qu^ilfeijs 
ejccambit  alfo  (w  Calbe  eftir  in  t^e  atnin  place 
clarit)*  Co  t^e  qu^ilfti^  ten  marfelanfcig 
of  dSlentrqu^a?  i0  lit  fuperiour : 
Iantii0  foirfainij;  a0  ?it  remains 
C^aireftir  ^e  conquefit  t^e  fourtie  marfelana  of 
t^e  t^re  marfelann  off  Correqu^irfe,, 
Ije  betotuit  on  3j^one  Campbell 

The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth.  13 

tone  foirfcit),  begottin  a0  feiD  ig  on  I)i0  foutt 

€l)e  fait)  ^ir  Colene  being  tutour  to  ty$  brother 
Cone  Colene  Campbell  (qutya  toes  main  firft  (Me 
off  €rg?le)  l)e  mareit  ^im  on  t^e  CecunD  fteretrice 
of  Lome,  ant>  tyaireftir  (for  t^e  fatour  ^e  bure  to 
^im  ant)  tlje  (fanning  of  ^i0  ^oto0)  frelie  fcimittit 
unto  l)im  t^e  Cuperioritie  of  tye  Ijail  lotDfc^ip  of 

ant)  biggit  injuring  t^e  tyme  of  lii^  tutorie  to 
l)i$  brother  Cone  foirf^iD  t^e  caff  ell  of  3!nnerrara?» 
9]tem,  t^aireftir  ^e  biggit  to  ^im  felff  tye  caffell 
of  3flanfteilqu^irn  in  dfflenforquljar ;  Utern, 
barmeft^n  toall  of  t^e  9lfl^  of  loctyta?,  ant) 
toure  of  ^trapljillane. 

a^emorant)umr  t^e  fait)  ^>ir  Colene  t^roc^ 
taliant  artis  ant)  manlieiD  tuas  matt)  luucln  in 
t^e  3iae  of  E^ot)o0  (qu^ilfi  ffanDet^  in  tl)e  Car-- 
pattyiane  ^ea  neir  to  Caria  ane  countrie  of 
itg)  anD  toe0  t^re  funDrie  t^me0  in  Home* 

€l)e  feit)  ^>ir  Colene  tjepartit  tl|i0  l^ffe  in 

14:  The  Black  Book  ofTaymouth. 

toure  of  ^trap^illane  tlje  24  of  September  anno 


ana  Ijonorablie  bureit  in  tye  ftirfe  off  feilmertyne 

far  of  tye  firft  laira. 

foliotoetlj  t^e  fecund* 

J^uncane  Campbell,  elfcaft  anD  lauc^full 
fone  to  ttye  foirfaiD  ^ir  Colene,  fuccefcit  fecunD 
lairn  of  dD>lent)rqu^a^  ag  faiD  (0* 

Caiu  ^ir   J^uncane    mareit 

fcocljtir  lauc^full  to  t^e  c^rle  of 
on  qu^ome  ^e  begat  tyre  fone$:  C^e  eiuatt  callit 
^>ir  Colene:  C^e  fecunn  natmt  artybain:  C^e 
tyriu  ^atrife,  qu^a  Deit  being  ane  toung  wan  in 
tlje  3!le  'Bantyelity :  anti  ane  notytir  callit  €\i^ 
bety  Campbell,  qu^a  t»e0  mareit  on  tye  lairn  of 

The  Black  Book  of  Taymoidh.  15 

€l)e  fato  ^>tr  ?0uncane  eftir  t^e  Deceit  of 
faiD  firft  tD^ffe  tyt  mareit  flponcreiff, 

fcocljtir  to  ttye  lairD  of  ^loncreiff,  on  qu^ome  £e 
begat  ane  tone  callit  Raider  Sfoone  Campbell 
(qutya  toe$  fecund  bifctyope  of  t^e  3]le0  of  tye 
of  (0lentrqul)at)5  anD  tua  noc^tiri0  :  C^e 
callitt  ftat^erine  Campbell,  qu^a  tue0  mareit  on 
tye  lairn  of  CullibarDin:  C^e  ot^er  namit  anna-' 
bill  Campbell,  qu^a  t»e0  mareit  on  ttye  lairD  of 

faiD  ^>ir  J^uncane  lebit  lairD  t^rettie  t^re 
inDuring  tlje  qu^ilft  ttme  ^e  obtenit  tacfeis 
lanniis  in  CBraiDalbane,  ann  of  t^ee 
lanui0  l^anD  tmtljin  t^e  Came, 
tafei0  of  ttye  tuelf  marftlann  of  Crantwiety. 

3tem,  ^e  conquefit  t^e  tyeretable  t^till  of 
baronie  of  -ffinlarg:  dQu^ilfeijai  tafe^  anD  tyeretabill 
con  qu  cs  f  01  r  fait),  togiUDcr  untl)  tlK  bat  I  ;  en  c  of 
l^ifc^eoir,  Co^er,  anD  dO»lenl^oun,  tane  of 
ling,  ^e  annejtrt  to  t^e  ^ototf* 
3!tem3  ^e  conquefit  t^e  t^refcoir  marfelanD 


The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

baronie  of  d&lentyowt,  qu^ilft  ^e  gaiff  to  ^10  fecunn 
time  arcpalD  foirfain,  togitfoer  tcitty  tlje  rtoentie* 
four  tnarftlann  of  t^e  t^rin  of  Lome,  qutyilft  ^e 
tufee  fra  t^e  ^ow» 

3!tetn3  ^e  conauefit  t^e  eig^t  ntatftlanu  of 
^c^eane  in  d^lenquoic^,  qu^ilfrte  ^e  gaiff  to 
brother  9!^one  Campbell  of  JLatoiri^  to  be 

^  t^e  toin  ^ir  Duncan  ejccambit  t^e  t^rin  of 
Ianni0  of  Colour  anu  auc^arnfttie^  etc,,,  triit^ 
l^anD  on  t^e  fine  of  JLocljfyne. 
fato  ^ir  J^uncane  biggit  t^e  laic^ 
of  d^lentrqu^at  ;  t^e  great  IjalL,  c^apell3  ann 
meri03  in  t^e  9lle  of  Ho$ta?* 

C^e  fain  ^ir  J^uncane  tna0  0ane  at  t^e  feiin 
off  tflotDnane3  tKit^  Ifeing  3!ante0  ti&e  fern^  t^e  9  off 
September  anno  1513* 

ann  toe0  bureit  t»it^  ^i0  c^ief  ^rc^bain  Camp< 
bell  t^en  €rle  of  Crg^le  in  lilntotDn^  becaufe  in 
foirfain  feiin  t^ar  neit  fcaliantlie  toginner* 
mcmii  of  tlK  fccunD  lan'D. 

18  The  Black  Book  of  Tay mouth. 

foim  laira* 

©uncane  Campbell,  el&att  anU  laucljfwll  fone 
to  t^e  foirfato  ^>ir  Colene3  fuccenit  Court  laim  of 

faiD  J^uncane  mareit  apariort  Colqulioutt, 
Doc^tir  to  t^e  lairti  of  JLu&  on  au^ome  ^e  begatt 
ane  fone3  qu^a  neit  in  Jjte  minoritie* 

Cfte  foirCaiu  J^uncane  lebit  lairD  be  t^e  fpace 
off  t^rettene  ?eiri03  feeping  all  tyingte  left  to 
be  l)i$  tnort^t  preniceffounjj. 

nepartit  t^(0  l^ffe  in  t^e  caftell  of 

5  of  September  1536* 

ann  toajs  ^onorablie  bureit  in  t^e  c^apell  foirfain 
of  if  inlarg* 

Clju0  fc^ottlie  of  Qefeitfc 


;ctK  brother  gi 

•  of 

.1  tor0  mareit  on  ttye  tutout  of  tug  :  3lnft  tlje 
r  callit  ^aricr,         npbell,  qu^a  \»ej5  tnarat 


C^c  fin&  inonc  :cmr  lairfi  f:  Ha, 

bcf^c  t^e  fecpitw  of  t$t  e^  i  haiii,  con 

.}  Ol  ^' 

left  to  t;jit%  1)OXD!3  'ajicl)  Oittat 
i  in  tlic  ilcof 

cit  in 

20  The  Black  Book  ofTaymouth. 

Colette  Campbell^  brother  germane  to  tlje  for* 
?^uncane  ann  9I^one,  fuccenit,  as  faiti  t& 
lairn  of  d&lenforqu^a?* 

Cain  Colene  mareit  befoir  ^e  Cuccenit  lairD 
of  d&lettimiu^a?  Margaret  ^tetx)art5  (Uoc^tir  to 
'BifcJjop  aiejcanDer  ^tetcart^)  lan^  coniunft  fear 
off  3]nc^ebrafe^  on  qu^ome  Ije  begat  tua 
:  C^e  einar  callit  iBeatrtjc  Campbell,, 
mareit  on  ^>ir  i^one  Campbell  of  JLat»iri0: 
titter  namit  Margaret  Campbell3  qu^a 
mareit  on  SP'CotDle  of  Eagrat  in  Lome* 

€I)e  fain  Colene,,  eftir  t^e  necei^  of  t^e 
Margaret  ^i0  firtt  ^ffe3  fuccening  lairn 
qu^ti  mareit  ftattyerine  Eut^toen,,  nocljtir  bntill 
(KUilliame  Lorn  !Sut^uen^  on  qu^ome  Ije  begatt 
four  fone0 :  C^e  eineft  callit  ^>ir  5^ 
eftir  fuccenit  lairn :  C^e  fecunn  namit  Colene : 
tyrin  flpaifter  $&tti&,  qu^a  neceifflt  in 

TJie  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 


Court  arepalD:  an&  four  &otyteri&  tl)e 
el&eft  callit  Margaret  Campbell,  qutya  in  ^ir  pa< 
rentte  t^me  toe$  mareit  on  tlje  (Erie  of  d&lencarne  : 
Ctye  fecunn  Ifcatl)erine3  qu^a  Deit  in  ^er  lotctljeiD  : 
CJje  t^riD  aparie  :  C^e  fourt  anna0,  batt^  mareit 
be  t^air  elDeft  brother,  a0  in  t^e  atuin  place  falbe 

Clje  faiD  Colene  toa0  lairD  injuring  t^e  fpace 
of  t^rettie  tyre  ?eiri&  in  tye  quljilfe  t?me  ^e  con-- 
queflt  tlje  fett  of  tye  Mngi0  Ianni0  ann  C^artir^ 
lanniu  in  'BraT&albane,  tlje  taftijg  qu^airoff 
pre&iceffourig  obtenit  a0  i0  abone  tDrittin. 
3!tem,  ^e  conquefit  tye  ten  marfelanD  of  aucli^ 
l^ne,  Cafter  arUtytUi^^  anti  J^otDinc^e,  togiDtier 
toitlj  tye  Cuperioritie  of  fl^'jljab  ty$  ^aill  lanni0, 
Sltem,  ^e  conqueflt  tye  fuperioritie  of  tye  tuentie 
marfelanu  of  ^tronmeloqu^an  in 
91tem,  ^e  coft  ane  auto  luDging  in 
qulnlius  conquer  antJ  fuperioritei^  foirfaims  as 
?it  remains  toity  tye  ^oto0» 

3!tem,  ^e  conquefit  tye  tuentie  punD  lann  of 

22  The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

dftinatnbill;  item,  t^e  fpfce  puna  lanfc  of  CDinftip 
fcn&er  reuerfioun;  item3  fyt  aucljt  marfelanfc  of 
fcingartt ;  quJ)illii&  toitti  t^e  tuelff  marftlanfc  of 
^  anD  tafti0  of  t^e  lann  of  CranDuic^  foir-- 
tane  frome  t^e  tytf®$,  ^e  betot»it  on 
Tecunti  Cone  Colene* 

3]tem3  ^e  befiotuit  on  ^(0  tJjrto  fone 
^atnft  t^e  tuelfi  marfelann  of  auc^inr^re^  Con-- 
fcalifr,  ann  ®mmnatofte3  t^e  eig^t  tnarftlanti  of 
auc^nacroCcre,  ^ennietort3  Cireton^  ana  ftillen3 
all  l^ann  in  Home,  "But,  t^e  faiD  apaifter  $atrifc 
Departing  t^iis  l^fie  but  laucljfull  airi^  of  ^i0  atoin 
t^e  TaiDijs  lannto  retumit  to  t^e  ^oto0. 
faiti  Colene  in  Ijfe  t^me  biggit  tlje  caftell  of 
^  t^e  caftell  of  dftrinambill  in  OBuc^au^intie^ 
Ijaill  lunging  of  J^ett^  tuit^in  tlje  clofe,  t^e 
four  Mrnelli^  of  tlje  caftell  of  gilanfteilqu^irne  in 
;,  ant>  t^e  nort^  cljalmerte  t^airoff, 

i^e  toais  ane  great  jufticiar  all 
t?tne3  t^roc^  t^e  qu^ilfe  ^e  fuftenit  t^ee  Deitilie 
feiti  of  tlje  Clangregour  ane  lang  fpace, 





r-7\  "J 

ffi  .^/l « tio  i)  o~i<iij( 

The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

qul^a  Deit  ?oung:  C^e  Court  3$one:  €^e  fpft 
C^e  fejtt  J^uncane:  C^e  Cefcint 
,  qu^ilfiig  ba?ty  Deit  ?oung:  ant)  four 
t^e  eineft  callit  jftargaret,  qu^a  toe0 
mareit  on  t^e  lairD  of  OLIeme:  C^e  fecunD  callit 
31eane3  qu^a  t»e0  mareit  on  tlje  lairn  of  Cainer : 
C^e  t^ritJ  anna05  qu^a  toe0  mareit  on  t^e  lairn 
of  ginc^emertene:  C^e  fourt  (Eli?abet^  qu^a 
Ueit  ?oung» 

C^e  faiD  ^ir  J^uncane,,  eftir  t^e  Deceits  of 
Sleane  ^tetoart  J)i$  firft  tu^ffe  foirfato,,  mareit 
Cli?abet^  ^>inclair3  Doc^tir  to  i^enrie  JlorU 
clair^  on  qu^ome  ^e  begatt  tua  Cones:  C^e 
callit  ^atrift:  C^e  Cecunn  2Hilliame3  qulja  neit 
?oung:  ann  four  &o$teri&  t^e  eineft  callit 
9!eliane5  qutya  tues  mariet  on  t^e  laird  of  ^ilton: 
C^e  Cecunn  callit  €lwbtfy,  mariet  on  t^e  laira 
of  jfet»neratt:  C^e  t^riti  ftat^erine,  mariet  on 
t^e  lairn  of  ^lafecoule:  Clje  fourt  3!eane3  mariet 
on  t^e  cErle  of  atyoll* 

C^in  ^>ir  ^uncane  leirit  lairD  fourtie  au^t 

The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth.  25 

in&uring  fyt  qutyilfe  fpace  ^e  firft  mareit 
thrift  fyfter  0£arie  on  tyt  (Erie  of  fl^enteit^e, 
ana  I)i0  ?oungefi  fitter  annajs  on  t^e  laitD  off 
&rcl)ingla&  ann  pa^it  tljatr  tocher* 

9!tem,  ^e  conquefit  firft  tye  ftte  punD  lanD  of 
?E>ounfaUan&ei$  in  ^>traittat«  9!tem^  Ije  conquefit 
tlje  t^rettene  tnarftlanD  of  ^rutttnoqityeill  anD 
l^rumqu^aflill  in  at^ole,  qu^ilfeig  Ije  beftotxiit  on 
Cone  foirfatt* 

e  conquefit  tlje  ten  punD  lann  of 
Quieter,  ^ortbanfi,  ^ortinellan,  Ca^ 
nefcotmt,  ann  JLoc^banc^er*  9!tem,  ^e  conquefit 
ane  ^alff  matftlann  off  Cairnfcoire  in  fceilwa^ug. 
91tem,  Ije  conquefit  t^e  four  warftlanD  of 
ftnoqu^ane;  all  l^anu  in  flpenteity.  3item, 
conquefit  t^e  ttoentie  feic  nrarftlanti  of  t^e  baronie 
of  d^lentalloc^,  qu^ilfei^  fte  beffotmt  on  ^10  fecunD 
rone  -[Robert 

3]tem,  $e  conquefit  t^e  eaffer  quarter  of 
l^anD  in  ^traityern3  qu^ilfe  ^e  beffotoit  on 

26  The  Black  Book  of  Tay  mouth. 

31tem5  ^e  conquefit  tye  ten  marftlann  of  tfintolicl) 
in  ^traittyern,  toit^  ane  grate  roum  of  dSlafcorren 
ana  'Beingufeufe  in  d&lenlei&naife,  quljilfeig  ^e  be* 
ftotDit  on  ^10  bag  Cone  91^tne0  Campbell* 

Sltem,  ^e  conquest  t^e  tua  marftlann  of  ^lur-- 
laganbeg  in  d&lenloqulja,,  qu^ilfe  ^e  befiottiit  on 
l)i$  ba0  tone  ^atrife  ^ot&  Campbell* 

3ltem3  ^e  beftotoit  on  l)i$  fourt  fone  31^one  foir* 
fain  t^ee  lanW0  in  Lome  qi$ilfri$  fell  to  ^im  be 
tye  liecei^  of  ^i0  brother  flgaifter 
abone  torittin* 

3!temr  ^e  conquefit  tye  fetxii0 
tit^otxjK  lanui^  in  CBreiDalbane  of  netn  agane3  in 
refpeft  t^e  faini^  fett)i0  obtenit  be  tyi$  father  tuar 
reDucit  anu  main  null,  anti,  agane  be  fcettett)  of 
of  annejcatioun  t^ar  falling  in  t^e  fcingte 
tl)e  fain  $>it  J^uncane3  a0  faiD  i$, 
conftranit  to  reneto  t^e  foirfaiti  fetoite  a^  iff 
fame  ^aDe  netoir  bene  conquefit  of  befoir* 

3Jtem5  ^e  conquefit  t^e  ten  marfelanfc  of 
glenfe  in  tlje  CBrat  of  Lome* 

TJie  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 


gitem,  l)e  conquefit  tlje  four  marfelana  of  Cotole- 
ballocl)  in  toafcfett  frome  m?  LorD  ^rummona, 
ana  tljaireftir  in  anno  1611  coft  tlje  fame  out  of 
ttye  grounfc  from  ty#  fone  m?  JLorD  of  f^ert^e* 

9!tem5  ^e  conqueflt  t^e  aucljtene  marfelanD  off 
Cennaiffi^  anti  Couleuairi^  tyann  in  OBreiDalbein 
tottftin  tlie  fctyireftome  of  ^ert^,  au^ilW0  ^e 
tmiteD  to  t^e  baronie  of  d&ienfallaclj* 

Sltem,,  ^e  conquefllt  tlie  fejc  marftlanD  of  Cifter 
anu  Mefter  Cretclianijs  l^anu  in  ^twfyytt  in 
OBuctiqu^iuner  toitljin  t^e  fc^ireteome  of  $erti&. 

gitem,  Ije  conquefit  tye  eig^t  marftlant)  of 
^tuiW&  anD  t^e  fuperioritie  off  t^e 
off  d^arrotDijs  in  d&lenquotcije. 

3!tem,  ^e  conquefit  t^e  fourtie  frilling  lanD  off 
better  ^tuifei^  qu^ilfiija;  lantii^  of  SpiDDiU  ana 
meffer  ^tuiftija;  ^e  Hifponit  to  $atrife  Campbell, 
elDeft  fone  begottin  betuijc  ^im  anD  ^i0  foi&  fecunD 
fpoufe  Cli^abet^  Sinclair,  togitfoer  tuit^ 
off  Coul&airte  anD  Cennai(K0« 

9!tem,  ^e  conquefit  t^e  gleiblanti  of 

28  The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

callit  fyt  gibert,  qu^ilft  alfo  ^e  fcifponit  to 
bain  Ins  Tone  foirfaiD* 

item,  ^e  conquest  tlje  tuelf  marftlanD  off  Cran* 
niclj,  t^e  tuentie  puna  lanfc  of  ^oirinc^e3  t^e  ten 
tnarfclanD  of  auc^moir^  anti  tlje  tua  marfelanti  of 
lantiftno^  e#en&ing  to  f^ftie  four  marftlanti  in 
tlje  ^aill^  l^anD  toit^in  t^e  lorDCc^ip  of 
ant>  Coper,  ana  tljat  tot^out  renemptioun3 
taftijs  qu^airof  ^(0  preDicelTourte  obtentt  onlie  of 

3Item,  Jje  conquett  t^e  patronage  of 
c^antim,  anno 

3!tem3  ^e  purc^eft  long  tafe(0  of  t^e  teinDte 
perfonage  ant)  biccarage  of  tlje  liirfe  of 

3|tem,  ^e  conquefit  t^e  9!le  of 

£e  conqueCt  t^e  lantii^  of  Larg, 

toain,  anu  arDmofemonane.,  ejctenning  to  tljrettene 
merfelant)3  l^ann  in  apenteiflje,  in  anno 

The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth.  29 

3Item,  tye  conqueft  tl)e  four  merfclanfc  of  Leatter 
in  ^Henteitlj,  in  anno  IGIS, 

91tem,  ^e  conquefit  tt)e  lan&ig  ana  baronie  of 
Lu&e  ejrtenDing  to  tljrettie  four  merftlanD,  ann  ate 
tlje  four  werfelantJ  of  ^etnacr?  l^anD  toit^in 
fc^irrefbome  of  $erty,  in  anno  1619* 


feberall  fotomeis  of  mone?  ueburfit  be 
fain  ^it  J^uncane  in  name  of 

guDe  getin  toit^  ^i0  fyfteri 

feberall  conquef^  renetmng  of  aulD  fetot03 

bigginge,  toity  fotume^  gebin  out  be  Ijtm 

tpone  tt^er  occafionijai. 

toc^ir  getin  toit^  5i0  fitter  fl^arie  to 
Crle  of  flEtonteittye  toe0  eig^t  t^otofanD  marfti0. 

Sltem,  t^e  toc^ir  getin  toitli  ^i£  fitter 
to  t^e  lairD  of  arctynglag  tuejj  f^be 


The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

3!tem3  fyt  tocljir  geirin  tmty  tyg  elfcaft  fcoctytir 
Margaret  to  fyt  laira  of  Cfteme  toes  fefein  tljoto 
fanfc  tnarlu&  anno  15—, 

Sltent,  tyt  toc^ir  getin  tnit^  ^10  Doc^tir  9]eane 
to  ttye  lairn  of  Cainer  toeg  febintene 
marft(03  beC^De  fejc  t^otxjfann  marftiis  for 
ana  abul?ementi&  anno  1601. 

Sltem^  tye  toc^ir  gebin  t»it^  ty&  Docljtir 
to  t^e  lairu  31ttcljemattene  <wt$  ten  t^otufanti 
puntii^  anno  1609* 

3]tem3  getin  for  tye  f^te  punD  lann  of  J^oun-- 
in  ^traitta^  to  arcpalfc  Campbell  of 
four  ttjotBfanfc  marfti^  anno  15—. 

3|tem,  gefcin  for  t^e  t^rettene  marfelann  off 
J^rumnoqu^eill  ann  ®rumqu^aifllll  in 
to  t^e  lairD  of  ^oturie  ifot^ringame  fetin 
fanti  marfei&  anno  is—. 

3!tem3  getin  for  tl>e  ten  punn  lann 
Quieter,  ^ortbanfe3  &c»3  in  flpmteitye  to  t^e  lairts 
of  OBurlie  twelf  t^otxjfann  marfti^  anno  15—. 

3]tem,  getin  for  t^e  ^alf  marfelanD  of  Catrnnoire 

The  Black  Book  of  Taymoidh.  31 

tn  feilma^uge  to  ane  3pt)one  0£c3!nDoire 
Ijun&retl)  tnarbi&  anno 

3|tem,  getin  for  tlje  foure  marfelanD  of 
ftnodjane  in  flponteitlj  to  l^arie  ^>d)atD  of  Cam- 
bufmoir  four  t^otDCanU  tnarfei&  anno 

91tem,  getin  for  tl)e  tuentie  feic  tnarfelanti  of 
<0lenfallacl)  in  Carrore  to  t^e  lairD  of  arc^ingla0, 
to  €tore  Campbell,  ana  to  C&arli$  Campbell  Ijte 
o^e  ttpentie  four  tl)otD^nt>  marfei&  anno 

9!tem,  for  tfte  Cafter  quarter  of  aponiee  to 
Cofcljeocli  four  t^otpfann  marfti05  anno 

3!tem3  getin  for  t^e  ten  ntarfelann  of  i 
in  d&lenlei&nafe  to  tlje  lairn  of  Coultebragane, 
for  t^e  grafrotome  of  d&lafc^oren  anD 
to  3^rummonD  of  fetin 

marfti^,  anno 

gitem,  getinfor  t^e  tua  marftlann  of  ifturlagan 
m  d^lenloc^a  to  3$one  ^Honteitlj  alia0 
tua  tljotDfana  marfti^  anno 

91tem3  gebin  for  renelmng  of  tlje  fetoi0  of 


The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 


lannte  in  /Bretoalbene  to  tlje  fting 
tua  t^otDfanfc  marfei&  anno 

3ltem3  geirin  for  t^e  ten  tnarftlanD  of  'Bra?* 
glente  in  tlje  Bra?  of  Horn  to  t^e  lairD  of  Barbrefe 
tua  ttjotDfenfc  warW^  anno 

3Item3  gefcin  for  t^e  tuoufett  of  tye  four 
of  CotrJleballoc^  in  t^e  bra^  of  d^lenquo^c^  to 
JLorn  J^rumtnonD  ftte  ^unfcretl)  marfei0^  anno 

9ltem,  getjin   for  tfte  eig^tene  marfelann 
Cinnaffi0  anD  Coulenairi0  to  t^e  lairD  of 
creiff  f^ftene  t^oufanti  marfti^  anno 

3Item5  getin  for  t^e  fejc  marfelann  of  cHfter  ant> 
defter  Creic^ani^  in  QBucIjciu^iDlier  to  Captane 
QBalfour  of  Corrie  tljre  t^otr)Cant>  marfei^  anno 

3ltem3  gefcin  for  t^e  eig^t  marfelann  ann  ane  ^alf 
^tuifei&  anD  for  t^e  fupertoritie  of  tlje 
in  ct&lenciuo^e  to  t^e  lairn  of 
'Baillec^ane  f^te  t^otoCann  niarW^  anno  1599 

31tem^  getin  for  t^e  fourtie  frilling  iann  of 
defter  ^tuiW0  to  t^e  (Crle  of  at^ole 
fann  marfci&  anno  1599* 

T/te  Black  Boole  of  Taymouth.  33 

9!tem3  getin  for  fyz  gletblanfc  of  #*on?ee  to 
Latnrence  d&raljame  tljre  tl)ot»CantJ  marto&  anno 


item,  getin  for  tlje  tuelf  marftlanfc  of  Crannic^e, 
tlje  tuentie  puna  lann  of  jHoirincl)e3  ttye  ten  marfe- 
lann  of  auc^moir^  ann  tl)e  tua  marftlanu  of  fcanfc 
ftnoft,  to  tlje  lairD  of  2Heme3  eig^t  ann  tuentie 
tljotDfanD  marfti^  anno  1602* 

3!tem3  in  anno  1611  getin  to  t^e  Crle  of 
for  tlje  foirfaiD  lanni0  of  Couleballocl)  in 
queclie  tua  ttjotDfanfc  anD  f^ue  ^unnret^  marfei0« 

gitent,  getin  for  tl)e  pennicle  anD  refilling  of 
Cafter  JLeDclirofft  to  ailafter  apein?iej3  four  tjun-- 
Dretl)  puntii^  anno 

getin  Robert  ^ibracl)  !5amfat  alia0 
for  tyi$  fetttDnejs  of  t^e  lannte  of  Corn-- 
carmift^  ^rtic^tll^ie,  ^ortnellane,,  ann  t^e  forreft 
of  flpamelorne,  four  liunnretl)  punDi^  anno  1617* 

Sltetttj  getin  for  t^e  riglit  of  tlje  patronage  of 
3!nfcl)el)aDDan  tua  tljour&nti  merfti^  anno 

item,  getin  for  long  tafcte  of  tlje  teinWjs  bait^e 

34  The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

perfonage  ann  iricarage  of  t^e  ftirft  of  ti5lenur< 
quljai?  ti&rie  ti&oufann  merfti&  anno 

Sltent,  gefcin  for  tlje  rig^tig  of  9|nc^efaill  ane 
tljoufann  merfei&  anno 

Sltent,  geirin  for  ttye  lanuto  of  JLarg, 
/Branau^ail?e3  CDtiralecftatiet^^ 
ann  arnmofemonan5  ejctentiing  in  t^e  ^eall  to 
t^rettene  merftlanti^  to  t^e  lairD  of  iftnoftiill  t^ret-- 
tene  t^oufann  merfi3  ann  for  pafling  of  t^e  tnfef^ 
mentis  tljairof  t^roto  t^e  feillis  fejc  ^unDret^ 
anno  i6is» 

3|tem3  getin  for  t^e  four  merfelanfc  of  Leatter  to 
lairn  of  Mppenros  tua  t^oufann  tuerfete  anno 
1618,,  ann  for  tye  pafling  of  t^e  infefttnentis 
tljairoff  t^roto  t^e  feillis  four  ^unnret^  merftis* 

in  fetn  of  tlje  f^in  ^>ir  J^uncane  t^e  ftfce  marft* 
lanD  of  'Bailliegounuill  in  JLefmoit,  main  refigna^ 
tioun  t^airof  in  t^e  liannis  ann  fatourig  of  t^e 
fain  ^ir  ?^uncane  ann  ^10  airi03  fuperiouris 
t^airof  an  perpetuam  remanentiam3  for  tlje 

The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth.  35 

quJjilft  refignatioun  tlje  fait)  £>ir  ^uncane  pa?it 
to  tlje  fain  3il)one  ane  ttjotofanD  punDiis  mone^ 
ana  tl)at  tpone  fyt  jcjrtrii,  Da?  of  auguft  anno 


^ir  J^uncane  foirfaiD  in  ^i£  t^nte  biggit  t^e 
caftell  of  jffinlarg,  pitt5  anD  office  IjotDte  t^airoff, 
repairit  alfo  tlje  cljapell  tl)airoff,  anD  DecoteD  t^e 
fame  intoarniie  t»itl)  patement  antJ  paintrie,  for 
t^e  digging  anD  t»arftmanfc^ip  qu^airoff^egaiff 
ten  tliottifanD  pundit  anno  15—. 

3]tem,  ^e  biggit  ttye  toure  of  ac^allanoure,,  for 
tt)e  tuarftmanfc^ip  of  t^e  qu^ilft  ^e  gaiff  ane 
tl)ott)fant»  tnarfti^  anno 

31tetn3  ^e  reparit  t^e  caftell  of  31lanfteilqu^irn  in 
d5lenl)rqul)at  intoarfclie  ann  outtuarDlie,  for  t^e 
reparing  quliairoff  ^e  gaiff  marfei^. 

9jtem,  ^e  biggit  t^e  ^otof0  of  Lod&Doc^att,  for 
t^ee  tDorftwanfc^ip  quljairof  lie  gaiff  tua 
tena  marfti0,  anno 

3!tem,  Ije  biggit  ane  greit  IjotDte  in 
in  JLorne  of  four  ^otuja;  ^eic^t3  t^e  latoeft 

36  The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

tljairoff  tooltip  Cor  tlje  tporftmanfcljip  guljairoff 
Ije  gaiff  f?te  tljotofanti  marW&  anno  1601. 

9|tem3  Ije  biggit  tl)e  Ijotofg  of  OBarc^altane  in 
JLorne3  anti  entiit  it  anno  1609^  for  t^e 
fc^ippe  au^airof  ty  gaiff  ten  tljotnCanD 
anti  attour  tlje  plenifc^ing  t^airof* 

3!tew3  t^e  ejcpen©  of  tl)e  tuarft  anfc  tratell  main 
be  ^im  in  flopping  of  tlje  t»ater  of  €a?  frae  tie^ 
Crowing  t^ee  place  anti  ?artii0  of  'BallocJj  ejctenuit 
to  ten  t^otufann  marfei&  anno  i6os, 

agentorantjum*  C^e  faiu  ^ir  J^uncane  tuejs 
toartiit  in  t^e  caftell  of  CDinburc^  in  ttye  monet^ 
of  91uni|  in  tlje  ?eir  of  ct^on  1601,  t^roc^  tlje  occa^ 
fioun  of  certane  falg  leijs  anti  forgen  intentis 
of  ane  J^onain  a@onteit^  alias  'Barroun  of  Cur-' 
ane  tt^er  callit  ^atrift  apc^uene  ane 
anti  tiepr^beti  minifter3  au^ilftis  fal0 
anti  forgeti  intentiounte  anti  calumneis  alletigit,, 
noc^ttoit^ftantiing  tija?  t»er  netir  qualefeit  nor 
protDUt,  ?it  in  refpeft  of  tlje  pobir  and  gretiie 
courteouris  for  tlje  t^me  tlje  faiti  ^ir  J^uncane 




of  Tat/  mouth. 


Detenit  in  toarDe  till  l)e  pa?it  to  tl)e  &ing 
courteouris  fourtie  tljotatanD  marftig, 

gitem,  in  tlje  monetl)  of  aparclje  in  tlje  ?eir  of 
dftrt  following,  i6023  t^e  foirfaia  ^ir  ^uncane 
infeft  l)i$  elDaft  Cone  Colene  Campbell  in  fee  of 
ijaill  lantJig!  ba^tl)  toit^in  t^e  fc^irrefbome  of 
a0  ^ert^5  qu^airbpone  l)e  Deburfit  tl)e 
fotum  of  tljre  tljotofand 

31tem,  t^e  faiD  ^ir  J^uncane  pad  out  off 
lanD  t^e  f^ftene  Da^  of  3pr?le  in  t^e  ?eir  of 
1602,  ant)  paft  to  tl)e  courtija;  of  Slnglanti  anD  France, 
t^aireftir  t^ocl)t  gutie  to  tafe  a  tieto  off  tflan* 
ann  off  tl)e  toarrijai  of  t^e  totone  off  flDiftent^ 
ann  t^aireftir  returning  tljrocty  Slttglann  come 
^ame  to  ^cotlanD* 

9]tem,  t^e  faiD  ^>ir  J^uncane  in  anno  IGOS  anD 
anno  1604  ^ane  great  toeariu  toitl)  t^e  Clangregori0, 
at  qul)at  t?me  tlja^  brunt  to  ^im  tl)e  barronie  of 
,  t^e  barronie  of  CotoleDair  anD  Cinnaiff^ 

38  The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

tlie  tuelf  ntarfelanfc  of  CranDic^  fyt  ^aill  lanfcte 
of  t^e  barronie  of  d&lenfallocl),,  t^e  ten  punn  lanfc 
of  QBoc^aftill  in  S©onteitlje5  ann  t^e  Ijott#  of 
t^e  fftait^  au^airof  ejtenDit  to  ane 
t^otofanD  mating;  for  t^e  an^ilfetg 
ann  intoilerabill  faftig  eig^tene  of  tlje 
principality  of  t^e  Clangregour  t»er  tane  to  CDin^ 
ann  t^air  tuer  ^angit  ann  quarterit; 
nameg  eftir  follotDi0—  aiefter  $o?  ftf 
gour  of  d^lenfc^ra^  (quljo  t»e0  ^ung  on  ane 
about  ane  eln  ^eic^ar  nor  t^e  reft),,  c^regor 


ric^e  in  acljatue,  CBilliame  €>ig  jift^eill  in 
^  5^uncane  ^ailefter  acailetter  in  ifer* 
ane  JHC  dE>regour  a'iljeille  in  amettjnaft, 
d&regor  jEcd3regour  ca^ntioc^ie  in  !Soro3  ailefter 
^tc£Dnt)oc^ie  d^Clertc^e  in  c^lengotDlannie,  &l> 
lefter  ^'Cton  2JfConnoc^ie  in  Critgarroto,, 
jH'Coulc^eir  in  QBalau^inner,  J^uncane 

T/te  Bkick  Book  of  Taymouth.  39 

<0regour  in  <0lenogili, 
or  in  Correcljranfeie,  ailefter  #ic<i&regor  O 
in  Xraiftlie,  dffregor  jft'j&icoll  in  arfcbeiclje,, 
come  flDig   ac€>lcl)allume  flDig   Oic€>ulcl)eir  in 

atrift  amntonaclje  in 
t^ir  foirCaiDi^  tljat  toer 
l)angit  at  t^e  mercat  cros  of  CDinburglie,  tljair 
tr>e0  funDrie  ttljeriis  liangit  tl^air  ana  in 
places  qul)ai0  nanteg  tuer  fuperfluoujs  to  totett* 

attour  ISobert  Campbell,  fecunD  Cone  to  t^e 
^ir  J^uncane^  perfetping  ane  great  number  of 
t^ame  t^roc^  t^e  countrie,  in  ena  otertufee  t^ame 
at  CBanetoeg  in  ttye  Q5ra^  of  d5lent)rqu^a^3  quljair 
^e  fleto  ?^uncane  abroc^  ^d&rego 
fone  d^regore  in  arDcl)^llie,  j^otogall 
jE'Coulc^eir  in  dSlengtle  t»it^  ^i0  fone  ^uncane, 
Cl)arli0  i^^regour  ([J'ciBane  in  TBraifelie, 
toer  principality  of  tl)at  bant>5  toit^  tuentie 
of  t^air  compleiflijai  flane  in  t^e  c^ai0» 

Clje  gallop  quljairon  t^ee 
foirfain  tner  ^angit  tDej5  maiD  eftir 

40  The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

tlie  forme  of  ane  croce  (on  t^e  ^eic^ar  pane 
qu^afrof  ^letter  ^dSregour  of  <0lenfcJjra?  ^im> 
felf  toes  mountit  abone  tlje  laiff  as  fait)  i$)  toes 
callit  tljaireftir  ;fftc<0regouri0  gallon^,  botl)  be> 
caufe  it  t»e0  main  of  fett  purpofe  for  t^ame3  anti 
for  t^at  t^air  tne#  fa  monie  at  one^s  ^angit 
on3  cju^air  t^roto  boflj  t^e  furname  of 
gour  anD  t^e  gaUoug!  tcejs  main  a  comoun  pro-- 

C^e  Jfting  ^i0  ^laieftie  Bering  of  t^e  great 
rebellioun  ann  oppreOloun  praftifit  be  t^e  Clan^ 
gregour  of  netu  agane  in  anno  i6io3  fent  from 
inglann  t^e  Crle  of  J^ounbar  for  tailing  orner 
t^ame^  anD  for  fettling  of  peace  in  tJjee 
0  ^e  ^atie  Done  in  t^e  fout^e  borDeri^  of 
befoir*    3nD  amangija!  tt^erijs  noble  anD  gentle 
men  tlje  faiD  ^ir  J^uncane  tne0  burDenit  to 
pitrfue  t^e  faiD  Clangregour  for  ruitting  out  of 
t^air  pofteritie  anD  name*    C^aireftir  t^e  Crle 
of  J^ounbar  reterit  ^imfelff  baft  to  tlje  iftingi^ 
3inD  in  tlje  monet^  of  ifebruar  anno 

The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth.  41 

1611  tlje  Clangregour  being  ftraitlie  perfuen, 
tufce  tljame  felffte  to  tlje  gjle  callit  Sllanfcernafc 
in  jttonteitl),  d&utyairtpon  tlje  Secret  Confell 
implo^efc  tlje  Cain  ^ir  J^uncane  anu  fctljerte  gen 
tlemen  in  tlje  countrei^  about  to  beCeige  t^ame» 
liuljilft  being  begun,  tl)e  feige  tue0  ^aiftelie  Diflbl< 
tit  tftroc^  ane  tenement  ftorme  of  fnat»» 
fain  ^ir  ©uncane  I)i0  folftijs  reteiring 
Robert  Campbell  ^i0  TecunU  Cone3  Ijering  of  fum 
oppreffioun  Done  be  a  number  of  ti&ame  in  ttye 
J^uncane  I)i0  lanniis,,  tufee  tlire  of  t^air 
,  ann  in  t^e  tafting  ane  toe^  ttaine3  tlie 
tua  t»er  Cent  to  cftrinburglje,  about  t^i0 
t?me  t^e  €rle  of  J^ounbat:  Departit  t^i0  l^ffe,  tpon 
t^e  occafioun  of  tu^oi^  Deit^  t^e 
c^atgit  be  fefcerall  commitCon^  t^e  €rle  of 
anD  t^e  raid  ^>ir  J^uncane  ann  t^air  freinui^  to 
perfue  t^e  Clangregour*  Du^airtpon  tfte  coun< 
fell  appointeD  ane  meting  to  be  in  (EDinburcJ)  of 
all  tljair  lannaorDi^  auliair  t^e  fain  ^>it 
cane  being  amangis  t^e  refl  Direftit  out  of 

42  The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

burcl)  for  attenning  on  t^e  countrie3  I)i£  Cone 
Robert  ann  3$one  Campbell  fone  to  tlje  lairn  of 
JLatBiri&  ciulja  tteto  tlje  maift  fpeciall  man  ann 
proun  tymmer  of  t^ame  callit  Hljone 

in  ^tronferna,  ann  ttiit^  ^im 

Slmmeniatlie  t^airefttr3  t^e  fain 
J^uncane  awning  in  cninburclj  ttiit^  t^e  reft  of 
^i#  fone0  ann  freinnijs  attenning  on  t^e 
Confell3  t^e  Clangregour  brunt  t^e 
marftlann  of  d^lenfcrqu^a^,  t^e  tuentie  punn  lann 
of  d^lenfalloc^,  t^e  ten  lib*  lann  of  jftocljafter 
in  ^lonteitJ)3  t^e  tuentie  punn  lann  of  #birru< 
au^ill  perteining  to  Colene  Campbell  Latmrte 
brot^er3  t^e  eig^tene  marfelannijai  of  Cotoinarijs  ann 
Cinnateg ;  ann  in  t^e  Cofc^e  of  dB»lenl)rqu^at  t^e^ 
tlett)  fourtie  great  meari^  ann  t^air  follotnari&  tDit^ 
ane  fair  curfour  fent  to  tlje  fain  ^ir  J^uncane 
from  t^e  prince  out  of  Jlonnoun,  ann  fra  t^at 
furtlj  t^e  Clangregour  ^ein  t^ame  felff  toginner  to 
number  of  t»i*  or  tii»  fcoir  men3  till  t^e  fain 
?^uncane  eftir  J)i$  returning  from  Cninburclj 

The  Hack  Book  of  Taymouih.  43 

aireftit  furtl)  l)ig  fone  Bobert  accompaneit  toitl) 
Colene  Campbell  of  abirruqutyl  to  perCue  tyame, 
quljo  follotoit  tljame  ftraitlie  tljrocl)  'Balquljiltoer,, 
jttonteitl),  ana  Lennox  ana  araue  t^ame  to  tl)e 
forreft  of  'Beinbuie  in  c^rg^le,  qu^atr  tya?  tteto 
^atrift  jHfd5regour  fone  to  J^uncane  in  d^len,  anD 
tufee  jl5eill  iH^regour  baftaru  to  dSregor  ^fic€ane, 
tuitl^  ttl)eri0  ftue3  qul)om  tl)a^  Ijangit  at  tlje 
Cofclje  quljair  tfta^  fleto  tlje  meari&  and  from 
tljat  cljaiffit  tljame  ftraitlte  to  t^e  montlie  tyat 
I^i0  betuijc  Eannocl)  anD  /Ban?enoc^3  t^at  from 
tl)at  t^me  furtl)  tlja?  txjer  fo  fcattereD  tyat  tlja^ 
netuir  mett  agane  abone  tlje  number  off  ten  or 
tuelff*  anD  from  tl)e  monety  of  ^Hai;  in  t^e  faiD 
?eir  tlje  fertice  toejs  follotoit  furtl)  be  t^e  fain  €rle 
of  (Erg^le  ann  ^ir  J^uncane  anD  t^air  freinni0, 
innuring  tl)e  qu^ilfe  t^me  t^air  tce0  tane  ana  flane 
be  tlje  fain  ^ir  ?^uncane  ^i0  fonejai  ana  fertanDis 
to  tfte  number  of  fijrtene  of  t^e  faiu  Clangregour, 
91tem,  t^e  tocher  t^at  ^>ir  J^uncan  Campbell 
of  d^lenurqulja^  Iftnic^t  gaitje  toit^e  Cat^reine 

44:  The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

Campbell  tyi$  Docket  naturall  to  ^atrife 
ardour  of  CerretnaDtcij  t&e$  alletin 
merfete  in  anno  1611, 

item*  in  Jftairclje  IGIS  ^>ir  Duncan  Campbell 
of  tifflenurqulja?  tfcnicjjt  paft  to  JLonnoun  to  ^ij5 
jHaieftie3  ann  reteint  ^ome  againe  to  ^>cotlant> 
in  jHai;  t^aireftir* 

t^e  aulD  laic^  Ijall  of  d^lenurqu^at  ann 
airofj  hot  ane  ^ou^  ^ig^t3  being  ruined 
it  toe0  teetiifiet  ann  repast  to  tua  ^ou0  ^ic^t^ 
toitty  ane  c^ttnna^  on  t^e  tyfce  lajall  t^airof^  be 
^ir  J^imcane  Campbell  of  d^lenu 
in  anno  i6i43  for  t^e  timrfemanfc^ip  qu^aitof 
gaif  t^rie  tJjoufanti  merftijs  mone^* 

3]tem3  ^>ir  Duncan  Campbell  of 
Jftnic^t  gate  to  3!oljnne  ^rummonn  of 
moc^e  for  renewing  of  t^e  rig^t  anti  ^eretable 
tttill  of  dSlafqu^orie  in  anno  1614  ane 
t^rettie  t^rie  puntii^  fe?  fc^illingi^  auc^t 

9!tem3  ^>ir  Duncan  Campbell  of  ct&lenurqulja? 

The  Black  Book  of  Tay  mouth,  lo 

fcnicljt  gaif  for  tua  lefferentig  ana  ane  nrnteine 
?eir  taft  tljaireftir  of  tlje  tein&te  of  t^e  ifcirfc  of 
JWert  in  dSlenurqulja?  in  anno  1014  ane 
punfcte  mone?* 

3!tem,  ^>ir  Duncan  Campbell  of 
ftnicljt  gat  ane  n^ntein  ?eir  taft  of  t^e  31le  of 
incljefaile  for  putting  of  fellotu  neir  t^airin  fra 
arcl)bauin  €rle  of  &rg?le  anno  1614* 

3tem3  ^ir  ®uncane  Campbell  of  d^lenurau^a^ 
Ifcrncljt  caufit  rnaft  parftijs  in  "Balloc^,  finlarge3 
d^lenloqu^a^  ann  d^lenurau^a^,  ana  caufit  Cato 
acftorni^  and  feto  of  fir  t^airin3  ant)  plantit  in  tlje 
famen  ?oung  fir  anfc  birft  in  anno  i6ia  ann 


91tem3  getin  be  *a>ir  ?^uncane  Campbell  of 
dSlenurqulw  Jftnic^t  of  tocher  tuit^  ^largret 
Campbell  ^i0  noc^ter  naturall  in  ianuar  anno 
1615  to  ^eto  iHacquorconill  fiare  of  ^antelantii^ 
tuell  ^unuret^  merfeijai  mone^» 

gjtem,  ^ir  ®uncane  Campbell  of  d^lenurqu^at 
&nicl)t  gaif  to  ^>ir  2Hilliame  ^teuart  of 

46  The  Black  Book  of  Taymoutli. 

tuilie  for  ane  n^nteine  ?eir  taft  of  tlje  teinfcig  of 
Culfcarte  ani>  Cennates  tlje  fofome  of  tua  Ijun&ret^e 
punfcte  mone?  in  anno  1615, 

gitent,  ^ir  J^uncane  Campbell  of  d&lenurauJja? 
ftnic^t  gaif  to  ffiiv.  jljeill  Campbell  perfone  of 
d^latne  t^e  tia^  of  j^iai;  anno  1616  ?eiri$  for 
ane  n^nteine  ?eir  tafe  of  tlje  bifc^op  of  JLifmoir  or 
arg^le  ^(0  quarter  Sirft  of  ®^fert  perfonage  anti 
ticcarage  t^airof  t^rie  ^unnret^  t^rettie  t^rie 
puntii^  fejc  fc^illing  auc^t  penned  mone^* 

3!tem3  tpone  t^e  font!)  f^n  of  t^e  clo0  betuijc  t^e 
great  toure  ann  fcitc^in  of  ct^lenurau^a^  t^e  tua 
laiclje  reliant  tt)it^  ane  loft  abone  tljame  anD  ane 
capell  abone  tlje  loft  t»er  compleit  in  j&airctye  in 
anno  i6i6?rtrfe3  flje  ejcpenfe  au^airof  tieburfit  be 
?^uncane  Campbell  of  d&lenurciuijat  Enic^t 

fftoe  ^untiret^  punt>i0  mone^  at  cwljilfe  t^me 
flair  going  frome  t^e  clo0  to  t^e  fain  tour 

3jtem3  ^ir  ^uncane  Campbell  of 

gaite  to  arc^bauin  (0rle  of  argtle  for 

Tlie  Black  Book  of  Tai/mouth.  47 

renewing  to  l)im  of  tlje  fecuritieg  of  'Braglennte 
in  anno  IGIS  anc  tljotofanu  pun&ig  mone?* 

3!tem3  ^tr  ^uncane  Campbell  of  d&lenurqu^a? 
ifcnicljt  gaif  for  tlje  buil&ing  ana  repannge  of  tlje 
iftirfi  of  d^lenurqulja^  callit  Clacl)anD?fert,  being 
altoginner  rotoinujs  anD  Decant  in  anno  1015,, 
compleit  in  fll^ai)  in  anno  IGIG  ?eiri0,  ane 

in  tl)e  monet^e  of  flDftober  in  anno  1615 
?^uncane  Campbell  of  d^lenurqu^a^  finicljt 
caufit  put  felloto  Deir  anD  cunn^ngig  tuit^in 
91le  of^nc^efaile. 

31tem,  in  t^e  monet^e  of  flDdober  anno  1615  tlje 
lairD  of  Laia)eri0  paft  tp  to  HonDoun,  anu  nef^rit  of 
lji$  apaieftie  t^at  ^e  tcain  t»reit  to  tl|e  Council 
Denting  tye  Counfall  to  fenti  for  t^e  lanniflornijs 
of  tl)e  Clangregor  tyat  t^e^  toain  grant  ane  con* 
tributioun  of  f^iftie  punu  out  of  tl)e  merfelanD, 
fl^aieftie  tcalD  finD  ane  toa?  t^at  naine  of 

The  Black  Book  of  Taymoutli. 

tlje  Clangregor  fouia  troubill  ane?  of  tljair  lanaig 
nor  poffeg  tl)ame3  bot  tljat  t^e  lan&ittorfcte 
bruife  tljatne  paceablie;  Cor  LatBerte  luit 
flgaieftie  to  twrterftant)  t^at^  gif  ^(0  $ineg  t^alti 
grant  ^im  t^at  contrabutioint,  t^at  ^e  fouin  gett 
all  t^ete  turnip  Tatlen:  au^airin  tretolie  JLatxjeriis 
^ait)  natter  pouar  nor  tno^an  to  Do  it.  C^e  Coun-- 
fall  toreit  for  t^e  lantiiflorni^  fie  a^  t^e  €rle  of 
JLinlit^gotD3  t^e  lairD  of  <i5lenurqul)a£,  t^e  lairn  of 
Mtymt,  aiejcantier  ^c^ato  of  Cambufmoir  anfc 
C^e  reft  of  t^e  lantiiflorni^  came  not* 
CJjancellare  inqutrit  of  t^ame  t^at  toes  pre-- 
fent3  g(f  t^et  tcain  grant  to  t^e  contrabutioun3 
cnrtjilfrig  all  ?eilDit  to3  Caifann  ct&lemmiulja^  qu^a 
fait)  ^e  tualD  not  grant  tJ)airto3  feing  tyi$  fl^aieffie 
^aiD  burDnit  ^im  to  concur  twtye  t^e  Crle  of  arg^le 
in  perfetoing  of  t^e  Clangregot,  becaw  ^e  fenett) 
^e  toalD  get  tnoir  Tfeait^e  be  tlje  Clangregor  nor 
all  t^e  lan&iflor&te  lajalti*  l^eirefter  t^e  Counfall 
toreit  for  t^e  lant)iaortii03  anti  Detyrit  t^ame  to 
t^e  contrabutiowt,  anti  ^(0  agaieftie^  toill 

T/ie  Black  Book  of  Tay  mouth. 


it  fouiD  be  gttin  to  tlje  iairD  of  Latoerig. 
dSienurquija?  refuifit  be  reaffoun  ti)at  Ije  nebir 
?eilDit  to  tije  contrabutioun,  anD  tije  reft  of  tyt 
ianDittorDig  tl)at  toe0  abfent  t^e  firft  Council 
nar  tl)at  tl)e  contrabutioun  tDe0  grantit  refuiCt  tlje 
contrabutioun  in  l^femaner.  ^ua  t^e  lairD  of 
iLatoeri^  toes  nifapointit  of  tl|e  contrabutioun- 
<0lenurqu!)a?  Quarrellit  tl)e  lairD  of  Latteris  ann 
breitljreine  tljat  I)e  fouin  Ijaibe  tain  fie  inter* 
in  I)anti  b^  l)i#  aDt^fe^  for  to  perturb  tl)e 
iairD  of  d5lenurqul)ie0  lanni0^  feeing  ttjat  fte] 
toe0  fyt  iairD  of  d&lenurqul)ie0  toaffeli  anD  feink 
man  cum  of  I)i0  l)ou&  ant>  a!0  I)i0  fifteri0  fone, 
ant>  tljat,  quljen  Laueri^  l)ou$  tnalD  l)aite  toraifeitt 
in  LatDerig  fatl)eriiaf  t^me,  t^e  iairD  of  d&ienur-- 
qui)a^  tuift  in  i)i$  mother,  i)i0  breiti)rein5  anD 
fifterijai  in  i)i0  i)ou^  anD  faifit  tije  i)ou0  of  Latuerija! 
fra  rotoein  anD  turaife* 

3!tem,  in  ti)e  moneti)  of  December  in  anno  1615 
ti)e  iairD  of  LatDerig  foci)t  ane  fuit  of  ti)e  Council 


The  Black  Book  of  Taymoutli. 

for  interteineing  of  tljrie  or  four  fcoir  of  tlje  bairnte 
of  tlje  Clangregor,  anfc  tiefyrit  t^e  CounCell  to 
burfcein  t^e  lan&iflor&te  toitl)  tlie  fototne  of  tua 
merftte  in  tlje  monetl)  tljairfoir*  €^e 
of  dfflenurqulja?  nef^rit  t^e  lairD  of  JLatoerte 
antJ  ty$  iret^rin  not  to  truble  l)im  tottl)  tl^at 
fuit,  feing  t^at  t^et  ftnetu  t^at  ^e  ^ain  gottin 
tnoir  ffeaitije  of  t^e  Clangregor  nor  all  tlje  fubtec^ 
ti0  of  tlie  ftingnome3  ann  t^at  lie  Ijaia  Done  ntoir 
fertice  to  ty&  a^aieftie  nor  all  tlje  reft  in  oppreffing 
of  t^e  Clangregor*  JLatuerte  refuiflt  t^at  d^len* 
urqulja?  foulD  Ijaite  ane^  curtaflie^  hot  t^at  fte 
Coulti  pa^  as  t^e  reft  tiiti  for  interteniment  of  tlie 
bearni^  of  t^e  Clangregor*  tfor  t^e  quljilft  re-- 
fuifall  dSlemmii$a?  mett  tnit^e  t^e 
fie  a0  tlie  Crle  of  CullibarDin^  t^e  dBrle  of 
Iit^goto3  t^e  (Erie  of  ^ert^e,,  nt^  JLorD 
anti  t^e  reft  of  tlje  lant)iaorDi0,  ant)  t^e^  tuft 
burning  t>pone  t^ame  felffig  for  ane  fpace  to  inter- 
teine^  t^e  bairni^  qu^airbt  Latueri^  tue0 
apointit  of  Ijig  tua  t^oufann 

The  Black  Book  of  Tay mouth.  51 

giteiu,  tljairefter  tl)e  Crle  of  argyie  gate  of 
apaieftie  tl)e  fynnig  of  tlje  receptarte  of  tl)e  Clan* 
gregor,  anD  tl)e  lairD  of  Latteris  anD  l)i$  breitljrein 
for  tlje  t^me  beanti  Da^lie  toaitariis  on  tpone  tl^e 
(Brie  of  arg^ic  gat  ti)e  fourt  pairt  of  tlje  ftnmja!  to 
tl)ame  felffte.  d^ienurqulja^  DeC^rit  tl)e  lairn  of 
LatDcrig  anD  1)10  l)rcitl)reine  tl)at  Iji0  tennentijs 
foulD  not  be  trublit  in  tlje  ftnnijs,,  CeanD  tl)at  I>e 
anD  I)i0  tennentig  l)aiD  maiii  moir  Certtce  to  Ijt0 
apaieftie  on  tl)e  Ciangregor  nor  all  tlje  reft  of  tlje 
fubiefttjai  in  ^cotlanD,  anD  l)aiD  gottin  ntoir  fftaitl) 
be  tliame  nor  t^ame  all,  anD  tljat  it  toe^  no 
reaffoun  tl)at  I)i0  men  foulD  be  fynneDj  feinge 
countrar  toeg  Ijeallalie  brint  anD  finDrie  of 
tennentijs  flaine  in  tljat  fertice*  Hatoeriu  anD 
breitljrein  anfuerija!  toe0  tl)at  tl)e^  toalD  grant 
no  courtage  to  d&lenurqulja? :  quljairbpone  d^len-- 
urqu^at  poftit  tp  to  LonDoun  to  l)i$  fliaieftie, 
quljair  tl)e  €rle  of  argrie  tne0  for  tl)e  prefentt, 
anD  Declarit  to  I)i0  fl^aieftie  lioto  t^at  ty&  ten-- 
nenti&  nottoitl)ftanDing  of  tljair  guiD  fertrice  anD 


The  Black  Book  of  Tay  mouth. 

great  fftaitl^  toes  preffen  to  lie  ftnnen^  qu^ilfe 
$)aieftie  neclarit  W  no  reaffouo,  ann  Cua  tnreit 
noun  to  tlje  Counfall  netyrittg  [tljat  none]  of 
dSlenurqul)ie£  tennentig  or  feruennig  fonlD  be 
trublit  toit^  one^  of  t^e  foirCaiDi^  f^nni^.  Co 
concluU3  tl^e  l)ou)5  of  LatDeri^  l)e#  bein  terie  ton^ 
graitfuli  to  t^e  ^ou0  of  (0lenurqn^at  at  ail  ttljer 

^  in  t^e  wonet^e  of  anno 

t^at  t^e  lairn  of 

charter  ann  feafing  of  t^e  fejt  merftlann  of 
dSlenatttonD  callit 

lairti  of  JLatueri^  beanti  hot  tajtrfman  of  t^e  fain 
tnerftlann  to  ttnqu^ile  annro  Cofc^eoc^e  of 
and  pa^it  to  l)im  fejc  nterfe  meale  ann 
airfoir3  a0  al0  pa^it  t^e  lairD  of  d3len* 
t^efoirfait)i0  meailte  for  t^e  fpace  of  ten 
or  tuell  ?eiri0  efter  t^e  fain  fcmqul)ile  annrotD  ^i^ 
ann  t^e  lairn  of  d^lenurquliat  conteinotoinge 
tptafting  of  ty$  meallis  for  ten  or  tuell  ?eiri& 

The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth.  53 

pairtlie  tljrotD  negligence  anD  ourficljt,  anD  pairtlie 
tljtoto  curtaffie3  tl)e  lairD  of  LatDerig  Den?it 
plainlie  tljat  euer  I)e  pa?it  ane?  Detotie  for  tl)ei# 
lanDig  atl)er  to  tlje  fart  tmquljile  antirotu 
€ofcl)eoclje  or  ?it  to  tlje  lairu  of  OTenurqulja^,  bot 
alleiDgit  tl)at  tljeija;  lanDijat  toer  pairtitf  anu  per-- 
tinenti^  of  btl)eri#  I)i0  lannijs  ati;acent  tljairto, 
nortoitl)ftanntng  tl)at  tlje  Doubtil  of  tl)e  firft  taft 
tljatt  eter  tlje  fain  tmquliile  annroto  Cofcljeoc^e 
gaitoe  to  tlje  faiD  lairti  of  Latnerigof  tljeiis  lannijs 
toe0  opinlie  prefentit  ann  fubfcr^uit  be  tlje  fain 
lairD  of  JLatoeriiS  anD  tl|e  faiD  tmquljile  anDroto 
Cofcl)eocl)e«  anti  tl)e  foirfaiD  lairD  of  £at»eri0 
poffeflig  aj3  ?it  tl)e  f^iD  fejc  nterftlanD  ntoift  falttie^ 
^  anD 

9!tem3  in  t^e  ?eir  of  ct^oD  ane  t^otuCanD  fejr 
IjunDretl)  anD  ftiftein  ?eiri0  tlje  foirfaiD  lairD  of 
£at»erij0i  callit  91ame0  Campbell  tuife  t^e  forreft 
of  QBinmoir  in  d5lenDoqul)art  ofoer  tl|e  lairD  of 
(0lenurqul)ie0  IjeaD  moift  tonft^nDlie  anD 

54:  The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

ana  t>nnatural?3  b?  ty$  bantiig  of  fitoelitie  quljair- 
b?  Ije  tueg  buna  tljat  Ije  foulD  natter  taft  lan&i& 
poffelEouneg  nor  tafeig  quljilfti^  tlie  lairn  of 
poffefli^  ;  au^ilft  forreft  of  OBintnoir 
iein  bruftitt  ann  poffett  be  t^e  lairni^  of 
tl)ir  ^unDret^e  ann  foirfcoir 
fett  tljir  greate  torangi^ 
Done  be  t^e  lairn  of  Latxieri^  [to]  t^e  lairDt^  off 

b?  tieutie  anD  all  reffoun^ 
enter  into  no  lofee  ann  freinDfc^ip 
ou#  of  JLattieri)5  qu^ill  t^ei^  torangte  be 

f  ollomjsi  ^eir  certane  nta  foutne^  of  monet 
Depurfitbe^>ir  J^uncane  Campbell  febint 
lairD  of  d&lenfcrqutya?  for  lanUijJ  conqueft 

3!tem3  getin  be  t^e  fain  ^>ir  Duncan  Campbell 
for  t^e  lantii^  ann  baronie  of  Hifte  ejrtentiing  to 

The  Black  Book  of  Taj/mouth.  .V> 

tljrettie  four  merfclan&3  ana  for  tlje  four  merfclanD 
of  $ctnacrp,  to  tl)e  lairD  of  ginfcljemartene  ten 
tljotofanD  fejc  l)unfcretl)  time  fcoir  Ceir  puna, 
ttyrettene  fcl)illingi&  four  penned  ana  for  pa(£ 
ing  of  tl)e  infeftmentig  tljairof  tl)rotx>  tl)e  feallijs 
ane  tljotpfanD  inerfti0,  anno  1019;  quljiift  lanDte  of 
LuDe  ann  ^itnacrr  tuer  fault)  to  aiejcanner  !Robert= 
foun,  anD  tl)e  fupertontte  tljairof  to  tlje  erle  of 

3!tem,  tlje  fain  ^ir  ?^uncane  Campbell,  fetint 
lairD  of  dSlenurciuljatj  conquetft  fra  Coline  Camp* 
bell  of  ambeicl)  tl|e  aucljt  merfelann  of  Mngartt3 
in  ^tratljerne,  in  jQotember  i6i93  an&  gaite 
tljotofanD  merftijs  mone?  t^airfoir3  anD  for 
paflBng  of  tl)e  infeftmentija;  tl)airof  tljroto  tlje  Ijeall 
regifter  ann  feillija:  ane  ljun&retl)  ann  fiftie  punui0 
wonef  ;  aul)ilfe  aucl)t  merfelanu  of  Mngart  t^e 
fain  ^ir  J^uncane  fcifponit  to  f^atrift  Campbell 
fear  of  J^almarfeglen  ty$  naturall  fone,  to  be 
Ijaultiin  feto  of  tye  liouis  of  «enurqulja^» 

91tem3  tlje  fain  ^ir  J^uncane  conqueift  fra 

56  The  Black  Book  of  Tay mouth. 

31o^nne  ^cr?mgeor  of  ^ufcop  ftnicljt,  conftabill 
of  ?^un&ie3  tlje  aucl)t  merfelann  of  CDinfeip  alias 
(Eftimfc  l^anti  in  XalQUljitfoer,  in  3!unij  i62o3  anti 
gaifce  fyfce  tljotDfanD  merfei^  monet  t^airfoir^  antj 
for  pafllng  t^e  infeftmenti^  tliairof  tljrotB 
^eall  regiftertjs  anD  feillig  ^e  gaite  ane 
ann  fiftie  punni0  nrone^  ;  qu^ilft  auc^t  marftianti 
of  CDinftip  aliag  CDUni^:  tlie  faiD  ^>ir  J^uncane 
tiifponit  to  ^atrift  Campbell  of  a0utlaganbeg  ^i0 
naturall  fone3  to  be  IjaulDin  fetK  of  tlje  I)ou0  of 

3!tem3  Ije  obtenit  infeftntent  fra  t^e  fcing3 
^eretable  forreftrie  of  fll^amelorne^  QBent»afierl^3 
finglenbeg3  anti  tfinglenmoir.,  anno  1617. 

item,  t^e  fain  ^i*  J^uncane  Campbell  of  (t&len> 
trquliar  iftnic^t  gate  in  tocher  to  Robert  3rt»ing 
of  iffe&Drat,  fecunn  fone  to  tlie  laitti  of 
toit^  ^i0  fecunfc  noc^ter  callit  Cli^abet^ 
bell,  procteat  betuijc  ^im  anu  name  €li?abetl) 
Sinclair  ty&  fecunn  fpoufe3  tl)e  foume  of  eletin 

The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 


tljoufann  meting*  €l)e?  toer  mariet  in  tl)e  fiirft 
of  Canlmioir  fcpon  tl)e  Court  &a?  of  December  anno 
1621,  &nD  tl)e  faiD  ^tr  J^uncane  beffotmt  tpon 
ftyt  faiD  €li?abety  Ijir  brr&ell  anD  brtuell  clot^iis 
tl)e  foume  of  four  tljoufann  tnerfet^, 

3!tem3  in  tl^e  titonct^  of  December  anno  1621 
Coline  Campbell  of  arDbeicIje,  being  brother 
fone  to  ^ir  J^uncane  Campbell  of  d&lentrqulja? 
^nicljt,  ant»  brogljt  tp  tnitlj  tlje  faiD  ^>ir  ®un^ 
cane  a$  I)i0  atoin  fone  qu^ill  ^e  came  to  fyt  age  of 
tuentie  ane  feiti^  l)i&  ^aill  lann0  being  tailleit 
to  t^e  ^oufe  of  d^lentrqu^ar^  anD  al$  t^e  Cain 
Coline  for  foumes  of  mone^,  gratitutie^  ann 
Gnfcrie  guDe  nein^  band  anti  oblift  ^imfelf  in  moft 
drift  forme  of  obligations  netir  to  Cell,  annalie, 
^  DelapiDat,  or  put  atoa^  on?  of  ^i0  lantii0, 
&c^  b?  t^e  ^oufe  of  (0lenbrqu^a^, 
failing  of  airi0  male  [gottin  of  t^e  f^iD  Coline 
^10  atoin  boDie*  Zet  nott»it^ftanDing  of 
fiDelitie,  anD  ^anDtorite,  lie  Difponit 

toi?*  t^e  tuentie  punD  lanD  of  CDinampill, 


The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

ant)  fyt  au$t  punt)  lanD  of  ®ane  anti 
to  &rcljibalt)  Campbell  brother  to  tlje  laira  of 
Latoeri&  fail?eing  of  tlje  fait)  Coline  Ijte  airig 
male3  in  anno  1621, 

91tem3  fcpon  t^e  t^rettene  fca?  of  februari;  in 
anno  1622  tlje  ftingi^  fl^aieftie  rent)  3]oljne 
tjebar  CngliCc^man,  toit^  ttljet;  tua 
in  l)i^  companie3  to  fie  ane  au^^t  5?nt)  t^at 
in  Comc^iba3  qutyilft  ^t«t)  t^e  fait) 
fato  in  Corric^iba  tpon  tfte  ml  tiat  of  ifebruarii 
anno  1622. 

9!tem,  t^e  fait)  ^>it  J^uncane  Campbell^  fetint 
lairD  of  d&lenfcrciulja^  gate  in  toc^et:  to  Walter 
ap'iffarlane  fear  of  d^artatartan^  tnitlj  3!onet 
Campbell  ty$  naturall  tioc^te^  tlje  foume  of  tua 
tljoufant)  ant)  f^te  liunDret^  metfeij5»  €Ije?  trier 
mariet  in  t^e  feirfe  of  Sillin  on  t^e 
of  aiuguft  1622 

The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth.  59 


3jtem,  tl)e  Cain  ^ir  ®uncane  Campbell,  fetint 
lairD  of  <E>lentrqul)a?3  conqueflit  from  ftailliame 
tl)e  lanDig  of  $etljer  Cullibannacljar 
in  ^traitljerne  in  tlje  monetl)  of  3juni;  anno 
i6233  ann  gate  l)im  elletin  tljoufanD  merfti^  for 
fame,  anD  Ije  gate  for  tl)e  fciD  SHilliame 

confent,  anD  to  CnDrie  ttl^er  perfoneg 
intere^  for  t^air  gooDtwllis  ann  confenti0, 
ann  for  pafllng  of  t^e  infeftmentija!  t^airof  ttyroto 
tlie  ^aill  regifterijai  anD  feilli&  t^e  foume  of  ane 
tljoufanD  merfti^  mone^* 

91tem,  t^e  faiD  ^>ir  J^uncane  Campbell,  fetint 
lairD  of  d^lentrqu^a^,  gate  to  ^i£  ba0  Cone  J^onalD 
Campbell  for  ty&  renunciation  of  t^e  lanDiu  of 
Creiacljang  aD  perpetuam  remanentiam  tua 
tljoufanD  punDi0. 

3|tem,  tlje  faiD  ^ir  J^uncane,  fetint  lairD  of 
tiNentrqufyaf;  in  t^e  monet^  of  9!uni;  anno  1623 
conqueift  fra  Sotyne  j^rummonD  t^e  lanDija;  of 

60  The  Black  Book  of  Tay  mouth. 

Cullibennacljar  tyann  in  ^>trait^erne3  anD 
gate  tyim  t^e  foume  of  f?te  tljoufanfc  tua  ^unfcretlj 
ann  ftftie  merfete  Cor  t^e  fame;  ana  fte  gate  for 
ty$  to?fi£  confent,  ant)  for  paffing  of  t^e  ^aill 
infeftmentig  t^airof  t^roto  t^e  ^aill  regifferig  ant) 
feall(03  ane  t^oufant)  merfete  mone^* 

91tem3  t^e  fain  ^>ir  J^uncane  Campbell3  febint 
lairD  of  dSlenforau^a?,,  in  t^e  monet^  of  91unij 
anno  1023  gate  for  ratifications  of  t^e  ricl)t  of 
t^e  teintii^  of  JLefmoir3  and  for  granting  of  netu 
infefttnenti0  of  tl)e  lannte  of  ftillen3  CerretDin3 
^  anD  ^u0nacrofc^e3  liana  in  t^e  ^le  of 

item,  t^e  fain  ^ir  J^uncane  Campbell,  fetint 
lairn  of  d^lentrqu^a^,  in  anno  1623  antancit  to  tyi$ 
fone  IRobert  Campbell  of  d^lenfalloc^,  ann  to 
31o^ne  apaftnougall  in  #  erlocjan,  to  big  ane  fait 
pan  on  tlje  fain  ^>ir  ^uncanejs  lanni^  of 
nellin  Lome  t^e  foume  of  tua  t^oufann 
qutyilft  Calt  pan  t»e0  buiinit  in  tlie  foirfain  ?eir 

The  Black  Book  of  Tay mouth.  61 

3]tem,  tl)e  Cain  ^>ir  J^uncane  Campbell,  febint 
laira  of  dSlentrqulja?,  in  tlje  monetl)  of 
anno  1024  coft  tlje  tuentie  merfelanD  of  ^tronme- 
locquljan  ana  d&lenftrae  fra  d&regour 
(TOregour,  $atrift  anD  Ctxjine  fll^ 
breti)er3  callit  all  for  t^e  t?me  flj^urra^i^  anD 
gate  to  tljamc  for  tliatr  ricl)ti0  anD 

lann(0  tlje  foume  of  ten  tljoufant) 

9!tem3  tlje  fait)  ^>ir  ^uncane  Campbell,  febtnt 
lairD  of  dSlenfcrqitya^,  tpon  t^e  tent  Da?  of 
jQotember  anno  1624  gate  to  &rc^ibalD  Campbell, 
brother  german  to  t^e  lairD  of  Latteri^  for  tl)e 
^eretable  ricl)t  ana  title  of  tl)e  tuentie  punD  land 
in  I3alqul)i&t)er  callit  d^lenampill  $tc*,  totl)  t^e 
Ijoufe  ann  place  tljairof  callit  CDinampill,  anD  for 
tlje  tuelf  merfelann  of  J^errie  ana  &rubeiclje,  ann 
for  t^e  fejc  merfelanD  of  arDcl)al?ie  lifter  in 
d&lenDoqul)art,  tlje  Coume  of  fourtie  ftte  tljoufanD 
merW0  mone?;  quljilftig  tuentie  punD  lanti  in 
'Balquljittoer  callit  (CDinampill  anD  d^lenampill  &c. 


The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

t^e  ftoufe  t^airof  ann  remanent  lannis  before 
mentionat,  t^e  fain  ^ir  J^uncane  Campbell  gate 
in  gift  to  ^atrift  Campbell  tyi$  laufull  fone  pro-- 
treat  betuijc  l)im  anD  ?E>ame  €li?abet^  Sinclair 

^  t^e  fain  arc^ibalfc  Campbell^  brother  to 
lairn  of  Latoeri^  bruifiit  t^e  foirnamit  lan&ig 
onlie  t^rie  teiru$3  auften  tjje  famine  trier  coft  baft 

fra  Jjim  be  t^e  fain 
before  mentionat* 
3]tem^  tlie  fain 
lairn  of 
jgotiember  1624  to 

?^uncane  in  maner 


J^uncane  Campbell^  fetiint 
gate  tpon  t^e  tuelf  na^  of 
fone  ^atrift  Campbell  of 
tpon  t^e  toonfett  of  t^e  four  punn  lanfc 
^  t^e  foume  of  four  t^oufanti 

anno  1625, 

Itettt,  t^e  fain  ^ir  J^uncane  Campbell,  fet)int 
lairn  of  ct^lentrqu^a^  fcpon  t^e  auc^t  na^  of 
3]anuarij  anno  1625  gate  in  ^elp  to  $i$  fone 

The  Black  Book  of  Tay mouth.  63 

Campbell  of  Cul&arig  tlje  foume  of  tua 
tljoufanfc  merfete* 

31tem,  tlje  faiD  ^ir  J^uncane  Campbell,  fetint 
lairD  of  d&lentrqulja?,  tpon  tlje  fetint  Da?  of  3]unij 
1625  gate  in  gift  to  31ame$  Campbell  ty$  naturall 
Cone,  qulien  t^e  faiD  3]ame$  coft  tlje  lanDi0  of 
3  ane  tl)oufann 


3!tem,  t^e  faiu  ^ir  J^uncane  Campbell,  fetint 
of  dSlentrqitya^  tpon  t^e  27  of  tfebruarij 
anno  1026,  gate  in  ^elp  to  J|i0  fone  ^atrift  Camp-- 
bell  of  CDinampill  tlje  foume  of  tua  tljoufann  ane 
ljun&retl)  t^rettie  tlirie  punDi0  fci  0»  tiii  D, 

3item3  tpon  tlje  auc^tene  Da^  of  3]unij  1626 
^ir  J^uncane  Campbell,  fetint  laira  of  d^lentr- 
qu^a^,  mariet  SJeliane  Campbell,  ty$  elDett  Doc^ter 
procreat  betuijc  ^im  and  ?£ame  €li?abet^  &in< 
clair  l)i$  fpou&  tpon  Sioline  dE>ornoun  appeiranu 
of  'Bufefeie,  anD  gate  toit^  ^ir  in  tocher  guDe 
auc^tene  tljoufanD  merfiijs,  ann  beftotoit  tpon 

The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

Jjir  br^Dell  anD  br?fcell  clotyte  four 

d&enologie  of  tye  Clangregour* 

Spafcetnin  a<ailafter  fl0fc0f  egour  in  anno 
rairifcljit  l^elene  Campbell  Hotter  to 
Coline  Campbell  of  d^lentrqu^a^  ftnic^t 
^elene  Campbell  txieia;  toiDotx)  anti  lati^  of 
anD  fcljo  tDe0  ratofc^it   C^e  foirfato 
not  rig^teou0  air  to  t^e  fllp^regour,  bot 
principall  of  t^e  Clantioulc^eir* 

ioljne  fl0c€tx)in  begat  bpon  t^e  foirfain 
3  ailatter  ap^regour  of  ct^lenftra^ 
mariet  ane  Doc^ter  of  t^e  lairD  of 
being  twttootD  to  ^jljac^tan  of 

€^ig  ailafier  flpc(0regour  of  d^lenftrat  begat 
tpon  t^e  fait)  Hotter  of  tl)e  laird  of 

regour  of  dD»lenftrae   anti 
brother*    C^e  faiD  io^ne  Diet  of 

The  Black  Book  of  Tay  mouth.  65 

ljurt  of  ane  arrotn  going  betuijc  d&lentyoun  ana 

d&regour  iHop  I)i#  brother  fueceifcit  to  Ijim*    CJje 
rain  dSregour  ISo?  mariet  tlje  lairD  of 
Docljter,  ana  begat  tpon  ^ir  ailafter 
gour  and  9!ol)ne  J^otD  fl^^regour  ^i0  brother, 
Cljija;  forCaiD  d^regour  !So^  toeg  execute  be  Coline 
Campbell  of  dSlentraulja?, 

ailafter  !Ko^  flpfd^regour  CucceiDit  to  tlje  forfaiD 
c0regour  ty$  fatljer,  anl»  ^aD  no  cljilfcren  bot  ane 

execute  ann  ftangit  at  t^e  niercat  croce  of 
3  anU  forfaultit,  in  anno  1604, 

to  ap^regour,  brother  to  t^e  fait) 
cd5regour5  ntariet  ane  Docljter  of  tlje 
lairti  of  protean  apurrati^  anD  begat  tpon 
5  ^atrift,  anD  c^toin  flGWregourig* 

a9cd5regour  toeg  ttaine  in  d^lenfrune 
be  ttye  lairD  of  Lu0  anno  1602, 
d&regour  fl@c(0regour,  fone  to  tye  Cain  31o^ne 
fl0cd5regour  tljat  toe0  flaine  in  d^lenfrune, 

66  The  Black  Book  ofTaymouth. 

fuccetoit  air  to  tlje  forfaiD  ailafter  Bop  flE 
I)i0  fcncle,  €^i#  d^regour  fll^regout,  tcitlj  con-- 
Cent  of  ^atrift  ant)  c£twn  fl^tiSregourig  l)i$  bret^er,, 
tiifponit  to  £a>ir  ?E>uncane  Campbell^  fetint  laird 
of  d&lentrqulw,  t^e  lanni^  of  ^>tronmelocljan 
ant)  d^lenflrat  for  t^e  foume  of  ten 
tnone?  anno  1024. 


g!tettt>  in  t^e  tnonet^  of  31ulij  1627  t^e 
fl^aiefiie  itnpofit  tpon  ^ir  J^uncane  Campbell^ 
Cefcint  lairD  of  d^lentrqu^a^  t^e  Dignitie  of  Snig^t 
baronet^  anD  gate  ^itn  infeftment  tnDer  t^e  great 
feall  of  ane  certane  quantitie  of  land  in  Uota 
^cotia3  for  t^e  quilfe  t^e  fain  ^>ir  ®uncane  pa^it 
to  ^ir  CHilliame  aiejcanner  of  flpenftrie  finic^t 
foume  of  t^rie  tljoufann  nterfti^  anD  ftte 
merftte  for  pafllng  of  t^e  fait)  infeftment 

91tem,  in  t^e  monet^  of  apr^le  1621  t^e 
J^uncane  Campbell  fetint  laird  of 

The  Black  Booh  of  Taymouth.  67 

qulja?,  began  to  big  t\)t  parfe  of  finlarg,  ana 
compleitit  tlje  fame  in  tlie  monetlj  of  3!ulij  1627, 
tpon  tlje  bigging  quljairof  Ije  beftotmt  ten  tljou> 
fanD  merfeig  money* 

3!tem5  in  tlje  ?eir  of  dSoU  1627  ^ir  J^uncane 
Campbell^  fetint  lairn  of  d^lentirqu^ar^  caufit 
big  ane  brig  ofcer  t^e  matter  of  Jloclja^  to  tl)e  great 
contentment  an&  toeill  of  t^e  cuntrie* 

3!tem,  in  tl)e  monetl)  of  3uni;  anno  1627  ^ir 
J^uncane  Campbell,  fetint  lairn  of  dfflentrqulja^ 
being  in  tlje  fcingg  apaiefteijai  fertice  aganeja;  t^e 
Clangregour,  tuift  ane  remiflioun  of  l)i$  flpaiettie, 
for  t^e  quilft  I)e  gate  four  t^oufanD 

3!tem,  tpon  t^e  jcjrii,  na^  of  i^arcfte  anno  1628 
^uncane  Campbell,  febint  lairD  of  (0lentr-- 
gate  to  arcljibalD  Campbell,  brother  to 
lairD  of  JLatoeri0,a0  curatour  to  3!ame$  Camp^ 
bell  of  aberurqu^ill,  tlie  foume  of  tua  ljunnretl) 
ant»  fourtie  punDi^,  anD  t^at  for  fecuring  t^e  Cain 

68  The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

®uncane  of  tlje  taftig  of  fyt  teinfcig  of  tije 
of  ifintillic^  anti  Singartmoir^  anti  for  t^e 
Decrete  of  prorogatioun  t^airof* 
gitettij  in  t^e  ^intierenti  of  &pr?le  anno  1623 

^uncane  Campbell^  fefcint  lairti  of  OTentr- 

mariet  ftatlierine  Campbell^  ^i0  t^riti 
laufull  Docljter  procreat  betuijc  5im  ann  ®ame 
Sinclair  l)i$  fpou^  fcpon  aiejcantier 
fear  of  ^unoulic^  ant)  gate  in 
tocher  tnit^  ^ir  t^e  founte  of  ten  t^oufann  ann 
f^te  ^untiret^  merfti^  anti  beftotoit  tpon  ^ir  to?' 
Dell  ann  brttjeu  clot^i^  four  tljoufana  merfti0» 

3!tem3  in  fomer  anno  1623  ^>ir  ®uncane  Camp* 
bellj  fet>int  lairn  of  dSlentraulja^  built»it  ane 
I)oufe  tipon  t^e  t»eft  f^ne  of  t^e  clofe  of  ifinlarg, 
of  tua  tyoufe  ^eig^t3  conteining  four  fair  djaltneri& 
qu^airtpon  ^e  beftotoit  t^e  foume  of  ane  t^oufann 
merfti^  ntonet* 

91tem3  in  ^arteft  anno  1623  ^ir  J^uncane 
Campbell^  fetint  lairD  of  ct^ienbrqu^at^  tiireftit 
elfceft  fone  Coline  Campbell  fear  of 

T/ie  Black  Book  of  Taymouth.  69 

qulja?  to  31nglan&  for  performing  of  Come  of 
effairig  tljair,  quljairtpon  l)e  beftotoit  t^e  foume 
of  tua  tljoufanti  merfete  money. 

anno  ..]<>2<j. 

3]tem3  in  tlje  ?eir  of  dSoD  1029  3!ol)ne  lord  of 
Loufcoun,  being  einett  fone  to  tlie  lairn  of  LatDeri05 
anti  mareing  tlje  ^eretrijc  of  JLouuoun^  claiming 
rigljt  to  tlje  lairD  of  d&lentrqul)ain$  Ianuij5  of 
QBenDeralocl)  be  tirtetu  of  ane  aulD  cljartar^  quilfe 
lie  allegit  l)e  l)at)  of  tlje  Caitii^  lannijai  grantit  be 
&ing  ISobert  QBruce  to  ane  ^>ir  ©uncane  Camp-- 
bell,  qul)om  ^e  allegit  to  be  prefciceffour  to  l)i$ 
tu^fe;  tlje  faiD  3loljne  lord  of  Louuoun  pairing 
intentit  actioun  tpon  tlje  fato  c^artar, 
cane  Campbell,  fetrint  lairD  of 
toairit  bpon  tlje  latD,  anD  gate  in  compofltioun  to 
t^e  fart  Slotyne  lord  of  Loutioun  for  t^e  renuncia^ 
tioun  grantit  be  l)im  anD  ^i0  laUt  of  tljair  rig^ti^ 
of  tlje  faiaig  lanni^  of  OBenneraloc^,  t^e  foume  of 
tuentie  tljoufanD  merfti^  mone?, 

70  The  Black  Book  of  Tay mouth. 

in  tlje  Comer  quarter  anno  1629  tlje  faid 
®uncane  Campbell,  fefcint  laird  of  dSlenfcr-- 
,  buildit  ane  Ijoufe  fcpon  tlje  nortlj  fceft  tyde 
of  tlje  clofe  of  finlarg,  of  tua  Ijoufe  ^eig^t^  con-- 
teining  tua  fair  c^almer&  auljairtpon  Ije  bettotoit 
foume  of  fyfce  ftundret^  pundit 


tpon  t^e  fejct  of  giunij  anno  i6so  ^ir 
J^uncane  Campbell  of  d^lentrqu^a^  Jftnic^t^  feirint 
lairu  of  (0lenl)rqu^a^  mariet  feane  Campbell^ 
^i0  ^oungeft  lauc^full  Docljter  procreat  betuijc  ^im 
and  ®ame  Cli?abet^  ^ttclair  J)i$  fpou^  fcpone 
ane  noble  erle  3jo^nne  (We  of  at^oll3  ann  gatie 
tmty  ^er  in  tocher  fourtie  tljoufann  merfti^  and 
beftotoit  tipon  ^ir  br^dell  and  br^dell  clot^ijai 
t^oufand  merftijs* 

3!tem,  in  tljte  ?eir  1630  t^e  faid  noble  erle 
Crle  of  Stroll  pretending  ane  rig^t  to  t^e 
landi^  of  d^lenloc^a^,  and  certane  tt^er  fete 
tnitljin  t^e  lordCc^ip  of  J^ifc^eor  and  Co^er^  be 

The  Black  Book  of  Tay mouth.  71 

irirteto  of  am  ctyartar  grantit  be  fcmquljile  feing 
9Iame0  tl)e  fyft  of  ttortljie  memorie  to  tmqul)ile 
3]oljnne  €rle  of  atljoll  ane  of  lji£  lordfcljipig  pre< 
diceOburig,  t^e  faiD  ^>ir  J^uncane  Campbell, 
fetint  lairn  of  d^lentrqulia^,  gate  to  tlje  CatU 
31ol)nne  (Erie  of  &tl)oll  for  renunciatioun  of  Ijtg 
rigl)t  t^at  J)t  pretentJit  to  t^e  toDi^  lanDt^  tlje 
Coume  of  tuentie  t^outonti 

item,  tlie  CaiD  ^>ir  J^uncane  Campbell  of 
C5lentirau^at5  &ni($t  baronet,  of  gude  memorie, 
Departit  tl)i0  l^fe  in  CBalloc^  tye  tuentie  t^rin  Ua^ 
of  91uni;  t^e  ?eir  of  d^oD  1031  ?eiri0,  being  lairD  of 
d&lenforqulja?  fourtie  auc^t  ?eiri0,  anD  fourfcoir 
ane  ?eir  of  age : 

anD  toe0  Ijonorablie  bureit  in  tl)e  c^appell  of 
finlarg  be  tyig  elDeft  fone  ^>ir  Coline  Campbell 
aucljt  laird  of  d&lenforqulja?,  being  accompan^it 
noble  and  honorable  freindijs  and  neiglj< 

72  The  Slack  Book  of  Taymouth. 

bouri&  J)i$  brethren,  ant)  tye  reft  of 

of  tlje  name  of  Campbell  come  of  [ttye]  J^oufe. 

far  of  tye  Ceirint  lairn  of 

anno  Domini 
ifolloui^  t^e  auc^t  lairD  of 

£a>ir  Coline  Campbell  of 
baronet,  eineft  laufull  Cone  to  ttje 
tmqu^ile  ^ir  J^uncane,  fucceinit  attest  lairn  of 

beinij  fiftie  four  ?eir0  of  age* 
fait)  ^ir  Coline  mariet  91eliane  Campbell 
tioc^ter  to  i^etB  HorD  loutioun* 

feia  ^>ir  Coline  beftotoit  anti  toairit  bpon 
fat^erijs  fitnerali^  qitya  tce0  ^onorablie 
bureit  be  Jjim  in  t^e  c^appell  of  tfinlarg  t^e  fetint 
of  9!uli)  1631,  fetin  t^oufanti  merfeijs* 
91tem,  t^e  fait)  ^ir  Coline  tpon  tlje  is  of  91«li; 

T/ie  Black  Book  of  Taymouth.  73 

1631,  gating  aggriet  tmtl)  J^ame  Cli?abetl) 
clair  1)10  mother  tn  late,  gate  tyir  in  contentatioun 
of  l)ir  rigljt  of  terce  of  l)ir  tmtqul)ill  IjufbanD 
l)atll  lanDis  anD  of  tlje  tl)tiD  of  I)t0  mot)able0, 

[for]  ten  t^oufann  meting* 
9!tem,  tl)e  faiD  ^>tr  Coline  tpon  t^e  fain  13  of 

i63i  gate  to  l)i$  brother  ^atrift  Campbell  of 
in  full  contentatioun  of  I)i0  baitne0 
pairt  of  geir,  portioun  naturall,  ann  ttl)eri0  foume0 
of  ntone?,  guini05  anD  geir  quljatfuntetir  tljat  ^e 
cult)  claime  tfttoto  ty&  tmquljile  fat^erijs 
fetin  tljoufann 

anno  1632, 

9!tem3  t^e  fain  ^ir  Coline  toairit  anD  beftotoit 
tpon  I)inging0,  filft  beDDi0,  and  ttlier  furniture 
anD  plenifllng  tl)at  ^e  bought  for  ^i$  l)ouC0  of 
Xallocl)  anD  -Jfinlarg,  tl)rie  t^oufanD  merfii0. 

3]tem,  tlje  faiD  ^ir  Coline  caufit  big  ane  D^fte 
of  ftane  anD  l^me  about  tlie  cljappell  anD  happen 
of  ifinlarg,  quljilfe  I|e0  ane  fair  entrie  from 


74:  The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

tl)e  grein  be  ane  penn  ?ett,  quljair  tljair  is  grafcin 
tpon  tlje  ttter  fpne  of  tlje  faiD  ?ett  tlje  refemblance 
of  ane  tnort^ean,  ann  tpon  fyt  inner  fybt  t^airof 
t^e  repreCentatioun  of  t^e  anatomie  of  fceatlj ; 
and  ^e0  alfo  ane  tt^er  ?ett  going  from  t^e  faiD 
c^appell  rairn  to  tlje  clofe3  tpon  tlje  Ijeati  qu^airof 
i0  gratin  t^e  fain  ^>ir  Coline  ann  t)i$  Ian?  t^air 
ann  namejs ;  tpon  t^e  bigging  of  ttye  qu^ilft 
lie  beftotuit  t^e  foume  of  ane  t^oufann 

apair^  ^e  biggit  ane  n^fte  of  ftane  ann 
about  tlje  clofe  tDit^  ane  great  entrie  ?ett 
qu^airon  ^e  beftotoit  ane  t^oufann  punni^. 

g]tem;tlje  fain  ^ir  Coiine  gate  to  tlje  (Me  of 
l^ert^  ann  to  t^e  Counted  of  ^>utl)erlann  ^i0 
neice3  for  ane  nifpofitioun  ntain  be  t^ame  to  tlje 
fain  *a>ir  Coline  ott  all  rig^t  ann  title  t^at  tlje? 
cuin  claime  to  t^e  lannig  of  apinie  ^tuicfei^  ann 
fc^iballoc^  attD  for  certane  auin  infefmentig  of 
tlje  fainijs  lannijai  netyfcerit  be  t^am  to  t^e  fain  ^ir 
Coline^  tua  t^oufann 

The  Black  Book  of  Tay  mouth.  75 

anno  Domini  1633, 

gitem,  tlje  fain  ^ir  Coline  gate  to  ty&  brother 
$atrife  Campbell  of  CDinampill,  in  compleit  pa?< 
ntent  anD  fatiffaftioun  of  ane  bans  grantit  be 
tmqul)ile  ^ir  J^uncane  Campbell  of  d&lentrqulja? 
ann  tl)e  faiD  ^ir  Coline  to  tye  TaiD 
banu  ijs  Daitit  in  tlje  $eir  of  d^oD  ane 
fann  Cejc  ^unDretl)  tuentie  ?ein^  tlje  foume 

of  tljrettine  tljoufanti  merfeau 

91tem3  t^e  Cain  ^it  Coline  beftotoit  anD  gate  to 
ane  Germane  painter,  qu^om  ^e  entertanit  in 
^i0  lioufe  auc^t  moneti^  anD  t^at  for  painting  of 
tljrettie  broaD0  of  t^e  Ifcingis  of  ^cotlanD3  anD  of 
dSreat  QBritannie,  f  ranee  anD  31relanD3  anD  tita  of 
tljair  agaieftei^  &uein$  of  guDe  tnemorie,  anD  of 
t^e  feiD  ^ir  Coline  ty$  atnin  anD  ty$  preDiceffor^ 
portrait^  qu^ilfti0  portrait  ar  fett  tp  in  tJje 
Ijall  anD  Calmer  of  Dae0  of  t^e  ^oufe  of 
foume  of  ane  tljoufanD 

76  The  Black  Book  of  Tay  mouth. 

&nno  Domini  1634, 

gitent,  tlje  tain  ^ir  Coline  caufit  fclaitt  tlje  tua 
eljalmerte  t^at  are  in  tJje  toeftmoft  enn  of  tlje  clofe 
off  iffinlarg;,  ana  beftotoit  t^aitbpotr  t^e  foume  of 
tua  tljoufanD  merftij5» 

tye  fain  ^>ir  Coline  coft  tua  flann  of  fpne 
^ingingg  for  necortnent  of  ty$  ^ouf&  for 
qu^ilft  ^e  gate  t^e  foutne  of  ane  tljoufanD 

item3  ttye  fain  ^>ir  Coline  gate  for  names 
naprie  t^at  ^e  caufit  bring  ^ame  out  of 
if  lanneris  fetin  ^unnret^  merfeis* 

Sltent,  t^e  fain  ^>ir  Coline  pa?it  at 
1634  to  $)r*  aiejcanner  JLofeljart  of 
brother  german  to  ttnqu^ile  a^ungo  Loftyart  of 
jSet^er  i^otonoun^  quljilft  twcju^ile  ^ir  ^uncane 
Campbell  of  d^lentrcju^a^  Snic^t  tees  atioann 
to  t^e  fain  apungo,  t^e  foume  of  tljrie  t^oufann 

The  Black  Book  of  Tay  mouth.  77 

©omtm  u>34. 
item,  tlje  Cain  ^>ir  Coline,  Iji0  c^eif  m?  £ort)  of 
Lowe  being  in  great  Debt  ant)  Derating  t^e  CaiD 
Coline  ty$  ^elp  to  releite  J)i$  lorfcfclnp  of 
Came,  t^e  fait)  ^>ir  Coiine  gate  I)i0  lotnfc^ip 
at  apart^me^  1034  tl)e  foume  of  auc^t  t^oufanD 


item,  t^e  faiD  ^>ir  Coline  gate  tnto  George 
3]amefone  painter  in  cEDinburg^,  for  ling  Iftobert 
anD  fting  J^atit)  OBru^fe^  Iingi0  of  ^cotlann,  and 
C^arleia;  t^e  firft,  ling  of  d&reat  CBrittane,  France 
ann  3]relan&,  anD  ^i0  flpaiefteija;  ^ttuein,  ann  for 
n^ne  more  of  tye  dDueinjs  of  ^cotlanti,  t^air  por< 
traits  qu^ilft^  ar  fett  tp  in  t^e  ^ali  of  'Balloclj, 
foume  off  tua  ljuntirety  t^riefcor  punni0» 
t^e  fain  ^ir  Coline  gate  to  t^e 
George  Slamefone  for  t^e  Inig^t  of 

,  anD  tlje  6r8  Counter  of  arg^le,  anD  fejc  of 

78  The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

tlje  lad?0  of  dSlentrciuIja?,  t^air  portraits,  and 
ttye  faid  ^>ir  Coline  l)ig  atoin  portrait,  qu^ilfts  ar 
fett  fcp  in  tlie  Calmer  of  deas  of  QBalloc^,  ane 
fourfcoir  pund& 

anno  ©omim  1636, 

a@a;eftie  gating  (toit^  confent  of  t^e  eftateg 
of  t^e  ftingnome  of  ^cotlanfc)  obtenit  t^e  annuitie 
of  t^e  teinni^  of  t^e  ^aill  lanDte  tcit^in  t^e 
fain  lingtionte,  tlje  fain  ^>ir  Coline  bought  tlje 
annuitie  of  t^e  teintii^  of  ftte  attain  lanni^  for 
qu^ilft  ^e  pa^it  to  $i$  apa;eftie0  t^efaurar 
foume  of  tua  t^oufann  merfi^* 

€^e  fain  ^ir  Coline,  finding  ane  nefeft  in 
rig^t  of  t^e  laicft  patronage  of  t^e  Mrft  of 
antiin,  and  of  t^e  tafe  of  t^e  teinDi^  fallowing 
t^airon,  t^roug^  triant  of  t^e  bifc^op  and  Dean 
of  ^imfeelD  t^air  fubfcriptioun  t^airto,  ^e  mofcit 
Dean  and  bifc^op  to  fubfcr^te  t^e  fame,  and 
obtenit  t^air  ratificatioun  t^airof,  and  gott 
ane  netu  taft  from  flpr,  C2Iilliame  a?eniei0,  t^en 

The  Black  Book  of  Tay  mouth.  79 

perfone  and  tricar  of  gincljaddin,  of  fyt  teindis  of 
tl)t  faid  parocljin,  for  tlje  quljilft  Ije  gate  tljem 
tlje  foume  of  ane  tljoufand  merfct$* 

31tem,  tlje  faiD  ^ir  Coline,  finding  ane  nefeft  in 
\)i$  riglit  of  tlje  tafc  of  tl)e  ^alf  teinui^  of  tlje  iftirft 
of  J^ifart  in  d&lcntrquljat;,  quljiift  ij5  l)auinin  of  tye 
proteft  of  Mltnun^  l)e  tuife  ane  neto  anD  perfeft 
r?cl)t  tljairof,  and  gate  for  t^e  fame  t^e  foume  of 
ane  ttjoufana  punnij5* 

9item^  t^e  fain  ^ir  Coline  caufit  big  ane 
of  Cane  and  tyme  about  t^e  clofe  of 
quljilft  I)e0  ane  great  penDit  ttter  ?ett  of  prettie 
tueiil  ^etcin  ann  engratit  aittar  tDorfe,  and  ane 
?ett  tljat  goes  from  tye  clofe  to  tlje  garden  of  tlje 
tyfte  Detain  and  engratit  aiflar  toorft^  qutyairtpon 
l)e  beftotoit  tlje  foume  of  tua  t^oufand  merfiis* 

3Jtem,  tlje  faid  ^ir  Coline  in  tlje  monetlj  of 
apr^le  $®  tic  tljrettie  aug^t  ?eiri0  mariet  ane 
battard  fifter  of  Iji0  callit  fl^arie  Campbell  tpon 

80  The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

ane  gentlman  callit  g^nne  ^enfcirfone  of 
ffer&owm,  ana  beftotoit  on  ^ir  tocher,  brtfiall 
ana  brtfiall  clothes  t^e  foume  of  four  t^oufann 

ir  J^uncane  Campbell 
fetint  lairn  of  (te>lent)rqu^ar^  tiepairtit  t^(0  tyf3  ^e 
left  of  Debt  tpon  J)i$  ^ouCe3  qu^ic^  tce0  botwtoit 
from  ^ir  ^entirie  2BortilatK^  C^almerlann  to 
^Queine  anna  of  tBOttJ)ie  memorie,  of  t^e  tent(0 
of  ^unfermelins  tlie  foume  of  fefcen  t^oufanti 

9!tem3  t^e  fain  ^>ir  ^uncane  gate  banti  to 
Campbell3  brother  germane  to 
Campbell  of  Latteri^,  for  t^e  foume  of 
t^otofanD  merft^  qti^ic^  foume,  together 
t^e  forfain  fefcen  tljotcfann  marft^  toe^  all 
tjje  tiebt  t^e  faiD  tmqu^ill  ^>ir  J^uncane  left  tpon 
^i^;  ^oufe3  except  ane  latter  proWfioun  left  be  tlje 
faiu  ^>ir  J^uncane  to  3!on  ann  arc^ibalD  Ijte 
ejttenDing  to  fejrteen 

T7ie  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 


tljat  tlje  faiD  ^>ir  ^en&rie 
ttritlj  content  of  *=nr  Coline  Campbell  aucljt  lairfc 
of  d5lent>rqul)a?,  aflingnefc  tlje  fata  foinne  of  feten 
tljoufanD  marfes  to  t^e  forfain  ^ir  &rcljibalD 
Campbell,  fo  tl)at  tlje  Cain  ^ir  Coline  a^  air  to 
I)i0  father  became  Debter  to  ttye  CaiD  ^ir  3ircl)ibalD 
for  tlje  foume  of  tuelf  tljotDfonn  merfe^* 

gitem.,  tl^e  fain  ^ir  Coline,  augljt  lairn  of 
brqulja^,  g^^  b&nb  to  tlje  fait>  ^i 
Campbell  in  anno  iGas  for  tl)e  foume  of 
t^otufann  merft^  b?  tlie  forfaiD  foume. 

31tem,  t^e  fain  ^)ir  Coline  in  anno  1640  left  in 
lega^ie  to  t^e  fain  ^ir  ^irc^ibalD  tlje  foume  of  ane 
tljotufanti  merfeaL 

,  tl^e  fait)  ^>ir  Coline  gatoe  to  t^e  faiD  £a>ir 
3  being  agent  to  tlje  faiD  ^ir  Coline, 
Dureing  ^i0  Wttme  tl)e  foume  of 

item,  ttye  f^iD  ^>ir  Coline  gate  to  ?^ame 
betl)  ^>inclar,  relift  of  tmqu^ill  ^)ir  ^uncane 

82  The  Black  Book  ofTaymouth. 

Campbell  tyi$  father,  tyi£  banD  in  contentatioun 
of  tyir  conjuna  fie  lanD&  ?rirl?  of  ttye  foutne  of  tuo 
ttyotofanD  fyfoe  tyunDretty  fourteen  punD&  is  &  4  D,3 
tmtty  ottyer  commodities  ttortty  fourfcoir  four  punus 
be  ?eir* 

91tem3  ttye  faiD  ^>ir  Coline  in  anno  gato 
ane  bann  to  tyi0  brother  ^atricft  Campbell  of 
CDinample  for  fatiffaftion  of  foume  nifferis  be^ 
tuijrt  ttyent,  autyairof  ttyer  i0  mentioun  mafce  in 
ttye  Cair>  ^>ir  Coline  tyis  teftament,  of  ttye  foume 
of  auctyt  ttyotofand  merftis* 

3!tem5  ttye  faiD  ^>ir  Coline  ana  Robert  Camp- 
bell  of  d&lenfallocty  tyis  brother  became  cationeris 
for  ^atrift  Campbell  of  CDinample,  qutyen  ttye 
feiD  ^atrift  coft  ttye  lanns  of  (0lentarftane3  for  ttye 
qutyilfe  cationrie  ttye  faiD  Robert  pa^it  to  ^ir 
9lrctyibalD  Campbell  JLatueris  brother  ttye  foume 
of  tuentie  tuo  ttyotufanD  merfei03  a$  ftall  be  efter 

3!tem3  ttye  faiD  ^>ir  Coline  in  anno  gatoe 
banD  to  giotyne  Campbell  of  Clactyift,  brother 

The  Black  Book  of  Tay mouth.  83 

germane  to  ^>ir  g]ame$  Campbell  of  LatDiri&  of 
tlje  foutue  of  fyfce  tyunDretl)  punD. 

3!tem,  fyt  fait)  ^ir  Coline  in  anno  1014  gate 
band  to  J^ame  Sluliane  Campbell  ^i0  fpou&  for 
tlje  Ijalf  of  tl)e  moteableg  anD  infig^t  of  ty&  ^oufe, 
of  tlje  foume  of  ten  ttyotDfcnD  merfei0» 

31tem3  t^e  faiu  ^ir  Coline  in  anno  1640  con* 
fentit  to  gitue  to  t^e  faiu  J^ame  iuliane  Camp* 
bell3  in  fatiffaftioun  of  ^ir  conjunft  fie  lanDjat, 
?eirl?  of  t^e  foume  of  n?ne  t^otDfann  tuo 
marW0,  quljiclj  toe0  pa^it  ?eirl^  efter 
be  ^>ir  Robert  ty$  brother* 

3tem3  t^e  faiD  ^ir  Coline  Uifponit  anti  Colt)  in 
anno         to  J^uncane  Campbell  of 
t^e  lanD0  of  ®ennic^?ne  anD  J^ennic^aftill, 
in  'Bunranoclj,  for  t^e  foume  of  auc^t 

91tem,  t^e  faiD  ^ir  Coline  in  anno  1639  gatoe 
out  of  mone^  for  fctraifcing  t^e  letter  of  ^or$  anD 
futt  impofit  tpon  ^im  be  t^e  parliament  anD 
efteatw  of  ^cotlanD  t^e  foume  of 

84:  The  Black  Book  of  Taymoutli. 

3[tent,  tt)t  fain  ^ir  Coline  in  anno  i64o  left  in 
legate  to  tyi$  fotter  arc^ibain  Lorn  of  Lome  t^e 
foume  of  fejc  tljotBfann  merfti& 

tlje  fain  ^>ir  Coline  left  in  legate  to 
3!uliane  Campbell  ^i#  fpous  tt)t  foume  of 
t^rie  t^otofann  merfti^, 

9!tem3  t^e  faid  ^)ir  Coline  left  in  legate  anu 
nifponit  to  ^is  bretlireen  and  freintus  fourtie 
meiri^  t^at  toeir  in  d^lenloc^a^ 
infc^alDine3  ana  dSlenloclja? 
metric  tceir  tuott^  tlie  foume  of  tuo  tJjoufanfc 

item3  t^e  fain  ^>ir  Coline  Campbell  of 
toqu^a?  Inrc^t  barronett  of  gune  memorie  nepaitt 
l^fe  in  QBalloc^  t^e  fe^t  Da^  of  September 
?eir  of  c0on  1640  ^eiri^  being  lairD  of 
n^ne  ?eiri^  ann  t^rtefcore  tl^rie 
of  age* 

ann  toes  ^onourablie  burien  in  t^e  c^appell  of 
finlarg  be  l)i$  nijtt  brother  ^>ir  Robert  Campbell 

The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth.  85 

n?nt  laira  of  dSlentrqulja?,  being  accompan^it 
trritl)  t)ifceri$  of  l)t#  Ijonourabill  frein&s  ant) 
neighbourly  \)i&  bretl)reen3  ann  tl)e  reft  of 
freenDijai  of  fyt  name  of  Campbell  come  of 

far  of  tl)c  aucljt  laitD  of 

anno  Domini 

f  ollotois  tl)e  npnt  laird  of  d3lcnt)rquliar. 

Robert  Campbell  of 
barronett,  brother  germane  to  t^e  faiD  tmqul^ill 
^ir  Coline,  fucceDnit  n?nt  laird  of  d3lentrqul)a^5 
being  latofull  air  nominat  be  t^e  faiD  ^>ir  Coline, 
ann  confirmen  to  ^im,  being  alfo  t^riefcore  ane 
leir  of  age, 

86  The  Slack  Book  of  Tay  mouth. 

3!tem3  tye  fain  ^>ir  Robert  Campbell  marien 
3|fobell  a^ntofcljej  nautyter  to  ^>ir  Lautylane 
apc31ntoftye  fcn^t  tyen  ifyllit  of  ®unauc^tane3 
ann  begatt  auc^t  tones  ann  n?ne  Dauc^teri03  ti?. 
C^e  firft  io^ne  Campbell  fiar  of  dD>lentrqu^a^ : 
Clje  fecunn  ^uncane  Campbell— au^o  Din  goe 
tatty  tye  c^arle  of  £rg?ll  to  forraine  natioun^ 
being  hot  a  ttyylb,  ann  Eing  3!ame0  tye  fe;ct  of 
toortyie  memorie  moten  ^ir  J^uncane  Campbell^ 
fefcent  lairn  of  ct3lent)rqu^t3  to  bring  tye 
from  tye  cEarle  of  arg^U3  ann  tye  Cain  ^>ir 
cane  nin  feut  tye  fain  ^ir  Bobert3  being  tljen 
lairn  of  d^lenfalloc^3  for  tye  ty^in  to  3 

ann  tye  fain  ^>ir  Robert  brought  ^im  ^ome, 
ann  tyerefter  tye  fain  j^uncane  nien  in  tfinlarg 
being  of  tye  age  of  22  ?eiri$:  C^e  tyrin  Coline 
Campbell  of  fl0otyafl^r:  C^e  fourt  Bobert  Camp^ 
bell3  qu^o  nien  toung:  C^e  fpft  2Hilliame  Camp- 
bell  of  d&lenfalloclj :  Ctye  fejct  9Iame0  Campbell^ 
qu^o  nien  toung:  C^e  fet)int  aieicanner  Campbell 
of  JLoc^noctyart :  C^e  attest  ®uncane  Campbell 

The  Black  Booh  of  Taymouih.  87 

of  meifler  &rDcl)?ll?ie.  €l)e  n?ne  Dauc^terig  at 
aifo  tljefe  following,  to?.  giuliane  Campbell, 
marieD  to  flgurDoclj  a0fleane  of  Hocpu?:  Clje 
fecund  Margaret  Campbell,  marten  to  io^ne 
Cameroun  of  Hoc^?eall:  Clje  t^rtD  9!eane  Camp* 
bell,  marieD  to  arcl^ibalti  Campbell  of  dSlentyone  : 
C^e  fourt  anna  Campbell,  marieD  to  J^ougall 
Campbell  of  innerato:  C^e  ftft  gifobell  Camp* 
bell,  marieD  to  91ame0  Campbell  of 
Clje  fejct  fl^arjorie  Campbell,  marieD  to 
Stirling  of  ColDoc^  :  C^e  fetent  fll^arte  Camp* 
bell  a^  ?ett  tnmarieD  :  C^e  auc^t  QBeatrtjc 
Campbell,  quljo  DieD  roung,  tlje  n^nt 
Campbell,  marteD  to  anDro  Cofc^ac^  of 

faiD  ^ir  Robert  beftotmt  bpon  t^e  fune* 
of  Jjig  brother  ^ir  Coline  t^e  foume  of  tuo 

88  The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

tyt  feberall  conquete  mane  be  Cain 
Robert,  being  bot  lairD  of 
together  tcity   ti&e  tod&anjs  $e  gatoe 

31tem3  t^e  faifc  ^>ir  Robert  firft  conaueft  tlje 
of  Iearagane3  for  tl)e  qu^ilft  ^e  gatoe  to 
3®cii5ab  of  OBotaine  t^e  foume  of  tuo 

31tew3  t^e  fain  ^ir  Robert  t^erefter  conquefcit 

punD  lann  of  SJPiltowte,  JLenrife, 
Cotfc^t^ambie3  €»fference  of  Lenricfe3  anti 
craggane^  itann  tcit^in  t^e  lornftip  of 
gartnet  ann  parifc^  of  ^ilma^ugg3  for  t^e 
Jje  gatoe  to  aiejcantier  ^c^ato  of  Cambufmore 
foume  of  ten  t^otofanti  punt>0» 

^e  gatoe  for  palKng  ty$  t 
regifter^  ann  great  feallte  tlie  foume  of  ane 

The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth.  89 

^  tlje  faiD  £a>ir  Robert  eonquefcit  tlje  lan&0 
of  Cornel)  rombiej  for  tlje  qul)ilfti0  lie  gatoe  to 
Carle  of  $ertl)  ana  ^en&rie  l^oome  of 
l)ateing  a  title  tl)erto  ttye  foume  of  tuo  tl)otofanD 
fyfce  ljunnretl)  merfti^* 

3!tem3  t^e  fain  ^>ir  Robert  being  prefentit  ten* 
nant  to  tlje  lanu0  of  d&lenftrae  be  ^>ir  ^uncane 
Campbell  of  d^lentirqu^at  fin^c^t,  ann  ^>ir 
Coline  Campbell  tor  t^erof  ^i#  brother,  fuperi* 
ouri0  to  tlje  lantwa;  of  dDilenftrae  (quliilfi^  lanDig 
toeir  foirfaitit  frae  ailafter  JSo?  a9c^regour  for 
railing  ftre  ann  CtoorD  againfl  t^e  lairn  of  Luce  at 
tye  conflift  of  dSlenfroone),  t^e  faiD  ^>tr  Robert, 
t^en  fl^llit  Robert  Campbell  of  d&lenfalloc^ 
poffeffit  t^efe  lantus  fcntill  t^e  t^me  t^at  l)t  trta 
tnfeft  31o^ne  ty$  fone  in  tljefe  lanD0,  anD  t^erefter 

t^em  to  t^e  lioufe  of  dSlentrqulja^ 
ar  lioinine  of  tl)e 

90  The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

f  ollotms  ftts  aaucljtew  tocljar* 

j  t^e  fait)  ^ir  Robert  marten  ^i$  eltieft 
uauc^ter  g]uliane  tpone  flpurfcoclj  fl^cilean  of 
Locpu?3  anti  S^  ^tt^  ^ir  in  tocljar  t^e  foume 
of  auc^t  t^otofann  merft* 

gitem5  ^e  beftotcit  tpon  ^ir  br^all  anu 
Uall  cloat^0  t^e  Coutne  of  ane  t^otnfann 

gitem,  t^e  fait)  ^ir  Robert  tnariet)  ^t$  fecunti 
tiauc^ter  Margaret  tpon  3!oljne  Cametoun  of 
Hoc^?eall^  anti  gate  toitlj  ^ir  in  toc^ar  t^e  foume 
of  ftte  t^ottifantj  metfii$> 

3!tem3  ^e  bettot»it  tpon  Ijir  brtt)all  ant)  br^tiall 
cloat^  tye  foume  of  f^te  ^untiret^  punt)0» 

91tem3  t^e  fait)  ^ir  Robert  marieti  ty$  t^rit) 
Dauc^ter  9iean  tpone  attijjibalti  Campbell  of 
d^lenlrone^  ant)  gate  toitlj  ^ir  in  toc^ar  fyt 
foume  of  auc^t  t^otofant)  merfeig* 

The  Black  Book  of  Tay  mouth.  91 

Sltem,  ^e  beftotwt  tpon  Ijtr  bt^nall  ann 
cloatljg  tlje  Coume  of  ane  tljotofann  merfcte* 

item;,  ti&e  fain  ^>ir  Bobert  marten  ^(0  Daucljter 
anna  tpon  J^ougali  Campbell  of  3!twerato3  anD 
gat»e  tt)it^  l)ir  in  toc^ar  t^e  founte  of  tuo 
fanD  merfeij5. 

3  l)t  beftotDit  tpon  ^ir  brtDall  ann 
t^e  founte  of  t^rie  ^unnretli  merfei0. 

9itettT3  t^e  fain  ^>ir  Robert  marien  ^10  naucljter 
31fobell  tpon  31ame0  Campbell  of  fltiftingla03  ann 
gatoe  tcit^  ^ir  in  tocljar  t^e  foume  of  ten 
fann  merfti0* 

3]tem,  ^e  beftotoit  tpon  ^ir  br^nall  ann 
cloat^0  t^e  foume  of  fite  ^unnret^  marfeis* 

3!tent,  tlje  fain  ^>ir  Robert  marten  tyi$  nauc^tet 
apar;orte  tpon  arcljibain  Stirling  of  Coinac^, 
ann  gatoe  txjit^  ^ir  in  toc^ar  t^e  foum  of  t^rte 
t^otufann  merfei& 

3jtem3  ^e  beftotxjit  tpon  Ijir  br^nall  ann 
cloatliiei  tlje  foume  of  ftte  ljunnretl)  marttte, 

92  The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

foUotoig  tye  fain  ^it  IRobert 
entrie  to  tfce  laittftip  of 

,  tlje  faiD  ^ir  Bobert  in  anno  1641  gatoe 
to  arc^ibain  t^en  Carle  of  argrll^  for  pafflng  of 
ty$  infeftmenti^  of  t^e  lantiis  ttiit^in  &vyelltyyn, 
fyt  fowne  of  ane  t^otufann  merfei0» 

gjtent,  t^e  faiD  ^ir  Bobett  gato  at  t^e  getting 
of  ane  precept  of  ttyefe  Iantii0  tlje  founte  of  ane 

9jtem,  t^e  faiD  ^ir  Robert  DiD  fpenD  at 
getting  of  ty$  infeftwenti^  from  fcing 
anno  1643  of  ^i0  ^aill  lanDjs  of  CBraDalbane^ 
for  ^imfelf,  for  9Ion  tyi$  fone3  anD  Slo^ne  ^i0 
foume  of  ane  ttjotofanD  punDi0, 

5  t^e  faiD  ^ir  Robert  in  anno  gate 
to  ^i$  brother  ^atrift  Campbell  of  c£Dinample3 
in  fatiffaftioun  of  foume  Differte  betuijrt  t^e  faiD 

The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth.  93 

^atrife  ana  tmtquljill  £a>ir  Coline  I)i0  brother, 
quljertpon  alfo  tl)e  faiD  $atrift  l)aae  tmquljill 
^ir  Coline  lite  ban&3  t^e  foume  of  auclit  t^oto* 
fana  merfcig* 

item,  t^e  faiD  ^>tr  Robert  in  anno  be-' 
ftotoit  tpon  I)ij5  enttie  anD  retour  of  ty0  lanD  in 
I5ratialbane  twtyin  t^e  Tc^irrefbome  of  ^ert^  t^e 
Coume  of  ane  t^otDfanti  pun&ig, 

3!tem3  t^e  faiD  ^ir  Robert  in  anno  ,  anti 
tmqityill  ^>ir  Coline  Campbell  of  d&lentmiu^ 
being  cationeri^  for  ^atrift  Campbell  of  €Din-- 
ampile  t^er  brother,  qu^en  tl>e 
coft  t^e  lanDijs  of  d^lenterfeane  frae 
bain  Campbill  brother  german  to  t^e  laird  of 
LatDeri&  t^e  fain  ^ir  Robert  pa^it  to  t^e  fato 
^>ir  arc^ibaiu  t^e  foume  off  tuentie  tuo  t^otofant) 
merfei^  anD  conqueft  for  ^i0  releiff  t^e  lanttf  of 
Cuinari^  ann  Cenetxji0,  quljilltf  lanDiis  t^e  fain 
^>ir  Robert  jo^nit  to  ty$  ^oufe  anD  profit  9!on 
Campbell  ty$  fone  anD  3!o^ne  Campbell  younger 
ot  in  t^efe 

94:  The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

,  tlje  fain  ^ir  Robert  in  anno  1640  pa?it  to 
3|uliane  Campbell  relift  of  tmqu^ill  ^>ir 
Coline  Campbell  of  dSlenfcrqu^a?  Inyc^t,  in  com* 
pleit  payment  of  tyiv  ^alf  of  t^e  movables  ann 
infigljt  fte  fuin  l^afce  08  t^e  Jjoufe,  t^e  foume  of 
ten  t^ot»fann  merW^» 

item  mair,  t^e  fain  ^>ir  Robert  pa^it  to  tye 
fain  ?^ame  iuliane^  qu^ic^  tmquljill  ^>ir  Coline 
left  in  legate  to  tyiv,  t^e  foume  of  tljrie 

^  tlje  fair»  ^>ir  Robert  in  anno  1641  pa^it 
to  atc^ibain  Horn  of  Horne3  fotter  to  t^e  fain 
tmquljill  ^>ir  Coline3  qu^ic^  tJje  miD  ^ir  Coline 
left  in  legate  to  ^im,  t^e  foume  of  fejc 

3!tem3  t^e  fait)  ^ir  Robert  in  tfebraarij  i64i 
marten  lt)i$  nauc^ter  fiat^reen  Campbell  tpon 
annro  Cofc^ac^  of  30on^airn3  ann  gate 
in  toc^ar  t^e  foume  of  fejc 

31tem3  t^e  fain  ^ir  Robert  beftottit  tpon  l)ir 

The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth.  95 

br^nall  ann  br^nall  cloaty  tyt  Coume  of  ane 
fann  merfcis* 

3]tent,  tlje  rain  ^>ir  Robert  gatoe  to  £feir  arclj< 
bain  Campbell,,  brother  germane  to  fyt  lairti  of 
Latxjeri^  Durang  ^i^  l^fttme  of  penfione 
foume  of  f^te  Ijunuret^  merfei& 

gitem,  t^e  Cain  ^ir  Bobert^  to^en  ^e 
lairn  of  dfflentrqulja?;,  toejs  atcann  to  t^e  fain 
arc^ibalD  Campbell  tlje  foume  of  auc^teen 
fans  merlfi&  qu^icl)  ^ir  Coline  Campbell 
atcann  ^im,  together  tnity  t^e  foume  of  tuentie 
tua  tl)ot»fann  merftijs  for  cEDinample  cationarij, 
quic^  maDe  t^e  fain  ^>ir  Robert  to  be  atioanD  tlje 
fain  ^>ir  arc^ibain  t^e  qu^oll  foume  off  fourtie 
t^otnfann  merfeig  :- 

ifor  t^e  tc^ilft  foume  of  fourtie  tljoufent) 
tlje  fain  ^ir  Robert  pa^it  annuel  rent  to 
fain  ^ir  arc^ibain  ?eirlie  at  s  lib*  annuellte 
for  ilfe  ^unnret^  merfete  inne  be  ?eir  t^e  foume 
of  four  tijotofann 

96  The  Black  Book  of  Tay  mouth. 

31tem3  tlje  CaiD  ^>ir  Robert  in  anno  1643  beljofceit 
to  pa?  tlje  fain  foume  of  fourtie  tljoWann  marftig 
to  t^e  fain  ^ir  areljibain,,  ann  t^e  fain 
Robert  being  totallie  ejrtjauftit  b?  pacing 
iai)ie0  of  d^lentirau^?  t^er  ?eirl?  rent&  anD  pac 
ing  ot^er  crenitourig  ^e  toeis  forcen  to  borrow 
from  ^>ir  C^airie^  Caffeine  of  Cambuffeennall 
foume  of  tuentie  tljotufanti  punti^  anu  from 
,  longer  fllpotxjatt  antocatt  in  cftrinburg^  t^e 
foume  of  tuentie  tljotDfanD  merft^  ann  from 
Captane  3!o^ne  ^ort  proteft  of  ^tirline  t^e 
foume  of  auc^t  t^otofanti  merfei^  ann  from^at- 
rift  ^ebrune  of  Wiltytg  ane  appoticarie  in  CDin^ 
burg^  t^e  foume  [of]  fyte  t^otofann  merfti^  ana 
from  i^etrj  a0cCorquonill  of  p^antilanDS  t^e 
foume  of  four  t^otofanfc  merfti^* 

t^er  toeis  ane  banD  mane  be  anttce  of 
^ir  Coline  Campbell  of  dSlentrqulja? 
ann  ^ir  Sirc^ibain  Campbell  brother  to  t^e  lairn 
of  JLatDerig  for  preferteing  t^e  efteatt  of  d^lent)r^ 
qu^erin  ^ir  Robert  t»e0  bunn  to  gifce  to 

Tlie  Black  Book  of  Tay  mouth.  97 

ioljne  Ijte  eldeft  Cone  ?eirlie  in  augmentations 
of  J)i$  efleatt  fyt  Coume  of  ane  tyotofand  pundte  : 

for  tl>e  auljilft  tlje  faid  ^ir  Robert  gatoe  to 
31oljne  Ijte  fone  tlje  lanDi^  of  Cullibanac^at:  in 
^traitljerinejtlje  lannijaf  of  Cuinari^  ann  €eneti& 
and  fyt  lann0  of  Cambuflwrric^ 

^  t^e  faid  ^>ir  Robert  gate  to  Coline 
Cecunn  fone  (qu^o  toe0  marieu  tpon  Margaret 
fl^en?ei0  nauc^ter  to  tye  laird  of  2He^ntej5)  t^e 
tttyole  lantiijs  in  ^tratljgartnet  (except  t^e  JLettit: 

j5  ^oiuine  tDairfc),     Sinn  t^efe  ar 

of  JLoc^banc^ar  and  tye  loc^3  Camdeor, 
flpilntoune,  Henricfe3  J^rippen,  Coifc^c^ambie,, 
flDfEerence  of  JLennc63  J^uncreggan, 
fenoftan,  Hatg3  13ranc^tlti^  €dderalefei 
garrotoald,  and  ardmaftmon^ane  ;  t^e  feid  Coline 
teferbeing  I)i$  mot^enjs  of  ^rt  l^frent  of  tyr 
coniuntt  fie  landi^  confonuc  to  tlic  long  band 


The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

qirt)tcj)  ar  Ijoinine  in  feto  of  tlje  ^oufe  of 

3!tent,  fyt  fain  ^ir  Robert  gate  to 
Campbell  tyi$  tljrin  fonetlje  lannig  of  OTenfalloc^ 
ti?*  tuo  &tlletteri0  ann  Corrierb3  Cloic^nabrettan, 
Culc^ernie,  ^tuifec^appell,  ann  OBenglae 
ar  Ijoinine  in  fetrie  of  t^e  ^oufe 

31tem,  t^e  fain  ^ir  Robert  gate  to 
Campbell  ^i0  fourt  fonne  t^e  lann0  about 
ti?»  t^e  ^ii  of  Jloc^noc^art  ann 
port  of  JLo$nodjart3  Cremlaric^,  9!nner^arifE3 

ne^emoir,  tcit^  t^e  fc^eilli0  of  Conenc^ 
ann  JLearagan3  qu^ic^  ar  ^oinine  in  feto  of 

3[tent3  tlje  fain  ^ir  Robert  gate  to  tyi$  ftft  ann 
fone  J^uncane  t^e  lann0  of  CBeifter 

ac^l^ne3  ann  QBlarnaffeea3 
lann0  ar  ^oinine  in  fett)  off  t^e  ^oufe  of 

,  t^e  fain  ^>ir  Robert  profit 

The  Black  Book  of  Tay mouth.  99 

Campbell  ty$  Daucljter  to  tlje  foume  of 
tljotofanD  merftte  confortne  to  fyt  long  banD 
regiftratt  anno  1640 

31tem3  t^e  faiD  ^>ir  Robert  in  anno  1642  gate  to 
anDro  ^cott  lament  for  repairing  of  tlje  neither 
tour  in  tlje  place  of  'Balloc^  t^e  foume  of  ane 

91tem5  tlje  faiD  ^ir  Robert  in  anno  1643  gate 
to  t^e  faiD  annro  ^cott  for  repairing  of  t^e  ^ig^ 
toture  of  Caftel  B?lctyorne3  anD  lofting  ann  getting 
tyerof,  together  toit^  t^e  repairing  of  t^e  laic^ 
^all  of  ttye  faiD  Caftelft^lc^orne,  t^e  foume  of 
tuo  t^otofanD  merfei0» 

31tem,  t^e  faiD  ^ir  Eobert  in  anno  1643  Deburfit 
for  out  raifeing  of  t^e  letie  of  futt  t^at  tcent  to 
CnglanD  tnDer  t^e  conDuft  of  Capitane  aiejcanDer 
Campbell^  being  t^e  number  of  so  men,  t^e 
foume  of  fpfce  ^unDret^  anD  tuentie  marfeijs* 

91tem,  t^e  faiD  ^ir  Robert  in  anno  1642  gatoe 
to  3!on  ^i0  fone,  qu^en  ^e  tuent  to  d^nglanD  in 

100  The  Black  Book  ofTaymouth. 

company  of  tye  aparciueg  of  arg^li,  tlje  foume  of 
ane  ti&otofann  merfcig* 

item,  t^e  fain  ^>ir  Robert  gate  to  3!o^ne 
Campbell,  laMull  tone  to  patrife  Campbell  of 
inner?eineie&  going  in  tlje  fliterciues  of 
troupe  to  (EnglanD  in  anno  1643,,  {jotfe^ 

ann  mone&,  txiort^  t^e  foume  of  ane 

,  t^e  fain  ^>it  Robert  gatne  to  four  gen> 
tlemen  t^at  nin  goe  to  (Englann  t^en  in  t^e 
of  argrll  tyi$  lofcguarn  t^e  foume  of 

5  t^e  f^in  ^>ir  Kobett  in  anno  1648  gate 
for  repairing  Ijig  longeing  in  $erty  t^e  foume  of 

3jn  t^e  ?eiri0  of  d^on  1644  ann  1645  t^e  lairn  of 
entrqu^a^  Jjte  to^ole  lanni0  ann  etteatt  betuijrt 
foorn  of  Lron  ann  point  of  Hefmoir  tueir  brunt 
ann  neftro^it  be  iame0  dftraljame  foumt^me^  (Carle 
of  fl^ontroi^  ann  aiejcanner  ap^onain  fone  to 

The  Black  Book  of  Tay mouth. 


Coll  $Wonal&  in  Colofna,  toty  tyeir  affociattig, 
Clje  tennants  tt)tt  quljoll  cattell  toeir  tafcine 
atria?  be  tljefe  enimieg,  ana  tljer  corner  ^oufe& 
plenifc^ing,  an&  toljcile  infig^t  toeir  brunt* 
^nt>  tlje  fain  ^ir  iSobert^  pr effing  to  gett  ttye 
inhabitants  repaint,  toarrit  jrt  0«  ^>cotti0  tpon 
tye  bigging  of  eterie  cuple  in  Ijig  lanDis  toit^in 
tl)e  ftirrefDoomeg  of  ^ert^  ann  arg^ll,  anti  aljai 
toarrit  feeD  corner  bpon  ^is  atone  c^airges  to  t^e 
ntoft  of  ^i0  inhabitants  in  $ertyft?re»  gett  b? 
prominence  of  d^on  ^is  garifone  ^oufi&  to  tot, 
31le  of  Hoc^ta?,  ifinlarg,  auc^allauer, 
Caflelft^lc^orne,  ana  QBarc^altan,  toeir  feeipit  from 
t^efe  enimies* 

ji5otannum,  t^at  9!o^ne  fl©cji5ab  fiar 
anu  aiejcanner  flpc31nla?  fl@ci9ab  in 
toty  t^e  tD^ole  Clannab,  ;o?nit  toty  t^e  forfaiD 
enimies,  ann  tooft  in  t^e  tU  of  Jloclj&ocljart,  qu^ic^ 
?ll  of  loc^noc^art  toas  toolentl?  tafeine  from 
t^em  againe  in  anno  1646,  anu  brunt  t^roto  tl^er 


The  Black  Book  of  Tay  mouth. 

occatioun  of  31ame0  dSra^ame,  foumt?me# 
Carle  of  *$tontroi&  anD  &le?anDer  fl 
tljer  malice  againfl  ttye  faiD  ^>ir  Robert  anD 
freinDig  anD  cuntrie  people,  tBeg  becaufe  tlje  faiu 
^ir  Robert  jo^nnit  in  covenant  tnitl)  t^e 
anD  SingDome  of  ^cotlanD  in  ntaintaineing 
treto  religioun,  t^e  itingi^  a@a;eftie  I)i0  aut^oritie, 
anD  latni^  anD  libertie  of  t^e  SingDome  of  |fecot' 
lanD,  anD  becaufe  t^e  faiD  ^>ir  Robert  toent  in 
perfone  tu?ce  to  t^e  nort^3  fitit  at  t^e  intafeing  of 
tlje  toune  of  aberDeen  in  t^e  ?eir  of  (0oD  i6383  anD 
nijct  to  fuppre0  t^efe  t^at  brunt  anD  fpo^llit 
aponro0,  anD  alfo  becaufe  t^e  faiD  ^>ir  Robert 
altogether  refuiflt  to  aflift  tlje  faiD  3!ame$d&ra^ame 
anD  aiejcanDer  ap^onalD  t^er  malicious  Doings 
in  t^e  MngDome  of  ^cotlanD* 

^>o  t^at  t^e  lairD  of  d^lentrau^at  anD  Jji# 
cuntrie  people  t^er  lof&  qu^at  in  ^ert^ftrte  anD 
qu^at  in  arg^left^re3  ejcceeD0  't^e  foume  of  tuell 

^otofanD  merino 
anD  attour  t^e  frilling  of  flUilliame 

The  Black  Book  of  Tay  mouth.  103 

bell  of  dDaenfallocl),  Cone  to  tlje  faid  £>ir  Robert, 
ana  ttye  number  of  40  able  men  tmtl)  ^im3  at 
^titling  in  t^e  monetl)  of  September  1648,  and 
alfo  b?  tye  falling  of  tlje  number  of  200  men  and 
aboto,  qu^at  in  CnglanD  ant)  qu^at  in  *a>cotlanu, 
at  Cetetall  t^rne^  before* 

9!tem3  t^e  caiD  ^ir  Robert  DiD  Debuns  ann  fpent 
at  ttye  tuo  feterall  t^mejs  tye  toeja:  tDit^  tl)e  armie 
in  t^e  nortlj  t^e  foume  of  t^rie  U)otDfanD 

9!tem3  t^e  CaiD  ^>ir  Robert,  being  c^ofin  com-- 
miffionar  for  tlje  fc^irrefbome  of  airg^ll  to  attend 
ttye  parliament  in  CDinburgl^  firft  in  anno  1643, 
and  nijct  in  anni^  1646  anfc  1647,  niD  Uepur0  anD 
fpent  Dureing  ^ijs  abolie  t^er  at  t^e  faid  feterall 
t^me0  tlje  Coume  of  fybt  t^otofann  merfei&  and 
gatt  nothing  from  tlje  ftirrefbome  of  arg^ll  for 
Ijig  faid  attendance* 

3|tem3  in  t^efe  faid  parliaments  ^oldine  anniis 
1646  and  1647,  t^er  toej5  aftit  in  fatorijs  of  t^e  faid 


The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

^>ir  Robert  ana  gioljne  £te  tone  fyt  foutne  of 
tljotofanD  punD  £s>tirline  to  be  gitaen  to  tljem  for 
tljer  lots  fuftanit  be  tljem  ana  tljer  tennantg  in 
$ertyftrre  in  tJje  publift  rerbice3  anD  t^at  of 
laft  100  t^otxjfann  punn  ^>tirline  grantit  be 
parliament  of  (0nglann  to  t^e  ^cotift 
togiDDer  alfo  twtl)  ane  proportione  of  t^rettie 
t^otofenti  punti  ^>tirline  grantit  be  t^e  faiU0 
liamente  for  tlje  lofe  in  t^e  ftirrefbome  of 
ant>  fartier^  t^er  irces  promifet>  to  t^em 
foume  of  ten  t^otofann  punD  ^>cotti$  to  be  pa^it 
to  tlje  publift  in  ^>cotlann»  and  mair3  t^efe 
parliament  promifeti  to  pat  to  lote  of  tljer 
nantrie  according  a0  tlje  reft  of  t^e  tennant0  in 
fyi$  lingtiome  gette  for  t^er  loK.  €>fi 
foume0  ant)  promiCes  t^er  i0  nothing 
gottine  nor  performit,  b?  anti  attour  t^e  lote  of 
tljer  au^oll  rente, 

SItem,  in  fl&e  ?eir  of  d^oD  1648  3!o^ne  c^arle  of 
3  ^iglj  C^ancellour  of  ^cotlanD  (in 

The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 


monetl)  of  jljotember)  Hoeing  for  ®ame  3!uliane 
Campbell,  relift  of  fcmquljill  ^>tr  Coline  Camp 
bell  eigljt  lairti  of  d&lenfcrqulja?,,  for  t^e  ytivly 
Deities  of  Ijir  conjunft  fies  reftanu  atcann  to  l)ir 
anni0  i6443 1645, 1646, 1647,  and  1648^  ejrtenDing  in 
principally  annuelli0,  ann  penalties  to  t^e  foume 
of  fourtie  ttjotoCana  punD^  or  t^erbt,  t^e 
31oljne  Carle  of  Lot»tjoune3  being  alEgna^  to 
faiD  ®ame  Sleliane  to  tl)e0  foumejs  in  refpeft  fte 
i0  father  fitter  to  tlje  lanie  lototioune,  DiD  com-- 
pr^fe  t^e  lairn  of  OTentirqirtw  I)i0  tD^ole  eafteatt, 
ana  areftit  ty$  toftole  netotie^  for  ttjefe  foume0 

9!tem,  in  t^e  monet^  of  December  1648 
Cli^abetl)  Sinclair,  relift  of  timqu^ill  ^i 
cane  Campbell  fefcent  lairD  of  d^lentrqu^^,  UiD  in 
l^femaner  raife  compr^feing^  for  Ijir  conjunft  fie 
penalties  ant)  annuellg  ejrtenl»ing  to  tl)e  foume 

9!tem3  in  l^femaner^  £feir  CJ^airle0  cfrffeine  of 
Cambufftennall  raifet  ane  compr^feing  tlje  fait» 



The  Black  Book  of  Taymouth. 

t?me  for  $i$  foume  of  tuentie  t^otofann 

flje  penultieg  anD  annuellg* 
31tem3  in  fyt  faiD  tnonet^  of  December  1648 
*  longer  flpotDatt  anbocatt  in  cninburg^  raifxt 
ane  compr^feins  for  ^i0  founte  of  tuentie  t^oto^ 
fanti  merfti^  ttJit^  t^e  penultie^  anti  annuell0* 

3tem3  t^e  fain  t^me  alfo  3[o^ne  ^ort  in 
^tirline  raifit  ane  compr?feing  for  ^i0  foume  of 
aucljt  t^otufann  merftijs  toit^  t^e  penulties  ann 

Chronicle  of  Jforttrgall 

Jhesu  Maria 

ffra  the 

creation  of  Adam  to  the of  Christ  MMMM  iiij. 

Obitus  Malcolm!  Kenmor  senioris  regis  ....  apud  Alnik 
Im  iiiior  scoyr  and  xvij  zer  et  reg  ....  xxv  zeris  cum  octo 
mensibus,  qui  obiit  xii  Nouemb  .... 

Obitus  Edgari  apud  Dunde  anno  Domini  millesimo  centesimo  sep- 
timo,  et  regnauit  nouem  annis  cum  tribus  mensibus. 

Obitus  Allexandri  primi  regis  Scotie  in  Striuil  ....  anno 
Domini  M  centesimo  xxiiij  et  regnauit  xvij  annis  cum  tribus  men 

Obitus  Dauid  primi  regis  Scotie  apud  Carleolum  anno  Domini  M 
centesimo  quingentesimo  tertio,  et  reg  ....  xxix  zeris  cum 
vigente  diebus. 

Obitus  Malcollmi  junioris  regis  Scotie  apud  Jedw  ....  anno 
Domini  M  centesimo  sexagesimo  quinto  et  reg  xj  annis 

vj  mensibus  et  xx  diebus. 

Obitus  Wellelmi  regis  Scotie  apud  Strewlin  ....  Domini  M 
ducentesimo  xiij,  et  regnauit  ....  annis  et  vno. 


The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 

Obitus  Allexandri  secundi  regis  Sco  .  .  .  .  anno  Domini  M 
ducentesimo  quadra  .  .  .  .  et  regnauit  xxxv  annis. 

Obitus  Allexandri  tertii  regis  Scotie  apud  Kyngorne  anno  Domini 
M  ducentesimo  octogesimo,  [et  regnavit]  xxxvj  annis  et  octo  men- 

Obitus  Koberti  Brws  primi  regis  Scotie  apud  Cardros  anno  Domini 
M  trecentesimo  vigesimo  octauo,  et  regnauit  vigenti  tribus  annis. 

Obitus  Dauid  Brus  secundi  regis  Scotie  apud  Eddynbruch  anno 
Domini  M  trecentesimo  septuagesimo,  et  regnauit  quadraginta  tribus 

Obitus  Koberti  secundi  regis  Scotie  apud  Dundonald  anno  Domini 
M  trecentesimo  nonogesimo,  et  regnauit  xix  annis  cum  duobus  men- 
sibus.  Iste  fuit  primus  rex  ex  cognomine  Stuart. 

Obitus  Boberti  tertii  regis  Scotie  apud  Eosay  anno  Domini  M  ccccmo 
quinto,  et  regnauit  trigenta  et  vno  annis. 

Obitus  Jacobi  primi  regis  Scotie  apud  Perth  anno  Domini  M  ccccmo 

tregesimo  sexto,  et  regnauit  trigen qui  obiit  xxj 


cobi  secundi  regis  Scotie  apud  Eosbruch  .... 

.  .  .  .  ccccmo  sexagesimo,  et  regnauit  ....  tribus  annis 
cum  dimidio  anni,  qui  obiit  ....  usti. 

Obitus  Jacobi  tertii  regis  Scotie  apud  Styrling  .  .  .  Domini 
M  ccccmo  Ixxx  octauo,  et  regnauit  ....  qui  obiit  in  die  Bar- 
nabe  Apostoli  xj  Junii. 

Obitus  Jacobi  quarti  regis  Scotie  apud  Nortnummirland  prope 
Brankston  anno  Domini  M  v°  xiij,  et  regnauit  xxvj  annis  et  tres  menses 
et  octo  dies  que  obiit  nono  Septembris. 

The  Chronicle  of  Fortiryall. 


[Obiit  Jacobus  quintus  rex  Scotorum  xj  die  Decembris  anno  Domini 
M  vc  xlij,  [et  sepultus  in  Halyrud]  Fuit  bonus  pro  pauperibus.] 

Bellum  de  Duplyn  M  iijc  xxxij. 

Bellum  dc  Bannakburn  anno  Domini  M  cccmo  xiiij. 

Bellum  de  Haldynton  Hyll  anno  Domini  M  cccmo  xxxij. 

Bellum  de  Duraym  anno  Domini  M  cccmo  xlvj10. 

Bellum  de  Ottyrburn  anno  Domini  M  cccmo  Ixxxviij. 

Bellum  sexaginta    hominum  apud  Perth  anno  Domini  M  ccc 
nonogesimo  sexto. 

Bellum  de  Hummulton  anno  Domini  M  ccccmo  ii. 

Bellum  de  Hayrlaw  anno  Domini  M  ccccmo  xi. 

Bellum  de  Inwarlochay  anno  Domini  M  ccccmo  xxxj. 

Bellum  de  Styrlyng  anno  Domini  M  quadr     . 

Bellum  de  Northummerland  prope  Bra     .     .     . 
tembris  anno  Domini  M  quingentesimo  xiijmo     .     . 

fecti  fuerunt  Jacobus  quartus  rex  Sc ,  Archibaldus 

Campbell  Comes  Ergadiedominus  Campbell  et  Lorn  et  magister[hospitii] 
supremi  domini  nostri  regis  et  magnus  justiciarius  Scotie,  Jacobus 
episcopus  Sancti  Andree  et  filius  predicti  regis,  Duncanus  Campbell  de 
G-lenwrquhay,  Joannes  Campbell  de  Lawers,  et  diuersi  nobiles  de  Scotia. 

,     octogesimo 

nono  die  Sep- 
bello  inter- 

Obitus  Joannis  Gregorii  de  Glenwrquhay  apud  eundem  et 
in  Dysart  xix°  Aprilis  anno  Domini  M  ccc     .... 


The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 

Anno  Domini  M°  quadringentissimo  quarto  magna  nix  cessidit  supra 
terram  generaliter  in  festo  omnium  sanctorum  et  semper  in  addendo 
vsque  ad  festum  sancti  Patricii 

Obitus  Johannis  Dow  M'Ayn  Chaim  VGregor  apud  Stronmelechan 
anno  Domini  M°  ccc[c]  xv°. 

Obitus  Darwayll  Neyn  Ewyn  V'Lachlyn  Johannis  Nigri  M'Gregor 
apud  Glenwrquhay  anno  M  cccc  xxiiij. 

Obitus  domini  Murdacii  ducis  Scotie  et  filiorum  eius  Valteri  et 
Allexandri  xxvij  die  Mai  anno  Domini  M°  cccc  xxv. 

Obitus  Allexandri  Comitis  de  Mar  et  Garwecht  anno  Domini  M°  cccc 
xxxv  et  sepultus  in  Innernes  xxvj  Julii,  qui  fuit  locumtenens  domini 
nostri  regis  in  tempore  suo. 

Obitus  Koberti  Cardini  episcopi  Dunkelldensis  xvij  Januarii  anno 
Domini  M°  cccc0  xxxvj  et  sepultus  in  Dunkell  coram  altari  Sancti 

Obitus  Malcolmi  filii  Johannis  Nigri  M'Gregour  .  .  .  Glen 
wrquhay  xx  Aprilis  anno  Domini  M°  cccc  .... 

Obitus  Wyllelmi  Cardini  de  Fos  viij°  Octobris  anno  Domini  M°  lij, 
et  sepultus  in  Dun  .  .  . 

Obitus  Einalde  N'Gynnayr  domine  de  Fos  apud  Inchewin  viij 
Octobris  M  iiii°  lij,  et  sepulta  in  Dunkell. 

Obitus  Johannis  Gorme  M'James  qui  fuit  interfectus  in  insula 
australi  de  Perth  in  die  Sancti  Johannis  Baptiste  anno  Domini 
M°  cccc  liij. 

Obitus  Patricii  M'Gregour  de  Glenstra  apud  Stronmelechan,  et 
sepultus  in  Dysart  xxviij  Aprilis  anno  Domini  M°  quadringentesimo 
sexagesimo  primo. 

The  Chronicle  of  Fortircjall. 


Obitus  Joannis  Stuart  domini  dc  Lome  xx  die  Decembris  anno 
Domini  M°  Ixiij. 

Obitiis  Ele/ebetht  Roberti  vxoris  quondam  Roberti  Menzeis  et 
postea  Domini  Collini  Campbell  anno  Domini  M°  iiiic  Ixx  xij  die  Augusti. 

Obitus  Collini  Campbell  de  Glenwrquhay  militis  anno  domini  M°  cccc 
septuagesimo  quinto,  et  sepultus  in  Kylmertyn  xxvj  die  septembris. 

Obitus  Johanriis  Stuart  de  Fortyrgill  apud  Gart  desimo  die  decem- 
bris  anno  domini  M°  .  .  .  septuagesimo  quinto,  et  sepultus  in 

Obitus  Duncani  Beg  M'Gregor  apud  Rorow  xvij  Februarii  anno 
Domini  M  cccc  Lxxvij. 

Obitus  Johannis  Grant  filii  et  heredis  Duncani  Grant  de  Frequhy 
militis  apud  Kyndrochyth  in  Mar  pcnultimo  die  Augusti  [sepultus]  in 
ecclesia  cathedrali  Morrauensi  anno  Domini  M°  ccccmo  octuagesimo 
secundo  qui  obiit  ante  patrem  tres  annos. 

Obitus  Donaldi  Robertson  de  Kyrquhon  quarto  Februarii  anno 
Domini  M°  cccc0  Ixxxiij. 

Obitus  Patricii  M'Gynnab  de  Bo  van  apud  Aychlyn  anno  Domini 
M°  cccc  Ixxxviij. 

Obitus  Johannis  Duncanson  alias  M'Gregor  apud  Belloch  xi  die 
Mertii  anno  Domini  M°  quadringentesimo  nonogesimo  primo. 

Obitus  Terlych  Kayr  filii  Duncan  McGregor  anno  Domini  M°  quad 
ringentesimo  nonogesimo  quarto. 

Obitus  Duncani  Charlissoun  apud  Lochdochord  xvj  Mai  anno  &c. 
iiijc  nonogesimo  quarto. 

Obitus  Donaldi  M'Cawis  de  ly  Craig  xviij  Octobris  anno  Domini 
M°  nonogesimo  quarto. 

The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 

Obitus  Mergarete  Douglas  domine  de  Glenwrquha  in  mense  Nouem- 
bris  anno  Domini  M°  [ijv6  nonogesimo  sexto  x°  die  eiusdem. 

Obitus  Donaldi  M'Quhewin  apud  Fortyrgill  xxiij  die  Aprilis  anno 
Domini  M°  nonogesimo  viij°. 

Obitus  Malcolmi  M'Gregour  filii  et  heredis  Joannis  Dow  M'Gregour 
de  Glenstray  apud  Glenlyon,  et  sepultus  in  Dysart  xxij  die  Junii 
M°  nonogesimo  octauo. 

Obitus  Nigelli  Stuart  de  Fortyrgill  apud  Gart  vltimo  die  Januarii 
anno  Domini  M°  cccc  nonogesimo  nono. 

Obitus  Domini  Moricii  M'Nachtyn  vicarii  de  Inchadyn  apud  Weym 
viij  Aprilis  anno  &c.  vc  primo,  et  sepultus  in  Inchadyn. 

Conbustus  fuit  Weym  per  Nigellum  Stuart  de  Gart  anno  Domini 
M°  v°  secundo  in  mense  Septembris. 

Ingressa  Mergarete  regine  Scocie  sponse  Jacobi  quarti  regis  xxv  die 
Julii  anno  Domini  M°  quingentesimo  [tertio]. 

Obitus  Gregorii  Duncani  Begson  apud  Morynce  in  mense  Septembris 
anno  Domini  M°  vc  tertio. 

Obitus  Ewgenii  M'Gregor  filii  Gregorii  Duncanson  in  Korow  xx  die 
Octobris  anno  &c.  v*  tertio. 

Obitus  Magistri  Valteri  Brwin  officialis  Dunkeldensis  quinto  Septem 
bris  anno  Domini  M  vc  quinto. 

Obitus  Allexandri  Kobertson  de  Strowen  apud  Dumnacraff  xvij  die 
Mertii  anno  Domini  vc  quinto. 

Obitus  Ferchardii  M'Nicoll  in  Glenloquhay  anno  Domini  M°VC 

Obitus  Johannis  M'Gillerawyth  in  Glenloquhay  xxij  Nouembris 
anno  &c.  vc  vj. 

The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 


Obitus  Patricii  filii  Duncani  Campbell  dc  Glenwrquhay  militis  in 
insula  de  Badchelych  xiiij  Januarii  anno  Domini  M°  v°  septimo  et 
sepultus  in  Kyllyn. 

Obitus  Koberti  Mcnzeis  de  Commeri  xiij  May  anno  Domini  M 
v°  octauo. 

Obitus  Jacobi  Stuart  filii  Johannis  Stuart  de  Stukis  apud  Edynbmch 
anno  Domini  M°  v°  octauo  quarto  Decembris. 

Conbusta  fuit  Insula  de  Lochthay  ex  negligentia  seruoram  in 
Sabbato  Palmarum  vltimo  die  Mertii  anno  Domini  M°  quingentesimo 

Obitus  Johannis  Cwnyson  de  Edderdedowar  apud  Melyng,  qui  fuit 
interfectus  per  Willellmum  Kobertson  de  Strowen  ix  die  mensis  Mai 
anno  &c.  vc  desirno. 

Obitus  Gilberti  Duncanson  vicarii  de  Kylmertyn  tertio  Junii  anno 
Domini  M  v°  x°. 

Obitus  Magistri  Johannis  Campbell  episcopi  Insularum  ac  Sodorensis 
apud  Ycollumkyll  xiiij  Junii  anno  &c.  vc  desimo,  et  sepultus  ibidem. 

Obitus  Mvrrel  Sowth)Tland  vxoris  quondam  Joannis  Stuart  de 
Stukis  apud  Ballachan,  et  sepulta  in  Dunkell  quarto  Septembris  anno 
Domini  M  vc  x°. 

Obitus  Ysbelle  Stuart  comitisse  de  Argylle  apud  Dunbarten,  et 
sepulta  in  Kylmon  xxvj  Octobris  anno  &c.  vc  x°. 

Obitus  Jonete  Stuart  comitisse  de  Huntle  apud  Strabolge  xxvij 
Octobris  anno  Domini  M°  vc  x°. 

Obitus  Gregorii  MThatryk  apud  Innerkelthe  in  Fortyrgill  xxviij 
Nouembris  anno  Domini  M  v0  desimo. 

Obitus    Katherine    Neyn    Donyll    V'Clawe    alias    Grant    vxoris 


The  Chronicle  of  FortirgalL 

Dougalli  Johnson  apud  Tullychmollin   xxij    die  Julii   anno  Domini 

M°  V°  XJ. 

Obitus  Willelini  Johnson  alias  M'Gregor  apud  Gart  nono  Octobris 
anno  Domini  M°  vc  vndesimo,  et  sepiiltus  in  Inchadyn. 

Obitus  Duncani  M'Cowyll,  qui  interfectus  fuit  per  Collinun  M'Enos 
de  Barbrek  in  mense  Mai  anno  Domini  M  vc  xij. 

Obitus  G-regorii  Neilson  apud  Forna  secundo  Maij  anno  &c.  v°  xij. 

Obitus  Gregorii  M'Neyll  apud  Crannych  M°  vc  xij  secundo  Mai. 

Obitus  Patricii  M'Carbre  xiij  May  anno  Domini  M°  vc  xij. 

Obitus  Johannis  Stuart  comitis  Atholie  apud  Laythwod,  et  sepultns 
in  Dunkell  xv  Septembris  anno  Domini  M°  vc  xij. 

Obitus  Magistri  Georgii  Brwn  episcopi  Dunkeldensis  vc  xiij. 

Oibus  Gregorii  Duncanson  apud  Eorow  anno  Domini  M°  vc  desimo 
quinto  in  mense  Aprilis. 

Obitus  Allexandri  M'Nachtan  de  Downdawraff  xij  die  Decembris 
anno  &c.  vc  desimo  quinto. 

Elezebeth  Neyn  Donyll  V'Cawys  vxoris  Gregorii 

Dow apud  Gart  xij  die  Decembris  anno  Domini 

M° ,  et  sepulta  in  Inchadyn.  Orate  pro  anima  eius. 

Obitus  Johannis  Robertson  M'Fargus  apud  Dunfallenti  v  Mertii  anno 
&c.  vc  xvj. 

Obitus  Johannis  domini  Gordon  et  Badzenocht  apud  Kynlos  xv  die 
Decembris  anno  M°  vc  xvij,  et  sepultus  in  Kynlos. 

Obitus  Patricii  M'Gregor  apud  Aychincschecall  ix  die  Julii  anno 
Domini  M°  vc  desimo  octauo,  et  sepultus  in  Dysart. 

Obitus  Duncani  M'Gregor  custos  castri  de  Glenwrquhay  xix°  die 
Julii  anno  Domini  M°  v°  xviij . 

The  Chronicle  of  Fortiryall. 


Obitus  Elene  Singlar  comitisse  Atholie  xxj  Mertii  anno  &c.  vc  xviij, 
et  sepulta  in  Dunkell. 

Obitus  Johanriis  Dow  McGregor  de  Glenstray  apud  Stronmclechan 
xxiiij  die  May  anno  Domini  M°  vc  xix,  et  sepultus  in  cista  lapidum  ex 
partc  b  .  .  .  .  summi  altaris  de  Dysart,  cuius  anime  .... 

Obitus  Domini  Johannis  Drammond  xix  anno  Domini  M  vc  xix. 

Obitus  Donaldi  M'Nachtyn  vicarii  de  Fortyrgill  nono  die  Junii  anno 
Domini  M°  vc  xx. 

Malcollmi  Cam  M'Gregor  V'Neyll  apud  Thegyrmyth 

....  Dow  et  sepultus  in  Kyllyn  xiiij  Janarii  anno  Domini  M  v*  xx°. 

Obitus  Dougalli  M'Gynthossyc  et  Farchardi  eius  filii  cum  suis  com- 
plicibus,  vbi  intcrfecti  fuerunt  apud  castrum  de  Innernys  per  Lach- 
lanum  M'lnthosse  anno  &c.  vc  xxj. 

Obitns  Finlai  Symson  schribe  curie  Dunkeldensis  xxviij  Mai  anno 
Domini  M  v°  xxij. 

Obitus  Gregorii  filii  Joannis  M'Gregor  alias  M'Ewyn  VAllexander  de 
glenstra  apud  Insulam  de  Lochrannich  vltimo  die  Julii  anno  Domini 
M°  Vs  xxij. 

Obitus  Gauini  Douglas  episcopi  Dunkeldensis  apud  London  in 
Anglia  nono  Septembris  anno  Domini  M  v°  xxii. 

Obitus  Magistri  Joannis  Lacok  canonici  Dunkeldensis  xvj  Septembris 
anno  Domini  M  vc  xxij. 

Obitus Valteri  Le.4yin  Dunkell  vltimo Octobris  anno  Domini  M  vc  xxij. 

Obitus  Patricii  Duncanbegson  in  Morinche  in  menrc  Octobris  anno 
Domini  M  vc  xxij. 

Obitus  Duncani  M'Olchallum  V'Kerlych  apud  Drumcharre  sexto  die 
Nouembris  anno  Domini  &c.  vc  xxij. 


The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 

Obitus  Malcolmi  Wylzemson  apud  Glenlyon,  et  sepultus  in  Branwo 
in  mense  Januarii  anno  Domini  M°  v°  xxij. 

Obitus  Johannis  M'Nicoll  in  Culdyr  quinto  die  Mertii  anno  Domini 
M°  v°  xxij,  et  sepultus  in  Inchadyn. 

Obitus  Collini  Campbell  de  Glenwrquhay  apud  castrum  eiusdem  xj 
Augusti  anno  Domini  M°  vc  xxiij,  et  sepultus  in  capella  de  Finlark. 

Obitus  Eoberti  Menzeis  militis  eiusdem  apud  Weym  xij  die  Augusti 
anno  Domini  M  vc  xxiij  et  sepultus  in  ecclesia  de  Weym. 

Obitus  Gilberti  Borrych  vicarii  de  Dysart  anno  Domini  M°  vc  xxiij 
primo  die  Septembris. 

Obitus  honorabilis  viri  Joannis  Stuart  de  Stukis  xxj  die  mensis 
Septembris  anno  &c.  vc  xxiij  et  sepultus  in  Dunkell. 

Obitus  Domini  Duncani  M'Nachtyn  vicarii  de  Inchadin  apud 
Perth  et  sepultus  in  Inchadyn  sexto  die  Nouembris  anno  Domini 
M°  v°  xxiij. 

Obitus  magni  et  potentis  domini  Allexandri  Gordon  comitis  de 
Huntle  et  domini  de  Badanech  apud  Perth  xv  die  Januarii  anno  &c. 
v°  xxiij,  et  sepultus  in  ecclesia  predicatorum. 

Obitus  Joannis  Mallych  M'Huston  apud  Tullychgamin  nono  die 
Februarii  anno  Domini  M  vc  xxiij. 

Obitus  Domini  Willelmi  Mentetht  de  Cars  militis  xviij  Februarii 
anno  Domini  M  vc  xxiij. 

Obitus  Willelmi  Murray  militis  de  Twllybardynn  x  die  Februarii 
anno  Domini  M  vc  xxiiij. 

Obitus  Lawchlani  M'Gynthossych  capitani  de  Clanchatten,  qui  fuit 
interfectus  per  Johannem  M'Gillechalmin  xxv  die  Februarii  anno 
Domini  M  vc  xxiiij. 

The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 


Obitus  Gregorii  M'Ayuweyll  viij  die  Mertii  anno  Domini  M  vc  xxiiij. 

Obitus  Nigclli  filii  Duncanii  M'Gregor  apud  castrum  de  Glenwrquhay 
nono  Mertii  anno  Domini  M°  v°  xxiiij. 

Obitus  Ewari  Campbell  de  Artarua  x°  Aprilis  anno  Domini  v°  xxv. 

Obitus  Finlai  M'Genab  de  Bowayn  apud  111  ...  rara  xiij  Aprilis 
anno  Domini  M  vc  xxv,  et  sepultus  in  Kyllyn. 

Obitus  Hugonis  M'Ewyn  V'Neill  apud  Farna  xx  die  Aprilis  anno 
Domini  M  vc  xxv,  et  sepultus  in  Inchadin. 

Obitus  Johannis  Moyr  M'Ayn  V'Condoquhy  alias  Mannych  apud 
Wquharblaris  xvij  die  Augusti  anno  Domini  M°  vc  xxv. 

Obitus  Joannis  Neyllson  apud  Farna  xvij  die  Octobris,  et  sepultus 
apud  Inchaddyn  anno  Domini  M  vc  xxv. 

Obitus  Johannis  Hepbwrn  boni  prioris  Sancti  Andree  xv  Januarii 
anno  Domini  M  vc  xxv. 

Obitus  Christine  Gordon  domine  de  Weym  xvij  Februarii  anno 
Domini  M  v°  xxv,  et  sepulta  in  Weym. 

Obitus  Joannis  Aurmar  burgensis  de  Perth  anno  Domini  M  v°  xxv. 

Obitus  Duncani  Keoch  M'Gillechonnyll  xx  die  Aprilis  anno  Domini 
M  v°  xx vj. 

Obitus  Mariote  Campbell  de  Bowayne  apud  Perth  ix  die  Julii  anno 
Domini  M  vc  xxvj. 

Obitus  Valteri  Bochannan  de  eodem  militis  vltimo  Septembris  anno 
Domini  M  vc  xxvj. 

Bellum  percussum  prope  Glenvquhow  alias  Lythchow  per  Wilellmum 
Douglas  et  loanuem  comitem  de  Aren  ex  vna  parte  et  comiteni  de 
Lennox,  vbi  interfectus  fuit  dictus  comes  de  Lennox  tertio  die  Decem- 
bris  anno  Domini  M  vc  xxvj. 


The  Chronicle  of  FortirgalL 

Memorandum  solium  crucis  in  Inchadin  compositum  fuit  per 
Dougallum  Johnson  anno  Domini  M°  vc  xxvj°. 

Anno  Domini  M  vc  xxvj  curia  justieiarii  fuit  tenta  per  Colinum 
Campbell  comitem  Ergadie  per  limites  de  Bradalbyn  et  Bofwdder  &c. 

Obitus  Mariote  Fostyr  domine  de  Lawers  et.vxoris  Jacobi  Campbell 
vltimo  Octobris  anno  Domini  M  vc  xxvij. 

Obitus  Joannis  M'Ewyn  V'Allexander  capitani  tribus  Gregoriani 
apud  Aycthachallodor  in  Glenwrquhay  xij  die  Aprilis  anno  Domini 
M°  v°  xxviij,  et  sepultus  in  Dysart. 

Obitus  Mariote  Stuart  domine  de  Glenwrquhay  xxvj  die  Julii 
apud  Insulam  de  Lochthay,  et  sepulta  in  Finlark  anno  Domini 
M  vc  xxviiij. 

Obitus  sine  interfectio  Allexandri  MThatryk  et  Duncarii  eius  filii 
per  Duncanum  Brek  M'Gregor  V'Neyll  apud  Culder  xxv  die  Mai  anno 
Domini  m°  vc  xxixno. 

Crux  lapedea  fuit  posita  in  Larkmonemerkyth  in  magno  lapide  qui 
alio  nomine  vocatur  Clachvr  .  .  .  per  Dougallum  Johnson  primo 
Octobris  anno  Domini  &c.  vc  xxix. 

Obitus  Allexandri  M'Ayn  Rawyr  apud  Awyllych  in  Rannoch  et 
sepultus  in  Kyllchonnan  anno  Domini  M  vc  xxxj,  xxviij  die  Feb- 

Obitus  Roberti  Cokbwrn  episcopi  Dunkeldensis  xij  die  Aprilis  anno 
Domini  M  vc  xxxj,  et  sepultus  in  chora  Dunkelldensi. 

Obitus  Duncani  M'Conilgorme  apud  Eddergovyll  anno  Domini 
M°  v°  xxxj.  The  quhylk  yer  I  sayd  my  fyrst  mes  on  Wytsunda 

Memorandum.     Rannoch  was  hareyd  the  morne  eftir  Sant  Tennen- 

The  Chronicle 

of  Fortirgall. 


nis  day  in  harist  be  John  Erlle  of  Awthoell  and  be  Clan  Donoquhy 
the  yer  of  God  ane  M  vc  xxxi  and  at  the  nyxt  Belten  eftir  that  the 
quhylk  was  xxxii  yer  the  bra  of  Rannoch  was  hareyd  be  them  abowiii 
wryttyn  and  Allexander  Dow  Albrych  war  heddyth  at  Kenlochtrannoch 
the  quhylk  Belten  and  yer  I  com  tyll  the  cwyr  of  Fortyrgill  fyrst  and 
Allexander  M'Gregor  of  Glenstra  our  scheyff  was  bot  ane  barne  of 
xvij  yer  that  tyme. 

Obitus  Duncani  M'Ayn  V'Cowyll  in  Rannoch  apud  Chanzoran  xxv 
Januarii  anno  Domini  M  vc  xxxvj. 

Obiit  Mariota  Neyn  Ewyr  Campbell  sponssa  Magistri  Archibaldi 
Campbell  de  Glenlyon  et  mater  heredis  de  Glenlyon  viz.  Duncani  Roy 
Campbell  que  Margareta  obiit  xij  die  Augusti  et  tumulata  apud 
Fynlark  anno  Domini  M  vc  xxxvij.  Orate  pro  anima  eilis  .... 
hilaris  et  larga  fuit. 

Obitus  Andree  Stewart  presulis  de  Murray  xxj  Decembris  anno  &c. 
vc  xxxvij. 

Obitus  Christine  Stuart  domine  de  Fortergill  et  sponsse  Nigelli  Roy 
de  Fortergill  que  obiit  apud  Fos  penultimo  die  Mai  et  sepulta  apud 
Dunkeld  anno  Domini  M  v°  xxxviij. 

Obitus  Magistri  Archibaldi  M'Carbyr  apud  Perth  subitanea  morte 
xxviij  die  Junii  anno  Domini  M  v°  xlij. 

Obitus  Finlai  Clerk  M'Quhewin  apud  Ledenak  xxiij  die  Julii  anno 
Domini  M  vc  xlij. 

Obitus  Maricii  M'Kay  in  eodem  anno  xj  Augusti. 

Obitus  Katherine  Neyn  AynWeyll  sponsse  Johannis  M'Ayn  Rawych 
VGewycar  apud  Aychly  in  Mense  Decembris  anno  Domini  M  vc  xlij. 

Obitus  Katherine   N'Chastyllan  sponsse  Allexandri    M'Olchallum 



The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 

VGregor  apucl  Slattych  in  Glenlyon  xx  die  Februarii  anno  Domini  M 
vc  xlij. 

Obitus  Mariote  Neynolcallum  VGregor  sponse  Duncani  M'Ayn 
VCowyll  et  postea  fuit  sponsa  Jacobi  .  .  .  M'James  VRobert 
que  obiit  apud  Slattych  [anno  Domini]  M  vc  xliiij. 

Obitus  Moyr  Neyn  Duncan  VAyn  VCowyll  que  fuit  affedata  cum 
Joanne  Cam  M'Duncan  VGregor  que  obiit  apud  Eorow  et  sepulta  in 
Rannoch  quarto  die  Mai  anno  Domini  M  vc  xliiij. 

Obitus  siue  interfectio  Mariote  Neyn  Donyll  VQuein  sponsse  Nigelli 
Stuart  de  Gart  que  fuit  necata  [per]  Allexandrum  Stuart  in  torrente 
sub  castro  de  [G]art  necligenter  per  ictuin  lapidis  xvj  die  Augusti  anno 
Domini  M  vc  xlv  et  sepulta  in  Fortyrgill. 

.  Combusta  fuit  domus  de  Throclicbare  apud  Straytlibrawyn  per 
Allexandrum  M'Gregor  de  Glenstra  xxv  Augusti  anno  Domini  M 
V0  xlv  quo  die  captus  fuit  Robertus  Robertson  de  Strowen  per  eundem 
Allexandrum  et  quatuor  fuerunt  necati  de  seruitoribus  Roberti.  Deus 
judex  Justus  reddet  vnicuique  secundum  laborem. 

Captio  castri  Sancti  Andree  penultimo  die  mensis  Julii  per  potes- 
tatem  Gallorum  et  suasione  Normandi  Leslie  anno  Domini  M  v°  quadra- 
gesimo  septimo. 

Obitus  Gregorii  MThatryk  VGregor  in  Glenwrquhay  apud  Aychin- 
chechallen  sexto  die  Mertii  anno  Domini  M  vc  xlvij  et  sepultus  "in 

Obitus  Joannis  Barron  de  Commere  Menzbeis  apud  Comm[ere] 
gesimo  die  Decembris  anno  Domini  M  vc  xlviij  et  sepultus  apud  Weym. 

Obitus  Christine  Murra  sponsse  Gregorii  Dougallson  apud  Belloch 
tertio  die  Septembris  anno  Domini  M  vc  xlix  et  sepulta  in  Inchadin. 

The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 


Obiit  Joannes  Campbell  de  Glenvrquhay  apud  Lochthay  quinto  Julii 
anno  Domini  M  quingentesimo  quinquagesimo  et  sepultus  apud  Fin- 
lark.  Litera  dominicalis  E. 

Obitus  Patricii  M'Quhewin  apud  Wquharblaris  et  sepultus  in 
Fortyrgill  sexto  Octobris  anno  Domini  ane  M  v*  lj°. 

Obitus  honorabilis  viri  ac  egregii  viri  Domini  Jacobi 

filii  Dougalli  Johnson  ac  decani  Lesmorensis  .  .  vicarii  de  Fortyr 
gill  et  finnarii  dicte  ecclesie bone  memorie  in  nocte 

Sancte  Lucie  Virginis  hora post  maridiam  et  sepultus 

in  die  Lucie  videlicet anno  Domini  M  vc  lj°  in  choro 

de  Inchadin  pro  .  .  .  .  Orate  pro  anima  eius  Pater  noster  Aue 
Maria  .  .  .  .  et  cetera. 

Obiit  Archibaldus  Campbell  de  Glenlyon  apud  Kylmorch  penultimo 
Aprilis  et  sepultus  in  Dunkel  anno  Domini  M  quingiiitesmo  lij. 

Expultio  Gregorii  Dougallson  de  Belloch  per  Colinum  Campbell  de 
Glenwrquhay  anno  Domini  M  vc  lij  at  V'sunda. 

Interfectio  et  decapitatio  Duncani  M'Gregor  et  filiorum  eius  vide 
licet  Gregorii  et  Malcolmi  Roy  per  Colinum  Campbell  4e  Glenwrquhay 
et  per  Duncanum  Eoy  Campbell  de  Glenlyon  et  Allexandrum  Men- 
zheis  de  Rannoch  cum  suis  complicibus,  quo  die  Joannes  Gour  M'Dun- 
can  VAllexander  Kayr  fuit  interfectus  per  Allexandrum  Menzeis  apud 
in  mense  Junii  videlicet  xvj  anno  Domini  ane  M 

Vs  lij. 

Interfectio  Gregorii  Clerk  per  Eugenium  M'Duncan  V'Gour  de 
Rorow  xxij  die  Septembris  anno  Domini  M  v°  lij  et  sepultus  in  Strayth- 

Obitus  Katherine  Neyn  Velyem  V'Olchallum  sponsse  Joannis  Leyche 


The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 

apud  Kynnalde  et  sepulta  in  Inchadin  xvij  die  Nouembris  anno  Domini 
M  vc  lij.  Orate  pro  animabus  omnium  supra  schriptorum. 

Obitus  Katherine  Neyn  Dowyll  V'Ayn  sponsse  baronis  de  Kyr- 
quhwin  et  postea  fuit  sponssa  Allexandri  Maxton  de  Cwltbequhay 
que  obiit  apud  Cultequhay  vltimo  die  Aprilis  anno  Domini  M  vc  liij. 

Obiit  Joannes  Campbell  de  Glenurquhay  apud  Ellenlochthay  et 
sepultus  in  Fynlark  quinto  Julii  anno  Domini  M  vc  1  [tertio.] 

Obiit  Duncanus  Campbel  filius  Jacobi  Campbel  de  Lawers  apud 
Lawers  octauo  die  Junii  et  sepultus  in  capella  de  Finlark  anno  Domini 
M  v°  liiij. 

[Obiit]  Collinus  Campbell  filius  Archibaldi  Campbell  [de  Glenjlyon 
apud  Cestil  in  die  Epyphanie  Domini  et  [tumuljatus  septimo  die 
Januarii  apud  Fynlark  anno  [Domini]  M  vc  liiij.  Litera  Dominicalis  F. 

Obiit  Eugenius  M'Condoquhy  V'Gregor  de  Rorow  apud  Crythgarff 
in  parochia  de  Fortyrgil  xvj  die  Januarii,  et  sepultus  in  choro  de 
Branwo  xvij  die  mensis  supradicte  anno  Domini  M  vc  liiij  cum  maxima 
lamentatione  viroram  et  mulierum.  Litera  Dominicalis  F. 

and  afoyr  Andermes  frost  snaw  quhylis. 

Item  the  xiij  da  of  December  in  the  yer  of  God  ane  thousand  fyv 
hundyr  liiij  yer  the  frost  began  and  the  great  snaw  began  on  Yowl  da 
at  ewyn  and  ilk  da  fra  that  furth  mayr  and  mayr  snaw  without  ony 
thoyfft  quhyl  the  xvij  da  of  Januar.  It  was  the  grettast  snaw  and 
storm  that  was  sein  in  memorie  of  man  lewand  that  tym.  Mony  wyld 
hors  and  meris  ky  sceyp  gayt  peryst  and  deyth  for  fait  of  fud 
in  the  montanis  and  in  al  vdyr  partis  and  thowch  part  of  thowyff 
com  the  xvij  da  of  Januar  fra  that  furth  it  began  agayn  tyl  snaw 
and  frosst  quhyl  the  xxij  da  of  Februar  on  the  quhylk  day  men  and 

The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 


weinen  myth  weyll  pas  on  the  ies  of  Lyon  in  syndri  placis  and 
lytil  thylt  in  few  placis  quhyll  the  xxvj  day  of  Februar  and  .... 

hot  in  layth  placis.     And  that  samyn  yer  in  wynthyr 

Februar  Ewyn  son  to  Donald  M'Ewyn  lard  of  Lo  .  .  abyr  waryth 
aganis  Allexander  son  to  E  ...  M'Conil  Glas  quhar  mony  war 

slayn  on  ...  sydis,  and  bayth  ther  cuntreis  bryint  videlicet  to  .... 
barnis  and  al  that  thay  myth  bot  this  Ewyn  ....  at  the  au- 
toryte  becaws  the  said  ....  rebald  and  at  the  Kyngis  home. 

Obiit  Gregorius  Dougalson  apud  Carsdall  prope  Dow  primo  die  Mai 
et  tunmlatus  apud  Inchadin  secundo  die  Mai  cum  magna  congregatione 
populorum  et  mulierum  anno  Domini  M  v*  Iv.  Litera  Dominicalis  F. 
Pre  Deo  orate  pro  eo  Pater  noster  &c. 

Interfectio  domini  de  Cragy  per  dominum  de  Kynfanis  xxix  die  Mai 
anno  Domini  M  v°  Iv. 

Obiit  Malcolmus  M'Conil  VQuhewin  apud  Estyr  Drumcharre  xxviij 
die  Junii  et  sepultus  apud  Fortyrgil  xxix  Junii  anno  Domini  M  v°  Iv 
Litera  Dominicalis  F. 

Obiit  Ellysseth  Neyn  Allexander  V'Kobert  V'Ayn  V'Kaye  alias 
Stuart  sponsse  Malcolmi  M'Nachtyn  apud  Vestyr  Bellych  prope  Loch- 
thay  xx  die  Nouembris  anno  Domini  M  v*  Iv  et  sepulta  in  choro  de 
Inchadin.  Orate  pro  anima. 

Obiit  Dougallus  Dougalson  apud  Farna  in  domo  fratris  sui  Johannis 
Dougalson  xij  die  Januaiii  et  [sepultus]  apud  Inchadin  xiij  die  Januarii 
anno  Domini  M  v°  Iv  anno.  Orate  pro  anima  eius.  Litera  Dominicalis 

Obiit  Alexander  M'James  alias  Kobertson  apud  Cal  ,  .  ,  .  prope 
Strowen  in  Autholia  et  tumulatus  in  ecclesia  de  Strowan  xixno  die 


The  Chronicle  of  FortirgalL 

Januarii  anno  Domini  M  vc  Iv.  Litera  Dominican's  E  et  D.  Orate  pro 
anima  ems. 

Obiit  Mergareta  Kobertson  sponssa  Villelmi  McGregor  apud  Port  of 
Bofrak  et  sepulta  apud  Weym  xxvj  die  Januarii  anno  Domini  M  vc  Iv. 
Orate  pro  anima  eius  Pater  noster.  .  . 

Obiit  Joannes  Challar  Moyr  apud  Eddergovyllyt  xxvij  Septembris  et 
sepultus  in  Jnchadin  nocte  Sancti  Michaelis  Archangeli.  Orate  pro 
anima  eius.  Anno  Domini  M  vc  Ivj . 

Obiit  Mariota  Barre  sponssa  quondam  Gregorii  Duncanson  de  Rorow 

et  postea  sponssa M'Allexander  V'James  que  obiit 

a Kallwyng  in  Atholia  et  sepulta 

Strowen  xj  die  Januarii  anno  D v°  Ivj.  Orate  pro 

anima  eius A  ue  Maria  Credo  et  De  profundis. 

Nota.  Item  the  wyntyr  in  the  yer  of  God  ane  .  v°  Ivj  yer  it  was 
rycht  fayr  vodyr  and  .  .  .  snaw  or  stormis  and  part  of  fayr  frost 
.  .  ,  variabil  vodyr  lityl  tylt  in  that  wontyr  the  quhilk  wonthyr 
the  erl  of  .  .  .  .  decessyt  and  was  bureyd  in 
Obyrnayth  .  .  .  ane  nobil  lord  and  valeand  and  trew  til  Scotland 
thoch  he  was  banneyst  be  Kyng  James  the  fyft  lang  tyin  quhill  the 
deces  of  Kyng  James  than  he  com  in  Schotland  and  eftyr  that  was 
in  mony  feyldis  and  jepardis  of  wyer  for  the  weilfayr  of  Scotland  and 
naymly  in  the  feyld  and  battel  of  Fawsyd  nocht  far  fra  Mussylbroch 
quhar  mony  nobillis  and  men  of  gud  dyd  waleyeand  dedis  of  armis 
quhar  mony  of  his  kyn  and  freyndis  war  slayne  that  of  quhais  sawlis 
God  haw  mercy.  Item  the  Lentren  quartyr  the  yer  abowin  vryttyn 
mekill .  „  .  .  .  and  lestand  lytyl  snaw  Merche  dry  Apryill  .  .  . 

Obiit  Villelmus  McGregor  apud  Port  Bofrak  xvj  die  Junii  et  sepultus 

The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 


xvij  die  eiusdera  videlicet  in  die  Corporis  Christi  apud  Inchadin  in 
choro  anno  Domini  M  v°  Ivij.  Orate  pro  anima  eius  Pater. 

The  fyft  day  of  August  on  Thwrsday  at  midnycht  Collyn  Campbell 
son  and  apperand  ayr  til  Doncan  Campbell  of  Glenlyon  vas  borne  at 
Enyrvok  the  yer  of  God  ane  M  vc  Ivij  yeris.  God  gif  hyra  grace  tilbe 
ane  gud  man  and  til  prospyr  veyll  in  bodi  and  sawyll. 

Yer  Ivij  fayr  wodyr  all  the  yer  ....  bayth  wontyr  and  Lentren 
quartyr  skant  of  ....  and  bayr  and  deyr  the  symmyr  Ivij 

,     .     .     .     quhill  mydsynimyr  and  than  gud  w 


-.  •  .  .  symmyr  the  yer  of  God  ane  M  vc  Ivij  .  ...  dry  and  het 
the  quhylk  symmyr  the  castell  of  ....  was  begun  til  la  stanis 
in  it  and  the  woltis  was  mayd  or  Lammes.  This  symmyr  vas  deyr 
ewyl  haryst  and  layth  in  the  heland. 

Obiit  Dominus  Nigellus  M'Vellen  cancellarius  de  Lesmore  apud 
Perth  et  sepultus  abidem  xxvij  die  Mertii  anno  Domini  M  vc  Iviij. 
Orate  pro  anima  eius  Pater  nosier. 

Obiit  venerablis  vir  Thomas  Stuart  de  Garintully  apud  eundem 
cepultus  desimo  nono  die  Aprilis  anno  Domini  M  vc  Iviij.  Terras  quas 
predicessores  perdiderunt  ipse  recuperauit  sua  prudentia  et  gubarnatione 
vt  notum  est.  Orate  pro  anima  eius.  Litera  Dominicalis  B. 

Obiit  Patricius  Campbell  films  putatiuus  Johannis  Campbell  de 
Glenwrquhay  apud  Tullychcroft  in  Glenloquhay  primo  die  Mai  et  se 
pultus  apud  Finlark  secundo  die  Mai  anno  Domini  M  v°  Iviij.  .  Litera 
Dominicalis  B.  Orate  pro  anima  eius  Pater  noster  qui  es. 

Obiit  Archibaldus  Dominus  Campbell  de  Ergyll  et  Dominus  de 
Lome  apud  Dulnnyn  et  sepultus  apud  Kylmon 


The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 

anno  Domini  M  vc  Iviij  in  tempore  Congregationis.  Precamur  vt 
saluus  sit.  Fuit  principium  none  legis  hereticorum. 

Obiit  Dougallus  M'Ayn  V'Covill  films  Johannis  Mantych  M'Covill 
V'Ayn  apud  Kynzallyn  in  domo  sua  propria  et  sepultus  apud  Incha- 
din  xxiij  die  Septembris.  Litera  Domirricalis  B.  Orate  pro  anima 
eius.  Anno  Domini  M  vc  Iviij. 

Obiit  Joannes  Stuart  de  Stukis  apud  Balla  .  .  .  in  Straththaye  xv 
Nouembris  et  se  .  .  .  ..  in  ecclesia  Kathedriali  de  Dunk  .... 
eiusdem  Nouembris  anno  Domini  M  vc  ...  cum  maxima  con- 

gregatione rum  et  cum  solennitate  missarum     .     .     . 

.  .  .  a  .  .  .  Orate  pro  anima  eius  P  .  .  .  .  quia  bonus 
fuit  et  sapiens. 

Obiit  Malcolmus  M'Neill  V'E win  apud  Lagfarne  in  Farna  in  domo 
sua  propria  et  sepultus  in  ecclesia  de  Inchadin  octauo  die  Februarii 
anno  Domini  M  vc  Iviij.  Orate  pro  anima  eius  quia  bonus  fuit  ad  Deum 
et  homines. 

Item  the  yer  of  God  M  vc  Iviij  yeris  Marion 

Prins  of  Scotland  and  dochthyr  til  Kyng  James  the  fyft  vas  mareyd  in 
France  vyth  the  dafiyn  of  Frans  and  in  the  passage  till  France  mony 
lordis  and  bissobis  and  men  of  gud  var  send  out  of  Scotland  til  the  said 
mareg  and  mony  of  them  war  pareist  in  the  se  be  tempest  of  the  vodyr. 
The  vyntyr  eftyr  that  vas  rycht  fayr  and  gud  and  lytil  snaw  bot 
mekill  frost  and  gud  scheyp  of  vittellis. 

....  quhylk  symmyr  Schyr  Dougall  M'Gregor  byggyt  .... 
ew  hous  besyd  the  kyrk  of  Fortyrgill  and  ....  myn  yer  Schyr 
Dougall  gat  the  sencellari  .  .  Lessmoyr  fFra  Collin  Campbell  of 

The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 


Obiit  Malcolmus  Barren  de  Keyrquhon  apud  Balloch  desimo  die 
Mertii  anno  Domini  M  vc  lix  yens,  et  sepultus  apud  Inchadin.  The 
symmyr  afoyr  that  the  gret  steugh  com  in  Scotland  anent  the  fayth 
that  our  proge[ni]touris  had  lang  tym  afoyr  that.  That  samyn 
symmyr  afoyr  viz.  lix  yeris  the  Chertros  vas  destroyth  Skwin  brynt 
mekill  trwbill  in  Scotland.  Nayn  durst  sa  mes  na  sacramentis  vsyt  in 
the  aid  fasson.  Evill  symmyr  harist  vyntyr  the  yer  lix  ane  fayr 
Merche  and  frosty  quhill  the  xvj  da  [of]  Merche.  Item  the  xviij  of 
Merche  the  yer  abown  vryttin  viz.  anno  Domini  M  vc  lix  yens  the 
Franse  arme  com  til  Glasquhow  and  van  the  thowin  and  Scottis  lordis 
that  vas  ther  fled  with  ther  cumpany. 

Item  the  symmyr  Ix  yeris  rycht  deyr  evyll  haryst  that  evyr  .  .  s 
seyn.  Mony  Inglismen  Francemen  and  Scottis  ...  .  at  Leyth. 
That  symmyr  Maryon  Quein  . .  .  .  .  land  decessyt  mekill  hungyr 
and  darth  ....  ther  the  feyr  of  maill  and  bayr  xls.  .  • .  .  . 
the  Kyng  of  France  husband  til  ....  g  of  Scotlandis  doychther 
decessyt  that  ....  Na  mes  in  Scotland  that  yer  excep  -.  .  .  . 
yll.  A  fayr  vyntyr  evyl  Februar  ....  snaw. 

Obiit  domina  de  Grantully  sponssa  Thome  Stuart  ....  tully 
xiiij  die  Junii  anno  Domini  M  v°  sexte  .  .  .  .  et  sepulta  in  ecclesia 
de  Grantully. 

Item  the  begynnyn  of  that  Merche  mekill  snaw  .  .  frost  and 
stormis  quhill  the  xxv  dayis  of  Merche  fra  that  furth  fayr  vodyr 
rycht  deyr.  Item  the  begynnin  of  Apriill  evill  frost  snaw  gret  vindis 
and  fra  that  furth  gud  veddyr.  Item  the  May  rycht  dry  and  het  and 
frost  and  vynd.  Item  that  samyn  yer  viz.  Ixj  the  xxvj  day  of  May 
M'Voryst  V'Cawis  with  his  complesis  com  til  Glenalmont  and  Garwin 



The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 

and  tuk  part  of  ky  and  hors  out  of  it  and  George  the  erll  of  Arrall 
follot  on  them  and  slew  part  of  them  bayth  men  and  boyis  and  turnyth 
part  of  the  hors  and  ky  haym  again  bot  my  lord  of  Arrall  vas  reskewyt 
be  Collin  Campbel  of  Glenvrquhay  the  quhilk  vas  at  that  tym  in  the 
Ryndow  besydis  Kyllin  and  send  the  Lord  Arrall  sayf  haym  with  his 
complesis  excep  ane  man. 

Item  the  symmyr  the  yer  ane  M  vc  Ixj  yer  rycht  deyr  all  stwff  fayr 
gud  vodyr  that  haryst  rycht  gud  and  fayr. 

Item  the  yer  of  God  ane  thowsand  fyv  hundyr  tre  scoyr  and  ane  yer 
Maryon  Quein  of  Franc  and  of  Scotland  and  do  ...  til  Kyng 
James  the  fyffc  of  Scotland  com  out  of  France  and  landyt  in  Scotland 
at  Leyth  the  xj  day  of  August  .  .  .  yer  abowin  vryttin  accum- 
panyth  with  mony  France  .  .  .  and  Scottismen  and  that  samyn 
haryst  so  ves  ....  Borosthonys  of  in  the  rome  and  gud 
w  .  .  .  .  sen  hyr  haym  cummyn  and  so  vsyt  mes  .  .  .  . 
the  congregatioun  wald  nocht  tha  ....  sayd  in  Scotland. 

.  .  .  .  wyntyr  quartyr  in  the  yer  of  God  ane  M  vc  Ixj  yer  fayr 
.  .  .  pess  and  rest  in  all  Scotland.  Na  mes  excep  .... 

Item  the  x;  day  of  Februar  Lord  James  son  til  Kyng  James  the  fyft 
vas  mareyd  with  the  LprcJ.  Merchellis  dochther  and  he  gat  the  lordschip 
of  Mar  that  samyn  tym.  Meklle  snaw  in  all  partis  mony  deyr  and 
rays  slain  that  yer.  The  samyn  yer  he  vas  maid  erl  of  Murra. 

Obiit  Jacobus  Campbell  de  Lawers  apud  Perth  xij  die  Februarii  et 
sepultus  apud  Perth  in  ecclesia  parochiali  anno  Domini  M  vc  Ixj. 
Litera  Dominicalis  D.  Orate  pro  anima  eius  &c.  Vixit  tune  temporis 
in  lege  Lutereana.  Fregit  omnia  ossa  sua  super  gradum  hospitii. 

Necatio  Allestyr  M'Ewin  Dow  VGregor  per  Patricunn  M'Ayn  Vyc 

The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 


Olchallum  alias  M'Gregor  Kyllejiese  xxj  die  Mai  anno  Domini  M 
v°  sexagesimo  secundo  et  sepultus  apud  Fos. 

Item  on  Sane  Symon  and  Judes  da  the  erll  of  Huntle  slayn  and 
mony  of  his  kyn  and  freindis  slain  tayin  and  ane  of  his  sonnis  .  .  . 
justifeyth  at  Obyrdin  and  quarterit.  This  doyne  be  Lord  James  erll  of 
Murra  and  of  Mar  and  prior  of  Sanctandres  yer  of  God  ane  M  vc  sexte 
tua  yens.  That  samyn  vyntyr  rycht  fayr  and  guid  vodyr  rycht  deyr  in 
al  partis.  He  obeyid  that  tym  til  Luteris  lawis.  All  this  doin  be  the 
saidis  Lord  James. 

Obiit  honorabilis  vir  Willelmus  Murray  de  Tullybardiny  apud  eun- 
dem  xxx  die  Januarii  anno  Domini  M  v°  sexte  tua  yer.  Orate  pro 
aniina  eius  quia  nobilissimus  fuit  ....  obiit  in  lege  Lutereana. 

Obiit  Joannes  Dou  M'Condoquhy  V'Gregor  apud  castrum  de  Glen- 
wrquha  secundo  die  Februarii  anno  Domini  M  v°  sexte  tua  yer.  Orate 
pro  eo. 

Item  the  vyntyr  sexte  tua  yer  rycht  fayr  nodyr  snaw  nor  frost  .  .  . 
the  nyxt  Lentren  quartyr  rycht  dry  and  deyr  m  all  partis.  Jems  Maria 
sit  semper. 

Item  John  Maistyr  of  Athowill  and  son  till  John  erll  of  Awtholl 
borne  in  Dunkell  the  xxij  day  of  May  on  Settyrday  the  yer  of  God  ane 
M  vc  sexte  tre  yer.  Litera  Dominicalis  C.  God  gif  him  grace  til 
prospyr  weill. 

Item  obiit  Neyn  Glas  in  mense  Februarii  sexte  tre  yeris. 

Obiit  Allexander  Menzes  de  eodem  apud  Perth  et  sepultus  abidem 
septimo  die  Mertii  anno  Domini  M  vc  sexte  tre  yeris.  Abrenuntiauit 
missam  et  sacramentum  altaris. 

Item  the  symmyr  the  yer  of  God  ane  M  v°  sexte  tre  yeris  rycht  deyr 


The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 

viz.  the  boll  of  maill  v  merk  and  the  feyr  of  meill  in  mony  partis  iiij 
merk  and  the  lady  of  Straythort  tuk  v  merk  for  the  boll  of  maill  for 
the  feyr.  Ane  gud  symmyr  and  gud  harist  pece  and  rest  excep  the 
lard  of  Glenvrquhay  wyryth  aganis  Clangregor. 

Obiit  Joannes  Dougallson  apud  Ferna  desimo  sexto  die  Mai  in  domo 
sua  propria  et  sepultus  in  ecclesia  de  Inchadin  desimo  septimo  die 
eiusdem  cum  magna  congregatione  populonim  anno  Domini  M  vc  sexte 
fowr  yeris.  Hilerem  datorem  non  dispisit  Deus  ergo  nee  ipsum  dis- 
pisyt.  Orate  pro  eo  quia  spreuit  legem  hereticorum. 

Obiit  Rinalda  M'Artna  sponssa  Augusii  Dow  M'Ayn  Yoyr  apud 
Rannoch  xxviij  die  May  et  sepulta  apud  Fortyrgill  anno  Domini  M 
v°  sexte  four  yeris.  Orate  pro  anima  eius. 

Item  the  fourt  day  of  Julii  the  yer  of  God  M  vc  sexte  four  yeris  the 
fyrst  stayn  vas  layd  in  the  voltis  of  the  new  castell  of  Duninglas  in 
Glenlyon.  That  symmyr  meklle  rayn  contynele  gud  sayp  of  vittellis 
in  al  partis.  The  yer  afor  that  the  boll  of  mail  gef  in  part  v  merk 
and  this  symmyr  it  vas  for  xviij  s.  and  the  malt  for  xxviij.  Ther  ye 
ma  se  the  grace  of  God. 

.  .  .  .  haryst  sexte  four  yeris  ane  gud  harist.  September  rycht 

the  xxj  day  of  that  September  the  erll  of  .  .  .  .  . 

til  Eddynburch  out  of  Ingland  the  quhilk  ....  out  of  Scotland 
afoyr  that  be  the  erll  of  ....  hed  the  awtoryte  of  Scotland 
quhen  the  ....  was  bannest  and  was  out  of  Scotland  .... 
til  it  the  day  and  yer  afoyr  expre  ......  gyffcis  til  the 

nobillis  of  Scotland and  hors  and  ryngis  of  gold  til 


Obiit  Joannes  Dow  M'Enos  V'Condoquhy  apud  Bonrannoch  quinto 

The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 


die  Nouembris  et  sepultus  in  chore  de  Fortyrgill  in  archa  lingna  sexto 
die  eiusdem  anno  Domini  M  v°  sexte  fowr  yeris.  Litera  Dominicalis  A. 
Orate  pro  anima  eius.  Fuit  firmus  in  fide  chatolica  secundum  Noui 
Testament!  legem. 

Necatus  fuit  Patricius  M'Ayn  VCowill  V'Ayn  per  Jacobum 
M'Gestalcar  apud  Ardewynnek  septimo  die  Decembris  et  sepultus 
octauo  die  eiusdem  apud  Inchadin  in  tumulo  patrueli.  Litera  Domini 
calis  A.  Orate  pro  eo  .  .  Anno  Domini  sexte  four  yeris. 

Obiit  Dominus  Kobertus  M'Genayr  rector  de  Assent  .  .  schriba 
episcopi  curie  de  Dunkell  apud  Dunkell  anno  Domini 

M  vc  sexte  fyve  yere. 

Necati  fuerunt  Gregorius  films  dicani  Lesmorensis  alias  M'Gregor  et 
Robertus  M'Conil  V'Gregor  vndesimo  die  Junii  viz.  in  die  Pentecostes 
post  mediam  noctis  et  domus  fuit  combusta  et  ipsi  necati  per  Jacobum 
M'Gestalcar  cum  suis  complicibus  anno  Domini  M  vc  sexagesimo  quinto 
et  tumulati  in  eodem  tumulo  in  choro  de  Inchadin.  Judex  Deus 
Justus  sciens  asbcondita  et  puniens  quando  wult  vsque  in  tertiam  et 
quartam  progeniem. 

Necatus  fuit  Jacobus  M'Gestalcar  VThatrik  cum  suis  complicibus 
per  Gregorium  M'Gregor  de  Stronmelecan  cum  suis  sodalibus  apud 
Ardowenec  xxvij  die  Julii  anno  Domini  M  v°  sexagesimo  quinto.  Fuit 
nequissimus  et  oppressor  pauperum  vnde  dicitur  Molificos  ne  patiaris 
viuere  super  terram. 

Obiit  Christina  Cwnygem  sponssa  Joannis  Dougallson  apud  Stronfarna 
vltimo  die  Januarii  anno  Domini  M  quingentissimo  sexagesimo  quinto 
et  sepulta  primo  die  Februarii  apud  Inchadin.  Orate  pro  anima  eius. 

Item  in  Merche  the  yer  of  God  ane  M  v45  sexte  fyv  yeris  Monssor 


The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgatt. 

Dawe  ane  Frenceman  and  ane  rycht  tendyr  serwand  til  the  Quenis 
Grace  vas  slane  in  the  Quenis  chalmyr  in  Eddynbroch  be  my  Lord 
Kewen  the  erll  of  Morton  and  be  Lord  Lyndissa  prynsypall  with  ther 
conplesis.  Item  ane  gud  symmer  and  harist  viz.  sexte  and  fyv  yeris  gret 
hayrschyppis  in  mony  partis  of  Scotland  in  Stratherne  in  Lennox  in 
Glenalmond  in  Braydalbin  bayth  slattyr  and  oppressyon  beand  mayd 
in  syndry  vdyr  partis  be  the  erll  of  Ergill  and  M'Gregor  and  ther  com- 
plesis.  Siclyk  in  Strathardil  mony  men  slayn  be  the  men  of  Atholl  and 
the  Stuartis  of  Lorn. 

Obiit  Christina  Neyn  Ville  Stwart  apud  Borrow  in  Glenlyon  et 
sepulta  abidem  xxvj  die  Mertii  anno  Domini  M  vc  sexte  sex  yeris. 

Obiit  Robertas  Eobertson  de  Strowen  apud  Innervak  vi[ce]simo  tertio 
die  Mai  anno  Domini  M  vc  sexte  sex  yeris  et  tumulatus  in  ecclesia  de 
Strowen  die  supra  dicto.  Iste  fait  bonus  subditis  nil  inique  egit  nully 
nocuit  omnibus  suis  profuit  magne  reputationis  apud  proximos 
estimabatur.  Ideo  precor  vt  saluus  erit  et  sic  puto  quia  scribitur 
Proximus  ille  Deo  qui  sit  ratione  tacere. 

Obiit  Patricius  M'Genayr  apud  Tomclatin  et  ^  .  .  .  apud  Dow 
vigesimo  nono  die  Octobris  anno  Domini  M  vc  sexte  sex  yeris.  Litera 
Dominicalis  F. 

Item  anno  Domini  M  vc  sexte  sex  yeris  ane  gud  symmer  evyl 
August  .  .  .  veyth  in  September  gud  corne  in  al  partis  evil 
October  .... 

Item  the  nynt  day  of  Februar  on  Sunda  at  mydnycht  the  yer  of  God 
ane  thowsand  fyv  hundyr  sexte  sex  yeris  Hary  King  of  Scotland  son 
til  the  erl  of  Lennox  the  housband  til  Quene  Mare  Queue  of  Scotland 
and  dochther  til  Kyng  James  the  fyft  the  said  Hare  was  murdreist  and 

The  Chronicle  of  Fortiryall. 


slayn  the  said  da  and  yer  at  the  Halyrwdos  in  Edynbrocht  be  quhom 
I  can  nocht  tell  zyt  bot  eftyr  that  it  vas  hard  that  it  vas  doyne  be  the 
Lord  Bodcll  and  his  complesis.  The  said  Lord  Bodell  eftyr  that  vas 
mareyth  with  the  Quein  and  partyt  with  his  awin  Lade. 

Item  the  xj  day  of  Junii  the  yer  of  God  ane  M  vc  sexte  sewyn  yeris 
the  saidis  Quene  Marion  was  tayne  be  my  Lord  of 

Atholl  and  his  conplesis  princypell  and  so  was  hed  til  Lochlewin  and 
haldyn  ther  in  captywyte  and  my  Lord  Bodell  fled  til  the  nord  land 
til  syc  refug  and  eftyr  that  was  ane  rawer  on  the  se  on  Scotland  and 
Ingland  and  zyd  til  Denmark. 

Item  the  fyrst  da  of  May  the  Quhene  of  Scotland  com  out  of  Loch 
lewin  quhar  so  was  in  captiuyte.  So  was  conwoyt  out  of  that  be  the 
lard  of  Lochlewenis  brodyr  and  hed  til  Castel  Homilton  and  the  xiij 
da  of  May  eftyr  that  hyr  complesis  and  met  with  the  Begent  Lord  of 
Murray  hyr  contrapart  quhar  mony  of  the  Quenis  men  war  slayne  and 
tayn  and  so  gat  awa  and  the  erll  of  Ergill  and  ther  was  slayne  mayr 
na  thoyll  scoyr  on  the  Quenis  syd  and  the  rysydew  put  to  flycht  and 
part  tayne. 

The  symmyr  sexte  sevin  yeris  rycht  dry  and  het  that  brynt  .  .  kill 
come  and  gyrs  in  mony  partis  of  Scotland  .  .  .  evyl  haryst  and 
naymly  October  and  part  of  Septembar. 

Memorandum  the  fyft  da  of  Apryill  the  yer  of  God  ane  thowsand 
V3  tre  scoyr  aucht  yeris  the  lytil  barne  Jonet  Campbell  com  til  me  so 
beand  bot  fyv  quarteris  aid.  God  gif  his  grace  til  prospyr  veill. 

Obiit  Duncanus  M'Allestyr  V'Olchallum  VGregor  apud  Slattych  in 
Glenlyon  xiij  die  Aprilis  M  v°  sexte  viij  yeris.  He  vas  bot  xxvij  yer 


The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 

Obiit  Joneta  Neyn  Gregor  apud  Fortyrgill  et  sepulta  in  choro 
eiusdem  xij  die  Octobris  anno  Domini  M  v°  sexte  viij  yeris. 

The  Eegent  of  Scotland  callyt  James  Stuart  bastyr  son  til  Kyng 
James  the  fyft .  slayn  at  Lythquhow  the  xxiij  day  of  Januar  the  yer  of 
God  M  vc  sexte  nyn  yeris.  He  vas  slan  be  Humyltown 

with  ane  handgon. 

Item  that  wyntyr  and  haryst  rycht  fayr  vodyr  and  gud  sayp  of 
vyttellis  thoch  the  symmyr  afoyr  that  vas  rycht  deyr  the  feyr  of  bayr 
tre  pund  ilk  boll  and  the  boll  of  mail  iiij  merk. 

The  vij  da  of  Apryill  Gregor  M'Gregor  of  Glensra  heddyt  at  Belloch 
anno  sexte  and  ten  yeris. 

The  xxij  day  of  Awgust  John  M'Conil  Dow  VGeglas  V'Kesok  slayn 
besyd  Glenfallych  and  xiij  men  of  the  lardis  of  Glenwrquhais  men 
slayn  that  da  be  Clangregor  and  ther 'complesis  sexte  ten  yeris.  Gud 
in  hawin  stance  them  of  ther  vykgytnes.  So  be  it. 

The  symmyr  sexte  ten  yeris  rycht  gud  and  all  vittellis  gud  sayp  the 
Awgust  rycht  fayr  and  gud  vodyr.  The  secund  day  of  September  the 
yer  forsaid  the  erll  of  Hummylton  the  aid  Duk  of  Scotland  the  erll 
of  Argill  the  erll  of  Awtholl  the  bissop  of  Sanctandros  the  abbot  of 
Kylmonnyn  the  Lord.  Secutor  the  Lord  Catnes  and  mony  vderis  lordis 
and  men  of  gud  conuenyt  al  thegyddyr  at  the  furd  of  Lyon  and  ther 
thay  sat  ane  [con]sal  in  the  hall  of  Thomethogill.  I  can  nocht  tell 
zyt  quhat  vas  concludyt  ther. 

Item  the  xxv  da  of  Septembar  Mclndla  decessyt  and  vas  yirdyt  the 
xxvj  da  of  the  samyn  sexte  ten  yeris.  Litera  Dominican's  A.  Sep 
tember  ewyll  vodyr  and  Octobar  quhill  the  xv  day  and  than  guid 
vodyr  and  fayr. 

The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 


Item  the  byssop  of  Sanctandros  abboth  of  Payssla  callyt  Maistyr 
John  Hummylthon  tayn  in  the  castell  of  Dunbarten  and  all  thay  that 
was  therin  war  tayn  be  tresson  of  ane  capitan  that  was  keipand  the  sayd 
castell  and  the  said  bissop  vas  tayn  and  justifeit  and  hangyt  in 
Styrwelyn.  Al  this  doyn  be  my  Lord  Lennox  Regent  of  Scotland  that 
tym.  The  castal  tayn  the  fyrst  day  of  Apryill  the  yer  of  God  ane  M 
v°  sexte  lewyn  yens.  The  wyntyr  and  Lentren  quartyr  ewyll  wodyr 
mony  seip  and  gayth  ded  skant  of  fodyr  in  mony  plassis. 

Item  the  fyrst  day  of  September  the  yer  of  God  ane  M  v°  sexte  lewin 
yeris  the  erl  of  Huntlye  and  Lord  Glyd  com  out  of  Edynbroch  ondyr 
sylenc  of  the  nycht  til  Styrwelyng  with  ther  complesys  and  tuk  my 
Lord  Eegent  erll  of  Lennox  some  Inglysman  and  was  slan  that 
samyn  da  with  ane  culculryn  be  the  saydis  compane.  It  vas  rycht 
ewyl  wodyr  in  September  and  October.  That  samyn  haryst  the  xiiij 
da  and  yer  abowin  James  Eewen  ane  gud  serwand  of  the  lardis  of 
Glenwrquhays  was  d  .  .  nyth  in  vattyr  of  Glenquoyth  and  zyrdyth 
in  Inchadin.  Item  that  wynthyr  rycht  fayr  wodyr  quhyl  the  fyftein 
day  of  Januar  and  fra  that  furth  quhyl  the  xxij  day  of  Merche 
gret  frost  that  na  plwis  zyd  quhil  aucht  dayis  eftyr  that  and  men 
mycht  weill  pas  and  repas  on  the  ies  of  Lyon  the  tryd  day  of 

Obiit  Gregorius  films  vicarii  de  Fortyrgill  in  domo  sui  patris  in  For- 
tyrgill  desimo  sexto  die  Nouembris  anno  Domini  M  vc  sexte  levin  yeris 
et  eodem  die  sepultus  in  Fortyrgill. 

Item  samyn  yer  viz.  ane  M  vc  sexte  lewin  yeris  the  xxij  day  of 
Februar  ther  com  eftyr  nown  ane  gret  stroym  and  snaw  and  hayll 
and  wynd  that  na  man  nor  best  mycht  tak  wp  ther  heddis  nor 



The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 

gayng  nor  ryd  and  mony  bestis  war  pareist  forth  in  that  storm 
and  mony  men  and  vemen  war  pareist  in  syndry  partis  and  al 
kynd  of  vyttellis  rycht  deyr  and  that  becaus  na  millis  mycht  gryn 
for  the  frost.  All  cornis  com  til  the  mill  of  Dunkell  out  of  Sane 
Jonisthown  betuyxt  that  and  Dunkell  and  all  vdyr  bundis  about  far 
and  neyr.  The  maill  gef  that  tym  in  Sane  Jonisthown  xliiij  s.  the 
malt  xxxiiij  s.  and  or  Sane  Patrykis  day  the  maill  vas  for  xxv  s.  viij  d. 
and  the  malt  for  xxx  s. 

Item  the  tryd  day  of  Merche  the  yer  of  God  ane  M  vc  sexte  lewin 
yeris  my  Lord  Meffen  slayn  be  ane  scot  (schot)  of  ane  gowin  that  com 
out  of  the  castel  of  Edynbroch  be  the  Lord  Hummilton  and  erll  of 
Hunttly  and  ther  complesis  and  gret  weris  that  yer  in  the  north  land 
betuyxt  Gordonis  and  Forbesis  and  the  Forbesis  put  til  the  warst  and 
mony  slayn  of  them  and  thownis  vastitht  and  brynt. 

The  xxiiij  day  of  September  the  yer  of  God  ane  thowsand  fyv  hundyr 
sexte  xij  yeris  Allestyr  M'Allestyr  slain  and  his  son  ane  yonge  barne  of 
sewin  yer  all  aid  callyt  Gregor  and  Duncan  brodyr  tyl  Allestyr  al  slain 
in  Stromfarna  be  Patryk  Dow  M'Gregor  VCondoquhy  Lawdossyt 
with  his  complesis  and  be  the  drath  of  Allestyr  Gald  M'VGregor. 
The  sadis  Allestyr  and  his  son  and  brodyr  zyrdyth  in  Fortyrgill 
the  awcht  and  xx  da  of  Septembar.  Si  bene  fesit  sic  habuit.  The 
quhylk  yer  on  Sane  Bartholomis  day  the  papetis  in  France  slew  and 
murdreist  in  the  nycht  mony  men  and  vemen  of  the  congregation  of 

Item  my  Lord  Ersgyn  Kegent  of  Scotland  decessyt  apud  Styrweling 
at  Mychelmes  or  therby  the  yer  of  God  M  vc  Ixxij  yeris. 

Obiit  Donaldus  Elder  M'Quhewin  apud  Theneyff  in  domo  filii  sui 

The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 


Donaldi  vltimo  die  Nouembris  et  sepultus  eodem  die  in  choro  de  For 
tyrgill  anno  Domini  M  v°  septuagesimo  secundo.  Litera  Doinini- 
calis  D. 

Item  obiit  Katherina  Neyn  Allestyr  V'Olchallum  VGregor  sponssa 
Patricii  M'Qukewin  apud  Ardtrasgyr  desimo  nono  die  Januarii  in 
gallocantu  et  sepulta  in  choro  de  Fortyrgil  eodem  die  anno  Domini 
M  vc  Ixxij. 

The  castel  of  Edynbroch  tain  and  vin  be  the  Regent  of  Scotland 
callyt  Lord  Morton  be  the  supple  of  Inglismen.  The  laird  of  Graynche 
justifeyt  and  quarterit  and  inony  vderis  the  yer  of  God  A  M  v°  sexte 
and  xij  yeris. 

Obiit  Donaldus  M'Gregor  V'Covil  in  the  nord  land  xxx  die  Mertii 
et  sepultus  in  eccletia  de  Taldow  in  Strathdayn  anno  Domini  M  v°  sexte 
xiij  yeris. 

Item  Donald  Dow  M'Couil  V'Quhewin  heddyt  at  the  Kenmor  be 
Collyn  Campbel  of  Glenwrquhay  the  sewint  day  of  Apryill  and  zirdyt 
in  Fortyrgill  that  samyn  day  the  yer  of  God  ane  M  vc  sexte  xiiij  yeris. 

Item  gud  Maid  N'Ayn  Vay  in  Glenlyon  spous  til  the  clerk  M'Nevin 
zirdyt  in  Branwo  the  xxviij  day  of  Apryil  the  yer  abowin  vrittyn.  God 
hawe  mercy  of  hyr. 

Obiit  Ellyssat  Neyn  Huston  V'Ewyn  sponssa  Donaldi  M'Condoquhy 
Voyr  apnd  Fortyrgill  sexto  die  Mei  et  sepulta  septimo  die  eiusdem  in 
choro  de  Fortyrgil  anno  Domini  M  vc  sexte  xiiij  yeris. 

Necatus  fuit  Patricius  Dow  M'Gregor  V'Duncan  Lawdossyt  apud 
Bofudyr  per  Clandowilchayr  quarto  die  Octobris  anno  Domini  M  vc  sexte 
xiiij  yeris. 

Obiit  Willelmus  Stuart  de  Grantully  apud  eundem  quarto  die  Mertii 


The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 

et  sepultus  in  eccletia  de  Grantully  sexto  die  Mertii  viz.  in  Dominica 
die  anno  Domini  millesimo  vc  Ixxiiij.  Kequiescat  in  pace  quia  bonus 

Item  the  symmyr  in  the  yer  of  God  ane  M  vc  Ixxiiij  rycht  ewil  vodyr 
and  deyr  the  bol  of  malt  five  merk  and  half  merk  and  the  bol  of  mail 
iiij  merk  and  3  (one  third  ?)  merk.  Evil  August  wynd  and  ran.  The 
justice  ayr  in  the  nord  land  haldin  be  the  Kegent  callyth  James  Douglas 
erll  of  Morton.  That  samyn  harist  ewil  vodyr  that  evyr  was  sein  con 
tinual  weyth. 

Item  the  yer  of  G-od  M  vc  sexte  xv  yeris  on  the  Nyn  Virgines  day  the 
prasyn  and  the  margat  was  haldin  and  begwn  at  the  Kenmor  at  the 
end  of  Lochthay  and  ther  was  na  margat  nor  fayr  haldin  at  Inchadin 
quhar  it  was  wynt  tilbe  haldin.  All  this  doin  be  Collyn  Campbell  of 

Item  the  Challar  M'Grassych  Awyllych  slayn  at  Fortyrgill  be  John 
M'lndla  VCoyrll  and  Patrik  his  brodyr  the  quhilk  tua  brodyr  war 
slayn  that  samyn  hoyr  at  Fortyrgill  on  Sonday  eftyr  the  nycht  fell 
thay  all  beand  eftyr  drynkin  and  twa  M'Coyrllis  war  s]ayn  be  Donald 
M'Ginleyth  Woyr  V'Cowill  alias  Campbell.  This  doin  the  xxij  day  of 
Januar  sexte  xv  yeris  and  thyr  tre  personis  var  zyrdyth  the  xxiij  day 
of  Januar  in  the  kyrk  of  Fortyrgill.  God  haff  merci  of  them. 

Item  the  feyr  of  bayr  and  malt  that  yer  fy v  merk  and  the  maill  tre 

Item  the  xxiij  da  of  Merche  the  yer  abowin  vryttin  I  began  til  saw 
in  the  Borllin  of  Fortyrgill.  Ane  rycht  ewyl  Merche  and  ane  evil 
December  Januar  and  Februar  bayth  snaw  and  frost  weyth  and  hayll 
and  vyttellis  rycht  deyr  al  that  wyntyr  and  Lentren  quartyr. 

The  Chronicle  of  Fortiryall. 


Obiit  Dnncanus  M'Geclerych  V'Couil  Vantych  apud  Ledonec  in  domo 
sua  propria  desimo  octauo  die  May  et  sepultus  desimo  nono  die  eius- 
dem  in  choro  de  Fortyrgill  anno  Domini  M  vc  sexte  xvj  yeris.  Bonus 
fuit.  Kequiescat  in  pace  sempiterna. 

Item  the  xix  da  of  Junii  the  yer  of  God  ane  M  v°  sexte  sexteyn 
yeris  Moreist  M'Ayn  Woreist  V'Kay  and  tua  yong  men  slain  witli 
him  in  the  pet  mos  in  mekill  Culdyr  be  Allestyr  M'James  laird  of 
Glennis  with  his  complesis.  Deus  judex  in  tali  cawsa. 

Obiit  Joneta  Neyn  Duncan  V'Gregor  sponssa  Donaldi  M'Quhewin 
apud  Thyneyff  vltimo  die  Junii  et  sepulta  primo  die  Julii  in  choro  de 
Fortyrgill  anno  Domini  M  vc  sexte  and  xvi  yeris.  The  quhilk  symer 
was  rycht  gud  vodyr  bot  ther  vas  wyer  betwyxt  my  Lord  of  Argyll  and 
my  Lord  Awtholl  and  gret  spwlyation  mayd  be  the  men  of  Lochchabyr 
on  pwer  men.  God  se  til  that.  Item  all  Junii  and  Julii  and  Awgust 
lycht  ewyl  vodyr  mekill  ran  and  veyth  quhill  September  and  than 
rycht  fayr  vodyr  quhill  the  xvj  da  of  September  eftyr  that  rycht  ewyl 
vodyr  na  aytis  some  in  Fortyrgill  the  xxiij  da  of  September  bot  rycht 
lytill  and  namly  in  Ballenecragge.  Item  al  October  evil  vodyr  mekil 
corne  onsorne  and  onled. 

Item  the  erll  of  Huntly  decessyt  the  xviij  da  of  October  anno  Domini 
M  vc  sexte  sextein  yeris  in  He  decessyt  suttenly.  Ewil 

haryst  ewil  vintyr  ewil  Merche  contynual  weyth  and  nae  aytes  sawyn 
in  Merche.  The  xxij  da  of  Merche  I  began  til  saw  aytis. 

Item  John  Stuart  M'Neyll  of  Bonrannych  dronyth  in  wattyr  of 
Mwyrellhows  in  the  Cro  of  Mar  the  secund  da  of  May  the  yer  of  God  M 
vc  sexte  and  xvij  yeris. 

That  Apryll  rycht  ewill  vodyr  and  the  May  mekill  weyth  and  ran 


The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 

and  Jtinii  rycht  evyl  weyth  and  vynd  and  the  bayr  seyd  rycht  layth 
in  al  plasis  quhil  eftyr  Sane  Colmis  day.  Item  that  symmyr  the  caste! 
of  Weym  vas  byggyth  and  endyth. 

Obiit  Duncanus  Campbell  de  Glenlyon  apud  castrum  de  Belloch  xvij 
die  Januarii  et  sepultus  in  capella  de  Finlark  xviij  die  eiusdem  anno 
Domini  M  v°  sexte  xviij  yeris  cuitis  anime  propriciatur  Deus.  Non  fuit 
auarus.  Hilarem  datorem  diligit  Deus. 

Obiit  Joannes  Stuart  comes  Awtholie  apud  Kincorne  xxv  die  Aprilis 
anno  Domini  sexte  xix  yeris. 

Item  in  the  yer  thair  is  thre  peralis  dais  in  speciall  and  generall  for 
all  thingis  viz.  the  first  Munnunda  euer  yer  the  last  Munnunda  of  May 
and  the  last  Munnunda  of  September  and  the  malis  of  them  is  a  dark 
sais  that  quhat  chylde  is  gottin  or  borne  on  that  day  or  ony  ane  of  thir 
tre  dais  for  verite  he  sail  owthyr  be  brint  or  dronit  or  de  suddanle 
and  it  be  ane  madin  schyld  scho  salbe  ane  commund  voman  er  ellis  sum 
vthyr  ewill  doyar  and  abill  tyll  haff  ane  ewyll  ending  and  gyff  ony 
man  or  voman  ettis  ony  gwys  fles  in  ony  of  thir  tre  dais  he  sail  hawe 
the  fFaland  ewil  and  ne  wark  sail  cum  to  guid  end  at  is  begun  in  ony  of 
thir  tre  dais.  The  best  dais  of  ewre  moneth  for  to  begin  ony  wark  or 
to  tak  ony  jurna  in  hand  is  the  fyrst  day  the  ferd  day  the  vj  day  the 
vij  day  the  xiiij  da.  Item  ther  is  tre  dais  and  Sane  Beid  sayis  that 
quhat  man  or  woman  is  borne  in  ony  of  them  his  fles  sail  neuir  rot 
viz.  the  xij  day  of  Januar  the  xiiij  day  of  Merche  and  the  xviij  day  of 

The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 

Nill  timere  credis  uxoris  sepe  querelis 
Namque  Deus  nouit  vt  quos  tu  diligis  odit. 

Raro  credatur  cuiquam  qui  multa  loquitur. 

Ascalonita  necat  pueros  Antipa  Johannem 
Agrippa  Jacobum  claudens  in  carcere  Petrum. 

Mulier  est  hominis  confusio  insaciabilis  bestia  continua  solicitude 
indeficiens  pungna  quotidianum  damnum  domus  tempestatis  impedi- 
mentum  viri  continentis  naufragium  vas  adulterii  periculosum  pre- 
dium  animalle  pessimum  grauissimum  pondus  aspis  insanabilis 
humanum  mancipiuni  in  pungna  vnde  enim  mulier  quase  mulcens 

Fili  fuge  ebrietatem. 

Ebrietas  est  tota  imbescilis  primo  abolet  memoriam  dissipat  sensum 
neclegit  mentem  confundit  intellectum  concitat  libidinem  imbuit 
linguain  imph'cat  sermonem  corrumpit  sanguinem  obtundit  visum 
perturbat  venas  infirmat  neruos  abturet  aures  turbat  viscera  subuertit 
sensus  humectat  cerebrum  debilitat  membra  frangit  sompnum  im- 
pedit  ministeria  obruit  animum  maculat  corpus  et  anima  salutem 

Anna  primum  virum  habuit  Joachim  de  quo  concepit  Mariana 
matrem  Domini  sponsam  Joseph.  Eo  mortuo  accepit  Anna  Cleopharn 
de  quo  habuit  aliam  Mariana  que  nupsit  Alpheo  de[inde]  habuit  qua- 


The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 

tuor  filios  viz.  Joseph  Thadeum  Symonein  et  Jacobum.  Mortuo 
autem  Cleopha  accepit  predicta  Anna  tertium  maritum  viz.  Salome 
de  quo  habuit  tertiam  Mariam  quam  dedit  Zebedeo  de  quo  habuit  duos 
filios  viz.  Johannem  ewangelistam  et  Jacobum. 

Nomina  Apostolorum. 

Petrus  et  Andreas  Jacobus  pariterque  Johannes 
Thomas  et  Jacobus  Phillippus  Bartholomeus 
Matheus  Symon  Thadeus  vnde  Mathias. 

Nota.  Adamis  eilld.  In  the  xv  yer  of  aig  he  gat  Cayne  and  his  sister 
Calmana  and  in  the  xxx  yer  of  aig  he  gat  Abell  and  his  sistyr  Debbora. 
Bot  Abell  wes  thereftyr  slane  be  his  brodyr  Cayne  quhairfor  Adam  and 
Ewe  dolowrit  ane  hundyr  yer.  And  quhen  he  wes  ane  hundyr  and  xxx 
yer  aid  Adam  gat  Seith  and  lewyt  thereftyr  viij  yeir  and  sua  quhen 
Adam  deit  he  was  ix  hundyr  and  xxx  yer  in  haill. 

Item  haly  sanctis  sais  that  Allmychty  God  hecht  to  Noye  at  ther  suld 
nocht  be  sicht  ane  flud  as  wes  in  Noyis  tyme  neuir  eftyr  hend  and  in 
taking  therof  God  set  his  bow  in  the  air  quhilk  is  lik  vattyr  and  ffyir 
quhilk  is  liknyt  to  tua  domis  viz.  wattyr  and  ffyir.  The  doime  of 
wattyr  sail  neuir  be  bot  doutles  fyir  salbe  and  the  raynbow  sail  nocht 
be  sein  fourthy  yeris  befoir. 

Die  primo  facta  est  lux  die  2  factum  est  celum  die  3  factum  est 
mare  et  terra  die  quarto  soil  luna  et  stelle  die  quinto  reptantia 
maris  et  volatilia  sexto  die  jumenta  serpentes  bestie  et  homo. 

The  Chronicle  of  Fortircjall. 

Nota.  Irland  is  xij  scoir  mylis  of  lenth  viz.  betwixt  Clachstockcan 
in  Vltew  agis  Caruenant  in  Movin  the  quhylk  deuidis  in  vj 
partis  viz.  Cogow  Vllych  Cogow  Layne  Cogow  Chonnicht  the  tua 
Movinnis  and  the  Mee.  Item  there  is  in  Cogow  Vllych  xxxv  trew- 
chacheudis  of  land.  Item  in  Cogow  Connych  xxx  trewchachedis. 
Item  in  Cogow  Layne  xxxj  trechachedis  of  land.  Item  in  the  Mee 
xvij  trechachedis  of  land.  Item  ilk  trewchached  xxx  vpland  thownis 
callyt  with  them  ballych  beatych  forwtyn  the  barronis  of  Irland  and 
ilk  ane  of  thai  vpland  townis  suld  heir  iij  c  ky  vith  all  vdyr  gudis 
efferand  therto  and  vij  plwis  vith  pastour  eneuch.  Item  the  some  of 
trewchacheddis  is  ix  scoyr  and  iij. 

Luffaris  bewar  and  tak  gud  hed 
Quhom  that  ye  luiff  quharfoir  ye  suflyr  pane 
I  lat  yow  wit  ther  is  rycht  few  abowte 
That  ye  may  trist  to  haif  trew  luif  agane 
Preif  quhen  ye  wyll  yowr  labowr  is  in  vane 
Therfor  I  red  ye  tak  thame  as  ye  fynd 
For  thai  ar  sad  as  widdyrcok  in  vynd. 

Non  ad  taxillos  ludas  nam  jus  illos 
Ludi  vitentur  aut  pluria  dampna  sequentur 
Ludere  dispendit  res  famam  tempora  perdit 
Fraudem  committit  mendacia  scandala  nutrit 
Se  male  ditare  cupit  et  alios  spoliare 
Clamat  blasphemat  irascitur  et  maledampnat 



The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 

Infert  litigia  periuria  verbera  furta 
Ecclesiam  spernit  nocet  huic  qui  ludere  cernit 
Languit  marcessit  dolet  amittendo  calescit 
Perdens  insanit  male  stando  corpus  inanit 
Quamuis  letetur  modicum  si  forte  lucretur 
Non  hoc  ditatur  iniuste  si  teneatur. 

Zana  wrys  fane  zea  senene  lavaynd  enoyll 
Wylssw  thoys  gehilk  er  coyrll  crok  isfoyll 
Ne  dawyll  eclye  gyth  kayll  quhyzeyld  nar  kend  ge  moyr 
Lo  nasenthe  w°da  er  sathyn  zew  paynechoyr 
Euksw  thorre  assinwur  ge  donne  lessyr  Ion  bee 
Traiksw  charwis  errenoyll  quhaba  doyne  spyryt  neyfT 
Eda  eichyth  la  wa  dea  na  traske  gyn  vaye  se  nain 
Nyth  ene  elye  chor  seis  isse  nye  va  cheist  erir  kayn 
La  zazyng  irloch  nyrhair  coram  veis  na  zoyll 
Is  fadde  quhyorrew  egain  ayth  is  braik  is  foyll 
Anfythn  gyncrydew  erdoynyr  hantyth  is  noyg  nar  lae 
Nyrhene  gynyrbe  gedes  ezene  vrysfane  zae. 

To  stanch  blud. 

Item  the  pudyr  of  Paches  castin  apon  the  place  quhar  ane  bludyt 
stanchyt  the  bledyng. 

Item  ane  oynion  is  helssum  to  annoynt  the  place  that  is  bittin  vith 
ane  madde  dog. 

The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 

Item  gyf  a  man  be  dissasyt  be  drynkyng  of  vyne  owyr  nyglit  let  hyui 
on  the  mornyng  tak  ane  fresche  dryng  of  wyn  agan. 

Item  he  that  vil  pas  on  the  se  a  few  dais  or  he  pas  he  sal  mekill  the 
se  vattyr  vith  wyne  and  gif  he  ma  nocht  get  wyne  lat  hym  dryng  part 
of  the  se  vattyr  and  he  sail  eschew  spuyng. 

Item  drynkyng  of  vattyr  hurteth  the  stomok  and  dystroyth  the 
appetyt.  Item  drynkin  of  vattyr  with  met  lattyth  degestion  for  it 
inakgy th  the  met  that  is  etjn  than  raw.  Item  moche  vattyr  suld  nocht 
be  drunkin  eftyr  met  it  causyth  the  met  sowm  in  the  stomak. 

Item  denar  and  supper  ane  suld  et  weil  and  drynk  oft  and  lytil  at 
ones  and  nocht  to  do  as  a  brut  best  dois  that  etyth  his  fil  of  met  and 
drynketh  eftyrwart  for  the  bettyr  that  the  drynk  be  mynglet  with 
the  met. 

Item  propretes  of  mustyr  seid.  The  fyrst  is  it  makith  ones  eis  to 
vattyr  be  reson  it  is  varra  had  and  lowissyth  the  hwmeditis  of  the  brane. 
Item  it  purgyth  the  brain  and  clenseth  away  the  flewmatyk  humedetes 
of  the  hed.  Alsua  gif  it  be  put  into  the  nosthrillis  it  purgyth  the  lied 
by  resson  that  it  prowokyth  man  to  neis  the  nesying  purgith  the  brane. 
Item  wenous  wormes  ma  nocht  byid  the  smuk  of  mustert  scid. 

Item  irnmediat  slep  eftyr  met  and  that  is  gif  ane  et  his  fyl  for  the 
immediat  slep  wil  nocht  suffyr  the  met  to  degest  and  of  met  ondegestit 
ar  engenneryt  gros  ondegestit  fumeis  quhylk  with  ther  grossenes  stop 
the  conduytes  of  hering.  The  secund'is  moche  rnowyng  eftyr  met. 
The  trid  is  dronknes. 

Item  ewyl  for  the  sycht  til  luk  aganis  the  son.  Item  wepin  and 
gretyng.  Item  mustert.  Item  carnal  copulation  and  special  eftyr  gret 


The  Chronicle  of  Fortirgall. 

Non  sum  qui  laudem  summo  te  accumbere  mane 
Judice  conueniens  me  dabit  hora  cibum 
Viuat  in  eterrmm  qui  dat  michi  dulce  Falernum 
Qui  michi  dat  villum  mala  passio  capiat  ilium. 

Buncan  Eatbeus'  Testament. 

^•Asjt/^M  y&$twt**$t&wt  of  £«^*  o^e. 

/  0  A/\*  L.P  i  A  \lj/\^\\  C£  M\AMJ  &C<]VW~v\  jtln^W^. 

/ytPph /T  rVt7')  1/H//x*/^  'KCw    >KVWKV        *^M 

/i/i  /i  /  /i  /?/  v)      /2^  . 




tfywcu*     W 

(o>  /I 


Quhen  passit  wes  the  tyme  of  tendir  age, 

And  Youth  with  Insolence  maid  acquentance, 

And  Wickitnes  enforced  Evill  courage, 
Quhill  Micht  with  Crueltie  maid  alliance, 
Then  Falshead  tuke  on  him  the  governance 

And  me  betaucht  ane  houshald  for  to  gyde 

Callit  Evill  cumpanie  baith  to  gang  and  ryde. 

My  maister  houshald  wes  heich  Oppressioun, 
Eeif  my  Stewart  that  cairit  of  na  wrang, 

Murthure,  Slauchtir,  ay  of  ane  professioun, 
My  cubicularis  hes  bene  thir  yearis  lang, 
Recept  that  oft  tuik  in  mony  ane  fang 

Wes  portar  the  yettis  to  oppin  wyde, 

And  Couatice  wes  chalmerlane  at  all  tyde. 


Duncan  Laideus' 

Conspiracie,  Inwy,  and  Fals  repoirt 

Wer  iny  priue  counsalouris  lewe  and  deare, 

Then  Kubberie  the  poepill  to  extoirt 

And  Commone  thift  tuke  on  thame  sa  the  steir 
That  Treuth  in  my  presence  durst  not  appeir, 

For  Falsheid  had  him  ay  at  mortall  feid, 

And  Thift  brocht  Lawtie  finalie  to  deid. 

Oppressioun  cleikit  Gude  reule  be  the  hair 
And  suddanlie  in  ane  presoun  him  flang, 

And  Crueltie  caist  Pitie  ouir  the  stair, 

Quhill  Innocence  wes  murthurit  in  that  thrang. 
Then  Falshead  said  he  maid  my  hous  richt  strang 

And  furnist  weill  with  meikill  wrangus  geir, 

And  baid  me  neither  God  nor  man  to  feir. 

This  cative  cumpanie  had  sa  in  cure 

Baith  my  bodie  and  saule  in  governance, 

That  I  dred  nocht  Fortunes  miseventure 
Nor  of  the  warld  the  doubill  inconstance. 
But  now,  alace  !  richt  sone  Dame  Variance 

Hes  maid  ane  change  and  brocht  me  to  rwyne 

For  my  demeritis  to  gar  me  thoill  pyne. 



Bot  now,  alace  !  the  time  approchis  neir 
That  the  saule  fra  the  bodie  mon  depairt ; 

Quhairfoir  I  pray  yow  that  be  present  heir 
Vnto  my  counsall  now  ye  will  aduert, 
Syne  schaw  it  to  my  complices  eftirwart : 

I  wat  thai  will  say,  '  He  that  suld  hawd  ws 

Is  gane  for  euir,  gude  Duncane  Lawdus/ 

First  in  my  youthead  I  began  to  deale 

With  small  oppressionis  and  tendir  lambis, 

Syne  with  Lawtie  I  brak  baith  band  and  seill, 
Cleikit  couplit  kiddis  with  thair  damis, 
Eftir  fangit  beafe  with  greit  hammis, 

Then  culd  I  nocht  stand  content  of  ane  kow 

Without  I  gat  the  best  stirk  of  the  bow. 

Syne  rang  I  furth  in  Tyranie  alway 
Slayand  just  men  that  neuir  did  offence, 

Quhill  mony  complaint  come  baith  nycht  and  day 
To  King  James  the  Ferd  that  royall  prince, 
Quha  gaif  strait  command  without  residence 

Me  to  searche  and  seik  in  euerie  place 

Quhill  I  wer  fund  and  brocht  vnto  His  Grace. 


Duncan  Laideus' 

The  loud  corrinoch  then  did  me  exile 

Throw  Lome,  Argyle,  Menteith  and  Braidalbane 

Bot,  lyke  ane  fox  with  mony  wrink  and  wyle 
Fra  the  hundis  eschapis  oft  onslane, 
Sa  did  I  then,  syne  schupe  me  to  remane 

In  Lochabir  with  gude  Ewin  Alesoun, 

Quhair  that  we  wan  mony  ane  malesoun. 

My  tarie  thair  wes  hot  for  ane  schoirt  quhyle, 
Quhen  hastalie  on  me  wes  maid  ane  chace 

Be  vmquhile  Archibald  Erie  of  Argyle : 
Syne  hitherwart  agane  I  maid  ane  race, 
Quhair  me  betyde  richt  sone  ane  cairfull  cace, 

Tane  lyke  ane  tratoure  without  moir  delay 

Be  Schir  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenvrquhay, 

This  wyis  man  knew  richt  weill  my  wickit  mynd, 
And  sone  gart  cast  me  into  ane  dungeoun  deip 

Fast  into  fetteris  fessonit  and  sair  pynd, 
Quhair,  as  I  list  bot  litill  for  to  sleip, 
Disparit  of  grace  [I]  ay  did  murne  and  weip : 

Drownit  in  sorrow  wes  baith  my  mynd  and  cheir 

Quhill  eftirwart  the  fate  approched  neir. 



The  dolorous  day  and  dulefull  houre 
Of  Floudoun  feild  and  battell  intestyne 

That  royall  roy,  of  cheualrie  the  floure, 
With  infinite  nobillis  brocht  vnto  rwyne. 
This  gentill  knycht  with  ane  lordlie  tryne 

Vnto  that  stoure  valiantlie  did  pretend, 

Quhair  by  Destanie  schapin  wes  his  end. 

The  tedious  tydingis  throucht  this  realuie  ran, 
The  greit  defeat  and  finall  distructioun 

Off  oure  King  with  mony  worthy  man  : 
This  hard  I  all,  Hand  in  deip  dungeoun : 
I  thocht  me  then  half  out  of  my  presoun, 

For  I  did  ay,  as  dois  the  meikill  Devill, 

Crabit  of  gude  and  euir  blyith  of  evill. 

Deliuerit  then  of  danger  and  of  deid, 
Lattin  agane  vnto  my  libertie 

By  help  of  freindis  keparis  of  that  steid, 
To  quhame  I  promeist  ane  pensioun  yeirlie, 
Bot  in  guid  faith  my  intent  wes  treulie 

Neuir  worde  to  keip  of  that  promes  than, 

Nor  yit  sensyne  maid  to  na  vther  man. 


Duncan  Laideus' 

Then  be  the  way  me  haistalie  thair  metis 
My  companions  swift  as  ony  suallowis, 

For  greit  blythnes  sittis  doun  and  greittis, 
Sayand,  "  Maister,  weilcum  be  Alhallous, 
Na  we  be  hangit  heich  vpone  ane  gallons, 

Gif  we  be  nocht  blyther  of  yow  alane 

Nor  we  had  that  baith  God  and  Sanct  Phillane." 

"  Quhat  tydingis,  schirris,"  quod  I,  "  fra  the  hoist  ?" 
Quod  thai,  "  In  guid  faith  we  byde  not  for  to  lane, 

The  King  with  mony  worthie  man  is  loist, 

Baith  Erie  Archibald  and  Schir  Duncane  slane." 
"  Off  thai  tydingis,"  quod  I,  "  I  am  richt  fane, 

For,  had  the  knycht  leavit,  or  yit  the  lorde, 

Thai  had  me  wirriit  stark  deid  in  ane  corde. 

"  Now,  gude  fallowis,  harkin  quhat  I  say  to  yow, 
This  cuntrie  think  I  for  to  reule  my  self, 

Be  trew  to  me  all  thairfoir  I  pray  yow, 
And  we  among  ws  ay  sail  pairt  the  pelf, 
And  rype  in  faith  mony  pouir  wedois  skelf, 

For  scho  sail  say  that  Duncane  and  his  men 

Hes  not  hir  left  the  valoure  of  ane  hen." 



Then  ansuerit  thai  all  with  ane  voce  attanis, 
"  Bot  gif  we  do  as  thow  biddis  ws  ay 

The  devill  tak  ws,  saule,  body  and  banis, 
Quik  vnto  hell  withouten  moir  delay." 
I  hering  thame  tliir  wordis  glaidlie  say, 

Sik  curage  culd  into  my  mynd  incress, 

And  sone  began  the  coramonis  to  oppress. 

Lyke  ane  wolfe  greadie  and  insatiabill 
Devoring  scheip  with  mony  bludie  box, 

To  the  pcepill  I  wes  als  terribill, 

Reiffand  fra  thame  mony  ane  kow  and  ox 
War  the  gray  meir  in  the  fettir  lox 

At  Johne  Vpalandis  dur  knit  fast  aneuch, 

Vpone  the  mome  he  mist  hir  to  the  pleuch. 

My  tyme  this  furth  in  wickitnes  indurit, 
Seing  thair  wes  nan  me  to  correct, 

The  King  wes  young,  the  lawis  wer  obscurit, 
Than  thocht  I  not  my  tyme  for  to  neglect ; 
Mony  ane  kow  and  meir  I  did  collect, 

Conquest  all  by  oppressioun,  reif,  and  thift, 

Quhill  eftirwart  that  King  James  the  Fift 




Duncan  Laideus' 

Began  into  this  regioun  for  to  ring. 
Maist  circumspect  with  princelie  governance, 

With  manlie  hart  began  this  awfull  King 

Trespassouris  to  pvnische  with  cruell  vengeance 
Quhilkis  to  his  liegis  had  done  greit  offence. 

Sa  mony  hang  vpone  gallousis  naikit, 

For  feare  of  him  the  out  His  quaikit. 

This  subtile  King  send  furth  with  mony  trane 
Spyis  to  se  in  quhat  land  I  hantit, 

To  him  thai,  "  Forsuith  in  Braidalbane 
Yon  theif  is  with  rnony  lymmer  plantit." 
Then  thocht  he  sone  that  we  suld  be  dantit. 

Knawand  his  mynd  to  be  gevin  in  sik  soirt, 

To  Lochabir  agane  I  maid  resoirt. 

I  had  tareit  bot  schoirt  quhile  in  that  steid 
Quhen  I  wes  outlaw  and  put  vnto  the  home : 

Then  wist  I  nocht  quhat  hoill  to  hyde  my  heid, 
Full  oft  wareit  the  houre  that  I  wes  borne, 
Traisting  richt  sone  myself  to  be  forlorne, 

Hearing  of  the  schairp  law  and  justice 

Quhilk  I  luiffit  on  na  maner  of  wyis. 



Death  that  sparis  na  creature  on  lyve, 

Wrocht  be  dame  Nature  in  this  aerth  adoun. 

Hes  tane  this  King  of  the  warld  belyve, 
And  him  bereft  his  septoure  and  his  crouu. 
Scotland,  thow  art  the  vnhappie  regioun, 

Thow  hes  greit  cans  for  to  murne  and  weip 

Sen  lie  is  gane  wes  wonnt  the  kow  to  keip. 

My  febill  bodie  stowpit  than  in  age, 

Of  dreidfull  death  abydiug  ay  the  houre, 

Wex,  as  me  thocht,  of  xxx  yeir  of  age, 
Hering  the  reuthful  cryis  and  clamoure, 
Lamenting  soir  that  prince  of  hie  honoure. 

Me  thocht  richt  few  that  his  death  regratit, 

Bot  the  pouir  commonis,  richt  weill  I  wat  it. 

My  cheif  and  freindis  then  I  gart  convene 
To  ane  priue  counsall  all  thegidder, 

Quhilk  the  Clanlaurent  full  soir  micht  mene. 
The  caus  thairof  ye  may  weill  cousidder  : 
In  the  Passioun  oulk  into  Balquhidder 

Sevin  and  tuentie  we  slew  into  that  place 

Be  fyre  and  suorde,  thai  grit  na  vther  grace. 


Duncan  Laidens' 

I  gart  M'Gregoure  suirlie  vndirstand 

The  Clandonoquhy  wer  gadderit  him  aganis : 

Strowane  thair  cheif  in  Strathbraan  we  fand, 
Or  he  was  wer,  we  wer  about  his  wanis  ; 
With  felloun  fyre  we  brint  vp  all  attanis, 

His  seruandis  slane  and  murthurit  thair  in  steid, 

Him  self  captiue  away  with  ws  culd  leid. 

In  evill  intent  and  deidis  detestabill 
Seing  fortune  this  algait  with  ws  rin, 

I  drew  ane  draucht  I  wat  mair  treasonabill 
By  tentatioun  of  Sathan  me  within, 
That  Ganyelon  culd  not  siclike  begin, 

Suppois  he  in  treasone  past  all  vther : 

In  gude  faith  I  micht  be  callit  his  brother. 

With  mynd  peruers  and  fraudulent  ingyne 

I  gart  Makgregoure  wickitlie  pretend 
The  hous  of  Glenvrquhay  to  bring  to  rwyne. 
Vpone  ane  nycht  to  Glenlyoun  as  thai  did  wend, 
Baith  young  and  auld  that  of  that  hous  was  kend 
With  suddan  fyre  we  thocht  for  to  persew  : 
Bot  thai  wer  wyis,  and  weill  oure  treasoun  knew. 



Had  we  gottin  oure  will  in  thir  thingis, 

This  cuntray  we  thocht  oure  selffis  for  to  gyde  ; 

We  sckupe  to  flie,  bot  we  wantit  wingis  ; 

Bot  he  fra  quhame  na  thing  that  we  may  hyde 
Hes  sene  oure  rnyndis  sa  extollit  in  pryde, 

Quhen  we  trowit  best  to  cum  to  oure  desyre, 

The  brig  brak  and  we  fell  in  the  myre. 

Makgregoure,  of  quhame  sa  mony  stude  aw, 
Out  of  this  warld  richt  suddanlie  can  fair. 

Quha  suld  traist  in  fortune  ony  thraw  ! 

For  heir  the  day,  the  morne  ye  wat  not  quhair  ; 
Lyke  as  the  elude  discendis  frorne  the  air 

And  haistalie  returnis  into  nocht, 

Frorne  hie  estait  sa  man  full  law  is  brocht. 

Oure  freyndis  not  litill  the  cais  did  lament, 
Seing  the  want  of  sik  ane  one  as  he. 

With  fenyeit  fair  alway  I  stude  content, 
Traisting  my  self  Makgregoure  for  to  be. 
Yit  at  the  least  thair  tutoure  thai  maid  me : 

Thair  wit  wes  waik,  or  ellis  thai  wantit  sleip, 

Thai  gaif  the  wolf  the  wedder  for  to  keip. 


Duncan  Laideus' 

By  office  this  to  dignitie  promouit, 
I  grew  sa  heich  into  my  awin  consait, 

With  srheud  lymmaris  wickitlie  contrafit, 
In  hoill  and  cave  wald  ly  quhill  it  wer  lait, 
And  in  the  nycht  the  loud  corrinoch,  God  wait, 

Wes  at  oure  taill  with  mony  roustie  akis, 

We  had  the  ky,  and  thai  gat  bot  the  glaikis. 

The  pouir  pepill  I  put  in  sik  ane  feir 

Quhill  in  thair  hartis  thai  wer  wonder  fane 

To  gif  me  yeirlie  ane  pairt  of  thair  geir. 

Fra  Sanctiohnestoun  west  vnto  Strathphillane, 
In  diueris  places  I  bid  not  for  to  lane, 

My  messingeris  wer  ansuerit  quhair  thai  went ; 

My  purches  wes  bettir  nor  my  set  rent. 

The  Erie  of  Argyle  than  I  saw  extreme 

Halding  his  justice  with  schairp  correctioun. 

I  dred  he  wald  vnto  the  death  me  deine 
For  the  Clanlaurent  put  to  deiectioun, 
Quha  wer  his  men  vndir  his  protectioun. 

Be  the  Buchquhilchanon  that  ye  weill  knaw : 

I  luiffit  neuir  justice  nor  yit  law. 



The  dcvill  that  is  ay  imaginative, 
Seduceand  \vs  dailie  to  tcntatioun, 

Quhen  that  I  micht  levit  in  peax  my  lyve, 
Gart  me  newlie  mak  inchoatioun, 
Qffcruell  murthure  on  my  awin  natioun, 

By  the  slauchtir  of  Allaster  Ower  I  mene 

Quhilk  lies  me  brocht  into  full  mekill  tene. 

Then  wes  I  chargit  to  vndirly  the  law, 

My  sone  and  I  syne  baith  put  to  the  home. 

To  gar  the  cuntray  trow  I  stude  na  aw, 
I  maid  thairat  hot  derisioun  and  scorne, 
And  began  to  reif,  steale,  oppres,  and  some 

With  sindrie  lymmaris  richt  wickit  and  stout ; 

Bot  ane  schoirt  quhile  with  me  lastit  that  rout. 

For  sum  wer  tane  and  headit  of  my  fallous, 
Sum  pitiouslic  pynit  with  ane  cord, 

Syne  set  vp  heich  vpone  ane  gay  gallons, 

Quhilk  wes  ane  blissit  sacrifice  to  oure  Lorde, 
And  richt  acceptabill  I  dar  stand  ford, 

For,  gif  he  be  scant  of  ky  in  hevin, 

Thai  will  him  bring  I  wat  ilk  nycht  ellevin. 


Duncan  Laideus* 

Now  haue  I  shoirtlie  yow  rehersit  heir 
How  I  my  tyme  in  this  warld  hes  spendit. 

Weill  I  wat  it  is  mair  than  fyftie  yeir 
Sen  I  first  to  wickitnes  intendit. 
The  tyme  is  schoirt,  alace  !  now  for  to  mend  it, 

Quhairfoir  I  dreid  richt  sone  accusit  to  be, 

Without  the  Lord  be  mercifull  to  me. 

My  deare  freindis,  considder  this  mater  weill, 
And  in  youre  mynd  exempill  tak  of  me  : 

Traist  not  in  fortune  with  her  fickill  quheill, 
Quhen  ye  least  wene,  sonest  will  scho  file  : 
Put  not  youre  hoip  in  wardlie  vanitie, 

For  manis  stait  in  aerth  is  variabill, 

The  flesche  bnickill,  the  feind  deceauabill. 

First  dreid  youre  God,  syne  follow  his  command, 
Youre  prince  and  reularis  of  the  law  obey, 

With  lawtie  youre  lyfe  sustene  in  ilk  land, 
For  lawtie  is  of  grace  the  very  key, 
With  youre  maister  be  wonder  laith  to  pley, 

Oppres  to  pouir  na  way  with  violence 

Leist  God  thairof  tak  haistie  vengeance. 




Be  not  the  takaris  of  na  wrangus  geir, 
Nor  in  youre  hous  be  na  way  recept  it ; 

Bettir  is  of  taking  in  tyme  forbeir 

Nor  to  restoir  quhen  ye  may  not  get  it. 
To  luif  youre  nychtboure  ye  are  addettit 

Nixt  youre  God ;  and  how  may  ye  than  do  baith 

To  luif  him  weill  and  do  to  him  na  skaith. 

Off  diueris  eventuris  I  have  yow  tauld, 

And  how  I  eschapit  oft  throw  Dame  Fortune, 

All  thing  luckit  with  me  as  myself  wald, 

I  eschapit  fra  tua  kingis  that  bure  the  croun, 
And  governouris  and  lordis  of  gret  renoun : 

Eftir  all,  Colene  of  Glenvrquhay  larde 

Had  can  to  gif  me  my  lattir  rewarde. 

The  tyme  is  schoirt  that  I  have  now  onspent, 
Off  temporall  gude  nocht  I  do  posseid, 

Quhill  I  have  space  I  will  mak  my  testament. 
My  spirituall  gude  I  leif  it  into  deid 
Spirituall  men  for  me  to  sing  and  reid, 

For  weill  I  wat  thai  will  thair  richtis  haif, 

And  I  wald  pleas  thame  alsueill  as  the  laif. 



Duncan  Laideus' 

To  my  Curat  negligence  I  resigne, 

Thairwith  his  parochinaris  for  to  teache : 

Ane  vther  gift  I  leif  him  als  condigne, 

Sleuth  with  ignorance,  sendill  for  to  preche, 
The  saullis  he  committis  for  to  bleitche 

In  purgatorie  quhill  thai  be  weschin  clene, 

Pure  religioun  thairbie  for  to  sustene. 

To  the  Vicar  I  leif  diligence  and  cure 

To  tak  the  vpmest  claith  and  the  kirk  kow 

Mair  nor  to  put  the  corps  in  sepulture. 
Haue  pouir  wedo  sex  gryis  and  ane  sow, 
He  will  have  ane  to  fill  his  bellie  fow  : 

His  thocht  is  mair  vpone  the  pasche  fynis 

Nor  the  saullis  in  purgatorie  that  pynis. 

Oppressioun  the  Persone  I  leif  vntill 
Pouir  menis  corne  to  hald  vpone  the  rig 

Quhill  he  get  the  teynd  alhaill  at  his  will, 
Suppois  the  barnis  thair  bread  suld  go  thig. 
His  purpois  is  na  kirkis  for  to  big : 

Sa  fair  ane  barne  tyme  God  hes  him  sendin, 

Thir  sevin  yearis  the  queir  will  ly  vnmendin. 



I  leif  vnto  the  Deyne  dignitie  but  faill, 

With  greit  attendence  quhilk  he  sal  not  mis, 

Fra  adulteraris  tak  the  buttok  maill ; 
Gifane  man  to  ane  madin  gif  ane  kiss, 
Get  he  not  geir,  thai  sail  not  cum  to  bliss  : 

His  wynnyng  is  inaist  throw  fornicatioun, 

Spending  it  syne  with  siclike  occupatioun. 

I  leif  vnto  the  Prioure  for  his  part 
Gluttony  him  and  his  monkis  to  feid ; 

With  fer  bettir  will  to  drink  ane  quart, 
Nor  on  the  Bible  ane  cheptoure  for  to  reid. 
Yit  ar  thai  wyis  and  subtile  into  deid, 

Fenyeis  thame  pouir  and  hes  greit  sufficence, 

And  takis  welth  alway  with  greit  patience. 

I  leif  the  Abbot  pride  and  arrogance, 
With  trappit  mwles  in  the  court  to  ryde, 

Not  in  the  closter  to  mak  residence, 
It  is  na  honoure  than1  for  him  to  byde, 
Bot  erar  for  ane  bischoprik  to  prouide, 

For  weill  ye  wat  ane  pouir  benifice 

Of  ten  thousand  mark  may  not  him  suffice. 


Duncan  Laideus' 

To  the  Bischop  his  fre  will  I  allege 

Becaus  thair  [livis]  na  man  him  to  blame 

Fra  secular  men  he  will  him  replege, 

And  weill  ye  wat  the  Pape  is  fer  fra  hame. 
To  preche  the  gospell  he  thinkis  schame, 

Suppois  sum  tyme  it  wes  his  professioun, 

Kather  nor  for  to  sit  vpone  the  sessioun. 

I  leif  my  flatterie  and  fals  dissembling 
Vnto  the  Freris  that  sae  weill  can  fleitche, 

With  mair  proffit  throw  ane  mariage  making 
Nor  all  the  Lentrane  in  the  kirk  to  preche : 
Thai  glois  the  scripture  euer  quhen  thai  teache, 

Moir  in  intent  the  auditouris  to  pleis 

Nor  the  trew  worde  of  God  for  to  appeis. 

Thir  giftis  that  Dame  Nature  hes  me  lent 
I  haue  disponit  heir  as  ye  may  sie : 

It  neuir  wes  nor  yit  is  myne  intent 

That  trew  kirkmen  get  ocht  belangis  me, 

Bot  [them]  that  hantis  huredome  and  harlattrie, 

Gluttony,  inwy,  couatice  and  pryde, 

My  executouris  I  mak  thame  at  this  tyde. 



Adew,  all  freindis,  quhill  eftir  that  we  meit 
I  can  not  tell  you  quhair  nor  in  quhat  place, 

Bot  as  the  Lorde  disponis  for  my  spreit, 
Qulia  is  the  well  of  mercie  and  of  grace, 
That  I  may  [stand]  befoir  his  godlie  face. 

Vnto  the  devill  I  leif  my  synnis  all, 

Fra  him  thai  come,  to  him  agane  thai  sail. 

Now  fair  weill  Kannoch,  with  thy  loch  and  ile, 
To  me  thow  wes  richt  traist  baith  evin  and  morne, 

Thow  wes  the  place  that  wald  me  nocht  begyle 
Quhen  I  haue  bene  oft  at  the  kingis  home : 
Yit  may  thou  ban  the  houre  I  wes  borne, 

For  vncourtuuslie  I  quite  the  thy  hyre, 

That  left  the  birnand  in  ane  felloun  fyre. 

Now,  gude  Glendoquhart,  for  euir  mair  adew, 
That  oft  hes  bene  my  bucklar  and  my  beild, 

Baith  day  and  nycht  to  me  thou  wes  richt  trew, 
And  laitlie  vnto  quhen  that  I  grew  in  eild 
And  durst  na  mair  be  sene  vpone  the  feild 

Nor  dar  the  houlet  quhen  the  day  is  licht, 

Yit  thow  me  kepit  with  thy  mane  and  micht. 


Duncan  Laideus' 

Fair  weill  G-lenloquhay,  with  thy  forest  fre  ; 

Fair  weill  Fernay,  that  oft  my  freind  hes  bene  ; 
Fair  weill  Morinche,  alace,  full  wo  is  me  ! 

Thow  wes  the  ground  of  all  my  wo  and  teyne ; 

Fair  weill  Braidalbane  and  Lochtay  sa  scheyne ; 
Fair  weill  Glenvrquhay  and  Glenlyoun  baith, 
My  daith  to  yow  wil  be  bot  litill  skaith. 

Fair  weill  Glenalmound,  garding  of  plesance, 
For  mony  fair  floure  haue  I  fra  ye  tane ; 

Fair  weill  Strathbraan,  and  haue  remembrance 
That  thow  sail  neuir  mair  sie  Duncane  agane  ; 
Atholl,  Strathtay,  of  my  death  be  fane, 

For  oftymis  I  tuik  youre  reddiest  geir, 

Thairfoir  for  me  se  ye  greit  not  ane  teir. 

Fair  weill  Stratherne,  maist  curnlie  for  to  knaw, 
Plenisit  with  plesand  policie  preclair 

Of  touris  and  townis  standand  fair  in  raw  ; 
I  ruggit  thy  ribbis  quhill  oft  I  gart  them  rair 
Gar  thy  wyffis,  gif  thow  will  do  na  mair, 

Sing  my  dirige  eftir  vsum  Sarum, 

For  oftymis  I  gart  tharne  alarum. 



Fair  weill  Menteith,  quhair  oft  I  did  repair, 
And  come  onsocht  ay  as  dois  the  snaw, 

To  part  fra  the  my  hart  is  wonder  sair, 
Sumtyme  of  me  I  gart  ye  stand  greit  aw  ; 
Bot  fortune  now  hes  lend  me  sik  ane  blaw, 

That  thai  quhilk  dred  me  as  the  deith  beforne, 

Will  mok  me  now  with  hethyn  schame  and  scorne. 

Adew  all  freindis,  sen  now  I  mon  depart, 
And  end  my  lyfe  with  schame  and  miserie, 

Quhilk  sail  not  faill  to  yow  all  eftirwart, 
Bot  gif  ye  ceis  and  wickitnes  lat  be. 
Bot  of  ane  thing  I  warne  yow  all  treulie, 

Nowthir  is,  wes,  or  salbe  you  amang 

To  eschaip  sa  oft  and  do  sa  mekill  wrang. 

Behald  heirof  quhat  is  the  finall  end 

Bot  dulefull  death,  schamefullie  to  be  schent  ? 

Quhairfoir  now,  or  I  ony  forder  wend, 
My  sinfull  lyfe  first  heir  I  will  repent, 
Beseikand  the  Lorde  quhair  I  haue  miswent, 

Eftir  the  death  that  he  will  gif  me  syne, 

The  hevinlie  place  and  heretage  divyne. 


Duncan  Laideus'  Testament. 

In  manus  tuas,  Lorde  that  deit  on  rude, 
Commendo  spiritum  meum  with  humilitie : 

Redemisti  me  with  thy  pretious  blude, 
Fra  endles  pane  of  hell  to  mak  me  frie  : 
Sen  for  my  saik  thou  damned  wes  to  die, 

Grant  me  thy  grace  eftir  this  warldlie  stryf 

For  to  obtene  the  euirlasting  lyf. 

A  men. 


Off  the  M'Gregouris  Armes. 

The  sworcle  and  fir  tree  croceit  beneath  ane  croun 

Ar  fatall  signes  appropriat  to  this  race, 
By  sum  foirseing  fellow  weill  set  doun, 

Meit  for  suche  lymmaris  spoilzeing  euerie  place. 
The  croun  presentis  the  Kingis  most  royall  grace, 

Ane  rychteous  judge  with  skill  quha  dois  decre 
That  thai  and  all  such  cutthroittis  suld  imbrace 

His  seueir  censure  for  thair  villanie, 
To  wit,  gif  ony  fra  his  sworde  gois  frie 

On  execute,  continewing  in  thair  wrang, 
He  will  erect  ane  gallous  of  that  trie, 

And  thairvpone  thame  in  ane  widdie  hang. 
Sa  faris  my  wittis  can  serve,  I  can  nocht  ken 
Ane  better  badge  for  suche  a  sort  of  men. 


One  thing  yit  restis  that  sould  their  armes  befit, 
If  with  Sanct  Johnstounis  rubenis  thai  war  knit. 



'Bufee  of  Ti3anai0  of  jHanrent  serwce,  calpus, 
ann  barntjs  part  off  guto^  pertenrng  to 
t\)t  I)ou0  of 


THIS  endentur  made  at  Edinburgh  the  xv  day  of  October  the  yere 
of  God  M  iiii°  Lxxxviii  yeris  .  .  .  proportis  ...  at  it  is  appontyt  .  .  . 
betuix  honorable  men  Duncain  Campbell  of  Glenlurche  on  the  ta  parte 
and  Neill  Stewart  of  Fortorgell  on  the  tother  parte  in  maner  ...  as 
efter  folowis  that  is  to  say  the  said  Duncain  Campbell  sail  nocht  in 
tyme  tocum  .  .  .  distruble  the  said  Neill  in  his  takis  stedingis  kirkis 
teyndis  proffitis  .  .  .  landis  nor  gudis  be  ony  maner  of  way  nouther  in 
the  law  nor  by  the  law  nor  yit  sail  nocht  tak  uther  takis  stedingis  malingis 
teyndis  officis  bowndis  nor  rowmys  ony  maner  of  way  enduring  all  the 
day  is  of  thair  liffes  and  in  speciale  thir  landis  and  kirk  pertening  to 
the  said  Neill  that  is  to  say  Appildul  Rannauch  Glenloch  Strathardill 
Strabrawn  and  the  kirk  of  the  Dull  and  richtsa  the  said  Neil]  sail 
nocht  in  tyme  tocum  ony  maner  of  way  .  .  .  distruble  the  said  Duncain 
in  his  takis  stedingis  kirkis  teyndis  profittis  .  .  .  landis  nor  gudis  in 
the  law  nor  by  the  law  ...  and  in  speciale  in  thir  landis  .  .  .  that 
is  to  say  Dischour  Twouour  Glendocher  Glenlyoun  and  Glenqocha  and 
to  stand  in  awfald  kyndnes  .  .  .  and  help  to  uthers  in  tyme  to  cum. 
.  .  .  And  at  the  said  Neill  Stewart  sail  frely  oure  gif  to  the  said 



Duncain  Campbell  the  landis  and  bailyery  of  the  landis  of  Glenlyoun 
and  neuer  in  tyme  to  cum  sail  intromet  thairwith  nor  yit  tak  the 
samyn.  And  inlikewiss  the  said  Duncain  Campbell  sail  gif  oure  to  the 
said  Neill  Stewart  the  takis  that  he  has  of  the  kirk  of  Dull  togidder 
witht  the  takis  and  officis  of  bailyery  and  feis  of  the  Rannauch  Appil- 
dull  and  Glenqoch :  For  the  ourgeving  of  the  quhilk  kirk  takis  officis 
and  landis  .  .  .  the  said  Neill  sail  content  and  pay  to  the  foresaid 
Duncain  his  ayeris  and  assignais  the  sovme  of  ane  hundreth  pundis 
.  .  .  money  of  Scotland  at  thir  termes  .  .  .  fifty  pundis  at  the  feist  of 
Sanct  Androwmess  nixt  .  .  .  and  uther  fifty  pundis  ...  at  the  feist 
of  the  assumptioun  of  our  Lady  callit  the  first  Marymess  nixt. 
And  als  Colin  Erie  of  Ergile  lord  Lorn  and  Chancellere  of  Scotland 
and  George  Erie  of  Huntle  ar  bundin  be  the  faith  in  thair  bodis 
uthir  to  uthiris  that  quhilkis  of  the  foresaidis  .  .  .  Duncain  or  Nele 
brekkis  in  ony  of  thir  foresaidis  appoyntments  .  .  .  that  thai  sail  .  .  . 
tak  ane  awfald  parte  with  the  partii  kepar  again  the  partii  brekar  .  .  . 
and  .  .  .  baith  the  saidis  Duncain  and  Nele  has  interchangeable  sett 
to  thare  selis  and  subscriuit  the  saminyn  with  thair  awin  handis  the 
quhilkis  appontmentis  aboun  writtin  was  gevin  furth  be  the  mouth 
of  the  foresaidis  lordis  this  said  day  and  has  subscriuit  this  present 
endenturis  with  thair  awin  handis  day  yere  and  place  abone  writtin. 
And  attour  the  said  Duncain  sail  mak  the  said  Neill  sicker  in  the 
said  kirk  for  als  mony  yeris  as  he  has  the  sammyn  of  the  priour 
of  Sanctandris  gif  the  said  Neill  can  nocht  uptene  the  said  priour's 

DUNCAN  CAMPBELL  of  Glenurquhay. 

of  Manrent. 


OBLIGATION  by  Jolme  M'Neill  Vreik  in  Stronferna  and  Gregoure 
his  brother  to  receive  Coleyne  Campbell  lawful  tliird  son  to  Coleyne 
Campbell  the  eldest  son  and  heir  of  Sir  Duncan  Campbell  of  Glen- 
wrquhay  knight  in  fostering  and  to  give  him  a  bairns  part  of  gear ; 
and  giving  to  the  said  Sir  Duncan  and  his  heirs  their  bonds  of  manrent 
and  calps  that  is  the  best  aucht  in  thair  housis  the  tymes  of  thair 
deceiss :  the  said  Sir  Duncane  and  Coleyne  his  son  being  bound  to  de 
fend  the  saids  Johne  and  Gregoure  in  the  lands  of  Stronferna  and 
the  rest  of  the  rowmis  they  possess  as  law  will:  Johne  Campbell 
of  Laweris  brother  to  Sir  Duncane  Sir  Robert  M'Nair  vicar  of 
Killin  Alexander  Maknachtan  luldonycht  Talzeour  Makfale  and 
Gillechreist  Clerk  witnesses.  Signed  at  the  Isle  of  Lochtay  29  April 
1510.  Schir  Maureis  M'Nauchtane  vicar  of  Inchedin  notar. 


INDENTURE  of  manrent  and  protection  between  Duncan  Campbell 
of  Glenvrquhay  as  chief,  and  Jhone  MakCwill  of  Kagarra  as  vassal ; 
the  said  Jhone  being  bound  to  keep  the  premises  under  a  penalty  of  one 
hundred  merks  Scots :  Colling  Campbelle  brother  to  the  said  Duncan, 
Allester  M'Aine  V'AUene  Stewert  of  Gerglinglaiss,  Duncan  M'Allane 
VAllan,  Duncan  M'Condoquhy  Wye  Ewyne  Jhone  M'Condoquhy 
Roy  and  Patrik  M'Keller  witnesses.  Signed  at  the  Castle  of  Glen- 
wrquhay  27  July  1528. 

BOND  of  Maintenance  help  and  supply  by  Colyne  Earl  of  Ergyle 
Lorde  Campbele  and  Lorn  and  Justice  to  our  Sovereign  Lord  The 
King  to  a  right  honourable  man  and  his  dearest  Erne  Sir  Colyne 
Campbele  of  Glenurquhay  knight  his  heirs  and  successors ;  Coline 



Campbell  of  Ardchanglais  Dougall  M'Coule  Craginch  of  the  same 
Charlis  M'Artour  of  Teirndhowedych  Sir  John  Fyschear  treasurer  of 
Lisrnore  and  Sir  Neile  parson  of  Kilmoleno  and  others  witnesses. 
Dated  at  Inuerara  30  August  1517. 


AT  Perth  the  xxvi  day  of  Junij  the  yeir  of  God  M  vc  and  thretti  tua 
yens  it  is  contrackit  .  .  .  betuix  ane  noble  and  mychti  Lord  Johne 
Erll  of  Athole  on  that  ane  part  and  honorable  men  and  his  traist 
cousingis  Duncan  e  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  Williame  Murray 
of  Tulibardin  one  that  uther  pairt  in  this  maner  .  .  .  the  saidis 
Duncane  and  Williame  throw  counsele  and  auiss  of  ane  reuerend 
father  in  God  Andro  be  the  mercy  of  that  ilk  bischop  of  Cathnes 
thair  speciale  Erne  hes  bund  .  .  .  thame  ...  for  all  the  dais  of  thair 
liffis  to  the  said  Erll  for  all  the  dais  of  his  lif  that  thai  sail  rid  and 
gang  and  tak  leil  .  .  .  pairt  with  the  said  Erll  in  all  actionis  .  .  . 
or  querrelis  .  .  .  with  thair  .  .  .  adherentis  ...  in  pece  and  weir 
.  .  .  alse  oft  as  thai  salbe  requirit  .  .  .  and  sail  do  sted  to  him  aboun 
all  uther  lord  .  .  .  except  thair  allegeance  to  the  Kingis  Grace  and 
the  said  Duncanis  allegeance  to  his  superiour  the  Erll  of  Ergile  sa 
far  as  he  is  oblist  to  him  of  law  allanerlie  .  .  .  And  herfor  the  said 
Erll  byndis  .  .  .  him  ...  to  defend  the  saidis  Duncane  and  Williame 
thair  kyn  freindis  and  alliance  in  thair  actionis  .  .  .  and  querrelis 
lesum  and  honest  .  .  .  aganis  all  .  .  .  except  ...  his  allegeance  to 
the  Kingis  Grace  and  to  the  said  reuerend  fadir  his  fader  brother  .  .  . 

of  Manrent. 


and  quhilk  of  the  saidis  pairteis  .  .  .  faillis  to  utheris  .  .  .  sail 
pay  to  our  Soueran  Lord  the  King  tua  hundretht  merkis  to  the  Kirk 
Werk  of  Dunkell  and  tua  hundreth  merkis  to  the  pairty  obseruing 
.  .  .  And  the  saidis  pairteis  hes  consentit  to  be  ackit  for  mair  securite 
in  oificialis  buikis  of  Dunkell  for  obseruing  ...  of  the  premisses 
under  the  panis  of  curssing  and  uther  censuris  of  haly  kirk. 
In  witnes  herof  to  the  pairt  of  thir  Indentouris  remanend  with  the 
said  Erll  of  Athole  the  saidis  Duncan  and  William  hes  affixt  thair 
selis  and  hand  writ  and  to  the  tother  pairt  remanying  with  the 
saidis  Duncan  and  William  the  said  Erll  hes  affixt  his  sele  and 
hand  writ  .  .  .  befoir  thir  witnes  Thomas  Stewart  of  Garnle  Walter 
Banerman  of  Kelly broquhy  Johne  Campbell  Patrik  Murray  Schirris 
Thomas  Walcar  and  Malcum  Keid  Chaplanis  and  notaris  publict  .  .  . 

JOHNE  Erll  of  Atholl. 

MUTUAL  Bond  of  Maurent  and  help  between  Johne  Campbell  of 
Glenurquhay  and  Archibald  Campbell  of  Glenlyoune  against  all  men 
the  Kingis  Grace  and  my  lord  of  Ergile  being  excepted :  gif  the 
saidis  Johne  Campbell  gettis  ...  his  roiunis  and  heritage  as  his 
eldaris  hede  afoir  be  the  help  and  counsell  of  the  said  Archibald  and 
wther  friendis  in  mair  na  the  said  Johne  hes  at  the  .  .  .  dait  of  this 
vriting  the  saidis  Johne  hes  promittit  to  raward  the  said  Archibald 
pleissandly  for  his  seruice  and  ay  quhill  sic  thing  happin  the  saidis 
Johneis  hous  salbe  oppin  to  the  said  Archibald  to  hors  meit  and  manis 
meit  qulien  the  said  Archibald  pleisses  to  cum.  And  als  the  saidis 
Johne  salbe  pleissand  to  the  said  Archibald  in  hors  hunde  or  ony 
utheris  ressonabill  gift  at  the  said  Archibald  requiris  .  .  .  quhill  the 



said  Archibald  be  pleissandly  rewardit  as  said  is  and  alse  the  saidis 
Johne  Campbell  hes  promittit  to  ws  for  gude  of  his  hous  and  himself 
the  saidis  Archibaldis  counsell  in  all  gudliness  and  at  he  sail  nocht 
agre  in  na  schort  with  James  Campbell  of  Laweris  by  Archibaldis  awiss 
thairto.  And  the  saidis  Johne  Campbell  hes  grantit  at  he  hes  not 
satisfeit  the  said  Archibald  at  the  said  day  of  this  writ  making  tuyching 
ane  cleme  at  the  said  Archibald  hede  to  the  landis  of  Stronmonessaik 
the  quhilkis  the  said  Johne  hes  promittit  to  amend  efter  the  sicht  of 
baytht  thair  avisit  frendis  as  the  saidis  Archibaldis  richtis  beiris ; 
Mariota  Edmunstoun  lady  of  Glenurquhay  Johne  M'Conquhy  Boy 
Gregor  Dougalsone  and  John  Leytht  witnesses.  Jacobo  G-regorii 
notario.  Dated  at  the  upper  Chamber  of  the  Chapell  of  Lochtay 
30  June  1538. 


AT  the  Castall  of  Glenurquhay  the  tuenti  ane  day  of  the  moneth  of 
Julij  in  the  yeir  of  God  ane  thousand  fif  hundreth  thretti  and  aucht 
yeiris  Comperit  Johnne  Makgillespi  duelland  in  Inuerovir  .  .  .  ma- 
turlie  aduisit  of  his  awin  propir  motif  will  the  gud  and  profiit  of  him 
his  sone  Evir  thar  ofspring  considerat  .  .  .  resauit  ane  honorable  man 
Johnne  Campbell  laird  of  Glenurquhay  as  his  awin  sone  and  tuk  him 
on  his  kne  calland  him  filiuni  adoptiuum  that  is  to  say  his  chosin 
sone  and  in  the  mentym  he  beand  on  his  kne  gef  ...  to  the  said 
Johnne  .  .  .  the  half  of  his  gudis  movable  and  on  mouabil  to  be  pairtit 
evinly  eftir  his  deceiss  betuix  the  said  Johne  his  airis  or  assignais 

of  Manrent. 


quhatsumeuir  and  the  said  Evir  and  felleand  of  the  said  Evir  all  the 
pairt  suld  fall  till  him  of  the  said  Johnne  M'Gillespies  geir  his  fadir  to 
be  deliuerit  to  the  said  Johnne  Campbell  his  airis  or  assignais  as  sone 
and  air  to  the  said  Johnne  M'Gillespy.  The  said  Johnne  M'Gillespy 
beand  .  .  .  suorne  and  tuichit  the  haly  euangelist  that  he  hes  nocht 
disponit  na  pairt  of  his  gudis  to  nan  uthiris  .  .  .  nor  sail  nocht  in  tym 
to  cum  bot  keip  the  samin  geir  and  gudis  quhill  his  depairting  of  this 
warld  to  the  saidis  Johnne  Campbell  his  airis  or  assignies  .  .  .  For  the 
quhilkis  kyndnes  .  .  .  the  said  Johne  Campbell  is  bundin  ...  to 
defend  .  .  .  the  saidis  Johnne  Evir  his  sone  thair  ofspring  ...  In 
witnes  of  the  quhilk  the  said  Johnne  Campbell  hes  subscriuit  this 
obligatioun  for  his  pairt  witht  his  avin  hand  and  askit  ...  at  me 
notar  publik  .  .  .  instramentis  .  .  .  and  the  saidis  Johne  M'Gillespy 
and  the  said  Evir  .  .  .  hes  causit  me  notar  ...  to  subscriue  this 
presentis  with  thair  handis  at  the  pen  thai  beand  suorne  and  oblist  as 
said  is  be  the  extention  of  thair  rycht  handis  in  my  hand  as  attentik 
persone  stipulando  .  .  .  befor  thir  witnes  Johne  Leiche  Robert  Bur- 
donne  Gilmichel  M'Gilchallum  maistir  Archibald  Makcarbre  and  Sir 
Johne  Johnesone  notar  publik  .  .  . 

JOHN  CAMPBELL  of  Glenurquhay 
Ita  est  de  mandate  prefatorum  Johannis  et  Ewari 

subscriptum    per   me    dominum   Johannem 

Jonson  notarium  publicum. 

OBLIGATION  by  Mathow  Erie  of  Leuenax  Lord  Dernle  to  defend 
Johne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhart  his  brother  kinsmen  friends  and 
servants  in  all  their  lawful  actions  against  all  persons  excepting  only 



the  Queen  and  my  Lord  of  Ergile  and  that  because  the  said  Johne 
Campbell  had  granted  him  his  bond  of  manrent  against  all  persons 
excepting  as  above.  William  Murray  of  Tulybardin  Coline  Campbell 
brother  german  to  the  said  Johne  Master  Johne  Campbell  David 
Murray  and  Walter  Grahame  witnesses.  Signed  at  Tulybardin  11 
November  1542. 


AT  Straphillane  the  ferd  day  of  Maii  the  yeir  of  God  ane  thousand 
fyfe  hundretht  and  fourty  sevin  yeiris  comperit  Johne  M'Bay  and  Mare 
Vykfaill  his  spous  in  presence  of  ane  honorabill  man  Johne  Campbell 
of  Glenurquhay  ...  of  thaire  avin  frie  .  .  .  willis  hes  .  .  .  tayne 
the  said  Johne  Campbelle  as  ane  barn  of  thaire  awin  and  thair  speciall 
ouerman  .  .  .  and  defendar  to  thaire  gudis  movable  and  immovable 
and  in  the  meyne  tyme  the  said  Johne  M'Bay  and  Mare  Vykfaill  .  .  . 
hes  deliuerit  ane  gluyf  to  the  said  Johne  Campbell  in  taikin  of  all 
their  gudis  and  of  ane  barnis  part  of  thair  guds  efter  their  decess.  And 
for  the  mair  securite  .  .  .  the  forsaid  Johne  M'Bay  and  Mare  Vykfaill 
.  .  .  hes  deponit  thair  eitht  of  fidelite  upoun  the  Mess  Buk  and  tuichit 
the  halie  evangelist  to  stand  ferme  ...  to  ...  this  present  obliga- 
tioun  and  gift  .  .  .  And  quhen  .  .  .  the  said  Johne  Campbelle  .  .  . 
desiris  the  said  Johne  M'Bay  and  his  spous  ...  to  cum  befoir  ane 
notar  thai  to  be  reddy  thairto  ...  to  put  this  in  the  mair  ample 
forme  .  .  .  under  the  payn  of  all  thair  gudis  .  .  .  but  ony  reuoca- 
tioun  .  .  .  quhatsumevir  ciuall  law  or  cannon  befor  ony  juge  .  .  .  and 

of  Manrent. 


for  the  mair  securite  the  saidis  Johne  Bay  and  Mare  Vykfaill  hes  put 
thair  handis  to  the  pen  led  be  me  Sir  Malcum  M'Gilliquhonill  curat 
of  Straphillan  .  .  .  befor  thir  \vitnes  Allexander  Menzes  of  Rannocht 
Johne  Leiche  Archibald  Redocht  and  Sir  Malcum  M'Gillequhonnill 

JOHNN  CAMPBELL  of  Glenurquhay. 

Witht  our  handis  leid  on  the  pen  be  Sir  Malcum  M'Gillequhonill 
curat  of  Strathtfillan. 


THE  secund  day  of  Junii  anno  domini  etc.  xlvii  yens  at  the  castell 
of  Glenurquhay  Donald  M'Gillekeyr  Fynla  M'Gillekeyr  his  son 
Duncan  M'Gillekeyr  and  Neill  M'Coull  V'lllekeyr  Mylcallum  M'Coull 
V'lllekeyr  Finlay  M'Ane  V'Kyndlo  Donald  M'Hewin  V'lllekeyr  Jhon 
Oyr  M'Coull  V'lllekeyr  for  thaym  and  thair  successions 

Thay  and  ilk  ane  of  thaym  hes  .  .  .  chosyn  of  thayr  awyn  fre 
motywe  .  .  .  ane  honorable  man  Jhon  Cambell  of  Glenurquhay  and 
his  ayris  to  their  cheyf  to  be  thair  protectour  ...  in  all  just  .  .  . 
actionis  ...  as  ayne  cheyf  dois  in  the  contreis  of  the  helandis  and  sail 
haif  landis  of  me  in  assedatioun  for  the  payment  afor  wderis  .  .  .  and 
quhen  ony  of  thaym  decessis  sail  leyf  to  me  or  my  ayris  ane  cawylpe 
of  kenkynyie  as  is  usit  in  the  contreis  abowtis  .  befor  thir  witnesses 
Duncan  M'Lawchlan  V'Korkittill  Jhon  Reddocht  Malcum  M'Killib 
and  Sir  Alexander  M'Gillespic  viccar  of  Inchadin.  And  atour  thay 


186  Bands 

hayf  promest  to  bryng  all  the  layf  of  thair  kyn  that  thay  may  to  the 
sammyn  effek  .  .  .  and  for  the  mayr  securite  the  pairt  remanent  witht 
Jhon  Cambell  the  saydis  persones  aboun  hes  subscriuit  witht  thair 
awyn  handis  led  at  the  pen  .  .  .  be  the  viccar  of  Inchadyn  .  .  . 

DONALD  M'GILLEKEYR  with  my  hand  led  at  the  pen. 

FYNLA  M'GILLEKEYR  and  DUNCAN  his  broder  our  hand  led  at 
the  pen. 

NEILL  M'CowLL  V'!LLEKEYR  and  MALCUM  his  broder  witht  our 
hand  led  at  the  pen. 

FYNLA  M'ANE  V'!NDLO  witht  my  hand  led  at  the  pen. 

DONALD  M'HEWIN  V'!LLEKEYR  with  my  hand  led  at  the  pen. 

JHON  OYB  M'CowLL  V'!LLEKEYR  siclyk. 


.  11.  I  Kathryn  Neyn  Angus  WAllestar  the  relict  of  wmquhill  Lauchlan 

M'OlcaUum  byndis  ...  me  ...  of  my  awin  fre  motyfe  .  .  .  that 
I  sail  abyd  at  the  counsall  of  ...  my  maister  Johne  Campbell  of 
Glenurquhay  and  .  .  .  that  I  sail  nocht  mary  nor  in  lamenry  tak  na 
man  without  that  I  get  the  said  John  Campbellis  consent  thairto. 
And  sicklik  I  sail  nocht  put  nothir  tennend  nor  subtenand  in  my  pairt 
of  the  landis  of  Achacha  lyand  in  Benthirlocht  within  the  Lordschipe 
of  Lome  and  Shireffdomm  of  Ergile  without  that  thai  be  brocht  in 
presence  of  the  said  Johne  Cambell  and  thairefter  thai  beand  admittit 
be  hym.  And  suay  beis  that  I  ...  failyeis  in  ony  poynt  of  the  pre~ 

of  Manrent. 


misses  .  .  .  oblisses  me  to  remmce  ...  all  ...  title  .  .  .  that  I 
haue  heid  or  may  haue  ...  to  the  landis  of  Achaca  and  Barnamuk  to 
.  .  .  the  said  Johne  Campbelle  .  .  .  And  for  the  mair  secuiite  .  .  . 
be  the  extensioun  of  my  reycht  hand  hes  suorn  upoun  the  haly  evange 
list  to  stand  ...  at  the  sammyn.  At  Glenurquhay  the  xxiiii  day  of 
Julij  the  yeir  of  God  ane  thowsand  fyfe  hundretht  and  fourty  nyn 
yeiris  befor  thir  witnes  Allexander  Menzes  of  Rannocht  Johne  M'Nab 
of  Bowuan  Johne  of  Comry  of  that  ilk  Duncan  M'Ane  M'Evyn  Johne 
M'Donquhy  Roy  Duncan  M'Gillewra  Sir  Malcum  M'Gillequhonnil  Sir 
Dowgall  M'Kellar  Johne  Campbell  of  Iniyrlevir  Johne  Leiche  Johne 
M'Evyn  Johne  M'Lespy  officer  of  Glenurquhay  and  Johne  Clerk  Johne 
Mallcomson  .  .  . 

KATHRYN  NEYN  ANGUS  W'ALLESTER  with  my  hand  leid  at  the 
pen  be  Johne  Clerk  M'Ane  Wallich. 


AT  the  lill  of  Locthay  the  pennult  day  of  August  the  yeir  of  God  aue 
thowsand  fyf  hundretht  fowrty  and  nyne  yeiris  it  is  oppunctuat  .  .  . 
betuixt  .  .  .  Johne  Campbell  of  Glenurchquay  on  the  tane  pairt 
and  Jhone  Menzeis  of  Rorow  on  the  tothyr  pairt  in  maner  ...  as 
eftyr  followis  ...  the  said  Jhone  Menzeis  hes  promyst  ...  to  be  ane 
lele  and  trew  seruand  to  the  said  Jhone  Campbell  and  to  baytht  ryd 
and  gang  in  heland  and  lawland  witht  the  said  Jhone  Campbell  quhen 
he  beis  requyrit  ...  in  contrar  all  ...  personnys  within  the  realme 
of  Scotland  the  awthorite  beand  excepyt  allanerly.  Attour  the  said 




Jhone  Menzeis  hes  remmcyt  to  persew  befor  ony  .  .  .  jugis  spirituall  or 
temporall  the  said  Jhone  Campbell  of  Glenwrchquay  or  his  ayris  anent 
ane  summondis  of  spowillye  rasyt  at  the  instance  of  the  said  Jhone 
Menzeis  .  .  .  anent  the  talkyng  of  ane  nychtis  meyt  fra  the  said  Jhone 
Menzeis  as  he  allegyt  the  yeir  of  God  ane  thowsand  fyf  hundretht  fowrty 
and  audit  yeiris  .  .  .  Fordyr  the  said  Jhon  Menzeis  houss  sail  be 
reddy  with  mete  and  drynk  and  wther  necessaris  conwenand  thairto 
till  the  said  Jhon  Campbell  his  howsald  and  followaris  for  the  tyme 
as  euery  wther  gentill  manis  howss  in  the  cuntre  beis  that  hes  promyst 
siclyk  quhat  place  within  Braydalbon  or  Glenlyon  the  said  Jhone 
Menzeis  happinnis  for  the  tyme  to  ramane.  And  all  the  seraice  the 
said  Jhone  Menzeis  makis  in  the  lawland  to  the  said  Jhone  Campbell 
to  be  upon  the  said  Jhone  Canipbellis  expensis  excepyng  ostying 
alanerly  .  .  .  For  the  quhilkis  the  said  Jhone  Campbell  sail  .  .  . 
defend  the  said  Jhone  Menzeis  in  all  ...  his  just  actionis  in  contrar 
all  ...  personnis  the  awthorite  and  my  Lord  of  Argyle  beand  excepyt 
alanerly.  Attour  the  said  Jhone  Campbell  sa  lang  as  he  may  brwyk 
.  .  .  the  personage  of  Inchadyn  in  the  haill  or  in  ane  pairt  hes  gewin 
in  assedatioun  to  the  said  Jhon  Menzeys  .  .  .  the  teynd  scheaffis  of 
the  fiftene  merkland  of  Mydmast  Morinche  .  .  .  And  gif  sway  beis 
that  the  rentall  of  the  haill  personage  beis  awgmentyt  ...  it  sail  be 
lesum  to  the  said  Jhone  Campbell  to  awgment  the  said  teynd  schaiffis 
.  .  .  upon  the  said  Jhone  Menzeis  conforme  as  it  fallis  to  his  pairt 
.  .  .  Attour  baytht  the  saidis  pairteis  hes  causyt  the  onderwritin  notar 
for  the  mair  securyte  subscrif  this  apointment  .  .  .  togidder  with  our 
subscription  manuallis  .  .  .  befor  thir  witnesses  Alexander  Menzeis 
of  Eannocht  Johne  M'Condoquhay  VGregour  Jhone  Kedhet  Jame 

of  Manrent. 


Redecht  Gybbon  M'Allester  Tharlocht  M'Killib  and  Maister  William 
Eamsay  notar  publict  .  .  . 

MAGIBTER  WILLELMUS  RAMSAY  in  premissis  notarius. 

JOHN  CAMPBELL  of  Glentirquhay. 

JHONE  MENZEIS  of  Rorow  with  my  hand. 

JOHN  M'CONCHE  Roy  W'Ane  W'Allen  and  Allan  his  son  bind 
themselves  in  manrent  to  John  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  his 
heirs,  to  bring  in  their  friends  to  the  same  effect,  to  give  him  a  bairn's 
part  of  gear  at  their  decease,  and  to  oblige  their  children,  male  or 
female,  also  to  bequeath  him  a  bairn's  part  of  gear ;  the  said  John 
Campbell  being  bound  in  return  to  defend  them ;  Allexander  Menzes 
of  Rannocht,  John  Talyeour  Moir  M'Nactan  John  Reddocht  William 
Reddocht  and  John  Clerk  witnesses.  Dated  at  the  Castell  of  Glen 
urquhay  22  May  1550. 



ALEXANDER  M'PATRIK  V'CONDOQHUY  is  becumyn  of  his  awin  fre  will 
ane  .  .  .  faythtfull  seruand  to  Collyne  Campbell  of  Glenwrchquay 
and  his  ayris  for  all  the  dais  ...  of  his  lyftyme  .  .  .  incontrar  all 
.  .  .  personnis  the  authorite  beand  excepit  alanerly,  bay tht  till  ryd  and 
gang  on  horss  and  on  futt  in  Heland  and  Lawland  upon  the  said 
Collynys  expenses  .  .  .  And  gif  it  happinnys  ony  differance  .  .  . 
betuixt  the  said  Collyne  his  ayris  and  M'Gregour  his  cheyff  .  .  . 
the  said  Alexander  sail  nocht  stand  with  ane  of  thame  bot  he  sail  be 



190  Bands 

ane  ewinly  man  for  baytht  the  pairties  .  .  .  Attour  the  said  Alexander 
hes  maid  .  .  .  the  said  Collyne  and  his  ayris  his  .  .  .  assingnais  .  .  . 
to  ...  his  takys  ...  of  ony  landis  and  specially  of  the  ten  merk  land 
of  Westyr  Morinche  now  occupyit  be  the  said  Alexander  and  his  subten- 
nendis.  And  allse  hes  nominat  .  .  .  the  said  Collyne  and  ...  his  ayris 
...  his  executours  and  intromettours  with  all  ...  his  gudis  .  .  .  mowible 
and  immowible  that  he  happinnis  to  hef  the  tyme  of  his  decess,  and  that 
in  cace  he  hef  nay  barnis  lewand  at  that  tyme  lawchtfully  gottyn  .  .  . 
For  the  qhuilk  .  .  .  the  said  Collyne  and  his  ayris  sail  .  .  .  defend 
the  forsaid  Alexander  in  all  ...  his  just  actionys  .  .  .  the  authorite 
my  Lord  of  Argyle  and  thair  actionis  alanerly  excepyt  .  .  .  Acta 
erant  hec  apud  insulam  de  Lochthay  horam  circiter  secnndam  post 
merediem  .  .  .  presentibus  ibidem  Alexandro  Menzes  de  Rannocht 
Joanne  M'Emeweyr  et  magistro  Willelmo  Ramsay  notario  publico 
testibus  .  .  10  Julii  1550. 

MEMOKANDUM  of  ane  band  and  confideration  to  be  maid 
betuix  ane  honorabill  man  Coll  in  Campbell  of  Glenur- 
quhay  his  airis  and  Neill  M'Callum  persoun  of  Loch  aw 
and  all  and  haill  his  successouris  on  the  wther  pairt. 

15.  IMPRIMIS  this  to  be  maid  in  form  of  manteinens  fra  the  said  Collin 

and  his  airis  to  the  said  Neill  his  successouris  frendis  and  dipendaris 
that  will  wse  his  cunsell  in  the  sickarest  form  that  it  can  be  divysit. 

Item  alse  mony  as  dependis  thaireftir  wpoun  the  said  Collin  and 
his  [airis]  of  the  said  Neillis  successouris  and  frendis  the  said  Collin 

of  Manrent. 


and  his  to  staik  tham  resonable  for  thair  awin  payment  of  rwmes  and 
landis ;  and  gif  thair  be  ony  clarkis  of  tbam  be  to  help  .  .  .  tham 
baytht  be  himself  and  at  all  vvther  handis  that  may  help  tham. 

For  the  quhilkis  .  .  .  the  said  Neill  for  hym  self  and  successouris 
cumin  of  his  awin  body  and  will  tak  his  cunsell  is  ...  oblesit  to  be 
.  .  .  trew  .  .  .  seruandis  perpetuallie  to  the  said  Collin  and  his  aganis 
all  ...  men  exceptand  nane  bot  samony  as  the  Lard  and  the  Ladyis 
wisdome  thinkis  to  be  exceptit  lesumly  ;  and  in  taikin  that  this  is  for 
ane  guid  and  godle  intent  as  salbe  knawin  vil  God  eftirwartt  the  said 
Neill  in  lyk  maner  salbe  content  that  the  said  Collin  and  his  sail  haif 
the  dew  dewty  that  ane  cheif  and  maister  aucht  to  haif  fra  him  and  his 
perpetuallie  [to  witt]  Calpis  .  .  .  Item  this  to  be  kepit  secretle  quhill 
kyndnes  on  the  thayne  syd  and  gud  sendee  on  the  wther  syd  will 
declair  it  self  referring  the  qualefeing  and  dytting  of  the  premessis  in 
my  absens  to  the  Ladyis  discretioun  for  I  tak  God  to  witness  that  my 
intent  is  plane  without  dwbilnes. 

MARIOUN  M'KELLAR  of  Firwill  constitutes  Colyne  Campbell  of 
Glenurquhay  and  Catherine  Buthuen  his  spouse  and  their  heirs  her 
cessioners  and  assignees  to  a  half  of  all  her  goods  and  gear  moveable 
and  immoveable  but  reserving  to  herself  the  use  of  the  same  for  her 
reasonable  sustentation  during  her  liftime,  and  in  token  of  real  pos 
session  delivers  to  them  a  glove.  Dated  at  the  Messuagium  of  Acharn 
1  October  1551. 






BE  it  kend  till  all  men  .  .  .  Ws  James  Stewart  sone  to  Walter 
Stewart  of  Ballindoran  Allexander  Dormond  and  Malcome  Dormond 
yonger  to  hawe  gewin  .  .  .  our  band  of  manrent  ...  to  ... 
Colline  Campbell  of  Glennurquhay  and  his  airis  Duncane  Campbell 
sone  and  apperand  air  to  Archibald  Campbell  of  Glenlioun  and  his 
airis  ...  for  all  the  days  of  our  lyvetyme  in  all  actiones  .  .  .  And 
in  speciale  that  we  ...  sail  dispone  owrselffis  at  our  haill  power 
wytht  our  kyn  freyndis  and  part  takaris  to  invade  and  persew  to  the 
deid  Duncane  Laudosach  M'Gregour,  Gregour  his  sone,  thair  seraandis 
part  takaris  and  complices  in  all  bundis  and  controls  quhare  euer  thai  sail 
happyn  to  mak  resydens  be  reasoun  that  thai  ar  our  deidlie  enemeis 
and  our  Souerane  Ladeis  rebellis.  And  lykwiss  salbe  redye  .  .  . 
to  serue  the  saidis  Colline  and  Duncane  and  thair  airis  upon  .  .  . 
thair  .  .  .  expenssis  baytht  in  the  Heland  and  Lawland  aganes  all 
maner  of  ...  persones,  the  Quenis  Grace  hir  authorite,  the  Erie 
of  Menteytht,  and  the  Lord  Drummond  allanerlie  exceptit  ...  In 
witnes  of  the  quhilk  thing  becaus  we  culd  nocht  subscrywe  our  selffis 
we  haue  for  ws  causat  the  notare  onder  wrytin  subscrywe  the  samyn 
.  .  .  witht  our  handis  tuecheand  the  pen  at  the  lie  of  Lochtay 
the  xi  day  of  Marche  the  yeir  of  God  M  v°  fiftie  ane  yeir  befoir 
thir  witnes  Allexander  Menzeis  of  Eannocht  Thomas  Graham  e  of 
Calzemuk  Andro  Toscheocht  of  Monze  Dauid  Toscheocht  Patrik 
Campbell  Johnn  Mawire  and  Andro  Quhit  notar  publict. 

JAMES  STEWART  wytht  my  hand  at  the  pen  .  .  . 

ALLEXANDER  DORMOND  wytht  my  hand  led  at  the  pen  .  .  . 

Ita  est  ANDREAS  QUHIT  notarius  publicus  .  .  . 

of  Man/rent.  193 


AND  nis  SON. 

BE  it  kend  till  all  men  ...  Me  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhar  18. 

grantis  me  to  haue  ressauit  Duncane  Makgregour  and  Gregour  his 
sone  in  my  menteinance  ...  in  all  ...  thair  .  .  .  just  .  .  .  actionis 
.  .  .  insofar  as  I  may  of  law  and  gude  conscience.  And  atour  to  haue 
.  .  .  forgevin  .  .  .  the  saidis  Duncane  and  Gregour  .  .  .  thair  ser- 
vandis  complices  and  parttakaris,  the  zeill  of  luf  and  gude  conscience 
moving  me  to  the  samyn,  all  maner  of  actionis  .  .  .  and  faltis  that  .  .  . 
ony  of  thame  hes  committit  to  me  .  .  .  prowiding  alwais  that  the  saidis 
Duncane  and  Gregour  .  .  .  fufill  .  .  .  thair  band  and  manrent  .  .  . 
maid  to  me  and  my  airis  in  all  pointis  .  .  .  For  quhilkis  .  .  . 
grantis  me  to  haue  gevin  ...  to  the  sadis  Duncane  and  Gregour  .  .  . 
thair  eschetis  of  all  thair  gudis  movabill  and  unmovable  quhilkis 
...  I  purchest  at  my  Lord  Gouernouris  handis,  tha  beand  for  the 
tyme  our  Souerane  Ladeis  rebellis  and  now  ressauit  to  hir  hienes  peax 
and  my  fauouris  ...  In  witnes  herof  I  ...  hes  subscriuit  this  my 
letter  of  mantenance  with  my  hand  at  the  lie  of  Lochtay  the  secund 
da  of  Maii  the  yeir  of  God  M  v°  fifty  tua  yeris  befor  thir  witnes 
Alexander  Menzeis  of  Bannocht  Patrik  Campbell  Dauid  Toscheocht 
Alexander  Maknab  Gregour  Clerk  and  Andro  Quhit  notar  public. 

COLYNE  CAMPBELL  of  Glenurquhay. 

DAVID  DUNCANSOUN  in  the  Carse  of  Apnadull  persauand  the  tyme         ',  19. 
dangerous  and  for  the  defens  and  mantenans  of  hym  selff  his  barais 
gudis  and  geir  dispones  to  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and 
Catherine  Ruthuen  his  spouse  and  their  heirs  a  bairn's  part  of  all  his 




goods  and  gear  moveable  and  immoveable  after  his  decease,  binding 
himself  not  to  put  away  any  of  his  said  goods  except  for  his  own 
reasonable  support,  and  choosing  the  saids  Colyne  and  Catherine  and 
their  heirs  in  proles  adoptiuas.  Dated  in  the  island  of  Lochtay  before 
witnesses  Alexander  Menzeis  of  Rannocht  David  Ruthven  Niel  M'Avyr 
and  Mr.  William  Ramsay  notary,  15  July  1552. 

BOND  by  Malcum  Robertsone  baron  of  Keirquhoun  to  Colyne  Camp 
bell  of  Glenurquhay :  the  said  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  being 
bound  to  defend  the  said  Malcum  Robertsone  in  his  just  quarrels 
against  James  Campbell  of  Laweris  and  all  others,  my  Lord  of  Ergyle 
excepted.  Dated  at  the  Isle  of  Lochtay  before  witnesses  Alexander 
Menzeis  of  Rannocht  Colin  Campbell  son  of  the  deceased  Archibald 
Campbell  of  Glenlyoun  and  Mr  William  Ramsay  notary  1  August  1552. 


21.  AT  the  yle  of  Lochtay  the  thrid  day  of  August  the  yeir  of  God 

M  v°  fifty  and  tua  yeris  Williame  M'Olcallum  in  Rannocht  Malcum 
his  sone  and  Donald  Roy  M'Olchallum  Glass  bindis  and  oblisses  thame 
thair  airis  barnis  and  posterite  to  be  ...  afald  seruantis  to  ... 
Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  to  his  airis  maill  quhom  .  .  . 
thai  haif  electit  and  chosyn  for  thair  cheyffis  and  masteris,  renunciand 
M'Gregour  thair  auld  cheif  and  all  utheris  in  the  contrar,  .  .  .  the 
authorite  alanerlie  except ;  and  that  becaus  the  said  Colyne  hes  deliuerit 
thame  to,  his  letter  of  mantenians  .  .  .  and  als  the  saidis  personis 

of  Manrent.  195 

for  tharae  selffis  thair  airis  and  successouris  gevis  thair  calpis  to  the 
said  Colyne  and  his  airis  conforme  to  the  use  thairof  .  .  .  And  gif  it 
happins  the  saidis  William  Malcuni  or  Donald  to  faill  in  the  premissis 
to  ...  pay  to  the  said  Colyne  and  his  airis  the  soum  of  ane  hundreth 
pundis  .  .  .  money  within  xv  days  eftir  the  faill  be  tryit  and  maid 
manifest  .  .  .  and  heirto  the  foirsaidis  personis  ar  bundyn  .  .  .  and 
sworne  upoun  the  haly  evangellis  .  .  .  presentibus  Alexandra  Menzeis 
de  Rannocht  Colino  Campbell  filio  Archibald!  Campbell  de  Glenlyoun 
Patricio  Campbell  et  Joanne  Leche  testibus  vocatis. 


JHOKE  LECHE  alias  Campbell  binds  himself  to  Collin  Campbell  of  22. 

Glenurchquay  and  his  heirs,  choosing  them  to  be  his  chiefs,  to  serve 
them  in  Heland  and  Lawland  on  horss  and  on  futt  upon  the  saidis 
Collynis  and  his  ayris  expenssis  quheneuer  he  beis  raquirit,  and  also 
binds  himself  and  his  heirs  to  give  the  said  Collin  and  his  heirs  their 
Calps  ;  both  parties  being  bound  to  each  other  under  the  penalty  of  one 
hundred  merks  Scots.  Signed  at  the  Isle  of  Lochthay  before  witnesses 
Alexander  Menzeis  of  Rannocht  Gibbone  M'Allester  William  Roth  wen 
Martin  M'Indayn  and  Mr.  William  Ramsay  notary  4th  August  1552. 

MALCUM  M'AYNMALLYCHT  Donald  his  brother  Duncane  M'Neill  23. 

V'Kewin  William  and  Malcum  M'Neill  V'Ewin  brothers  to  the  said 
Duncane,  renouncing  M'Gregour  their  chief,  bind  themselves  to  Colyne 
Campbell  of  Glenurquhay,  giving  him  their  Calps ;  the  said  Colyne 
being  bound  either  to  defend  them  in  their  possessions  or  to  give  them 
others  within  his  own  bounds :  both  sides  being  bound  under  the  penalty 



of  one  hundred  pounds  Scots.  Signed  at  the  Isle  of  Lochthay  before 
witnesses  Alexander  Menzes  of  Eannocht  Patrick  Campbell  Martin 
M'Indene  and  Mr.  William  Kamsay  notary  4th  August  1552. 

24.  GKEGOUK  M'GREGOUR  son  of  the  deceased  Sir  James  M'Gregour  dean 
of  Lesmoir  binds  himself  to  Collin  Campbell  of  Glenurchquay  and 
his  heirs,  taking  them  for  his  chiefs  in  place  of  the  Laird  M'Gregour,  and 
giving  them  his  Calp  :  and  binds  his  heirs  to  do  the  like ;  both  parties 
being  bound  under  the  penalty  of  one  hundred  pounds.     Signed  at 
the  Isle  of  Lochthay  before  witnesses  Alexander  Menzes  of  Rannocht 
John  Leche  John  M'Emoweyr  and  Mr  William  Ramsay  notary  21st 
August  1552. 

25.  DONALD  BEG  M'AcROM  Duncane  and  Williame  his  brothers  dwelling 
in  the  bray  of  Weyme  bind  themselves  to  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenur- 
quhay,  having  overgiven  the  laird  M'Gregour  their  chief  his  heirs  and 
successors,  and  oblige  themselves  and  their  heirs  to  serve  the  said  Colyne 
and  his  heirs  in  the  lawlands  upon  the  expenses  of  the  said  Colyne, 
and  in  the  helands  upon  their  own  expenses,  as  the  gentlemen  of 
the  country  do,  and  to  leave  the  said  Colyne  and  his  heirs  their  Calps ; 
both  sides  being  bound  under  the  penalty  of  one  hundred  pounds  Scots. 
Signed  at  the  Isle  of  Lochtay  before  witnesses  Alexander  Menzeis  of 
Rannocht  Malcome  baron  of  Carquhonie  Patrick   Campbell  James 
M'Ynstalker  and  Andro  Quhit  notary  9th  September  1552. 

BOND  by  Duncane  M'Gillemartine  in  Glenno  Patrik  M'Gillemartine 
Malcum  M'Gillepatrik  M'Gillemartine  Archibald  and  Donald  M'Gille- 

of  Manrent. 


martinis  brothers  to  the  said  Malcum  to  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenur 

quhay  dated  13  September  1552. 

BOND  by  Johnne  M'Gillecrist  Vlnla  V'Couil  and  Duncane  his  bro 


ther  to  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  dated  15  September  1552. 

BOND  by  Donald  M'Gillequhoan  Johne  M'Gillequhoan  Patrik  and 


Gillemartine  his  sons  to  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay.     Dated 

before  witnesses  Alexander  Menzeis  of  Bannocht  John  M'Conachyw 

John  M'Avyr  and  Niel  M'Avyr  4  November  1552. 

BOND  by  Johne  Moir  M'Avir  Glas  Johne  and  Angus  his  sons 


Malcolmus  M'Conachy  V'Euir  Joannes  M'Ewir  V'Gillecrist  Malcolm 

his  brother  John  M'Ynstalker  and  Finlay  his  son  to  Colyne  Campbell 

of  Glenurquhay  dated  4  November  1552. 

DUNCANE  M'AINDEW  in             Duncane  and  Malcum  his  sons  re 


nounce   the   laird  M'Gregour  and  his   heirs  their  chief  and  choose 

Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  his  heirs  to  be  their  perpetual 

chiefs.      Dated  before  witnesses    Alexander    Menzeis  of   Rannocht 

John  Leyche  William  M'Olcallum  M'Gregour  John  M'Yndoir  Mal 

colm  M'Nachtane  Thomas  Orknay  and  Patrick  M'Carbre  21   De 

cember  1552. 





31.  AT  Edinburglit  the  sex  day  of  May  .  .  .  M  v°  fyfty  five  yeiris-,    It  is 

.  .  .  finalie  concordat  betiiix  .  .  .  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay 
on  that  ane  partt  and  Jaines  Campbell  of  Lawaris  on  that  uther  partt 
...  as  eftir  followis  .  .  .  the  said  James  hes  maid  .  .  .  the  said  Colyne 
and  Katherine  Ruthuen  his  spouss  and  their  airis  his  .  .  .  assignais 
...  to  ane  letter  of  tak  .  .  .  maid  to  him  ...  be  the  priour  and  con- 
went  of  the  Charterhouss  besyd  the  burght  of  Perth  off  ...  tuenty 
merkis  worth  of  the  landis  of  Hartholonych  witht  the  myln  thairof 
and  thair  pertinents  and  aucht  merkis  wortht  of  the  landis  of  Craig 
witht  the  pertinentis  lyand  within  the  lordschip  of  Dischuir  and 
Twoir  and  .  .  .  Shirrefdome  of  Perth  .  .  .  And  als  the  said  James 
hes  .  .  .  oblist  hym  ...  to  tak  .  .  .  leill  and  trew  partt  in 
all  ...  his  actions  .  .  .  and  querrellis  lefull  and  honest  aganis  all 
that  levis  ...  his  allegence  to  oure  Souerane  Lady  alanerlie  exceptit, 
and  sail  ryde  and  gang  witht  the  said  Colyne  .  .  .  upoun  the  said  James 
awin  expenssis  .  .  .  And  the  said  James  .  .  .  oblisses  him  and  his 
airis  that  .  .  .  thai  be  na  maner  of  way  .  .  .  sail  tak  in  assedatioun 
ony  landis  ...  or  possessiones  quhairof  the  said  Colyne  is  instantlie  in 
possessioun  ...  or  that  he  and  his  airis  sail  happin  to  be  in  posses- 
sioun  of  ...  and  speciall  the  landis  abone  writtin  .  .  .  For  the 
quhilk  the  said  Colyne  .  .  .  oblisses  him  and  his  airis  to  ...  pay  .  .  . 
to  the  said  James  his  airis  and  assignais  the  sowme  of  sex  hundretht 
merkis  .  .  .  money  of  Scotland  .  .  .  And  the  said  Colyne  sail  .  .  . 
defend  the  said  James  ...  in  all  his  actions  .  .  .  and  querrells 

of  Manrent. 


lefull  and  honest  aganis  all  that  Icvis  ...  his  allegearice  to  our  Souer- 
ane  Lady,  my  Lord  Argile  and  his  airis  alanerlie  exceptit.  And  in 
caiss  my  Lord  of  Argill  or  his  airis  sail  upoun  sinister  informatioun  or 
utherwyss  consave  rancour  .  .  .  aganis  the  said  James  for  ony  causs  .  .  . 
the  said  Colyne  sail  do  his  uter  .  .  .  powar  to  ...  tak  away  the 
samyn  .  .  .  and  sail  ryd  and  gang  with  the  said  James  ...  in  all 
...  his  actions  lefull  and  honest  upon  the  said  Colynegis  awin 
expenssis.  And  in  lyk  maner  the  said  Colyne  and  his  airis  .  .  . 
oblisses  thame  that  thai  in  na  maner  of  way  .  .  .  sail  tak  in  assedatioun 
.  .  .  ony  takkis  ...  or  possessiounes  quhairof  the  said  James  is  instantlie 
in  possessioun  ...  or  that  his  airis  sail  happin  to  be  in  possessioun  of 
...  In  witnes  of  the  quhilk  thing  bayth  the  saidis  parteis  hes  subscriuit 
this  present  contract  .  .  .  befoir  thir  witnes  Maister  Henry  Kynroiss 
George  Crychtoun  Johne  Moncreif  Johne  Campbell  of  Morthlie  Alex 
ander  Menzeis  of  Rannocht  and  Mai  come  Robertsoun  of  Korquhone. 

COLLIN  CAMPBELL  of  Glenwrquhay. 

JAMES  CAMPBELL  of  Laweris. 

CONTRACT  between  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  Ewir 
Campbell  of  Strachquhur  for  mutual  defence  against  all,  (my  Lord 
of  Ergyle  excepted,)  the  said  Colyne  Campbell  of  Gleiiurquhay 
renouncing  to  the  said  Ewir  all  claim  upon  the  five  pound  land 
of  Ardkelze  Wester  in  the  barony  of  Glendoquhart.  Dated  before 
witnesses  Alexander  Menzes  of  Rannocht  Patrick  Ewiot  of  Balhousy 
Malcolm  Robertsone  of  Kerquhoun  John  Culquhoun  of  Kilmardony 
Patrick  Culqulioun  his  brother  and  Sir  Patrick  Stevinsoun  vicar  of 
Luss.  24  May  1555. 




33.  BOND  by  Duncane  M'Alester  V'Ewyn  in  Drumcastell  to   Colyne 

Campbell  of  Glenurquhay,  his  allegiance  to  the  Queen's  Grace  and 
Makgregour  his  chief  being  excepted,  disponing  to  the  said  Colyne 
Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  the  best  four  footed  beast  that  shall  be  in 
his  possession  in  time  of  his  decease  and  latter  end,  called  his  calp. 
Dated  at  the  Castle  of  Glenurquhay  before  witnesses  Alexander  Menzes 
of  Rannocht  Johne  Menzes  of  Rorow  Robert  Menzes  of  Connie  Johne 
M'Conachy  Gregour  and  Andro  Quhit  notary  public  3  August  1555. 

34.  DUNCAN  M'OLCALLUM  V'Ane  V'Yntere  Gillecrist  M'Corkill  V'ln- 

teir  Johne  M'Corkill  V'Ynteir  Torkill  M'Ane  V'Inteir  Johne  Glas 
M'Olvorie  V'Inteir  and  Johne  M'Ewin  VOldouycht  V'Intere  .  .  . 
forsamekill  as  our  predecessouris  for  the  tyme  happinit  to  commit 
slauchter  upoun  wmquhile  Sir  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay 
knycht  in  the  minorite  and  less  aige  of  Kyng  James  the  ...  in  the 
cruell  slauchter  of  ane  foster  brother  of  the  said  Sir  Colynes  callit 
Johne  M'Gillenlag,  for  sythment  and  recomperis  of  the  said  slauchter 
our  saidis  predecessouris  to  eschew  the  hatrent  and  persute  of  the  said 
Sir  Colyne  deliuerit  to  hyrn  ane  of  the  principale  committaris  of  the 
said  slauchter  callit  Johne  Boy  M'Ynteir  to  be  pwnesit  at  the  will  of 
the  said  Sir  Colyne.  And  mayrouer  that  thai  and  thair  posterite  mycht 
remane  in  favouris  of  the  said  Sir  Colyne  electit  and  tuke  hym  and  his 
airis  for  thar  cheiffis  and  masteris  .  .  .  and  .  .  .  gev  ...  to  the  said 
Colyne  and  his  airis  thair  calpis  .  .  .  quhilkis  calpis  the  said  Colyne 

of  Manrent.  201 

Sir  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  knycht  his  sone  that  deceissit 
in  Flowdoun  and  all  uthcris  lardis  of  Glenurquhay  sen  syne  tuk  wp  ; 
the  said  Clan  Teir  of  new  ratify  the  said  Bond  in  favour  of  Colyne 
now  of  Glenurquhay.  Dated  at  the  Castle  of  Glenurquhay  before 
witnesses  Alexander  Menzes  of  Rannocht  Johne  M'Conachy  Gregour 
Johne  M'Conachy  Roy  and  Sir  Malcum  M'Gillequhonill  4  June  1556. 

LICENCE  by  Archibald  Earl  of  Ergile  and  Archibald  Lord  of  Lome  35. 

his  son  to  their  beloved  cousin  Johne  MacCoull  of  Dunnollycht 
to  pass  and  repass  turn  and  gang  within  their  bounds  of  Lome 
and  Ergile  that  he  may  ordour  his  besines  and  stent  his  osting  to 
haif  his  folkis  in  reddines  as  the  remainder  of  their  friends  are ; 
to  endure  to  Michaelmas  following ;  and  obliging  themselves  that 
neither  Colin  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  nor  any  others  who  are 
sureties  for  the  said  Johne  Maccoull  shall  incur  any  trouble  or  danger 
for  the  said  Johne  Maccoull's  resorting  remaining  or  passing  through 
all  the  bounds  of  the  dominions  of  the  saids  Earl  and  Lord  of  Lome  ; 
Colin  Campbell  of  Ardkinglas  Johne  Lawmonth  of  Inueryne  knight 
Johne  Campbell  of  Lochtnanell  and  Alexander  Campbell  dean  of 
Murray  and  others  witnesses.  Dated  at  Benboy  27  August  1557. 


WE  Archibald  Erie  of  Ergyle  .  .  .  grantis  ws  to  haif  gevin  ...  36. 

To  our  traist  cousyng  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  his  aiiis 
male  the  manrent  homage  and  sendee  quhilk  our  predecessouris  and 



we  had  and  hes  of  the  haill  kyn  and  surname  of  the  Clanlaurane  and 
their  posterite  togidder  with  the  uptaking  of  thair  calpis  .  .  .  pro- 
wyding  the  said  Colyne  obtene  .  .  .  thair  consent  .  .  .  thairunto  .  .  . 
In  witnes  of  the  quhilk  thyng  to  thir  presentis  subscriuit  with  our 
hand  our  propir  seill  is  affixt  at  the  burgh  of  Sterueling  the  aucht 
day  of  Nouember  the  yeir  of  God  M  v°  and  fifty  nyn  yeiris  befoir  thir 
witnes  Johne  Campbell  off  Inuerlevir  Johne  Corswell  persone  of  Kil- 
martyne  and  Andro  Quhit.  And  this  we  gif  for  the  gud  and  faythfull 
sendee  that  the  said  Colyne  hes  done  to  ws. 


37.  PATRIK  M'CONACHY  VCouiL  M'GREGOUR  in  Inwirzelly  Johne  his 
brother  german  Patrik  M'Ane  M'Gregour  in   Dalmarky  and  Johne 
M'Ane  his  brother  german  and  Malcum  M'Coule  Kair  M'Gregor  dwell 
ing  in  Balquhidder  bind  themselves  to  render  Colyne  Campbell  of 
Glenurquhay  faithful  service  on  his  expences  when  required  ay  and 
quhill  the  said  Colyne  and  his  airis  stayk  thame  with  sum  rowmis  or 
stedingis  quhairby  they  may  serue  thame  wpone  thair  awin  expensis, 
and  to  give  them  their  Calps.    Dated  before  witnesses  James  Euthwen 
John  Menzes  brother  of  Eobert  Menzes  of  Comry  William  M'Neill 
VEwyn  Finlay  MTnstalker  and  James  Pringill  9  March  1559. 

38.  BOND  OF  MANRENT  by  Johne  M'Olcallum  VLaurane    Laurane 
M'Olcallum  his  brother  Malcum  elder  and  Malcum  yongar  M'Olcallum 
VLauranis  brothers  to  the  said  Johne,  Johne  MTatrik  VLaurane 
Neill  and  Johne  M'Lauranis  his  brothers  Nycoll  M'Allyne  VLaurane 
Donald   M'Neill    VLaurane  John   M'Nycoll  VLaurane   Lauchlane 

of  Manrent.  203 

M'Ane  V'Nycoll  Malcum  M'Ane  VNycoll  Dugall  his  brother  Duncane 
M'Coule  V'Lauran  Johne  elder  Johne  younger  Archibald  Robert  Walter 
Donald  and  Malcum  brothers  to  the  said  Duncane  M'Coule  V'Lauran 
Patrik  M'Ewyn  VLaurane  Duncane  his  son  Patrik  M'Conachy 
V'Laurane  Robert  M'Ane  VLaurane  and  Ewin  M'Gillecrist  VLaurane 
dwelling  in  Balquhidder  to  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay.  Dated 
before  these  witnesses  Alexander  Stewart  William  M'Neill  V'Ewyn 
Gillefillane  M'Laurane  John  M'Gillespy  V'Nab  Finlay  M'Anevoill 
Malcolm  M'Coule  Keir  Malcolm  M'Robert  Gillecrist  M'Yntallnour 
Moir  and  Duncan  M'Moreist  V'Caus  11  March  1559. 

MARGARETA  V'EwYN  V'ALLANE  constitutes  Colyne  Campbell  of  39. 

Glenurquhay  and  Duncane  Roy  M'Ewyn  VAllane  her  brother  her 
assignees  to  her  goods  and  gear  moveable  and  immoveable,  she  having 
the  use  thereof  during  her  life  for  her  reasonable  sustentation.  Dated 
in  the  house  of  John  Beg  M'Caule  in  Auchincullane  before  witnesses 
John  M'Conachy  Roy  Alan  his  son  Malcolm  M'Gillequhonil  John 
M'Gillespyk  VPatrik  Charles  M'Kerlycht  and  William  Menzes  14 
September  1560. 

DONALD  M'YNNOCATER  grants  to  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  40. 
and  to  Katherine  Ruthuen  his  spouse  a  bairn's  part  of  all  his  moveable 
and  immoveable  goods  to  be  uptaken  after  his  decease,  he  putting 
away  none  thereof  except  samekill  as  may  resonablie  sustene  hym  selff 
nor  giving  a  bairn's  part  except  to  the  bairnis  gottin  of  his  awin  body. 
Dated  at  the  Castle  of  Ballocht  before  witnesses  Alan  M'Conachy 



V'Corcadill  Bobert  M'Couil  V'Gregour  et  Mr  William  Ramsay  notary 
public  12  October  1560. 

41.  JOHNE  MTSwYN  Mom  in  Auchenycht  for  the  weill  and  defens  of 
hym  his  barnis  and  posterite,  elects  and  chooses  Colyne  Campbell  son 
to  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  in  filium  adoptiuum,  giving  him 
a  bairn's  part  of  all  his  moveable  and  immoveable  goods  to  be  uplifted 
at  the  time  of  his  decease,  resonabill  sustentatioun  out  of  them  for  his 
lyvetyme  reseruit  to  hym  alanerlie,  and  binding  himself  not  to  give  a 
bairn's  part  of  gear  to  any  other.     Dated  at  the  Castle  of  Ballocht  be 
fore  witnesses  Duncan  Campbell  son  and  apparent  heir  of  the  said 
Coline  of  Glenurquhay  James   Ruthuen  James  Menzes  brother  of 
Robert  Menzes  of  Comry  and  James  Pringill  14th  October  1560. 

42.  BOND  OF  MANRENT  by  Donald  M'Aglescherycht  in  Foss,  Donald 
M'Kerlycht  M'Conil   Donald  M' Angus  M'Ane  V'Conil  and  Angus 
M'Cowle  V'Conil  dwelling  in  Glenroy  in  Lochaber  to  Colyne  Camp 
bell  of    Glenurquhay.     Dated  at  the  Castle  of  Ballocht  before  wit 
nesses  Duncan  Campbell  of  Glenlyoun  Robert  Menzes  of  Comry  John 
M'Conachwy,  Johne  M'Avyr  Alexander  M'Alester  M'Gregour  V'Neill 
and  Andro  Quhit  notary  15  February  1560. 

43.  DONALD  PYPAR  M'YNDOIR  PYPAR  binds  himself  to  make  Colyne 
Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  his  adopted  son,  at  Strathphillan  before  wit 
nesses  Malcolm  M'Gillequhonil  Patrick  Williamsoun  James  Ruthuen 
John  M'Ynla  V'Nab  and  Duncan  M'Cowle  Keir,  17  April  1561. 

of  Manrent. 


PATRIK  M'ALLAIR  adopts  Mergret  Campbell  younger  daughter  to  44. 

Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  grants  her  a  bairn's  part  of 
gear,  5  May  1561. 

CONTRACT  between  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  Duncane  45. 

Campbell  of  Lik  and  Ewin  his  son,  whereby  the  said  Colyne  Camp 
bell  binds  himself  to  defend  them  in  the  possession  of  the  lands 
they  hold  of  the  Prior  of  the  Charter  House  and  their  other  lands, 
signed  at  Isle  of  Ban  before  witnesses  Jhone  Campbell  fiar  of  Laweris, 
Robert  Menzeis  of  Comry  Gregour  M'Ane  Patrik  M'Olane  and  Andro 
Quhyt  notary,  4th  July  1561. 

Alii  M'Ewyn  Moir  Fynla  M'Ewin  Moir  and  Donald  his  brother  46. 

gave  Colyne  Campbell  son  to  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  a 
bairn's  part  of  gear  tanquam  filio  adoptiuo — 12  May  1562. 

22nd  May  Johne  M'Ewin  Moir  their  brother  gave  the  said  Colyne  a  47. 

bairn's  part  of  gear  in  presence  of  John  Campbell  of  Laweris  John 
Menzes  alias  Barroun  James  Euthuen  Patrick  M'Lauran  and  William 

BOND  by  Jhone  Dow  M'Couilaid  in  Braiklie  at  Kendlochtollive  48. 

Donald  Dow  Mak  Couilaid  and  Makum  M'Couill  Laid  his  brothers 
to  Collein  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay,  giving  him  their  Calps  ;  signed 
at  the  Castle  of  Glenvrquhay  before  witnesses  Greigour  M'Kein  Keeper 
of  the  Castle  of  Glenurquhay  Ewin  M'Kveir  in  Mourlaganmoir  and 
Jhone  Makindoirn  in  Portbane,  1  August  1562. 


206  Bands 


49.  AT  Ballocht  the  xxv  day  of  Aprile  .  .  .  M  v°  Ixiii  yeris.     It  is  ... 

agreit  .  .  .  betuix  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  on  that  ane  part 
and  Kannald  M'Rannald  M'Couilglas  off  Cappycht  on  that  uther  part 
in  maner  following  .  .  .  the  said  Colyne  .  .  .  havand  of  our  Soue- 
rane  Lady  the  gift  of  escheit  of  the  Clangregour  now  being  our 
Souerane  Lady  rebellis  of  thair  takis  rowmis  stedingis  gudis  and  geir. 
And  als  havand  of  the  lard  of  Weyme  in  lifrent  the  tuelf  merkland 
of  Kannocht  on  the  west  syde  of  the  watter  of  Erachtie  to  haif  set  in 
assedatioun  ...  to  the  said  Rannald  his  airis  maill  and  subtenentis  of 
nay  hiear  degre  nor  hymself  .  .  .  the  tuenty  pound  land  of  Kannocht 
auld  extent  with  thair  pertinentis  with  the  loch  He  and  fischingis  of 
the  samyn  for  all  the  days  .  .  .  that  the  said  Colyne  or  his  airis  hes 
.  .  .  entres  to  the  forsadis  landis  .  .  .  witht  cornis  crop  plennesinge 
.  .  .  upoun  the  saidis  landis  .  .  .  except  the  gudis  and  geir  within 
Glenco  and  my  Lord  of  Ergile  bundis  pertening  to  the  said  Colyne  be 
escheit,  witht  power  ...  to  set  the  sadis  landis  to  subtenentis  of 
lawer  degrie  nor  hymself  ...  of  ony  surname  (the  Clangregour 
alauerlie  except)  .  .  .  payand  yeirlie  ...  for  the  forsaid  tuelf  merk 
land  of  Kannocht  .  .  .  tene  pundis  maill  ...  to  the  said  Colyne 
during  his  lyvrent,  and  als  for  the  landis  on  the  est  side  of  Erachtie, 
during  the  gift  of  the  takis  of  the  said  Colyne  escheit,  malis  and 
deweteis  usit  and  wont  conforme  to  the  payment  that  M'Gregour  suld 
haif  maid  to  the  Lard  of  Weyme.  And  efter  the  .  .  .  furthrinning  of 
the  said  Colyne  lyfrent  and  takis  ...  he  and  his  airis  sail  do  thair 

of  Manrent. 


exact  diligens  in  obtening  of  new  talds  or  lyfrent  upoun  all  ...  the 
forsadis  landis  .  .  .  and  thairefter  mak  the  said  Rannald  and  his  airis 
tytill  thairof  ...  to  be  haldin  of  the  said  Colyne  and  his  airis  for 
sik  malis  .  .  .  and  uther  dewiteis  as  thai  sail  obtene  the  samyn.  And 
the  said  Colyne  and  his  airis  sail  .  .  .  defend  the  said  Rannald  his 
airis  and  subtenentis  in  ...  the  forsadis  landis  say  lang  as  the  said 
Colyne  and  his  airis  hes  .  .  .  rycht  ...  to  the  samyn  .  .  .  and  als  in 
all ...  thair  honest .  .  .  querrellis  .  .  .  aganis  all ...  the  Quene  Maiestie 
and  the  Erie  of  Ergile  except.  For  the  quhilkis  .  .  .  the  said  Rannald 
.  .  .  oblisses  hym  and  his  airis  freindis  seruantis  and  parttakaris  to  be 
leill  trew  .  .  .  seruantis  to  the  said  Colyne  and  his  airis  in  all  ... 
thair  ...  just  ...  querrellis  aganis  all  ...  the  Quene  Maiestie  hir 
authoritie  and  his  superiouris  of  quhom  he  sail  hald  his  natif  rowmis 
in  Lochaber  alanerlie  except  .  .  .  And  the  said  Rannald  sail  labour 
and  manure  the  forsaid  landis  of  Rannocht  .  .  .  and  mak  his  principle 
residens  thairupoun  ay  and  quhill  he  may  bring  the  samyn  to  quietnes 
for  the  commoun  weill  of  the  cuntre  and  sail  nocht  suffir  ony  of  the 
Clangregour  to  haif  entres  or  intromissioun  of  the  forsaid  landis  .  .  . 
and  als  sail  keip  the  forest  and  woddis  of  the  saidis  landis  and  keip  the 
said  Colyne  and  his  airis  scaythtles  thairof  at  all  handis  quhom  efferis 
and  the  inhabitantis  of  the  saidis  landis  of  Rannocht  to  serve  the  said 
Colyne  and  his  airis  ...  as  thai  salbe  requirit  and  nay  uther  under 
the  authorite  and  that  at  the  command  of  the  said  Rannald  and  his 
airis.  Atour  the  said  Rannald  and  his  airis  forsadis  .  .  .  oblisses 
thame  to  ...  persew  at  thair  utermast  power  samony  of  the  Clan 
gregour  as  ar  now  our  Souerane  Lady  rebellis  .  .  .  and  apprehend  .  .  . 
and  bring  thame  to  the  said  Colyne  and  his  airis  to  be  pwnesit  accord- 



ing  to  the  lawis.  And  in  cace  thai  may  nocht  be  tane  ...  to  be  slane 
conforme  to  our  Souerane  Lady  commissioun  gevin  thairupoun  for 
stanching  of  sik  malefactouris.  And  the  said  Kannald  and  his  airis 
sail  nocht  tak  the  forsaid  landis  of  Rannocht  ...  at  the  handis  of  ony 
utheris  except  the  said  Colyne  and  his  airis  or  at  the  leist  without 
licence  ...  In  wytnes  of  the  quhilk  thing  baytht  the  saidis  partiis  hes 
subscriuit  this  present  contract  .  .  .  befor  thir  witnes  Robert  Menzes 
of  Comry  James  Menzes  his  bruther  germane  Oliuer  Murray  James 
Ruthuen  Dugall  M'Rory  M'Lauchlan  Alexander  M'Ane  V'Angus  and 
Andro  Quhit  notar  publict  .  .  . 

COLLIN  CAMPBELL  of  Glenwrquhay. 

with  my  hand  at  the  pen  .  .  . 

50.  CONTRACT  of  Protection  and  Manrent  between  Collyne  Campbell  of 

Glenurquhay  and  Johne  Oyg  M'Ane  Abrycht  of  Glencho;  the  said 
Collyne  Campbell  being  bound  to  defend  the  said  Johne  Oyg  M'Ane 
Abrycht  in  his  possessions,  and  specially  in  his  lands  of  Glencho ;  and  the 
said  Johne  Oyg  M'Ane  Abrycht  being  bound  to  serve  the  said  Collyne 
Campbell  against  all  persons  excepting  the  authority  and  my  Lord  of 
Argyle,  providing  that  if  he  will  not  instantly  serve  against  the 
Clangregour,  his  Contract  shall  be  void.  Signed  at  the  Castle  of 
Glenurquhay  before  witnesses  Johnn  Campbell  of  Laweris  Robert 
Menzeis  of  Comrie  Allane  M'Ane  V'Conache  Roy  and  James  Ruthwen 
6  May  1563. 

of  Manretit.  209 

JOHNE  Dow  M'GILLEVERNAN  elder  and  Johne  Dow  M'Gillevernan  51. 

his  son  take  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  as  filium  adoptiuum,  at 
the  Castle  of  Glenurquhay  before  witnesses  John  M'Conachy  Roy 
John  M'Gillespy  VTatrik  James  Ruthuen  Paul  M'Aclerycht  and 
Duncan  M'Gillelan  21  June  1563. 


GREGOUR  M'GREGOUR  of  that  Ilk  obliges  himself  his  kin  friends 
servants  and  dependants  to  do  all  the  steid  he  may  to  Jhone  Stewart 
apparent  of  the  Appin  without  exposing  himself  to  hurt  at  my  Lord 
Ergyle's  hand ;  subscribed  at  Elian  na  mayn  before  witnesses  Jhone 
Campbell  of  Lochnanell  Duncan  M'Gregour  of  Rwrw  Ewin  M'Gregour 
and  Duncan  M'Allaster  VEwin  17  November  1563. 

CONTRACT  of  Manrent  and  Protection  between  Archibald  Earl 
of  Ergyle,  Colyne  Campbell  of  Boquhane  knight  Dugall  Campbell 
of  Auchynbrek  James  Campbell  of  Ardkinglass  Johne  Campbell  of 
Lochynnell  Ewir  Campbell  of  Ardgartnay  Colyne  Campbell  of  Bar- 
brek  Johne  Campbell  of  Inuerlevir,  on  the  one  part,  and  Colyne 
Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  on  the  other  part,  on  account  of  the  old 
kindness  and  proximity  of  blood  betwixt  their  predecessors  observed 
past  memory  of  man,  against  all  persons,  and  specially  against 
Gregour  M'Gregour  son  to  the  deceased  Alexander  M'Gregour  of 
Glenschray  his  accomplices  and  assistants  now  being  our  Sovereign 
Lady's  rebels  and  at  her  Grace's  horn  for  suppressing  and  daunting 
of  their  uproar  and  tyrannical  attempts,  and  pursuing  them  with  all 
rigour  so  long  as  they  remain  rebels  to  the  Queen  and  enemies  to  the 
said  Colyne  and  his  heirs ;  excepting  only  the  said  Earl's  allegiance 



to  the  Queen  and  her  successors,  and  the  allegiance  of  the  remanent 
noblemen  abovewritten  to  the  Queen,  her  successors,  my  Lord  of 
Ergyle  and  his  heirs  Earls  of  Ergyle  :  the  said  contract  to  be  sufficient 
to  all  landed  men  of  my  Lord  Earl  of  Ergyle's  surname  subscribing  the 
same,  albeit  their  names  are  not  therein  contained :  Master  Johne  Cars- 
well  superintendant  of  Ergyle  Donald  Campbell  brother  to  the  laird  of 
Auchynbrek  and  Andro  Quhit  notary  public  and  others  witnesses. 
Subscribed  by  the  saids  parties  at  Inueraray  9  July  1564. 

54.  SOIRLE  M'CoNiL  V'ALLANE  binds  himself  to  relieve  Colyne  Camp 

bell  of  Glenurquhay  of  all  expenses  and  loss  he  may  incur  through  his 
having  entered  into  a  bond  of  caution  to  the  Queen  for  the  said  Soirle 
M'Conil  V'AUane's  good  rule  and  order  in  his  country,  at  Balloch 
before  witnesses  Master  Johne  Cwnynghame  James  Ruthuen  Neill 
M'Conil  V'Neill  Johne  M'Avyr  Thomas  Quhit  and  Andro  Quhit 
notary  public  13th  November  1564. 

55.  CONTRACT  entered  into  in  the  presence  of  Archibald  Earl  of  Ergyle 

between  Coline  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  Duncane  Campbell  of 
Duntrone  against  all  persons,  excepting  only  the  Queen  and  my  Lord 
of  Ergyle  and  his  heirs,  and  that  on  account  of  the  old  kindness  ob 
served  between  the  Lairds  of  Glenurquhay  and  Duntrone.  Signed  at 
Perth  before  witnesses  James  Campbell  of  Ardkinglas  Johne  Campbell 
Commendator  of  Ardchattane  Johne  Butter  of  Gormok  and  Andro 
Quhit  notary,  23  December  1564. 

of  Manrent. 


CONTRACT  of  Protection  and  Manrent  between  Colyne  Campbell  of 
Glenurquhay  and  James  Stewart  in  the  Port,  signed  at  Ilenran  before 
witnesses  James  Ruthuen  Johne  M'Avyr  Thomas  Quhit  Neill  M'Angus 
Ewir  his  son  and  Andro  Quhit  notary  public,  8  November  1566. 

TRANSFERENCE  by  Archibald  Earl  of  Ergile  to  Colyne  Campbell  of 
Glenurquhay  of  the  manrent  service  and  Calps  due  to  him  and  his 
predecessors  by  the  Clantyre  in  Balquhidder,  and  that  because  they 
dwelt  near  the  said  Colyne  Campbell  and  he  was  therefore  better  able 
to  protect  them,  the  Earl  promising  the  continuance  of  his  protection  to 
the  said  Clantyre  so  long  as  they  remained  obedient  to  the  said  Colyne 
Campbell.  Signed  at  Perth  25th  December  1566. 




AT  Dunstafnis  the  xvj  day  of  Junii  1565,  my  lorde  Erie  of  Ergile, 
.  .  .  with  awyis  of  his  kin  and  freindis  present  for  the  tyme  .  .  . 
commandis  that  all  and  sindrie  his  stibiectis,  barrones,  gentillmen  and 
tennendis  within  his  boundis  of  Ergile,  Lome,  Knapdell,  and  all 
vther  his  boundis,  in  cais  the  Clangregour  now  being  the  Quenis 
rebellis  and  enemeis  to  the  hous  of  Glenvrquhay  resort  to  thair 
boundis,  .  .  .  sail  with  ane  woce  concur  togidder  and  rais 
the  schoutt  aganis  thame  and  persew  thaim  with  bayth  suord  and 
fyir  to  ther  destructioun ;  and  gevis  full  commissione  to  euery  man 
within  our  boundis  to  tak  and  apprehend  the  said  Clangregour 
quhaireuer  thai  may  be  gottin,  and  the  takaris  therof  to  have  thair 




escheit  to  their  awin  behuif,  certifeing  quhaevir  contravenis  this  act  or 
favouris  or  concelis  the  said  Clangregour  in  ony  sort  that  we  sail  per- 
sew  thaim  be  extremite  of  law  according  to  our  former  act  maid 

Secundlie,  the  said  Erie  with  consent  of  his  barones  and  gentill  his 
freindis  present  for  the  tyme  and  all  vtheris  kin  absent  presentlie, 
quhais  subscriptionis  salbe  put  heirto  efterward  .  .  .  promessis  to  ... 
assist  .  .  .  the  said  lairde  of  Glenvrquhay  aganis  all  his  enemeis 
quhatsumeuer  .  .  .  and  in  cais  the  said  Clangregour  gett  ony  refuge  or 
fortificatione  of  ony  vtheris  our  nychtbouris  or  cuntremen  ewis  ws,  we 
promes  to  tak  plane  pert  with  the  said  larde  of  Glenvrquhay  in  persute 
bayth  of  tham  and  ther  fortifearis  according  to  equite  with  our  haill 
force  and  power. 


DOWGALL  CAMPBELL  of  Achinbrek. 

JAMES  CAMPBELL  of  Ardkinglas. 

I.  COLIN  CAMPBELL  of  Perbrek  with  my  hand  led  on 
the  pen  be  Patrik  Miller  noter. 

DUGALL  MAKDUGALL  of  Dunollycht  with  my  hand  led 
on  the  pen  .  .  . 

ALEXANDER  MAKNACHTAN  of  Doundaraw  with  my  hand 
on  the  pen  .  .  . 

JOHNE  CAMPBELL  of  Inuerluvyr. 

EWIN  M'KEWER  of  Largorthene. 

of  Manrent. 


MUTUAL  Bond  of  Manrent  between  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay 
and  Dugall  M'Dugall  of  Dunollycht,  as  taking  burden  on  himself  for 
all  his  kin  friends  and  servants,  against  all  persons,  the  authority  and 
the  Earls  of  Ergile  only  excepted  ;  signed  at  Balloch,  before  witnesses 
Johne  Campbell  of  Laweris,  Duncane  Campbell  of  Duntrone,  Donald 
Campbell  of  Lergyn  his  brother,  Duncane  Campbell  his  brother's  son 
and  heir  apparent  of  Duntrone,  Johne  Campbell  alias  MTatrik,  James 
Ruthuen  and  Andro  Quhit  notary,  27  March  1567. 



AT  Ballocht  the  sext  day  of  Maij  the  yere  of  God  M  v0  threscore  nyne 
yeris.  It  is  ...  finalie  endit  betuix  .  .  .  Johnne  Erie  of  Atholl  Lord 
Balvany  for  hym  self  and  takand  the  burthyng  upoun  hym  for  James 
Menzes  of  that  Ilk  William  Stewart  of  Grantullie  and  the  rest  of  his 
kin  freyndis  seruantis  dependeris  .  .  .  upoun  that  ane  part  and  Colyne 
Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  for  hymself  and  takand  the  burthyng  upoun 
hym  for  Johne  Campbell  of  Laweris  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenlyoun 
and  the  rest  of  his  kin  freindis  seruantis  dependeris  .  .  .  upoun  that 
uther  part  in  maner  efter  following  .  .  .  baytht  the  saidis  partiis 
movit  for  the  zele  of  God  and  havand  respect  to  the  tranquilite  and 
quyetnes  of  the  inhabitantis  of  this  realme  and  specialie  of  thair 
awin  boundis  .  .  .  and  for  suppressing  and  stanching  of  murtheraris 
thevis  robaris  oppressouris  sornaris  revesaris  of  women  and  rasaris  of 
fyre  and  als  for  being  commandit  .  .  .  thairto  be  our  Souerane  Lorde 





authorite  conforme  to  the  generall  band  maid  be  our  wmquhile  Soue- 
rane  Lord  King  James  the  Fyffc  .  .  .  and  apprevit  now  laitlie  be  our 
Souerane  Lord  and  his  hienes  regent :  Tharfor  to  be  bundin  .  .  .  that 
thai  sail  tak  plane  leill  trew  and  afald  part ...  in  persewing  invading 
and  suppressing  of  all  sik  wickit  and  ewill  personis  .  .  .  and  specialie 
the  Clangregour  .  .  .  quhay  daylie  usis  thame  selffis  maist  horribillie 
in  the  forsaidis  crymes  intollerablie  to  the  leigis  of  thir  .  .  .  boundis 
nixt  liand  unto  thame  .  .  .  arid  that  nether  ane  of  the  saidis  partiis 
sail  appoynt  with  ony  of  the  said  Clangregour  ...  in  ony  time  cum- 
ing  by  the  avis  of  utheris  ...  ay  and  quhill  thai  be  brocht  under 
obediens  to  our  Souerane  Lord  or  ellis  bannisit  the  realme  or  wrekit 
within  the  samyn  :  And  likewiss  the  saidis  James  Menzes  of  that  Ilk 
William  Stewart  of  Grantullie  Johne  Campbell  of  Laweris  and  Dun- 
cane  Campbell  of  Glenlyoun  ratifiis  .  .  .  this  present  contract  in  all 
thyngis  ...  In  witnes  of  the  quhilk  thyng  baytht  the  sadis  partiis 
and  personis  aboun  writin  hes  subscribit  this  present  contract  .  .  . 

JHONE  Erll  of  Atholl. 

COLLIN  CAMPBELL  of  G-lenwrquhay. 

W.  STEWAKT  off  Grantullye. 

JHONE  CAMPBELL  off  Lawiris. 

DUNCAN  CAMPBELL  of  Glenlyoun. 

CONTKACT  between  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  Kannald 
M'Rannald  M'Couilglas  of  Cappycht  whereby  the  said  Bannald 
M'Bannald  M'Couilglas,  notwithstanding  the  former  contract  between 
him  and  the  said  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay,  renounces  his  right 
to  the  twelve  merkland  of  Bannocht  upon  the  west  side  of  the  water 

of  Manrent. 


of  Erachtie  with  the  Isle  loch  and  fishings  thereof  in  favour  of  the  said 
Colyne  Campbell,  who  relieves  the  said  Rannald  of  all  former  duties 
thereof  and  warrants  to  him  his  title  to  the  parsonage  and  rectory  of 
the  kirk  of  Kilmanavag  in  Loquhaber  conform  to  the  assedation 
made  to  him  and  his  heirs  by  John  Comrnendator  of  Archattane 
for  the  space  of  five  years,  his  entry  thereto  being  at  the  senze 
of  Ergyle  1569 ;  the  said  Colyne  Campbell  and  his  heirs  paying  to 
the  said  Commendator  and  his  successors  yearly  the  sum  of  forty 
merks,  until  the  expiry  of  the  tack,  at  which  time  he  shall  endeavour 
to  secure  the  said  Kannald  in  a  new  tack  thereof,  failing  which, 
he  shall  during  his  lifetime  pay  the  said  Rannald  yearly  the  said 
sum  of  forty  merks  and  that  for  the  service  to  be  rendered  him 
by  the  said  Rannald  conform  to  the  first  contract.  Signed  at  Bal- 
loch  before  witnesses  James  Culquhoun  of  Garscube  Johne  Camp 
bell  Chanter  of  Lesmore  James  Ruthuen  and  Andro  Quhit  notary, 
12th  August  1569. 

CONTRACT  of  Defence  and  Manrent  between  Coline  Campell  of  Glen- 
urquhay  and  Johnn  Steward  of  Appin  against  all  persons,  the  authority 
and  the  Earls  of  Argyill  only  excepted  ;  the  said  Johnn  Steward  being 
bound  to  serve  the  said  Coline  Campbell  in  the  Highlands  on  his  own 
expences  and  in  the  Lowlands  on  the  reasonable  expences  of  the  said 
Coline  Campbell.  Signed  at  Balloch  before  witnesses  Duncann  Camp 
bell  fiar  of  Glenurquhay,  Duncann  Campbell  of  Glenlyoun,  James 
Steward  in  Appin  John  M'Conachie  Roy  in  Feurlochan  and  Mr  George 
Quhyt,  4  December  1570. 


216  Bands 

63  BOND  OF  DEFENCE  granted  by  Coline  Campbell  of  Glenorquhaie, 

proceeding  on  the  narrative  that  the  whole  surname  and  Clan  of  the 
Clanlawren  for  them  and  their  heirs  had  elected  him  and  his  heirs  to 
be  their  chiefs,  and  had  granted  him  their  bonds  of  manrent  against  all 
persons,  the  authority  only  excepted,  and  also  their  Calps  ;  therefore 
taking  them  under  his  protection  as  their  chief ;  providing  that  if  any 
person  of  the  said  Clan  shall  fail  in  the  premises,  the  matter  shall 
be  tried  before  the  most  able  persons  of  the  surname,  Malcum  M'Conche 
WRobart,  Johanne  M'Yver  and  in  his  absence  Duncann  M'Yver, 
Johane  M'Allester  W'Lawren,  and  in  his  absence  Duncan  his  brother, 
Therlycht  M'Ain  W'Therlycht,  Patrik  M'Ain  WTatrik  Mor,  Finla 
M'Nele,  and  in  his  absence  Duncan  M'Nicoll,  Archibald  M'Duile 
Keach,  Gillefillan  Fillan  M'Conche  W'Ain  Keache,  and  shall  thereafter 
be  remedied  by  the  said  Coline  Campbell ;  providing  also  that  if  any 
of  the  said  Clan  do  not  keep  the  premises  or  that  any  of  their  children 
do  not  ratify  the  said  bond,  on  the  ground  that  they  are  not  obliged  to 
do  so,  then  the  said  Coline  Campbell  shall  not  be  bound  to  defend  any 
of  the  said  Clan.  Signed  at  Killin  before  witnesses  Johane  Campbell 
son  to  the  laird  of  Glenlioun,  Johane  Campbell  son  to  Johane 
Campbell  of  Mortlie,  Therlycht  M'Ain  V'Therlycht,  Paul  M'Clerycht 
and  Johane  M'Corcadill  notary,  22  May  1573. 

64.  BOND  by  Jhone  M'Avyre,  Patrik  his  brother,  Duncan  his  brother's 

son,  Neill  brother  to  the  said  Duncane,  Laurence  his  brother,  Patrik  his 
brother,  Patrik  Makane  V'Patrik  Voir,  Duncane  his  brother,  Nicoll  his 
brother,  Malcum  Makauld  V'Lauren,  Duncan  M'Gillepatrik  V'Ewin, 
Jhone  his  brother,  Donald  M'Conochie  V'Gillepatrik,  Jhone  his 

of  Manrent. 

brother,  Patrik  Makconochie  his  brother,  Jhone  and  Donald  and  their 
brethren,  Dimcane  M'Ane  V'Yneadar  alias  M'Lauren,  Archebald 
M'Wurycht  V'Lauren,  Alexander  his  brother,  Gilfillane  Makpatrik, 
Ewin  M'Ewin  Roy,  Finlay  M'Nicoll,  Jhone  M'Imlay  V'Nicoll, 
Donald  Makriicoll,  Jhone  M'Ewiu  V'Gillepatrik,  Patrik  M'Conochie 
V'Gillepatrik,  Ewir  M'Conochie  Gorme,  Nicoll  Ouir  M'Ane  VTatrik 
Moir,  Johne  Dow  M'Rorie,  James  Makrorie,  and  Jhone  MTatrik 
V'Rorie,  Laurence  MTatrik  V'Rorie,  Malcum  his  brother,  Patrik 
M'Couill  V'Andoy,  Duncan  his  brother,  Jhone  M'Conochie  V'Andoy, 
Archibald  M'Gillespik  V'Inrorycht,  Malcum  his  brother,  Jhone 
MTatrik  M'Vyrricht,  Finlay  M'Neill  with  his  bairns  viz. :  Jhone 
M'Finlay  V'Neill,  Donald  his  brother,  Archibald  his  brother,  Malcum 
his  brother,  Laurence  his  brother,  Neill  his  brother,  Archibald 
M'Finlay  V'Lauren,  Finlay  his  [brother],  Gillechrist  M'Gillespie 
V'Lauren,  Malcum  brother  to  Archebald,  Jhone  his  son,  Johne 
M'Finlay  V'Anevoir,  Jhone  his  son,  Donald  his  brother,  Laurence  his 
brother,  Neill  M'Nicoll  V'Neill,  Patrik  M'Ewin  V'Neill,  Jhone  his 
son,  Donald  his  brother,  Laurence  his  brother,  Neill  M'Ewin  V'Lau 
ren,  Jhone  MTatrik  V'Neill,  Duncane  MTatrik  his  brother,  Finlay 
his  brother,  Jhone  M'Ane  V'Ewin  VTatrik,  Donald  M'Couill 
V'Nicoll,  Jhone  Keir  his  brother,  Malcum  M'Dougall  Reoch,  Malcum 
M'Conochy  V'Ane  V'Doullreoch,  Walter  M'Ane  V'Coulreoch,  Patrik 
his  brother,  Dugall  his  brother,  Donald  his  brother,  Malcum  his 
brother,  Jhone  M'Olchallum  V'Anereoch,  Gilfillane  M'Conychy 
V'Anereoch,  Malcum  M'Conochie  V'Reocht,  Donald  Ouir  his  brother, 
Duncan  M'Olchallum  V'Robert,  Patrik  his  brother,  Duncan  Mak- 
couill  VTatrik,  Archibald  MTatrik  V'Robert,  Robert  Makynstalkar 




VTatrik,  Donald  M'Crome  alias  M'Lauren,  Jhone  his  son,  Donald 
and  Dauid  his  brothers,  Duncan  and  Malcum  his  brothers,  Duncan 
M'Crom  alias  M'Lauren,  Duncan  his  son,  Patrik  his  brother,  William 
V'Crome  alias  M'Lauren,  Jhone  his  son,  Jhone  M'Anevoir  V'Crome, 
Donald  Ouir  his  brother,  Allester  M'Conochie  V'Couill  VTatrik, 
Jhone  Dow  his  brother,  Patrik  M'Finlay  V'Kobert,  to  Colyne  Camp 
bell  of  Glenurquhay ;  dated  at  Killin  before  witnesses  John  Campbell 
son  of  Duncan  Campbell  of  Glenlione  John  Campbell  son  of  John 
Campbell  of  Murthlie,  Charles  M'Ane  V'Tarlych,  Paul  M'Clereich, 
22  May  1573. 


65.  AT  Ilanran  the  tuentie  aucht  day  of  Maij  the  yeir  of  God  ane  thow- 

sand  fyve  hundretht  and  threscoir  thretteine  yeiris.  It  is  ...  contractit 
.  .  .  betuix  honorabill  pairties  Colene  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and 
Duncan  Campbell  his  sone  and  appearand  air  fear  of  the  -samyn  on 
that  ane  pairt  and  Ewin  Campbell  of  Likkis  for  himself  and  taking 
the  burding  on  him  for  his  haill  tennentis  and  inhabitantis  of  his 
landis  of  Likkis  with  thair  pertinentis  on  the  uther  pairt  in  maner 
...  as  efter  followis,  that  is  to  say,  the  said  Ewin  Campbell  of 
Likkis  sal  be  his  awin  charter  and  precept  of  sasing  .  .  .  infeffc  the 
said  Colene  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  in  lyfrent  .  .  .  and  the  said 
Duncane  in  fee,  and  his  airis  heretablie  in  fewfarm  in  ...  his  ane 
merkland  of  the  clauchan  of  Kyllin  with  the  pertinentis  lyand  at  the 
port  of  Ilanran  pertening  to  him  heretablie  in  fewferme  lyand  in  the 

of  Manrent. 


lordschip  of  Discher  and  Toycr  within  the  shirreffdome  of  Pertht  haldin 
be  him  of  the  prior  and  convent  of  the  Charter  Howss  and  thair  suc- 
cessouris  in  fewferme  (and  that  for  infeftment  of  fewferme  to  be  maid 
be  the  saidis  Colene  and  Duncane  to  the  said  Ewin  heretablie  upon 
the  twentie  schilling  land  of  Craignavye  with  the  teind  schaiffis  of 
the  samyn  and  thair  pertinentis  includit  thairwith)  to  be  haldin 
of  the  said  Ewine  and  his  airis  in  fewferme  for  payment  yeirlie  of 
thretteine  schillingis  four  penneis  money  .  .  .  Attour  the  said  Ewine 
and  his  airis  .  .  .  grantis  to  the  said  Colene  and  Duncane  his  band  of 
manrent  and  service  .  .  .  conforme  to  the  band  maid  be  umquhile 
Duncane  Campbell  his  father  to  the  said  Colene  and  elykuis  conforme 
to  the  said  Colenis  band  of  mantenance  maid  to  the  said  umquhile 
Duncane  and  himself  thairupon  .  .  .  And  alse  the  said  Ewine  his  airis 
thair  tennentis  and  inhabitantis  of  his  said  landis  of  Likkis  sail  in  all 
tyme  cuming  serue  the  said  Colene  and  Duncane  and  thair  airis  in 
hosting  hunting  quhen  the  samyn  occurris  as  the  said  Colene  and 
Duncanis  awin  tennentis  .  .  .  dois.  And  the  said  Ewine  and  .  .  . 
his  airis  tennentis  and  inhabitantis  of  Likkis  sail  gif  thair  personal 
presences  yeirlie  in  heid  courtis  and  uther  courtis  quhatsumeuir  to  be 
haldin  be  the  said  Colene  and  Duncane  and  thair  airis  as  bailzees  of 
heritage  or  otherwyse  be  commissioun  of  the  said  priour  and  convent 
for  the  tyme  ...  for  his  saidis  landis  of  Likkis  .  .  .  prouyding  that 
the  saidis  Colene  and  Duncane  and  thair  airis  bailzeis  for  the  tyme  .  .  . 
discharge  the  said  Ewine  and  his  airis  all  unlawis  ...  of  thair  saidis 
courtis  .  .  .  that  he  his  airis  and  tenentis  of  Likkis  happynnis  to  incur 
.  .  (the  unlawis  ...  of  blude  and  thift  ...  to  be  reseruit  and 
imployit  to  the  saidis  Colene  and  Duncane  and  thair  airis  ...  in  all 



tyme  to  cum)  .  .  .  And  als  the  said  Ewin  his  airis  and  ilkane  of  his 
tennentis  of  Likkis  sail  gif  to  the  saidis  Colene  and  Duncane  and  thair 
airis  yeirly  ane  dawark  of  plowing,  ane  of  harrowing,  ane  of  pettis 
leding  quhair  the  saidis  Colene  and  Duncane  and  thair  airis  forsaidis 
pleissis  to  ony  place  or  manys  adiacent  ewiss  to  the  west  end  of 
Lochtay  conforme  to  the  auld  use  and  custome  of  bailzerie.  For  the 
quhilkis  causis  the  saidis  Colene  and  Duncane  and  thair  airis  forsaidis 
sail  in  semblable  maner  by  thair  chartir  and  precept  of  seasing  sett  in 
fewferme  and  dewlie  infeft  the  said  Ewine  Campbell  and  his  airis  and 
assignais  heretablie  in  all  and  haill  thair  said  tuentie  schilling  land 
of  Cragnavye  with  the  pertinentis  togidder  with  the  teynd  schavis  of 
the  samyn  landis  thairin  includit  and  free  fra  payment  of  ony  dewtie 
to  be  requyrit  fra  him  be  the  persone  of  the  samyn  teind  schaives 
except  the  dewtie  to  be  yeirly  payit  for  the  land  ...  To  be  haldin  of 
the  saidis  Colene  and  Duncane  and  thair  airis  heretablie  in  fewferme 
for  payment  yeirly  of  the  said  thretteine  sdaillingis  iiii  d.  money  and 
xx  d.  mairt  siluer  few  maill  allanerlie  .  .  .  And  sail  releifT  the  said 
Ewin  and  his  airis  ...  of  the  superplus  of  the  said  few  maile  .  .  . 
quhilk  superplus  extends  to  vis.  viiid.  maill  and  xd.  mairt  syluer  .  .  . 
Lykas  .  .  .  they  .  .  .  gewis  ...  to  the  said  Ewine  and  his  airis  thair 
band  of  mentenance  as  efTeris  (the  auctoritie  and  my  lord  Ergile  ex- 
ceptit)  ...  In  witnes  of  the  quhilk  thing  bayth  the  saidis  pairties 
hes  subscryuit  thir  presentis  .  .  .  yeir  day  and  place  foirsaid  befoir 
thir  witnes  Tarlocht  M'Ene  VCarlycht  Dauid  Murray  brother  to  the 
laird  of  Ochtertyre  Jhone  M'Awyre  Jhone  Campbell  Mr.  George  Quhyt 
Colene  Campbell  of  Arbeytht  Jhone  M'Lauran  and  Jhone  Dauidsone 
noter  publict  .  .  . 

of  Manrent. 


BOND  by  Duncane  M'Gregoure  V'Conoquhy  Asbrach  and  Patrik 
M'Gregoure  V'Conoquhy  his  brother  to  Colene  Campbell  of  Glenur 
quhay  and  his  heirs,  giving  them  their  Calps  ;  signed  at  Glenurquhay 
before  witnesses  Duncane  Campbell  fiar  of  Glenurquhay  Duncane 
Campbell  of  Glenlyoun  Johne  M'Indeora  in  Portbane,  and  Paule 
M'Clerycht  in  Ardcalzie,  4  June  1576. 



WE  Coline  Erie  of  Argeill  .  .  .  vnderstandinge  that  our  cusinge 
Duncane  Campbell  fear  of  Glenurquhay  for  his  semes  and  gudvill 
borne  touertis  us  is  to  be  put  at  be  his  father  by  all  lav  ressone  and 
gud  conscience  apperantlie  to  the  utter  vrake  of  his  hous  (without 
remeid  be  funde  be  us  and  our  freindis  in  the  contrar)  In  the  first  ve 
ar  informit  that  he  intendis  to  redeme  all  his  haill  landis,  [of]  quhilk 
his  sone  is  fear  presentlie,  be  ane  reuersion,  for  performance  of  his 
onnaturall  interpryce  and  intent.  We  be  thir  presentis  .  .  .  oblisis  vs 
and  our  airis  to  resaue  na  uther  tennent  be  resignatione  confirmatione 
or  uthervayis  ...  of  ony  landis  quhilkis  ve  ar  superiours  of,  bot  sail 
frelie  resaue  the  said  Duncane  fear  presentlie  in  fee  in  all  ...  landis 
he  haldis  of  vs  and  our  hous,  at  quhat  tyme  ve  salbe  requirit  be  the  said 
Duncane  thairto  .  .  .  Farther  we  binde  and  oblisis  vs  faithfullie  that  ve 
sail  nocht  resaue  the  said  lard  of  Glenurquhay  nor  Coline  Campbell  his 
sone  in  our  fauor  nor  societie,  nor  sail  nocht  aggre  nor  tak  appointment 
with  thame,  quhil  onto  the  tyme  first  the  said  Duncane  fear  of  Glen- 




urquhay  be  satisfeit  be  our  sicht,  and  the  advise  of  us  and  our  freindis, 
and  in  speciall  anentis  sic  landis  now  disponit  be  the  said  lard  of 
Glenurquhay  to  Colin  his  son,  quhilkis  ver  first  promisit  to  the  said 
Duncane  be  his  fader,  disponit  by  him  for  his  gudvill  and  serues  done 
to  us,  Mairattor  ve  promis  one  our  honor  that  incace  the  said  lard 
of  Glenurquhay  refuis  to  do  all  missure  and  ressone  to  the  said  Dun- 
cane  his  sone,  by  our  advyse  and  our  freindis,  accordinge  to  the  auld 
custoum  of  our  predicessours  in  sic  causis,  in  that  we  promis  ...  to 
mainteine  and  defend  the  said  Duncane  in  all  his  kyndlie  roumes 
and  possessions  quhilkis  his  predicessours  lairdis  of  Glenurquhay  haid 
.  .  .  aganis  all  ...  persons  that  will  onkyndlie  dispossess  him,  nor 
sail  nocht  suffer  the  vrake  nor  decay  of  him  or  his  hous,  bot  sail 
defend  and  mainteine  the  samin  be  law  and  by  law.  For  the  quhilk 
cause  the  said  Duncane  bindis  and  oblisis  him  faythfullie  to  be  ane 
trew  effald  seruande  and  kynnisman  to  us  and  our  hous,  and  sail 
serue  us  lelelie  and  trewlie  aganis  all  ...  (The  Kingis  Majestie 
beand  exceptet)  ...  In  vitnes  of  the  quhilk  ve  haue  subscryuit  this 
present,  at  Strewelinge  the  26  day  of  Nouember  1578,  befoir  thir 
witnes  Alexander  B.  of  Brechine  James  Campbell  of  Ardkynglas  and 
Johne  Campbell  of  Lawers  with  uthers  diuers. 


BOND  by  Johne  Campbell  natural  son  of  the  deceased  Duncane 
Campbell  of  Glenlyoun  to  Colene  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay,  signed  at 
Striueling  before  witnesses  Gregour  M'Ean  Constable  of  Glenurquhay 
Thomas  Quhit  and  Gavine  Hammiltoun  servants  to  the  said  Colene 
Campbell,  11  March  1578. 

of  Manrent. 

BOND  by  Patrik  Campbell  brother  gcrman  of  the  deceased  Duncane 
Campbell  of  Glenlyoun  to  Colene  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  his 
heirs,  signed  at  Ilanran  before  witnesses  Johne  Boy  M'Stalker  in  Cran- 
duycht  Archibald  Campbell  in  Auchalladour  Johne  Bane  M'Nab  in 
Aucharne  and  Duncane  M'Inespik  alias  Campbell,  3  June  1579. 

BOND  by  Duncane  Espik  alias  Campbell  to  Colene  Campbell  of 
Glenurquhay  and  his  heirs,  signed  as  the  preceding,  Patrik  Camp 
bell  brother  german  to  the  deceased  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenlyoun 
being  an  additional  witness,  3  June  1579. 

BOND  by  Dougall  M'Sorle  W'Dougall,  and  Allane  M'Dougall 
W'Soirill,  Soirill  M'Dougall  W'Soirill,  Johne  Mak  Dougall  W'Sorle, 
Ewin  M'Dougall  W'Soirle,  and  Duncane  M'Dougall  W'Soirle,  lawful 
sons  of  the  said  Dougall  M'Sorle  W'Dougall,  to  Colein  Campbell  of 
Glenurquhaye  and  Duncane  Campbell  fiar  of  Glenurquhaye  and  his 
heirs  against  all  persons,  excepting  only  the  authority  and  the  Earls 
of  Argyle,  giving  them  their  Calps :  Gregour  Makeane  constable 
of  Glenurquhaye  Dougall  Campbell  in  Barragyill  in  Mwlcairne, 
Alane  Baxter,  and  Johne  Henrysone  servants  to  the  said  Duncane 
Campbell  witnesses.  Dated  at  Balloche  26  October  1580. 

CONTRACT  between  Duncane  Campbell  fiar  of  Glenurquhay  on  the 
one  part  and  his  native  servant  Gillecreist  Makdonchy  Duff  VNokerd 
and  Katherine  Neyn  Douill  Vekconchy  his  spouse  on  the  vther  part 
whereby  the  said  Gillecreist  and  his  spouse  bind  themselves  to  take  in 
fostering  Duncane  Campbell  son  to  the  said  Duncane  to  be  sustained 
by  them  in  meat  drink  and  nourishment  till  he  be  sent  to  the  schools 








with  the  advice  of  friends  and  to  sustain  him  at  the  schools  with 
reasonable  support,  the  said  father  and  foster  father  giving  between 
them  of  makhelve  guddis  in  donation  to  the  said  bairn  at  Beltane 
thereafter  the  value  of  two  hundred  merks  of  ky  and  two  horses  or 
two  mares  worth  forty  merks  ;  these  goods  with  their  increase  to  pertain 
to  the  said  bairn  as  his  own  chance  bears  him  to,  but  their  milk  to 
pertain  to  the  said  foster  father  and  mother  so  long  as  they  sustain  the 
said  bairn  and  until  he  be  sent  to  the  schools,  except  so  much  of  the 
said  milk  as  will  pay  the  mails  of  pasture  lands  for  the  said  cattle, 
which  the  said  foster  father  is  bound  to  find  for  them  upon  Lochaw, 
and  until  such  be  got  he  finding  for  them  the  half  of  the  lands  of 
Auchakynnay  ;  and  in  case  the  said  bairn  shall  die  before  he  be  sent 
to  the  schools,  his  father  shall  send  another  of  his  children  lass  or  lad 
to  be  fostered  in  his  stead,  who  shall  succeed  to  the  first  bairn's  goods  ; 
and  the  said  foster  father  and  mother  being  bound  to  leave  at  their 
decease  a  bairn's  part  of  gear  to  their  said  foster  son  or  to  the  bairn 
that  enters  on  his  place,  as  much  as  they  shall  leave  to  their  own 
children,  lands  being  excepted.  Signed  at  the  Castle  of  Glenurquhay, 
before  witnesses,  Gregour  Makane  constable  of  the  said  Castle,  Johne 
Makgregour  his  son,  Duncane  Makaclerich,  Duncane  M'Gillespill 
V'lllechonyll  and  Dougall  M'Arthour  notary,  5th  November  1580. 

73.  MUTUAL  BOND  between  Coleine  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  Dun 

cane  Campbell  fiar  thereof  his  son  on  the  one  part  and  Johne  Makewin 
in  Ediramuikie  and  James  Makevin  in  Kayndknok  his  brother,  on  the 
other  part,  whereby  the  saids  Coleine  and  Duncane  Campbell  under 
standing  the  saids  Johne  and  James  to  be  kindly  tenants  of  the  saids 

of  Manrent. 


lands  with  the  pertinents  bind  themselves  noways  by  themselves  or 
others  to  take  the  saids  lands  or  any  part  thereof  over  the  heads  of  the 
saids  Johne  and  James  but  to  maintain  them  in  the  possession 
thereof,  and  in  all  their  just  and  honest  causes ;  and  farther  bind 
themselves  at  no  time  thereafter  to  agree  with  James  Meinzeis  of 
that  ilk  anent  any  of  their  own  actions  without  reservation  of  the 
saids  John  and  James'  possession  of  the  saids  lands  of  Eddirramukie 
and  Kaindknok  for  payment  of  the  usual  mails  therefor  such  as 
were  paid  by  their  father  ;  and  the  said  Coleine  receives  the  saids 
Johne  and  James  in  service  promising  to  them  horse's  and  man's  meat 
as  they  shall  happen  to  be  charged  by  him  with  service,  together 
with  the  sum  of  ten  pounds  money  yearly  fee  to  either  of  them, 
providing  that  when  by  the  advice  of  the  said  Coleine  and  Duncane 
they  obtain  the  saids  lands  the  said  yearly  fee  shall  be  discharged  and 
the  promise  thereof  shall  cease,  the  saids  Johne  and  James  being  still 
bound  to  serve  the  saids  Coleine  and  Duncane ;  and,  on  the  other  hand, 
the  saids  Johne  and  James  bind  themselves  to  perform  true  service  to 
the  saids  Coleine  and  Duncane  and  their  heirs  on  their  expences  both 
in  the  highlands  and  lowlands,  and  especially  in  hosting  and  hunting, 
as  they  shall  be  required,  and  also  bind  themselves  and  their  heirs 
never  to  take  or  crave  the  saids  lands  from  the  said  James  Meinzeis  of 
that  Ilk  without  the  special  consent  of  the  saids  Coleine  and  Duncane 
and  their  heirs ;  and  the  saids  Johne  and  James  to  possess  the 
teinds  of  the  saids  lands  so  long  as  they  perform  the  true  service 
above  written.  Gregour  Makeane  constable  of  Glenurquhay,  Alane 
Baxter,  and  Gavine  Hammiltoun  notary  public  servants  to  the  said 
Coleine  Campbell  witnesses.  Dated  at  Perth  6  January  1580. 



74.  CONTRACT  between  Colene  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  Dougall 

M'Dougall  of  Donnollif,  whereby  the  said  Dougall  admits  that  he 
intromitted  with  certain  cattle  belonging  to  the  said  Colene's  tenants 
in  Bendaraloch  in  Lome  ten  years  before,  and  obliges  himself  and  his 
successors  to  restore  to  the  saids  tenants  as  many  cattle  as  he  shall  be 
proved  to  have  intromitted  with,  and  as  sufficient  as  those  he  took 
away,  and  that  before  the  24th  day  of  May  following ;  for  which  the  said 
Colene  shall  receive  the  said  Dougall  into  favour,  and  both  parties  shall 
ratify  the  bond  between  them,  dated  27th  March  1567 :  and  farther 
since  both  the  saids  parties  claimed  right  to  the  Calps  of  the  Clantyre 
in  Lome  they  remit  the  determination  thereof  to  John  Campbell  of 
Laweris  and  Duncane  Campbell  apparent  of  Inuerlevir  as  for  the  said 
Colene,  and  Alexander  M'Nauchtane  of  Doundarraw  and  Johne  Seylach 
M'Coule  in  Seill,  as  for  the  said  Dougall.  Signed  at  Balloch  before 
witnesses,  the  said  Johne  Campbell  of  Laweris  Duncane  Campbell  fiar 
of  Glenurquhay  Gregour  M'Ean  constable  of  Glenurquhay  Johne 
Makindeora  in  Portbane  Archibald  Campbell  in  Auchalladour  and 
Gavine  Hammiltoun  notary,  14th  April  1581. 

75.  BOND  by  Andro  Toscheocht  of  Monzeif  to  Colene  Campbell  of  Glen 

urquhay  and  Duncane  Campbell  fiar  of  Glenurquhay  his  son,  signed  at 
llanran  before  witnesses  Duncane  M'Auihlay  minister  of  Fortugall 
Johne  M'Awyre  Gavine  Hammiltoun  notary  public  Alane  Baxter  and 
Johne  Eoy  Campbell  servants  to  the  said  Colene,  23d  August  1581. 

of  Manrent.  227 

BOND  of  Amity  and  Defence  granted  by  Patrik  Lord  Drummond  to  76. 

Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay,  on  account  of  the  nearness  of  blood 
betwixt  them  and  the  holding  of  their  friends  and  inhabitants  of  their 
bounds  in  quietness,  against  all  persons,  the  King  and  the  Earls  of 
Argyle  excepted  ;  signed  at  Stobhall  before  witnesses  Johne  Camp 
bell  of  Laweris  James  Drummound  of  Cardneis  Johne  Drtimmound 
apparent  of  Coquhalzie  Williame  Robertsoun  Gavine  Hammiltoun 
and  Andro  Drummound  notaries,  24th  February  1583. 

BOND  for  the  Protection  and  Defence  of  Jhone  Earl  of  Atholl  during  77. 

his  minority,  seeing  that  many  omit  their  duty  to  him  in  matters  of 
weight  far  against  reason  provoking  partly  the  people  of  his  country 
to  rebellion  so  far  as  in  them  lies  with  many  other  injuries  hurtful 
to  his  honour  and  weal,  entered  into  by  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glen- 
urquhare,  James  Menzeis  of  that  Ilk,  and  George  Drummound  of  Blair, 
against  all  persons,  the  King  and  their  chiefs  and  superiors  only  ex 
cepted  ;  the  said  Earl  binding  himself  to  attend  to  the  advice  of  his  saids 
defenders.  Signed  at  Cowpar  Abbey  before  witnesses  Donald  Farchar- 
sone  in  Casteltoun  William  Eobertsone  of  Strwane  Harye  Drummound 
son  to  the  said  George  Drummound  Alester  Menzes  brother  to  the  said 
Laird  of  Weime  and  Donald  Cargill  notary,  14  March  1583. 

BOND  by  Dougall  Denesone  M'Gregoure  to  Duncane  Campbell  of  78. 

Glenurquhay  and  his  heirs,  giving  them  his  Calp,  signed  at  Ilanran 
before  witnesses  Duncane  Abrach  M'Gregoure,  and  Gavine  Hammil 
toun  notary,  20  May  1584. 




79.  AT  the  Castell  of  Glenurquhay  the  tuelf  day  of  August  the  yeir  of 

God  ane  thousand  fyif  hundreth  four  scoir  four  yeiris.  It  is  appoyntit 
and  agreit  betuix  the  honorable  perties  undervreittin,  That  is  to  say, 
Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  on  that  ane  pairt  and  Duncane 
Campbell  of  Duntrone  and  Agnas  Nikolleane  his  spous  on  that  uther 
pairt  in  maner  following,  That  is  to  say,  forsamekle  as  the  said 
Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  being  of  befoir  foster  sone  to  the 
said  Duncane  Campbell  of  Duntrone  and  umquhill  Agnas  Niklauch- 
lane  his  spous  and  being  sufficientlie  in  all  things  be  thame  interteinit 
alsweill  dureing  the  tyme  of  his  remaineing  within  their  awin  hous  as 
alsua  thairefter  at  his  remaineing  at  the  scholeis  be  thair  honorabill 
expensis  bestowit  upone  him  thairin  togidder  with  thair  faithfull 
promes  utherwayis  of  thair  liberalitie  and  bairn's  pairt  of  geir  eftir 
thair  deceissis  to  him  in  taikiri  of  thair  said  fosterschip  :  And  the  said 
Duncane  Campbell  of  Duntrone  and  Agnas  his  spous  being  of  the  lyik 
mynd  that  luife  and  favour  suld  be  and  contenew  betwex  the  housis  of 
Glenurquhay  and  Duntrone  and  for  helping  and  renewing  thairof  in 
maner  foirsaid,  The  said  Agnas  with  express  consent  and  assent  of  the 
said  Duncane  hir  spous  presentlie  hes  receaueit  and  receaueis  Coleine 
Campbell  sone  and  air  to  the  said  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay 
in  fostering  promitting  and  oblissing  faithfullie  to  be  to  him  ane 
favorabill  and  loving  foster  mother  in  the  same  maner  and  conditioun 
as  the  said  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  of  befoir  was  fosterit  in 

of  Manrent. 


the  hous  of  Duntrone.  And  howsone  it  sal  happin  that  the  said 
Coleine  be  of  age  and  habilitie  to  pas  and  enter  to  the  scholeis 
the  said  Agnas  .  .  .  with  aduise  of  hir  said  spous  .  .  .  promissis 
faithfullie  to  do  hir  dewtie  to  him  in  all  thingis  according  to  the 
custome  and  conditioun  of  ane  favorabill  fostermother.  And  for 
the  mair  sure  declaratioun  of  the  [said]  Agnas  gude  will  and  mynd 
towardis  the  said  Coleine  hir  fostersone  and  to  mowe  him  to  be  the 
mair  bent  in  doing  his  dewte  to  hir  brether  and  freindis  heirefter  the 
said  Agnas  be  thir  presentis  with  aduyise  and  consent  of  hir  said  spous 
.  .  .  disponis  to  the  said  Coleine  hir  fostersone  ane  bairn's  part  of  all 
gudeis  and  geir  quhilk  sail  or  may  perteine  to  hir  the  tyme  of  hir 
deceis  with  als  greit  power  to  him  to  intromeit  thairwith  ...  as  ony 
barneis  or  brether  or  utheris  neirest  of  hir  kin  mycht  or  may  do  the 
same  be  richt  or  titill  quhatsumeuir.  Mairouer  the  said  Duncane 
Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  haifand  consideratioun  baytht  of  his  awin 
fostering  in  the  hous  of  Duntrone  as  also  of  deliuerance  of  his  sone  and 
air  to  the  same  effect  to  the  said  Agnas  and  thairby  mowit  in  friend- 
schip  and  fawour  with  hir  and  hir  brother,  thairfor  he  promissis 
faithfullie  ...  to  be  ane  trew  and  constant  friend  to  the  said  Agnas 
and  Alexander  Archebald  and  Donald  Campbellis  lauchfull  soneis  to 
Johne  Campbell  Inuerlevir  hir  brother  and  receaueis  hir  and  thame  in 
hartlie  kyndnes  and  favour  and  promisis  to  defend  and  further  thame 
in  all  thair  actiounis  causis  and  querrellis  lauchfull  honest  and  just 
.  .  .  the  authoritie  and  Erleis  of  Argyill  exceptit  ...  In  witnes  of 
the  quhilk  thing  baytht  the  saidis  pairties  hes  subscryuit  this  present 
contract  with  thair  handis  as  followis  .  .  .  befoir  thir  witnes  Johne 
Campbell  appeirand  of  Duntrone  Alexander  Campbell  sone  lauchfull 


230  Bands 

to  Johne  Campbell  of  Inuerliuir  Johne  Makneill  Lin  alias  Campbell 
in  Glastrie  Patrik  Makdonald  glass  in  Illanvie  and  Gawen  Hammil- 
toun  notar  publict  .  .  . 

80.  JOHNE   MAKDUFE  younger  in   Baillietoune   binds  himself  during 
his  lifetime  in  return  for  the  maintenance   and  protection  to  be 
afforded  to  him  by  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  to  pay  to 
the  said  Duncane  Campbell  and  his  heirs  yearly  the  sum   of  four 
pounds  at  Martinmas  and  a  [  ]  fine  seed  bear;  Gaven  Ham- 
miltoun  notary  public  Johne  Makgregour  and  Alexander  Leving- 
stoun  servitors  to  the  said  Duncane  witnesses.     At  Balloch  25  De 
cember  1584. 

81.  MUTUAL  BOND  between  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and 
Donald  Bobertsoun  fiar  of  Strowan  for  the  protection  of  their  respec 
tive  lands  and  tenants  ;  the  said  Duncane  Campbell  binding  himself  to 
assist  the  said  Donald  Eobertsoun  against  all  persons  excepting  only 
the  authority  and  the  Earls  of  Atholl,  and  the  said  Donald  Robertsoun 
binding  himself  to  be  a  true  friend  and  afald  servant  to  the  said 
Duncane  Campbell  against  all  except  the  authority  and  the  Earls  of 
Argyill,  and  to  cause  all  the  tenants  of  the  lands  and  barony  of  Fernay 
within  the  Lordship  of  Descheor  and  Toyer  serve  the  Earl  of  Argyill 
and  the  said  Duncane  Campbell  in  hosting  and  hunting  according  to 
use  and  wont ;  Johne  Makeandewer  in  Portbane  in  Edirgoll  Gawene 
Hammiltoun  notary  Williame  Campbell  servant  to  Johne  Campbell  of 
Lawiris  witnesses.     At  Balloch  20th  March  1584. 

of  Manrent.  231 

BOND  OF  FRIENDSHIP  between  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  82. 

and  Colene  Campbell  of  Craiginche,  for  the  natural  blood  between 
them,  against  all  persons,  the  authority  and  the  Earls  of  Argile  alone 
excepted  ;  the  said  Duncane  binding  himself  to  defend  the  said  Colene 
in  the  possession  of  his  lands  of  Craiginche,  Glenvchie,  and  Barbrek 
with  the  pertinents.  At  Balloch  before  witnesses  Jhone  Makindewar 
in  Portbane  in  Eddergoll,  John  Flemyng  in  the  Port  of  Lochtay 
Robert  Meiizeis  of  Comrie  Hew  Hay  in  Skeagis  at  the  east  end  of 
Lochtay  and  Gavine  Hammiltoun  notary,  8  June  1585. 

ALESTER  M'RosTiE  in  Corecharmik  makes  Duncane  Campbell  of 
Glenurquhay  and  his  heirs  and  Molchallum  M'Rostie  in  Corquhine 
his  sole  legatees  to  all  his  property  ;  Colene  Campbell  lawful  second 
son  to  Johne  Campbell  of  Laweris  Johne  Roy  M'Nab  in  Ardna- 
galsmoir  and  Robert  M'Indewar  in  Finlarg  witnesses.  At  Ileanran 
15  June  1585. 

BOND  OF  FRIENDSHIP  by  Johnne  Earl  of  Athole  Lord  of  Balvany  to  84. 

his  cousin  and  brother  in  law  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  to 
the  effect  that  he  would  never  appoint  nor  agree  with  James  Menzeis 
of  that  Ilk  nor  his  heirs  in  regard  to  any  controversy  betwixt  them 
until  the  said  Duncane  should  first  obtain  in  feu  or  long  tacks  from 
the  said  James  his  lands  lying  on  the  west  side  of  the  water  of  Lyoun 
holden  of  him  by  the  said  Duncan  and  that  in  like  manner  as  the  said 
Duncane's  father  and  predecessors  formerly  held  them  and  for  pay 
ment  used  and  wont ;  that  he  would  not  reset  or  allow  to  be  resetted 
within  his  bounds  any  goods  belonging  to  the  said  James  Menzeis  or 



his  tenants,  or  shew  them  any  favour ;  that  if  the  said  James  Menzeis 
should  pursue  the  said  Duncane  Campbell  or  be  pursued  by  him, 
he  would  assist  the  said  Duncane  Campbell  with  his  whole  forces ; 
and  that  he  should  give  the  like  assistance  against  the  Clangregour,  if 
they  should  render  aid  to  the  said  James  Menzeis.  At  Dunkeld 
before  witnesses  Sir  Thomas  Stewart  of  Grantullie  knight,  Johnne 
Stewart  Neilsoun  in  Foss,  Thomas  Gaw  and  Gawin  Hammiltoun 
notaries,  25th  June  1585. 

85.  BOND    by  Gregour    Makconaquhie  V'Gregour   in   Koro,  Alestir 
M'Evin  VConaquhie  there,  Gregour  Makolchallum  in  Inuerbar  in 
Glenlyoun,  Duncane  Makgregour  his  son  in  Killdie,  and  Williame 
Makgregour  son  to  the  said  Gregour  there  to  Duncane  Campbell  of 
Glenurquhay,  showing  that  their  forbears  had  granted  the  like  Bond 
to  the  deceased  Coleine  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay,  and  obliging  them 
selves,  if  it  should  happen  that  Makgregour  by  himself  or  his  accom 
plices  should  break  upon  the  said  Duncane  or  his  heirs,  their  lands, 
tenants  and  possessions,  to  renounce  him  as  their  chief  and  to  take 
part  with  the  said  Duncane  against  him  ;  Williame  Makneill  in  Fernay 
Neill   M'Conoquhie  in  Fernay  Meanach    Maures    M'Nauchtane  in 
Inchadin  and  Williame  Pawtown  servants  to  the  said  Duncane  Camp 
bell  of  Glenurquhay  witnesses.     At  Balloch  5  July  1585. 

86.  MARIE  NIKVOIREST  V'CAUSS  in  consideration  that  Duncane  Camp 
bell  of  Glenurquhay  is  bound  to   defend  her  in  her  actions  and 
quarrels,  gives  him  and  his  heirs  the  third  part  of  all  her  gear ; 
Johne  Makindewar  in  Portbane  Maureis  M'Nauchtane  in  Inchadin 

of  Manrent. 


Robert  M'Indewar  and  Alexander  Levingstoun,  witnesses.  At  Ulan- 
rane  10  July  1585. 

CHRISTIANE  NEINFINLAY  VIKEANESKER  with  consent  of  Duncane  87. 

Makfinlay  in  Clanelawer  in  Lawiris  her  spouse  gives  to  Duncane 
Campbell  of  Glenurquay  and  his  heirs  a  half  of  all  the  gear  pertaining 
to  her  at  the  time  of  her  decease,  and  that  in  respect  of  the  said  Dun 
cane  Campbell's  obligation  to  defend  Marie  Nendonaquhie  V'Finlay 
her  daughter  in  the  other  half  of  the  said  gear  ;  Patrik  Menzeis  of 
Comrie,  Maister  George  Quhyt,  Maureis  M'Nauchtane  and  Johne 
Henrysoun  servants  to  the  said  Duncane  Campbell  witnesses.  At 
Balloch  15  July  1585. 

GILLEMORIE  MAKILLEVOLLICH  grants    to    Duncane  Campbell  of          88. 
Glenurquhay  and  his  heirs  a  bairn's  part  of  his  gear,  because  the 
said  Duncane  Campbell  has  promised  to  trauell  to  dress  with  the 
Erie  of  Athole  and  freindis   of  umquhile  slain   by 

the  said  Gillemorie  Makillevollich  upone  suddantie.  Duncane 
M'lllevollycht  brother  of  the  said  Gillemorie  Johne  Makgregoure 
lawful  son  to  Gregour  M'Ean  constable  of  Glenurquhay  and  Dun 
can  Makpatrik  Vekolchallum  in  Ardtollony  witnesses.  At  llanran 
3  August  1585. 

BOND  by  Johne  Makilleweyne  in  Teirarthure,  Finlay  and  Nychole  89. 

M'llleweynis  his  lawful  sons,  Malcolme  M'llleweyne  in  the  Craig  in 
Glenloquhay,  Donald  M'llleweyne  in  Teirarthure,  Gillechreist  Mak 
finlay  Vllleweyne,  and  Duncane  Makilleweyne  lawful  sons  of  the 

234  Bands 

deceased  Finlay  M'llleweyne,  and  Donald  Makilleweyne  natural  son 
of  the  said  deceased  Finlay  to  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay 
arid  his  heirs,  giving  them  their  Calps  ;  Johne  Bane  Maknab  in  Auch- 
arne  Johne  Makgregoure  Williame  Pawtoun  servants  to  the  said 
Duncane  Campbell  and  Donald  Makphersone  prior  of  Strathphillane 
witnesses.  At  Illanran  4  August  1585. 

90.  CONTRACT   OF  FRIENDSHIP  between  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glen 
urquhay,    and  Archebald    Campbell    of   Lochnanellin,    against    all 
persons,  the    authority   and  the   Earls  of   Argyle    alone    excepted, 
because  blood  natural  love  and  reason   craves  it  of  them  ;   Robert 
Menzeis  of  Comrie  Angus  Ballantyne  lawful  son   of  Niniane  Bal- 
lantyne  of  Kaymes  arid  Gawen  Hamrniltotm  notary  public  witnesses. 
At  Balloch  19  October  1585. 

91.  CONTRACT  between  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  Archi 
bald   Campbell  fiar  of  Monzie  his  brother  german,   by  which  the 
said  Duncane  Campbell  binds  himself  to  enter  the  said  Archibald  to 
the  possession  of  all  lands  within  Glen  Lochy  and  the  Lordship  of 
Discheour  and  Toyr  in  which  he  was  then  infeft  and  to  defend  him 
therein,  and  the  said  Archibald  binds  himself  and  the  whole  tenants 
of  the  said  lands  to  compear  at  the  Baillie  Courts  thereof,  grants  that 
the  lands  are  subject  to  taxations  hosting  hunting  baillie  day  works 
and  all  the  services  of  bailliary  and  that  the  tenants  thereof  shall  pay 
to  the  said  Duncane  the  few  mails  specified  in  his  infeftment  thereof, 
as  also  the  male  mart  yearly  ;  and  farther  the  said  Archibald  for  great 
sums  of  money  paid  him  by  the  said  Duncane  obliges  himself  to  resign 

of  Manrent.  235 

the  quarter  of  his  lands  of  Monzie  mills  woods  fishings  and  pertinents 
in  the  hands  of  his  superiors  thereof  for  new  infeftment  in  favour  of 
himself  and  his  heirs  male  whom  failing  in  favour  of  the  said  Duncane 
and  his  heirs  male ;  and  in  case  it  happen  that  the  said  Archibald  shall 
die  without  heirs  male  and  that  the  said  quarter  lands  shall  become 
the  property  of  the  said  Duncane  then  the  said  Duncane  binds  himself 
to  pay  to  the  heirs  female  of  the  said  Archibald  the  sum  of  two 
thousand  merks  Scots  if  they  ratify  the  necessary  deeds  for  the  above 
effect.  At  Balloch  before  witnesses  Robert  Menzeis  of  Comrie 
Archibald  Campbell  in  Auchalladoure  Walter  Lindesay  William 
Bowy  and  Gavine  Hammiltoun  notary  servants  to  the  said  Duncane, 
2nd  January  1585. 

BOND  by  Johne  Campbell  lawful  [son]  of  the  deceased  Johne  Camp-  92. 

bell  of  Murthlie  presently  dwelling  in  Thomyntugill  to  Duncane 
Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  his  heirs  giving  them  his  Calp  ;  James 
Campbell  apparent  of  Laweris  Johne  Campbell  brother  of  the  said 
Johne  Campbell  in  Turberiches  in  Glenquyoch  Johne  Henrysone  and 
Gavine  Hamiltoun  notary  publict  servants  to  the  said  Duncane  Camp 
bell  witnesses.  At  Ballach  20  January  1585. 

BOND  by  Johnne  Campbell  alias  M'Conoquhie  tutor  of  Inverawe  93. 

to  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  his  heirs  against  all 
persons,  excepting  the  authority  and  the  Earl  of  Argyle  during  his 
minority  ;  Robert  Menzeis  of  Comrie  Dugall  Campbell  alias  M'Co- 
noquhy  in  Balliemeanach  in  Lesmoir  Archibald  Campbell  in  Auch- 
alladour  and  Williame  Pawtoun  servants  to  the  said  Duncane  Camp 
bell  witnesses.  At  Balloch  24th  January  1585. 



94.  BOND  by  Donald  Peddie  in  Ardetie  to  Duncane  Campbell  and  his 
heire  giving  them  his  Calp,  and  obliging  himself  to  visit  the  said 
Duncane's  house  with  sufficient  presents  twice  in  the  year,  and  to 
persuade  and  inbring  as  many  of  his  friends  and  surname  as  he  may 
to  grant  their  bonds  and  Calps  to  the  said  Duncane  and  his  fore- 
saids  ;  Patrik  M'Auchlay  in  Awnafad  in  Glenquyocht  Johne  Mak- 
auchlay  in  Trocherie  in  Strathbraan  and  Donald  Peddie  in  Glaschegar 
in  Glenalmound  witnesses.     At  Dunkeld  1  February  1585. 

95.  BOND  by  Kobert  Wricht  dwelling  at  the  Mill  of  Abirfaldie  and 
Alexander  Wricht  and  Johne  Wricht  his  sons,  to  Duncane  Campbell 
of  Glenurquhay  and  his  heirs,  giving  them  their  Calps,  and  promising 
their  assistance  against  all  persons  excepting  the  authority  and  masters 
of  their  lands  and  mailings  only,  and  to  visit  the  house  of  the  said 
Duncane  and  his  heirs  with  sufficient  presents  once  a  year,  and  to 
give  them  their  reasonable  help  and  support  when  they  have  lands 
to  redeem  or  buy,  daughters  to  marry,  or  any  other  good  or  honourable 
turns   ado  tending  to  the  advancement  and  weal  of  their  house ; 
Maureis   M'Nauchtane  in   Inchadin  Colene  Campbell  second  lawful 
son  to  Johne  Campbell  of  Laweris  Johne  Campbell  in  Dounfallintie 
and  Arthure  Hammiltoun  lawful  son  to  Gavine  Hammiltoun  notary 
witnesses.     At  the  Port  of  Lochtay  14  March  1585. 

96.  BOND  OF  MANRENT  by  Alester  Stewart  in  Glenbokie  in  Buch- 
quhidder,    Patrik,    Duncane,    Robert,   James,    Johne,    and  Walter 
Stewartis  his  sons,  James  Stewart  in  Glenfinglas,  Johne,  Duncane  and 
Alester  Stewartis  his  sons,  Walter  Stewart  in  Balliefoyille  and  Eobert 

of  Manrent. 


Stewart  his  son,  Johne  Dow  Stewart  son  to  Patrik  Stewart  in  Dallie- 
laggane  to  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  his  heirs,  and  that 
because  a  certain  number  of  them  had  upon  suddantie  slain  Johne 
Makolchalluin  Comrie  who  and  his  forbears  was  kynd  mynd  and  ser 
vants  to  the  said  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  his  prede 
cessors  ;  they,  being  maist  willing  to  repair  his  honour,  bind  them 
severally,  to  give  him  and  his  heirs  a  free  gift  of  the  best  audit  at 
the  time  of  their  decease,  which  is  called  a  Calp,  besides  that  due 
to  the  Earls  of  Argyle,  and  to  be  true  men  and  servants  to  him 
and  his  against  all  persons,  the  authority  the  Earls  of  Argyle  and 
the  masters  of  their  mailings  lands  and  steadings  alone  excepted, 
and  to  be  ready  to  them  in  hosting  and  hunting  when  required, 
and  to  supply  reasonable  help,  according  to  their  power,  in  any  hon 
ourable  turn  tending  to  the  relief  of  lands  or  otherwise  for  the 
honour  of  the  said  Duncane  Campbell's  house  and  furtherance  of  the 
same :  Evin  Dow  Campbell  of  the  Likkis  Johne  Koy  Makinstalker  in 
Cranduycht  Archebald  Campbell  fiar  of  Monze  James  Campbell  appa 
rent  of  Laweris  Johne  Hendrysone  Donald  Makrobert  in  Candroquhat 
Johne  Makindewer  in  Portbane  and  Donald  Maklaurene  in  Dalbeyich 
and  Finlay  Makneill  V'Laurent  in  Auchaliskin  in  Balquhidder,  wit 
nesses.  At  Illanrane  28  April  1586. 

MUTUAL  BOND  of  Manrent  and  Protection  between  Duncane  Camp 
bell  of  Glenurquhay,  on  the  one  part,  and  Williame  Schaw  of  Knokhill 
and  Henrie  Schaw  of  Cambusmoir,  on  the  other  part,  whereby,  for  the 
suppression  of  malefactors  and  oppressors  of  his  Highness'  lieges,  the 
said  Duncane  Campbell  binds  himself  to  maintain  the  said  Williame 



238  Bands 

and  Henrie  Schaw  in  all  their  actions  and  causes  against  all  persons, 
excepting  only  the  authority  and  Earls  of  Argyle,  and  to  maintain  and 
defend  the  tenants  of  the  lands  following  viz. :  the  two  merk  land  and 
a  half  of  Ardmaknione,  the  forty  shilling  land  of  Branchall,  the  two 
merk  land  of  Strengarwalt,  the  forty  shilling  land  of  Eddiralacach,  the 
two  merk  land  and  a  half  of  the  Larg,  and  the  forty  shilling  land 
of  Correchrombie  with  their  pertinents  pertaining  to  the  said  William 
heritably,  lying  in  the  Stewartry  of  Menteith  within  the  Sheriffdom  of 
Perth,  and  also  the  tenants  of  the  four  merk  land  of  Ardkewnaknoken, 
the  five  merk  and  ten  shilling  land  of  Douncragane,  Offrandis,  Tos- 
chelambie,  the  forty  shilling  land  of  Lanerek,  the  forty  shilling  land 
of  Dieppen,  the  four  merk  land  of  Miltoun,  the  fifty  shilling  land  of 
Kerenoch  and  Stank,  and  the  five  merk  land  of  Cambusmoir  with  all 
their  pertinents  lying  as  said  is,  pertaining  to  the  said  Henrie  heritably, 
and  every  one  of  the  saids  tenants  thereof  in  the  possession  of  their 
steadings  and  mailings ;  and  the  said  Duncane  farther  binds  himself  to 
keep  the  saids  lands  free  from  sorning  and  oppression  as  he  does  his  own 
lands,  and  to  punish  theft  in  the  same  manner,  and  also  to  assist  them 
in  all  actions  of  removing  against  their  tenants  ;  For  which  causes,  the 
saids  Williame  and  Henrie  dispone  to  the  said  Duncane  Campbell 
and  his  heirs  the  service  of  their  saids  tenants  of  their  lands  before 
mentioned,  promising  that  they  shall  be  in  readiness  to  serve  in  the 
same  manner  as  the  tenants  of  the  said  Duncane  Campbell's  own 
lands  are  bound  to  serve  in  hosting  and  hunting,  with  power  to  uptake 
unlaws  in  case  of  refusal  to  serve  as  said  is  ;  and  that  the  said  tenants 
shall  be  farther  bound  to  pass  out  at  all  times  to  the  watch  with  the 
said  Duncane  Campbell  and  his  heirs  and  their  tenants  for  preserving 

of  Manrent. 


the  countries  from  the  incursions  of  malefactors  under  the  pain  of 
poinding  for  disobedience  :  and  farther  the  saids  Williame  and  Henrie 
Schaw  and  their  heirs  shall  at  all  times  be  in  readiness  to  ride  and 
go  with  the  said  Duncane  Campbell  and  his  heirs  in  Highland  and 
Lowland  as  they  shall  be  required,  upon  the  said  Duncane's  reasonable 
expences ;  Robert  Menzeis  of  Comrie  James  Campbell  of  Lawirs 
Coleine  Campbell  his  brother  gerrnan  and  Gawen  Hammiltoun  notary 
public  witnesses.  At  Ballach  28th  May  1586. 

MUTUAL  BOND  of  Manrent  and  Protection  in  the  same  terms  as  the 
preceding  entered  into  between  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay, 
on  the  one  part,  and  Alexander  Reidheuch  fiar  of  Cultabraiggan  and 
,  on  the  other  part,  whereby  the  said  Duncane  Campbell 
binds  himself  and  his  heirs  to  defend  the  tenants  of  the  lands  follow 
ing  viz. :  Cultabraigan,  Malar,  Malar  Maknab,  Dalcroun,  Craiginche, 
Dallanskea,  Laggan,  Abirlednoch,  Fintolich,  Dalmarkland,  lying 
within  the  Sheriffdom  of  Perth  or  otherways ;  Johne  Barroun  alias 
Menteith  in  Clathik,  Edward  Reidheuch,  Coleine  Campbell  second 
lawful  son  to  Johne  Campbell  of  Lawiris,  and  Johne  Henrysoun  ser 
vant  to  the  said  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  witnesses.  At 
Illanrane  22nd  August  1586. 

BOND  by  Duncane  Makarthure  of  Ardchonnell  to  Duncane  Camp 
bell  of  Glenurquhay  against  all  persons,  the  authority  and  the  Earls 
of  Argyle  excepted,  disponing  to  the  said  Duncane  Campbell  of 
Glenurquhay  a  bairn's  part  of  gear  and  also  one  of  the  best  gifts  of 
his  gear ;  James  Campbell  apparent  of  Laweris,  Archibald  Campbell 




of  Murthlie,  Johne  Henrysone  Thomas  Broun  and  Gavine  Hammil- 
toim  servants  to  the  said  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay 
witnesses.  At  Balloch  14  December  1586. 

100.  BOND  by  Johne  Makgillechallum  Vikclarich,  Williame  Makthomy 
Makgilleweyi's  son,  Johne  Makthomy  Makgillewie,  James  Makfinlay 
Makemy  V'Eane  Moir,  and  Duncane  Makymmie,  to  Duncane  Campbell 
of  Glenurquhay  and  his  heirs,  giving  them  their  Calps ;  and  farther 
binding  themselves  that  so  many  of  them  as  have  houses  of  their  own, 
and  those  that  want  them  when  they  get  them,  shall  present  the  said 
Duncane's  house  with  sufficient  presents  twice  a  year ;  James  Campbell 
apparent  of  Laweris  Patrik  Dow  Maknab,  Johne  Dow  M'Arbrie,  and 
Maureis  M'Nauchtane  servants  to  the  said  Duncane  Campbell  wit 
nesses.     At  Balloch  26  December  1586. 

101.  BOND  OF  FRIENDSHIP  entered  into  between  Lawchlane  Makclane  of 
Doward,  on  the  one  part,  and  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenwrquhay  and 
James  Campbell  of  Ardkinglas  knight,  on  the  other  part,  because 
there  had  been  bonds  of  the  like  kind  between  their  predecessors : 
and  because  the  Earl  of  Ergyle  cannot  in  his  minority  enter  into  such 
a  bond  without  the  consent  of  Dame  Annas  Keyth  his  mother  and 
curatrix  and  his  friends,  the  saids  Duncane  and  James  Campbell  bind 
themselves  to  do  their  diligence  to  obtain  a  mutual  bond  between  the 
saids  Earl  and  Lawchlane  M'Clane  and  their  successors,  whenever  the 
said  Dame  Annas  repairs  to  the  parts  of  Ergyle.     At  Kilmaronok 
before  witnesses  James   Earl  of  Glencairne   Lord  Kilmawris  Neill 
Campbell  bishop   of  Ergyle  and  Duncane  M'Dowgall  fiar  of  Dun- 
oldik,  23  March  1586. 

of  Manrent. 


BOND  OF  FRIENDSHIP  AND  MANRENT  between  Duncane  Campbell  of  102. 
Glenurquhay,  on  the  one  part,  and  Dougall  Makdougall  of  Dunnollif 
and  Alane  Makdougall  of  Ragaray,  on  the  other  part,  ratifying  all 
former  bonds :  the  said  Dougall  and  Alane  binding  themselves  with 
their  forces  to  attend  upon  the  said  Duncane  and  his  heirs  in  the 
Highlands  at  conventions  and  at  hosting  according  to  the  custom  of 
their  forbears  in  watching  and  conveying  them  night  and  day  to 
and  from  their  camps  and  lodgings.  At  Finlarg  before  witnesses 
Robert  Menzeis  of  Comrie  Colene  Campbell  lawful  son  to  Johne 
Campbell  of  Laweris  Dougall  M'Conoquhie  Vapriour  in  Ballie- 
wewlane  in  Lesmoir  and  Arne  Makewin  in  Kilchoan  in  Lome, 
3rd  May  1587. 

JOHNE  DORMOUND  of  Drungie,  Johne  Dormound  his  son  and  103. 
apparent  heir,  Johne  Makdormound  in  Ballienacrew,  and  Johne 
M'Challum  V'Dormound  in  Wester  Dounfallandie,  bind  themselves 
in  manrent,  in  the  same  manner  as  their  forbears,  to  Duncane  Camp 
bell  of  Glenurquhay  and  his  heirs,  and  give  them  their  Calps ; 
Johne  Roy  Campbell  in  Finlarg  Duncane  M'Clean  in  Teray  Johne 
Heurysone  Johne  Jak  and  Donald  M*  Angus  servants  to  the  said 
Duncane  Campbell  witnesses.  At  Finlarg  20  September  1587. 

PATRIK  GLASS  in  Creif  obliges  him  to  pay  to  Duncane  Campbell          104. 
of  Glenurquhay  the  sum  of  ten  merks  Scots  money  [yearly]  during 
his  life,  because  the  said    Duncane  Campbell    promised  him    his 
protection  ;  Johne  Elder  burgess  of  Perth,  Colene  Campbell  son  to 
the  Laird  of  Laweris,  Laurent  M'Laurent  son  to  Laurent  M'Laurent 

24:2  Bands 

in  Craigruy  in  Buchquhedir,  and  Walter  Lindesay  servant  to  the  said 
Duncane  Campbell  witnesses.     At  Perth  20  October  1587. 

105.  BOND  OF  FRIENDSHIP    between  Jhone    Earl  of   Montross    Lord 
Grahame,  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay,  and  Sir  James  Camp 
bell  of  Ardkinglas,  for  the  defence  of  themselves  and  the  Earl  of 
Argyll  during  his  minority  against  all  persons,  the  King's  Majesty 
being  excepted ;   At   Perth  before   witnesses   Allexander    Campbell 
bishop  of  Brychting  Mongo  Graham  of  ,  Mr.  Johne 
Graham  of  Hollyardis,  22nd  October  1587. 

106.  BOND  by  Johne  M'Nychole  V'Angus,  Nychole  M'Ean  his  son,  Johne 
Hoy  M'Ean  V'Angus  Yekinlister  in  Auchalladour,  Nychole  M'Ean 
Roy,  Angus  M'Ean  Eoy,  Johne  Dow  M'Ean  Roy,  sons  to  the  said 
Johne,  Archibald  M'Ean  V'Nychole  V'Inlister,  Johne  M'Ean   Roy 
Vekillespik  V'Angus  in  Auchalladour,  and  Nychole  M'Ean  V'Nychole 
to  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  his  heirs,  giving  them  their 
Calps  ;  Colene  Campbell  son  to  the  Laird  of  Laweris  Johne  Henry- 
sone  Walter  Lindesay  servants  to  the  said  Duncane  Campbell  and 
Patrik  Dow  M'Nab  in  Wester  Ardnagald,   witnesses.    At  Finlarg 
8  November  1587. 

107.  BOND  by  Andro   Stewart   in   Gartnafoir,  Johne   Stewart  in  the 
Kirktoun  of  Buchquhedir  his  brother,   Robert   Stewart  in  Tulloch, 
Alexander   Stewart  in  Monochaill,  and  Alexander  Stewart  son  to 
Johne  Roy  Stewart,  to  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  his 
heirs,  giving  them  their  Calps  arid  assistance  in  hosting  and  hunting 

of  Manrent. 


when  required,  but  without  prejudice,  always,  to  the  like  dues  and 
duties  exigible  from  them  by  the  Earls  of  Argyle  and  the  masters  of 
their  malings  and  steadings ;  and  farther  binding  themselves  to  give 
supply  reasonably,  according  to  their  powers,  to  the  said  Duncane  Camp 
bell  and  his  forsaids  in  any  honourable  turn  tending  to  the  relief  of  lands 
or  otherwise  for  the  honour  of  his  house  and  furtherance  of  the  same, 
and  also  to  bring  as  many  of  their  friends  surname  and  others  as  they 
can  to  grant  bonds  of  manrent ;  Alexander  M'Nab  of  Bowane  Walter 
Stewart  in  Balliefulzie  Patrik  Stewart  in  Glenbokkie  and  Duncane 
Stewart  in  Branchaill  witnesses.  At  the  Candmoir  12  November 

BOND  by  George  Grahame  of  Rednoch  to  Duucane  Campbell  of 
Glenurquhay  against  all  persons  excepting  only  the  authority  and  the 
Earls  of  Ergyle  and  Menteith ;  At  Monduy  before  witnesses  Alex 
ander  bishop  of  Breachin  Walter  Grahame  of  Drumleane  Colene 
Campbell  second  lawful  son  to  Johne  Campbell  of  Laweris  and 
Gavine  Hammiltoun  notary,  5th  May  1588. 


NEIL  CAMPBELL  bishop  of  Argyll,  knowing  the  upright  mind  and 
will  which  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  bears  to  the  Earl  of 
Argyll  their  chief,  and  to  his  honour  and  the  quietness  of  his  subjects 
and  country,  obliges  him  to  prefer  the  said  laird  of  Glenurquhay 
to  all  others,  the  King's  Majesty  and  the  said  Earl  being  excepted, 
and  to  follow  his  counsel,  seeing  he  is  faithful  to  the  said  Earl. 
At  Ardkinglass  19th  September  1588. 




110.  BOND  of  Friendship  and  Assistance  by  George  Earl  of  Huntlie 
Lord  Gordoun  and  Badzenoche  &c.  to  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glen- 
urquhay,  saving  his  loyalty.     At  Edinburgh  before  witnesses  Johne 
Campbell  of  Laweris  Alexander  Drummound  of  Midhaip  and  Gavine 
Hammiltoun  notary,  10th  December  1588. 

111.  MUTUAL   BOND    of   Friendship    and  Assistance    between    James 
Commendator  of  Incheffray  and  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay 
against    all    oppressors    sorners    and   malefactors   resorting    to    the 
bounds  of  their  offices  of  Stratheirne  and  Breidalbane  whom  they 
shall  resist  and  pursue  with  all  their  forces.    At  Balloch  18th  August 


112.  BE  it  kend  til  all  men  ...  Us  vndirsubscryveris  vndirstanding  be 

monye  .  .  .  actis  .  .  .  maid  nocht  onlie  be  ...  the  Kingis  Maiesties 
.  .  .  progenitouris  hot  alsa  be  his  Maiesties  self  baith  in  Parliament 
and  Privie  Counsel  anent  the  daylie  morthouris  slauchteris  herschipis 
and  thif tis  committit  be  clannis  of  hieland  men  upone  the  inhabitantes 
of  the  laiche  cuntreis  speciallie  be  the  clan  of  M'Gregouris :  Lyke  as 
laitlie  the  said  clan  of  M'Gregour  in  the  moneth  of  September  last 
bipast  maist  creuallie  slew  and  murtherit  Johne  Drummond  of  Dram- 
nevenocht  in  Glenarknay  being  under  thair  doubil  assurance,  the  ane 
grantit  ...  be  My  Lord  Huntlie  in  thair  name  to  my  Lord  of 

of  Manrent. 

Montroiss  assuring  that  he  and  al  his  and  in  speacial  the  said  Johne 
Drummond  suld  be  unharmit  in  body  and  geir  ...  ay  and  quhil 
the  said  assurance  suld  be  upgiffin  and  dischargit  on  to  my  lord 
of  Montroiss  be  the  said  Erie  of  Huntlie,  quhilk  onnavyss  ves  sa 
done  afoir  the  said  slauchter  nor  yit  sensyne  ;  the  uther  assurance 
being  grantit  and  gevin  be  ,  in  name  of  that  hail  clan, 

to  my  Lord  of  Inchaffray  and  all  his  kin  freindis  and  surname  upon 
the  Monunday  befoir  the  said  slauchter  ;  sua  that  nather  of  the  forsaid 
assurances  ves  than  outrun  ;  the  said  Johne  being  directit  be  his  cheif 
at  his  Maiestie's  commandment  for  getting  of  vennisoune  to  haue  send 
to  Edinburght  to  his  Maiestie's  mariage,  the  said  clan  cuttit  and  of- 
tuik  his  heid,  and  thairefter  convenand  the  rest  of  that  clan  and  setting 
doun  the  heid  befoir  tharne,  thairby  causing  thame  authoreiss  the 
said  creual  mvrthour,  lykas  thai  haue  done,  mening  thairby  to  con- 
tinew  the  lyke  or  greter  gif  thai  be  not  preventit  .  .  .  We  vndirsub- 
scryvand  beand  sua  tendir  of  blud  alliance  and  nychtbouris  being  sua 
oft  of  our  freindis  tennentis  and  seruandis  slane  murtherit  and  herreit 
be  the  said  clan  of  befoir,  and  of  mynd  to  revenge  the  said  creuel 
murthour  and  bluide  of  the  said  Johne  Drummond,  hes  bundin  .  .  . 
ilkane  of  us  ...  to  tak  trev  and  efald  pairt  togidder  for  perseuing  of 
the  said  clan  and  committaris  of  the  said  murthour  .  .  .  quhairevir 
thai  may  be  apprehendit,  and  gif  thai  sail  happin  to  frequent  or  invaid 
ony  ane  of  us  ve  al  sail  repair  and  hald  our  forces  to  the  partie  in- 
vadit,  and  ve  bind  ...  us  upon  our  honour  and  lautie  that  nane  of 
us  sail  appoint  or  aggre  witht  the  said  clan  by  the  advyss  of  the  rest 
of  the  subscryveris.  In  vitnes  quhairof  ve  haue  subscryvit  this 
present  witht  our  handis  ...  At  Mugdoge  Inispeffre  and  Druramen 



246  Bands 

and  Balloche  the  xx,  xxiiii,  and  thrattei  day  is  of  October  1589  .  .  . 
befoir  thir  vitness  Robert  Grahame  of  Auchinclocht  William  Dram- 
mond  of  Pitcairnis. 

DRUMMOND.  JHONE  Earl  of  Montroiss, 


113.  THE  EARL  OF  MONTROISS  binds  himself  to  raise  thirty  men,  my 
Lord  Drummond  and  his  friends  forty,  and  the  laird  of  Glenurquhay 
three  score,  to  perschow  the  said  clan  for  revenge  of  Johne  Drum- 
mondis  slawchter.    At  Kincardin  21  December  1589. 

114.  JOHNE  MAKINTYIR  in  Finglen  Johne  Eoy  Makintyir  in  Inuer- 
kerna,    Patrik    Makintyir   in    Craigruye,  and    Mwriache    Makintyir 
in  Mwrlagane,  oblige  themselves  conjunctly  and  severally,  under  the 
penalty  of  two  hundred  pounds,  to  deliver  Mwlcallum  Makintyir  to 
Duncane  Campbell  of  Glennorquhaye,  if  he  shall  be  charged  by  the 
King's  Majesty  to  be  answerable  for  the  said  Mwlcallum,  and  farther 
bind  themselves  never  to  serve  or  assist  the  Clan  Gregour  without  the 
license  of  the   said   Duncane   Campbell;    Alexander   Eeddoche  of 
Cultibragane,  Williame  Eeddoche  of  Megorne,  Colein  Campbell,  and 
Edward  Eeddoche  in  Towdorne,  witnesses.     At  Comrie  24  August 

115.  DONALD  EOBERTSONE  of  Strowan,  finding  that  divers  of  the  Clan- 
gregour  occupied  his  lands  and  barony  of  Fernay  in  the  lordship  of 

of  Manrent. 


Descheor  and  Toyer  and  Sheriffdom  of  Perth  against  his  will  so  that 
he  could  not  well  remove  them,  binds  himself  and  his  heirs,  if  by 
the  assistance  of  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  he  can 
remove  them  orderly,  to  put  in  their  stead  tenants  bound  to  serve  the 
said  Sir  Duncane  in  hosting  hunting  and  obedience,  as  the  tenants  of 
the  said  lands  did  previously,  the  said  Sir  Duncane  being  bound  to 
defend  the  said  tenants  in  their  possessions.  At  Balloch  before 
witnesses  Alexander  Robertsone  brother  germane  to  the  said  Donald 
Williame  Pawtoun  Gavine  Hammiltoun  and  Alexander  Levingstoun 
servants  to  the  said  Sir  Duncane,  16th  October  1590. 

BOND  OF  PROTECTION  by  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay 
knight  to  Agnus  M' Allane  apparent  of  Illane  Tirrum  against  all 
persons,  the  authority  and  the  Earls  of  Argyill  only  excepted,  and  of 
Manrent  by  the  said  Agnus  M' Allane  to  the  said  Sir  Duncane 
against  all,  excepting  only  the  authority  and  Agnus  Makconeill.  At 
Ferloquhane  before  witnesses  John  Stewart  of  the  Appin,  John 
Makeane  of  Ardnamurchan,  Allane  Makconeill  duy  of  Locheyill,  John 
Stewart  of  Killiechallum  Keillie,  Evin  Makeane  in  Ferloquhane,  and 
Williame  Pawtoun,  5th  May  1591. 


BOND  of  Protection  and  Manrent  in  the  same  terms  as  the  preceding 
between  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenorquhay  knight  and  Allan 
Makconeill  duy  of  Locheyill,  the  said  Allane  being  bound  against  all 
persons,  excepting  only  the  authority  and  the  Earls  of  Huntlie,  and  to 




restore  all  goods  belonging  to  the  Laird  of  Glemirquhay  or  his  tenants 
that  shall  come  within  his  bounds  or  the  thieves  thereof,  if  he  shall  be 
master  of  them.  The  same  place  and  day. 

118.  PATKIK  Dow  M'EANE  BANE  M'KNABE  and  Robert  M'Eanbaine 
Maknabe  and  the  rest  of  the  brethren  bind  themselves  that,  how  soon 
Gawin  Hamiltone  shall  come,  they  shall  ratify  their  band  of  manrent 
and  Calps  conform  to  the  contracts  made  by  them  and  their  prede 
cessors  to  the  lairds  of  Glennorquhaye ;  and  the  said  Robert  M'Eanbaine, 
because  he  is  to  pass  out  of  the  ground  to  my  Lord  of  Drummond's 
lands,  farther  promises  to  continue  to  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glennor 
quhaye  his  Calp  together  with  his  faithful  and  true  service  used  and 
wont,  as  if  he  possessed  lands  belonging  to  the  said  Duncane,  and  to 
visit  his  house  with  a  sufficient  present  once  a  year  ;  Colein  Camp 
bell  Thomas    Broune  Williame  Patone   and  others  witnesses.    At 
Finlarg  12  June  1591. 

119.  JOHNE  DOWE  MAKCONNOCHIE  tutor  of  Inveraw  binds  himself  and 
his  heirs  in  manrent  to  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhaye  knight 
and  his  heirs,  because  the  said  Duncane  Campbell  had  given  him  great 
assistance  in  getting  the  seven  merkland  of  Ardewnak  possessed  for 
merly  by  Donald  Makerliche,  and  that  so  long  as  they  shall  possess  the 
foresaid  lands ;  and  also  obliges  him  and  his  tenants  dwelling  on  the  said 
lands  to  give  service  in  hosting  hunting  and  stenting  as  was  wont,  and 
to  help  the  said  Duncane  Campbell  home  with  wine  every  summer,  as 
the  rest  of  the  lands  thereof  shall  do,  and  also  to  bring  in  no  claimed 
men  upon  the  foresaids  lands  nor  to  dispone  his  kindness  of  that  rowme 

of  Manrent. 


to  any  other,  excepting  his  own  heirs  and  surname  of  the  Clan  Don- 
nochie,  without  the  consent  of  the  said  Duncane  Campbell  and  his 
heirs ;  Colein  Campbell,  Johnc  Roy  Campbell,  Williame  Patone, 
Johne  Maklauchlane  and  others  witnesses.  At  .  i  ; 

BOND  OF  PROTECTION  granted  by  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glen- 
norquhaye  knight  to  Marioune  Stewart  spouse  to  Johne  Roye 
Makallester  in  the  Kirktoune  of  Balquhidder,  because  she  had  granted 
him  her  Calp  and  promised  to  visit  his  house  with  a  present  onco  in 
the  year ;  James  Stewart  son  to  Alexander  Stewart  in  Glenbokie 
Johne  Campbell  in  the  lyll  and  Colein  Campbell  son  to  the  laird  of 
Lawiris  witnesses.  At  Balloche  29  November  1592. 

DUNCANE  BISCHOPE  alias  CAMPBELL  obliges  him  to  serve  Sir 
Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhaye  knight  both  in  Highland  and 
Lowland  parts  upon  his  reasonable  expenses,  but  in  the  King's  host 
ing  and  hunting  upon  his  the  said  Duncane  Bischope's  own  expenses, 
and  gives  the  said  Sir  Duncane  his  Calp  ;  and  also,  with  the  consent 
of  Issobell  Neindonnochie  Reoche  his  spouse,  a  bairn's  part  of 
gear ;  and  farther  they  oblige  them  to  acknowledge  the  house  of 
Balloche  with  a  sufficient  present  once  or  twice  in  the  year  as  the 
cause  requires ;  and  the  said  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  binds  himself 
in  return  to  protect  the  said  Duncane  Bischope  and  his  spouse  in  all 
their  just  causes,  and  specially  in  any  right  of  lands  the  said  Duncane 
Bischope  may  get  from  the  laird  of  Monchreif  or  Donald  M'Quein ; 
Colein  Campbell  son  to  the  Laird  of  Lawiris  Johne  Campbell  in  the 
lyll  Gavine  Hammiltone  and  Alexander  Levingstone  servants  to  the 





said  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  and  others  witnesses.  At  Finlarg  5  March 

122.  BOND  of  Protection  and  Maintenance  by  Archibald  Earl  of  Argyle 

Justice  General  of  Scotland  to  his  lovit  friend  and  cousin  Sir 
Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  knight  and  his  heirs  against  all 
persons  the  King's  Majesty  only  excepted  ;  Sir  Hew  Campbell  of 
Lowdon,  Mr  Neill  Campbell  bishop  of  Argyll,  Mr  George  Areskyn 
witnesses.  At  Sterling  26  June  1593. 

123.  PATRIK  M'QUENE  minister  of  God's  word  at  Rothesay  ratifies  all 

former  bands  of  manrent  granted  by  Patrik  Oig  M'Queine  his  father, 
Donald  Oig  his  father's  brother,  and  others  their  friends  and  forbears, 
to  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  knight  and  his  predecessors, 
and  that  because  he  had  sufficient  proof  of  the  said  Sir  Duncane's 
good  will,  especially  in  giving  him  possession  of  the  lands  of  Ester 
Tenaif,  which  he  could  not  enjoy  without  the  assistance  of  the  said 
Sir  Duncane ;  and  obliges  himself  and  his  heirs  to  give  to  the  said 
Sir  Duncane  and  his  heirs  hosting  hunting  and  all  other  due 
services  performed  to  the  house  of  Glenurquhay  by  his  predecessors 
out  of  the  lands  of  Ester  and  Wester  Tenaiffis,  Auchater,  and 
other  lands  possessed  by  them  ;  and  for  himself  and  his  posterity 
grants  to  the  said  Sir  Duncane  and  his  heirs  their  Calps  and 
a  bairn's  part  of  gear,  and  interdicts  himself  from  disposing  of  the 
saids  lands  in  any  way  and  to  any  person  (excepting  the  lawful 
sons  of  himself,  his  brother,  and  his  father's  brother)  without  consent 
of  the  said  Sir  Duncane  and  his  heirs,  under  the  penalty  of  one 

of  Manrent. 


thousand  pounds  Scots  ;  it  being  provided  that  if  he  shall  dispone  any 
of  the  saids  lands  to  his  own  daughters  or  to  the  sons  of  his  brother 
or  his  father's  brother,  they  shall  not  have  power  to  dispone  the  same 
to  any  person  without  the  consent  of  the  said  Sir  Duncane  and  his 
heirs,  under  the  penalty  of  the  nullity  of  any  such  deed  ;  James  Stewart 
burgess  of  Rothesay  James  Kelburne  there  Gavine  Hammiltoun 
notary  Alezander  Levingstoun  witnesses.  At  Finlarg  15  August  1594. 

BOND  by  Dauid  M'Duif  of  Fandowie,  Johne  Our  Makduf  in  124. 
Drumour  in  Strabaine,  James  Makduf  in  Thomnagarne,  Johne  Rid 
alias  Robertsone  in  Thombaine,  and  Johne  Makduf  in  Ballinelone 
to  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  knight  and  his  heirs  against  all  persons, 
excepting  only  the  King's  Majesty  and  the  masters  of  their  grounds 
lands  and  maillings,  obliging  them  to  bring  in  to  the  said  Dun- 
cane's  house  sufficient  presents  once  in  the  year  according  to  their 
ranks  and  power,  and  to  be  in  readiness  to  serve  the  said  Sir  Dun 
cane  and  his  heirs  in  their  own  countries  in  hosting  and  hunting 
as  they  shall  be  duly  required  thereto,  and  also  according  to  their 
rank  and  power  to  help  the  said  Sir  Duncane  or  his  heirs  when 
they  have  daughters  to  marry  or  lands  to  buy  to  infeft  their  sons 
therein  on  being  required  so  to  do  ;  Alexander  Levingstone  Alexander 
Schawe  apparent  of  Cambusmoir  and  James  Ruthven  servants  to  the 
said  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  witnesses.  At  Weim  20  November  1594. 

OBLIGATION  granted  by  Archibald  Earl  of  Argyle  on  occasion  of          125. 
certain  rumours  spread  by  evil  disposed  persons  having  raised  cold 
ness  between  him  and  his  loving  kinsman  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  of 





Glenurquhay  knight,  promising  never  to  act  deceitfully  to  the  said 
Sir  Duncane  or  to  misuse  him  in  his  possessions  or  body,  and  that 
in  case  any  misreport  should  breed  offence  he  shall  first  advertise 
the  said  Sir  Duncane  thereof  fifteen  days  before  he  shall  be  holden 
to  answer  thereto,  and  thereafter  shall  appoint  a  convenient  place  of 
trial  thereof  in  the  lowlands  before  himself  and  his  friends,  the  Earl 
of  Mar  and  the  Sheriff  of  Air  being  present,  the  said  Sir  Duncane 
binding  himself  to  behave  kindly  to  the  said  Earl  as  his  superior  and 
to  believe  no  evil  reports  of  him  in  future  without  first  reporting  the 
same  and  giving  up  the  reporter  to  the  Earl.  At  Strewiling  before 
witnesses  Hew  Campbell  of  Lowdoun  Sheriff  of  Air,  George  Camp 
bell  of  Cesnok,  Mr  George  Erskyn,  and  George  Campbell  servant  to 
the  said  Hew  Campbell  of  Lowdoun,  4  January  1594. 

WILLIAM  BEDDOCHE  of  Drumlaichochane  and  Johne  Eeddoche  his 
son  and  apparent  heir  oblige  themselves  to  deliver  to  Sir  Duncane 
Campbell  of  Glennorquhaye  knight  the  sum  of  one  hundred  merks 
Scots  before  the  first  day  of  November  1595,  and  the  said  William 
Reddoche  farther  obliges  himself  to  leave  in  legacy  to  the  said  Sir 
Duncane  at  the  time  of  his  decease  another  hundred  merks  or  else  a 
bairn's  part  of  gear,  before  witnesses  William  Menzeis  lawful  son  to 
the  baron  Comrie ;  Alexander  Levingstone,  and  Thomas  Broune  ser 
vants  to  the  said  Sir  Duncane  Campbell.  At  Finlarg  28  August  1595. 

BOND  OF  FRIENDSHIP  between  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glennor 
quhaye  knight  and  Allane  Camrone  of  Lochaill,  for  the  weill  and 
quyetnes  of  ather  thaire  countrayis,  and  specially  against  the  Clan- 

of  Manrent. 


gregour.  At  Finlarig  before  witnesses  Colein  Campbell  fiar  of 
Glennorquliaye  Paull  M'Cleriche  and  Alexander  Levingstone,  12 
February  1595. 

CONTRACT  OF  MANRENT  between  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenur- 
quhay  knight  and  Patrik  Makgregour  in  Dalmarglen.  The  said 
Patrik  Makgregour,  for  the  sum  of  one  hundred  pounds  Scots,  resigns 
adperpetuam  remanentiam  his  lands  of  Dalmarglen  with  their  perti 
nents  occupied  by  him  lying  in  Glenlaidnaig  within  the  Stewartry 
of  Stratherne  and  Sheriffdom  of  Perth  in  favour  of  the  said  Sir 
Duncane  Campbell  and  his  heirs  ;  Sir  Duncane,  out  of  respect  for  the 
said  Patrik's  great  age  and  inability,  reserving  to  him  three  merk- 
land  of  the  saids  lands  during  his  lifetime.  At  Finlarg  before 
witnesses  Mungo  Lokhart,  Thomas  Broun,  Johne  Roy  Maknab  in 
Ardnagald,  and  Gavine  Hammiltoun  notary,  and  Patrik  Hammil- 
toun,  7th  August  1596. 


DUNCANE  CAMPBELL  of  Murthlie,  for  the  standing  of  his  house, 
and  having  sufficient  experience  of  the  great  love  goodwill  and 
favour  entertained  towards  him  by  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glen- 
urquhay  knight,  Jhone  Campbell  in  Acheinch,  Jhone  Drummond 
of  Petcalleine,  and  Thomas  Drummond  tutor  of  Coquhoilze,  and 
knowing  the  frailty  of  his  own  nature  in  the  ruling  of  his  affairs, 
and  also  for  the  sum  of  one  thousand  pounds  Scots  paid  to  him 
by  the  saids  parties,  interdicts  himself  from  disponing  in  any  way  his 
saids  lands  without  the  common  consent  of  all  the  saids  parties ; 



254  Bands 

Williame  Campbell  brother  german  to  the  said  Duncane  Thomas 
Brown  Robert  Crystie  and  Mr  Williame  Bowy  servants  to  the  said 
Sir  Duncane  witnesses.  At  Balloch  2  February  1596. 

130.  JOHNE   M'INDEWAR  in  Portbane  for  the  benevolence  received  by 
him  at  divers  times  from  the  deceased  Coline  Campbell  of  Glen- 
urquhay  and  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  his  son,  binds  him  to  bequeath 
to    Archibald    Campbell  his  foster,   son   to   the  said  Sir  Duncane, 
and  his  heirs,  the  third  part,  which  is  his  own  part,  of  all  his  goods, 
and  never  to  diminish  his  said  goods  without  the  advice  of  the 
said  Sir  Duncane  and  two  of  the  said  Johne  M'Indewar's   special 
friends,  and  farther  binds  himself  during  the  minority  of  the  said 
Archibald  his  foster,  to  furnish  him  sufficiently  in  highland  clothing 
and  abilyement  efferand  to  the  honour  of  his  estate  ;   the  said  Sir 
Duncane  being  bound,  on  the  other  hand,  to  defend  him  in  all  his 
just  actions  ;   Johne   Campbell  in  Aucheinch,  Thomas   Broun,  and 
Patrik  Hammiltoun  son   to   Gavine  Hammiltoun  notary  witnesses. 
At  Finlarg  8  June  1597. 

131.  GIFT  by  Awlay  Makawlay  in  Auchinfad  to  Archibald  Campbell 
lawful  son  to  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  knight  and  his 
heirs  of  a  bairn's  part  of  gear,  and  that  because  of  the  said  Sir  Dun- 
cane's  obligation  to  defend  him  the  said  Awlay  Makawlay  in  his  just 
actions ;    Thomas  Broun  Andro   Makawlay  in   Monzie  and  Patrik 
Hammiltoun  lawful  son  to  Gavin  Hammiltoun  writer  witnesses.     At 
Finlarg  8  June  1597. 

o/  Manrent. 

LEORNARD  SANDERIS  of  Mylhorne  being  sensible  of  his  inability 
to  manage  his  own  affairs,  in  consideration  of  five  hundred  merks 
paid  him  by  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  knight,  inter 
dicts  himself  from  in  any  way  disponing  his  Mill  of  Mylhorne  mill 
lands  and  pertinents  thereof,  from  setting  tacks  long  or  short,  or 
granting  any  other  rights  thereof,  and  from  dilapidating  any  of  his 
goods  without  the  consent  of  the  said  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  and  his 
heirs ;  Thomas  Broun,  Mungo  Lokhart,  Gavine  Hammiltoun  notary 
public,  and  Patrik  Hammiltoun  his  son,  and  Robert  Chrystie  servants 
to  the  said  Sir  Duncane  witnesses.  At  the  day  of 

PATRIK  MAKARBRIE  in  ,  binds  himself,  if  he  shall  marry  and 
have  children,  to  dispone  to  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay 
and  his  heirs  a  bairn's  part  of  gear,  and,  if  he  do  not  marry  and  have 
no  lawful  children,  to  dispone  to  them  one  half  of  all  his  property,  and 
to  lay  out  his  money  by  their  advice  ;  and  grants  them  his  Calp ;  and 
that  because  the  said  Sir  Duncane  has  granted  him  his  bond  of  pro 
tection  in  inbringing  of  all  his  debts,  and  specially  of  one  hundred 
merks  due  him  by  the  laird  of  Monyvarde  and  two  bolls  two  firlots 
meal  as  the  annual  rent  thereof,  two  hundred  and  fifty  merks  due  him 
by  Patrik  M'Quene  minister  and  five  bolls  meal  as  the  annual  rent 
thereof,  one  hundred  merks  due  by  the  goodman  of  Uchtertyre,  seven 
score  merks  due  by  the  lady  Monyvarde  and  two  bolls  three  firlots 
meal  as  the  annual  rent  thereof,  one  hundred  pounds  due  by  Robert 
Scherar  in  Strathalloun,  and  fifty  three  merks  due  by  the  laird  of 
Laweris ;  Mr  Williame  Bowie  Mungo  Lokhart  and  Patrik  Hammil 
toun  witnesses.  At  Finlarg  21  June  1597. 



256  Bands 

134.  MUTUAL  BOND  OF  FKIENDSHIP  entered  into  between  Jolme  Earl 
of  Atholl  Lord  Inuermey  and  Balveny,  on  the  one  part,  and   Sir 
Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  knight  and  Colein  Campbell  fiar 
thereof  his  son,  on  the  other  part,  in  respect  of  their  alliance  by  blood 
and  former  bonds  between  their  predecessors,  and  that  against  all  par 
ties,  the  King's  Majesty,  his  personal  presence,  and  the  Earls  of  Argyll 
being  excepted  by  the  said  Sir  Duncane  and  Colein  Campbell,  and  the 
King's  Majesty  by  the  said  Earl  of  Atholl.     At  Dunkeld  and  Balloche 
before  witnesses  Sir  Walter  Rollok  of  Lawtoune  knight  James  Camp 
bell  fiar  of  Lawaris  Colein  Campbell  of  Aberurquhill  and  Walter  Dog 
notary,  14  July  and  16  August  1597. 

135.  MUTUAL  BOND  of  Protection  and  Manrent  between  Sir  Duncane 


Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  Kobert  Menzeis  of  Comrie,  the  said 
Robert  Menzeis  binding  himself  his  wife  and  bairns  in  service  to  the 
said  Sir  Duncane  and  his  heirs,  and  to  be  with  their  tenants  at 
all  times  in  readiness  in  hosting  hunting  and  watching  within  the 
country  in  the  same  manner  as  the  said  Sir  Duncane's  own  tenants  ; 
Robert  Campbell  fiar  of  Glenfallocht  Coline  Campbell  of  Abirurquhill 
Johne  Campbell  in  Portbane  Mungo  Lockhart  and  Patrik  Hammiltoun 
writer  witnesses.  At  Finlarg  6  June  1599. 

136.  BOND  OF  FKIENDSHIP  between  Sir  Duncan  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay 
knight  and  Lauchlan  M'Intosche  of  Donnachtin,  entered  into  on  the 
ground  of  former  friendship  between  their  houses,  against  all  parties 
and  especially  Makgregour,  saving  Glenurquhay's  duty  to  the  authority 
and  the  Earls  of  Argyle,  and  M'Intosche's  duty  to  the  authority  and 

of  Manrent.  257 

the  Earls  of  Huntlie.  At  Dunkeld  before  witnesses  Colin  Campbell 
fiar  of  Glenurquhay  James  Campbell  fiar  of  Lawiris,  and  William 
M'Ontochief  son  to  James  Glas,  7  January  1GOO. 

MALCOLME  M'ROBERT  in  Craig  in  Ardtollony  and  Patrik  M'Couill  137. 
in  Derrie  in  Buchquedir,  each  of  them  aged  ninety  five  years,  declare 
that  the  deceased  James  M'Olchallum  V'Laurent  in  Bomuk,  Johne 
M'Olchallum  V'Laurent  there,  Patrik  M'Olchallum  V'Laurent  in 
Careglen,  and  Robert  M'Olchallum  V'Laurent  in  Kingart,  disponed  to 
the  last  deceased  Colene  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  and  his  heirs  their 
Manrents  and  Calps ;  and  therefore  Patrik  M'Robert  V'Laurent  in 
the  Port  at  the  east  end  of  Locherne,  James  M'Laurent  in  Laggan  son 
to  the  said  deceased  Johne  M'Olchallum,  and  Thomas  M'Laurent  in 
Carnelea  in  Buchquhedir,  grandsons,  sons,  and  nephews  to  the  persons 
abovewritten,  ratify  the  said  bond,  and  of  new  give  their  bonds  of 
Manrent  and  Calps  to  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  knight 
and  his  heirs ;  Johne  M'Carlich  in  Finlarg,  Molchallum  M'Robert  in 
Craig,  Donald  M'Ean  Duy  in  Derreyne,  Paule  M'Clerich,  Gavine 
Hammiltoun  notary,  Paule  M'Clerich  in  Edinkip  witnesses.  At 
Finlarg  28  December  1606. 

BOND  or  MANRENT  by  Johne  M'Cairlich  in  Finlarg,  Johne  138. 
M'Cairlich  his  son  there,  Duncan  M'Cairlich  in  Killin,  Johne  M'Cair 
lich  in  Tullich,  Johne  Dow  M'Innes  alias  M'Cairlich  in  Ardewnaig, 
Charles  Dow  M'Innes  his  brother  there,  Patrik  M'Cairlich  elder  there, 
Dow  M'Cairlich  his  son  there,  Charlis  his  second  son  there,  Donald 
M'lllespick  V'Cairlich  there,  Patrik  M'Cairlich  his  brother  there, 



M'Coline  M'Coull  V'Cairlich  there,  Donald  M'Cairlich  in  Laikbuy, 
Donald  Glas  M'lllegarif  in  Ardewnaig,  Finlay  M'Coull  V'lllegariff 
there,  Johne  M'Nilty  V'lllegarif  there,  Dougall  Koy  M'lllegariff 
there,  Malcome  M'lllegariff  in  Crannich,  Gillechreist  M'lllegariff  in 
Blairnesker  in  Glendoquhart,  Finlay  M'lllechallum  V'lllegariff  in 
Crannich  his  son,  Johnne  M'lllegariff  there,  Donald  Dow  M'lllegariff 
in  Craig,  Patrik  M'lllegariff  in  Tulloch  in  Ardtollony,  Duncan  M'Onill 
V'Ean  in  Ballemacnauchtan,  Johne  Dow  M'Onoquhy  V'Onile  V'Ean 
his  son  in  Lurgloman,  Donald  M'Onoquhy  V'Onile  V'Ean  his  son  in 
Eamony,  Chairlis  M'Onoquhy  V'Onile  V'Ean  son  to  the  said  Duncan, 
Donald  Campbell  alias  Leitch  in  Donoquheill,  Duncan  Campbell  alias 
Leitch  in  Eistir  Teggir-Machan,  and  Callum  M'Ean  V'lllechallum  in 
Murthlie  to  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  knight  and  his 
heirs,  lairds  of  Glenurquhay  ;  obliging  themselves,  although  by  act  of 
Parliament  all  kinds  of  Calps  are  discharged,  to  give  them  their  Calps 
for  the  special  love  they  have  to  the  said  Sir  Duncane  ;  as  also  obliging 
their  heirs,  that  such  of  them  as  shall  leave  one  hundred  merks  at 
their  decease,  shall  bequeath  twenty  merks  thereof  to  the  said  Sir 
Duncane  and  his  foresaids,  and  that  such  of  them  as  have  not  one 
hundred  merks  at  their  decease  shall  bequeath  only  ten  merks  ;  Coline 
Campbell  apparent  of  Glenurquhay  Mungo  Lockhart  and  Patrik 
M'Nab  his  servants  Ewir  M'lllechreist  servant  to  the  said  Sir  Duncane 
and  Johnne  Balvaird  notary.  At  the  Kirk  of  Candmoir  7  August 

139.  BOND  OF  MANKENT  by  Allaster  M'Inlay  V'Ean  V'Nab  in  Inschewin, 

Duncan  M'Inlay  V'Ean   V'Nab,   and  Johne  Dow  M'Inlay    V'Ean 

of  Manrent. 


V'Nab  in  Ardchalzie,  his  brothers,  Johne  Dow  M'Patrik  Bane  V'Nab 
in  Ewar,  and  Donald  M'Patrik  Bane  V'Nab  his  brother,  Archibald 
M'Nab  in  Inuerhaggarnio,  Johne  Boy  M'Onile  V'Nab  in  Ardnagald, 
Donald  M'Ean  Roy  V'Onile  V'Nab  in  Glenloquhay,  Finlay  M'Onile 
M'Nab  in  Mmiaganbeg,  Duncan  Dow  M'Nab  in  Murlagann  Moir, 
Duncane  Dow  M'Nab  in  Bowochter,  Archibald  M'Nab  his  son,  and 
Archibald  M'Onilduy  V'Nab  in  Bovayne  to  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  of 
Glenurquhay  knight,  disponing  to  him  and  his  heirs  the  best  gift  of 
gear  in  their  houses  at  their  decease,  saving  the  herezeld  ;  Robert 
Campbell  of  Glenfalloch  Thomas  M'Kie  Duncane  Combrie  servants  to 
the  said  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  and  Johne  Baivaird  notary  witnesses. 
At  Finlarg  1  August  1611. 

MUTUAL  BOND  of  Manrent  and  Protection  between  Sir  Duncane 
Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  knight,  on  the  one  part,  and  Malcoine 
Drummond  in  the  two  merkland  of  the  Bordland  son  to  the  deceased 
Williame  M'Neill  V'Gregour  in  Fernay,  and  Neill  Drammond  hi 
Ballimaynach  brother  to  the  said  Malcome,  and  Malcome  Robertsone 
in  Schanlarach  son  to  the  deceased  Neill  M'Condoquhie  V'Gregour 
in  Fernay,  on  the  other  part,  obliging  themselves,  since  Calps  are 
discharged  by  act  of  Parliament,  to  deliver  to  the  said  Sir  Duncane  and 
his  heirs  the  best  gift  and  eighth  part  of  gear  belonging  to  them  at 
the  time  of  their  decease,  and  farther  to  pay  yearly  to  the  said  Sir 
Duncaue  and  his  foresaids  the  teinds  belonging  to  him  out  of  their 
lands  following ;  Malcome  Drummond  out  of  the  two  merk  land  of 
the  Corcherrive  in  the  Bordland,  for  the  parsonage  teinds  thereof  three 
firlots  bear,  and  for  the  rest  of  the  teind  victual  of  the  parsonage  vi  s. 





money,  and  for  the  vicarage  teinds  of  the  foresaids  lands,  accord 
ing  to  use  and  wont ;  the  said  Neill  Drammond  out  of  the  two 
merkland  of  Ballimaynach,  for  the  parsonage  teind  thereof  xx  s.  and 
for  the  vicarage,  accordiog  to  use  and  wont ;  and  the  said  Malcome 
Robertsone  out  of  the  three  merkland  of  Schanlarach,  for  the  par 
sonage  teinds  thereof  one  boll  and  one  firlot  bear,  and  for  the  rest 
of  the  teind  victual  of  the  parsonage  xxs.  and  for  the  vicarage 
according  to  use  and  wont ;  and  during  their  possession  of  the  saids 
teinds,  at  the  pleasure  of  the  said  Sir  Duncane  and  his  foresaids,  they 
shall  give  to  him  and  his  abovewritten  hosting  stenting  hunting 
and  carriage  horses  to  the  homebringing  of  wine  to  Balloch  once  a 
year  in  summer  or  harvest,  together  with  meat  to  the  said  Sir  Dun- 
cane's  horses  and  dogs  twice  a  year,  and  attendance  as  assisers  at  his 
courts  to  be  held  at  Candmoir  yearly ;  Archibald  Campbell  of  Monzie 
Thomas  M'Kie  and  Moreiss  M'Nachtane  servants  to  the  said  Sir 
Duncane  Campbell  and  Johne  Balvaird  notary  witnesses.  At  Balloch 
13  September  1611. 

BOND  OF  FRIENDSHIP,  entered  into  by  the  mediation  of  John  Earl  of 
Mar  high  Treasurer  of  Scotland,  between  William  Earl  of  Tullybardin 
and  Sir  Duncan  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  knight  forgiving  each 
other  all  offences  mutually  committed  and  discharging  all  causes  of 
quarrel  between  them.  At  Scone  before  witnesses  the  said  Earl  of 
Mar,  David  Lord  Scone,  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenlyon,  Sir  Mungo 
Murray  of  Drummcarne  knight,  Robert  Campbell  of  Glenfalloch, 
Thomas  Rae  notary  servant  to  the  said  Sir  Duncane  Campbell,  and 
John  Merser  notary  in  Perth,  29  October  1620. 

of  Manretit. 


ARCHIBALD  LORD  LORNE  binds  himself,  for  the  special  love  he  bears  142. 

to  his  cousin  Sir  Colene  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay,  not  to  call  in 
question  his  rights  of  the  lands  in  Argyll  which  he  holds  and  has 
held  of  the  said  Lord,  and  to  assist  his  said  cousin,  providing  he 
continue  to  behave  himself  to  the  said  Lord  as  a  loving  kinsman,  at  the 
sight  of  Johnne  Lord  Lowdoun,  Sir  James  Campbell  of  Laweris  knight, 
Robert  Campbell  of  Glenfalloch,  and  Archibald  Campbell  brother 
gernian  to  the  said  Sir  James.  At  Edinburgh  before  witnesses  the 
said  Lord  Lowdoun,  Mungo  Campbell  fiar  of  Laweris,  Mr  Alexander 
Colvine  Justice  Depute,  the  said  Archibald  Campbell,  James  Camp 
bell  servant  to  the  said  Lord  Lowdoun,  and  Mr  Robert  Barclay 
servant  to  the  said  Lord  Lome,  30  June  1634. 

JOHN  M'ILLCHEAR  in  Ballechragan  in  Strabrane  assigns  to  Johne  143. 

Campbell  of  Glenurchey  younger  and  his  heirs  ten  head  of  kye  taken 
away  from  him  on  the  15th  preceding  ;  and  farther  the  said  Johne 
M'lllcheare  and  Johne  M'Caniss  in  Ballechragan  assign  to  the  said 
Johne  Campbell  of  Glenurchay  younger  five  head  of  kye  wlu'ch  were 
taken  away  the  same  day  as  the  above  from  Malcome  M'Duff  and 
Johne  Baine  M'lllguis  and  Thomas  M'lllguis  and  Johne  M'Vaime 
all  in  Ballechragan,  from  whom  they  have  right  to  the  said  five 
head  of  kye.  At  Balloch  before  witnesses  Archibald  M'Kerlich 
servant  to  the  laird  of  Glenurchey,  Mr  Coline  Campbell,  and  Johne 
M'Rob  VThatrick  21  April  1664. 

ARCHIBALD    MACDONEL  of  Keappoch  grants    to  John   Earl  of          144. 
Caithnes  and  to  his  successors  his  bond  of  manrent,  such  as  his  prede- 


Bands  of  Manrent. 

cessors  had  granted  to  the  said  Earl's  predecessors,  and  obliges  himself 
to  restrain  all  the  inhabitants  of  the  brae  of  Lochabber  arid  all  others 
of  the  name  of  Macdonnell  whom  he  can  influence  from  committing 
robberies  within  the  said  Earl's  bounds,  or  the  lands  of  such  as  are 
descended  of  his  house,  and  in  case  any  robbery  is  committed,  he 
obliges  himself  to  raise  his  friends  to  join  with  those  appointed  by  the 
said  Earl  for  recovering  the  goods  taken  away  or  obtaining  satisfaction 
therefor.  At  Balloch  before  witnesses  Kobert  Campbell  of  Glenlyon 
Allexander  Macdonnell  of  Grlencoe  and  John  Campbell  of  Inveryeldie, 
26  January  1681. 

portions  of  2£Untals, 
©ourt  iSoofts,  ifeouadjottr  Boofts,  anlr 

ies  of 

/Bottil)ou#  'Btmfe  beginanfc  anno 

RECEIPT  of  Meill  and  Malt  fra  the  tennentis  of  Braidalbane  be  the 
grantor  maltmen  and  broustaris  of  Balloch  and  Ilanran  of  the  crop 
and  yeir  of  God  M  vc  fourscoir  tua  yeris  as  eftir  followis  — 

SKEAG-EAST  —  Half  thairof. 

Donald  MTaule  Dow— 

Pais  of  meill  iii  bollis. 

And  for  the  teindis  ii  fs.  i  pk.  i  lippy. 

Of  malt  iiii  bollis. 


Allaster  .M<  Thorny— 

Pais  of  meill  x  bollis. 

Of  malt  ii  bollis. 

Delyuerit  at  the  ladyis  command  out  of  the  meill  from 
the  mylne  of  Balloch  to  the  Bard  M'Alester  i  f. 


Rental  1582. 


Malcolme  M'Nauchtane,  Donald  M'Intailzeour  Moris  wyfe,  Johne 
Makindeora,  Johne  M'Ewin  Moir — 

Pais  of  meill  xxxvi  bollis. 

Of  malt  xiiii  bollis. 

ARDTOLLONAIG  xx  markland  haldin  of  the  Priour 
in  the  young  Lardis  hands. 

ARDTOLLONAIG  ten  markland  haldin  of  the  King. 
Pais  as  followis — 

Craig  pais  of  meill  vi  bollis. 

Of  beir  for  ten  markis  money  iiii  bollis. 



Duncane  M'Nab,  Malcolme  M'llleweyne,  Donald  M'Nauchtane- 
Pais  of  meill  xii  bollis. 

Of  malt  xii  bpllis. 

KILLIN — the  Smythis  markland. 
Finlay  Smyth — 

Pais  of  meill  viii  bollis. 

And  for  teind  beir  ii  bollis  ii  fs. 

Rental  1582. 


AUCHMOIR — tua  markland  thairof. 

Donald  Lynach  M'avicar  and  Malcolme  M'Ean  Moyle— 

Pais  of  meill  vii  bollis. 

Of  beir  ii  bollis. 

A  markland  thereof. 
Finlay  Dow  M'Quherich — 

Pais  of  meill  iii  bollis  ii  fs. 

Of  beir  i  boll. 

The  Fishearis  markland  thairof  allowit  to  him  for  his  sernice. 


Of  meill  viii  bollis. 

Of  beir,  for  xx  markis   money  to  be  pait  at  Candil- 

mes  iii  bollis. 


Pais  of  beir 

v  bollis. 


Rental  1594. 

off  ti)c  Botofjoussts  brgmnantt  tl)r  wrtr  of  <Soti  in, 
fours  ro  tv  anD  .vitti  ijciris. 

Donald  M'Ewin  Wikeane  and  Johne  Roye  M'Intagart  — 


xx  lib. 

xx  b.  aittis. 

i  b.  ii  fs. 

viii  lib. 

3  staine. 

3  staine. 

cnppill    of    new    calfit 
ix  stanis  cheis. 

Item  of  teilbow  aittis 

Off  strenthe  siluer 

Payand  for  aittis  yeirlie 

And  of  beir 

Payand  thairfoir 

Off  salt  butter 

Off  fresche  butter 

Payand    yeirlie    owt    of    ilk 

And  fra  M'Knie  owt  of  Glennorquhaye  — 

Off  new  calfit  kye  that  come  fra  M'Ewin  Moir  iiii. 

Off  new  calfit  kye  viiii. 

Off  forrow  kye  xi  quherof  ane  oxe. 

Off  kye  to  the  bull  ii  quherof  i  oxe. 

Off  twa  yeir  auldis  v  quherof  he  i. 

Off  yeir  auldis  iii. 

Off  greit  billis 
Off'  martis  fra  M'Ewin  i  mart. 

Rental  1594. 


Item  niair  of  yeir  auldis — he  i. 

Item  rnair  gevin  to  thame  of  umquhile  Johne  M'Ewin 

Moiris  i  mart. 


Item  they  ar  chargit  with  the  kein  of  x  new  calfit  kye,  ilk  cuppill 
payaud  Dyne  stanis  cheis,  iude  xlv  stenis. 


Donald  Beg  M'Keich  and  Duncane  Roye  M'Keich 

Off  strenthe  siluer  xx  lib. 

Off  teilbow  aittis  x  b. 

Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie  xx  b.  aittis. 

Off  beir  i  b.  ii  f. 

Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie  viii  lib. 

Off  salt  butter  3  staine. 

Off  fresche  butter  3  staine. 

Payand  yeirlie  owt  of  ilk  cuppill  off  new  calfit 
kye  ix  stanis  cheis. 

Item  thair  come  from  Muldouich  M'Ruv  i  new  caluit 
kow  and  out  of  Corriegyle  i  new  caluit  kow,  quhilkis 
wer  deliuerit  to  the  saidis  personis,  ii  new  caluit  ky. 

Off  new  calfit  kye  x. 

Off  forrowe  kye  xiiii  quherof  i  ox. 

Off  kye  to  the  bull  v  quhairof  ane  hie. 

Off  twa  yeir  auldis  ii. 

Off  yeir  auldis  iiii  quhairof  i  hie. 



Rental  1594. 

Off  greit  bullis 

Attoure  thai  haue  gottin  of  M'Ewin  Moir  of  the  wardis 

of  greit  ky  ii. 

Item  of  yeir  auldis  i  hie  beist. 

Compt  of  Scheipe. 

Off  milk  yowis  xix. 

Off  auld  weddirs  xvii. 
Off  twa  yeir  auld  veddirs 

Off  yeir  auld  weddirs  iii. 

Off  yeir  auld  yowis  iii. 


Item  thaye  ar  chairgit  with  the  kem  of  x  new  calfit  kye,  ilk  cuppill 

payand  of  cheis  nyne  stanis,  inde  xlv  stanis. 


Johne  Dow  M'Keich 

Off  strenthe  siluer  x  lib. 

Off  teilbowe  aittis  iiii  b. 
Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie 

Off  beir  i  boll. 
Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie 

Off  salt  butter  3  staine. 

Off  fresche  butter  3  staine. 
Payis    yeirlie    owt    of    ilk    cuppill    of    new    calfit 
kye                                                          ix  stanis  cheis. 

Rental  1594 


Item  ane  kow  that  come  out  of  Eddirveneach  of  the 
bouhous  and  ane  uther  gressume  kow  that  com  out 
of  Laidcharrie  deliuerit  to  the  said  Johne, 

ii  new  caluit  ky. 

Off  new  caluit  kye  viii. 

Off  forrow  kye  x. 

Off  kye  to  the  bull  iii  quhairof  i  hie. 

Off  twa  yeir  auldis  iiii  quhairof  i  hie. 

Oft  yeir  auldis  v  quhairof  thre  hie. 

Off  greit  bullis 

Attoure  of  M'Ewin  Moir's  ky  deliuerit  of  ky  to  the 
bull  ii. 


Off  milk  yowis  ix. 

Pay  and  out  of  ilk  cuppill  i  lambe. 

Off  yeir  auld  wedderis  ii. 

Off  yeir  auld  yowis  ii. 


Item  he  is  chairgit  with  the  kein  of  ten  new  calfit  kye,  ilk  cuppill 
payand  of  cheis  nyne  stainis,  inde  xlv  stanis. 


Donald  Ammonach  M'Keich 
Off  strenthe  siluer 
Off  teilbow  aittis 
Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie 
Off  beir 


Rental  1594. 

Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie 

Off  salt  butter 

Off  freche  butter 

Payis    yeirlie    out    of    ilk     cuppill     of    new     calfit 

kye  ix  stanis  cheis. 

Item  gevin  to  him  of  gressume  kye  that  come  out  of 

Glenloquhay  v  new  caluit  ky. 

Off  new  calfit  kye  v. 

Off  forrowe  kye  xii  quhairof  ii  oxin. 

Off  kye  to  the  bull  iii  quhairof  ii  hie. 

Off  twa  yeir  auldis  iiii  quhairof  iii  hie. 

Off  yeir  auldis  iiii  quhairof  ii  hie. 

Attoure   he   hes   gottin   of  umquhile   M'Ewin  Moirs 

ky  ii  martis. 


Item  jie  is  chairgit  with  the  kein  of  ten  new  calfit  kye,  ilk  cuppill 
payand  ix  stanis  cheis,  inde  xlv  stanis. 

Finlay  Chrearar 

Off  strenthe  siluer  xxxviii  lib.  xiii  s.  iiii  d. 

Off  teilbow  aittis  xv  b. 
Payis  yeirlie  thairfoir  xv  b.  aittis,  and  levand  the  grand 


Off  beir  ii  b. 

Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie  iiii  lib. 

Off  salt  butter  3  staine. 

Rental  1594. 


Off  fresche  butter 

Payis  owt  of  ilk  cuppill  of  new  calfit  kye 
Item  gevin  to  him  of  new  caluit  ky 
Off  new  calfit  kye 
Off  forrow  kye 
Off  kye  to  the  bull 
Off  twa  yeir  auldis 
Off  yeir  auldis 
Off  greit  bullis 
Attoure  to  him  of  thre  yeir  auldis  quhilk  wes  M'Ewin 
Moiris  in  the  warde  ii  oxin. 

3  staine. 
vii  stanis. 

ii  quhairof  i  hie. 

iiii  quhairof  hie  ii. 



Compt  of  Scheipe. 
Off  milk  yowis 
Off  auld  weddirs 
Off  yeild  yowis 
Off  yeir  auld  weddirs 
Off  yeir  auld  yowis 





Item  deliuerit  mair  to  him  of  the  gressume  wedderis  of 
Ardtollony  be  M'Arbrie  Dow,  anno  Ixxxxiiii        xvii. 


Item  he  is  chairgit  with  the  kein  of  aucht  new  calfit  kye,  ilk  cuppill 
payand  sevin  stanis  cheis,  inde  xxviii  stanis. 


Gillespik  M'Finlay 
Off  strenthe  siluer 
Off  teilbow  aittis 

vi  b. 


Rental  1594. 

Payis  yeirlie  thairfoir 

Offbeir  i  boll. 

Payis  yeirlie  thairfoir 

Off  fresche  butter  3  staine. 

Off  salt  butter  3  staine. 

Payis    yeirlie     owt     of   ilk  cuppill    of    new     calfit 

kye  viii  stanis  cheis. 

Item  of  ky  that  come  to  him  v  new  caluit  ky. 

Of  new  calfit  kye  v. 

Of  forrowe  kye  ix. 

Off  kye  to  the  bull  ii. 
Off  tua  yeir  auldis  that  come  fra  umquhile  M'Ewin 

Moir  ii  scho  beistis. 
Off  yeir  auldis  in  his  awin  hand        v  quhairof  hie  thre. 

Compt  of  Scheipe. 

Off  milk  yowis  vi. 

Off  auld  weddirs  xiii. 

Off  yeir  auld  veddirs  ii. 

Off  yeir  auld  yowis  i. 


Item  he  is  chairgit  with  the  keyn  of  ten  new  calfit  kye,  ilk  cuppill 

xl  stanis. 

aucht  stanis  cheis,  inde 

Johne  M'Arbrie  Dow 
Off  strenthe  siluer 
Off  teilbow  aittis 


iiii  b. 

Rental  1594. 


Payand  yeirlie  thairfoir 

Payis  yeirlie  thairfoir 
Off  salt  butter 
Off  fresche  butter 

Payis    yeirlie    out    of    ilk    cuppill 

i  boll. 

3  staine. 
3  staine. 
of    new     calfit 
i  x  stun  is  cheis. 
Item   he   ressauit   of  ky   out   of   Glendo- 

quhart  ii  new  caluit  ky. 

Off  new  calfit  kye  iii. 

Off  forrow  kye  iiii. 

Off  kye  to  the  bull  i. 

Off  twa  yeir  auldis  ii  quhairof  i  hie. 

Off  yeir  auldis  i. 

Off  greit  bullis 

Attoure  to  him  of  the  gudis  quhilk  pertenit  to  umqu- 

hile  M'Ewin  Moir,  of  tua  yeir  auldis         i  scho  beist. 

Item  mair  to  him  of  yeir  auldis  i  hie  beist. 

Compt  of  Scheipe. 

Off  milk  yowis  iiii. 

Off  auld  weddirs  xii. 

Off  yeir  auld  weddirs  i. 

Off  yeir  auld  yowis  i. 


Item  he  is  chairgit  with  the  kein  of  fyif  new  calfit  kye,  ilk  cuppill 
payand  ix  stanis  cheis,  inde  xxii  staine  £. 


Rental  1594. 

CLOCHEKANE — half  thairof. 

Gillemichaell  Pudroche 
Off  strenthe  siluer 
Off  teilbow  aittis 
Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie 
.    Offbeir 

Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie 

Off  salt  butter 

Off  freche  butter 

Payis    yeirlie    owt     of    ilk 


Off  new  calfit  kye 
Off  forrow  kye 
Off  kye  to  the  bull 
Off  twa  yeir  auldis 
Off  yeir  auldis 
Attoure  he  hes  of  kye  that 


viii  lib. 

ix  b. 



XX  S. 

i  staine. 
ii  quartis. 

cuppill    of    new    calfit 

ix  stanis  cheis. 


xvi  quhairof  he  ii. 

v  quhairof  he  ii. 
v  quhairof  he  i. 

ar  not  put  on  his  scoir 
ii  Inglis  ky. 


Off  milk  yowis 

Off  auld  weddirs 

Off  twa  yeir  auld  weddirs 

Off  yeir  auld  weddirs 

Off  yeir  auld  yowis 



Rental  1594. 



Item  he  is  chairgit  with  the  kein  of  ten  new  calfit  kye,  ilk  cuppill 

payand  ix  stanis  cheis,  inde  xlv  stanis. 

Wther  half  of  CLOCHERANE. 
Patrik  Pudroch 

Off  strenthe  siluer  viii  lib. 

Off  teilbowe  aittis  ix  b. 

Payis  thairfoir  yeirlie  v  lib. 

Off  beir  i  boll. 

Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie  xx  s. 

0  ff  salt  butter  i  staine. 

Off  fresche  butter  ii  quartis. 

Payis  owt  of  ilk  cuppill  of  new  calfit  kye    ix  stanis  cheis. 

Off  new  calfit  kye 

Off  forrowe  kye 

Off  kye  to  the  bull 

Off  twa  yeir  auldis 

Off  yeir  auldis 

Off  greit  bullis 

Off  auld  weddirs 
Off  milk  yowis 
Off  yeir  auld  weddirs 
Off  yeir  auld  yowis 




iiii  quhairof  he  L 
v  quhairof  he  i. 
v  quhairof  he  iii. 




Item  he  is  chairgit  with  the  kein  of  ten  new  calfit  kye,  ilk  cuppill 
payand  of  cheis  nyne  stanis,  inde  xlv  stanis. 



Rental  1594. 

AUCHCLOCHINLUY — half  tbairof. 
Duncane  Boye  M'Weame 

Off  strenthe  siluer 
Off  teilbow  aittis 
Payis  yeirlie  thairfoir 
Off  beir 

Payis  yeirlie  thairfoir 
Off  salt  butter 
Off  fresche  butter 

xiii  lib.  vi  s.  viii  d. 

vi  b. 

xii  b.  aittis. 

i  quarter  |  quarter. 

Payis  owt  of  ilk  cuppill  of  new  calfit  kye 

vi  stanis  cheis. 

vi  quhairof  he  ii. 


iii  quhairof  he  i. 
iii  quhairof  he  i. 


Off  new  calfit  kye 
Off  forrowe  kye 
Off  kye  to  the  bull 
Off  twa  yeir  auldis 
Off  yeir  auldis 
Off  greit  bullis 
Item  fra  Donald  M'lllereoch  i  mart. 


Item  he  is  chairgit  with  the  kein  of  saxe  new  calfit  kye,  ilk  cuppill 
payand  of  cheis  saxe  stanis,  inde  xviii  stanis. 

Finlaye  M'Ewin  Wik  Coull 
Off  strenthe  siluer 

Of  teilbowe  aittis  vi  b. 

Payis  yeirlie  thairfoir  xii  b.  aittis. 

Rental  1594. 



Payis  yeirlie  thairfoir 

Off  salt  butter 

Off  fresche  butter  i  quarter  £  quarter. 

Payis  owt  of  ilk  cuppill  off  new  calfit  kye         vi  stanis. 

Off  new  calfit  kye  that  come  fra  M'Mesker 

Off  new  calfit  kye 

Off  forrowe  kye 

Of  kye  to  the  bull 

Of  twa  yeir  auldis 

Off  yeir  auldis 

Off  greit  buillis 


Item  he  is  chairgit  with  the  kein  of  four  new  calfit  kye,  ilk  cuppill 
payand  saxe  stanis  cheis,  inde  xii  stanis  cheis. 

Price  of  the  stane  xl  s.  inde  xxiiii  lib. 




iii  quhairof  he  ii. 
iii  quhairof  he  ii. 

BOITHWORNY — half  thairof. 
Patrik  Roy  M'Bean 

Off  strenthe  siluer  liii  s.  iiii  d. 

Off  teilbowe  aittis  vii  b.  ii  f. 

Payis  yeirlie  of  aittis  xv  b. 

In  siluer  viii  lib. 

Off  beir  i  f.  i  peck. 

Payis  yeirlie  i  boll  beir,  in  siluer  x  s. 

Off  salt  butter  i  staine. 

Off  fresche  butter  |  staine. 


Rental  1594. 

Payis  yeirlie  owt  of  ilk  cuppill  of  new  calfit 
kye  vii  stanis  £. 

Off  new  calfit  kye  v. 

Off  forrowe  kye  viii. 

Off  kye  to  the  bull  that  come  fra  Makintailzeoure        i. 

Off  twa  yeir  auldis  iii  quhairof  ii  hie. 

Off  yeir  auldis  iiii. 

Off  greit  bullis  i. 

Off  foure  yeir  auld  oxin  ii. 

Item  mair  deliuerit  to  him  efter  the  compt  making  of 
martis  that  come  out  of  Menteith  iii  martis. 

Mair  out  of  Clocherane  of  ii  yeir  auldis         i  scho  beist. 

Mair  out  of  Grlendoquhart  ii  martis. 

Item  mair  out  of  Botwornie  i  mart. 


Item  he  is  chairgit  with  the  kein  of  fyif  new  calfit  kye,  ilk  cuppill  pay- 
and  of  cheis  sevin  stanis  ^  staine,  inde,  xviii  stanis  iii  quarters. 

Wthir  half  of  BOITHWORNY. 

Malcolme  M'Queane 

Off  strenthe  siluer  Iiii  s.  iiii  d. 

Off  teilbow  aittis  vii  b.  ii  f. 

Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie  xv  b.  in  siluer  viii  lib. 

Off  beir  i  f.  i  pek. 

Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie  i  boll  beir,  in  siluer  x  s. 

Off  salt  butter  i  staine. 

Off  fresche  butter  ^  staine. 

Rental  1594. 


Payand    yeirlie    owt    of    ilk    cuppill    of    new    calfit 


Off  new  calfit  kye 
Off  forrow  kye 
Off  kye  to  the  bull 
Off  twa  yeir  auldis 
Off  yeir  auldis 
Off  greit  bullis 


vii  stanis  £. 

xiii  quhairof  i  hie. 



iiii  quhairof  ii  hie. 

Item  he  is  chairgit  with  the  kein  of  saxe  new  calfit  kye,  ilk  cuppill 
payand  of  cheis  vii  stanis  £  staine,  inde  xxii  staine  £. 

EDDIRAVEMACH — half  thairoff. 
Gillespycht  M'Mesker 
Off  strenthe  siluer 
Off  teilbow  aittis 
Payis  thairfoir  yeirlie 
Off  beir 

Payis  thairfoir  yeirlie 
Off  salt  butter 
Off  fresche  butter 

Payis  owt  of  ilk  cuppill  of  new  calfit  kye 
Off  new  calfit  kye  that  come  fra  him  self 
Off  new  calfit  kye 
Off  forrow  kye 
Off  kye  to  the  bull 

xlvi  s.  viii  d. 
iii  b. 
iii  lib. 

X  8. 

iii  quairters. 

vii  stanis. 


x  quhairof  ane  oxe. 

Off  twa  yeir  auldis 

iiii  quhairof  he  ii. 


Rental  1594. 

Off  yeir  auldis 
Off  greit  bullis. 



Item  he  is  chairgit  with  the  kein  of  four  new  calfit  kye,  ilk  cuppill 
payand  of  cheis  sevin  stanis,  inde  xiiii  stanis  cheis. 

Wthir  half  of  EDIRAVEMACH. 
Finlay  Dow  M'Worriche 

Off  strenthe  siluer  xlvi  s.  viii  d. 

Off  teilbow  aittis  iii  b. 

Payis  yeirlie  thairfoir  iii  lib. 

Off  beir  ii  f. 

Payis  thairfoir  yeirlie  x  s. 

Off  salt  butter  iii  quairttis. 

Off  fresche  butter 

Payis  owt  of  ilk  cuppill  off  new  calfit  kye        vii  stanis. 

Off  new  calfit  kye  iii  quhairof  fra  himself  i. 

Of  forrowe  kye 

Off  kye  to  the  bull 

Off  twa  yeir  auldis 

Off  yeir  auldis 

Off  great  bullis 

Item  to  him  out  of  Erich 

Item  fra  M'lllegirf  out  of  Blairska 


Item  he  is  chairgit  with  the  kein  of  thre  new  calfit  kye,  ilk  cuppill 
payand  of  cheis  vii  stanis,  inde  x  stanis  |  stane. 


ii  he  quhairof  ane  oxe. 

ii  martis. 
i  mart. 

Rental  1594. 

EYICH — half  thairof. 
Johne  M'Necaird 

Off  strenth  siluer  x  lib. 

Off  teilbowe  aittis  vii  b. 

Payis  thairfoir  yeirlie  vii  lib. 

And  to  leif  in  stock  at  his  furthe  passing  upone  the 

grund  xxi  b. 
Off  beir 

Payis  thairfoir  yeirlie 

Off  salt  butter  i  staine. 

Off  fresche  butter  £  staine. 

Payis    yeirlie    owt    of   ilk  cuppill    off   new    calfit 

kye  vii  stanis  cheis. 

Off  new  calfit  kye  v. 

Off  forrowe  kye  xv  quhairof  he  i. 

Off  kye  to  the  bull  iiii. 

Off  twa  yeir  auldis  iiii  quhairof  he  ii. 

Off  yeir  auldis  iiii  quhairof  he  ii. 
Off  greit  bullis. 


Item  he  is  chairgit  with  the  kein  of  fyif  new  calfit  kye,  ilk  cuppill 

payand  vii  stanis  cheis,  inde  xvii  stanis  £. 

Price  of  the  stane  xl  s.,  inde  xxxv  lib. 

Wther  half  of  EYICH. 
Nicoll  M'Mesker 

Off  strenthe  siluer  x  lib. 


Rental  1594. 

Off  teilbow  aittis  vii  b. 

Payis  thairfoir  yeirlie  vii  lib. 
And  to  leif  in  stouk  upone  the  grand  at  his  furthe 

passing  xxi  b. 
Off  beir 

Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie 

Off  salt  butter  |  staine. 

Off  fresche  butter  £  staine. 

Payis    yeirlie     out     of  ilk    cuppill    off    new     calfit 

kye  vii  stanis  cheis. 
Off  new  calfit  kye  that  come  out  of  Glenurquhaye      vi. 

Off  new  calfit  kye  ii. 

Off  forrowe  kye  xvii. 

Off  kye  to  the  buill  iiii  quhairof  he  i. 

Off  twa  yeir  auldis 
Off  yeir  auldis 
Off  greit  bullis 





Item  he  is  chairgit  with  the  keiu  of  aucht  new  calfit  kye,  ilk  cup- 
pill  payand  vii  stanis  cheis,  inde  xxviii  stanis. 
Price  of  the  stane  xl  s.,  inde  Ivi  lib. 
Item  for  aittis  this  instant  yeir  vii  lib. 
Summa  of  the  haill  rest  foirsaid                              iiixx  iii  lib. 


M'Kessane  Moir 

Off  strenthe  siluer 

x  lib.  xiii  s.  iiii  d. 

Rental  1594. 


Off  teilbow  aittis 
Payis  thairfoir  yeirlie 
Off  beir 

Payis  thairfor  yeirlie 
Off  salt  butter 
Off  fresche  butter 
Payis    yeirlie    owt 

Off  new  calfit  kye 
Off  forrowe  kye 
Off  kye  to  the  bull 
Off  twa  yeir  auldis 
Off  yeir  auldis 


v  b.  meill. 
i  furlot. 
i  boll  beir. 
£  staine. 
£  staine. 

of    ilk    cuppill    of     new    calfit     kye 
vi  stanis  cheis. 

viii  quhairof  ane  he. 

iii  quhairof  he  i. 
iii  quhairof  he  i. 
Item  mair  deliuerit  to  him  eftir  the  comptis  making  that 
come  fra  Margaret  luen  Ewin  wedo  in  Ardtollony  relict  of 
Maknee  ii  martis. 

Item  to  him  that  come  fra  M'lllereoch  in  Tullich,  i  mart. 


Item  he  has  of  milk  yowis  v. 

Item  of  yeir  auld  yowis  L 

Item  of  yeir  auld  weddirs  i. 


Item  he  is  chairgit  with  the  kein  of  saxe  new  calfit  kye,  ilk  cuppill 
pay  and  of  cheis  saxe  stanis,  inde  xviii  stanis,  price  of  the  stane  xl  s., 
inde  xxxvi  lib. 



Rental  1594. 

Johne  M'Kinlaye  M'Cullein 

Off  strenth  siluer  xiii  lib.  vi  s.  viii  d. 

OS  teilbow  aittis  vii  b. 

Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie  of  aittis  xiiii  b. 

Extending  to  vii  b.  meill,  the  boll  v  lib.  vi  s.  viii  d.,  inde 

xxxvii  lib.  vi  s.  viii  d. 
Off  salt  butter 

Payand  owt  of  ilk  cuppill  of  new  calfit  kye,  vii  stanis  cheis. 
Off  new  calfit  kye  iii. 

Off  forrowe  kye  vi. 

Off  twa  yeir  auldis  ii. 

Off  yeir  auldis  ii. 

Off  greit  bullis  that  come  fra  Finlaye  Dowe  M'Crarthe,  i. 


Item  he  is  chairgit  with  the  kem  of  thre  new  calfit  kye,  ilk  cuppill 
payand  vii  stanis  cheis,  inde  x  staine  ^  staine. 

Johne  Beoche  and  Allester  M'Walstoune 

Payis  at  Midsymmer  and  Andersmes,    xiii  lib.  vi  s.  viii  d. 

Item  thai  haif  of  auld  woddirs 


Item  he  hes  of  auld  weddirs 



Rental  1594 



AUCHINCHGALDEN — ane  quairter  thairof. 
Johne  Bane  M'Chale 
Off  strenthe  silucr 
Off  teilbowe  aittis 
Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie 
Off  beir 

Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie 
Off  salt  butter 

v  lib.  vi  s.  viii  d. 
iiii  b. 

iiii  b.  meill. 
ii  pekis. 
ii  f.  beir. 
i  quairt. 

Off  frescbe  butter 
Payis    yeirlie     owt     of 

ilk     cuppill     of    new    calfit 
vii  stanis  cheis. 

vii  quhairof  he  i. 

ii  quhairof  i  hie. 


Off  new  calfit  kye 

Off  forrow  kye 

Off  kye  to  the  bull 

Off  twa  yeir  auldis 

Off  yeir  auldis 

Off  greit  buillis 

Item  mair  that  come  out  of  Eyich  ii  martis. 


Item  the  said  Johne  is  chairgit  with  the  cane  of  sex  new  caluit  kye, 
ilk  coupill  payand  vii  stanis,  extending  to  xxi  stanis,  price  of  the  stane 
xl  s.,  inde  xlii  lib. 

The  secund  quairter — AUCHINCHGALDEN. 
Malcolme  M'Hale 

Off  strenthe  siluer  v  lib.  vi  s.  viii  d. 


Rental  1594. 

Off  teilbowe  aittis 
Payis  yeirlie  thairfoir 
Off  beir 

Payis  thairfoir  yeirlie 
Off  salt  butter 
Off  fresche  butter 

iiii  b. 

iiii  b.  meill. 

ii  pekis. 

ii  furlottis. 

thrid  of  ane  staine. 

ii  quairttis. 

Payis  owt  of  ilk  cuppill  of  new  calfit  kye,  vii  Btanis  cheis. 
Off  new  calfit  kye  vi. 

Off  forrowe  kye  viii. 

Off  kye  to  the  bull  i. 

Off  twa  yeir  auldis  ii  quhairof  i  he. 

Off  yeir  auldis  iii  quhairof  i  he. 

Off  greit  buillis 

Item  to  thame  that  come  out  of  Eyich  ii  mairtis. 

Item  restis  on  him  iiii  mairtis. 


He  is  chargit  with  the  cane  of  vi  new  caluit  ky,  ilk  coupill  vii  stanis, 
extending  to  xxi  stanis  cheis,  price  of  the  stane  xl  s.,  inde,  xlii  lib. 

The  thrid  quairter — AUCHINCHALDEN. 
M'Olchallum  Buy 

Off  strenthe  siluer 
Off  teilbow  aittis 
Payis  thairfoir  yeirlie 
Off  beir 

Payis  thairfoir  yeirlie 
Off  salt  butter 

Rental  1594 

Off  fresche  butter 

Payis  owt  of  ilk  cuppill  of  new  calfit  kye 

Off  new  calfit  kye  vi 

Off  forrowe  kye  viii  quhairof  i  hie. 

Off  kye  to  the  bull  ii  quhairof  i  hie. 

Off  twa  yeir  auldis  it 

Off  yeir  auldis  iit 

Off  greit  buillis 

Item  mair  to  him  out  of  Eyich  ii  ruartia. 


Item  fra  him  be  Calderis  sone  and  M'Gregoure,  v  mairtis. 
Item  be  thame  fra  him  of  thre  yeir  auldis  i  ox. 

Item  mair  be  thame  of  yeir  auldis  i  scho  beist. 

Item  slane  be  the  wolf  of  tua  yeir  auld  queyis  i. 

Price  thairof  xxvi  s.  viii  d. 

Nota. — Item  M'Gregour  and  Calderis  sone  tuik  fra  the  bow 
men  of  Auchainchalden  ix  mairtis. 
And  that  by  uther  spulzie 


Item  he  is  chairgit  with  the  cane  of  vi  new  caluit  ky,  ilk  coupill 
vii  stanis,  extending  to  xxi  stanis,  price  of  the  stane  xl  s.,  inde 

xlii  lib. 

ARIBEANE— half  thairof. 
Johne  M'llleverchan 

Off  strenthe  siluer  x  lib.  xiii  s.  iiii  d. 


Rental  1594. 

Off  teilbowe  aittis 

Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie 

Off  beir 

Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie 

Off  salt  butter 

Off  fresche  butter 

Payis     owt    of    ilk     cuppill     off 

Of  new  calfit  kye 
Off  forrowe  kye 
Off  kye  to  the  bull 
Off  twa  yeir  auldis 
Off  yeir  auldis 



\  staine. 
ii  quairttis. 

new     calfit    kye     yeirlie 
vii  stanis  cheis. 

xiii  quhairof  he  i. 
v  quhairof  he  i. 
v  quhairof  he  i. 
v  quhairof  he  i. 

Item  he  is  chargit  with  the  cane  of  x  new  caluit  ky,  ilk  couppill 
vii  stanis,  extending   to  xxxv  stanis,  price  of  the  stane  xl  s.,  inde 

iiixx  x  lib. 

Wthir  half  of  ARIBEANE. 
Ewin  M'Innwer 

Off  strenthe  siluer 

Off  teilbow  aittis  ii  b. 

Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie 


Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie 

Off  salt  butter 

Off  fresche  butter 

Rental  1594. 


Payand  owt  of  ilk  cuppill  ot  new  calfit  kye,  vii  stanis  cheis. 

Off  new  calfit  kye  x. 

Of  forrowe  kye  xvi. 

Off  kye  to  the  bull  iiii  quhairof  he  i. 

Off  twa  yeir  auldis  v. 

Off  yeir  auldis  v. 
Off  greit  buillis 


Item  he  is  chargit  with  the  cane  of  ten  new  caluit  ky,  ilk  coupill 
vii  stanis,  extending  to  xxxv  stanis,  price  of  the  stane  xl  s.,  inde 

iii"  x  lib. 

BARREN — half  thairof. 
Johne  M'lllemertein 
Off  strenthe  siluer 
Off  teilbow  aittis 
Payis  thairfoir  yeirlie 

Payis  thairfoir  yeirlie 
Off  salt  butter 
Off  fresche  butter 
Payis    yeirlie    owt    off    ilk    cuppill 

xiii  lib.  vi  s.  viii  d. 
xiii  b.  ii  f. 
x  b.  meill. 

Off  new  calfit  kye 
Off  forrowe  kye 
Off  kye  to  the  bull 

^  staine. 
ii  quairttis. 
off    new    calfit 
vi  stanis  cheis. 

xvi  quhairof  he  i. 



Rental  1594. 

Off  twa  yeir  auldis 
Off  yeir  auldis 
Off  greit  bullis 

iiii  quhairof  he  i. 
v  quhairof  he  i. 


Item  he  is  chargit  with  the  cane  of  x  new  caluit  ky,  ilk  coupill  vi 

stanis,  xxx  stanis,  price  of  the  stane  xl  s.,  inde 



Wthir  half  of  BARKEN. 
Johne  M'lllenow  M'Mesker 

Off  strenthe  siluer 
Off  teilbow  aittis 
Payis  yeirlie  thairfoir 

Payis  thairfoir  yeirlie 
Off  salt  butter 
Off  fresche  butter 
Payis    owt    of    ilk 

Off  new  calfit  kye 
Off  forrow  kye 
Off  kye  to  the  bull 
Off  twa  yeir  auldis 
Off  yeir  auldis 
Off  greit  buillis 

ctippill    of 

xiii  lib.  vi  s.  viii  d. 
xiii  b.  ii  f. 
x  b.  meill. 

i  staine. 
ii  quairtis. 

new     calfit    kye    yeirlie 
v  stanis  cheis. 

iiii  quhairof  he  i. 

iiii  quhairof  he  ii. 

four  quhairof  he  ii. 


Item  he  is  chargit  with  the  cane  of  x  new  caluit  kye,  ilk  coupill  vi 
stanis,  inde  xxx  stanis,  price  of  the  stane  xl  s.,  inde       iii**  lib. 

Rental  1594. 



Jolme  Dow  M'Cullein 
Off  strenthe  siluer 
Off  teilbow  aittis 
Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie 

Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie 
Off  salt  butter 
Off  fresche  butter 

Payand  owt  of  ilk  cuppill  of  new  calfit  kye 
Off  new  calfit  kye  xii. 

Off  forrow  kye  xii. 

Off  kye  to  the  bull 
Payand  thairfoir  yeirlie  at  Vitsondaye  and  Martymes  be  equall 

portionis  xvi  lib. 

Off  buttir  [and]  cheis  xii  stanis. 

And  gif  the  cheis  be  not  sufficient,  to  paye  for  ewerie  staine 
thairof  i  staine  butter. 

Compt  of  Scheipe. 

Off  milk  yowis  xl. 

Payand  yeirlie  owt  of  ilk  cuppill  ane  lambe,  and  to  uphald 


Item  he  hes  of  yeir  auld  scheipe  xx. 

Item  mair  of  yeir  auld  wedderis  xv  wedderis. 



Rental  1594. 


Williame  M'Worche. 

Compt  of  Scheip. 

Item  he  hes  in  his  handis  of  milk  yowis  xlix. 

Off  yeld  yowis  xiii. 

Off  kebbis  xii. 

Off  weddirs  xxi. 

Off  rammis  i. 
Item  deliuerit  to  him  of  yeir  auld  yowis  that  wer  put  out  at 

Beltyne,  anno  Ixxxxiii,  in  lambis  x. 

Item  mair  deliuerit  to  him  of  yeir  auld  wedderis  that  wer 

lambis  the  last  yeir  x. 

Donald  M'Comy 

Off  auld  weddirs  xliiii. 

Off  milk  yowis  mi. 

Off  yeld  yowis  i. 

Off  yeir  auld  weddirs  i. 

Off  yeir  auld  yowis  i. 

Item  mair  he  hes  of  gersum  weddirs  of  Glennorquhaye  and 

Loirne  quhilk  Nicoll  Moir  delyuerit  to  him,  viii. 

Gait  in  the  half  AUCHCLOCHINLUYE. 
Item  of  milk  gait 
Payand  owt  of  ilk  cuppill 
Off  yeir  auldis 
Off  buikis 


Rental  1594. 


KILLIN — Scheipe. 
Johne  Baine  M'Clerich. 

Item  he  hes  of  auld  weddirs  x. 

Item  mair  delyuerit  to  him  be  M'Carbrie  of   the  gersum 

weddirs  xxiii. 

Item  he  hes  of  milk  yowis.  x. 

Off  yeir  auld  weddirs  iii. 

Off  yeir  auld  yowis  ii. 

Item  mair  he  hes  of  the  gersum  weddirs  of  Glennorquhaye 
quhilk  he  resauit  fra  Nicoll  Moir  and  M'Comie,  xviii. 


Item  of  milk  yowis 

Off  auld  weddirs  iiii. 

Off  the  gersum  weddirs  of  Loirne  and  Lochowe  delyuerit  to  hir 

be  Nicoll  Moir 


Compt  of  Scheipe  and  Yowis  sauld  be  Thomas  Brovne  in  anno  four- 
scoir  and  fourtein  yens,  as  eftir  followis. 

Item  he  sauld  of  yowis  and  weddirs,  as  Thomas  Brovne  his 

tikat  beiris  fiftie  fyif. 

Extending  in  monie  to  xlvi  hb.  xvii  s.  iiii  d. 
The  Widowe  at  the  Wodend. 

Item  scho  hes  of  gait  this  tua  yeir  viii. 

Off  greit  bukis  i. 

Off  yeir  auldis  iii. 


Rental  1594 

Compt  of  the  gersum  weddirs  taine  wpe  at  the  west  end  of  Lochtaye 
in  anno  Ixxxxiiii  xxxviii 

Nota. — Tullycht,  Teiraye,  and  Dalgardie  is  not  heir. 

Compt  of  the  gersum  weddirs  in  Artollanig  xvii. 

Compt  of  the  gersum  weddirs  at  the  eist  end  of  Loch 
taye  xxxiii. 

Compt  of  the  gersum  veddirs  in  Glennorquhaye  liii. 

Compt  of  the  gersum  weddirs  in  Lochow  xiii. 

Compt  of  the  gersum  weddirs  in  Loirne  xviii. 

Compt  of  gersum  weddirs  in  Drumquhein  and  Drumcastill 

Girs  Cheis. 
Cambusmurrycht  xl  stanis. 

Price  of  the  stane  xxvi  s.  viii  d.,  inde,  liii  lib.  vi  s.  viii  d. 

Off  cheis  xii  stanis. 

Off  buttir  iiii  stanis. 


Off  butter  iii  stanis. 


Off  cheis  xii  stanis. 

Kirk  off  Inchadin 

Off  buttir  iiii  stanis. 

Compt  of  Male  Martis. 

Glenurquhay  vii. 

Lochaw  vi. 

The  foirsaidis  martiss  auld  to  Duncan  M'Arbre  for  xii  lib.  the  pece, 
summa  iiixx  xii  lib. 

Rental  1594. 


The  Westend  of  Lochtay. 

The  male  mart  of  Crannycht,  i ;  Kilterie,  i ;  Teirarthure,  i ;  Tullich 
and  Dalgardie,  i ;  Auchmoir,  i ;  Clocherane,  i ;  Ardewnak,  i. 

The  Eistend  of  Lochtay. 

Item  Tullich  Wester,  i ;  The  Craig,  i ;  Laikbuy,  i ;  Aucharne,  i ; 
Eamony,  i ;  item  Portbane,  i ;  item  Pitmatik,  i. 

Compt  of  the  Merttis  sauld  be  Thomas  Brovne  in  anno  fourscoir  and 
fourtein  yeris,  as  eftir  followis,  quyis,  stirkis,  and  oxin. 

Item  sauld  be  him  the  said  yeir  as  this  buik  preceiding  beiris  at 
mair  lenthe  fourtie  thre. 

Extending  in  monie  to  iic  xxviii  lib.  xii  s. 

Compt  of  Merttis  and  Bullis  sauld  be  Johne  M'lllecrist  WEssane  the 
said  yeir  as  followis. 

Item  sauld  to  Patrik  Purdie  of  bullis,  i ;  price  vi  lib. 

Item  sauld  be  the  said  Johne,  quhilk  come  fra  Patrik  Roye 
M'Veane,  of  oxin,  i ;  price  vi  lib. 

Item  sauld  quhilk  come  fra  Patrik  Roye  M'Veane  of  bullis,  i ; 
price  vi  lib. 

Item  mair  sauld  be  him  to  Johne  M'Kinlaye  W'Cullein  of  bullis,  i ; 
price  v  lib.  vi  s.  viii  d. 

Summa  of  oxin  and  bullis,  iiii  ;  extending  in  monye  to 

xxiii  Ub.  vi  s.  viii  d. 

Item  resauit  be  the  Laird  fra  Thomas  Brovne  of  the  scheipe  siluer 
in  Finlarig  the  xxiii  of  December  1595,  xlvi  lib.  xvii  s.  iiii  d. 


Rental  1594. 



Off  greit  meirris,  xlvi ;  off  twa  yeir  auld  hors,  v  ;  off  ane  yeir  auld 
hors,  iii ;  off  ane  yeir  auld  meirris,  ii ;  off  coursouris,  i. 


Off  greit  mearis,  xxxviii ;  off  tua  yeir  auld  horses,  vi ;  off  yeir  auld 
horses,  ii ;  off  yeir  auld  mearis,  vii ;  off  cursouris,  ii. 



Item  of  great  mearis  slane  be  the  wolf,  iiii ;  item  of  yeir  auld  horses 
slane  be  the  wolf,  i. 


Off  greit  meiris,         ;  off  tua  yeir  auld  hors,         ;  off  yeir  auld 
hors,         ;  off  yeir  auld  meiris, 

Meiris  in  GLENLOCHIE. 
Patrik  Roy  M'Veane 

Off  greit  meirris,  xxxvii ;  off  thrie  yeir  auld  hors,         ;  off  tua  yeir 
auld  hors,  iii  ;  off  yeir  auld  hors,         ;  off  yeir  auld  meiris,  iiii. 


Off  greit  meiris,         ;  off  twa  yeir  auld  hors,        ;  off  yeir  auld 
hors,         ;  off  yeir  auld  meiris, 

Rental  1594 


Dougalle  M'Onnochie  vyer. 

Item  he  hes  of  greit  meiris,        ;  off  twa  yeir  auld  hors,       ;  off  yeir 
auld  hors,         ;  off  yeir  auld  meiris, 

Compt  of  Meirris  in  ARDEWNAK. 

Off  greit  meiris,         ;  off  thre  yeir  auld  hors,         ;  off  twa  yeir  auld 
hors,         ;  off  yeir  auld  meiris, 
Item  mair  ane   siluer  graye  hors  that  come   owt  of  Crochane, 


xxviii  lib. 

Memorandum  1597. 

Wpone  Friday,  the  penult  day  of  Apryle,  thair  vas  ane  mekill  gray 
meir,  sprutit  heydit,  that  gangis  in  Glenlochy,  cwuerit  with  the  mekil 
gray  cursor  that  was  the  Kingis. 

And  the  same  day,  ane  vther  les  meir  of  Glenlochie,  of  four  yeirs  auld, 
licht  gray,  quhyt  faiceit,  and  panschmowit,  cuverit  with  the  lairdis  gray 
amlan  cursor. 

Uponethe  fyft  day  of  Maij,  thair  was  ane  brown  pyat  meir  and  ane 
myrk  gray  meir,  baithe  of  Glenfinlas,  loppin  with  the  forsaid  mekill 
quhyt  cursor. 

And  vpone  the  vj  of  Maij,  ane  vther  gray  meir,  callit  M'Nachtane, 
and  ane  ford  meir  of  Colinis,  loppin  be  the  said  quhyt  cursor. 

Item,  on  the  vij  of  Maij,  ane  litill  gray  meir  that  gangis  in  Glenfurd 
loch,  quhyt  taillit,  ane  quhyt  meane,  dapill  gray,  loppin  with  the  yong 
lardis  lyart  cursor. 




BEGINNAND  the  tuentie  [Eight]  of  Junii  and  spendit  till  the  fyift  of 
Julii.  The  Laird  and  Ladie  present,  my  Lord  Bothwall,  the  Erie 
Monteth,  my  Lord  Inchecraiffiray,  with  sindrie  uther  strangeris. 

Enterit  off  meill,  xii  b.  i  f.  2  p. ;  inde  of  braid,  xvic  iii". ;  summa 
spendit  of  braid,  xvic- ;  quhairof  thair  was  restand  of  the  last  oulkis 
compt,  xii^  xiiii. ;  sua  restis  of  the  entressis  of  braid  in  this  oulk  and 
the  rest  togither,  xv33  xiiii  b. 

Enterit  off  malt  fra  Makpaull  Duy,  v  b. ;  and  fra  Mik  Achrerar,  x  f. ; 
inde  of  best  aill  mxx  ga. ;  and  of  housald  aill,  iii"  ga. 

Enterit  of  hoistler  aill  fra  Donald  Grorme,  ix  ga.  ;  and  fra  Alester 
Miller,  xii  ga. ;  fra  Thomas  Litster,  xvii  ga. ;  fra  Johne  Makgibboun, 
xv  ga.  ii  quartis  ;  and  fra  Alester  Makdonaquhy,  xii  ga. ;  fra  Makin- 
tailzeour,  iiii  ga. 

Summa  spendit  of  best  aill,  iiiixx  ga.  ;  of  restis  of  the  last  oulk  compt, 
iiixx  ga.  ;  summa  spendit  of  housald  aill,  iiixx  xvii  ga.  ii  quartis ; 
quhairof  thair  was  restand  of  the  last,  nihill ;  sua  restis  of  the  entressis 

Household  Books. — 1590. 


of  best  aill  in  this  oulk  and  the  last  togither,  xx  ga.  ;  and  of  housald 
aill,  xxxii  ga. 

Attour  of  extraordiner  meill  to  Johne  Makgregour,  ii  p.  ;  off  meill 
to  my  Lord  Bothwallis  horse,  ii  p.  ;  and  to  the  raairtis  puddeinis,  ii  lip.  ; 
and  to  the  dogis,  i  lip.  ;  and  to  ane  uther  mairtis  puddeinis,  iii  lip. 

Summa  of  victual!  in  meill  and  malt  ordiner,  the  said  oulk,xxii  b.  ii  p.  ; 
sumrna  of  victuall  ordiner  and  extraordiner,  xxii  b.  ii  fs.  ii  p. 

Enterit  and  coft  in  Sanct  Johnestoun  of  flour,  i  b.  ;  and  of  quhyit 
braid,  iiii  doz. 

Enterit  and  coft  out  of  Dundie  of  wyne,  iiii  robbouris  ;  conteinand 
of  ga.,  xvi. 

Enteirit  off  spyceis  and  sueit  meattis  that  com  out  of  Dundie  fra 
William  Rollok,  off  saiffroune,  i  quarter  vnce  ;  off  maissis  ii  vnce  ; 
spice  —  off  ginger,  iiii  vnce  ;  off  peper,  i  lib.  ;  off  raisingis  of 
cuire,  i  pund;  off  ploumdames,  3  stane  xvi  d.  ;  ane  succour 
leafe  veyand 

Sunmia  spendit  of  auld  cheis  ordiner,  i  stane  ;  off  headis,  iiii  ; 
sum  ma  of  new  cheis  ordiner,  xix  stane  ;  off  headis,  iiii"  ;  sumrna  of 
new  cheis  extraordiner,  nihil  ;  off  buttir,  iiii  s(tane.) 

Laidiner  Expensis. 

Off  salt  beif,  half  ane  mart,  iii  tailzeis  ;  conteining  of  tailzeis,  xxiii. 

Enterit  of  martis  that  come  fra  Johne  Moir  Makkessen  in  Inueroqu- 
hairt,  ii  ;  and  fra  Johne  Makmesker  in  Craigryray,  i.  ;  and  fra  Patrik 
Makni  out  of  the  eich,  of  drauchte  martis  that  brak  hir  leg,  i. 

Attour  fra  him  of  stirk  of  tua  yeir  auld  bygane  that  com  in  dead 


Household  Books. — 1590. 

to  the  place,  i. ;  attour  fra  Gillespik  Makclairich  in  Eteravemach  of 
dead  draucht  martis,  i ;  enterit  mair  that  oulk  of  fed  oxin,  i. 

Spendit  of  fresche  beif  quhilk  restit  the  last  oulk,  iii  quarteris ; 
summa  spendit  of  fresche  beif,  v  mairtis  and  ane  quarter. 

Enterit  off  wodderis  fra  Donald  Makkerress  in  the  wodend,  iiii ;  and 
fra  Makarbrie  Dow  in  Laidouer,  ii ;  and  fra  Finlay  Chrearer  of  draucht 
scheip  out  of  the  Lurg,  i ;  and  fra  Johne  Bane  Makaclairich,  i  ; 
quhairof  spendit,  vi. 

Summa  spendit  of  baikoun,  1  m. 

Summa  spendit  of  auld  Lochtay  salmound,  crop  anno  Ixxxvii  and 
Ixxxviii,  nihil. 

Enterit  of  new  salmound  fra  Johne  MakDoull  out  of  Doquhairt,  x  ; 
summa  spendit  of  new  Lochtay  salmound,  anno  fourscoir  ten,  viii  \. ; 
enterit  of  Glenurquhay  salmound  that  com  out  of  Inuerraw  fra 
Donald  Makcoull,  anno  fourscoir  and  ten,  iiiixx  xiiii ;  summa  spendit 
of  Glenurquhay  salmound,  xv  ^. 

Summa  spendit  of  hearing,  iiic  xliiii. 

Enterit  of  hard  fische,  that  com  out  of  the  kilbarne  of  Ballach,  xxiiii ; 
summa  spendit  of  hard  fische,  xxi ;  and  of  skait,  ii. 

Laidiner  Restis 

Off  salt  beife,  half  ane  mart  and  sevin  tailzeis  ;  off  fresche  beife, 
i  mart  iii  quarteris  ;  off  the  quhilk  thair  was  ane  quarter  tane  to  the 
Ballach  ;  sua  restis  of  muttoun  this  oulk,  ii ;  off  baikoun,  xii  tailzies, 
off  auld  Lochtay  salmound,  anno  Ixxxvii,  xli ;  off  Lochtay  salmound, 
anno  Ixxxviii,  ix  ;  off  new  Lochtay  salmound,  anno  fourscoir,  and  ten, 
xlv  ^  ;  off  Glenurquhay  salmound,  xixx  viii ;  off  Lochfyne  heiring,  im  iiii ; 
off  hard  fische,  xii. 

Household  Books. — 1 590. 



Beginnand  the  auchtein  of  September,  quhilk  day  the  Laird  and 
Ladie  come  to  hald  hous  in  Ballach,  and  spendit  to  the  tuentie 
sevint  of  the  same.  The  Laird  and  Ladie  present,  the  Laird  of 
Tullibardin,  the  Laird  of  Abircarnie,  the  Bischop  of  Dunkelden,  the 
tutour  of  Duncroub,  the  Laird  of  Inchebraikie,  the  Priour  of  Charter- 
hous,  with  sindrie  uther  cumeris  and  gangeris. 

Enterit  and  coft  out  of  Perth  be  Thomas  Broune  off  new  hard  fische 
!    and  deliuerit  to  Elspet  Granger,  xxviii  doz.  ;  thairof  of  skait,  iiii  doz. ; 
off  ling,  iiii  doz. ;  off  keilling,  x  doz. ;  off  seythis,  x  doz. 

Compt  maid  off  the  hervist  expensis  to  Johne  Andersoune  of  meill, 
malt,  fische,  flesche,  and  cheis,  as  the  perticular  compt  thairof  at 
mair  lenth  bearis  betuix  the  xiii  of  August  and  the  tuentie  ane  of 
September,  as  eftir  followis. 

Off  meill  spendit  upone  the  scheiring  and  leading  and  the  greiffis, 
the  said  space,  viii  b.  i  f.  ;  off  malt  the  said  space  and  resauit  fra  Mak- 
paull  Dow,  iii  b.  ;  off  [  ]  the  said  tyme,  xxx  m.  ;  off  hearing  the  said 
tyme,  ixc  iiii"  xi ;  off  hard  fische  the  said  space,  xii  |,  quhairof  thair 
was  of  the  new  hard  fische,  iii ;  of  auld  cheis  to  the  harvest  the  said 
tyme,  iiii  stane,  conteining,  xxi  headis. 

Fra  Elspet  Granger:  and  of  new  cheis  the  said  tyme  to  him,  iiii  stane  ; 
off  headis,  xxiii ;  mair  spendit  the  said  space  be  him  fra  the  bowmen 
of  cheis,  vi  stane  i  quarter ;  conteining  of  headis,  xlix. 


Household  Books. — 1590. 

Compt  maid  at  Ballach  the  tuentie  of  October  off  the  liaill  expensis 
of  meill,  malt,  flesch,  fische,  mertis,  woddiris,  buttir  and  cheis, 
wyne  and  spiceis,  and  all  the  vther  furnessing  spendit  in  Ballach 
and  Finlarg,  betuix  the  nynteine  of  October  in  anno  fourscoir  and 
nyne,  and  the  tuentie  of  October  in  anno  fourscoir  and  ten  oulklie, 
perticularlie,  ordineris  and  extraordineris,  as  the  dyet  compt  of 
the  same  at  lenth  bearis,  as  eftir  followis. 


Off  rneill  spendit  ordinarie  in  Ballach  the  said  yeir,  iiiixx  v  b.  i  f.  iii  lip. ; 
off  meill  extraordiner  in  Ballach  the  said  yeir,  xlvi  b.  ii  f.  iii  p.  ii  lip. ; 
off  meill  ordiner  in  Finlarg  the  said  yeir,  vixx  xv  b.  i  f. ;  off  meill  extra 
ordiner  thair  the  said  yeir,  xxx  b.  i  f.  iii  p.  ii  lip. 

Summa  of  meill  spendit  ordiner  in  Finlarg  and  Ballach  the  said  yeir, 
xixx  bollis  ii  f.  iii  lip. ;  summa  of  meill  extraordinarie  the  said  yeir  in 
Finlarg  and  Ballach,  iiixx  xviii  b.  iii  p. ;  summa  of  the  haill  meill 
spendit  ordinarie  and  extraordinarie  in  Ballach  and  Finlarg  the  said 
yeir,  xiiii^  xvii  b.  ii  f.  iii  p.  iii  lip. 

Attour  of  meill  fra  the  millar  Makpaull  out  of  the  milne  of  Ballach 
to  Makmesker  gardiner,  v  b.  ;  mair  of  meill  extraordiner  be  the  said 
miller  for  wining  of  eldein  to  the  place,  iiii  b. 

Attour  of  horse  cornis  resauit  be  Johne  Andersoun  out  of  the  mainis 
of  Ballach,  Iii  b.  i  f. ;  extending  in  rneill  to  xxvi  b.  ii  p.  ;  attour  of 
horse  cornis  resauit  fra  the  tennentis  of  Calleloquhan  be  Johne 
Andersoun  and  Donald  Makkeissak,  as  thair  compt  thairof  bearis, 
xxxviii  b.  ;  extending  in  meill  to  xix  b. ;  off  horse  cornis  tane  to 

Household  Books. — 1590. 


Finlarg  send  to  Sanct  Johnestoun  and  to  the  Ladie  Laweris, 
xvii  bollis  ;  extending  in  rneill  to  viii  b.  2  f.  ;  off  corne  out  of  the 
barnis  to  Maklinow  and  Maklivoime  for  wining  of  eldein  to  the 
brewhous,  iii  b.  2  f.  ;  extending  in  meill  to  vii  f. ;  mair  fra  the  miller 
of  Edirgoll  to  Maklinow  and  Maklivorie  for  wining  of  eldein  to  the 
place,  iii  b. 

Summa  of  the  halle  meiil  spendit,  ordinarie  and  extraordinarie,  in 
Ballach  and  Finlarg,  the  said  yeir,  extendis  to  xviii"  iii  b.  i  p.  iii  lip.  ; 
quhairof  fra  the  tennentis,  nyne  scoir  auchtein  bollis,  iii  f.  ii  p. ;  inair 
of  coft  meill,  vi"  xvii  b.  ii  f. ;  attour  of  meill  coft  out  of  Wemis,  viii  b. ; 
and  out  of  the  Lairdis  awin  mainis,  xxvi  b.  iii  f.  iii  p.  i  lip. 


Off  malt  fra  Makpaull  Dow  spendit  in  Ballach  and  Finlarg  the  said 
yeir,  viii"  xvi  b.  i  f. :  quhairoff  auld  malt  iii"  xiiii  b.  i  f. ;  and  fra  the 
tennentis,  Iii  b.  ii  f. ;  mair  out  of  Drumnagerse,  iiii  b.  i  f.  ;  inair  fra 
Johue  Makinnair,  xiii  b.  iii  f. ;  and  fra  Makmesker  out  of  the  barnis, 
xxxv  b. 

Off  malt  fra  Makachrerar  maltman  and  spendit  in  Finlarg  the  said 
yeir,  xvii  b. :  quhairof  auld  malt,  ii  b.  i  f.  iii  p. ;  mair  gevin  be  him  to 
Litster,  ii  b.  ;  and  to  Alester  Makonaquhy  to  brew  to  the  place  in  aill, 
vi  f. ;  quhairof  he  resauit  fra  the  tennentis,  xxi  b.  2  f. ;  and  the  pectis 
quhilk  drew,  iii  f.  iii  p.  iii  lip. 

Off  oistler  [aill]  spendit  in  Ballach  that  com  fra  Christen  Stamens, 
xxvii  ga.  ;  off  malt  to  ,  ii  b.  i  f.  i  p. 

Off  oistler  [aill]  spendit  the  said  yeir  in  Finlarg  fra  sic  persounes  as 


Household  Books. — 1590. 

the  oulklie  compt  bearis,  vxx  xi  ga.  ii  quartis  ;  extending  in  malt 
to  vi  b.  iii  f.  iii  p.  ii  lip. 

Off  beir  to  the  kitcheing  fra  Makpaull  in  Ballach  the  said  yeir, 
iii  f.  iii  p. ;  and  fra  Makmesker  to  the  kitcheing  of  Ballach,  i  b.  i  f. 

Off  bear  to  the  kitcheing  of  Finlarg  fra  Makachrerar,  iii  f. ;  and  fra 
Duncane  Makthomas,  i  b. 

Summa  of  the  haill  malt  spendit  in  Ballach  and  Finlarg,  togither 
with  the  compt  of  oistler  aill  and  bear  to  the  kitcheing,  ten  scoir  vi  b. 
i  f.  iii  p.  ii  lip. 

Summa  of  the  haill  victuall  spendit  in  Ballach  and  Finlarg  the  said 
yeir  extendis  to  xxviiixx  ix  b.  ii  f.  i  p.  i  lip.  ;  extending  in  chalderis  to 
xxxv  chalderis  nyne  bollis  tua  firlattis  ane  pect  ane  lippie. 

Laidner  expensis. 

Off  auld  salt  beife  in  Ballacli  the  said  yeir,  ii  martis  ;  and  of  new 
salt  beife,  xi  martis  iii  quarteris  m. ;  off  fresche  beife  spendit  in 
Ballach  the  said  yeir,  xviii  martis  ;  and  of  stirkis.  vii. 

Of  salt  beife  spendit  in  Finlarg  the  said  yeire,  xiiii  martis  ;  and  of 
fresche  martis  spendit  in  Finlarg  the  said  yeir,  xxxiii  martis  ;  and  of 
stirkis  the  said  yeir  thair,  ix. 

Summa  of  the  haill  martis  fresch  and  salt  spendit  in  Ballach  and 
Finlarg  the  said  yeir,  iiixx  xiii  martis  iii  quarteris  ii  m. ;  and  of  stirkis 
in  Ballach  and  Finlarg  the  said  yeir,  xvi. 

Summa  of  the  swyne  spendit  in  Ballach  and  Finlarg  the  said  yeir,  xx. 

Off  woddiris  fra  Makevin  in  Drumturk  of  his  awin,  xxv  ;  and  off 
scheip  quhilkis  he  gat  to  keip,  v  ;  off  yowis  fra  Alester  Makthomis 
and  spendit  in  Ballach  the  said  yeir,  xiiii ;  off  woddiris  fra  Johne 

Household  Books. — 1590. 


Roy  Makthorais  and  spendit  in  Ballach  the  said  yeir,  xxiii ;  off  yowis 
fra  Andro  Areach  and  spendit  in  Ballach,  ii ;  off  woddiris  fra 
Makniche  in  Calleloquhane  the  said  yeir  in  Ballach,  i ;  off  woddiris  fra 
Makcarbrie  Dow  and  spendit  in  Ballach,  i ;  and  of  yowis,  i ;  and  in 
Finlarg  fra  him,  ii  woddiris ;  off  woddiris  fra  Gillespik  Makinlay  in 
Ballach  and  Finlarg,  ii ;  off  woddiris  fra  Makacherar  in  Finlarg  the 
said  yeir,  ii ;  and  of  yowis  in  Ballach  and  Finlarg  the  said  yeir  fra 
him,  iiii ;  off  yowis  out  of  Pitmatick,  v  ;  off  wodderis  fra  Makessen  in 
Finlarg  the  said  yeir,  iiii ;  and  of  yowis  fra  him  thair,  ii ;  off  woddiris 
fra  Donald  Makerres  in  Finlarg  the  said  yeir,  xiii ;  off  woddiris  out  of 
Auchlochinluy  fra  Duncane  Roy  Makbaine,  xxvii ;  and  of  yowis  fra 
him  the  said  yeir,  iii ;  off  woddiris  fra  Gillemichell  Pudrach  in  Fin 
larg,  iii  ;  off  woddiris  fra  Makinstalker  in  Finlarg  the  said  yeir,  ane  ; 
off  woddiris  fra  Johne  Bane  Makclairich  in  Finlarg,  xxviii ;  off  woddiris 
fra  Makavicker  Roy  in  Finlarg  the  said  yeir,  v  ;  and  of  woddiris  fra 
him  that  yeir,  ii ;  off  present  woddiris  spendit  in  Ballach  and  Finlarg 
the  said  yeir,  xx  ;  and  of  vnlaw  voddiris,  iiii. 

Summa  of  halle  woddiris  and  yowis  spendit  in  Ballach  and  Finlarg 
the  said  yeir,  ixM  xix. 

Of  auld  Lochtay  salmound  spendit  in  Ballach  and  Finlarg  the  said 
yeir,  liiii  ;  of  new  Lochtay  salmound  spendit  in  Ballach  and  Finlarg 
the  said  yeir,  Ii  5  ;  off  new  Lochtay  salmound  gevin  extraordiner  at 
the  lairdis  command,  viii ;  summa  of  Glenurquhay  salmound  in 
Ballach  and  Finlarg,  ordiner  and  extraordiner,  the  said  yeir, 
iiic  xxx. 

Summa  of  the  haill  salmound.  spendit  in  Finlarg  and  Ballach, 
ordiner  and  extraordiner,  the  said  yeir,  iiiic  xxiii  £. 


Household  Books. — 1590. 

Summa  of  hearing  spendit  in  Finlarg  and  Ballach,  ordiner  and 
extraordiner,  the  said  yeir,  xiiiim  ix°  xiiii. 

Attour  giffin  to  the  Ladie  Laweris  and  utheris  of  hearing,  iiic 

Summa  of  hard  fische  spendit  the  said  yeir  in  Balloch  and 
Finlarg,  xxix  doz.  vi  4. 

Off  auld  cheis  ordiner  in  Ballach  the  said  yeir,  xliii  stane  ;  off 
headis,  iic  xxxvii ;  off  auld  cheis  extraordiner  in  Ballach  the  said 
yeir,  xli  stane  i  quarter  iii  pundis  ;  off  headis,  vxx  iiii ;  off  auld  cheis 
ordiner  in  Finlarg  the  said  yeir,  iiii"  stane  ii  quarters  ii  pundis ;  off 
headis,  vc  xxxvii ;  off  auld  cheis  extraordiner  in  Finlarg  the  said  yeir, 
xvi  stane  ii  pundis ;  off  headis,  iiiixx  xviii ;  off  new  cheis  ordiner  in 
Finlarg  the  said  yeir,  ic  v  stane  ;  off  headis,  vc  ix  ;  off  new  cheis  extra- 
ordiuer  in  Finlarg  the  said  yeir,  xl  stane  ane  quarter  and  tua  pund ; 
off  headis,  iic  xi ;  off  new  cheis  ordiner  in  Ballach  the  said  yeir,  ix 
stane  ;  off  headis,  xli ;  off  new  cheis  extraordiner  in  Ballach  the  said 
yeir,  xxix  stane,  quhairof  Johne  Andersoun  resauit  out  of  the  bowis 
vi  stane  i  quarter :  off  headis,  ic  xxviii,  quhairof  of  Johne  Andersounis 
vi  stane  i  quarter,  quhilk  com  out  of  the  bowis  ;  of  headis,  xlix. 

Summa  of  auld  cheis  spendit  ordiner  and  extraordiner  in  Ballach 
and  Finlarg  the  said  yeir,  ic  iiixx  i  stane  thre  pund  ;  summa  of 
headis,  im  xxxvi. 

Summa  of  new  cheis  ordiner  and  extraordiner  in  Ballach  and 
Finlarg  the  said  yeir,  i°  iiiixx  iii  stane  i  quarter  ii  pund ;  off 
headis,  viic  iiiixx  ix. 

Summa  of  the  haill  cheis  new  and  auld  ordiner  and  extraordiner  in 
Ballach  and  Finlarg  the  said  yeir,  iiic  xxiiii  stane  tua  quarteris  i 
ptmd,  conteining  of  headis  ane  thowsand  viiic  v. 

Household  Books. — 1590. 


Off  auld  buttir  spendit  ordiner  in  Ballach  the  said  yeir,  xii  stane 
i  quarter  ;  off  auld  buttir  spendit  ordiner  in  Finlarg  the  said  yeir, 
xxvii  stane  iii  quarteris  ;  off  auld  buttir  spendit  extraordiner  in  Finlarg 
the  said  yeir,  iiii  stane ;  off  new  buttir  spendit  in  Ballach  the  said 
yeir,  iii  stane  £  ;  and  extraordiner,  i  stane. 

Summa  of  buttir  ordiner  and  extraordiner  in  Ballache  and  Finlarg 
the  said  yeir,  xlviii  stane  i  quarter. 

Mair  spendit  of  Menteith  cheis  the  said  yeir,  xvi ;  off  quhyit  braid 
spendit  the  said  yeir  in  Ballach  and  Finlarg,  xxv  doz.  x  braid  ;  off  flour 
spendit  in  Ballach  and  Finlarg  the  said  yeir,  iii  b.  ii  f.  ii  p. 

Item  giffin  for  spiceis  and  confectiounis  the  said  yeir,  liiii  lib.  iii  s.  vi  d. 

Off  auld  wyne  spendit  in  Ballach  and  Finlarg  the  said  yeir,  ; 

item  spendit  in  Ballach  of  claret  wyne,  ii  ponciounis  and  ane  half ; 
off  quhyit  wyne,  i  poncioun ;  of  clareit  wyne  barekins  spendit  in 
Finlarg,  ii ;  off  new  wyne  spendit  in  Finlarg,  iiii  robouris  ;  coft  of 
new  wyne  in  Ballach  the  said  yeir,  of  ponciounis  viii ;  quhairof  of 
clairet  wyne,  vi ;  price  of  the  tune,  viixx  viii  pundis ;  and  of  quhyt 
wyne,  ii ;  mair  of  Spanis  wyne,  ii  barrekinis,  price  xxxiiii  lib.  ;  mair 
of  Inglis  beir,  i  barrell,  price  of  the  beir,  vii  lib.,  quhilk  was  spendit 
in  Finlarg ;  quhairof  thair  geid  ane  poncioun  of  claret  wyne  to  Finlarg 
quhilk  is  tua  pairt  rune ;  spendit  of  new  wyne  in  Balloch  the  said  yeir, 
half  poncioun. 


Off  new  claret  vyne,  iiii  ponciounis  and  ane  half ;  off  quhyit  wyne 
ponciounis,  ii ;  of  Spainifi  wyne,  i  rowbour  and  ane  half ;  mair  of  wyne 



Household  Books. — 1590. 

vlet,  i  rowbour ;  and  of  auld  Spainis  wyne,  half  robour  ;  mair  of  vyna- 
gar,  half  robour  ;  mair  restand  in  Finlarg,  half  poncioun. 


Off  salt  beif,  v  martis  | ;  off  new  Lochtay  salmound,  iii ;  of  Glenur- 
quhay  salmound,  i ;  of  Westsie  hearing,  iim  viic  xxxiiii ;  of  new  hard 
fische,  xxviii  doz. ;  of  auld  skait,  xii. 


Of  salt  beife,  nihill ;  off  baikoun,  iii  m. ;  of  Lochtay  salmound,  anno 
four  scoir  and  sevin,  xli ;  of  Lochtay  salmound,  anno  four  scoir  and 
nyne,  ix. ;  of  new  Lochtay  salmound,  anno  four  scoir  and  nyne,  xxxviii ; 
of  Glenurquhay  salmound,  vxx  xiiii ;  of  hard  fische,  xvi. 

FINLAIRG.— 1591-92. 

Beginnand  the  v  of  Martche  and  spendit  to  the  xii  of  the  samyn,  the 
Laird  [and]  the  Lady  being  present  with  thair  houshald,  the  auld  Laird 
of  Lawaris  and  young  Laird  and  servandis,  Gregour  M'Kein  his  wyfe 
and  servandis,  with  the  Clane  G-regor  cumand  and  gaingand  all  the 
oulk,  with  Lochabir  men  com  to  the  Laird  Allister  Menzeis,  with 
mony  wtheris  cumaris  and  gangaris. 

Household  Books. — 1592. 


FlNLAIRG.— 1591-92. 

Beginnand  the  xii  of  Martche  and  spcndit  to  the  xix  of  the  samyn, 
the  Laird  and  the  Lady  being  present,  the  aid  Laird  and  young 
Laird  of  Lawaris,  Arsbald  Dow  Gregour  M'Ein,  his  servandis,  Andro 
Toschocht,  Henry  Primroiss,  the  Laird  of  Lochinzell,  his  servandis,  the 
Laird  M'Knab,  Robert  Stewart,  the  meissounis  virking,  the  maill 
makaris,  with  cuntre  men,  carage  men,  with  the  Clan  Gregour,  with 
niony  cumaris. 

FINLAIRG— 1591-92. 

Beginnand  the  xix  of  Martche  and  spendit  to  the  xxvi  of  the  same, 
the  Laird  [and]  the  Lady  with  thair  houshald  being  present,  the  Laird  of 
Lochabir  and  his  companny,  the  Laird  of  Lochinzell.and  his  servandis, 
Duncane  Abrache,  Allister  Schorache,  thair  company,  Johne  Roy 
Campbell,  Johne  Roy  M'Knab,  Arsbald  Dow,  thair  servandis,  with 
varkmen,  cumaris  and  gangeris,  and  folkis  com  vith  presenttis. 

FINLAIRG.— 1592. 

Beginnand  the  ix  of  Aprylle  and  spendit  to  the  xvi  of  the  samyne, 
the  Laird  and  the  Lady  being  present,  my  Lord  and  my  Lady  Mon- 
teithe,  my  Lord  Justice  and  thair  servandis,  Colleine  Campbell  of 
Baquhidder  and  his  servandis,  Duncane  Abrache  and  his  servandis, 
the  wrichtis  wirkand,  Andro  Toscheocht  of  Monze  and  his  gud  sone 
and  thair  servandis,  the  minister  M'Cawlay,  the  foullaris,  James 
Menzeis,  with  mony  utheris  cumaris  and  gangaris. 


Household  Books. — 1621. 

FlNLARG.— 1621. 

Beginnand  on  Sonday  the  xxiiii  day  of  Marche  to  Sonday  the  first 
day  of  Apryll  1621.  The  Laird  and  Lady,  beirnis,  and  haill  houshaild 
presentt  the  said  space,  the  yowng  Laird  present  ane  nicht,  Archibald 
Leiche  off  Craigintariwe  tua  nichtis,  the  Lady  of  G-lenfalloch  and  hir 
companie  presentt  ane  nicht,  quorriaris,  messons,  glasin  wrichtis,  wark 
foilkis,  with  sindrie  wtheris  commeris  and  goeris. 

Enterit  of  meill  fra  Jonnat  Neinanguss  to  serue  the  house  the  said 
space,  iii  bollis  i  p.  iii  lip.  ;  quhairof  cam  of  breaid,  xxvixx  vii  breaid  ; 
restit  of  breaid  the  last  dyat,  iiixx  breaid ;  inde  of  breaid,  xxixxx  vii 
breaid  ;  spendit  of  breaid,  xxiiixx  vii  breaid ;  restis  off  breaid,  vixx  breaid. 

Enterit  of  malt  out  of  the  malt  loft  of  Finlarg  and  browin  be 
Walter  Battisone  brouster  of  the  said  place,  iii  bollis  malt ;  quhairof 
cam  of  best  aill,  xxx  galls. ;  and  of  houshaild  aill,  xxx  galls.  ;  restit  of 
best  aill  the  last  dyat,  Ii  galls. ;  and  of  houshaild  aill,  xxx  galls. ;  inde 
of  best  aill,  iiiixx  i  galls. ;  inde  of  househaild  aill,  iii^  galls. ;  spendit  of 
best  aill,  xx  galls.  ;  spendit  of  houshaild  aill,  xxii  gals.  ;  restis  of  best 
aill,  iiixx  i  galls.  ;  restis  of  houshaild  aill,  xl  galls. 

Summa  of  meill,  ii  bollis  iii  firlottis;  summa  of  malt,  ii  bollis  ii  peckis; 
summa  of  meill  and  malt  ouerheid  this  weik,  iiii  bollis,  iii  f.  ii  peckis  ; 
extraordiner  meill,  nichell. 

Ordiner  cheis  to  the  pantrie,  of  cheis  iii  stanis ;  and  of  butter  to 
the  pantrie,  i  staine. 

Extraordiner  cheis :  item  gewin  Dauid  Leischeman  smytht  at 
the  calsay  end  of  Stirlwing,  of  cheis,  i  staine ;  item  gewin  Dauid 
Haidman  the  dyik  bigger,  of  cheis,  i  quarter. 

Household  Books. — 1621. 


Ladner  Expenssis. 

Off  new  salt  beiff,  i  quarter  iiii  rneiss  ;  off  reik  henis,  xxii ;  off  salt 
salmond,  xv  ;  of  gray  hering,  iiic ;  off  reid  hering,  xxx  ;  of  keiling,  i. 

Enterit  of  swyne  fra  Donald  M'Nacaird  in  Genlochay,  i  ;  inde  in 
i  tailzeis,  xxi. 

Enterit  off  beir  fra  Johne  Dow  M'Olaine,  i  peck. 

Laidner  Restes. 

Off  auld  salt  beiff,  ii  marttis  i  quarter  ;  of  new  salt  beiff,  ix  marttis 
i  quarter  viii  meiss  ;  of  auld  salt  braine,  ix  meiss ;  of  new  salt  braine, 
vi"  x  meiss  ;  off  salt  salmond,  xxiii ;  of  gray  hering,  vm  iiii ;  off  reid 
hering,  im  ixc  xxx  ;  off  keilling,  xliii ;  off  ling,  iiii ;  of  skait,  iii ;  off 
reistit  hames,  iiii ;  of  reistit  mwttone  ii  quarteris  ;  off  reistit  lowings, 
xviii ;  off  reistit  salmond,  i. 

FINLARG. — 1621. 

Beginnand  on  Sonday  the  saxt  of  Maii  1621  to  Sonday  the  xiii  of 
the  said  monethe.  The  Laird,  Lady,  beirnis,  and  haill  houshaild 
presentt  the  said  space,  the  Erie  of  Atholle  and  his  eompanie  ane  nicht, 
the  yownge  Laird  and  his  eompanie  presentt  thrie  nichtis,  Mr.  Dauid 
Prymrois  and  his  brother  presentt  thrie  nichtis,  Archibald  Campbell 
Laweris  brother  and  his  eompanie  presentt  ane  nicht,  quorriaris, 
inessons,  wark  foilkis,  with  sindrie  wtheris  commeris  and  goeris. 


Household  Books. — 1621. 


Beginnand  on  Sonday  the  xxvi  day  of  Agust  1621  to  Sonday  the 
second  of  September.  The  Laird,  Lady,  bernis,  and  haill  houshaild 
present  the  said  space,  the  Constabill  of  Dwndie  and  his  tua  sons 
and  their  companeis  presentt  tua  nichts,  the  Laird  of  Glenlyone  and 
his  Lady  tua  nichts,  the  young  Laird  tua  nichts,  Eobert  of  Glenfalloch 
and  his  foilkis  ane  nicht,  the  Laird  of  M'Farlane  and  his  companie 
tua  nichts,  the  Barone  of  Argatie  ane  nicht,  Johne  M'Clagan  and 
M'Neill  tua  nichts,  wark  foilkis,  with  commeris  and  goeris. 

BAL  LOCH.— 1621. 

Beginnand  the  secund  day  of  December  1621  to  Sonday  the  nynt 
of  December  1621.  The  Lairdis  of  Drum  elder  and  younger,  the 
Laird  of  Glenbervie,  the  Laird  of  Bamff,  the  Laird  of  Pitfoddellis,  the 
Laird  of  Lathes,  the  Laird  of  Inchemarten,  the  Laird  of  Glenlyoun, 
the  Laird  of  Keillour,  Robert*  Campbell  of  Glenfalloche,  the  Lady 
Weyine,  the  Lady  Comrie,  the  Lady  Edunampbell,  the  Lady  Glenlyoun, 
with  thair  heall  companey  and  boyis,  being  all  present  the  space  of 
thrie  nichtis,  at  the  mareage  of  the  Lairdis  secund  dochter  upone 
Robert  Irwing  of  Feddrat,  secund  sone  to  the  Laird  of  Drwme, 
[married  Tysday  4  December]  with  the  haill  houshald,  the  said  space, 
and  sindrie  utheris  cummeris  and  goeris. 

Enterit  of  ineill  fra  Jonat  Neinangus  to  serve  the  hous  the  said 
space,  iii  b.  iii  p.  ii  lip. ;  quhairof  came  of  bread,  xxviixx  v  bread ;  restit  of 

Household  Books. — 1G21. 

bread  the  last  dyat,  vi  bread  ;  inde  of  bread,  im  iiixx  v  bread  ;  spendit 
of  bread,  ixc  xv  bread  ;  restis  of  bread,  viii"  x. 

Enterit  of  meill  quhilk  wes  baikin  in  bread  to  the  horses,  ii  b.  ii  f. 
ii  p.  ii  lip. ;  quhilk  is  all  spendit :  eque. 

Enterit  of  malt  fra  George  Dow  maltman,  and  browin  in  the  place 
of  Balloch  be  James  Huttoim  broustar,  iii  b. ;  quhairof  came  of  best 
aill  xxx  galls. ;  and  of  houshald  aill,  xxx  galls. ;  restit  of  best  aill  the 
last  dyat,  viixx  galls. ;  inde  totalis  of  best  aill,  viii"  x  galls. ;  restit 
the  last  dyet  of  houshald  aill,  ixM  i  gall. ;  inde  totalis  of  houshald 
aill,  xxx  xi  gall. ;  spendit  of  best  aill,  v"  x  gallons  ;  spendit  of  hous 
hald  aill,  iiiixx  galls. ;  restis  of  best  aill,  iii™  galls.  ;  restis  of  houshald 
aill,  vxx  i  gall. 

Summa  of  meill,  ix  b.  iii  f.  ii  p. ;  quhairof  wes  baikin  to  the  horses, 
ii  b.  ii  f.  ii  p.  ii  lip. ;  summa  of  malt,  ix  b.  ii  f. ;  summa  both  of  meill 
and  malt  overheid  spendit  this  weik  extendis  to  xix  bolls  i  firlot  ii 
peckis  ;  extraordiner  meill  to  the  kitchin,  ii  lip. ;  item  to  the 
blood,  i  lipe. 

Ordiner  cheis  to  the  pantrie,  iiii  stanis  ii  quarteris  i  pund ;  extra 
ordiner  cheis  to  Mr.  Thomas  Glas  mmister,  i  stane  ;  item  to  Johnne 
Boyd  cuik  in  Gairintillie,  of  cheis  i  stane ;  item  to  James  Dow,  of 
cheis  i  stane. 


Ladnar  Expenssis. 

Enterit  of  mairtis  tane  up  fra  Gillechriste  M'Indoctor  in  Drum- 
turk  tane  up  and  comprysit  for  debt,  i ;  enterit  of  mairtis  fra  the  guid- 

man  of  Glenno,  i. 

Spendit  of  auld  salt  beiff,  i  mart  ii  quarteris ;  of  fresh  beiff,  iii 


Household  Books. — 1626. 

martis  ii  quarteris ;  off  wedderis,  xxv  ;  of  caponis,  xx  ;  off  pultrie,  xl ; 
off  geis,  xxx  ;  off  wyld  geis,  xii ;  off  brane,  xii  meiss  ;  off  wennysoun,  vi 
furtches;  off  raes,  viii;  off  wyld  foullis,  pertrikis,  and  blakcokis,  vii  doz. ; 
of  birssell  foullis,  iii ;  off  salt  salmond,  v ;  off  gray  hearing,  i°  ;  off 
ling,  ii ;  off  skeat,  ii ;  off  stok  fisch,  ii ;  off  keilling,  iiii ;  off  hames,  ii ; 
off  reistit  loungis,  v  ;  off  cunningis,  viii ;  off  butter  to  the  laidnar,  ii 
staines ;  item,  to  the  baikhous  of  butter,  i  stane  i  quarter ;  enterit  of 
hames,  iiii ;  enterit  beir  to  the  kitching,  iii  pekis. 

Ladnar  Kestis. 

Off  auld  salt  beiff,  vii  martis ;  off  new  salt  beiff,  xiiii  mairtis ;  off 
brane,  iiii"  xvi  meis ;  off  salt  salmond,  xxxvii ;  off  gray  hearing, 
imxxxii;  off  killing,  ix  doz.  i;  off  skeat,  xi;  off  stock  fisch,  x;  off 
ling,  xxii ;  off  reid  heiring,  im  iiic  v**  iiii ;  off  reistit  hames,  v  ;  off  reistit 
loungis,  xi. 

B  ALL  OCH.— 1626. 

THE  XVIII  DAY  OF  JlJN  1626. 

Beginand  the  xviii  of  Jun,  and  spendit  to  the  xxv  of  the  said 
monethe,  my  Lord  Eingie  and  his  companie,  the  Laird  of  Inchmartin, 
the  Laird  of  Glenorquhar  and  Ladie,  the  Laird  of  Glenlyoun  and  his 
Ladie,  the  tuittur  of  Crumartie,  the  guidman  of  Bukie  young  and 
auld,  the  Lady  Veime  young  and  auld,  the  Ladie  Balloch  and  Robert 
Campbell  of  Glenfalloch,  the  Laird  off  Clouiny  young  and  auld  thair 
companie,  with  thair  haill  followaris,  housald,  cumbaris  and  gangaris. 

Enterit  meill  to  the  house,  ii  b.  if.;  quhairof  com  off  breid, 
xixxx  ii  bred ;  restit  of  breid  the  last  oulk,  im  vc  xxii ;  inde  totallis  of 

Household  BooJcs—1626. 


bred,  im  vic  iii"  ii ;    spendit  of  breid,  im  iiic  iii*x  xii  bred  ;  restis  of 
bred,  xxx  xii  bred. 

Entterit  malt  out  of  the  killbarne  off  Balloch,  broun  be  Jone  Fargisone, 
iii  bollis  ;  quhairof  com  of  aill,  xl  gollones  ;  restit  of  best  aill  the  last 
oulk,  Iii  gollones  ;  and  of  housald  aill,  xl  gollones  ;  inde  totallis  of  best 
aill,  iiiixx  ii  gollones  ;  spendit  of  best  aill,  iiixx  gollones ;  and  of  housald 
aill  xx  galloncs  ;  restis  best  beir,  Ivi  gollones  ;  and  of  housald  beir, 
x  gollones ;  restis  of  best  aill,  xxii  gollones ;  and  of  housald  aill,  xx 
gollones ;  restis  of  best  beir,  xiiii  gollones ;  and  of  housald  beir, 
xxvi  gollones. 

Sumrna  of  ineill,  xii  b.  ii  f. ;  summa  of  malt,  vii  b.  iii  f.  ii  peckis  ; 
summa  bothe  of  ineill  and  malt,  xx  bollis  i  f.  ii  pekis 

Ordinar  cheis  to  the  house,  vii  stane ;  extraordinar  cheis  to  Johne 
Boyd  cuik  at  the  Lairdis  command,  i  stane  cheis ;  to  Adame  G-ordoun 
for  troutis,  i  stane  ;  to  Patrik  Fleiming  cuik  at  the  Lairdis  command, 
i  staine ;  to  Robert  Jack  Baxter  in  Perthe  at  the  Lairdis  command, 
i  stane. 

Laidner  Expenssis. 

Off  salt  beife,  ii  martis  v  mes ;  off  fresche  beiff,  i  mart  iii  quarteris  ; 
off  branc,  xx  mes. 

Of  vodderis  fra  Finlay  M'Vaine,  Inchraniche,  that  com  to  Balloch, 
iii  vodderis  ;  item  fra  Johne  M'Vaine  in  Inchraniche,  and  slane  in 
Balloche,  i  vodder  ;  item  fra  Callirn  M'lllichrist  in  Bud  tonne  Moir,  and 
slaue  in  Balloch,  i  vodder ;  item  fra  Ewir  M'Ewir  in  Gloichrane  and 
slane  in  Balloch  be  Thomas  M'Kie,  ii  vodderis ;  item  fra  Johne 
M'Instalker  in  Cloichrane,  slane  in  Balloch,  ii ;  off  kidis,  iiiixx ;  off 
wellis,  xx  ;  off  lambis,  xxvi. 



Household  Books.— 1626. 

Off  cappones,  viii  dosone  ;  off  pultrie  and  scheikins,  xiii  dosone  ; 
quhairof  com  fra  Magie  Richie,  iiii  dosone. 

Off  salmound,  xii  ;  off  gray  heiring,  ic ;  off  red  heiring,  x  mes ;  off 
killing,  iiii ;  off  ling,  ii ;  off  skait,  ii ;  off  reistit  hambis,  iii ;  off  reistit 
leungis,  xxvi. 

Enterit  beir  fra  Johne  Dow  M'Pall  to  the  kitching,  ii  pekis. 

Enterit  butter  to  the  Laidner,  ii  stane  ii  quarteris ;  enterit  butter 
to  the  baikhouse,  ii  stane. 

Item  off  vilgeiss,  vi ;  off  taime  geis,  viii ;  off  reistit  hambis,  ii. 

VENNISOUN. — Off  haill  deir,  iii ;  off  furches  of  deir,  x ;  off  reais  xvii. 

Off  flour,        ;  off  quhett  breid,  x  dosone. 

WYNE. — Off  clairat  wyne,  ii  punschones ;  off  quhyt  vyne,  ii  pun- 
schones  ;  off  Spanis  vyne,  vi  gollones  ;  off  accavytie,  iiii  gollones  ;  off 
winakir,  iii  gollones ;  off  peper  and  ginger,  i  stane ;  off  sucker,  ii 
quarteris ;  off  clowis,  i  pund  ;  off  cannell,  ii  unce ;  off  saffroun,  i  unce. 

3]nfcentan0  of 

COMPT  maid  at  Finlarg  be  the  Ladie  with  Magie  Petir,  the  xxvi  day 
of  Februar  the  yeir  of  God  M  vc  fourescoir  auchtene  yeris,  off  feddir 
beddis,  boustaris,  courtingis,  coueringis,  scheittis,  blancattis,  naprie, 
and  all  uthir  plenissing  belanging  to  the  places  of  Balloch  and  Finlarg 
as  eftir  followis. 

Imprimis  of  Fedder  beddis  in  Balloch,  xxxii,  quhairof  Flanderis 
tykis,  ix;  off  fedder  beddis  in  Fiularg,  ix,  quhairof  Flanderis  tykis,  i ; 
off  nap  beddis  in  Finlarg,  iii ;  off  palyessis  in  Balloch,  i. 

Off  boustaris  in  Balloch,  xxx,  quhairof  Flanderis,  [  ]  ;  off  boustaris  [in] 
Finlarg,  xiiii,  quhairof  Flanders,  i,  and  quhairof  in  Glenurquhay,  ii ; 
item  maid  in  Finlarg  anno  Ixxxxvii  in  Nouember  of  new  boustaris 
of  Scottis  tykis,  ii ;  off  coddis  in  Balloch,  xxxi ;  off  coddis  in  Fin 
larg,  xiiii. 


Inventories. — 1598. 

Off  blancattis  in  the  lang  kist  of  the  galarie  of  Balloch  standand  on 

the  south  syde  xiii  pair. 

Off  new  blancattis  in  the  great  kist  of  the  galarie  garderob  of 

Balloch  xiiii  pair. 

Off  blancattis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Balloch  vii  pair. 

[Quhairof  brokiii  and  gevin  to  the  puir  the  xvi  of  Maii  1600,  iiii  pair.] 
Mair  of  new  maid  blaiicattis  in  Balloch  anno  Ixxxxviii  in  the  houshald 

garderob  thairof  viii  pair. 

Item  mair  of  new  blancattis  maid  anno  Ixxxxvii  be  Agnes  Colquhoun 

in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Balloch  iiii  pair. 

[Item  maid  anno  1600  of  new  blancattis  in  Balloch  v  pair.] 

Off  blancattis  in  Fiularg  deliuerit  to  Magie  Petir  in  the  commone 

garderob  thairof  xl  pair. 

Mair  of  blancattis  in  the  Ladeis  garderob  kist  of  Finlarg  iiii  pair. 
Off  mattis  in  the  kist  standand  in  the  galarie  garderob  of  Balloch  on 

the  north  syde  thairof  of  blew  gey,  sewit  with  quhyte  silk  i. 

Item  thairin  of  mattis  of  grene,  sewit  with  incarnat  silk  i. 

Item  of  stickit  mattis  in  the  greit  kist  of  the  galarie  garderob  of 

Balloch  iiii. 

Off  caddois  in  Balloch  in  the  houshald  garderob  iii. 

Off  caddois  in  Finlarg  ane  reid  and  ane  uther  gray  ii. 

Off  caddois  in  the  Ladeis  garderob  of  Finlarg 

Off  caddois  in  the  Ladeis  kist  standand  in  her  awin  garderob  of  Finlarg, 
Quhairof  Ireland 

Off  arress  werk  coueringis  in  the  lang  kist  of  the  galarie  of  Balloch,   i. 

Inventories. — 1 598. 


Off  arress  work  coueringis  in  the  houshakl  garderob  thairof  iii. 

Off  arress  wcrk  coueringis  in  Finlarg  in  the  houshakl  garderob  thairof,  i. 
Off  sewit  coueringis  in  the  Jang  kist  on  the  south  syde  of  the  galarie  of 

Balloch  iiii. 

Item  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Balloch  of  sewit  coueringis  iiii. 

Item  of  wowin  Scottis  coueringis  in  the  greit  kist  on  the  north  syde  of 

the  galarie  of  Balloch,  reid  and  orange  ii. 

Item  mair  thairiri  of  Scottis  coueringis  wowin  reid  and  grene  vi. 

Item  mair  thairin  of  reid  and  grene  ane  pece  conteining  iii  elnis. 
Off  Scottis  coueringis,  wowin  blew  grene  and  yallow,  in  the  lang  kist 

on  the  south  syde  of  the  galarie  of  Balloch  iii. 

Item  mair  of  wowin  Scottis  coueringis  blak  and  quhyte  in  the  greit 

kist  of  the  galarie  garderob  of  Balloch  xvi. 

Item  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Balloch  of  Scottis  coueringis,  blak 

quhyte  and  uther  cullouris  v. 

Item  mair  in  the  Lardis  studie  of  Balloch  and  garderob  of  coueringis 

blak  and  quhyte  ii. 

[Off  new  Scottis  coueringis  blak  and  quhyte  in  the  garderob  of  Balloch, 

maid  anno  1600  vii  pair.] 

Item  in  Finlarg  of  Scottis  wowin  coueringis  deliuerit  to  Magie  Petir,  ix. 
Off  Scottis  couerings  blak  and  quhyte  in  theLadeis  garderob  of  Finlarg,ii. 
Off  Scottis  coueriugis  in  the  Ladeis  kist  of  hir  garderob  of  Finlarg,  v. 
Item  of  sewit  coueringis  that  come  out  of  Buchquheidir  in  Finlarg 

gevin  to  Magie  Petir  iii. 

Item  in  the  Latleis  garderob  of  Finlarg  of  Scottis  coueringis  blak  and 

quhyte  viii. 


Inventories. — 1598. 

Off  blak  mantillis  in  the  greit  kist  of  the  galarie  garderob  of  Balloch,  i. 
Off  reid  mantillis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Balloch  i. 

Off  blak  mantillis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Finlarg  iiii. 

Quhairof  1  caddo. 

Off  blak  caddois  in  the  Ladeis  garderob  of  Finlarg  ii. 

Off  caddois  in  the  Ladeis  garderob  kist  of  Finlarg  vii. 

Off  Scottis  quhyte  caddois  thair  in  the  garderob  of  Finlarg  i. 

Off  Ireland  quhyte  caddois  in  the  Ladeis  garderob  of  Finlarg  i. 

Item  in  the  Ladeis  garderob  of  Balloch  of  quhyte  Ireland  caddois,      i. 
Off  hewit  caddois  in  the  Ladeis  garderob  of  Balloch  i. 

Off  quhyte  plaidis  in  the  lang  kist  that  standis  on  the  north  syde  of 

the  galarie  of  Balloch  i. 

Item  in  the  said  kist  of  quhyte  scouringis 

Item  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Balloch  of  quhyte  plaidis  i. 

Off  quhyte  plaidis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Finlarg  i. 

Off  quhyte  plaidis  in  the  Ladeis  kist  of  the  garderob  of  Finlarg        iii. 
Off  scourings  in  the  Ladeis  garderob  kist  of  Finlarg  iii. 

Item  mair  of  quhyte  plaidis  in  the  Ladeis  garderob  of  Finlarg         ii. 
Off  codwairis  in  the  litill  kist  on  the  north  syde  of  the  galarie  of 

Balloch  xv. 

Item  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Balloch  gevin  to  Magie  Petir  of 

codwaris  x. 

Off  codwaris  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Finlarg  vii. 

Item  mair  maid  be  the  Lady  the  last  of  Februar  anno  Ixxxxviiii  of 

lynning  codwaris  in  hir  garderob  of  Finlarg  markit  blew  iiii. 

Off  courtingis  ane  stand  of  blew  sey,  bordourit  with  yallow  satine 

Inventories. — 1 598. 

containing  four  peces  with  rufe  and  pand  round  about  the  bed,  in 

the  lang  kist  on  the  north  syde  of  the  galarie  of  Balloch  i  stand. 
Off  reid  plading  courtingis  for  the  foirsyde  of  ane  bed  and  feit,  with 

rufe  and  pandis  for  the  bedsyde  and  feit  i  stand. 

Item  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Balloch  of  reid  plading  courtingis 

conteining  thre  pece  with  rufe  and  pandis  i  stand. 

Item  in  the  said  garderob  of  blak  worset  courtingis  contening  tua 

peces  with  rufe  and  pand  i  stand. 

Off  grene  courtingis  in  the  said  garderob  contening  tua  peces  with 

rufe  and  pand  i  stand. 

Off  grene  plading  courtingis  in  the  said  garderob  contening  thre 

peces  with  rufe  and  pand  i  stand. 

Off  courtingis  of  grene  sey  hi  the  said  garderob  contening  thre  peces 

with  rufe  and  pandis  i  stand. 

Off  courtingis  of  champit  reid  sey,  contening  four  peces  round  about 

the  bed,  with  rufe  and  pandis  in  the  said  garderob  i  stand. 

Off  lyning  courtingis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Balloch  sewit  with 

blak  silk  i  pair. 

Item  ane  pece  of  reid  sey  hingand  in  the  nureis  chalmer  i  pece. 

Off  reasoure'  courtingis  in  Finlarg  in  the  houshald  garderob  thairof 

contening  thre  peces  with  the  pandis  without  rufe  i  stand. 

Off  droggat  courtingis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Finlarg,  blew  and 

quhyte,  contening  thre  peces  with  rufe  and  pand  i  stand. 

Off  grene  plading  courtingis  hi  the  houshald  garderob  of  Finlarg 

contening  vi  peces  with  thair  pandis  ii  stand. 

Off  champit  worset  courtingis  in  the  said  garderob  contening  thre  peces 

with  ane  sewit  pand  round  about  the  bed  i  stand. 



Inventories. — 1598. 

Item  in  the  Ladies  garderob of  Finlarg  of  purpour  pladingcourtingis,pas- 

mentit  with  orange,  contening  thre  peces  with  rufe  and  pandis,  i  stand. 
Off  canabeis  of  grene  plading,  pasmentit  with  quhyte  knittingis,  in  the 

houshald  garderob  of  Balloch  i. 

Item  in  Balloch  houshald  garderob  thairof  quhyte  lynning  canabeis,  i. 
Item  of  auld  grerie  canabeis  in  the  garderob  of  Finlarg 
Item  of  grene  canabeis,  pasmentit  with  orange,  in  the  Ladies  garderob 

of  Finlarg  i. 

Item  maid  be  the  Ladie  anno  Ixxxxviii  of  blew  canabeis  pasmentit 

with  orange  i. 

Item  of  lynning  scheittis  in  the  litill  kist  on  the  north  syde  of  the 

galarie  of  Balloch  xii  pair. 

Item  of  lynning  scheittis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Balloch  to  Magie 

Petir  vi  pair. 

Item  of  hardin  scheittis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Balloch  ii  pair. 
Item  mair  of  new  tuedling  scheittis  receauit  fra  Magie  Lownan,  ii  pair. 
Item  tane  out  of  the  kist  on  the  north  syde  of  the  garderob  of  Balloch 

the  xxix  of  Januar  1598  be  the  Ladie  and  deliuerit  to  Magie  Petir 

of  hardin  scheittis  iii  pair. 

Item  tane  out  of  the  said  kist  the  said  clay  and  deliuerit  to  the  said 

Magie  of  lynning  scheittis  ii  pair. 

[Quhairof  ane  pair  send  with  Archibald  the  Lardis  sone  to  Perth, 

being  at  the  scholis,  and  ane  uther  pair  of  the  same  brokin  to  be 

weikis  in  Januar  1600. 
Memorandum  brokin  in   Balloch   in  Januar   1600   to   be  weikis   of 

small  tuedling  scheittis  i  pair.] 

Inventories. — 1598. 


[Restis  of  lymring  scheittis  in  Balloch  in  the  houshald  garderob  in 

Januar  1600  vi  pair. 

Restis  of  hardin  scheittis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Balloch  in 

Januar  1600  vi  pair.] 

Off  lynning  scheittis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Finlarg  to  Magic 

Petir  x  pair. 

Off  hardin  scheittis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Finlarg,      xxiiii  pair. 

Quhairof  ane  pair  brokin  to  be  candill  weikis. 
Item  mair  maid  be  the  Ladie  the  last  of  Februar  1598  in  Finlarg  in 

hir  garderob  thairof,  markit  blew  scheittis  iiii  pair. 

Deliuerit  to  Magie  Petir  the  same  four  pair. 
Item  deliuerit  be  the  Ladie  to  Magie  Petir  quhilk  wes  maid  in  Finlarg 

anno  Ixxxxviii0  of  new  lynning  schettis  uiarkit  blew  iiii  pair. 

Memorandum,  deliuerit  to  Agnes  Colquhoun  and  brokin  in  Finlarg  the 

xxvii  of  Marche  1598,  of  lynning  scheittis  ii  pair. 

Restis  in  Finlarg  of  lynning  scheittis  xii  pair. 

[Memorandum,  broken  in  Balloch  of  Finlargis  compt  to  be  Weikis  the 

xxiiii  of  Januar  1598  and  1599  of  hardin  scheittis  iiii  pair. 

Mair  brokin  gevin  to  the  nureis  of  hardin  scheittis  ii  pair. 

Restis  in  Finlarg  of  hardin  scheittis  xxii  pair. 

Off  new  treidling  scheittis  maid  be  the  Laidy  in  Finlarg  the  viii  of 

Agust  1600  in  hir  garderob  thairof  iii  pair.] 

Off  darnewerk  burde  claithis  in  the  litill  kist  on  the  north  syde  of  the 

galarie  of  Balloch  v. 

Off  darnewerk  seruiettis  in  the  said  kist  ii  do.  i. 

Off  darnewerk  towellis  in  the  said  kist  iii. 



Inventories. — 1 598. 

Off  lynning  burdeclaithis  in  the  said  kist  xii. 

Off  lynning  burdeclaithis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Balloch  vii. 
Off  hardin  burdeclaithis  in  the  litill  kist  of  the  galarie  of  Balloch  i. 
Item  in  the  greit  kist  of  the  galarie  garderob  of  Balloch  of  hardin 

burdeclaithis  iiii. 

Off  hardin  burdeclaithis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Balloch  vi. 

[Memorandum,  brokin  in  Balloch  to  be  weikis,  annis  Ixxxxix  and  1600, 

of  lynning  burdeclaithis  ii. 

Restis  in  Balloch  of  lynning  burdeclaithis  v. 

Memorandum,  brokin  in  Balloch  to  be  weikis  of  hardin  burdeclaithis  in 

Marche  Ixxxxix0  i. 

Restis  of  hardin  burdeclaithis  in  Balloch  v.] 

Off  lynning  burdeclaithis  in  the  Ladeis  garderob  of  Finlarg  ii. 

Off  lynning  burdeclaithis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Finlarg  viii. 
Off  hardin  burdeclaithis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Finlarg  iiii. 

Item  maid  be  the  Ladie  the  last  of  Februar  Ixxxxviii  of  new  lynning 

burdeclaithis  in  hir  garderob  of  Finlarg,  markit  with  blew  silk  iii. 
[Item  of  new  lynning  burdeclaithis  maid  in  Finlarg  the  viii  of  August 

1600  be  the  Laidie  in  hir  awin  garderob  thairof  viii. 

Item  mair  of  lynning  burdeclaithis  maid  be  the  Lady  the  said  day  and 

yeir,  quhilk  the  Larde  hes  tane  to  Balloch  with  him  and  ar  in  his 

awin  garderob,  of  new  burdeclaithis  ii.] 

Off  lynning  seruiettis  in  the  litill  kist  in  the  galarie  of  Balloch  on  the 

north  syde  thairof  v  dosand. 

Off  lynning  seruiettis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Balloch          xxxiiii. 

Off  hardin  seruiettis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Balloch  xxxii. 

Inventories. — 1598. 


Memorandum,  brokiu  in  Balloch  the  haill  lynning  seruiettis  foirsaidis 

to  be  weikis. 

Memorandum,  brokiu  in  Balloch  of  hardin  seruiettis  xx. 

Sua  restis  of  hardin  seruiettis  in  Balloch  xii. 

Off  lynning  seruiettis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Finlarg       ii  do.  xi. 
Item  in  the  Ladeis  garderob  of  Finlarg  xi  lynning  seruiettis. 

Off  hardin  seruiettis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Finlarg  xxxii. 

Item  mair  maid  be  the  Ladie  of  new  lynning  seruiettis  in  hir  garderob 

of  Finlarg  the  last  of  Februar  Ixxxxviii,  markit  with  blew  silk,  iii  do. 
Item  mair  maid  be  the  Ladie  the  tyme  foirsaid  of  hardin  seruiettis  in 

the  garderob  of  Finlarg,  markit  blew  ii  do. 

Memorandum,  brokin  of  the  lynning  seruiettis  of  Finlarg  ii. 

Item  mair  receauit  fra  the  Ladie  be  Magie  Petir  of  new  lynning 

seruiettis  in  September  anno  Ixxxxix0  xxiii. 

Restis    of   lynning    seruiettis    in    the   houshald  garderob   of    Fin 
larg,  iiii  do.  viii. 
Item  receauit  fra  the  Ladie  in  September  anno  Ixxxxix0  be  Magie  Petir 

of  hardin  seruiettis  i  dosand. 

Restis  of  hardin  seruiettis  in  Magie  Petiris  handis  in  the  houshald 

garderob  of  Finlarg  iii  do.  viii. 

[Item  maid  be  the  Ladie  in  Finlarg  of  lynning  seruiettis   the  viii 

of  August  1600,  quhilk  the  Larde  tuik  to  Balloch  to  his  awin 

garderob  i  dosand. 

Item  mair  of  hardin  seruiettis  maid  the  said  day  in  Finlarg  in  the 

Ladeis  garderob  thairof  iii  do. 

Item  mair  of  lynning  seruiettis  in  Balloch  maid  anno  1600,    i  dosand. 

Quhilkis  ar  gevin  to  Magie  Quhyte  the  first  of  Januar  1601.] 


Inventories. — 1598. 

Off  lynning  towellis  in  the  litill  kist  standand  on  the  north  syde  of 

the  galarie  of  Balloch  xii. 

Off  lynning  towellis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Balloch  i. 

Quhilk  is  brokin. 
Off  hardin  towellis  in  the  houshald  gardrob  of  Balloch  iii. 

Quhairof  i  brokin. 
[Mair  deliuerit  to  Magie  Petir  be  the  Ladie  in  Januar  1599  of  lynning 

towellis  ii. 

Mair  the  same  tyme  to  hir  out  of  the  kist  on  the  north  syde  of  the 

galarie  of  hardin  towellis  ii.] 

Off  lynning  towellis  in  the  Ladeis  garderob  of  Finlarg  iii. 

Off  lynning  towellis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Finlarg  v. 

Quhairof  i  brokin. 
Off  hardin  towellis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Finlarg  viii. 

Quhairof  iiii  brokin. 
Mair  in  the  Ladeis  garderob  of  Finlarg  maid  of  new  lynning  in  Februar 

1598  markit  with  blew  silk  v. 

Item  mair  gevin  to  Magie  Petir  be  the  Ladie  out  of  hir  garderob  of 

lynning  towellis  iiii. 

[Item  of  new  towellis  maid  be  the  Ladie  in  Finlarg  the  viii  of  August 

1600  in  hir  garderob  thairof  i. 

Item  mair  of  new  towellis  maid  be  the  Ladie  the  said  tyme,  quhilk  the 

Larde  tuik  to  Balloch  to  his  awin  garderob,  of  new  towellis  lynning,  ii. 
Off  hardin  tueillit  towallis  new  maid  the  said  day  in  the  Ladeis  gardrob 

of  Finlarg  vi 

Item  mair  maid  anno  1600  of  towallis  lynning  in  Balloch  ii. 

Gevin  to  Magie  i  Januar  1601.] 

Inventories. — 1598. 


Off  sewit  cuscheonis  in  the  quhyt  kist  standand  in  the  galarie  of 
Balloch  on  the  south  syde  thairof  v. 

Item  in  the  kist  in  the  galarie  of  Balloch  on  the  north  syde  of  sewit 
cuscheonis  with  the  Larde  and  Ladeis  armes  ii. 

Item  in  the  same  kist  of  cuscheonis  sewit  with  erishe  werk  iii. 

Off  cuscheonis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Balloch  v. 

Off  cuscheonis  in  the  hall  of  Balloch  in  the  porteris  handis  ii. 

Off  cuscheonis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Finlarg  v. 

Off  new  cuscheonis  wowin  reid  and  orange  in  the  Ladeis  garderob  of 
Finlarg  iii. 

Off  grene  counter  claithis  of  Frenche  stennyng  in  the  hall  of  Balloch,  ii. 
Off  counter  claithis  for  the  said  burde  in  the  porteris  handis  of  Balloch,  i. 
Off  counter  claithis  in  Finlarg  ii. 

Off  chalmer  grene  counter  claithis  in  the  kist  of  the  galarie  of  Balloch 

on  the  north  syde  iiii. 

Item  mair  Patrik  M'Awyre  hes  of  counter  claithis  for  chalmeris  in 

Balloch  ii. 

Off  chalmer  counter  claithis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Balloch       vi. 

Quhairof  ane  blak  and  the  uther  reid. 
Off  auld  counter  claithis  in  Finlarg  for  chalmeris  vii. 

Off  buffet  stuillis  red  and  yellow  browderit  with  satine  in  the  galarie 
of  Balloch  ii. 

Off  Flanderis  stuillis  for  ease  thair  with  ane  pan  i. 

Off  wemenis  sadillis  thair  with  ane  fute  brode  i. 

Item  ane  coffer  couerit  with  leddir  and  v  flaconis  of  tin  contenit  thairin 


Inventories. — 1598. 

Item  ane  uther  coffer  couerit  with  ane  seiche  skin  in  Balloch  contening 

ix  flaconis  of  glass. 
Item  in  the  cominone  garderob  of  Balloch  ane  soum  with  ane  soum 

Item  mair  thair  ane  bodome  of  ane  bed  maid  of  skenzie  girthis. 

Off  chandillaris  in  the  galarie  garderob  of  Balloch,  vi,  quhairof  ii  greit 
chandillaris ;  off  chandellaris  in  Balloch  that  Patrik  M'Awyre  hes,  x  ; 
off  chandillaris  in  Finlarg,  vi ;  mair  in  Finlarg  that  come  out  of 
Glenurquhay,  ii ;  off  chandillaris  in  Glenurquhay,  iiii. 

Off  new  pannis  in  the  galarie  garderob  of  Balloch,  ii ;  mair  thair  of 
new  pannis,  ii ;  off  new  pannis  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Fin 
larg,  i. 

Off  watter  pottis  in  Balloch,  vii ;  off  watter  pottis  in  Finlarg,  iii. 

Off  basingis  in  Balloch,  ;  off  laweris  thair,  ;  off  basingis  in 
Finlarg,  ;  off  basingis  in  Finlarg  in  the  Ladeis  garderob,  i,  with 
ane  lawer ;  off  basingis  in  Gleuurquhay,  i. 

Off  tin  quart  flaconis  in  the  garderob  of  Balloch  and  Finlarg,  iiii ; 
off  tin  pynt  flaconis  quhilkis  Agnes  Colquhoun  hes,  iii ;  off  auld  tin 
flaconis  in  the  wyne  sellar  of  Balloch,  i ;  item  ane  tin  quart  flaconn 
in  the  kitscheing  of  Balloch  for  vinagir,  i. 

Off  counterfute  plaittis  in  the  galarie  garderob  of  Balloch,  iiii  dosane  ; 
off  midling  plaittis  thair,  ii  do.  vi ;  off  greit  plaittis  thair,  xiii ;  mair 
of  midling  plaittis  thair,  xi ;  mair  of  greit  plaittis  thair,  xi ;  item 

Inventories. — 1598. 

mair  in  the  galarie  garderob  of  Balloch,  that  Colone  coft  anno 
Ixxxxvii,  of  midling  plaittis,  vi  ;  and  of  greit  plaittis  thair  coft  be 
him,  vi ;  item  in  the  houshald  garderob  of  Finlarg  of  plaittis,  i. 
off  transcheouris  in  the  galarie  garderob  of  Balloch,  v  do.  vii ;  item 
mair  of  new  transcheouris  thair,  x  ;  item  mair  of  new  transcheouris 
coft  be  Colene  anno  Ixxxxvii,  i  do. ;  off  salsaris  in  the  galarie 
garderob  of  Balloch,  v  ;  off  plaittis  in  the  wyne  sellar  of  Balloch,  ; 
off  plaittis  in  the  kitscheing  of  Balloch,  ;  off  transcheouris  in  the 
kitscheing  of  Balloch,  ;  off  salsaris  thair,  ;  off  plaittis  in  the 
kitscheing  of  Finlarg,  ii  dosane  v  ;  off  transcheouris  in  the  kitscheing 
of  Finlarg,  xi ;  off  salsaris  in  the  kitscheing  of  Finlarg,  i ;  off  salsaris 
in  the  Ladeis  galarie  of  Finlarg,  vi ;  off  trene  plaittis  in  Finlarg  in 
the  kitscheing,  xxii ;  off  tin  plaittis  in  Auchalladour,  xviii ;  off 
transcheouris  thair,  viii ;  off  salsaris  thair,  ii ;  off  pannis  thair,  iii  ; 
off  pottis  thair,  ii ;  off  raxis  thair,  i  pair  ;  off  speittis  thair,  ii ;  off 

trene  plaittis  in  Auchalladour,  xxx  ;  item  of  Inglis  plaittis  in  the 


Castell  of  Glenurquhay,  ii  dosane  ;  mair  of  new  transcheouris 
thair,  i  do ;  item  tua  stampis  for  veschell  quhilkis  ar  in  the  garderob 
of  Finlarg,  ii  stampis. 

Off  pannis  in  the  kitscheing  of  Balloch,  ;  off  pannis  in  the  kitscheing 
of  Finlarg,  iii ;  off  pottis  in  the  kitscheing  of  Balloch,  ;  off  pottis 
in  the  kitscheing  of  Finlarg,  vii,  quhairof  brasin  pottis,  ii  ;  off 
speittis  in  the  kitscheing  of  Balloch,  iiii ;  off  speittis  in  Finlarg,  ii ; 
off  ladillis  in  Balloch,  ii ;  off  ladillis  in  Finlarg,  ii ;  off  pistellis  and 
mortaris  in  Balloch,  i ;  off  pistellis  and  mortaris  in  Finlarg,  i ;  off 
choferis  in  the  kitscheing  of  Balloch,  i ;  off  raxis  in  the  kitscheing  of 



Inventories. — 1598. 

Balloch,  ii  pair ;  off  raxis  in  Finlarg  the  kitscheing  thairof,  i  pair ; 
off  raxis  in  the  wyne  sellar  of  Balloch,  i  pair  ;  off  pot  bowlis  in  the 
kitscheing  of  Balloch,  ii  pair ;  off  guiss  pannis  in  the  kitscheing  of 
Balloch,  i ;  off  guiss  pannis  in  the  kitscheing  of  Finlarg,  i ;  off  beif 
caldronis  in  the  kitscheing  of  Balloch,  ii ;  off  beif  caldronis  in  the 
kitscheing  of  Finlarg,  i ;  off  irne  branderis  in  the  kitscheing  of  Bal 
loch,  i ;  off  irne  bullettis  thair  for  mustard,  i ;  off  tayngis  in  the 
kitscheing  of  Balloch,  i ;  off  tayngis  in  the  kitscheing  of  Finlarg,  i ; 
off  axis  in  the  kitscheing  of  Balloch,  i ;  off  axis  in  the  kitscheing  of 
Finlarg,  ii ;  off  dressing  knyffis  in  the  kitscheing  of  Balloch  ; 
off  dressing  knyffis  in  the  kitscheing  of  Finlarg,  i ;  off  watter  tubbis 
in  the  kitscheing  of  Balloch,  i ;  off  watter  tubbis  in  the  kitscheing  of 
Finlarg,  i ;  off  irne  cruikis  in  the  kitscheing  of  Balloch,  iii ;  off  irne 
cruikis  in  the  kitscheing  of  Finlarg,  ii ;  off  irne  cruikis  in  the  Castell 
of  Gleuurquhay,  i ;  off  caldronis  in  the  woman  hous  of  Balloch,  i ; 
off  caldronis  in  the  woman  hous  of  Finlarg,  quhilk  come  fra  Eob 
Reoch,  i ;  off  brewing  caldronis  in  the  girnell  hous  of  Balloch,  i ; 
off  hosting  kistis  in  the  kitscheing  of  Balloch,  i ;  off  barrowis  in  the 
kitscheing  of  Balloch,  i;  off  barrowis  in  the  kitscheing  of  Finlarg,  i; 
off  tin  pynt  stopis  in  the  pantrie  of  Balloch,  ii ;  off  tin  chopin  stopis 
in  Balloch,  i ;  off  tin  quart  stopis  in  the  pantrie  of  Balloch  ; 
off  tin  quart  stopis  in  the  pantrie  of  Finlarg,  ii  ;  off  tin  Flanderis 
quart  stopis  in  the  Ladeis  garderob  of  Finlarg,  ii. 


Off  greit  flesche  fattis  in  the  laidnar  of  Balloch,  iiii  ;  off  fische  standis 
thair,  vii,  quhairof  ane  braid  fische  fat ;  off  tubbis  thair,  vii. 

Inventories. — 1 598. 


Off  tubbis  thair,  vii ;  off  botis  thair,  ii ;  off  skeppis  thair,  iiii ;  off 
burde  liddis  for  flesche  fattis,  iiii ;  off  small  burde  liddis,  iii ;  off 
laidner  towis,  i ;  off  mustard  coigis,  i ;  off  burdis,  iiii ;  off  axis,  i. 

Laidnar  Veschell  of  Finlarg. 

Off  braid  flesche  fattis,  i ;  off  beif  standis,  ii ;  mair  fra  Agnes  out  of 
the  wyne  sellar  of  flesche  standis,  i ;  off  braid  fische  fattis,  iii ;  off 
standis  of  balcone,  i ;  off  fische  standis,  vi  ;  off  boytis  for  panschis,  i ; 
off  tubbis,  iii ;  off  skeppis,  v  ;  off  boytis  for  beir,  i ;  off  flesche  standis 
in  the  houshald  aill  sellar,  ii ;  off  standis  in  the  malt  loft,  i ;  off 
flesche  fattis  in  the  sellar  of  the  cloiss  of  Glenurquhay,  iii ;  off 
hering  fattis  thair,  ii. 

Wyne  sellar  of  Finlarg. 

Off  floure  boytis,  iii ;  off  aquavitie  roubouris  thair,  vii  ;  off  gemlettis,  i ; 
off  scontaris,  ii ;  off  tummellis,  i ;  off  drinking  glasses  in  the  garderob 
of  Finlarg,  iiii ;  off  new  roubouris  for  wyne,  ii ;  off  wyne  punsche- 
ounis,  ii ;  off  kinking  robouris  for  vinagir,  i ;  off  quart  tin  flaconis,  ii ; 
off  pynt  tin  flaconis,  ii ;  item  floure  boytis  with  floure  that  come  out 
of  Menteith,  iu. 

Wyne  sellar  of  Balloch. 

Off  gemlettis,  i ;  off  scuttallis,  i ;  off  tummellis,  i ;  off  fyre  pannis,  i ; 
off  caldroun  bowis,  i ;  off  auld  pannis  with  ane  schaft,  i ;  off  auld 
bascattis,  i. 



Inventories. — 1 599. 

Pantrie  of  Finlarg. 

Item  resauit  be  George  Mitchell  stewart  of  siluer  spvnis,  xv;  off 
siluer  saltfattis,  i ;  off  coppis  with  siluer  about  the  mouth,  iiii ;  off 
coppis  with  siluer  fute,  i ;  off  bickaris,  iiii ;  off  Flanderis  quart 
stopis,  i ;  off  tin  quart  stopis,  i ;  off  trene  quart  stopis,  xiiii. 

Pantrie  of  Balloch.— 1599. 

Off  quhyte  coppis  with  siluer  feit,  ii ;  off  litill  blak  coppis  with  siluer 
mouths,  ii ;  mair  of  blak  coppis  with  siluer  mouthis,  ii ;  mair  ane 
greit  blak  cop  with  siluer  about  the  mouth,  i ;  off  siluer  spunis, 
xxi,  betuix  Balloch  and  Finlarg  ;  of  tin  quart  stoppis,  ii,  quhairof 
ane  Flanderis  tin  ;  off  trene  stopis,  xi ;  off  siluer  saltfattis,  i ;  off  ! 
bickaris,  iiii. 

Brewhous  of  Finlarg. 

Off  maskin  fattis,  i ;  off  leidis,  i  ;  off  gyle  fattis,  ii ;  off  wort  standis, 
iii ;  off  barrellis,  xiii,  quhairof  send  to  Glenurquhay,  iii,  and  Agnes 
Colquhoun  hes  ane  in  the  cheis  loft  for  butter  ;  off  tubbis,  iiii ;  off 
robouris,  iiii ;  off  litill  boytis  for  barme,  i ;  off  laid  gallonis,  ii ;  off 
wort  dischis,  i ;  off  coueris  to  the  maskin  fat,  i ;  off  baking  burdis,  i ; 
off  baiking  trochis,  i ;  off  kittie  theif,  i ;  off  scraping  irnis,  i ;  off 
seckis,  v,  quhairof  ane  brokin  to  mend  the  rest. 

Brewhous  of  Balloch. 

Off  maskin  fattis,  i ;  off  leidis,  i ;  off  gyle  fattis,  iiii ;  of  wort  standis, 
iiii ;  off  barrellis,  x  ;  off  tubbis,  vi ;  off  roubouris,  ii ;  off  boytis  for 
barme,  i ;  off  laid  gallonis,  ii ;  off  wort  dischis,  i ;  off  coueris  to  the 

Inventories. — 1600. 


maskin  fat,  i ;  off  baiking  burdis,  i ;  off  baiking  trochis,  i ;  off  kittie 
theiffis,  i ;  off  scraping  irnis,  i ;  off  seckis,  ;  off  leddran  bossis,  i  ; 
off  tua  mowit  budyeallis,  i ;  off  girdillis,  i ;  off  greit  punscheonis  for 
aill,  iiii. 

Woman  hous  of  Finlarg. 

Off  tubbis,  vi ;  mair  of  new  tubbis,  ii ;  off  new  spynning  quheillis,  ii ; 
off  auld  spynnyng  quheillis,  ii ;  off  irne  spynnilKs,  ii ;  off  wescheing 
kettillis,  i ;  mair  of  auld  greit  kettillis,  i ;  off  warping  fattLs,  i ;  off 
botis  for  candill,  i ;  off  laid  gallonis.  i  ;  off  auld  stok  cardis,  i  ;  off 
new  stok  cardis,  i ;  off  cardis,  ii  pair. 

Woman  hous  of  Balloch. 

Off  spynning  quheillis,  ii ;  off  quheill  spynnillis  in  Finlarg  and 
Balloch,  ii ;  off  woll  kamis  in  Balloch,  ii ;  off  hechillis  in  Balloch,  i ; 
off  auld  cardis  in  Balloch  and  Finlarg,  iiii  pair  ;  [off  new  cardis  bocht 
anno  1600,  ii  pair  ;]  off  wescheing  tubbis,  vii ;  off  laid  gallonis,  ; 
off  auld  kettillis,  i ;  off  candill  fattis,  ii ;  off  brasin  pannis,  i ;  off 
feddir  standis,  i ;  off  auld  candill  kistis,  i ;  ane  syde  of  ane  bed ; 
ane  lang  skelf  burde. 


COMPT  of  the  graith  quhilk  Patrik  M'Awyre,  porter  of  Balloch,  hes 
within  the  platt  thairof,  maid  at  Balloch  the  xi  day  of  Februar  1600. 

Off  brasin  peces,  ii,  quhairof  ane  hes  quheillis  and  graith ;  off  cut- 
throttis  gunis,  i ;  item  ane  small  irne  pece  callit  ane  hagbute  of 


Inventories. — 1600. 

Crok,  i ;  item  foure  chalmeris  of  greit  gunnis,  iiii  chalmeris ;  item 
ane  schoirt  gwn  of  brass  quhilk  is  in  the  wyne  sellar ;  off  doubill 
muscattis  in  the  hall  with  linit  werk,  vii ;  item  at  the  yet  of  Balloch 
ane  hagbute  with  snap  werk,  i ;  item  in  the  lach  chalmer  of  Ballach 
of  half  haggis,  i;  item  [in]  the  Lardis  chalmer  of  muscattis  indenttit 
with  bane  of  linit  werk,  i ;  item  mair  thair  of  muscattis  that  come 
fra  my  Lorde  Sinclair  indentit  with  bane,  i ;  item  mair  of  muscattis 
that  come  fra  the  Erie  of  Menteith,  i ;  item  that  come  out  of  Dundie 
ane  lang  pece  with  snap  werk,  i ;  off  tua  gwn  wagis  of  irne,  ii ;  item 
uther  twa  wages  for  the  greit  gwnnis  of  brass  (the  Erll  Orknay  gat 
tham  with  the  gwn)  ;  item  of  hammers,  ii ;  off  stane  calmes,  ii  pair  ; 
off  irne  calmes,  ii  pair ;  off  calmes  that  come  with  the  brasin  pece  out 
of  Kavinsheuch,  i  pair ;  item  the  mesouris  of  the  muscattis  that  ar  in 
the  hall  of  Balloch  ar  in  the  galarie  thairof;  item  Patrik  M'Awyre 
hes  the  screwis  and  tua  pair  calmis  that  serais  for  the  muscattis  in 
the  hall ;  item  he  hes  the  haill  screwis  calmis  and  mesouris  for  the 
muscattis  that  ar  in  the  Lardis  chalmer ;  item  ane  heading  ax ; 
item  mair  he  hes  ane  brasin  pistolet  with  rowet  werk ;  item  mair  in 
the  Lardis  awin  chalmer  of  lang  hagbuittis,  i;  item  mair  tua  chissellis 
with  ane  borrell ;  item  he  hes  the  keyis  of  the  haill  muscattis ;  item 
he  hes  ane  pair  of  tabillis  of  brissell,  indentit  with  brissall,  with 
xxvii  men  of  bane  and  thre  of  tymmer  ;  item  ane  commone  chacker ; 
item  ane  rynning  speir ;  item  ane  wasp  speir ;  item  tua  spoutis  of 
quhyte  irne  to  charge  the  greit  peces  ;  off  bullettis  of  irne,  ix ;  off 
bullettis  of  leid,  viii ;  off  bullettis  for  muscattis,  xvii ;  item  ane 
linit  staff ;  off  candill  scheris,  i  pair  ;  item  mair  in  the  lardis  chal 
mer,  i  lang  tua  handit  suorde;  item  thair  that  come  out  of  Menteith 

Inventories. — 1600. 


of  tua  handit  suordis,  i ;  item  of  hingand  lokis  at  the  yet  and 
presone  dur  (the  Larde  tuik  ane  thairof,)  iii ;  item  of  chandillaris 
of  brass,  viii ;  restis  on  Johne  Andersone  of  chandillaris,  ii ;  off 
tayngiss,  iiii ;  mair  in  the  Lardis  chalmer  ane  lang  hagbute  that  wes 
maid  in  Dundie,  gilt  with  the  Lardis  armis,  i ;  mair  ane  steill  bonet 
of  prufe,  i ;  item  mair  ane  papir  doublet ;  [quhilk  graith  respectiue 
foirsaid  is  deliuerit  be  Patrik  M'Awyre  to  Finlay  Hoy  M'Finlay 
V'Instalker  the  viii  of  Junii  1601] ;  mair  of  Hew  Hayis  chandil 
laris,  iii ;  item  mair  ane  irne  horse  lok  ;  mair  ane  irne  pik ;  and 
M'lllevallich  hes  tua  and  ane  mattok  ;  Item  mair  he  hes  the  graith 
of  my  Lorde  Sinclair's  gwn,  viz. : — twa  bandis  with  four  lang  irne 
naillis,  xii  bullettis,  and  the  calmis  of  the  same  gwn. 

Mair  in  the  Lardis  chalmer  quhilk  wes  tane  fra  Patrik  Dow,       i  gwn. 

COMPT  of  gunnis  quhilk  the  Larde  hes  in  his  awn  handis. 

Item  that  the  Larde  hes  in  his  awin  hands  of  gilt  peces  with  the 
Lardis  armes  that  come  out  of  Dundie  stockit  with  brissell,  i ;  item 
ane  uther  schoirt  quhyte  pece  that  come  out  of  Dundie  with  the 
Lardis  armis  thairon,  i ;  item  ane  uther  hagbute  that  come  out  of 
Menteith,  i ;  item  of  hagbuittis  with  ane  raisit  mouth,  i ;  item  Dun- 
cane  Dow  M'lllevallich  hes  of  hagbuittis,  i ;  item  Donald  Dow 
M'lllegerif  hes  of  hagbuittis,  i ;  item  Ewin  M'lllechonile  in  Auch- 
ainchalden  hes  of  lang  hagbuittis,  ii. 


Inventories. — 1603. 

Off  woll  of  the  westend  of  Lochtay,  clippit  anno  1603,  vi  stanis, 
conteining  ....  fleisses  ;  off  the  quhilk  gevin  out  to  be  the 
Larde  claithis,  i  stane,  contening  x  elnis  half ;  off  the  quhilk  alsua 
gevin  out  send  to  Perth  to  lit  half  stane,  to  be  claithis  to  the  Larde 
and  barnis. 

The  Portar  of  Finlargis  compt  of  his  intromissioun  within  the  same. 

.    .    Ane  schoirt  pece  quhilk  come  out  of  Dundie,  i ;  quhilk  the  Larde 
gaif  to  the  young  Larde  his  sone. 

Off  brasin  pistolettis,  i ;  off  small  pistolettis  pertening  to  the  Larde,  ii, 
with  thair  caises. 

Off  Jedburght  stanis  in  the  hall,  viii ;  off  Lochabir  axis,  ii. 

Off  gilt  harnes  quhilk  wes  gottin  fra  the  Priour  of  Charterhous,  i  stand, 
contening  xii  peces  ;  ane  Bibill. 

Off  glaslawis  chanyeit  with  four  schaikhillis,  iiii ;  off  greit  irne  fettris 
for  menis  feit,  ii  pair  ;  off  irne  fetteris  for  menis  handis,  iii  ;  off  lang 
chenyeis  in  the  presoun  heich  and  lach  with  thair  schakhillis,  iiii ; 
off  pryme  naillis,  ii ;  off  auld  schelvis  of  steilbonettis,  v ;  off  greit 
irne  gavillokis,  iii ;  off  crawis  of  irne,  ii. 

Inventories. — 1604. 


Off  irne  wedgis 



Off  woll  of  the  bray  of  Balloch  and  Drumturk  clippit  anno  1603, 
vi  stanis,  contening  viii"  vi  fleisses. 



Off  wolf  skynnis 


Item  in  the  cross  chalmer  of  grene  canabeis  with  quhyte  pasmentis,  i ; 
item  in  the  lach  chalmer  of  auld  reid  sey  courtingis  with  rufe  and 
pand,  contening  iii  pece,  i  stand ;  item  in  the  Lardis  chalmer  of 
grene  sey  courtiugis  with  pand  and  rufe,  contening  thre  peces,  i  stand  ; 
item  thair  of  grene  canabeis  with  orange  pasmentis,  i ;  item  in  the 
heich  chalmer  in  the  west  toure  of  grene  plading  courtingis  with 
pand  and  rufe  tua  pece,  i  stand  ;  item  in  my  Lorde  of  Lornis  chalmer 
of  chapell  toeddis,  i,  contening  iiii  pece ;  item  in  Duntronis  chalmer 
of  reid  courtingis  with  pand  and  rufe,  contening  tua  peces,  i  stand. 

Graith  in  the  litill  small  kist  quhairin  the  auld  Ladeis  small 

claithis  ar. 

Ane  quhyte  satine  gourie  with  bodyis  ;  ane  louse  blak  taphetie  goun  ; 
ane  wylie  coyte  of  gray  stemmyng  begariit  with  veluet,  quhilk  is 


Inventories. — 1 605. 

givin  to  Annas  the  Lardis  dochter ;  ane  quhyte  satine  doublet ; 
ane  doublet  of  blak  figurat  taphetie ;  ane  reid  taphetie  doublet  pas- 
mentit  with  gold  ;  ane  pece  of  auld  blak  freise. 

Portar  of  Finlargis  compt. 

Off  small  hagbuittis  lang  and  schoirt,  xvi ;  quhairof  the  young  Larde 
hes  ane ;  Johne  Campbell  hes  ane  callit  Bailgarrow ;  Paule  M'Clerich 
hes  ane  that  come  out  of  Linlythgow  ;  Charlis  Campbell  hes  ane  of 
the  same  ;  Alex1  M'JDougall,  Karayis  sone,  hes  ane  callit  the  Sorach. 

Off  brodis  quhairin  the  Lardis  picture  is  i. 


Johne  Koye  porteris  compt  of  the  graith  quhilk  he  receauit  at  his 

entrie  in  Balloch. 

Mair  thair  of  muscattis  that  come  fra  the  Larde  of  Burley  indentit 
with  mother  of  perle  with  linit  werk,  ii ;  item  targis  ourgilt  with 
gold  that  come  fra  the  Prioure  of  Charterhous,  i,  quhilk  wes  tane  to 
Finlarg  be  M'Nevin  at  the  Lardis  command ;  item  mair  of  steill 
targis  in  the  hall  of  Balloch,  i  targe. 

Inventories. — 1605 . 


Item  horsmen  standis  of  armour  that  come  out  of  Leith  in  the  chalmer 
of  deiss  of  Balloch,  iii  stand  ;  off  corslettis  with  collaris  and  murrionis 
in  the  chalmer  of  deiss,  v  stand. 

Item  in  the  chalmer  of  deiss  ane  murrioun  of  proofe. 


ANNO  1605. 

Item  clippit  of  wedderis  quhilk  Finlay  Roy  M'Olean  in  Croftinschandell 
hes  in  keping  xxx  wedderis,  inde  xxx  fleisses ;  off  yowis,  vii,  inde  vii 
fleisses  :  extending  to  xxxvii  fleisses,  weyand  i  stane  i  quarter  ii  pund. 

Item  Williame  Pudrach  in  Auclochinltiy  hes  in  keping  xxi  wedderis, 
inde  xxi  fleisses ;  vi  yowis,  that  come  out  of  Glenurquhay  the  Poirt 
thairof  1605,  inde  vi  fleisses ;  and  x  wedderis  that  come  alsua  out  of 
the  poirt  1605,  inde  x  fleisses  :  extending  in  the  haill  to  xxxvii 
fleisses,  weyand  i  stane  ii  quarteris  i  pund. 

Item  James  Pudrach  in  Croscrewie  hes  in  keping  thair  xxi  wedderis 
ane  yow,  inde  xxii  fleisses,  weyand  i  stane  iii  pundis. 

Item  Duncane  M'Ewir  in  the  croft  of  Inuerdoquhart  hes  in  keping 
thair  ix  wedderis,  inde  ix  fleisses,  weyand  i  quarter. 

Summa  of  fleisses  v"  v. 

Inde  in  stanis  iiii  stanis  i  quarter  ii  pund. 


Item  gevin  out  to  Magie  Campbell  to  mak  out  Katherenis  goun  of 
woll  the  xi  of  October  1605  i  quarter. 


Inventories. — 1605. 

Item  gevin  out  to  be  litill  Katherene  ane  goun  of  blak  woll  the  xxviii 
of  October  1605  ii  quarteris  i  pund. 


Bray  of  Balloch— Allaster  M'Thomy. 

Off  milk  yowis  with,  thair  lambis,  iiixx  x ;  off  kebbis  wantand  lambis,  xx ; 
off  yeild  yowis,  xiiii  ;  off  auld  wedderis,  xi ;  off  traikit  skynnis  with 
the  birn,  iiii  yowis. 

Makewin  in  Dramturk. 

Off  wedderis,  lii ;  off  milk  yowis  with  thair  lambis,  v ;  off  kebbis 
wantand  lambis,  x ;  of  yeild  yowis,  x ;  mair  enterit  fra  the  tennentis 
of  gressume  wedderis  1605  be  the  said  M'Ewin,  xvii ;  mair  fra  him 
of  traikit  skynnis  with  the  bim,  iiii. 

Summa  of  fleisses  ixM  vii. 

Inde  in  stanis,  of  quhyte  wool  with  the  leadin  wecht,  viii  stanis  ii  qrs. 

And  mair  of  blak  woll  with  the  leadin  wecht  ii  stanis  i  pund. 


Item  the  thre  of  Junii  1605  given  furth  to  Margaret  Campbell  the 
Lardis  dochter  and  Cristine  Dog  to  mak  the  Lardis  claithis  of 
quhyte  woll  ii  stanis. 

D.  C.  G. 


In  ovir  Chalmer  of  the  Wester  Tour. 

A  chyre ;  a  buffet  stule ;  a  furme ;  a  counter ;  ane  brasine  pistolet 
with  a  caiss ;  tua  cutthrottis  ;  tua  chalmeris  for  great  peces ;  tua  iron 
wages  for  great  peces  ;  xiiii  iron  bullatis  for  cutthrottis. 

Inventories. — 1 605. 


In  the  Studie  in  the  head  of  the  Wester  Tour. 

xxi  paintit  leame  plaittis ;  iii  paintit  salseris  of  learn ;  ix  byess 
boullis  ;  i  paintit  treen  tap  with  a  lid  ;  xiiii  round  treen  trunscheris 
with  a  trein  taiss ;  vi  four  nuikit  trunscheris  of  tren ;  ane  uther 
round  buist  of  tren  with  xi  treen  trunscheris  thairin  ;  a  litill  brasin 
boull ;  ane  three  squairit  glas. 

In  my  Lord  of  Lornes  Chalmer. 
A  buird  ;  a  buffet  stule  ;  a  seller  with  glassis  thairin. 

In  the  Lairdis  Chalmer. 

A  chyre ;  tua  stuillis ;  a  counter ;  a  pellok  bow  ;  tua  handit  swordis  ; 
fyve  gunnis  with  Unit  wark  indentit  with  bane ;  ane  with  Unit  wark 
indentit  with  mother  of  perle ;  tua  hagbuttis  of  rowet  wark ;  tua 
hagbuttis  with  snapwark  indentit  with  bane  ;  ane  lang  hagbut  that 
wes  maid  in  Dundie  with  the  Lairdis  armes  of  snap  wark ;  ane  uther 
auld  hagbut  of  snap  wark  that  wes  gottin  fra  Patrik  Dow  M'Nab ; 
ane  muscat  staff  indentit  with  bane ;  ane  tua  handit  sword  gilt  with 
gold ;  ane  hand  bow ;  a  bandit  kist  with  iron  ;  ane  leame  can  upoun 
the  portell  head  ;  a  pair  of  tayngis. 

In  the  laich  Chalmer. 
A  furme ;  a  counter ;  a  coffer  ;  a  kist ;  a  half  hag  ;  ii  litill  stules. 

In  the  Chalmer  of  Deace. 

A  counter  ;  tua  furmes ;  tua  chyris  ;  a  stule  ;  thrie  stand  of  horsmen 
harnes  with  thrie  plait  glufis  ;  v  corslatis  ;  v  murrionis,  with  thair 
v  colleris  ;  a  murrioun  of  pruif ;  a  steill  targe  of  pruif ;  a  hingand 
bred  chandler  of  brass. 

Inventories. — 1605. 

In  the  Studie  at  the  Kingis  Chalmer  dor. 
A  secreit ;  a  paper  doublat. 

In  the  Hall  of  Balloch. 

i  fute  stule  ;  sex  hagbuttis  with  linit  wark  ;  speirs  iii  dosane  viii ;  a 
potent  speir ;  tua  stalfis  with  headis  of  quhyte  iron  to  charge  brasin 
peces  with ;  ane  uther  ram  stick  to  dicht  the  peces  with ;  four  buirdis ; 
a  chyre  ;  nyne  furmes  ;  tua  cap  buirdis  ;  thrie  tin  basines ;  a  lawer ; 
a  grene  counter  clayth  for  the  hall  buird. 

At  the  Yet. 

Twa  hingand  lokis  upon  the  yet ;  tua  upoun  the  presoun  dor ;  a  hagbut 
at  the  yet ;  ane  eitch ;  a  pair  of  iron  fetteris ;  a  stand ;  a  mekill 
gaylok  and  a  litill  gaylok  ;  a  heland  spead ;  a  lawland  sped ;  a 
matok ;  a  pik ;  xi  chandleris ;  a  bewett  at  the  stair  head  ;  ane 
horse  lok  ;  xii  treen  plaittis  ;  i  heading  axe. 

In  the  Press  in  the  Hall  Stair. 

Tua  pair  of  stane  calmis ;  ii  iron  calmis  for  muscattis  ;  i  pair  of  small 
pistolet  calmis  ;  ane  Turkes  gun  graith  ;  i  iron  chissell ;  ii  keyis  for 
muscattis ;  v  screw  headis  for  muscatis  with  ane  sokket ;  iii  brasin 
mesouris  ;  iii  worms  for  muscatis ;  ane  pair  of  cabells  of  birsell  with 
xxvi  binder  men  ;  four  treen  men. 

In  the  Nureis  Chalmer,  a  furme. 

In  ventories. — 1 609. 

In  Duntrone's  Chalmer. 

A  buird ;  a  furme  ;  a  chyre  ;  a  pair  of  great  gard  fetterris  upoun  the 
eist  tour  stairhead  ;  ane  stok  for  a  brasin  pece  with  iron  clakis  and 

In  the  chalmer  of  the  Eist  tour  head,  a  furme  ;  a  stule. 

In  the  Almrie  thairof  with  lok  and  key. 

A  pair  of  bandis  with  four  lang  naillis  till  a  cairtit  pece  stok ;  a  pair 
of  calmis  for  a  cairtit  pece ;  tuelf  great  bullattis  of  lead ;  ten  peuder 
plaittis  ;  aucht  peuder  trunscheoris ;  ane  bowit  pan. 

In  Gawine's  chalmer,  ane  stule  ;  in  the  Girnelhouse,  tua  brasin  peces ; 
in  the  Wyne  Seller,  ane  pittoner. 


Off  arrow  bagis  with  arrowis  i. 

The  porter  of  Balloch  his  compt  of  the  grayth  he  lies  in  keiping  .  .  . 

Ane  blawing  home  in  the  hall ;  off  laidillis  to  melt  lead,  ii. 

Graith  in  the  litillhouse  betuixt  the  laich  chalmer  and  the  Lairdis 
chalmer,  left  thairin  the  sext  of  Januar  1610. 

Item  of  brasin  dog  chenyeis,  i,  quhairin  thair  is  tua  chenyeis  lang  to 
bind  doggis ;  item  of  lang  chenyeis  to  bind  doggis  at  the  foote  of 
ane  furme  with  ane  lok  thairat,  i  inde  iii. 


Inventories. — 1 640 . 

Inbnuar  of  gnv  left  fcg  &tr  Coline  not  to  tic  tttgpomt  upon. 

BE  it  kend  till  all  men  .  .  .  ws  Sir  Robert  Campbell  of  Glenurquhy 
knycht,  and  Johne  Campbell  fear  thairof,  forsameikle  as  thair  is  ane 
band  past  .  .  .  betuixt  ws  with  consent  of  vmquhill  Sir  Coline 
Campbell  of  Glenvrquhy  knycht  ...  of  the  daitt  at  Balloch  the 
nynteine  day  of  Maii  the  yeire  of  God  M  vic  and  fourtie  yeires : 
thairfore  .  .  .  wee  ar  bund  ...  to  ...  subscryve  sufficient  in- 
ventars  of  the  Jewells,  silver  plaitt  and  vther  silver  work,  insight 
plenisching,  steilbow  come  and  beir  and  strenthsilver,  and  ky  young 
and  old  and  wild  meires  left  to  ws  be  the  said  Sir  Coline  the  tyme  of 
his  deceis  in  the  houssis  of  Balloch  and  Finlarg  and  on  the  landis 
particularlie  eftirspecifeit.  Witt  ye  ws  to  mak  .  .  .  the  particular 
inventar  eftirspecifeit,  wiz.  Of  Jewells  left  to  ws  be  the  said  Sir  Coline 
as  said  is,  ane  targatt  of  gold  sett  with  thrie  diamondis,  four  topaces 
or  jacincts,  ane  rubbie  and  ane  saphyre,  enambled,  given  be  king  James 
the  Fyft  of  worthie  memorie  to  ane  of  the  Laird  of  Glenurquhey  his 
predicessours  ;  item  ane  round  Jewell  of  gold  sett  with  precious  stones 
conteining  tuentie  nyne  diamonds  and  four  great  rubbies,  quhilk 
Queene  Anna  of  worthie  memorie  Queene  of  Great  Britane  France 
and  Irland  gaue  to  vmquhill  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenvrquhy ; 
item  ane  gold  ring  sett  with  ane  great  diamond  schapine  lyke  a  heart 
and  vther  four  small  diamonds,  quhilk  the  said  Queene  Anna  of  worthie 
memorie  gaue  to  the  said  Sir  Duncane ;  item  ane  fair  silver  brotch 
sett  with  precious  stones ;  item  ane  stone  of  the  quantitie  of  half  a 

Inventories. — 1 640. 


hen's  eg  sett  in  silver,  being  flatt  at  the  ane  end  and  round  at  the  vther 
end  lyke  a  peir,  quhilk  Sir  Coline  Campbell  first  Laird  of  Glenvrquhy 
woir  quhen  he  faught  in  battell  at  the  Rhodes  agaynst  the  Turks,  he 
being  one  of  the  Knychtis  of  the  Rhodes  ;  item  of  great  gold  buttons 
iiixx  vi ;  item  mair  of  silver  work  and  vthers  following  ;  of  silver 
plaittis,  tuelff ;  of  great  silver  chargers,  four ;  item  ane  great  silver 
bassone  with  ane  lawer  partlie  overgilt ;  item  ane  lesser  silver  lawer  with 
ane  basone  partlie  overgilt ;  item  ane  dussone  of  silver  trencheors  and 
ane  dussone  of  silver  sasers  partlie  overgilt ;  item  ane  great  silver  cupe 
with  ane  cover  double  overgilt  wrought  with  reasit  work  ;  item  ane 
vther  great  silver  cupe  ingraven,  with  ane  cover  partlie  overgilt ;  item 
ane  vther  great  silver  cuppe  partlie  overgilt  with  the  Laird  of  Dun- 
trons  airmes  and  name  thairon ;  item  ane  litle  silver  goblet  double 
overgilt,  with  ane  cover  ;  item  ane  vther  silver  cuppe  partlie  overgilt, 
with  ane  face  on  the  bottome  of  it ;  item  ane  vther  micllen  cuppe 
with  ane  cover  partlie  overgilt ;  item  ane  vther  lang  schankit  silver 
cuppe  partlie  overgilt ;  item  ane  vther  lang  schankit  silver  cuppe  not 
overgilt ;  item  mair  ane  vther  great  plaine  silver  cuppe  with  the 
Laird  of  Glenvrquhyes  airmes  on  the  bottome  of  it ;  also  ane  vther 
plaine  silver  cuppe  ;  item  ane  vther  silver  cuppe  and  ane  silver  goblet ; 
item  tua  litle  lang  schankit  silver  cuppes  for  acavite  ;  item  sex  silver 
gobletts  partlie  overgilt  that  goes  within  other,  with  ane  cover  on  them ; 
item  ane  silver  saltfatt  with  ane  cover  partlie  overgilt ;  item  ane  vther 
silver  salt  fatt  that  standis  vpone  thrie  round  knops  that  hes  tuo  divi- 
siounes ;  item  ane  vther  silver  salt  fatt ;  item  ane  silver  lawer  for 
vineger  partlie  overgilt ;  item  vther  t-uo  silver  laweris  for  vineger ; 
item  ane  great  maser  with  ane  silver  lip  quhilk  will  conteine  a  quart, 


Inventories. — 1 640. 

quhilk  also  hes  ane  silver  foote  ;  item  ane  vther  litle  maser  with  silver 
lip  and  foote  with  ane  cover  double  overgilt ;  item  ane  round  cope 
with  ane  silver  lip ;  item  of  plane  silver  spoones  with  the  Lairdes 
name  on  theme,  xi ;  mair  of  silver  spoones  with  round  knapit  endis 
overgilt,  vi ;  item  mair  of  silver  spoones  in  the  pantries  of  Balloch 
and  Finlarg,  xxxviii ;  item  tuo  silver  footes  for  copes ;  item  mair 
ane  vther  silver  spoone ;  item  ane  great  feildine  peice  of  copper 
and  aue  vther  feildine  pece  of  iron  ;  item  thrie  hakbutts  of  found, 
quhairof  ii  of  copper  and  ane  of  iron  ;  ane  long  small  feildine  peice  of 
copper  and  tuo  iron  peices  with  chalmers ;  tuo  hakbutts  of  found  of 
copper  that  ar  in  Glenvrquhy  in  the  castell  thairof ;  item  ane  muskett 
indentit  with  bane  overgilt  and  graven  vpone  the  ratch  with  linit  work  ; 
ane  vther  long  muskett  with  ane  wark  indentit  having  ane  long  blak 
lethron  caise  ;  ane  vther  great  long  musket  with  the  Lairds  airmes 
gravin  thairon ;  mair  tuo  single  musketts  indentit  with  baine,  quhairof 
the  ane  indentit  with  pearle,  quhilk  were  gottin  frae  my  Lord  Burlie; 
ane  vther  double  muskett  with  linit  work ;  thrie  vther  musketts 
with  new  stoks  and  warkis ;  item  ane  tuo  handit  suord  the  hand 
quhairof  is  overlayed  with  velvet ;  ane  vther  tuo  handit  suord  with 
ane  loose  hand  to  be  eikit  thairto  ;  mair  thrie  cutthrott  pistollis  of 
copper,  quhilk  ar  gravin,  with  new  stokis  and  warkis  ;  item  tuo  steill 
targets  and  ane  cork  target ;  item  tuo  stand  of  horsmens  airmes  fyve 
corsletts  with  thair  headpeices  and  ring  craiges,  tuo  gauntlet  gloves, 
ane  murrion  of  prufT  and  ane  stand  of  blak  horseuiens  airmes,  stoovd 
with  brass  naills,  conteining  ane  head  peice,  ane  craig  peice,  ane  breist 
peice,  ane  bak  peice,  tuo  schoulder  peices  and  ane  gauntlett  glove ; 
item  of  silk  bedis  ;  ane  conteining  four  curtaines  of  rid  Spanisch  taffite 

Inventories. — 1640. 


fassit  with  rid  and  blew  silk  fasses,  and  ane  curtaine  of  rid  sessnatt 
taffite,  and  ane  pand  of  rid  velvett  brouderit  with  blew  silk,  with  the 
Laird  of  Glenvrquhy  and  his  Ladie  thair  names  and  airmes  thairon, 
with  ane  reid  steikit  taffita  matt ;  ane  vther  blew  silk  bed,  conteining 
thrie  curtaines  of  blew  Spanisch  taffite  and  a  curtaine  of  blew  sesnat 
taffita,  with  ane  fass  of  silk  and  ane  pand  of  blew  velvott  brouderit  with 
the  Laird  of  Glenvrquhy  and  his  Ladie  thair  names  and  airmes  thairon, 
with  ane  blew  steikit  taffita  matt ;  ane  vther  bed  of  incarnatt  London 
cloath  embrouderit  with  blak  velvott,  conteining  iii  brouderit  curtaines 
and  tuo  curtaines  not  brouderit,  ane  brouderit  pand  with  the  Laird  and 
Lady  Glenvrquhyes  names  and  airmes  thairon,  with  silk  fasses  and  ane 
brouderit  covering ;  ane  greine  London  cloath  bed  pasmentit  with 
greine  and  orange  silk  laice,  conteining  ane  pand  with  pasmentis 
and  silk  fasses  and  vi  peice  of  pasmentit  curtaines  with  ane  covering  of 
the  same  cloath  pasmentit ;  ane  vther  silk  bed  of  changing  taffite 
greine  and  yellow,  conteining  mi  peice  of  curtaines,  quhairof  iii  of 
Spauisch  taffite  and  ane  of  cesnat  taffite,  with  ane  pand  schewit  with 
silk  arid  worsett  with  the  Laird  and  Lady  Glenvrquhy  thair  names 
and  airmes  thairon,  with  ane  grein  silk  fass  conteining  ii  peice  with 
ane  covering  wrought  with  blue  and  yellow  silk ;  item  of  vther  weill 
and  sufficient  common  furnischt  beds  xvi,  with  all  thair  furniture 
requisite  ;  off  arras  work  hingings,  ii  stand,  conteining  xi  peices,  and 
of  common  hingings,  iiii  stand,  conteining  xvi  peice  ;  item  of  great 
cramosie  velvott  cuschiounes  for  the  kirk,  ii  with  thair  great  silk  knops 
at  the  nooks  and  silk  fosses  about  them,  with  thair  reid  callico 
coverings  ;  mair  of  cuschiounes  of  Turkie  work  xii,  and  of  cuschiounes 
schewit  on  gallis,  vi ;  of  dames  boordcloathes  ii,  and  of  dornik  scrvitts, 



Inventories. — 1640. 

ii  dussone  ;  of  sufficient  linnen  boordcloathes,  xxiiii ;  and  of  sufficient 
linnen  servitts,  thretteine  dussone ;  of  Holland  scheittes  ii  pair,  quhairof 
i  pair  schewit  with  hollie  work ;  of  gude  linnen  towells,  viii ;  of  linnen 
cupboordcloathes,  iiii ;  of  greine  chalmer  countercloathes,  vi ;  of  carpetts 
for  chalmer  tables,  ii ;  of  greine  countercloathes  for  the  hall  burdis,  ii ; 
of  peutor  plaittis,  viii  dussone,  quhairof  meilde  plaittes,  xix;  of  tin 
trenscheours,  vi  dossone  ;  of  tin  sasers,  v ;  of  brass  pans,  v ;  of  brassine 
potts  viii,  quhairof  i  great  acavite  pott ;  of  speittes,  iiii ;  ane  pestell 
and  ane  morter ;  of  raxes,  ii  pair ;  of  goos  pans,  ii ;  of  beiff  caul 
drons,  i ;  item  of  pictures  of  the  Kings  and  Queenes  of  Scotland, 
xxiiii ;  and  of  pictures  of  the  Lairds  and  Ladies  of  Glenvrquhay 
and  vther  noblemen,  xxxiiii;  item  ane  greit  genealogie  brod  pantit 
of  all  the  Lairds  of  Glenvrquhy,  and  of  those  that  ar  come  of  the 
house  of  Glenvrquhy;  mair  tuo  house  knoks  and  ane  chalmer 
knok ;  item  ane  pair  of  litle  organes  in  the  chapell  of  Finlarg,  and 
ane  pair  of  harpsicords  in  Balloch  ;  item  tuo  brewine  leds  with  tuo 
great  maskine  fatts ;  ane  vther  brewine  vessell ;  mair  tuo  charter 
kists  bandit  with  iron  bands ;  item  ane  litle  schort  hunting  cuttles  in 
the  charterhouse ;  mair  Captane  Gordoun  his  suord ;  item  of  great 
ky  in  the  Laird  of  Glenvrquhy  his  haill  bowhoussis  iiic  xxiii,  and  of 
young  ky  and  stirkis  aught  score  and  iii ;  off  wyld  meires,  xxiii ;  of 
young  meires  xiiii ;  of  staigis  x,  and  of  cursours,  vi ;  item  of  scheipe 
and  wedderis,  vc  in  the  Laird  his  haill  scheip  houssis;  item  mair 
sevine  chandlers.  And  farder  wee  the  saids  Sir  Kobert  and  Johne 
Campbells  heirby  obleissis  to  mak  .  .  .  sufficient  particular  inventaris 
of  the  haill  buikis,  timber  wark,  trunkis,  kists,  loks  of  doores,  and  iron 
yeattis  within  the  houssis  of  Balloch  and  Finlarg,  Castell  Calquhorne, 

Inventories. — 1 640. 


Barchaltan,  and  Auchachallader  .  .  .  ;  and  farder  it  is  heirby  lykwyse 
declairit  that  thair  is  presentlie  on  the  landis  pertcining  to  the  Laird 
of  Glenvrquhy  within  the  Scherefdomes  of  Perth  and  Argyle  and 
Steuartries  of  Stratherne  and  Monteith,  of  steilbow  corne,  sexteine 
chalders  small  aittis  ;  and  of  steilbow  beir,  fyve  chalders ;  and  of  strenth 
silver  and  steilbow  horss  on  the  forsaids  lauds,  estiinat  to  be  worth  tuo 
thousand  and  fyve  hundreth  merkis,  quhilk  we  also  obleiss  ws  to  mak 
furthcumand  .  .  .  Quhilk  haill  inventar  abonewrittin  wee  the  saids 
Sir  Robert  and  Johne  Campbells  .  .  .  declaires  to  be  the  just  and  trew 
inventar  of  the  Jewells,  silver  wark,  insight  plenisching,  steilbow  come, 
beir,  strenthsilver,  ky  young  and  old,  and  wild  meires  left  be  the 
said  vmquhill  Sir  Coline  to  ws  .  .  .  and  obleissis  ws  .  .  .  to  mak  the 
samyne  .  .  .  furthcumand  .  .  .  and  .  .  .  nevir.  to  burdeine  ... 
nor  dispone  upone  the  samyne  .  .  .  vnder  all  the  hiest  paines  contenid 
in  the  foirsaid  band  ...  In  witnes  quhairof,  writtin  be  William 
Meiklejohne  noter  publict,  wee  .  .  .  hes  subscryvit  thir  presents  with 
our  handis  at  Balloch  the  sevinteine  day  of  September  1640  yeires, 
before  thir  witnessis,  Sir  Patrik  Ogilvie  of  Inchmartine,  Ardchibald 
Campbell  fear  of  Glenlyon,  Patrik  Campbell  of  Edinample,  Ardchibald 
Campbell  brother  german  to  the  Laird  of  Laweris,  Robert  Andersone 
his  servitor,  and  the  said  William  Meiklejohne  wreitar  heirof. 


of  ttye  JLairD  of 
Courtis  following* 

Item  imprimis  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  na  maner  of  persone 
nor  persones  within  the  Laird  of  Glenurquhay  his  boundis  and 
heretages  quhatsumewir,  quhaireuir  the  samen  lyis  within  the  realme 
of  Scotland,  mak  murburne  at  na  tyme  in  ony  yeir  earning  bot  yeirly 
in  the  moneth  of  March,  conforme  to  the  Act  of  Parliament,  and  that 
upone  the  Mount  upone  grass  only,  saiffand  hedder  and  young  wood 
outwith  the  hillis  and  sicht  of  all  infield  and  manurit  landis,  under  the 
pains  contenit  in  the  said  Act  of  Parliament. 

2.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  na  maner  of  persone  or  per 
sones  within  the  foirsaidis  boundis  respectiue  give  meit  drink  hows 
rowme  nor  uther  kynd  of  beild  to  aney  maner  of  mane  that  schuitis 
at  deir  rae  blakcokis  etc.  nor  slay  blakfish  in  tyme  cuming,  without  the 
Lairdis  awin  licence  first  haid  and  obtenit  thairto,  under  the  pane  of 
xx  lib.  toties  quoties,  and  mair  the  wnlaw  to  be  according  to  the  Act 
of  Parliament. 

Court  Books.— 1621. 

3.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  all  heiddykis  and  faulddykis 
within  the  foirsaidis  boundis  respectiue  be  yeirly  beittit  bigit  and 
upholdin  be  the  awnaris  and  possessouris  thairof  sufficiently  with  divot 
earth  and  stane,  under  the  pane  of  ten  pundis  money,  ilk  persone 
failyeand  thairin,  toties  quoties. 

4.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordauit  that  all  maner  of  householderis 
within  the  foirsaidis  boundis  respectiue  haive  kailyeardis  with  suffi 
cient  dykis  kaill  and  utheris  necessaris  thairintill  yeirly  according  to 
thair  habilitie  in  tyme  cuming,  and  that  the  saidis  dykis  be  sua  that 
nather  horse  meir  nor  kow  goat  nor  scheip  get  within  the  samyn,  under 
the  pane  of  ten  pundis  toties  quoties. 

5.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  no  maner  of  personne  nor 
persones  within  the  boundis  respectiue  foirsaidis  cast  peitis  yeirly  in 
tyme  cuming  bot  only  with  lawland  peit  spaudis,  under  the  pane  of  ten 
pundis  money  toties  quoties  wnforgiwiri. 

6.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  ewirie  tennent  and  cotter 
within   the  foirsaidis   boundis  respectiue   sail   leawe   thair   duelling 
housses  at  their  remoweing  thairfra  as  sufficient  in  all  respectis  as  thei 
enterit  thairto,  ilk  persone  failyeand  heirintill  wnder  the  paine  of  ten 
pundis  money  toties  quoties. 

7.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  na  maner  of  persone  nor 
personnes  within  the  boundis  respectiue  abone  nominat  cutt  no  kynd 
of  breir  nor  thorne  but  in  the  waxing  of  the  moone  yeirlie  in  tyme 



Court  Books.— 1621. 

cuming,  ilk  persone  failyeand  heirin  under  the  paine  of  fyve  pundis 
wnlaw  toties  quoties. 

8.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  ewirie  tennent  and  taxsman 
within  the  boundis  respectiue  abone  specefeit  (that  hes  leyland  for 
cornis)  draw  water  throw  the  samen  landis  at  the  sicht  of  the  Lairdis 
officiaris  respectiue,  giue  it  may  be  drawin,  for  guiding  of  the  land, 
under  the  paine  of  fyve  pundis  toties  quoties  in  cais  of  failyie. 

9.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  all  tennentis  and  cottaris  within 
the  boundis  respectiue  befoir  mentionat  set  and  plant  young  tries 
within  thair  kailyeardis  yeirlie  during  the  occupatiounes  of  thair  landis 
as  followis  viz.  ewrie  tennent  and  taxsman  of  ane  merkland  sail  set 
and  plant  yeirly  within  thair  saidis  kailyeardis  sex  young  tries,  and 
evrie  cottar  thrie  tries,  and  sua  furth  according  to  samaney  merklandis 
as  they  occupie  yeirly  during  thair  occupatioun  viz.  ather  aik  asch  or 
plane  trie,  and  sua  sone  as  they  ar  reddy  to  tak  up  agane,  that  they  be 
sett  in  the  maist  comodious  pairtis  of  thair  saidis  occupatiounes,  under 
the  pane  of  fyve  pundis  toties  quoties  ;  and  that  the  gairdnar  within  the 
samen  boundis  furneish  the  saidis  tries  yeirly  for  tua  penneyis  the  peice : 
under  the  said  paine  toties  quoties  incais  of  failyie. 

10.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  ewirie  tennent  taxsman  and 
occupiar  of  landis  within  the  boundis  respectiue  abonementionat  draw 
yeirly  in  dew  tyme  to  thair  middingis  for  guiding  of  ilk  merkland 
possest  be  thame  the  number  of  thrie  scoir  leadis  of  earth,  under  the 
paine  of  fy  we  pundis  toties  quoties  incais  of  failyie. 

Court  Books.— 1621. 


11.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  na  maner  of  persone  nor  per- 
sones  within  the  saidis  boundis  respectiue  hauld  swyne  in  tyme  cuming, 
under  the  pane  of  confiscatioun  thairof  and  ten  pundis  money  of 
wnlaw  toties  quoties  in  caice  of  failyie. 

12.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  na  maner  of  persone  nor 
persones  within  the  boundis  respectiue  abone  expremit  cut  broume  at 
no  tyme  of  yeir  within  the  samen  boundis,  without  the  Lairdis  licence 
haid  and  obtenit  first  thairto,  under  the  paine  of  fyve  pundis  toties 
quoties  incais  of  failyie. 

13.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  na  cattell  scheip  or  uther 
guidis  within  the  boundis  respectiue  abone  rehersit  salbe  callit  to  the 
Mounth  scheillingis  or  girssingis  or  flitting  thairby  bot  be  the  month, 
except  ane  horse  with  carreage  and  ane  man  in  his  head  ;  and.quhat- 
ewir  number  of  carrege  hors  they  shall  haive  that  ane  man  be  in  the 
head  of  the  formest  horse,  and  the  uther  bund  to  the  taill,  and  that 
thair  be  ane  man  with  euirie  tua  horse  ;  and  gif  thair  be  ane  waik  kow 
that  may  not  travell  to  the  heid  dykis  that  ane  bird  be  attending  on 
hir,  and  give  thair  be  ma  waik  ky  lat  thair  be  ma  hirdis,  under  the  paine 
of  ten  pund  to  be  payit  be  the  dissobeyer  toties  quoties ;  and  ane 
commone  gait  is  ordeanit  to  be  hauldin  aucht  fute  of  breid  that  ane 
horse  may  gang  by  ane  uther  not  spilland  the  cornis. 

14.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  evirie  persone  haiveand  landis 
within  the  boundis  befoir  mentionat  salbe  forrester  of  the  woodis 
thairof  and  be  ansuerable  to  the  Laird  for  the  samyn. 


Court  Books.— 1621. 

15.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  euirie  tennent  within  the 
saidis  boundis  respectiue  mak  four  croscattis  of  irone  for  slaying  of  the 
wolff  yeirly  in  tyme  cuming,  under  the  paine  of  four  pundis  money 
toties  quoties  incais  of  failyie. 

16.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  na  tennent  within  the  boundis 
respectiue  foirsaidis  suffer  nather  ruck  hoddit  craw  nor  pyatis  to  big 
nor  clek  in  thair  rowmes  or  possessiounes  at  any  tyme  heireftir,  under 
the  paine  of  fourtie  schilling  ;  and  quhat  nichtbour  so  euir  sail  refuis  to 
help  to  herie  thame  sail  pay  uther  xl  s.  wnlaw  toties  quoties  incais 
of  failyie. 

17.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  all  and  quhatsumeuir  actiounes 
questiounes  quarrellis  contraversies  or  debaitis  standing  wndecydit  or 
that  salhappin  to  occur  or  be  movit  within  the  boundis  respectiue 
befoir  specifeit  be  persewit  within  the  space  of  thrie  yeiris  eftir  the 
samyn  may  be  iustly  persewit  (except  the  pairties  or  aney  ane  of  thame 
be  minoris  and  of  les  aige;  or  that  they  or  ony  of  thame  be  fund  and 
specially  the  defender  not  duelland  on  the  Lairdis  heretages)  or  ellis 
the  samyn  sail  not  be  hard  in  judgement  thaireftir  hot  the  defenderis 
absoluit  simpliciter  thairfra  in  tyme  cuming. 

18.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  all  eattin  and  distroyit  cornis 
with  guidis  and  bestiall  be  comprysit  yeirly  in  tyme  cuming  be  honest 
nichtbouris  immediatly  eftir  the  distructioun  thairof,  or  otherwayis  the 
samyn  sail  nawayes  be  hard  in  court  or  plant ;  bot  the  samyn  being 
comprysit,  the  pairtie  damnifiet  salbe  hard  and  haive  summar  iustice 

Court  Books.— 1621. 


and  quhatewir  beis  decernit  to  him  thair  salbe  alse  meikill  to  the 

19.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  euirie  tennent  possessour  and 
occupiar  of  ane  merkland  within  the  foirsaidis  boundis  respectiue  saw 
ane  boll  of  wncouth  seid  thairin  yeirly  in  tyme  cuming,  and  euirie  xl  d. 
land  ane  firlot  of  wncouth  eatis,  and  on  ilk  half  merkland  ii  firlotis 
of  the  saidis  eatis ;  and  sua  furth  as  they  occupy  pro  tanto,  under  the 
paine  of  fyve  pundis  incais  of  failyie  toties  quoties. 

20.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  thair  salbe  cunstaris  of  aill 
yeirlie  in  tyme  cuming  in  all  the  browstar  houssis  in  all  the  boundis 
respectiue  befoir  specifeit,  and   according  as  they  sail  find  the   aill 
worthie  the  samen  salbe  sua  sauld,  and  the  cunstaris  to  convein  yeirlie 
on  ilk  Sonday  to  that  effect ;  and  the  broustaris  to  brew  ilk  weik  on 
Thursday  preceisly  to  the  effect  thei  may  haive  aill  on  evirie  Sonday 
to  be  provin  be  the  cwnstaris  appointit  thairto ;  ilk  ane  of  the  saidis 
cunstaris   not   conveinand   to  this  effect  under  the  paine  of  fourtie 
schillingis  for  dissobedience,  and  ilk   disobeyand  browstar  for  thair 
pairtis  uther  xl  s.  wnlaw  wnforgiwin,  and  that  conforme  to  the  seuerall 
actis  of  courtis  to  be  maid  heiranent. 

21.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  thair  be  sufficient  poind- 
fauldis  within  the  haill  boundis  perteining  to  the  Laird  of  Glenurquhay 
yeirly  in  tyme  cuming,  conforme  to  the  tennoris  of  the  particular  actis 
of  his  courtis  to  be  maid  and  proclamit  thairanent,  under  the  panis  to 
be  contenit  thairintill. 



Court  Books.- 


22.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  quhosoeuir  persewis  aney 
actioun  in  tyme  cuming,  being  anes  decreitit  be  the  Laird  or  be  the 
assyis  abefoir,  (within  the  boundis  respectiue  befoir  rehersit)  sail  pey 
to  the  Laird  ten  pundis  money  of  wnlaw  wnforgiwin  toties  quoties. 

23.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  ewirie  miller  and  smith 
within  the  boundis  respectiue  foirsaidis  sail  haive  fourtie  schillingis 
yeirlie  out  of  thair  tbirlages  respectiue  for  uphaulding  of  thair  myllis 
and  smythes  waterticht  in  tyme  cuming. 

24.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  ewirie  tennent  and  possessour 
of  landis  within  the  boundis  respectiue  foirsaidis  that  hauldis  ane  cottar 
without  peittis  and  ane  kailyeard  with  cornis  conforme  thairto  in  tyme 
cuming  sail  pay  to  the  Laird  v  lib.  of  wnlaw  toties  quoties ;  and  ilk 
cottar  that  hauldis  aney  wagabound  or  jeill  persone  in  houshald  or 
companey  with  him  sail  pey  fourtie  schillingis  toties  quoties. 

25.  Item  it  is  statute   and  ordanit  that  the  officiaris  within  the 
boundis  respectiue  foirsaidis  sail  ammit  and  tyne  thair  fies,  that  yeir 
that  [thei]  or  oney  of  thame  respectiue  for  thair  awin  pairtis  knawis  not 
quhat  tennent  or  cottar  settis  young  tries,  and  quha  settis  nane,  yeirly 
in  tyme  cuming,  conforme  to  the  act  of  Court  maid  thairanent. 

26.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  quhatsumewir  tennentis  ane 
or  ma  or  thair  seruandis  within   the  foirsaidis   boundis   respectiue 
intromet  with  or  uptak  oney  uther  sek  or  pok  or  uther  kynd  of  graith 
quhatsumewir  except  thair  awin  at  carreage  or  utherwayis  in  the 

Court  Books.— 1621. 


Lairdis  seruices  in  tyme  cuming  sail  pey  ten  mark  money  of  wnlaw 
toties  quoties  unforgivin. 

27.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  quhatsuuiewir  persone  or 
persones  salhappin  to  cute  or  oney  wayis  distroy  oney  young  tries  set 
or  to  be  sett  and  plantit  in  tyme  cuming  within  the  boundis  respectiue 
foirsaidis  or  oney  pairt  thairof  sail  pey  to  the  Laird  xx  lib.  money 
of  wnlaw,  and  the  Laird  sail  give  ten  pund  of  Tascell  siluer  to  oney 
persone  that  salhappin  to  foirsie  him  of  the  contraveinar  heirof  toties 

28.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  quhatsumewir  persone  or 
persones  wyfis  ane  or  ma  within  the  boundis  respectiue  abone  mentionat 
salhappin  to  drink  in  aney  broustar  hous  within  the  samyn  boundis 
in  tyme  cuming,  without  the  companey  of  thair  husbandis,  sail  pey  xx  s. 
of  wnlaw  to  the  Laird,  and  for  euirie  chopin  they  sail  drink  they  sail 
sit  xxiiii  houris  in  the  lang  gadde. 

29.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  na  maner  of  persone  nor  per 
sones  within  the  boundis  respectiue  befoir  mentionat  sail  cast  and  win 
no  maner  of  peitis  in  tyme  cuming  within  aney  corne  landis  of  the 
samyn  boundis,  under  the  paine  of  ten  pundis  toties  quoties  ;  and  that 
thair  be  no  maner  of  slattagavellis  of  aney  tymber  upone  aney  hous  or 
houssis  within  the  foirsaidis  boundis  in  tyme  cuming,  under  the  said 
paine  of  ten  pundis  toties  quoties. 

30.  Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  no  maner  of  persone  nor  per 
sones  within  the  boundis  respectiue  befoir  rehersit  labor  nor  manur  no 


Court  Books.— 1621. 

kynd  of  landis  within  the  space  of  sexteine  fate  to  aney  rivir  sik  as 
Urquhay,  Dochart,  or  Loquhay,  and  within  aucht  fute  to  aney  uther 
great  water  les  nor  the  saidis  riveris,  in  tyme  cuming,  ilk  persone 
dissobeyand  wnder  the  pane  of  tuentie  pundis  toties  quoties  sua  oft 
as  the  samin  sal  happin. 

31.  Item  vpone  the  xxvii  day  of  Aprill  in  anno  1618  yeiris,  it  is 
statute  and  ordanit  that  the  awnar  of  ewirie  horse  meare  staig  or  fillie 
that  beis  gottin  on  cornis  beir  etc.  in  tyme  cuming  sail  pey  to  the 
pairtie  damnifeit  or  skaithit  viii  d.  money  out  of  ilk  fute  of  the  saidis 
horse  mear  staig  fillie,  and  out  of  ilk  fute  of  ky  and  stirkis  iiii  d.  money, 
and  out  of  ilk  fute  of  goat  wedderis  and  scheip  ii  d.  money,  to  the 
pairtie  damnifiet  as  said  is,  besyd  ane  wnlaw  to  the  Laird  toties  quoties. 

32.  Item  upon  the  xi  day  of  Maii  in  anno  1618  yeiris,  in  ane  court 
hauldin  at  Tomnayngill,  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  quhatsumewir 
persone  or  persones  salhappin  to  refuis  thair  nichtbour  or  nichtbouris 
to  help  to  coinpryis  distroyit  cornis  or  beir  in  breir  or  utherwayis  in 
tyme  cuming,  that  persone  or  persones  refuisand  sail  pey  the  heall 
skaith  and  interest  to  the  pairtie  damnifiet,  besyd  the  Lairdis  wnlaw 
toties  quoties. 

33.  Item  in  the  court  hauldin  at  Killin  the  4  day  of  December  1618 
yeiris,  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  no  cadger  or  uther  trafficar  hant 
frequent  nor  repair  endlang  the  brigis  of  Killin  or  oney  of  thame  in 
tyme  cuming,  under  the  paine  of  fyve  pundis  money  unforgivin  toties 

Court  Books.— 1G21. 


34.  In  the  court  hauldin  at  Finlarg  the  xvi  day  of  Maii  1621,  it  is 
statute  and  ordanit  that  ilk  tennent  sail  seik  and  persew  for  the  steilbo 
eatis  and  beir  and  etrenth  siluer  within  the  space  of  tua  yeiris  eftir 
they  mell  with  the  rowrne,  or  uther  wayis  nevir  to  be  hard  to  persew  the 
samyn  thairefter. 

35.  In  the  court  hauldin  at  Finlarg  the  thrid  day  of  Julii  1G21,  it  is 
statute  and  ordanit,  with  aduyis  and  consent  of  the  heall  tennentis, 
that  quhasoewir  cuttis  aney  of  the  Laird  of  Laweris  woodis,  and  the 
Laird  of  Glenlyounis  woodis,  without  thair  awin  live  and  licence,  that 
they  sail  pey  fourtie  schillingis  money  wulaw  to  the  Laird  of  Glenur- 
quhay  thair  rnaister,  and  uther  fourtie  schillingis  money  to  the  Laird  of 
Laweris,  and  fourtie  schillingis  to  the  Laird  of  Glenlyoun. 

36.  In  the  court  hauldin  at  Candinoir  the  xxviii  of  December  1621, 
it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  na  persone  or  persones  nather  man  nor 
woman  drink  within  ane  Browstar  hous  bairneyeard,  nor  within  aney 
biggingis  pertening  to  the  hoisteller,  except  he  or  they  haive  travellit 
audit  myles  thairto  (except  brydellis)  and  gif  they  do  in  the  contrair 
they  sail  pay  four  pundis  money  of  wnlaw  toties  quoties,  and  alse  gif 
the  browstar  sell  aney  aill  to  aney  persone  or  persones,  abone  ane  pynt 
aill  to  be  drunken  in  thair  awin  houses,  they  sail  pey  in  lyk  inaner  four 
pund  money  of  wnlaw  toties  quoties,  and  gif  they  mister  aill  to  send  for 
the  samin  and  drink  it  in  thair  awin  housses,  and  gif  the  browster  refuis 
•iher  to  sell  aill  to  thame  for  siluer,  or  upone  ane  sufficient  pledge,  he 
sail  pey  ane  wnlaw,  and  gif  they  releve  not  thair  pledge  within  aucht 
dayis  it  salbe  leisum  to  the  broustaris  to  sell  and  put  auay  the  pledge 


Court  Books.— 1622. 

to  quhom  they  pleis,  and  quha  ewir  delaitis  quha  contravenis  this  act 
sail  haive  fourtie  schillingis  money  Taskell  siluer  to  try  it  out. 

37.  In  the  court  hauldin  at   Candmoir  the  xi  of  Januar  1622, 
it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  na  wobstar  tak  mar  for  the  weyfing  of 
ane  guid  heud  plaid  bot  ane  firlot  meill  or  els  the  price  thairof,  and 
they  sail  tak  for  weyffing  of  ane  gray  plaid  of  half  hewis  tua  pekis 
meill  and  tua  schillingis  siluer,  and  they  sail  tak  for  ane  gray  plaid  that 
hes  bot  ane  sprang  of  hewis  i  pek  ii  lipes  meill  and  tua  schilling  siluer, 
and  they  sail  tak  for  weyffing  of  small  lynning  and  small  triedling  4  d. 
for  ilk  ell  thairof,  i  pek  ii  lipes  meill  and  tua  pund  cheis  for  ilk  disson 

Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  na  vobstar  sail  tak  mair  for 
weyfing  of  gray  claith  and  skouringis  bot  ii  d.  the  ell  and  ane  pek 
meill  for  ane  dissoun,  and  for  tartane  4  d.  for  ilk  ell,  ane  pek  ii  lipes 
meill  out  of  ilk  dissoun,  and  that  na  wobstar  tak  in  na  ma  wobis  to 
wirk  quhill  they  haive  wrocht  and  outred  theis  wobis  that  they  haif 
takin  in,  and  they  to  haive  xl  dayis  space  thairto,  quhairin  gif  they 
failyie,  and  gif  the  wobstaris  observe  and  keip  not  thir  actis,  ilkane  of 
thame  to  pey  ten  pundis  money  wnlaw  toties  quoties. 

38.  In  the  court  hauldin  at  Finlarg  the  penult  day  of  August,  it  is 
statuit  and  ordainit  that  no  browstar  refuis  aill  to  honest  auld  countrey 
men  ather  be  day  or  be  nicht  quhen  they  pleis  to  send  for  it,  and  if  the 
aill  be  in  the  hous  and  the  broustaris  refuisand,  to  pey  iiii  lib.  money 
wnlaw,  becatis  they  refuisit  the  sainen  ;  and  it  salbe  leisurn  to  thame 
to  cum  with  the  officiar  to  brek  up  the  hous  dor  and  tak  out  the  aill 

Court  Books.—  1623. 


and  gif  it  to  the  puir  ;  and  ordauis  the  haill  tennentis  and  comouns  to 

cum  and  makcomptrekningand  payment  to  the  broustaris  ilk  moneth 

for  the  aill  that  they  haive  gottin,  and  if  they  failye  thairin  it  salbe 

leistim  to  the  broustaris  nowayis  to  sell  mair  aill  to  thame. 

39.  Item  in  the  samen  court  abonewrittin,  it  is  statuit  and  ordanit 

that  the  tennentis  that  ar  obleist  to  cutt  and  lead  fearnis  and  thak  to 

the  Lairdis  housses  in  Finlarg  and  uther  pairtis  lead  and  putt  in  the 

samen  yeirly  in  tyme  cuming  befoir  Michelmes,  or  ellis  to  pey  ane 

wnlaw  at  the  Lairdis  modifications 

40.  In  the  court  hauldin  at  Candmoir  the  sevint  day  of  November 


1622,  it  is  statute  and  ordanit,  be  the  advyse  of  the  heall  tennentis  and 

milleris,  that  ilk  tennent  sail  haiue  libertie  and  priuilege  to  knok  ane 

firlot  of  beir,  and  ilk  cottar  to  haive  libertie  to  knok  tua  pekis  beir,  ilk 

yeir  multour  frie,  and  gif  they  knok  aney  mair  to  pay  multour  thairfor, 

or  ellis  ane  multour  aith  to  the  milleris. 

41.  In  the  court  hauldin  at  Finlarg  the  tuelt  day  of  Mairche  anno 

1623,  it  is  statuit  and  ordanit  be  the  advyse  and  consent  of  the  heall 

comouns  and  tennentis  that  thair  be  ane  poindfauld  biggit  in  Badour, 

and  ilk  kow  that  beis  fund  in  the  forrest  of  Mamelorne  or  within  the 

boundis  or  merchis  thairof  to  pey  xl  s.,  and  ilk  meir  and  ilk  hors  fund 

thairiu  to  pey  fyve  merkis  of  wnlaw,  and  Patrik  Campbell  of  Murlag- 

anbeg  forrester  to  haue  pouar  to  put  in  the  saidis  gudis  quhen  they  ar 

fund  in  the  forrest  and  to  tak  up  thir  wnlawis  to  the  Lardis  use. 

42.  In  the   samen  court  abonewrittin,  it  is  statute  and   ordanit 

Court  Books.— 1623. 

[that]  quhaeuir  mellis  or  intromettis  with  aney  defunctis  geir,  without 
the  officiar  and  famous  witnesses  be  present  at  thair  intromissioun,  to 
pey  ten  pund  wnlaw  toties  quoties. 

In  the  court  hauldin  at  Candmoir  the  xxi  day  of  Aprill  anno  1623, 
it  is  statute  and  ordanit  be  the  Laird,  with  the  advyse  and  consent 
of  the  heall  comouns  and  tennentis,  that  quhatsumeuer  persone  or 
persones  that  salhappin  to  be  executouris  or  intromettouris  with 
minouris  geir  in  tyme  cuming,  that  the  saidis  executouris  or  intromet 
touris  salbe  astrictit  bund  and  obleist  to  sustene  and  interteney  the 
saidis  minouris  at  the  sicht  of  four  honest  nichtbouris,  utherwayis  to 
tyne  thair  geir  that  they  intromett  with,  and  to  pay  alse  meikall  of  ane 
wnlaw  to  the  Laird. 

In  the  samen  court,  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  eviry  tennent 
sail  put  out  thair  heall  ky  hors  nolt  and  scheip  outwith  thair  heid 
dykis  fra  the  first  of  Maii  and  reinane  quhill  the  aucht  day  of  Junii 
yeirly,  and  fra  the  8  day  of  Junii  to  pas  to  scheillingis  and  remane 
quhill  the  fyftene  day  of  Julii  yeirly,  and  nane  to  cum  hame  befoir  ane 
uther,  except  a  kow  that  is  a  lifting,  or  ane  seik  man  or  ane  seik 
woman  to  hauld  ane  kow  besyd  thame  to  gif  milk. 

Item  it  is  statute  gif  auey  waiff  horssis  be  fund  that  they  be  put 
in  ane  poindfauld  be  the  apprehendaris  and  proclamit  at  the  kirk. 

Item  it  is  statute  that  eviry  toun  mak  thair  poindfauld,  uther 
wayis  the  tennentis  of  the  samen  toun  to  pey  ten  pundis  money  of 

Court  Books.— 1624. 


Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  quha  euer  hes  a  skabbit  hors 
and  putis  him  out  wnvached,  except  on  his  awin  grass,  that  it  salbe 
leissum  to  aney  man  that  findis  and  apprehendis  the  said  skabbit  hors 
to  cast  him  over  ane  craig  and  brek  his  neck. 

Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  ilk  strainger  cadger  sail  pey 
aucht  penneyis  at  the  brig  of  Killin  for  evry  lead  of  salt  that  they 
carey  athrocht  the  bridges,  and  that  ewiry  countrey  manis  hors  that 
caries  peatis  hedder  or  aney  uther  graith  sail  pey  iiii  d.  for  ilk  horse 
lead.  And  alse  it  is  statute  that  ilk  country  cadger  sail  haive  4  d. 
inair  for  ilk  lipe  of  salt  nor  straingeris  getis. 

In  the  court  hauldin  at  Finlarg  the  2  of  September  1623,  it  is 
statute  and  ordanit,  be  the  advyse  of  the  heall  comounis  and  tennentis, 
that  incais  it  salhappin  aney  puir  minouris  to  depairt  this  mortall  lyff 
in  tyme  cuming  throw  default  and  want  of  sustentatioun  fra  the 
persones  executouris  or  intromettouris  with  thair  parentis  guidis  or  geir, 
the  saidis  executouris  and  intromettouris  sail  pay  the  iust  and  equall 
half  of  the  saidis  guidis  and  geir  that  they  intromettit  with  to  the 
taskeller  and  reveiller  of  the  minouris  quha  begis  and  deis  for  want,  and 
the  uther  half  of  the  said  geir  to  be  gevin  to  the  Laird,  quha  sail  cans 
the  samen  be  distributit  and  pairtit  amongis  the  puir. 

In  the  court  hauldin  at  Balloch  on  the  v  of  Januar  anno  1624,  it  is 
statute  and  ordanit  that  sua  schone  as  houssis  biggingis  or  heid  dykis 
ar  comprysit,  that  the  interand  tennent  sail  big  the  samen  houssis 
biggingis  and  heid  dykis  conforme  to  the  said  comprysing  as  he  wes  payit 



Court  Books.— 1624. 

within  half  a  yeir  thairefter ;  and  ordanis  the  official-  to  go  and  visit 
the  samen  to  be  sufficient ;  and  gif  he  failye,  he  to  pey  ten  pund  wnlaw, 
and  the  interand  tennent  to  pey  alse  meikill,  incais  he  failye  in  bigging 
of  the  houssis,  according  to  the  comprysing  as  he  ressauit  peyment  fra 
the  tennent  that  remowit  thairfra. 

It  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  na  murburne  quher  aney  wod  or  danger 
of  wod  is  neir  hand  be  maid  at  no  tyme  cuming,  without  thair  be  sex 
honest  nichtbouris  with  the  persone  that  niakis  the  same  inurburne, 
quhais  opinioun  he  sail  tak  to  the  doing  thairof,  to  await  on  it  sua  lang 
as  it  burnes  and  to  quench  it  agane,  and  to  cheis  the  day  and  the 
wind  convenient,  and  gif  they  failye,  ilk  persone  to  pey  fourtie  pund  of 
wnlaw  toties  quoties. 

It  is  statute  and  ordanit  that  thair  be  a  poindfauld  biggit  on  the 
ten  merk  land  of  Clochran,  and  Finlay  M'Ewin  and  Gillemarten 
M'Finlay  Vlllemarten  to  be  principallis  thairfoir ;  ane  uther  poind 
fauld  on  Auchmoir,  Duncan  M'Ewar  thairfoir ;  ane  vther  poindfauld  on 
Kinnaldy  Sleuch  and  Acharne,  Finlay  M'Nab  of  Bovane  thairfoir ;  and 
ane  poindfauld  on  the  sex  pund  land  of  Lickis,  Johne  Dow  M'Ewar 
thairfoir  ;  on  the  xiii  merk  land  of  Ardchalzies  ane  poindfauld ;  Led- 
charrie,  Eddirraveneach  and  the  Suy  vi  lib  land  ane  poindfauld  to  be 
biggit,  Patrik  M'Nab  and  Donald  M'Connochie  V'Aclerycht  to  be  princi 
pallis  ;  on  the  laudis  of  Eyich,  Innerhervy  and  Innerardarrone  ane 
poindfauld  to  be  biggit,  Callum  M'Ean  V'lllechrist  and  Donald  Roy 
M'Farlane  to  be]  principallis  ;  on  Dowinch,  Innerchagernay,  Leiragan 
ane  pund  fauld  to  be  biggit,  Duncan  M'Nab  and  Johne  M'Intyir  princi- 

Court  Books.— 1624. 


pallis  thairfoir  ;  Achessan,  Ewar  and  Craigrarey  ane  pund  fauld,  Johne 
Dow  M'Connochie  V'Nesker  and  Donald  MTatrik  principallis  thairfoir; 
Inchewin,  Bowocliter  and  Auchlyne  ane  pund  fauld,  Alexander  M'Finlay 
V'Nab  debtour  thairfoir  ;  on  Blarneskea,  Creitchosh  and  Craighur  ane 
poind  fauld,  Duncane  Dow  M'Nab  and  Callum  M'Gibone  debtouris 
thairfoir  ;  on  Bovane  and  the  tua  Ardnagaltis  ane  poindfauld,  Johne 
Boy  M'Donald  V'Nab  and  Duncane  M'Nesker  defcouris  thairfoir ;  on 
the  Kirktoun  of  Killin  and  Craignavey  ane  poind  fauld,  Ewin  Campbell 
and  Johne  M'Thomas  principallis  thairfoir;  on  the  viii  merkland 
of  Moyerlonich  and  on  the  tua  merkland  of  Candknok  ane  pind 
fauld,  James  Campbell  and  Mureich  M'Gillerioch  principallis  thair 
foir  ;  on  Murlaganmoir,  Murlaganbeg  and  Daldravaig  ane  pund  fauld, 
Duncan  M'Oleis  and  Duncan  M'Nab  principallis  thairfoir ;  on 
Corricharmik  ane  pind  fauld,  Patrik  Dow  Campbell  thairfoir  ;  on 
Bottnornay  Moir,  Bottnornay  Beg  and  Dalgardy  ane  pind  fauld,  Coline 
Campbell  and  Donald  Oig  M'Vane;  on  Terray  and  Tullycht  ane 
poind  fauld,  Johne  Do\v  M'Wirzicht  and  Johne  Dow  M'Donald  Roy 
Wane  ;  on  the  8  markland  of  Craig  a  poindfauld,  Finlay  M'Gille- 
moyle  and  Gillechrist  Roy  M'Intaillour ;  on  the  ten  merkland  of 
Finlarg  ane  poind  fauld,  Callum  M'Kenrik  principall  thairfoir. 


Court  Books.— 1621. 


Aprilis  anno  Domini  millesimo  sexcentesimo  vigesimo  primo  per 
honorabilem  virum  dominum  Duncanum  Campbell  de  Glenur- 
quhay  militem,  suosque  balliuos,  clericum,  officiarium,  ceteraque 
curie  membra  ;  sectis  vocatis,  curia  legitime  affirmata. 

Archbaldus  M'Nesker,  Dempster. 


Archbald    M'Donchie    in    Blar- 

Johnne    Dow    M'Gillechrist    in 

Finlay  Dow  M'Instalker  in  Cran- 


Patrik  M'Avyre  thair. 
Duncan  Dow  M'Nab  in  Morinch. 
Johnne  M'Cairlycht  in  Morinch. 
Williame  Meinzies  thair. 


Patrik  M'Lauran  in  Crannycht. 
Duncan  M'Cairlycht  thair. 
Johnne  M'Thomas  in  Killin. 
Callum  M'Kenrik  in  Finlarg. 
Ewar  M'Gillechrist  in  Killin. 
Finlay  M'Gillevene  inTirarthour. 
Donald  M'Ean  Y'Aclerycht  in 

Allaster    M'Finlay    V'Nab    in 



Johnne  Dow  M'Kenrik  in  Drissag. 
The  Weddo  in  the  Leatter. 

The  quhilk  day  Donald  M'Oldouycht  in  Ardtatill  persewis  Patrik 
M'Agowin  in  Barchastellane  for  cumming  to  his  awine  hous  and 
blooding  and  striking  of  him  with  ane  suord,  and  for  the  hurting  of  his 

Court  Books.— 1621. 


hand,  and  alse  for  spoilyeing  him  of  his  bow  and  durk  and  away  taking 
of  xx  s.  out  of  his  purse.  The  assyis  haiveing  tryit  and  examinat  this 
blood  and  wrang  convictis  the  defender  in  blood,  and  the  persewar  in 

The  quhilk  day  Archbald  M'Eane  official*  in  Glenurquhay,  in  name 
of  the  Laird,  persewis  Patrik  M'Agowin  in  Barchastellane  for  hurting 
and  dinging  of  Duncane  Bane  M'Eane  seruitour  to  the  Laird  of  Laweris 
with  ane  sourd  and  quhinger  in  the  heid,  to  the  greit  effusioun  of  his 
bloode.  The  defender  grantis  the  bloode  and  thairfoir  is  convict  for 
the  samen  according  to  his  awin  confessioun  etc. 

Duncan  Dow  M'Bay  in  Ardtatill  persewis  the  said  Patrik  M'Agowin 
in  Barchastellan  for  blooding  of  him  with  ane  sourd  and  hurting  of 
him  thairwith  in  the  hand.  The  assyis  convictis  the  defender  in 

The  quhilk  day  Johnne  and  Patrik  M'Agownes  findis  Duncan 
Rioch  M'Gillepatrik  V'Nicoll  in  Succoth  cautioner  for  thame  that 
they  sail  mak  guid  seruice  to  the  countray,  and  that  under  the  paine 
of  fourtie  pundis  money ;  and  alse  the  said  Patrik  M'Agowin  oblissis 
him  to  find  sufficient  cautioun,  under  the  pane  of  fourtie  pundis 
money,  that  he  sail  not  trubill  oppres  or  molest  nane  of  the  Lairdis 
tennentis  nor  seruandis  in  tyme  cuming,  under  the  foirsaid  pane  of 
xl  lib. 

The  quhilk  day  Marie  Nicoleis  spous  to  umquhile  Johne  M'Eanroy 
is  challangit  and  accusit  for  recepting  of  thrie  great  ky,  quhilkis  wer 


Act  of 
for  Johnne 
and  Patrik 
M'Ago  wines. 


Court  Books.— 1621. 

Girssing  of 
Auld  Clas- 


stollin  fra  umquhile  Duncan  M'Onachtan,  bowman  in  Bottnornay  Beg 
in  anno  1G02.  The  assyis  decernis  and  ordanis  the  said  Marie 
Nicoleis  to  mak  peyment  to  the  Laird  of  ane  mairt,  price  of  the  samen 
tuentie  fyve  merkis. 

The  quhilk  day  the  Laird  persewis  Johnne  Dow  M'Eanroy  as  execu- 
tour  and  intromettour  with  the  guidis  and  geir  of  his  umquhile  brother 
Angus  M'Eanroy,  quha  wes  ane  theif.  The  heall  assyis  decernis  and 
ordanis  the  defender  as  the  executour  to  his  umquhile  brother  to  mak 
peyment  to  the  Laird  of  i  mairt,  price  thairof  xxv  merkis. 


It  is  ordanit  that  Robert  Campbell  of  Glenfalloch  and  Archibald 
M'Ean  officiar  sail  try  at  auld  men,  sic  as  Malcome  Dow  M'Gillechrist 
and  Gillechrist  M'Gillespick  and  Nicoll  M'Ean  Roy,  to  quhome  the 
girssing  of  Auld  Clascheta  perteinis. 

The  quhilk  day  James  Broune  and  Kaithrene  Grahame  his  spous 
persewis  Johnne  Grahame  of  Braklie  for  the  soume  of  tuentie  merkis 
money  with  the  profeit  and  annuelrent  thairof  restand  thir  fyftene 
yeiris  bygane.  This  actioun  being  at  lenth  hard  and  considderit  be 
the  assyis,  in  sted  of  all  uther  probatioun  the  samen  was  referrit 
simpliciter  to  the  defenderis  aith  of  veritie,  and  he  refuisand  to  depone 
and  gif  his  aith  thairintill,  the  heall  assyis  decernis  and  ordainis  the 
said  Johnne  Grahame  to  mak  peyment  of  tuentie  merkis  money, 
and  that  becaus  of  the  saidis  persewaris  aith  givin  thairupone  in 
presens  of  the  defender,  and  he  refuisand  to  depone  as  said  is  ;  and 

Court  Books. 


ordanis  the  staid  Johnne  Grahame  to  inak  peyment  of  the  said  soume 
of  tuentie  merkis  within  tcrme  of  law,  under  the  pane  of  poinding  of 
his  reddiest  guidis  and  geir. 

The  quhilk  day  Johnne  M'Gillernartene  V'Inleich  persewis  Johnne 
M'Gillegarvie  in  Blarneskea  as  cautioner  for  Duncan  M'Andro  in 
Leragane  for  v  coupillis  of  ane  byr  and  iii  coupillis  of  ane  barne  of 
Urissak  comprysit.  The  heall  assyis  decernis  and  ordanis  the  said 
Johnne  M'Gillegarvie  as  cautioner  for  the  said  Duncan  M'Andro  to 
pey  to  the  persewar  ii  pekis  meill  ii  quarteris  cheis  ane  pynt  butter 
and  ii  quartis  aill  in  contentatioune  of  the  heall  clame. 

CURIA  DE  STRAGARTNAY  TENTA  APUD  FINLARG  sexto  die  mensis  Aprilis 
1621,  curia  legitime  affirmata. 

Nota. — The   Assyisaris  of  the  former  Court  ar  also    Assyisaris   of 

this  Court. 

Larg  and  Brianchalzie — Johnne  Dow  M'Donchie  Stewart,  Patrik 
Stewart  in  Larg,  Robert  Dow  M'Ean  V'James,  Johnne  Dow 
M'William,  Johnne  Dow  M'Keich,  Johnne  Dow  M'Jok,  Fynlay 
Kyll  cottar  ;  the  saidis  Johnne  Dow  M'Donchie  Stewart  and  remanent 
persones  abone  namit  ar  accusit  for  cutting  of  aik,  asch,  birk,  alrone, 
hassell,  and  sauch,  for  schuiting  withe  hagbute  at  wyld  foule  deir  and 
rae,  for  casting  of  peitis  withe  torskenis.  The  said  Johnne  Dow 
M'Donchie  Stewart  is  absoluit ;  Patrik  Stewart  is  convict  for  cutting  of 
ane  leid  of  commoun  wood  and  for  casting  of  peitis  withe  torskenis ; 



Court  Books.— 1621. 

the  said  Kobert  M'Dow  M'Ean  V'James  is  convict  for  cutting  of  half 
ane  leid  of  sauch  and  for  casting  of  peitis  withe  torskenis;  Johnne 
Dow  M'William  is  convict  for  cutting  of  tua  leid  of  haissell  and 
sauch ;  Johnne  Dow  M'Keich  is  convict  for  cutting  of  four  leid 
of  wod  and  for  casting  of  peitis  with  torskenis ;  Finlay  Kyle  cottar 
is  convict  in  the  lyk  pointis ;  Johnne  Dow  M'Jok  is  convict  in  the  lyk 

Strongarwald — Walter  Stewart,  Donald  Millar;  the  said  Walter 

grantis  he  raif  up   sum    sauch    and    haisseill    to  teill    land,  and 

is  convict  for  casting  of  his  peitis  with  torskenis  ;  the  said  Donald 
Miller  absent. 

die  deciino  septimo  mensis  Novembris,  anno  Domini  millesimo 
sexcentesimo  vigesimo  primo 

The  quhilk  day  Elspet  Neindonald  spous  to  Johnne  Dow  M'Alaster 
persewis  Johnne  M'Indoer  officiar  for  cumming  to  hir  hous  and 
wrangoslie  poinding  ane  pott  fra  hir  without  ane  warrand.  The 
assyis  absolues  the  defender,  seing  he  poindit  the  pot  be  vertew  of 
ane  rolment  of  Court  and  decreit,  quhilk  he  producit  in  presens 
of  the  assyis,  quhairupon  the  said  Johnne  M'Indoer  tuik  act. 

Court  Books.— 1622. 


vigesimo  mensis  Februarii,  anno  Domini  1622.  .  .  . 

Donald  M'Gillefedder  sone  to  umquhile  Johnne  Kioch  M'Gillefedder, 
persewis  Donald  Taillour  in  Morinch  for  passing  with  him  to  Laweris 
and  filling  him  full  of  drink,  and  taking  away  the  kie  of  his  umquhile 
fatheris  kist  fra  him,  and  for  wrangous  intrometting  and  taking  out  of 
the  said  kist  ten  doubill  angellis  of  gold  and  fourtie  merkis  of  siluer  and 
sindrie  uther  graith.  The  heall  assyis  heaving  tryit  and  examinat  the 
defender  anent  this  persute,  they  haive  ordanit  him  to  cleing  himself 
thairof  be  sex  persones  of  tuell  persones  that  thei  wald  nominat  and 
chuis,  or  be  4  persones  of  8  persones  that  thei  wald  chuis,  quhilk  the 
said  defender  did,  and  cleingit  him  self  in  presens  of  the  assyis  be  the 
4  of  8  persones  nominat  be  them  for  that  effect,  quhairupone  the  said 
defender  tuik  act. 

Donald  Taillour  M'Gillechrist  in  Morinch  persewis  N'Vane  in 
Morinch  for  a  pock  of  eird  that  scho  tuik  af  Tomnayngell  and  brocht 
it  to  M'Olanes  hous,  and  thairefter  to  his,  quhairby  sen  syne  the 
persewaris  geir  hes  not  lukit  with  him  and  his  cornes  growis  not ; 
absolues  the  defender  at  this  tyme,  and  dischairges  all  persones  fra  useing 
of  the  said  pok  of  eird  in  tyme  cuming,  seing  it  inclynis  to  no  guid  hot 
to  ane  ewill  custome. 

Johnne  Kioch  M'Gillevene  in  Craig  coft  fra  Patrik  M'Lauran  storer 
twa  mairtis,  quhairof  ane  of  thame  was  sauld  be  him  to  Ewar  M'Ewar 
bowman,  the  uther  mairt  sauld  to  Donald  Dow  M'Nokerd  bowman 



Court  Books.— 1622. 

in  Cambiswirrycht,  contrair  the  Lairdis  actis,  quhairby  it  is  ordauit 
[that]  quha  ever  byis  ane  mairt  fra  any,  except  fra  the  storer  to  slay,  sail 
pey  fourtie  pund  wnlaw,  and  quhaewer  sellis  the  mairt  overagane  to 
pey  uther  xl  lib.  wnlaw. 

Johnne  Dow  M'Instalker  is  persewit  for  steilling  of  ane  of  the  Lairdis 
ky,  and  in  takin  thairof  he  sauld  hir  to  Johnne  Dow  M'Gregour 
V'Patrik  in  Stratherne  efter  Andersmes  or  thairby  1621.  The  said 
Johnne  Dow  M'Instalker  is  absoluet  fra  this  persute  be  his  aith  of 

CURIA  DE  CABTHUSIEN'   TENTA  APUD   FINLARG  die  vigesimo  mensis 
Februarii,  anno  Domini  1622. 

Johnne  Dow  M'Instalker  in  Clochran  persewis  Patrik  M'Nab  of 
Swy  for  taking  away  of  his  awin  fied  hird,  and  tyning  of  thrie  ky 
quhilkis  wer  slane  be  the  wolf.  The  assyis  decernis  and  ordanis  the 
said  Patrik  M'Nab  to  pey  twa  merkis  money,  and  ane  pair  of  schone  in 
contentatioun  of  the  clame. 

Finlay  M'Connoquhay  V'Aclerycht  in  Ledcharry  persewis  Gillechrist 
M'Donchie  VGillechrist  for  ane  schutting  bow,  price  thairof  xii  lib. 
The  assyis  decernis  the  defender  to  delyuer  the  bow  to  the  persewar, 
and  alse  fourtie  schillingis  money  for  the  skaith  the  said  bow  hes 
gottin  be  the  defender. 

Court  Books.— 1622. 


octauo  mensis  Martii,  anno  Domini  1622. 

Item  the  assyis  of  Court  considdering  that  the  brigis  of  Killin  ar 
lyklie  to  decay  and  fall  doun :  Thairfoir  they  decerne  and  ordanis  the 
heall  cadgeris  to  bring  thrie  dissoun  of  buirdis  amongis  thame  to  help 
to  mend  and  repair  the  saidis  brigis ;  and  gif  the  cadgeris  failye,  the 
assyis  decernis  ilk  ane  of  thame  to  pey  fourtie  schillingis  money  of 

sexto  mensis  Maii,  anno  Domini  1622.  .  .  . 

James  M'Kewny  complenis  on  Duncan  M'Donald  that  quhair  he 
pat  his  cornis  in  the  myln  and  desyrit  the  milleris  to  grind  the  samyn, 
seing  himself  wes  directit  wast  to  the  carreage,  and  that  his  wyf  and 
puir  bairnes  wes  almost  lyk  to  starve  for  hunger,  nevertheles  the  said 
Duncane  M'Donald  gaif  ane  expres  command  to  the  milleris  nawayes  to 
grind  the  said  persewaris  cornis  quhill  the  said  Donald  wer  payit  of 
vi  s.  8d.  money  allegit  auchtand  to  him  be  the  persewar.  The  assyis 
of  court  findis  the  said  Duncane  M'Donald  in  ane  wrange  for  refuising 
to  grind  the  persewaris  comes,  and  to  poind  at  his  awin  hand  aganes 
all  reassoun  and  equitie. 


Court  Books.— 1623. 

The  quhilk  day  Johnne  Dow  M'lllecheir  younger  miller  findis 
Johnne  Dow  M'Alaster  in  Balnasoome  cautioner  for  him,  that  he  sail 
not  play  at  cairtis  and  dyce  with  Andro  Kippen  gairdner  in  Balloch, 
at  no  tyme  heirefter  under  the  pane  of  tuenty  pundis  money. 

CURIA  IUSTICIARIE  TENTA  APOD  CANDMOiR  vigesimo  septimo  die  mensis 
Januarii,  anno  Domini  rnillesimo  sexcentesimo  vigesimo  tertio,  per 
honorabilem  virum  Colinum  Campbell  feodatarium  de  Glenur- 
quhay,  justiciarium  in  hac  parte,  virtute  littere  commissionis 
S.  D.  N.  Kegis,  de  data  apud  Edinburgh  nono  die  mensis 
Januarii  instantis,  clericum,  officiai-ium,  cseteraque  curiee  membra ; 
sectis  vocatis,  et  curia  legitime  affirmata. 

Johnne  M'Gillecheir,  Dempster. 

Nomina  Assisce. 

Johnne  Campbell  in  Portbane. 
Alexander  Kobertsone  in  Fernay. 
Archibald  Menzies  in  Garth. 
Donald  Doer  in  Tullichwoyllen. 
Duncane    M'Donald    in    Balli- 

Johnne  Hoy  Campbell  in  Cand- 


George  Dow  in  Ballnaskeage. 
Duncane  Menzies  in  Tennave. 
Johnne  Menzies  in  Stuikis. 
Duncan  Leitch  in  Dunnoquheill. 

Gillechrist  M'Achrerer  in  Auchieinch. 
Donald  M'Connochie  Vane  in  Auchotner. 
Callum  M'Neill  V'Connoche  in  Fernay. 
Coline  Campbell  in  Dalgardy. 
Donald  Glas  M'Ewin  in  Aucharne. 

Court  Books.— 1623. 


Gillecrist  M'Intaillour  and  Marie  N'Gregour  thair  dittay  following. 

Item  imprimis  thow  Gillechrist  M'Intaillour  art  accusit  for  the 
thifteous  stelling  of  tua  scheip  frome  on  the  viii  of  De 

cember  1622  or  thairby,  and  in  takin  thairof  ye  wes  takin  in  the  Craig 
of  Culdar  about  xi  houris  at  nicht  on  the  tent  of  the  said  moneth  of 
December,  quhair  ye  haid  the  flesh  of  the  said  scheip  hiddin  with  yow. 
The  said  Gillechrist  confessis  the  steilling  of  the  said  tua  scheip. 

Item  thou  art  accusit  for  the  thifteous  stelling  and  auay  taking  of 
ane  scheip  fra  on  the  xv  day  of  August  1622  or  thairby,  and  in 

takin  thairof  Callum  Dow  M'Olane  met  with  yow  the  samen  nicht,  and 
sua  schone  as  ye  saw  him  ye  fled  and  lay  doun  among  the  cornis,  and 
quhen  he  cam  to  yow  he  fand  the  flesh  of  the  said  scheip  on  your 
bak  and  challangit  yow  thairupone.  The  said  Gillechrist  confessit 
that  he  did  steill  the  said  scheip  out  of  ane  fauld  in  Laweris. 

Item  thow  art  accusit  for  the  thifteous  steilling  of  ane  kow  fra 
Donald  Dow  M'Alester  V'Eane  in  Ballimenach  in  Fernay,  fyve  yeir 
sence  or  thairby ;  and  in  takin  thairof  thow  maid  satisfactioun  to  him 
for  the  said  kow. 

Item  thou  art  accusit  for  the  thifteous  steilling  in  heraest  last  1622, 
fra  Callum  M'Neill  V'Connochie  in  Fernay,  of  ane  pair  of  keardis  and 
ane  quirtch  woll  yearne  and  ane  belt ;  and  in  takin  thairof  the  keardis 
wer  fund  in  the  hous  quhair  ye  hantit  in  Culdar  Moir. 


Court  Books.— 1623. 

Item  thou  art  accusit  for  trie  thefteous  steilling  of  ane  goat  sewin 
yeir  syn  out  of  Leatter  Ellane,  perteneing  to  Duncan  M'Lauran  in 
Auchater,  and  in  takin  thairof  ye  eat  the  said  goat  in  ane  hous  in 
Stronfernay  quhairin  ye  duelt  for  the  tyme. 

Item  thou  art  accusit  for  the  thifteous  steilling  of  ane  scheip  fra 
Callum  Dow  M'Olane  in  Tennave  sevin  yeir  syne  or  thairby,  and  in 
takin  thairof  ye  grantit  the  samen  to  Callum  Dow  M'Olanes  sone. 

Mair  thow  art  indytit  and  accusit  for  sorneing  outfang  and  infang, 
quhilk  thow  comone  theif  cannot  denny. 

Item  the  said  Marie  N'Gregour  is  accusit  upone  the  particular 
pointis  abonewrittin,  and  alse  being  art  and  part  and  ressetar  of  the 
heall  thift  committit  be  Gillechrist  M'Intaillour. 

Item  the  heall  assyis  hes  electit  and  chusit  Johnne  Campbell  in 
Portbane  thair  chancellor.  The  quhilk  day  the  said  Gillechrist 
M'lntaillour  and  Marie  N'Gregonr  sittand  on  pannell  in  presens  of  the 
Justice  Deput  foirsaid  and  fencit  court,  and  being  indyttit  and  accusit 
in  maner  foirsaid,  and  efter  convictioun  in  maner  abonewrittin,  the 
assyis  of  court  abone  namit  all  in  ane  voce  be  the  mouth  of  the  said 
Johnne  Campbell  thair  chanceller  but  aney  contradictioun  have  decernit 
and  ordanit  the  said  Gillechrist  M'Intallour  to  be  instantly  hangit  be 
his  craig  upone  ane  gibet  or  gallons  quhill  he  be  deid  and  the  lyf  out 
of  his  bodie,  and  that  for  his  awin  demeritis  committit  be  him  in 
maner  abone  rehersit  aganes  his  Maiesties  lawis ;  and  ordaines  the  said 

Court  Books.— 1624. 


Marie  Nik-Gregour  to  be  schurgit  and  banest  the  countrey,  and  quha 
euer  in  the  countrey  receptis  hir  or  gevis  hir  meat  or  drink  to  pey  ten 
pundis  money  toties  quoties. 

vigesimo  die  mensis  Octobris,  anno  1623.  .  .  . 

The  Laird  persewis  Johnne  M'Intheir  for  lattiog  of  umquhile  Finlay 
M'Keissiks  bairnis  die  for  hunger  and  haifing  thair  geir  to  sustene 
tham  thairwith.  The  assyse  findis  M'Intheir  in  ane  wrang. 

sexto  die  mensis  Decembris  anno  1623.  .  .  . 

The  qiihilk  day  Patrik  M'Woyllen  in  Tulliglas  convict  for  blooding 
of  the  Lairdis  ky.  Kaithren  M'Comey  relict  of  umquhile  Ewin  M'Ewin 
is  also  convict  for  blooding  of  the  Lairdis  ky. 

CURIA  DE  STRAGARTNAY  TENTA  APUD  FINLARG  penultimo  die  mensis 
Aprilis  anno  Domini  1624. 

Archibald  M'Nokerd  in  Glenlochie  persewis  Johnne  Bane  M'Patrik 
in  Durry  for  tua  ky  of  his  that  he  wrangoslie  intromettit  with  fra  the 
said  Archibald  out  of  Garrowstouk  in  Arrochar.  The  assyse  of  court 
decernis  and  ordanis  the  defender  to  bring  ane  testimoniall  subscriuit 
be  the  minister  of  Lus  and  Andro  M'Farlane  of  Drumfad,  that  umquhile 


Court  Books.— 1624. 

Duncane  Yarrow  quha  wes  execute  for  thift  cleingit  him  of  the  foirsaid 
tua  ky  quhen  he  wes  going  up  the  ledder  to  be  hangit,  and  that  within 
the  space  of  xx  dayis  efter  the  dait  of  this  court  haulden,  utherwayse 
the  said  Johnne  Bane  to  pey  the  saidis  tua  ky  acclamit  to  the  said 
Archibald  M'Nokerd  persewar. 

CURIA  DE  BONRANNOCH  TENTA  APUD  BALLOCH  undecimo  die  mensis 
Nouembris,  anno  Domini  millesimo  sexcentesimo  vigesimo 
quarto.  .  .  . 

Quhilk  day  Donald  Stewart  in  Drumquheine  being  accusit  for  cutting 
of  Neill  Stewart  his  brother  his  heid  with  ane  suord,  in  takin  quhairof 
the  said  Neill  come  to  the  Laird  and  complanit,  quha  gaive  to  him 
silver  and  salue  to  haill  his  heid  as  the  bill  at  lenth  beiris.  The  Laird 
in  name  of  the  perseuer  comperand,  and  haiving  referrit  the  same  to 
the  said  Donald  his  aith  of  veritie,  [he]  refuissit  to  depone ;  and  thair- 
for  the  assyse  in  ane  voce  decernit  the  said  Donald  in  ane  bluid  unlaw 
for  the  bluiding  of  his  said  brother. 

Unlawis  of  the  foirsaid  Court  &c. 

Johnne  Stewart  in  Drumquheine  for  latting  Callum  Owir  M'Alester 
and  M'Kylt  his  man  to  libertie  efter  he  haid  apprehenit  M'Kylt  with 
ane  stowin  scheip  on  his  bak,  and  for  taking  four  merkis  fra  the  said 
Callum  Owir  and  ane  meir  from  M'Kylt  in  compositioun  thairof.  .  .  . 

Court  Books— 1625. 


mensis  Decembris,  anno  Domini  millesimo  sexcentesimo  vigesimo 
quarto.  .  .  . 

The  Laird  persewis  Callum  M'Olean  in  Ledchrosk  for  selling  ane  of 
his  best  wedderis  in  Perth  at  St.  Johnisday  last,  in  taken  quhairof 
Johnne  Dow  Mf  Anevellich  apprehendit  the  same  in  his  hand  quhen  he 
was  delyvering  the  same  to  the  fleschour.  The  assyse  with  consent  of 
pairtie  continewis  the  actioun  sub  spe  concordie  to  the  nixt  courtt. 

CURIA  .  .  .  TENTA  APUD  BALLOCH  primo  die  mensis  Februarii,  anno 

Domini  1625. 

Duncane  M'Kerras  is  unlawit  for  selling  aill  to  the  comonis  quhill 
they  wer  drunkine. 

Duncane  M'Keandley  persewis  Allester  Esker  for  xlvi  s.  8d.  of  fie, 
ane  auld  cott  and  thrie  elnis  of  clothe  and  ane  pair  schonne  as 
bountey  for  his  umquhill  brotheris  fie  and  bountey  promittit  be  the 
defender  to  him.  The  assyse  decernis  xiii  s.  iiii  d.  of  fie,  ane  cot  or  vi  s. 
viii  d.  thairfoir,  and  ane  pair  schone  or  iiii  s.  thairfoir,  within  terme  of 


Court  Books.— 1626. 


septimo  die  mensis  Februarii,  anno  Domini  millesimo  sexcentesimo 
vigesimo  quinto.  .  .  . 

It  is  statut  and  ordanit  that  all  sic  personis  that  salbe  heirefter 
convict  as  drunkardis  sail  mak  thair  publict  repentence  on  the  stuill, 
and  pey  v  lib  toties  quoties,  and  for  the  secund  fault  sail  mak  thair 
repentence  in  Dunkeld. 

CURIA  IUSTICIARIE  TENTA  APUD  CANDMOiR  tertio  die  mensis  Januarii 
1626,  per  honorabilem  virum  dominum  Duncanum  Campbell  de 
Glenurquhie  militem,  Justiciarium  in  hac  parte,  virtute  litere  com- 
missionis  S.  D.  N.  Regis,  de  data  apud  Edinburgh  vigesimo  die 
mensis  Decembris  1625,  clericum,  officiarium,  ceteraque  curie 
membra ;  sectis  vocatis,  et  curia  legittime  affirmata. 
Donald  Phietar,  Dempster. 

The  quhilk  day  Donald  M'Intailyeour  in  Moring,  being  presentit  to 
the  pannell,  is  indyttit  and  accusitt  be  Alexander  M'Finlay  V'Nabe  in 
Inschewine  for  the  particular  pointt  of  slauchter  undirwrittine. 

Item  the  said  Donald  M'Intailyeour  is  indyttit  and  accusitt  for  the 
cruell  and  unmercifull  slauchter  of  umquhile  Patrik  M'Nabe  in  Swy, 
committit  be  him  upone  the  sextt  day  of  December  last  bypast ;  for 
the  quhilk  he  wes  apprehendit  with  hait  bluid,  quhilk  he  cannot  deny. 
And  in  respect  of  the  said  Donaldis  avine  judiciall  confessioune,  the 
Judges  as  commissioneris  abone  namitt  hes  committit  him  to  the  tryell 
of  the  assysse.  .  .  . 

Court  Books.— IQ2Q. 


The  quhilkis  personis  ...  all  in  ane  voice  butt  contradictioune  be  the 
mouthe  of  thair  .  .  .  chancellare  did  convictt  the  said  Donald  M'ln- 
tailyeour  in  the  particular  point  of  slauchter  of  the  said  Patrik  M'Nabe 
abonewrittine,  contenitt  in  the  dittay  abone  specifeitt ;  and  thairfoir 
the  Judges  decernitt  and  ordanitt  the  said  Donald  M'Intailyeour  his 
head  to  be  straikin  frome  his  bodie  according  to  his  demerittis,  in  ex 
ample  of  vtheris  to  commit  the  lyk ;  quhairupone  Donald  Phietar 
dempster  gave  furthe  dome  and  sentence.  .  .  . 

CUKIA    DE    DlSCHEOR    ET    TOYAE    TENTA    APUD    FlNLARGE    6    Februar 

1626.  .  .  . 

The  Laird  persewis  Donald  M'Caull  in  Terarthour  for  selling  of 
drink  under  silence  of  nichtt  to  the  commonis,  quhairthrow  theyr  wer 
slauchter  committitt — convictt  thairin. 

CURIA  DE  CARTHUSIEN'  TENTA  APUD  FINLARGE  28  Julii  1626.  .  .  . 

The  comprising  of  the  nailne  of  Morinche  compryssitt  be  M'Gilleveir 
and  M'Gressiche  millaris  upone  Archibald  and  Patrik  M'Carliches 
as  followes. 

Item  for  the  milne  gavell  and  workmanschipe  vi  lib.  xiii  8. 

Item  for  the  wattir  troche  iii  lib. 

Item  for  bigging  of  the  rest  of  the  milne  xx  lib. 

At  Killin  the  xx  of  August  1626.    The  quhilk  day  it  is  statuit  and 
ordanitt  be  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhie  knicht,  with  consent 


Court  Books.— 1627. 

of  the  haill  elderis,  thatt  ewere  brouster  brew  vulklie  upone  Thursday 
at  nichtt  thatt  they  mey  halve  new  aill  upone  Soneday  thaireftter  vulklie, 
and  thatt  they  sail  not  sell  ony  of  the  forsaid  aill  upone  ony  Sonday 
befoir  preiching,  undir  the  paine  of  ane  galloune  of  aill  of  failye,  viz., 
the  halff  thairof  to  be  delt  to  the  puire,  and  the  uther  halff  to  the 
cunstaris ;  and  alse  that  ewere  brouster  give  outt  of  ewere  brewine  ane 
pointt  of  aill  to  the  cunstaris. 

decimo  quarto  diebus  mensis  Aprilis  1627.  .  .  . 

The  Laird  persewis  the  men  of  Corrygyll  and  Sockoch  for  drinking 
of  aquavitee.  Donald  M'llle  Phadrik  V'Nicoll  confessis  the  aquavitae 
man  to  haue  beine  ane  nicht  with  him  in  his  howss  ;  Donald  M'Con- 
dochie  Phadrik  confessis  the  lyk,  and  that  he  drank  ane  boddoch 
thairof  in  his  awin  howss ;  Duncane  M'Dillaine  aither  to  cleing  him 
selff  or  be  convict ;  Donald  M'lllevernak  in  Dryssage  convict  for  his 

CURIA  DE  LESMOIR  TENTA  APUD  FERLOCHANE  vigesimo  die  mensis 
Aprilis,  in  anno  1627.  .  .  . 

The  Laird  persewis  the  haill  tennentis  of  Lesmoir  for  halding  of 
quernis  and  not  bringing  of  thair  cornis  to  the  mylne  to  be  ground 
thairat.  Duncane  M'Ean  VaChannich  convict  for  quernis ;  Neill 
M'Ean  V'aChannich  thair  convict  for  quernis ;  Donald  M'Entyre  in 
Auchnachrosk  convict  for  quernis. 

Court  Boolcs.— 1627. 

septimo  die  mensis  Septembris,  anno  Domini  1627. 

The  quhilk  day  dew  considerations  being  had  be  the  said  rycht 
honourabill  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  knycht,  his  bailyie 
of  Court,  with  the  advyse  and  consent  of  the  assysse  thairof  abone- 
writtin,  and  of  ane  sufficient  number  of  the  tennentis  of  the  cuntrey, 
quhat  number  of  men  salbe  leviet  and  tane  up  within  the  boundis  of 
Braidalbane,  pertening  to  the  said  Sir  Duncane,  for  the  help  and  supplie 
of  his  Majesties  warris  aganes  the  French  king,  conforme  to  the  mynd 
and  desyre  of  oure  Soverane  Lord  King  Charles  his  Hienes  letter  and 
of  utheris  seuerall  letteris  direct  frome  his  Majesties  privie  Counsell  to 
the  said  Sir  Duncane,  and  produceit  and  publictlie  red  hi  presence  of  the 
haill  personis  convenit  at  this  present  Court  for  that  effect ;  and  quhat 
sowmes  of  money  salbe  furneissit  to  the  undertakeris  of  this  seruice,  and 
how  the  samyn  salbe  collected  and  had  for  the  better  dispatche  of  this 
bussines:  It  is  heirfoir  statute  and  ordanit  be  the  said  Sir  Duncan  and 
his  bailyie,  with  the  advyse  and  consent  foirsaid,  that  evirie  persone  that 
gois  furth  to  the  said  seruice  sail  haue  the  soume  of  fourtie  pundis 
money  Scottis  for  thair  better  furnitour  of  cloathis  and  utheris  necessaris 
fitting  thame  for  the  pairt ;  and  for  the  better  performeance  heirof  it  is 
lykwayis  ordanit,  with  advyse  and  consent  foirsaid,  that  evirie  merkland 
pertening  to  the  said  Sir  Duncane  and  Finlay  M'Nab  of  Bovayne,  and 
pertening  to  the  said  James  Campbell,  fear  of  Eddirramuckie,  lyand 
within  the  foirsaid  boundis  of  Braidalbane,  salbe  taxat  and  stentit  to  tua 
merkis  money  gif  it  happin  ten  men  to  go  furth,  and  xl  s.  money  out  of 


Court  Books. — 1627. 

ilk  merkland  gif  it  happin  fiftene  men  to  go  furth,  and  four  merkis 
money  foirsaid  out  of  ilk  merkland  within  the  saidis  boundis  gif  it 
happin  tuentie  men  to  be  employed  and  go  furth  in  the  said  service, 
sua  that  evirie  persone  that  beis  employed  and  goes  furth  in  this 
bussines  sail  haue  fourtie  pundis  money  foirsaid  for  thair  said  furni- 
tour ;  and  that  for  the  forder  obedience  of  the  seuerall  lettres  abone 
mentionat  direct  for  supplie  of  the  saidis  warris. 

CURIA  .  .  .  TENTA  APUD  BALLOCH  27  die  mensis  Nouembris  1627.  .  .  . 


Item  Agnes  Barroun  spows  to  Johnne  Eoy  Campbell  in  Keandmoir 
for  ringing  of  the  bell  out  of  hir  ambitious  humouris,  quhilk  is  appoyntit 
for  the  glory  of  Grod,  according  to  hir  awin  confessioun  convict  in  v  lib. 

mensis  Decembris  1627.  . 

Johne  M'Entailyeour  in  Balnaskeage  persewis  the  Laird  for  the  strae 
of  ane  cropt  of  ane  v  s.  land  of  Balnaskeiag.  The  Judge  and 
Assysoris  haveing  tryit  the  said  matter  ordanis  M'Kellop  to  give 

the  persewar  the  halff  of  the  lairdis  strae  of  the  cropt  of  ane  v  s.  land 
of  Balnaskeag  in  contentatioune  of  the  clame. 

Court  Boolcs.— 1629. 


Qulrilk  day  the  judge  and  haill  assysouris  all  in  ane  voice  efter  ryp 
advysment  statuittes  and  ordaynes  that  na  persone  nor  persones  within 
the  Laird  of  Glenurquhayes  boundis  that  sail  happin  to  give  in  ane 
actioune  to  the  clerk  aggrie  with  the  pairtie  untill  the  samen  be 
judiciallie  decerned  under  the  pain  of  ... 

mensis  Junii,  anno  Domini  1629.  .  .  . 

Quhilk  day  Allaster  M'Condich  Kinlay  is  persewit  for  drinking  in 
M'Farlans  house  [and]  in  Kynnaldingis  house  quhill  he  spewit  agane. 
Confessis  he  drank  by  dyet. 

Julii,  anno  Domini  1629.  .  .  . 

The  Laird  persewis  Johne  Dow  M'Ewin  in  Ferlochan  for  ane  hund- 
reth  pundis  restand  awand  be  him  for  the  siluer  deutie  that  he  is  awand 
for  the  salt  pan  for  the  Martymes  terme  1627,  and  for  thriescoir  sex 
pundis  xiii  s.  iiii  d.  awand  be  him  for  the  deutie  of  the  said  salt  pan  of 
the  Witsonday  terme  1628,  and  ane  hundreth  threttie  thrie  pundis  vi  s. 
viiii  d.  for  the  deutie  of  the  said  salt  pan  of  the  terme  of  Martymes 
1628,  and  thriescor  sex  pundis  xiii  s.  iiii  d.  for  the  Witsonday  terme 
last  bipast  1629.  The  said  Johnne  Dow  confessis.  The  assysoris 
decernis  him  to  pay  the  clame. 


Court  Books.— 1631. 

Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  upon  the  tuentie  fort  day  of  Apryle 
1630  yeiris,  that  quhatsumevir  persone  within  the  boundis  respectiue 
forsaidis  buyis  ane  boll  of  beir  aittis  peise  or  meill  fra  ony  fermorar 
within  the  samyne  boundis,  quhill  the  Lairdis  fermis  be  first  payit,  the 
buyer  sail  pay  x  libs  of  unlaw,  and  the  pryce  of  the  boll  to  the  Laird ; 
and  the  fermorar  that  sellis  the  said  victuall  sail  pay  uther  x  libs 
of  unlaw. 

mensis  Februarii  1631.  .  .  . 

Quhilk  day  the  Laird  persewis  Finlay  Baine  M'Killop  bowman  in 
Balloch  for  taking  of  ane  sore  horse  of  his  to  Kannoch  in  somer  1629 
and  putting  on  him  ane  great  burden  of  timber,  and  did  let  him  goe 
through  the  wode  all  night  quhair  he  stak  betwixt  tua  treis  all  night 
and  the  timber  on  his  bak,  quhairby  the  horse  wes  so  hurt  that  he  diet 
schortlie.  The  assyse  absoluis  him  becaus  it  is  provin  be  neighbouris 
that  he  wes  haill  and  feir  thairefter  four  monethis,  and  did  ryde  tuyse 
to  Edinburgh  under  Duncane  Kobertsone. 

mensis  Nouembris  1631.  .  .  . 

Johnne  M'Intailliour  voir  in  Tomgarrow  persewis  Callum  M'Con- 
dochie  V'Coniell  for  ane  house,  viii  merkis  and  a  halff.  Decernis  the 
defender  to  pay  the  clame. 

Court  Books.— 1634. 

sexto  die  mensis  Decembris,  anno  1632.  .  .  . 

Johnne  Campbell  elder  in  Portbane  cautioun  for  his  sone  Duncan  e 
Campbell  in  Creitgarrow  that  he  sail  not  burne  a  blase,  schuit  a  wasp 
spear,  nor  put  out  a  wand  on  any  pairt  of  the  water  of  Tay  heirefter, 
under  the  pane  of  ic-  lib  for  ilk  failyie  toties  quoties. 


ultimo  die  mensis  Maii  1633.  .  .  . 

Unlawis.  .  .  . 

U'Kchoniell  in   Finlarg  for  breaking  of  the  glaisin  windowis 

in  Finlarg  and  melting  of  the  leid  of  them  to  be  quhorles  x  lib.  .  .  . 

At  the  Kirk  of  KILLIN  the  xv  of  August  1634. 

The  quhilk  day  the  Laird  .  .  .  hes  thought  best  .  .  .  that  na  bloker 
or  buyer  of  horse,  nolt,  scheip,  or  ony  uther  kynd  of  bestiall,  buy  ony  of 
thame  fra  thair  owin  neighbouris  duelland  on  ony  .  .  .  landis  betuix 
the  Furd  of  Lyoun  and  Tanndrum,  nor  yit  that  thay  buy  ony  of  the 
saidis  sortis  of  guidis  fra  ony  stranger  quhatevir  he  be,  without  sufficient 
cautioun  to  be  fund  be  the  saidis  persones  of  burgh  and  hamer  .  .  . 
that  the  saidis  guidis  ar  weill  come ;  and  gif  they  doe  utherwayes, 
and  that  they  be  stowin  guidis  that  they  buy,  that  they  sail  incure  the 
penaltie  of  thair  lyfe  and  confiscatioun  of  thair  haill  guidis  and  geir. 



Court  Books.— 164:2. 

Item  it  is  statute  and  ordanit  upon  the  20  day  of  Apryle  1636,  that 
nane  of  the  brousteris  in  the  eist  end  of  Lochtay  brek  any  beir  in  the 
spring  tyme,  under  the  pane  of  x  libs  toties  quoties. 

CURIA  DE  GLENURQUHAY  TENTA  APUD  FINLARG  vigesimo  septimo  die 
mensis  Julii,  anno  Domini  1637.  .  .  . 

Johnne  M'Coniel  V'Ean  in  Innerveach  persewis  Johnne  Dow 
M'Lechoniell  in  Auchallader  for  xvi  merkis  of  my  Lord  of  Lorne  his 
support,  and  for  ane  axe.  Decernis  v  lib. 

CURIA  DE  BENDIRLOCH  TENTA  APUD  AUCHNABA  vigesimo  quinto  die 
mensis  Maii  1641.  .  .  . 

Item  it  is  statute  and  ordained  that  quarnes  be  brokine,  and  ilk 
tennent  and  cottar  to  goe  with  thair  grindable  comes  to  the  milnes, 
quhairto  they  ar  thirled,  under  the  paine  of  x  lib  toties  quoties. 


1642.  .  .  . 

The  Laird  persewis  Donald  Gressich  millar  in  Balloch  for  troubling 
of  Johnne  Menzeis  wyfe  at  the  milne,  and  basting  of  hir,  offering 
to  stryk  hir  and  giving  hir  ill  language  and  to  hir  daughter.  Con- 
victis  him  in  troublance  and  in  the  wrong,  and  ordaines  him  to  goe 
and  remaine  in  the  brankis  half  ane  hour  eftir  sermon  on  Sonday  nixt 
for  his  fault,  or  ellis  to  pay  xx  lib  of  unlaw  to  the  Laird. 

iffollte  of  able  #ien  tmty  tyer 

At  PERTH,  the  17  day  of  Julii  1638. 

The  quhilk  day  the  noblemen,  comissionaris,  barronis,  collector-is,  and 
vther  gentlemen  of  the  schyre,  being  conveinet  for  setling  ane  cours  for 
ansuering  of  certaine  directiounes  and  instructions  gewin  in  to  thame 
be  the  noblemen,  gentlemen,  and  remanent  residentis  at  Edinburgh  at- 
teneing  the  guid  caus. 

They  haue  first  appointed  tuo  gentlemen  of  ilk  paroch,  with  consent 
of  the  minister  and  remanent  heritouris,  to  tak  noteis  of  thir  particu- 
laris  following  to  wit. 

1.  Off  the  name  and  designatioun  of  ilk  particulare  able  man  vithin 
the  paroch.     The  ordor  must  be  this,  that  everie  heretour  be  first  set 
downe,  and  his  tennendis  and  ther  servandis  efter  him. 

2.  Off  quhat  armes  they  haue  presenttUie,  to  wit,  quhat  muskittis, 
vith  restis  and  bandelleris,  powder  and  lead.     Thrie  pund  of  powder 
at  the  least  is  requysit  for  euerie  muskit,  and  aucht  pund  of  match. 

3.  Off  quhat  pickis. 

4.  Quhat  snap  wark  gunnes  and  ther  lenth. 

5.  Quhat  Scottis  pistollis,  horsmen  pistollis,  carrobines,  jakis,  lances 
and  corslettis. 


Muster  Rolls.— 1638. 

6.  Quhat  poll  axes,   bandit  staves,  swordis,   spears,   buff  coattes, 
secreittis,  bowes  and  arrowes,  and  steill  bonnetis. 

7.  Quhat  number  of  horss  worth  a  hunder  pund  and  abowe. 

8.  That  they  wrge  euerie  man  that  is  not  provydit  of  armes  to  buy, 
according  to  his  quallitie,  muskittis,  pikis,  bowes  and  arrowes,  and  that 
they  condiscend  on  the  number  vith  ewerie  man,  and  give  up  the  samyn. 

9.  That  they  giue  in  ane  particular  roll  of  ewerie  nonsubscryver  of 
the  covenant,  and  of  his  estait  and  qualitie,  and  inquyre  so  far  as  they 
cane  learne  quhat  armes  and  provisioun  they  haiff,  as  they  doe  with 
vtheris  quha  hes  subscryuit. 

10.  That  they  tak  noteis  of  everie  on  vithin  the  paroch  that  hes  beine 
abroad  and  is  able  to  doe  any  seruice  in  warres,  and  caus  them  be  pre- 
sentt  at  Perth  vith  thameselffis  on  the  tuentie  sext  of  this  instant  at 
ten  of  the  cloak. 

This  report  is  appointed  to  be  gevin  in  be  the  saids  gentlmen  at 
Perthe  the  26  Julii,  quhair  they  moist  not  only  be  presentt  thamesellfis, 
but  alsoe  must  caus  the  heall  remanent  gentillmen  and  heritouris  of 
the  paroch  be  presentt  vith  thame. 

Item  they  must  try  what  field  peices,  hagbutes  of  found,  hagbutes  of 
croke,  sluig  peices,  and  in  what  cace  they  ar  in,  and  what  provisioun 
they  haif  for  them. 

They  haue  alsoe  appointed  beaconis  to  be  erectit  throuchout  the 
quholl  schyre  at  the  plaices  and  be  the  persones  following. 

In  the  Cars  :  on  the  Kinges  Seatt  ane  beacone  is  to  be  erectit  be 
Mellginsch,  Insture,  and  Ballegerno,  giue  the  licht  cume  fra  the  south 
syd,  and  in  speciall  frome  Normandslaw  in  Fyffe  ;  and  giue  the  licht 
cume  fra  the  north,  the  beacone  is  to  be  erectit  be  Buttergask. 

Muster  Rolls.— 1638. 


Ane  vther  is  to  be  errectit  on  Trapmoir  be  Drumcairne,  giff  the  licht 
cume  fra  the  Lomondis  ;  and  giff  it  cume  fra  the  north  it  is  to  be  erectit 
be  Ballmedie. 

Ane  other  is  to  be  erectit  in  Moirdoun  be  the  Laird  of  Moncreiff, 
giff  the  licht  cume  fra  the  south  be  Tarsapie. 

Ane  vther  vpone  Cragrossie  be  Sir  James  Rollok,  or  in  his  absens  be 
Alexander  Blair  of  Corbis. 

Ane  vther  to  be  erectit  vpon  Tapturlioun  be  Balloch. 

Ane  vther  is  to  be  erectit  be  Abercarny  on  the  hill  abone  Cokpla. 

Ane  vther  is  to  be  erectit  on  the  eist  end  of  the  hill  of  Lettir  be 
Dauid  Haldin. 

Ane  vther  is  to  be  erectit  on  Sallin  hill  be  Johne  Colvill  of  Vester 
Connie,  and  Jone  Gray  of  Easter  Comrie. 

Item,  the  first  comissioner  or  collector  quha  resseauis  adverteisment 
of  any  allarum,  ather  be  licht  or  be  fyre  or  vtherwayes,  moist  giff  ad 
verteisment  to  the  nixt  comissioner  or  collector,  and  so  furth  frome  one 
to  another  throuchout  the  quholl  schyre. 

The  gentillmen  quho  ar  named  particularlie  for  the  paroch  kirk  of 
Killin  ;  the  Laird  of  M'Nab,  James  Campbell  fear  of  Ardewnig,  and 
Patrik  Campbell  of  Edinkip,  and  Hew  Campbell  of  Lickis. 

Coppie  of  ane  nott  sent  doune  to  PERTH  with  Duncane  Campbell  fear 
of  Lagvinschach  to  the  Comissionares  that  mett  the  26  Julii 

The  Laird  of  Glenurquhay  for  hiinselff  and  his  domestik  servantis 
ar  sufficientlie  provydit  with  muskets,  thair  rests  and  bandelires,  with 


Muster  Rolls.— 1638. 

poulder  and  lead,  some  steill  targetts,  some  horsemen  and  footemen 
armes,  some  headpeices  and  steilbannetts,  some  hakbuts  of  found,  and 
tua  feilding  peices  on  ther  cariages. 

The  Laird  of  Glenurquhay  and  his  vassallis  within  the  parochines 
of  Killin  and  Straphillan,  Inchaddin,  Dull,  and  Weyme,  hes  about  ane 
hundrethe  ablemen  or  therby  to  beare  weapons,  and  ar  alreadie  pro- 
vydit,  some  with  hakbuts,  some  with  swords  and  targetts,  some  with 
bowes  and  arrowes,  and  some  with  siclyk  swordis,  so  that  thair  is  non  of 
them  for  the  present  but  ar  provydit  with  some  of  thir  sortis  of  weap- 
ones.  As  for  the  particular  mens  names,  it  seimes  ther  is  no  great 
necessitie  for  it,  for  parties  may  die  in  a  dayes  warning,  yet  if  it  sail 
be  thought  absolutlie  necessar,  thare  names  sail  be  maid  knowne  with 

The  Laird  of  Grlenurquhay  intendis,  God  willing,  with  all  convenient 
dilligence  not  onlie  to  provyde  these  of  his  tennentis  within  the  paro- 
chinis  forsaides  with  sick  weapons  and  armour  as  is  expedient  for  them 
to  vse,  but  likwyse  to  be  carefull  that  all  the  rest  of  his  tennentis 
within  quhatsumevir  parochine  they  be  of  may  be  tymouslie  and  weill 

At  INUERERART  2  August  1638. 

Certane  articles  concludit  vpone  be  the  barrones  and  gentlmen  of  the 
Shirefdome  of  Argyle. 

Imprimis  that  vpon  the  16  day  of  August  instant,  thair  sail  be  par 
ticular  musters  and  weaponshawings  throw  the  haill  boundis  of  the 

Muster  Rolls.-- 1638. 


said  Shirefdome,  and  to  this  effect  that  everie  baillie,  and  quher  ther  is 
no  baillie,  that  everie  barone  and  heretour  shall  convene  the  haill  men 
within  ther  severall  offices  and  boundis  the  said  day  at  the  accustomed 
and  most  convenient  places,  and  ther  mak  a  list  of  all  ther  names  and 
present  weapones,  and  be  advyse  of  tuo  or  thrie  of  the  discreitest  men 
inioyne  such  farder  weapons  to  them  as  salbe  thought  expedient,  and 
ordane  them  all  to  be  provydit  accordinglie  with  all  possible  diligence 
agane  the  nixt  day  of  generall  or  particular  inustars,  quhilk  wilbe  in 
the  month  of  October  nixt  preceislie. 

Item,  that  everie  baillie,  barone,  and  heretour,  conveinars  and 
makers  of  the  saidis  musters  and  weaponshawings,  send  to  Inuereray 
agane  the  20  day  of  August  the  said  list  of  the  mens  names  and  pre 
sent  weapons,  with  a  nott  of  all  forder  weapons  that  they  will  neid  to 
haue  furnischit. 

Item,  that  ther  be  a  care  tane  that  the  people  be  provydit  with  guns, 
bowes,  suords,  targes,  and  that  ther  is  also  the  number  of  sex  or  sevin 
hundreth  piks  to  be  distributed  among  the  gentlmen  of  the  Shirefdome. 

Item,  that  everie  baillie,  barone,  and  heretour,  be  cairfull  with  all 
diligence  to  enter  fledgeris  in  all  pairtis  of  the  cimtrie  for  making  of 
arrowes,  and  smythis  for  making  of  arrow  headis. 

Item,  that  the  haill  barons,  gentlmen,  heretouris,  and  vtheris  within 
the  said  Shirefdome  sail  with  all  possible  haist,  ilkane  of  them  for 
ther  awin  pairtis,  provyde  and  mak  readie  ther  galleis,  birlings,  and 
boats  for  the  sea. 

Item,  that  ther  be  tuo  commissionaris  nominate  to  attend  per  vices 
in  Edinburgh  vntill  the  last  day  of  Marche  nixtocum. 

Item,  that  there  be  ane  competent  number  of  men  appoyntit  to 


Muster  Rolls.— 1638. 

watch  the  harbereis  of  Kintyre  on  the  ane  hand,  and  the  braes  of  the 
cuntrie  quhilk  marches  with  the  Shirefdomes  of  Dumbartane,  Perth, 
and  Inuernes  on  the  vther  hand,  lest  brokin  men  and  idle  people  sould 
prease  to  doe  ony  wrong  within  the  cuntrie,  and  thir  men  be  direct 
furth  in  sik  number  and  forme  as  they  to  quhom  it  is  referrit  sail 
think  fitt. 

Item,  that  Sir  Donald  Campbell  of  Ardnamurroch,  knycht  baronet, 
and  Archibald  Campbell  of  Kilmun,  quha  ar  the  tuo  commissioneris 
appoyntit  to  goe  to  Edinburgh  agane  the  xii  of  August,  sail  at  ther 
going  aggrie  with  thrie  experimentit  souldieris  to  come  to  the  cuntre, 
wiz.,  ane  to  Argyle,  another  to  Lome,  and  the  thrid  to  Cowell,  and 
remane  ther  for  the  space  of  halff  ane  yeir  for  dreilling  and  training  vp 
of  the  gentlmen  and  vtheris  within  the  Shirefdome  in  all  poyntis  of 
militarie  discipline. 

Item,  for  enterteining  of  the  saids  dreill  maisteris  and  for  doing  of 
such  vther  necessar  things  as  may  conduce  to  the  training  vp  of  the 
gentlmen  and  vtheris  of  the  shyre  in  militarie  discipline,  thair  is 
grantit  ane  contributioun  of  vi  s.  8  d.  out  of  ilk  merk  land  within 
the  said  Shirefdome  to  be  presentlie  vpliftit ;  and  to  this  effect  everie 
heretour  is  presentlie  to  convein  his  awin  tennents  for  vplifting  of 
this  contributioun ;  and  the  contributioun  of  Argyle  is  to  be  delyuerit 
to  the  Laird  of  Auchinbrek,  the  contributioun  of  Cowell  to  the 
Laird  of  Ardkinglass,  and  the  contributioun  of  Lome  to  the  Laird 
of  Lochinzell. 

Item,  it  is  concludit  that  for  giving  advertisment,  incais  ony  invasioun 
come,  ther  salbe  particular  places  designit  for  setting  out  of  fyre  at  all 
the  sea  coastis  of  the  said  Shirefdome,  alsueill  lies  as  Continent,  and 

Muster  Rolls.— 1638. 


that  the  places  be  clesignit  and  appoyntit  be  those  chosin  on  the 
comitte,  wiz.,  tuo  in  Argyle,  tuo  in  Lome,  and  tuo  in  Cowell. 

Item,  the  Laird  of  Auchinbrek,  Sir  Lauchlan  M'Clen,  Sir  Donald 
Campbell,  the  Laird  of  Ardkinglass,  Lawmond,  Regray,  M'Len  of 
Lochbowie,  Provost  of  Kilmun,  the  Laird  of  Barbrek,  and  Hector 
M'Len  of  Theynis,  or  ony  four  of  them,  are  chosin  as  comitte  to  con 
sult  vpon  all  forder  materis  for  defeuce  of  the  said  Shirefdome  and 
such  vther  things  as  may  occur  concerning  comon  causes,  and  ar  to 
meit  at  Inuereray  or  ony  vther  convenient  places  they  sail  think  most 
expedient  at  all  convenient  occasiouns. 

The  Gress  Rowmes  within  Glenurquhay  that  payes  na  stent. 

The  tua  merkland  of  Arrivean ;  the  merkland  of  Arrenabie ;  the 
merkland  of  the  Go  wall  and  Gortinoirne  ;  the  merkland  of  Craigaw  ; 
the  half  merkland  of  Ferkill ;  the  half  merkland  of  Leaterochart ;  the 
tua  merkland  of  Braiklayd  Weyster ;  the  four  merkland  of  Achalladour 
possessit  be  Jolme  Dow  M'Gillespik  ;  the  thrie  merkland  of  Corrigyle 
ar  vnder  the  Lairdis  bowhouss  ;  the  foure  merkland  of  Auchinchalden 
ar  vnder  the  Lairdis  bouhouss ;  the  fyve  merkland  occupyit  be  Johnne 
Grahame  and  his  tenentis  man  be  defaseit,  becaus  quhen  the  Laird 
socht  payment  thairof  the  said  Johne  refuisit  the  samen,  allegeand 
he  wald  nocht  be  in  my  Lordis  reuerence  for  his  courtis,  sua  gif  the 
Laird  poyud  him  thairfoir,  it  will  be  thocht  spuilzie  in  respect  thair 
is  actioun  depending  betuixt  tham  befoir  the  Lordis  of  Sessioun  ;  the 
tuentie  markland  of  Glenschray  and  Stronmeloquhan  man  be  defaseit, 
becaus  it  wes  possessit  be  Duncane  M'Ewin  and  the  Clangregour ;  as 
for  the  four  merkland  of  Kilbryd  on  Lochfynesyd,  my  Lordis  awin 


Muster  Rolls.— 1638. 

officeris  and  seruantis  hes  tane  vp  the  payment  of  the  stent  thairof, 
quhilk  man  be  allowit. 

The  Names  of  the  haill  ablemen  meit  to  beare  armes  within  the  Paro- 
chin  of  Inchaddin  with  thair  weapones  perteining  to  the  Laird  of 


The  Laird  of  Glenurquhay  heritor  hes  within  his  houssis  of  Balloch 
and  Finlarg : — of  horsmens  armes,  iii  stand  ;  of  corslets  with  head- 
pices  and  ringcraigs,  v  ;  of  hakbuts,  x  ;  of  muskets  with  thair  rests  and 
bandelires,  xx ;  of  steilltargets  of  proof,  ii ;  of  headpices  of  proof,  i ; 
of  jacks,  i ;  of  secreittis,  i ;  of  banded  staffs,  vi ;  of  Loquhaber  axes, 
ii ;  of  feilding  brasen  peices,  i ;  of  iron  peices,  i ;  of  poulder,  i  hnndreth 
pund  weicht ;  of  lead,  xii  stane ;  of  tua  handed  sword  is,  vi ;  of  Scots 
pistollis,  ii. 

The  Names  of  the  Laird  of  Glenurquhayes  domestik  servantes  with 
thair  weapones: — Duncane  Campbell  fear  of  Lagvinschach,  ii  hak- 
buts,  i  suord,  i  target,  bow  and  arrowes ;  Johne  Campbell,  i  hakbutt,  i 
suord,  target,  bow  and  arrowes ;  Walter  Dalgleische,  i  sword ;  Duncane 
Toscheach,  i  sword,  target,  hakbut,  i  Scotts  pistoll ;  Williame  Meikle- 
johne,  i  hakbut,  i  sword ;  James  Dow,  i  sword ;  Archibald  M'Cuiure, 
i  sword ;  James  Campbell,  i  sword,  target ;  Johne  M'Nivaine ;  AUaster 
M'Gorrie,  i  hakbut,  bow  and  arrowes ;  James  Toscheach,  i  bow  and 
arrowes,  sword,  target,  i  pistolet;  James  M'Levorrie,  i  hakbutt,  i  sword; 
Johne  Fergusone,  i  sword ;  Donald  M'Laran,  i  sword,  target ;  Patrik 
Eioch,  i  hakbut,  i  sword ;  Patrik  M'Lehoan,  i  sword ;  David  Steinie, 

Muster  Rolls.— 1638. 


i  sword ;  Thomas  Irwine,  i  sword ;  Johne  M'Oulroy,  i  sword,  bow, 
arrowes ;  Finlay  M'Nab,  i  sword,  target,  bow  and  arrowes ;  Callum 
M'Vorist,  Allane  M'Gorrie,  and  Johne  M'Farlan,  wanting  weapons. 

The  Names  of  the  Laird  of  Grlenurquhayes  vassallis  and  tennentis 
within  the  Parochine  of  Inchaddin  that  ar  meit  to  beare  armes 
with  thair  weapones. 

DALGARDIE. — Callum  M'Kerlich,  i  suord,  i  target,  i  steillbonnet ; 
Johne  M'Onauchtan,  i  sword,  bow  and  arrowes. 

TULLICH. — Patrik  M'Vaine,  i  sword,  target,  bow  and  arrowes. 

TERAY. — Johne  M'Vaine,  i  sword,  bow  and  arrowes  ;  Johne  M'Le- 
reoch,  i  suord. 

DALDRAVEIG. — Patrik  M'Intuorine,  i  sword. 

MUYEIRNOLYCHT. — Duncane  M'Coleis,  i  sword. 

CLOICHRAN. — Eiure  M'Onochie  V'Eiure,  i  sword,  bow  and  arrowes  ; 
Johne  M'Eiure,  i  sword,  bow  and  arrowes  ;  Johne  M'Encheir,  i  sword, 
target,  bow  and  arrowes. 

TERARTHOUR. — Donald  M'Lewyne,  i  sword,  bow  and  arrowes ; 
Donald  M'Olduy,  i  sword. 

MORINCH. — Patrik  M'Ewinduy,  i  sword  target,  i  hakbut;  Johne 
M'Intuorine,  i  sword,  target;  Johne  Menzeis,  i  sword,  target,  bow, 
arrowes,  i  hakbut ;  Donald  M'Bobert,  i  sword,  target ;  Angus  Dow, 
i  sword,  target,  i  hakbut ;  Johne  M'Ewinduy,  i  sword,  target. 

EDDERAMUKIE. — James  Campbell,  heritor,  i  sword,  target,  i  hakbut, 
i  steillbonnet ;  Johne  M'Lechreist,  i  sword,  bow,  arrowes,  i  hakbut. 

KILTIRIE. — Johne  M'Lewyne,  i  sword,  target,  i  Loquhaber  axe, 
i  steillbonnet. 


Muster  Rolls.— 1638. 

PORT  of  LOCHTAY. — Donald  M'Kerrachar,  i  sword,  target ;  Calluin 
M'Euiure,  i  sword  ;  Gillechreist  M'Kerrachar,  i  sword,  target ;  Calluin 
M'Lechreist  Oig,  bow  and  arrowes  ;  Johne  M'Orquidill,  i  sword,  target. 

BALNASKEAG. — Donald  M'Houston,  i  sword. 

KENDMOIR. — Johne  M'Euiure,  i  sword,  target. 

PORTBAINE. — Johne  Campbell,  i  sword,  target,  i  hakbut ;  Patrik 
Campbell,  i  sword,  target,  i  hakbut. 

BALLEMACNAUCHTAN. — James  M'Lecheir,  i  sword,  bow  and  arrowes. 

KEMONY. — Johne  M'Kerlich,  i  sword. 

TOMGARROW. — Thomas  Quhyte,  i  sword,  target. 

LAGGAN. — Johne  Dow  Baine  M'Quian,  i  sword,  target. 

AUCHARNE. — Cullum  M'Quian,  i  sword,  target,  i  hakbut. 

ARDTALLONIK. — Johne  Koberteone,  i  sword,  target ;  Gillechrist 
M'Achrerar,  i  sword,  i  hakbut ;  Duncane  M'Phaderik  V'Kobert,  i 
sword,  target ;  Duncane  M'Lehoniell,  i  sword,  target ;  Donald  M'Ach 
rerar,  i  sword,  i  hakbut. 

Within  the  Parochine  of  WEYME. 

AUCIIMOIR.— Duncane  M'Nab,  i  sword,  target;  Johne  M'Ewine 
V'Ean  VOniell,  i  sword,  bow  and  arrowes. 

KEANDKNOK. — Johne  Dow  M'Farlan,  i  sword,  target,  i  hakbut ; 
Donald  M'Laran,  i  sword,  bow  and  arrowes. 

CRANJCH. — Charles  Campbell,  i  sword,  target,  bow,  arrowes,  i  hakbut; 
Patrik  M'Laran,  i  sword,  target,  bow  and  arrowes ;  John  M'Laran, 
i  sword,  target,  bow,  arrowes,  i  hakbut ;  Johne  M'Aule,  i  sword,  bow, 
arrowes ;  Dugall  M'Ewine,  i  sword ;  Duncane  M'Phaderik  Bioch, 
i  sword,  bow  and  arrowes ;  Jobiie  Dow  M'Instalker,  i  sword,  target, 

Muster  Rolls.— 1638. 

bow,  arrowes,  i  hakbut;  Callum  M'Ewine  VKermit,  i  sword,  bow 
and  arrowes  ;  Johne  Puderach,  i  sword ;  Laran  M'Avyre,  i  sword. 

WESTER  STUIKIS. — Johne  Menzeis,  i  sword,  target,  i  hakbut. 

KYLLBALLOCH. — James  Crerar,  i  sword,  target,  i  hakbut ;  Johne 
M'Comas  Clerich,  i  sword,  target. 

EISTER  LEDCHROSK. — Schiach  M'Keich  ;  M'Comas. 

Summa  in  Weyme,  xxxiiii. 

Within  the  Parochine  of  DULL. 

WESTER  LEDCHROSK. — Donald  M'Olean.  Donald  Gordoun. 

DRUMMAK. — Duncan e  M'Gibbon,  John  Dow  M'Ewine,  Allaster 

DRIMCROY. — Gillechreist  M'Ondochie  Voir. 

CREITMORAN.— Johne  M'Omie. 

EISTER  STUIKIS. — Donald  M'Olean,  i  sword  ;  Duncane  M'Gibbon, 
i  sword,  target ;  Johne  M'Comie,  i  sword,  target. 

The  Names  of  these  within  the  Parochine  of  KILLIN  and  STRAPDILLAN 
with  thair  weapons. 

GLENFALLOCH. — Robert  Campbell  heritour. — Johne  M'Onochie  Duy 
V'Gillechreist,  i  sword,  target ;  Duncane  M'Onochie  Duy  V'Gille- 
chreist,  i  sword,  target ;  Euire  M'Gillechreist,  i  sword,  target ;  Johne 
M'Gillechreist,  i  sword,  target ;  Johne  Dow  M'Aule,  i  sword  ;  Allaster 
M'Onochie  V'Kinlay,  i  sword,  target,  bow,  arrowes ;  Johne  M'Farl an, 
bow,  arrowes ;  Johne  M'Nicoll,  i  sword,  target,  bow,  arrowes  ;  Patrik 
M'Ean  V'Lephaderik,  i  sword,  target,  bow,  arrowes. 

ARDCHALZIE   WESTER. — Euire  M'Ean  V'Euire,   i  sword,   target ; 



Muster  Rolls.— 1638. 

Euire  M'Ean  V'Lechreist,  i  sword,  target ;  Donald  M'James  V'Nab, 
i  sword,  bow  and  arrowes. 

ARDCHALZIE  EISTEK. — Johne  M'Nab,  i  sword,  target,  i  hakbut ; 
Allaster  M'Comas  Clerich,  i  sword,  target. 

DOWINCH. — Patrik  M'Nab,  i  sword,  target. 

CKAIGREKAY. — Johne  M'Nab,  i  sword,  target,  bow,  arrowes. 

INCHEWTNE. — Alexander  M'-Nab,  i  sword,  target,  bow,  arrowes,  ii 
hakbuts,  i  steillbonnet. 

AUCHLYNE. — Johne  M'Ewine,  i  sword,  target ;  Allaster  M'Indeor, 
i  sword,  target ;  Finlay  M'Aclerich,  i  sword,  target ;  Archibald  M'ln- 
yeskar,  i  sword,  target ;  Duncane  M'Gibbon,  i  sword,  target ;  Johne 
M'Nab  fear  of  Bovaine,  i  sword,  target,  bow,  arrowes,  i  hakbut ; 
John  M'Enroy  V'Nab,  i  sword,  target. 

ARDNAGALT. — Donald  M'Nab,  i  sword,  target ;  Patrik  Campbell  of 
Murlaganbeig,  i  sword,  ii  hakbuts,  i  steillbonnet. 

BUTWORNIE. — Duncane  Koy  M'Vaine,  bow,  arrowes ;  John  M'Le- 
chreist,  bow,  arrowes. 

CRAIG. — Gillechreist  M'Oniel  V'Ewin,  bow,  arrowes ;  Johne  M'Avyre, 
i  sword,  target ;  John  M'Intalyeour,  i  sword. 

FINLARG. — Patrik  Campbell,  i  sword,  target ;  Archibald  M'Kerlich, 
i  sword,  target ;  James  Monteith,  i  sword. 

KILLIN. — Euire  M'Gillechreist,  i  sword,  target. 

KYNALDIE. — Finlay  M'Nab  of  Bovaine  hes  i  sword,  target,  i  hakbut, 
i  steillbonnet ;  John  Campbell,  i  sword,  bow,  arrowes,  i  hakbut ; 
Duncane  M'Laran ;  Duncane  M'Kinyesker,  i  sword,  bow,  arrowes. 

SUY. — Donald  Roy  M'Farlan,  i  sword. 

LEDUHARRIE. — Walter  Steuart,  i  sword,  target. 

Muster  Rolls.— 1638. 


The  Names  of  the  Persounes  within  the  Landis  of  GLENURQUHAY. 

Patrik  M'Enduy  in  Bartymurrich ;  M'Colleane  V'William  thair  ; 
Johne  MTatrik  V'Gillespik  in  Auchalladour  ;  Johne  M'Eanroy  Beg 
thair ;  Ewin  M'Gillechonile  in  Auchinchalden  ;  Patrik  Dow  M'Nokerd 
thair ;  Callum  M'Myller  thair ;  Johne  Dow  M'Caull  thair ;  Gillechreist 
M'Ean  V'lllechreist  thair ;  Johne  M'Werycht  thair  ;  Angus  M'Nokerd 
in  Braklead ;  Finlay  Suire  thair ;  Archibald  MTatrik  V'Onoquhy 
in  Clasgour  ;  Gillechreist  M'lllewie  in  Ardbraitnycht ;  Dougall  M'Ean 
V'Clauchtlan  in  Drumleard ;  Johnne  Dow  M'Ean  V'lllespik  in 
Arrechastellan  ;  Archibald  M'Ean  V'Gillespik  in  Knokiuty ;  Gille 
chreist  M'Onoquhy  Glas  in  Imrg  ;  Ewar  M'Onoquhy  Glas,  his  brother, 
thair  ;  Nicoll  M'Onile  V'Nicoll  in  Boquhyllis  ;  Johnne  Dow  M'Gille- 
mertene  thair  ;  Donald  M'Gillemairtene  thair ;  Gillepatrik  M'Onoquhy 
in  Auclmafanich ;  Duncane  M'Gillepatrik  thair ;  Nicoll  M'lllepatrik 
thair ;  Johne  Dow  M'Gillepatrik  thair ;  Archibald  M'Meskir  in 
Innerour ;  Johnne  M'Meskir  thair  ;  Donald  Tailyeour  thair ;  Johne 
Dow  M'Gillepatrik  V'Nicoll  in  Stronmonessag ;  Donald  M'Gillepatrik 
V'Nicoll  in  Soccoch ;  Duncan  Eioch  M'Gillepatrik  thair ;  Duncane 
M'lllewlane  thair ;  Gillemertene  M'Kermit  thair ;  Duncan  Dow 
M'Gilleverthane  thair  ;  Johnne  Grahame  in  Brakley ;  M'Gillevorie 
Roy  thair  ;  Johne  Dow  M'Gilbert  thair  ;  Gillepatrik  M'Inlestar  thair  ; 
Gillecallum  Graysich  in  Molaii ;  Johnne  M'Voreiss  in  Ochtermalie  ; 
Duncan  Eoy  M'Oldouich  thair  ;  Malcum  M'Gillepatrik  V'Onoquhy 
in  Barran  ;  Johne  Dow  M'Oldouich  thair ;  Duncan  M'lllevernak  in 
Brakley  ;  Gillepatrik  M'Oldouich  in  Kirktoun ;  Johne  M'Inlay  Roy 
V'Oleane  thair ;  Duncane  M'Kerres  in  Dalmalie ;  Patrik  Gow  in 


Muster  Rolls.— 1638. 

Barchastellane  ;  Johnne  Gow  thair  ;  Duncane  M'Kellar  in  Kinchrai- 
kin ;  Malcum  M'Oldouich  thair  ;  Johnne  M'Kellar  thair ;  Duncane 
Dow  M'aPersoun  thair ;  Gillechreist  M'aPersoun  thair ;  John  M'Gille- 
patrik  Grasich  in  Ardtattell ;  Duncane  M'Ean  V'Gillepatrik  thair ; 
Malcome  Roy  M'Oldouich  thair ;  Finlay  M'Onile  thair ;  Johnne 
M'Nokerd  thair ;  Gillepatrik  M'Gillepatrik  thair. 

•feu  CJjartejrig  anti  Caftte. 

TAK  of  Kincrakin  and  vthcris  set  to  Jobne  M'Conoquhy  VGregour. 

Be  it  kend  ...  be  thir  present  letteris,  me  Johne  Campbell  of 
Glenurquhay  to  haue  set  and  for  mails  and  seruice  lattin  the  keping 
of  my  castell  of  Glenvrquhay  to  my  weil  belouit  seruand  Johne  M'Cono- 
quhy  V'Gregour,  the  four  markland  of  Kincrakin  for  all  the  .  .  . 
termis  of  fyfe  yeris  to  the  said  Johne  alanerlie,  with  the  croft  of  Pol- 
greyich  and  the  croft  of  Portbcg  and  the  croft  that  Ewin  M'Ewir  wes 
wount  to  haue,  with  all  the  croffcis  within  Kincrakin,  the  Malt  croft 
exceptit  quhilk  Patrik  M'Keirmoit  hes,  and  the  Yarde  croft  and  the 
Tumour  croft  exceptit,  and  the  said  Johne  sail  gif  gress  fre  to  the 
Yardis  croftis  for  samany  sowme  as  the  said  croft  wes  wount  to  haue, 
and  the  auld  warde  callit  the  Quosche  exceptit  in  this  assedatioun  ;  the 
said  Johne  his  interes  beand  at  Witsounday  in  the  yeir  of  God  ane 
thousand  fyf  hundreth  and  fiftie  yeiris,  he  payand  thairfor  yeirlie  .  .  . 
fourtie  aucht  bollis  gude  .  .  .  victuall,  the  thrid  part  quhite  meale,  fre 
fra  all  thingis  and  dewiteis,  the  victuale  mett  with  ane  iust  firlott  brouut 
with  the  stand  of  Perth,  in  the  castell  of  Glenvrquhay  in  tyme  of  yeir 
as  vs  is,  and  to  the  Lairdis  mistoris  quhen  it  is  requirit  be  him  or  his 
seruaudis,  with  his  awin  trew  .  .  .  scruice  and  keiping  of  my  castell  of 



Feu  Charters  and  Tacks. — 1550. 

Glenvrquhay,  .  .  .  and  he  sail  haiff  the  markland  of  Arrecastellan 
and  the  markland  of  Arrenabeyne,  for  the  keiping  of  the  castell  forsaid, 
fre  fra  all  hosting  as  vs  was  vont  to  be,  except  the  defence  of  me  and 
the  cunthretht  quhen  misteris  beis ;  and  siclyke  for  the  landis  of 
Kyncrakkyn  half  stenting  and  hosting  to  the  Quenis  grace  and  my 
Lord  of  Argylis  quhen  mister  beis  and  als  requirit ;  and  that  he  and 
his  seruandis  sail  ansuer  me  quhen  I  haue  ado  to  keip  the  cunthre  or 
in  ony  vther  great  bissines  that  I  haue  ado  ;  and  the  said  Johne  sail 
hald  ane  sufficient  wetchman  on  his  awin  expensis  yen-lie  induraud  his 
takis,  and  I  sail  pay  yeirlie  for  his  fie  sex  schillingis  aucht  penneis  and 
meat  quhen  I  am  in  the  place,  he  keipand  the  tour  heid  cleyn,  and 
failyieand  the  tour  heid  be  not  cleyn,  he  sail  tyne  his  fie ;  and  I  sail 
gif  the  said  Johne  and  his  wyfe  and  tua  honest  seruandis  of  thair  awin 
or  his  tua  sonis  meat  quhen  I  am  in  the  place  of  Glenvrquhay,  and  the 
wetchman  to  be  thair  boy ;  and  the  said  Johne  or  his  wyfe  sail  find  me 
als  oft  as  I  cum  to  the  castell  elding  to  the  hale  chalmer  and  kitcheine 
and  bakhous  for  the  first  nicht,  and  fodder  to  my  chalmer  to  mak 
beddis,  and  vther  dewiteis  as  vs  is  ;  and  I  sail  gif  leif  to  the  said  Johne 
M'Conochie  to  hald  on  the  Quosche  sex  new  calffit  kye  and  ane  hors, 
and  he  sail  hald  vp  the  auld  ward  dyk  sufficient  on  his  awin  expensis 
and  keip  it  fra  all  guidis  except  my  guidis  and  the  guidis  specifiit 
abonewrittin,  and  gif  thair  beis  ony  vther  guidis  fundin  vpon  the 
samyn,  thai  salbe  escheatit  to  me  fre  but  ony  process  of  law ;  attoure 
the  said  Johne  sail  latt  na  guidis  pasture  in  the  ward  fra  Sanct  Pat- 
rikis  day  furtht  quhill  the  Lairdis  awin  gude  will  cum  to  it  vndir  the 
pane  foirsaid,  and  stop  not  my  wedderis  fra  Kyncrakkyn  and  gras 
thairof,  nor  yit  fra  the  gras  of  Portbeg,  nor  yit  the  Portarig  kye  quhen 

Feu  Charters  and  Tacks. — 1550. 

thay  may  not  be  on  the  Quosche ;  and  the  said  Johne  sail  haue  leife  to 
sett  foure  nettis  within  the  Dowloch  and  na  farder,  that  is  to  say,  thrie 
small  nettis  and  ane  greit  nett ;  and  attoure  the  mylne  of  Kencrakkyn 
sett  to  the  said  Johne  for  the  space  of  the  yeiris  abonewrittin,  he  pay- 
and  yeirlie  for  it  fouretene  bollis  glide  meale,  of  that  the  tane  halfe 
quhite  meile  weill  schillit  and  tua  dussoun  of  pultrie,  and  gif  the  Laird 
bringis  ony  malt  of  his  awin  furth  of  vtheris  cunthreis  it  salbe  grundin 
multer  fre  be  the  said  Johne ;  and  the  said  Johne  sail  laif  sawin  in  the 
best  gudet  land  of  Kyncrakkyn  fourtie  aucht  bollis  .  .  .  sufficient 
eattis  mett  with  the  firlott  abonewrittin,  and  failyeand  thairof  with  ane 
vther  firlott  of  the  samyn  stand  foirsaid ;  and  attoure  the  said  Johne 
M'Conochie  V'Gregour  for  the  getting  of  the  tak  abone  expremit  hes 
gevin  ...  to  me  my  airis  or  assignais  .  .  .  ane  bairnis  part  of  geir  of 
all  his  kye  and  hors  eftir  his  deceis  that  .  .  .  may  pertene  to  him  be  ony 
maner  of  way  .  .  .  and  siclyik  the  said  Johne  M'Conochie  V'Gregour 
.  .  .  hes  gevin  ouir  in  my  handis  the  markland  of  Drimleyort,  the  half 
markland  of  Glenkinglas,  and  the  half  markland  of  Corrcoran  with  the 
He  of  the  samyn,  and  with  the  consent  of  Gregour  his  sone  hes  renuncit 
...  all  rychtis  .  .  .  that  the  said  Johne  and  Gregour  his  sone  .  .  . 
micht  haiff  .  .  .  into  the  saidis  landis  but  ony  reuocatioun  .  .  .  and 
mairouer  the  yaird  sett  to  Johne  M'Conochie  with  the  croft  of  the 
samyn  for  fyve  yeiris,  he  haldand  ane  sufficient  gardner  vpon  his  awin 
expensis  to  amend  and  graith  baith  the  yairdis  and  plant  treis  in  the 
new  yaird  of  Portbeg,  and  big  ane  sufficient  dyk  about  ilkane  of  the 
saidis  yairdis,  and  the  said  Johne  sail  saw  quhite  kaill  seid  reid  kaill 
and  vnzeoun  seid,  I  sending  him  seid  in  dew  tyme  of  yeir,  and  he  sail 
find  himself  to  the  yairdis  sege  and  heyntoungis,  and  he  sail  do  his 


Feu  Charters  and  Tacks.— 1550. 

vther  diligens  to  put  the  saiclis  yairdis  to  proffite,  and  he  sail  giue 
yeirlie  to  me  or  my  deputis  the  iust  tua  partis  of  the  proffittis  of  the 
yairdis  vndir  ane  aith,  and  the  thrid  part  to  himself  for  his  trauell  and 
labouris  of  the  saidis  yairdis  ;  and  attour  my  stabill,  peithous,  kyill  and 
barne  exceptit  out  of  his  takis  and  assedatioun  fra  the  said  Johne 
M'Conochie,  bot  I  to  vs  the  sarnmyn  to  my  behuiffas  I  think  expedient, 
quhilkis  housis  lyis  to  Portbeg  .  .  .  and  ...  I  haue  subscriuit  this 
present  assedatioun  with  my  hand  at  the  Castell  of  Grlenvrquhay  the 
xvii  day  of  Maii,  the  yeir  of  God,  ane  thousand  fyve  hundreth  and 
fiftie  yeiris,  befor  thir  witness,  Alexander  Menzies  of  Kannoch,  Johne 
M'Nab  of  Bowane,  Johne  Eeddoch,  Jhone  M'Donichie  Boy  W  Allen, 
Jhone  Tailyour  Moir  alias  M'Nachtane,  Johue  M'lllespy  MThatrik 
officer,  and  Johne  Clerk  messinger  with  vther  diuerss. 

CAKTA  EUGENII  M'CARNE  super  terris  de  Barmullocht  in  vitali  vedditu. 

2.  Omnibus  .  .  .  Colinus    Campbell    de   Glenurquhay   salutem  .  .  . 

Noueritis  me  pro  bono  et  fideli  seruitio  mihi  et  predecessoribus  meis 
per  prouidum  virum  Eugenium  M'Duncane  M'Carne  alias  impenso 
.  .  .  dedisse  .  .  .  et  hac  presente  carta  mea  confirmasse  ...  predicto 
Eugenio  in  vitali  redditu  .  .  .  ac  Arnaldo  M'Ewin  M'Duncane  V'Carne 
eius  filio  et  heredibus  suis  masculis  Joculatoribus  wlgariter  Eymouris 
existentibus  quibuscunque  hereditarie  .  .  .  illas  duas  mercatas  ter- 
rarum  mearum  de  Barmullocht  vocatarum  cum  suis  pertinentiis 
nunc  per  dictum  Eugeniurn  occupatas  jacentium  in  dominio  de  Lorn 
et  infra  vicecomitatum  de  Ergile  .  .  .  Tenendas  .  .  .  de  me  et  here 
dibus  rneis  in  feodo  et  hereditate  imperpetuum  .  .  .  Reddendo  inde 

Feu  Charters  and  Tacks. — 1558. 


annuatira  dictus  Eugenius  durante  tempore  vite  sue  imum  denarium 
monetc  Scotie  .  .  .  nomine  albe  firme  raihi  et  hcredibus  meis  si  petatur 
ac  dictus  Arnoldus  M'Ewin  eius  filius  hercdcs  sui  masculi  propinquiores 
Joculatores  tempore  eorum  introitus  ad  predictas  terras  .  .  .  quatuor 
libras  monete  predicte  tan  turn  et  heredes  dicti  Arnoldi  non  existentes 
Joculatores  videlicet  Rymouris  in  hoc  casu  persoluent  mihi  et  heredibus 
meis  annuatim  quatuor  mercas  monete  Scotie  ...  ad  duos  anni  ter- 
minos  consuetos  .  .  .  cum  eorum  seraitiis  mihi  et  heredibus  meis  tem 
pore  guerrarum  sicut  alii  mei  tenentes  aut  vassalli  facere  solent  .  .  . 
Apud  Perth  4  Decembris  1558. 

TACK  by  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  to  Archibald  Campbell  of 
the  four  merkland  of  old  extent  of  Auchalladour  with  the  keeping 
house  thereof,  the  lands  of  Candderry  Byg  and  the  two  parts  of  Oillay 
with  the  keeping  of  the  Forest  of  Bendoran  with  their  pertinents,  lying 
in  the  barony  of  Glenurquhay  and  sheriffdom  of  Ergile,  for  the  space 
of  xix  years  from  the  term  of  Whitsunday  M  vc-  Ix  seven,  for  yearly 
payment  for  the  said  lands  of  Auchalladour  of  xx  stones  cheese, 
four  wedders,  eight  bolls  good  and  sufficient  bear  at  the  time  of  year 
used  and  wont,  and  for  the  said  lands  of  Canderrybig  of  ten  shillings 
money,  and  for  the  said  two  parts  of  Oillay  of  xlviii  s.  money,  together 
with  the  said  Archibald  Campbell's  own  leal  and  true  service,  as  also 
that  of  his  subtenants  occupying  the  said  lands ;  it  being  provided  that 
the  said  Archibald  shall  have  a  sufficient  man  under  him  for  keeping 
the  said  forest,  and  shall  hold  and  nourish  as  many  deer  in  it  as  it  may 
reasonably  sustain,  no  fault  being  in  the  forestership  ;  and  the  said 
Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  discharges  the  payment  of  the  said 



Feu  Charters  and  Tacks. — 1568. 

viii  bolls  bear  for  the  first  year  of  the  tak,  because  the  saids  lands  were 
then  waste,  and  also  of  the  whole  grassum  of  the  said  lands  during  the 
said  tack,  amounting  every  five  years  in  his  rental  to  viii  uviald  ky,  and 
that  in  respect  of  the  said  Archibald's  good  service.  Signed  at  Balloch 
before  witnesses  Johne  Campbell  of  Laweris,  Johne  M'Avyre,  Sir 
Malcum  M'Grillequhonil,  and  Andro  Quhit,  Notary,  15  April  1567. 

TACK  for  five  years  by  Colyne  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  to  his 
beloved  servant  and  cousin  Patrick  Campbell,  brother  german  to 
Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenlyoun,  and  his  heirs  male,  and  their  subten 
ants  of  no  higher  degree  than  himself,  of  the  vii  merkland  of  Morinche 
Wester,  with  the  pertinents  .  .  .  lying  in  the  barony  of  Menzes,  within 
the  sheriffdom  of  Perth,  for  yearly  payment  of  fourteen  merks 
Scots,  with  their  leal  and  true  service  at  all  times  needful ;  the  said 
Colyne  Campbell  obliging  himself  to  do  his  diligence  to  obtain  a 
longer  tack  of  the  saids  lands  from  the  Laird  of  Weyme,  and  to  set 
them  again  to  the  said  Patrik  at  such  rents  as  he  himself  shall  be 
bound  to  pay  for  them  ;  and  farther,  he  sets  to  the  said  Patrik,  for  the 
said  space,  his  isle  called  Ilan  Puttychan,  lying  in  Lochtay  opposite 
his  lands  of  Finlarg,  with  power  to  build  a  stable  upon  the  port  of  the 
said  Isle,  for  yearly  payment  of  a  sheaf  of  arrows  if  they  be  required, 
also  with  power  to  set  six  small  nets  upon  the  loch  ewis  to  the  said 
Isle,  so  that  they  slay  no  salmon  or  red  fish,  in  which  case  they  shall 
lose  their  privilege  of  fishing";  it  being  provided  too  that  the  said  Archi 
bald  shall  make  his  residence  on  the  saids  lands  or  Isle  so  long  as  he 
holds  them.  Signed  at  Balloch,  12th  March  1568. 

Feu  Charters  and  Tacks. — 1569. 


CARTA  EUGENII  CAMPBELL  terraruui  de  Likkis. 

Omnibus  .  .  .  Georgius  .  .  .  prior  loci  Carthusiensis  olim  prope 
burgum  de  Perth  fundati  .  .  .  et  conventus  eiusdera  ordinis  Carthu 
siensis  ISanctiandree  diocesis  Salutem  .  .  .  [Noueritis  nos]  unanimi 
consensu  ...  ad  decorem  et  policeam  reipublice  regni  .  .  .  etiam  pro 
sumnia  pecuniaria  nobis  .  .  .  per  dilectum  nostrum  Eugenium  Campbell 
alias  Glass  in  Lochdoquhart  commorantem  tenentem  nostrum  .  .  . 
persoluta,  acetiam,  quod  maxime  omnium  est,  propterea  quod  he  terre 
jacent  in  hibernica  et  rapinosa  regione  ubi  incole  vix  eas'  laborare  aut 
habitare  ausint  propter  frequentes  furum  et  latronum  incursiones,  qui 
in  speluncis  illic  latitant,  nisi  in  feodifirma  potenti  et  diuiti  viro 
concerrando  dentur  qui  a  uastatione  eas  tueri  ac  conseruare  poterit  et 
in  concursu  latronum  multos  habet  amicos  servos  et  consanguineos 
illi  omnibus  horis  obtemperantes  ac  sue  cause  defensores,  nullum 
commodum  [aut]  profectum  aliter  nobis  exinde  euenire  poterit,  dedisse 
...  et  ad  ...  emphiteosim  perpetuam  hereditarie  diniisisse  .  .  . 
prenominato  Eugenio  Campbell  alias  Glass  et  Grisilide  Comrie  eius 
sponse  ...  in  coniuncta  infeodatione  heredibusque  inter  ipsos  legittime 
procreatis  sen  procreandis  quibus  deficientibns  legittimis  et  propin- 
quioribus  heredibus  dicti  Eugenii  quibuscunque  et  suis  assignatis  .  .  . 
nostras  novem  marcatas  terrarum  de  lie  Lik  ac  nostram  marcatam 
terrarum  Porte  de  Illanrane  unacum  cubiculo  coquina  horto  et  .  .  . 
suis  pertinentiis  situatis  et  extructis  in  insula  eiusdem  acetiam  nostrara 
piscariam  de  Doquhart  et  Loquhy  in  quantum  ad  nos  et  terras  nostri 
prioratus  spectat  .  .  .  necnon  officium  serjiandrie  dictarum  terrarum  et 
molendini  subscripti  cum  ....  suis  pertinentiis  unacum  molendino 



Feu  Charters  and  Tacks. — 1569. 

vulgariter  lie  Miln  Moir  de  Kinlin  nuncupate  ac  ten-is  molendinariis 
[et]  multuris  astrictis  dicto  molendino  terrarum  sequentium  videlicet 
terrarum  de  KinnaillClayhak  Largclosk  Sleach  et  Actaran  extendentium 
ad  octo  marcatas  terrarum,  viginti  solidorum  terrarum  de  Suy,  trium 
marcatarum  terrarum  [de]  Inchehevin,  trium  marcatarum  terrarum  de 
duobus  Ardingaltis,  septem  marcatarum  terrarum  de  Killiri,  et  octo 
marcatarum  terrarum  de  Craig,  cum  .  .  .  suis  pertinentiis  .  .  .  que  terre 
astricte  erant  seruitio  et  lie  thirle  multir  predicti  molendini  de  Milne 
Moir  prius  dicto  Eugenio  in  assedatione  locati,  jacen'  in  dominio  de  Glen- 
doquhart  et  infra  vicecomitatum  de  Perth.  Tenend'  .  .  .  de  nobis  et 
successoribus  nostris  prioribus  et  conuentu  dicti  nostri  loci  Carthusiensis 
in  feudifirma  .  .  .  et  hereditate  imperpetuum  .  .  .  Reddendo  inde 
annuatim  .  .  .  nobis  et  successoribus  nostris  prioribus  et  conuentui 
dicti  nostri  loci  Carthusiensis  .  .  .  summam  octo  librarum  tredecim 
solidorum  et  quatuor  'denariorum  .  .  .  monete  .  .  .  Scotie  tanquam 
firmam  antiquam  .  .  .  prius  solui  solitam  .  .  .  necnon  summam  viginti 
sex  solidorum  et  octo  denariorum  monete  prescripte  in  augmentatione 
nostri  rentalis  ...  ad  duos  anni  terminos  consuetos  ...  In  cuius  rei 
testimonium  huic  presenti  carte  nostre  sigillum  nostrum  commune  est 
appensum  unacum  mea  manuali  subscriptione  et  conventus  nostri  loci 
Carthusiensis  apud  Straythmiggitollis  decimo  octauo  die  mensis  Novem- 
bris  anno  Domini  millesimo  quingentesimo  sexagesimo  nono  coram  his 
testibus  domino  Guilielmo  Scot  de  Balvirie  comite  Malcalmo  Drum- 
mound  barone  de  Baireland  Guih'elmc  Pitcarne  de  Drunghe  Jacobo 
Curie  burgense  burgi  de  Edinburch  Aiexandro  Ade  et  magistro  Joanne 
Hammill  ministro  de  Ochterardour  et  nctario  publico  testibus. 

Feu  Charters  and  Tacks. — 1570. 


TAK  of  Port  Lochtay  to  Donald  M'Kerres. 

Be  it  kend  till  all  men  .  .  .  me  Coline  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  to 
haif  sett  ...  to  my  louit  seruiture  Donald  M'Kerres  .  .  .  my  tua 
merkland  and  half  merkland  of  Port  Lochtay  with  the  pertinentis 
occupiit  ...  be  Johne  Chapmanboy,  lyand  in  the  lordschip  of  Des- 
chore  and  Toyer  within  the  sheriffdome  of  Perth,  (the  gairdneris  hous 
and  croft  allanerlie  exceptit)  for  ...  the  space  ...  of  nyntene  yeiris 
.  .  .  following  the  said  Donaldis  entre  thairto,  quhilk  .  .  .  salbe  .  .  . 
at  this  nixt  feast  of  Witsounday  in  the  yeir  of  God  M  vc-  threscoir  allevin 
yeiris  .  .  .  payand  yeirlie  thairfoir  the  said  Donald  to  me  my  airis  and 
factouris  fyftie  four  bollis  gud  and  sufficient  victuall,  that  is  to  say; 
twentie  fyve  bollis  meill  and  twentie  fyve  bollis  beir  betuix  Yule  and 
Candilmes  as  the  use  is  for  the  fermes  .  .  .  and  four  bollis  beir  for  the 
teyndis  .  .  .  and  be  ressoun  he  hes  resauit  at  his  entrie  sex  bollis 
beir  sawin  in  the  best  gudit  land  in  the  ground  he  sail  pay  the  nixt 
winter  .  .  .  following  his  said  entre  twentie  fyve  bollis  beir  and 
frathinefurtht  fyftie  four  bollis  victuallis  foirsaid  yeirlie  .  .  .  and  he 
sail  leafe  of  steilbow  at  his  furtht  passing  sex  bollis  beir  sawin  on  the 
best  gudit  land  of  the  ground,  and  in  the  hervest  thairefter  twentie 
fyve  bollis  eatis  prysit  in  the  stouk  with  the  stray  (lyk  as  he  resauis 
the  samyne  fra  the  said  Jhone  Chapman)  for  the  seid,  and  sail  pay 
twentie  fyve  bollis  meill  in  winter  efter  his  esche  .  .  .  and  siclyk  sail 
pay  na  multer  .  .  .  except  the  cottaris  to  pay  thair  multeris  conforme 
to  use  and  wount,  and  the  said  Donald  sail  haif  the  bouage  and  seruice 
pertening  to  the  said  landis  wsit  and  wount,  witht  power  to  set  thre 
small  nettis  upoun  the  Loch  in  ony  pairt  quhair  my  awin  nett  ussis 




Feu  Charters  and  Tacks. — 1572. 

nocht  to  be  set,  and  the  cottaris  Witsounday  mealis  to  be  the  said 
Donaldis  at  his  entre,  and  myne  at  his  ische,  and  the  said  Donald  to 
be  ane  leill  and  trew  seruand  to  me  and  my  airis  at  all  tymes  baith 
upoun  hors  and  futt  as  he  salbe  requirit  upoun  our  resonabill  expensis ; 
for  the  quhilkis  gud  seruice  to  be  done  I  and  my  airis  allowis  .  .  . 
yeirlie  to  the  said  Donald  sa  lang  as  he  labouris  and  possessis  the  saidis 
landis  .  .  .  thre  bollis  beir  and  thre  bollis  meill  in  name  of  fee  ... 
At  Bellocht  6  December,  1570. 

TAK  to  Hew  Hay  and  his  spous  for  keping  of  ane  hostallarie. 

Be  it  kend  till  all  men  .  .  .  me  Colene  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay  to 
haue  set  ...  to  my  seruitouris  Hew  Hay  and  Cristiane  Stanness  his 
spouss,  and  the  langer  levand  of  thame  twa  and  the  airis  male  lauch- 
fullie  gottin  or  to  be  gottin  betuix  thame,  all  and  haill  my  ten  schilling 
land  of  Skeog  Wester,  my  fyve  schilling  land  of  Canmoir,  and  my 
fourtie  penny  land  of  the  Cobill  Croft,  with  all  thair  pertinentis,  pre- 
sentlie  occupiet  be  the  said  Hew  and  his  said  spouss  liand  in  the  lord- 
schip  of  Descheor  and  Toyer  within  the  schirefdome  of  Perth  for  all 
the  .  .  .  termis  of  nyntene  yeris  .  .  .  following  thair  interes  thairinto 
quhilk  sal  ...  begin  the  day  of  the  dait  heirof  .  .  .  payand  yeirlie 
during  the  said  space  ...  to  me  and  my  airis  and  oure  factouris  .  .  . 
for  the  saidis  ten  schilling  land  of  Skeog  Wester  twa  bollis  thre  firlottis 
mele,  and  thre  bollis  malt  gude  and  sufficient  stuf,  and  ane  wedder 
scheip  in  dew  tyme  of  yeir  vsit  and  wount,  and  for  the  saidis  fyve 
schilling  land  of  Canmoir  thre  scoir  laidis  of  win  and  led  dry  peittis  at 
the  tyme  siclike  usit  and  wount,  and  for  the  said  fourtie  penny  land  of 

Feu  Charters  and  Tacks. — 1572. 


the  Cobill  Croft  the  sowme  of  sex  schillingis  aucht  pennyis  money  at 
tua  termis  in  the  yeir  Witsounday  and  Martimes  in  winter  be  evin 
portionis ;  and  the  said  Hew  and  his  spouss  and  thair  airis  male 
abone  writtin  to  haue  the  use  and  proffeit  of  the  feme  boyt  of  the 
Cagell  and  to  uphald  the  same  and  to  mak  thankfull  seruice  at  all 
tymes  neidfull  thairwitht  during  the  said  space,  and  sail  hald  and 
haue  ane  honest  hostallarie  upon  the  saidis  landis  of  Cobill  Croft  with 
sufficient  aill  and  breid  and  sik  uther  furnessing  as  may  be  gottin  within 
thir  boundis  at  all  tymes  in  reddines  to  serue  the  cuntray  for  resson- 
able  payment ;  and  quheneuir  it  salhappin  me  or  my  airis  to  warne  or 
aduerteis  the  said  Hew  his  spous  and  thair  airis  male  foirsaidis  to 
mak  gretar  prouisioun  for  courtis  conventionis  or  strangearis  thai  salbe 
reddie  to  obey  the  same  sua  that  the  charge  pass  not  sex  bollis  browin 
malt  with  the  pertinentis,  and  thai  during  the  said  space  sail  na  wyiss 
be  bund  or  astrictit  to  ony  forther  careage  areage  or  vther  dew  seruice 
for  the  landis  particular-lie  abone  writtin  nor  is  befoir  mentionat 
alanerlie ;  and  gif  it  salhappin  the  said  Hew  to  deceis  within  the  said 
space  of  nyntene  yeiris,  in  that  caiss  the  said  Cristiane  his  spouss  and 
thair  airis  male  abonewrittin  sail  use  and  fulfill  all  seruices  pointis 
and  conditionis  abone  expremit  .  .  .  and  that  it  sail  not  be  lesum  to 
Mr  to  vyue  hir  self  in  mariage  witht  ony  uther  efter  his  deceis  without 
the  speciale  aduiss  and  consent  of  me  and  my  airis  .  .  .  and  oblissis 
me  and  my  airis  upone  oure  awin  chargis  ...  to  caus  big  upone  the 
saidis  landis  of  Cobill  Croft  ane  hall  and  loftit  chalmer  with  chymnais 
durris  and  windois  and  to  mak  the  same  watterteich  meit  and  conve 
nient  for  sik  hospitalitie  betuix  and  the  secund  day  of  September  nixto- 
cum ;  and  oblissis  me  alsua  and  my  airis  to  discharge  all  hostillaris 


Feu  Charters  and  Tacks. — 1588. 

and  broustaris,  during  the  said  space,  betuix  Stroncombrie  and  the  Wod 
of  Lettirellane  on  the  north  side  of  Lochtaye,  and  betuix  Cronaltane 
and  Ardrananycht  in  Ardtollonycht  upone  the  south  side  of  the  same 
loch,  except  ane  broustar  to  be  on  the  north  side  and  ane  uther  upone 
the  south  side  in  Eddirgoll  as  it  sail  pleis  me  and  my  airis  to  nominat 
and  cheiss,  and  sail  statute  and  ordine  all  penny  worthis  of  vittallis  and 
uther  furnessing  of  flesche  fische  butter  cheis  and  meatis  (my  awne 
houss  and  my  airis  being  first  satisfeit  and  having  the  first  offer)  to  be 
offerit  and  sauld  to  the  said  Hew  and  his  said  spouss  and  thair  airis  male 
foirsaidis  ressonablie  to  the  effect  abone  specifiit  befoir  ony  uthiris  .  .  . 
prouiding  alwyiss,  that  gif  it  salhappin  me  or  my  airis  for  the  weill  and 
eiss  of  oure  houss  and  releif  and  commoditie  of  oure  tennentis  to  find 
oportunitie  and  tyme  inserving  for  edifying  and  bigging  of  ane  kirk 
within  the  said  fyve  shilling  land  of  Canmoir  ...  it  salbe  lesum  to  us 
to  do  the  samin  and  .  .  .  gif  samekill  of  the  same  fyve  schilling  land 
to  ane  minister  quhilk  salbe  appointit  thairunto  as  we  sail  think  ex 
pedient  ...  At  the  Ballocht,  2  November  1572. 

slauchtir  upone  the  Clangregour  for  a  Tak. 

Be  it  kend  till  all  men  .  .  .  Ws  Donald  M'Tarlich  and  Dougall 
M'Tarlich  bredir  to  be  bundin  and  oblist  .  .  .  induring  oure  lyftymes 
and  ane  air  male  lauchtfullie  to  be  gottin  of  ather  of  oure  bodeis  to  the 
richt  honorabill  Duncane  Campbell  of  Grlenurquhay  and  his  airis  that 
forsamekill  as  the  said  Duncane  is  oblist  to  ...  gif  ...  to  me  the 
said  Donald  ane  lettir  of  tak  during  my  lyftyme  and  eftir  my  deceis  to 

Feu  Charters  and  Tacks. — 1588. 


ane  air  male  lauchtfullie  to  be  gottin  of  my  body  during  his  lyftyme 
(of)  ...  his  tua  markland  of  Glenevern,  and  ane  markland  of  Elir 
with  the  pertinentis  Hand  in  the  lordschip  of  Lome  within  the  shiref- 
dome  of  Argyle,  and  to  me  the  said  Dougall  during  my  lyftyme  and 
effcir  my  deceis  to  ane  air  male  lauchtfullie  to  be  gottin  of  my  awin 
bodie  during  his  lyftyme  [ane  lettir  of  tak  of]  ...  his  half  markland  of 
Glenkatillie  with  the  pertinentis  liand  in  the  lordschip  and  shirefdome 
foirsaidis ;  oure  interes  to  the  landis  respectiue  foirsaidis  to  be  .  .  .at 
oure  performance  and  accomplischement  of  the  conditionis  following 
.  .  .  Thairfoir  we  ...  undirstanding  the  Clangregour  to  be  manifest 
malefactouris  and  his  Maiesties  declarit  rebellis  for  sindrie  slauchteris 
evill  turnis  and  oppressionis  done  be  tham  upone  diuers  personis  his 
hienes  liegis  .  .  .  obleis  ws  .  .  .  that  we  with  the  haill  cumpanie  and 
forces  we  may  or  can  mak  sail  incontinent  eftir  the  dait  heirof  enter  in 
deidlie  feid  with  the  Clangregoure  and  sail .  .  .  continew  thairin  and  in 
making  of  slauchtir  upone  thame  and  thair  adherentis  bayth  priuelie 
and  oppinlie  and  sail  be  na  maner  of  way  or  persuasioun  leif  the  same 
or  ...  ceiss  thairfra  unto  the  tyme  the  said  Duncane  Campbell  of 
Glenurquhay  find  himself  be  oure  trauellis  and  diligence  satisfiit  .  .  . 
with  the  slauchter  we  sail  do  and  commit  upone  thame,  and  in  speciall 
abstract  and  withdraw  ws  thairfra  be  himself,  as  alsua  quhill  he  find  the 
way  to  mak  ane  aggreament  and  pacificatioun  betuix  ws  and  the 
Clangregour  for  the  slauchtir  we  sail  commit  upone  thame,  sua  that 
thaireftir  we  may  posses  .  .  .  the  saidis  landis  to  be  disponit  to  ws  in 
maner  forsaid  .  .  .  subscriuit  with  oure  handis  as  followis  at  Ballocht 
the  xviii  day  Maii  the  yeir  of  God  MVC-  fourescoir  aucht  yeris  befoir 
.  witnessis  . 


Feu  Charters  and  Tacks. — 1596. 

ifcemohwng  of 

APUD  AUDCANDKNOCQUHANE  secuDdo  die  mensis  Aprilis  anno  Domini 
millesimo  quingentesimo  nonagesimo  sexto. 

Quhilk  day  in  presence  of  me  notar  publict  vndir  writtin  and  wit- 
nessis  efter  mentionat  Alexander  Campbell  ane  of  the  ordinar  mairis 
of  the  shirefdome  of  Perth  past  to  the  ground  of  the  landis  of  Ard- 
candknokquhane  Hand  within  the  shirefdome  of  Perth  and  thair 
finding  the  dur  of  the  duelling  hous  of  Mallcolme  Gait  ane  of  the 
tennentis  of  the  saidis  landis  oppin  and  patent  he  enterit  in  the  samyn 
and  finding  thairin  ane  irone  pot,  ane  kettill,  ane  brasin  pann,  ane 
chyre,  tua  coggis,  tua  dischis,  four  treine  plaittis,  ane  kist  ;  and  alsua 
vpoun  the  ground  of  the  saidis  landis  occupiit  be  the  said  Malcolme  he 
fand  fourtie  scheip,  tuentie  gait,  foure  horses,  and  fyftene  ky  ;  quhilk 
insicht  geir  the  said  Alexander  Campbell  mair  foirsaid  put  furth  of 
the  said  Malcolmis  hous  and  removit  the  samyn  togidder  with  the  haill 
scheip,  gait,  horses  and  ky  abone  specefeit  of  the  marche  of  the  saidis 
landis,  as  alsua  the  said  Malcolme  his  wyfe  and  seruandis  furth  of  the 
saide  duelling  hous  and  notwithstanding  thairof  the  said  Malcolme 
grantit  him  laufullie  removit  thairfra  off  his  awin  frie  will  for  obeisance 
of  the  said  decreit.  .  .  .  And  inlikmaner  the  said  Alexander  Camp 
bell  mare  foirsaid  past  to  ane  markland  of  the  saidis  landis  of  Ard- 
candknoquhane  occupiit  be  Johne  Grahame  of  Dewnanche  and 
Gilliphillane  Turnoure  his  subtennent  and  .  .  .  finding  thairin  foure 
coggis,  ane  pot,  ane  stuill,  ane  chyre,  ane  scheit,  ane  sack,  ane  pan,  and 
ane  sped,  tuelf  ky,  tuelf  gait,  tuelf  scheip,  and  tua  hors  ;  and  thairefter 

Feu  Charters  and  Tacks. — 1596. 


the  said  Alexander  be  vertew  of  his  office  not  onlie  removit  .  .  .  the 
said  Gilliphillane  Turnoure,  his  wyfe,  bairnis,  and  seruandis  furth  of 
the  said  duelling  hous,  bot  alsua  removit  the  said  haill  insicht  geir,  ky, 
gait,  scheip  and  horses  of  the  marche  of  the  ground  of  the  saidis  landis ; 
and  thairefter  .  .  .  past  and  enterit  Williame  Menzeis  sone  lauchfull 
to  Robert  Menzeis  of  Comrie  seruitour  to  ...  Duncane  Campbell  of 
Glenurquhay  heretoure  of  the  saidis  landis  in  his  name  and  behalf  to 
the  .  .  .  possessioun  of  the  saidis  landis  and  .  .  .  houssis  and  duell- 
ingis  thairof  ...  be  deliuerance  to  him  of  post  durris  and  bullis  thairof 
.  .  .  Upon  the  quhilkis  tlie  said  Alexander  Campbell  mair  foirsaid 
and  the  said  Williame  Menzeis  in  name  of  the  said  Sir  Duncane 
askit  instrumentis  fra  me  notar  publict  vndirwrittin  .  .  .  befor  ... 

witnesses  .  .  . 

GAVINUS  HAMMILTOUN,  Notarius  Publicus. 

CARTA  JOHANNIS  CAMPBELL  terrarum  de  Auchinryre 

et  Drumnavoke,  etc. 

Omnibus  .  .  .  Dominus  Duncanus  Campbell  de  Glenurquhay  miles  10. 

.  .  .  Salutem  .  .  .  JSoueritis  ...  me  ...  pro  specialibus  amore  et 
fauore  quos  .  .  .  gero  erga  dilectum  meum  filium  legitimum  Johannem 
Campbell  tertio  genitum  .  .  .  dedisse  .  .  .  et  ad  feudifirmam  .  .  . 
perpetuam  dimisisse  .  .  .  prefato  Johanni  Campbell  et  heredibus 
masculis  de  corpore  suo  legitime  procreandis  .  .  .  quibus  deficientibus 
mihi  et  heredibus  meis  iterum  reuertendas  .  .  .  meas  decem  marcatas 
terrarum  de  Aucliinryre  et  Drumnavoke  duas  marcatas  terrarum  de 
Condalich  in  Bennederaloch  acetiam  .  .  .  meas  quatuor  marcatas  ter 
rarum  de  Auchanacrosce  et  quatuor  marcatas  terrarum  de  Killen 
Pennyfurt  et  Teirewin  in  Lesmoir  cum  .  .  .  pertinentiis  quibuscunque 


Feu  Charters  and  Tacks. — 1596. 

jacentea  in  dominio  de  Lome  infra  vicecomitatum  de  Argyle,  Tenen- 
das  .  .  .  de  me  heredibus  et  successoribus  meis  in  feudifirma  et  here- 
ditate  imperpetuum  .  .  .  Keddendo  annuatim  .  .  .  mihi  heredibus  et 
successoribus  meis  pro  predictis  terris  de  Auchinryre  Drumnavoke  et 
Condalich  .  .  .  summam  decem  librarum  .  .  .  rnonete  .  .  .  Scotie 
ad  duos  anni  terminos  consuetos  .  .  .  necnon  unum  gallonem  vulgo 
lie  galloun  sufficientis  aquauite  et  optimam  chlamidem  coloratam  vulgo 
ane  fyne  hewd  brakane  annuatim  .  .  .  unacum  sufficient!  lie  cuddeich 
annuatim  acetiam  .  .  .  pro  predictis  terris  de  Auchanacrosce  Killen 
Pennyfurt  et  Teirewin  .  .  .  quadraginta  bollas  farine  auenatice  boni 
et  sufficientis  mercimonii  inter  festa  natiuitatis  Domini  et  purificationis 
Marie  virginis  .  .  .  deliberandas  apud  Downan  de  Inueraw  eorum 
propriis  sumptibus  mensura  de  Glenurquhay  ibidem  mensurandas  ac 
summam  quinque  librarum  tredecim  solidorum  et  quatuor  denariorum 
monete  prescripte  .  .  .  acetiam  heredes  masculi  dicti  Johannis  dupli- 
cando  dictam  integram  feudifirmam  primo  anno  eorum  introitus  ad 
predictas  terras  respectiue  .  .  .  necnon  dictus  Johannes  heredesque 
sui  masculi  prescript!  ipsorumque  tenentes  dictarum  terrarum  prestando 
mihi  et  heredibus  meis  suas  sectas  et  presentias  in  nostris  curiis  apud 
Auchanaba  aut  alias  ubicunque  annuatim  tenendis  .  .  .  quarumquidem 
curiarum  .  .  .  eschaete  et  amerchiamenta  criminum  furtiuorum  blude- 
uitarum  quercuum  aliarumque  arborum  mihi  et  heredibus  meis 
spectabunt  ccetereque  parue  eschaete  et  amerchiamenta  tenentium 
dictarum  terrarum  .  .  .  dicto  Johanni  et  heredibus  .  .  .  prescripts 
pertinebunt  Reseruatis  mihi  et  heredibus  meis  omnibus  arboribus  quer 
cuum  vulgo  lie  aik  infra  .  .  .  limites  dictarum  terrarum  Concedendo 
.  .  .  predicto  Johanni  et  heredibus  .  .  .  prescriptis  totidem  alias 

Feu  Clwrters  and  Tacks. — 1630. 


arborcs  preter  quercum  infra  dictas  bondas  annuatim  scindere  que  con 
struction!  et  reparation!  edificiorum  dictarum  terrarum  respectiue  per- 
tinere  dinoscentur  .  .  .  Keseruataque  mihi  et  heredibus  meis  principal! 
herezelda  diet!  Johannis  et  heredum  suorum  .  .  .  antedictorum  coate- 
reque  herezelde  tenentiura  dictarum  terrarum  respectiue  eidem  Johanni 
et  heredibus  .  .  .  prescriptis  pertinebunt  .  .  .  Acetiam  quod  dicttis 
Johannes  et  heredes  sui  .  .  .  prescript!  suique  tenentes  dictarum 
terrarum  respectiue  debite  mecum  et  cum  heredibus  suorum  propriis 
expensis  in  locis  montanis  (lie  hielandis)  venentur  conueniant  et  adhe- 
reant  toties  quoties  requisiti  fuerint  .  .  .  Prouiso  etiam  quod  ...  si 
comperti  fuerint  equites  aut  pedites  cum  quouis  mortalium  contra  me 
heredes  aut  successores  meos  vel  aliquid  fecerint  ...  in  damnum  aut 
preiudicium  meum  heredum  aut  successorum  meorum  uel  .  .  .  posses- 
sionum  nostrarum  (author! tate  Kegie  Majestatis  duntaxat  excepta)  aut 
si  nostrum  officiarium  deforciauerint  aut  arrestationem  fregerint  .  .  . 
tune  .  .  .  cadent  a  iure  presentis  infeofamenti  .  .  .  Keseruato  nihil 
ominus  .  .  .  vital!  redditu  .  .  .  dictarum  .  .  .  terrarum  .  .  .  mihi 
dicto  domino  Duncano  pro  omnibus  mee  vite  diebus.  Apud  Finlarg 
12  August!  1596. 

ADAME  HADDEN  dyker  agrees  to  mend  and  uphold  yearly,  during  his 
lifetime,  the  park  dykes  of  Sir  Duncane  Campbell  of  Glenurquhay 
knight,  which  are  built  of  feal  only,  viz.,  the  park  dike  of  Crannich, 
the  great  park  dike  of  Finlarg,  at  least  so  much  thereof  as  is  built  of 
feal,  the  great  park  dike  above  the  mill  of  Finlarg,  the  two  park  dikes 
of  Barery,  and  the  park  dikes  in  Glenlochy ;  for  which  the  said  Sir 
Duncane  binds  himself  to  pay  the  said  Adame  Hadden  yearly  the  sum 



Feu  Charters  and  Tacks. — 1631. 

of  twenty  merks  Scots,  and  twenty  shillings  for  his  expences  in  travell 
ing,  a  stone  of  cheese  and  a  pair  of  shoes  yearly,  and  to  give  him 
meat  and  drink  for  his  said  labour  so  long  as  the  said  Sir  Duncane  and 
his  household  dwell  at  Finlarg,  and  when  they  remove  to  Balloch,  the 
said  Sir  Duncane  shall  make  his  tenants  furnish  the  said  meat  and 
drink.  Signed  at  Balloch,  27th  January  1630. 

12.  SIR  DUNCANE  CAMPBELL  of  Glenurquhay  knight  sets  to  Ronald 

Campbell  of  Barrichtbuyan,  for  five  years,  the  merkland  of  Elrige,  the 
merkland  of  Blairine,  the  merkland  of  Cloichrich,  the  merkland  of 
Drumnasalg,  the  merkland  of  Blairindun,  the  two  merkland  of  Corri- 
lorne,  the  two  merkland  of  Ewnyng,  the  two  merkland  of  Stringis,  the 
two  merkland  of  Finglen,  the  lands  of  Altacarmik,  the  two  merkland 
of  Selchrich,  lying  within  the  lordship  of  Lome ;  and  the  said  Ronald 
Campbell  obliges  himself  to  pay  yearly  for  the  saids  lands  of  Elrick  two 
merks  money,  and  six  firlots  bear,  to  be  delivered  in  the  Castle  of  Glen 
urquhay  ;  for  the  saids  lands  of  Blairin,  sixteen  stones  cheese ;  for  the 
merkland  of  Cloichrich,  twelve  stones  cheese ;  for  the  merkland  of 
Drumnasalg,  twenty  stones  cheese ;  for  the  merkland  of  Blairindin, 
twenty  stones  cheese  ;  for  the  two  merkland  of  Corrielorne,  forty  stones 
cheese ;  for  the  two  merkland  of  Ewnyng,  eighteen  stones  cheese,  ten 
shillings  money,  and  the  half  of  a  good  mart ;  for  the  lands  of  Stringis,. 
eighteen  shillings ;  for  the  two  merkland  of  Finglen,  sixteen  stones 
cheese ;  for  the  lands  of  Altacarmik,  ten  shillings ;  and  for  the  two  merk 
land  of  Selchrich,  thirty  stones  cheese,  and  t  wenty  merks  money ;  and  also 
six  sufficient  wedders ;  and  the  said  Ronald  shall  be  ready  himself  with 

Feu  Charters  and  Tacks. — 1632. 


four  sufficient  men  to  serve  the  said  Sir  Duncane  and  his  heirs  in  time 
of  hosting  upon  his  own  expences  ;  and  in  other  employments  he  shall 
be  ready  to  serve  either  by  himself,  or  if  he  be  in  his  cheifs  service,  by 
his  brother  or  his  eldest  son,  with  six  persons,  and  shall  give  yearly  a 
gallon  of  sufficient  aquavitee  or  two  bolls  bear  and  a  white  plaid,  or 
ten  pounds  Scots  as  presents  for  the  saids  lands  ;  and  the  said  Ronald 
binds  himself  further  to  have  sufficient  tenants  upon  the  saids  lands, 
and  not  to  set  them  in  "scheilling"  or  to  the  nearest  landlord. 
Signed  at  Balloch,  12th  March  1631. 

SIR  COLINE  CAMPBELL  of  Glenurquhay  knight  sets  to  Patrik  Gow,  for 
the  lifetime  of  the  shortest  liver  of  the  two,  the  two  merkland  of 
Barrechastellan  ;  and  the  said  Patrik  Gow  obliges  himself  to  pay 
therefor  yearly  three  punds  money  at  the  usual  terms,  and  to  give 
sufficient  presents  twice  a-year,  carriages,  hosting,  hunting,  stenting,  and 
other  usual  services,  to  make  his  principal  residence  on  the  saids  lands, 
to  keep  the  woods  undestroyed,  and  to  till  none  of  the  untilled  ground, 
to  relieve  the  said  Sir  Coline  of  all  taxations  to  be  imposed  thereon  by 
kirk  or  king  during  the  said  tack,  and  also  to  mend  all  the  iron  and 
broken  work  of  the  Castle  of  Glenurquhay,  with  the  plough  irons  of 
Kinchrekan  and  mill  thereof,  and  also  to  work  the  whole  work  of 
the  country,  as  he  shall  be  employed  by  the  said  Sir  Coline  his  tenants 
and  servants  dwelling  upon  the  saids  lands,  for  the  usual  payment ;  and 
not  to  fall  in  trouble  with  any  of  his  neighbours,  in  blood  or  otherwise, 
and  also  to  pay  every  five  years  two  new  calved  kye,  or  forty  pounds 
in  name  of  grassum.  Signed  at  Finlarg,  20th  March  1632. 



Feu  Charters  and  Tacks. — 1636. 

SIB  COLINE  CAMPBELL  of  Glenurquhay  knight  gives  to  Andro 
Kippen  gardener  his  servant  the  labouring  of  the  yard  of  Balloch 
with  the  garden  for  the  space  of  six  years,  during  which  space  the  said 
Andro  obliges  himself  to  entertain  the  said  garden  and  its  knots  with 
all  sorts  of  flowers,  and  the  borders  of  the  hedges  within  the  same  with 
flowers  herbs  and  strawberries,  and  to  hold  the  whole  alleys  clean, 
and  the  borders  of  the  kaleyards  within  with  strawberries,  to  en 
tertain  kale  and  herbs  of  all  sorts  and  fruit  trees  therein,  to  set 
keyes  of  cherries,  geans,  apples  and  pears,  and  to  have  the  whole 
borders  of  the  kale  yard  at  the  back  of  the  place  set  round  about  with 
strawberries,  the  yards  being  kept  for  kale  and  herbs  and  the  fostering  of 
young  trees ;  to  hold  the  alley  between  the  two  kale  yards  clean,  and  the 
alleys  of  the  orchard  clean  with  grass,  which  grass  shall  belong  to  the 
said  Andro  providing  he  put  no  bestial  thereon  to  eat  it,  to  cast  and 
guide  the  whole  trees  of  the  orchard  quarterly  in  four  years,  and  every 
fourth  year  to  guide  the  hedges  of  the  orchard  and  the  cherry  and  plum 
trees,  to  cast  the  borders  of  the  hedges  of  the  orchard  every  other  year, 
to  cast  and  guide  the  borders  of  the  garden  and  kale  yard  every  year, 
to  give  every  fruit  tree  twelve  loads  of  earth  in  guiding,  to  draw  the 
whole  fulzie  to  the  yards  garden  and  orchard  in  summer,  and  to  win 
the  earth  himself  and  make  middens  of  it  in  the  orchard  or  before  the 
peathouse  door,  and  when  putting  the  earth  to  the  tree  roots  to  have 
the  country  to  draw  the  sameand  stuff  from  the  midden  to  the  hedges, 
according  to  use  and  wont ;  and  the  whole  muck  between  Altanfoir  and 
the  place  of  Balloch  with  the  half  of  the  dew  muck  to  belong  to  him ; 
he  is  to  hold  with  him  one  man  in  winter  and  two  men  in  summer 
to  help  him  to  entertain  the  yard  and  to  win  and  lead  the  fulzie  ;  for 

Feu  Charters  and  Tacks. — 1651. 


which  service  Sir  Coline  shall  give  him  ten  bolls  meal  yearly  and  five 
stones  cheese ;  and  the  said  Andro  shall  furnish  the  place  and  kitchen 
of  Balloch  yearly  with  kale  and  herbs,  and  shall  have  the  fourth  of 
the  orchard  yearly  appraised  to  himself,  except  so  many  trees  as  are 
appointed  for  the  place  ;  he  shall  have  also  four  pounds  to  buy  seeds 
and  flowers,  and  forty  shillings  to  buy  gloves  ;  he  shall  get  his  meat 
in  the  place  of  Balloch  during  the  Laird  and  Lady's  being  there  ;  he 
shall  have  the  holding  of  two  work  horses  where  the  Laird's  own  work 
horses  feed  in  the  waird,  as  also  two  neucle  kye  with  the  Laird's  own 
neucle  kye  in  the  same  place.  Signed  at  Finlarg,  22d  July  1636. 

JOHN  CAMPBELL,  fear  of  Glenurquhay,  sets  to  Nicoll  M'Lefcunrik 
V'Nicoll,  for  five  years,  the  merkland  of  Arrivean  in  Glenloquhay ;  he 
paying  yearly  out  of  every  couple  of  new  calved  kye  he  shall  receive  to 
grass  thereupon  as  much  as  any  former  tenant  did,  with  carriages,  hosting, 
hunting,  watching,  and  all  other  usual  services,  and  releiving  the  said 
John  Campbell  of  all  taxations  thereon.  He  shall  receive  to  grass  on 
the  saids  lands  some  yeild  kye  and  pay  the  usual  duty  therefrom,  keep 
the  mares  in  Glenloquhay  and  their  followers  as  stoddert  thereof,  for 
which  he  shall  have  the  usual  pay ;  he  shall  make  his  principal  residence 
on  the  saids  lands  and  preserve  the  woods,  answer  the  hue  and  cry  of 
the  country  against  thieves,  oppressors,  and  robbers,  and  stop  them  to 
the  utmost  of  his  power,  under  the  penalty  of  the  loss  of  his  moveable 
goods ;  it  being  provided  that  if  the  said  Nicoll  be  impeded  in  labouring 
the  saids  lands  by  any  enemy's  army,  the  tack  shall  become  void,  and 
he  shall  be  bound  to  pay  only  such  duty  as  four  honest  men,  assessors 
in  the  country,  shall  appoint.  Signed  at  Finlarg,  8  November  1651. 



Feu  Charters  and  Tacks. — 1663. 

16.  JOHNE  CAMPBELL  of  Glenurchay  younger  sets  to  Johne  Dow  Crerar 
in  Garrous,  for  five  years,  the  merkland  of  Pitmakie,  and  the  sheilling 
of  Corriegoir ;  and  the  said  Johne  binds  himself  and  his  heirs  to  pay 
yearly  therefor  sixty  pounds  Scots,  the  usual  presents,  excepting  the 
teinds  payable  to  the  minister,  and  his  own  good  will  of  presents ;  and 
also  obliges  himself  to  be  fowler  to  the  Laird,  and  to  go  to  the  hills 
with  a  sufficient  lying  dog  and  fowling  nets,  to  seek  for,  take,  and 
kill  wild  fowl  and  moorfowl  of  all  kinds,  as  convenience  and  the  season 
shall  offer  and  as  he  shall  be  required,  and  on  the  Lairds  desire  to 
send  to  his  house  one  of  his  sons  skilled  in  fowling  to  serve  in  his  office 
with  dog  and  nets  fit  for  the  purpose,  and  to  train  up  a  sufficient  fowl 
ing  dog  for  the  use  of  the  Laird,  for  which  the  Laird  will  always 
furnish  him  with  a  young  dog  of  a  good  fowling  kind.     Signed  at 
Balloch,  25th  April  1663. 

17.  COMMISSION  by  John  Earl  of  Breadalbane,  to  John  M'Intyr  in 
Glacsgour,  to  be  forrester  of  the  south  side  of  the  forest  of  Corichiba 
for  keeping  the  marches  thereof,  he  being  bound  not  to  have  any 
sheillings  nor  to  pasture  any  goods  within  the  old  limits  thereof,  and  to 
stop  all  passengers  travelling  through  it  with  guns ;  to  free  himself, 
his  family,  and  any  who  lodge  with  him  of  eating  venison,  except  the 
umbles  and  entrails  of  such  as  shall  be  killed  for  the  Earl's  use ;  to 
kill  in  seasonable  time  of  year,  that  is,  from  Midsummer  to  Hallowmas, 
the  number  of  sixteen  deer  to  be  sent  to  the  officer  of  Finlarg,  the 
chamberlain  of  Glenurchy  detaining  from  him  a  boll  of  meal  for  every 
deer  he  is  short  of  the  number  ;  and  he  is  to  receive  all  the  deer  and 

Feu  C/iarters  and  Tacks. — 1687. 


rocs  iu  the  forest  at  the  sight  of  the  chamberlain  and  honest  men  in  the 
country,  and  the  chamberlain  is  to  write  on  the  back  of  the  tack  the 
number  so  received  that  it  may  be  known  how  the  deer  have  increased 
under  his  care ;  for  which  the  Earl  allows  the  said  John  the  shealing 
of  Blaraven,  the  said  John  being  bound  to  sheal  himself  upon  the 
borders  and  extremities  of  the  forest,  where  his  predecessors  did,  in 
order  to  keep  off  broken  men  and  destroyers  of  deer ;  and  the  said 
John  is  to  have  eight  bolls  meal  out  of  Achnofavnicb.  Signed  at 
Castle  Kelchurne,  30  March  1687. 

JOHN  EARL  OF  BREADALBANE  sets  to  John  M'Nab  for  five  years,  the 
grazing  hills  of  Bentechie  and  Elerig,  with  the  other  accustomed  places 
where  his  Lordship  and  his  predecessors'  horses  were  wont  to  pasture 
in  Glenlochy,  delivering  to  him  thirty  stud  mares  either  with  foal  or 
having  foals  at  their  feet,  the  one  half  worth  fifty  merks  a  piece,  as 
also  one  hundred  merks  Scots  to  buy  a  sufficient  stallion,  not  exceeding 
five  years  of  age,  to  be  kept  witli  the  mares  on  the  said  grass ; 
and  the  said  John  is  to  keep  the  mares,  foals,  and  stallion  on  his  own 
peril,  and  to  be  answerable  for  them  in  all  cases,  excepting  only  the 
case  of  open  daylight  depredations  and  public  harryings  in  a  hostile 
manner,  to  keep  the  stallion  from  labour,  to  pay  the  Earl  the  sum  of 
ten  punds  Scots  for  each  of  the  mares  yearly  in  name  of  tack  duty,  and 
at  the  expiry  of  his  tack  to  redeliver  to  the  Earl  the  same  number  of 
mares  and  foals  and  a  stallion  all  of  equal  value  with  those  he  received, 
or  to  pay  the  foresaid  prices  for  the  mares  and  the  stallion  if  awanting, 
and  in  like  manner  ten  pounds  for  every  foal  he  shall  be  short  of  the 
number  of  thirty  as  is  above  mentioned,  delivering  also  the  Earl's 



Feu  Charters  and  Tacks. — 1703. 

burning  iron  which  he  received  for  marking  the  horses.  Signed  at 
Finlarg,  11  June  1702. 

19-  JOHN  EARL  OF  BREADALBANE  sets  to  John  Camphell  MThadrich 

Vic  Connochie  Bane  in  Inuerchorachan  in  Glenfyne,  for  eight  years, 
the  three  and  a  half  merkland  of  Kylebryde  and  Culenacca,  with  the 
grazings,  fishings,  and  pertinents  thereof,  lying  within  the  parish  of 
Glenarey,  barony  thereof,  and  sheriffdom  of  Argyle,  and  because  the 
lands  are  waste,  gives  him  eight  bolls  oat  meal  at  his  entry  thereto ; 
for  which  the  said  John  Campbell  binds  himself  to  erect  thereon 
sufficient  houses,  byres,  and  barns,  with  dykes,  before  Martinmas  1705, 
and  to  pay  for  the  saids  lands  to  the  Earl's  order  at  Inverarey  or  Glen- 
falloch,  the  number  of  five  hundred  sufficient  herring  in  April  1703, 
five  hundred  sufficient  salt  herring  in  August  or  September  following, 
three  barrels  at  Martinmas  1703,  six  barrels  in  1704,  nine  barrels  at 
Martinmas  1705,  or  ten  pounds  Scots  for  each  undelivered  barrel,  and 
at  Martinmas  1706  and  yearly  thereafter  during  the  said  tack  the 
half  of  the  highest  rent  that  was  paid  to  Charles  Campbell  of  Ballochyle 
or  his  predecessors  over  and  above  the  nine  barrels  of  herring,  the  other 
half  of  the  rent  being  remitted  in  consideration  of  the  said  John's 
services,  and  the  ruinous  condition  of  the  land ;  he  also  binds  himself 
to  preserve  the  woods,  to  suffer  no  goats  to  pasture  thereon,  to  entertain 
the  Earl,  his  horses,  and  necessary  servants  attending  them,  when  he 
happens  to  be  at  Inverarey,  and  to  furnish  white  fish  and  shell  fish  to 
the  Earl's  family  during  his  Lordship's  residence  at  Castle  Kelchurne. 
Signed  at  Taymouth  and  Finlarg,  20  and  22  February  1703. 



[LETTER  from  COLIN  CAMPBELL  of  Glenurquhay  to  GREGOR 

Gregor  M'Ane,  I  commend  me  hartlie  to  yon.  M'Callum  Dow  hes 
schawin  me  quhow  the  Clangregour  hes  tain  vp  your  geir  and  your 
puir  tenentis  geir,  the  quhilk  I  pray  yow  tak  na  thocht  of,  for  albeit  I 
haue  na  ky  to  recompanss  yow  instantlie,  I  sail,  God  willinge,  mak  yow 
and  youris  suir  of  rowmis  that  sail  mak  yow  mair  profeit  nor  the  geir 
that  ye  haue  tint  at  this  tyme,  ye  beand  ane  trew  faythfull  seruand  to 
me.  And  gif  the  puir  men  that  wantis  geir  duellinge  onder  yow  be  trew 
to  yow,  tak  tham  into  the  place  vpoun  my  expenssis,  and  gif  to  thair 
wyifis  and  bairnis  sum  of  my  victuall  to  sustein  tham  as  ye  think  ex- 
pediant.  I  pray  yow  haue  the  place  weill  provydid  with  sic  furnesing 
as  ye  ma  get,  and  spair  nowther  my  geir  nor  yit  your  awin,  for  God 
leuuinge  ws  our  heilthis,  we  will  get  geir  enewche.  I  pray  yow,  and 
als  commandis  yow,  that  ye  lat  nain  within  the  place  but  your  awin 





traist  servandis,  albeit  I  gaif  you  ane  command  to  resaue  sum  vtheris 
at  my  departing,  and  keip  this  writing  for  your  warrand  ;  for  albeit 
the  geir  be  awa  and  the  ground  waistit,  I  kepand  that  auld  houss  and 
haldand  the  rigis  haill  as  God  willinge  I  sail,  ye  beand  ane  fayth- 
full  servand  to  me,  my  bairnis  and  youris  sail  leif  honorable  in  it 
will  God,  quhen  the  plage  of  God  will  leyth  vpoun  tham  and  thair 
posteritie  out  of  memorie  that  molestis  me  and  yow  at  this  present. 
Send  word  to  me  gif  ye  mister  men  or  ony  vthir  thinge  ye  wald  haue 
me  doand  with  this  berar,  quha  is  ane  man  tha.t  I  credeit,  and  ye  ma 
pchaw  to  him  your  mynd.  I  sail  provyid  sum  scharp  boy  that  can 
writ  and  reid  to  you  schortlie,  and  hald  ye  him  on  my  expenssis  sa 
lange  as  this  induris,  becaus  credeit  ma  nocht  be  gevin  to  boyis.  The 
rest  to  your  wisdoum,  and  to  treit  yourself  weill  and  be  mirrie,  and  tak 
na  thocht  of  geir,  for  we  will  get  geir  enewche,  will  God,  quha  mot 
have  you  in  keepinge.  At  Ilanran,  the  xviii  of  August  1570. 


COLIN  CAMPBELL  of  Glenurquhay. 



To  our  Rycht  traist  freind  The  LAIRD  of  GLENURQUHY. 

RIGHT  traist  freind,  we  greit  yow  hartlie  weill.  The  incertantie  of 
the  tyme  of  the  arrivall  of  the  reraanent  foreynn  ambassadouris  and 
sum  uthir  speciall  occasionis  hes  constranit  ws  to  prorogat  the  tyme  of 
oure  deirest  sonis  baptisme  to  Sonnday  the  xviii  of  August,  quhairof 
we  haue  thocht  guid  to  adverteiss  yow,  desyring  yow  effectuuslie  that 
ye  will  not  faill  to  be  with  ws  the  xv  day  of  the  said  inoneth  at  the 
farthest,  and  to  haist  in  sick  quick  stufe  as  ye  haif  in  reddienes  to  the 
support  of  the  chairgis  to  Striuiling  betuix  and  the  sevint  day  of  the 
said  moneth,  and  vennesoun  and  wyld  foull  as  it  may  be  had  .... 
about  the  day  of  the  solemptnitie,  as  ye  will  gif  pruiff  at  this  tyme  of 
your  guid  effectioun,  to  the  honoure  of  ws  and  the  cuntrey :  sua  we 
committ  yow  to  God.  At  Stirling,  the  last  day  of  July  1594. 


To  the  Ryght  honorable  the  LAIRD  of  GLENORQUHY  these  be  delyuered. 

HONORABLE  SIR,  The  prince  receaved  your  eagles  very  thankfullie, 
and  we  hade  good  sport  with  thatne,  and  according  to  his  promeiss  he 
hathe  sent  yow  a  horss  to  be  a  stallon,  one  of  the  best  in  his  stable  for 
that  purposs,  and  comendis  him  kyndlie  to  yow,  and  sayis  that  sevin 
yearis  hence,  when  he  comes  to  Scotland,  that  he  hopes  to  gett  some 




of  his  breed.  Yow  shall  excuse  me  that  he  was  so  long  of  cuming,  for 
this  is  the  first  that  he  gave  away  since  the  tyme  that  yea  was  heer  ; 
and  yow  know  that  I  wilbe  euer  reddy  to  serve  yovv  or  to  doe  yow  any 
plesure  that  lyes  in  my  power  without  any  ceremonie,  and  therefore  I 
will  not  vse  many  fayre  words  with  yow,  for  that  is  needles  amongis 
frendis,  hot  remember  that  I  am  a  true  Scottis  man  vnchengable,  for 
all  that  I  can  sie  heer,  and  so  I  think  to  continew  by  Goddis  grace 
to  my  lyves  end.  Thus  recomending  yow  to  the  protection  of  God, 
I  rest  ever, 

Your  loving  freend  to  do  yow  service, 

WHYTHALL,  9  Januar  1609. 

To  my  very  louing  Cusing  the  LAIRD  of  GLENORQUHY. 

LOTTING  CUSING, — Being  cumed  in  to  stay  in  this  toun  a  good  part 
of  this  vinter,  I  think  my  greatest  sportt  shalbe  the  huntine  of  the  fox, 
thairfor  I  will  ernestly  intrett  you  to  send  me  with  this  berar  a  coup- 
pill  of  good  earth  doggs.  This  is  my  first  charge  sens  your  father  died, 
and  I  prey  you  ouss  me  alls  familiarlie  as  I  doo  you,  for  without 
ceremonie,  Cusing,  you  shall  nott  haue  a  freind  ouer  quhom  ye  haue 
gritar  pouar  than  ouer  me. 

Your  louing  Cusing  to  doo  you  seruice, 

STERLING,  the  v  of  Nouember  1631. 

Quhat  ye  send  me  latt  itt  be  good  altho  itt  should  be  bott  on. 


To  the  LAIRD  of  GLENWRQWHY. 

SIR, — These  ar  to  intreat  yow  to  do  all  dilligence  to  caus  slay  and 
send  in  to  his  Maiesties  house  at  Halyrudehouse,  against  the  threttene 
day  of  Junii  instant,  suche  sortis  of  venesone  and  wyldfoullis  as  ar  to 
be  found  within  your  boundis,  and  so  fronie  weik  to  weik  dureing  his 
Maiesties  aboad  within  this  kingdome,  and  to  evrie  ane  of  his  Maiesties 
senerall  howssis  quhair  his  Maiestie  salbe  for  the  tyrais,  conforme  to 
the  list  of  his  Maiestie's  jestis  heirin  inclosed,  als  fresche  and  in  als 
dew  tyrrie  as  convenientlie  you  may.  Not  doubting  of  your  love  to  his 
Maiesties  service,  we  rest 

Youris  gude  freindis, 


HALYRUDHOUS,  6  Junii  1633. 

His  Maiesty  comtneth  to  Halyrudhowse  the  xv  of  Junii,  and  stay- 
eth  till  the  first  day  of  Julij,  quhilk  night  he  will  be  in  Litquhow,  the 
next  twa  nights  in  Stirling,  from  that  to  Dunfermling  i  night,  from 
that  to  Falkland  foure  nights,  and  from  that  to  Halyrudhowsse,  and 
thaire  during  pleasure. 

To  the  Right  worshipfull  his  much  honoured  freind  the  LAIUD  of 

MUCH  HONOURED  SIR, — Immediatlie  after  the  receat  of  your  letter 
on  Saturday,  I  went  and  shew  your  capercailzie  to  the  king  in  his  bed 
chamber,  who  accepted  it  weel  as  a  raritie,  for  he  had  never  seen  any 






•  to 



!    to 










of  them  before.  I  have  been  telling  your  man  that  I  have  a  mind  to 
send  a  letle  tronk  with  some  of  my  wifes  and  my  oune  best  clothes  to 
the  Highlands,  and  therfor,  as  I  desire  rather  to  be  beholden  to  yow 
then  others,  so  I  must  in  this  calamitous  tyme  crave  pardon  to  be  so 
far  troublesome  to  yow  as  to  desire  that  yow  wold  any  time  within 
this  fortnight  send  one  of  your  tennants  with  a  naige  and  creiles  on 
him  with  the  bearer  heirof,  also  to  cary  the  said  litle  tronk  to  your 
house  of  Finlarg,  ther  to  remaine  till  I  have  occasion  to  dispose  on  it ; 
which  courtesie  of  yours  I  sail  be  ready  to  acknowledge  really  by  all 
the  service  which  God  in  better  times  sail  enable  me  to  doe  unto  yow. 
And  howsoever  I  sail  still  remaine,  SIR, 

Your  worships  affectionat  servant, 

PERTH,  the  3  of  Februar  1651. 

To  our  trustie  and  welbeloued  Sir  DUNCAN  CAMPBELL  of  Glenurquhay, 


JAMES  K. — Trustie  and  welbeloued,  Wee  greete  yow  well.  Hauing 
understood  that  ther  is  in  your  boundes  a  white  hinde,  wee  haue  sente 
this  bearer,  one  of  our  eeruantes,  to  take  and  transporte  her  hether 
unto  us  ;  and  becaus  that  contrie  is  altogether  unknowne  to  him,  we 
haue  thought  good  hereby  to  recommende  him  to  yow  most  earnestlie, 
requiring  yow  to  assiste  him  and  cause  him  be  furnished  with  all 
thinges  necessarie,  as  well  for  taking  of  the  said  hinde  as  for  his  oune 
interteynment ;  and  nothing  doubting  of  your  best  endeuour  for 



accomplishing  of  this  our  pleasour,  wee  bid  you  farewell.     Giuen  at 
our  mannour  of  Theobaldes,  the  13th  day  of  Januarie  1622. 

To  my  honorabill  cheiff  the  LAIRD  of  GLENVRQUKY  theis. 

NOBLE  CHEIFF, — I  haue  reseaued  from  the  Earll  of  Mar  a  packet  of 
letters  concerninge  the  takinge  of  this  trublesum  whyt  hynd  of  yours, 
and  hes  delyuered  and  red  them  to  his  Maieste,  he  beinge  not  weill  of 
a  payne  in  his  legs,  I  dar  not  seye  the  gutt.  His  Maiestie  is  weill 
plesed  with  you  for  the  caire  you  hawe  bed  to  forder  his  Maiesties 
desyr  in  all  things  concerninge  this  bissines  of  takinge  theis  deir ;  and 
seing  his  Maiestie  fynds  be  Scandoners  owine  letters  and  all  yours 
that  it  is  a  hard  mater  ather  to  tak  hir  or  carey  hir  to  the  sea,  by 
resone  of  the  difficultie  and  hardnes  of  the  place  and  hard  tyrne  of  the 
yeir  ;  and  fyndinge  also  be  his  Maiesties  owine  experience  that  iff  sche 
cane  not  be  takine  befoir  May  or  June,  beinge  so  laitte  in  the  yeir, 
that  iff  sche  prowe  with  calf  mey  indenger  hir  owine  lyff  and  hir  calf 
also,  his  Maiesties  plesour  is  that  sche  schall  not  be  sturde  this  yeir, 
and  that  his  Maiestie  will  think  of  sum  wther  courss  befoir  the  nixt 
yeir  for  the  better  effectinge  of  his  desyrs ;  and  his  Maiestie  lies  com 
manded  me  to  wrytte  wnto  the  Earll  of  Mar  to  send  wnto  all  thois 
that  bordors  or  marcheis  with  Corrachaba  that  none  presume  to  sture 
hir,  wnder  his  Maiesties  highest  displesor.  And  becaus  his  Maiestie  will 
trye  what  Scandoner  can  do  be  his  arte,  he  hes  wryttine  his  letters  to 
the  Earll  of  Pearthe,  that  he  mey  mak  tryell  in  Glenartnay  for  takinge 
of  sum  deir  and  rois  now  presently,  that  he  mey,  be  his  tryell  their, 
judge  what  he  cane  do  heirafter  in  Corrachaba.  I  hawe  downe  you 




the  best  officeis  that  lyis  in  my  power  to  his  Maiestie,  bothe  in  this 
and  in  all  wther  things  that  schall  ather  tuiche  or  concerne  you,  as  I 
am  bound  in  dewtie  of  bloud  to  do.  Thus,  with  the  rememberence 
of  my  trewe  loue  to  yourself  and  all  yours,  I  rest 

Your  werie  assured  freind  and  kinsman  to  serue  yon, 

THEABOLLS  PARK,  the  9  of  Marche  1622. 

His  Maiestie  dothe  not  a  lytill  wounder  that  he  that  hes  liued  chast 
from  wemen  except  his  owin  quein  all  his  dayis,  schuld  be  trubled 
with  the  gutt,  and  you,  that  hes  so  largly  bestowed  your  talentt 
amongst  them  schnld  skaipe  bothe  gutt  and  wther  diseissis,  bot  his 
Maiestie  is  werie  glaide  that  you  hawe  your  helthe  so  weill.  WALE. 

To  our  trastie  and  welbeloued  Sir  DUNCAN  CAMPBELL  of  Glenurquhay, 


JAMES  K. — Trustie  and  welbeloued,  wee  greete  yow  well.  Wee  have 
understood  as  well  by  your  letter  to  our  seruant  Sir  Patrik  Murray  as 
by  the  reporte  of  our  seruant  Scandoner,  your  carefull  and  earnest 
endeuouris  for  the  performance  of  whatsoeuer  yee  can  imagine  to  tende 
to  our  seruice,  and  likewise  your  speciall  care  and  good  enterteynment 
of  Scandoner  himselfe,  which,  as  it  hath  giuen  him  occasioun  to  speake 
of  that  our  kingdome  in  generall  and  of  yow  in  particulare  as  of 
.people  deutifullie  deuoted  to  their  prince  and  well  affected  to  strangers, 
so  wee  giue  yow  moste  heartie  thankes  for  the  same.  Wee  haue  also, 
by  your  letter  to  Sir  Patrik  Murray,  understood  your  honest  offer  for 



bringing  of  deere  into  Glen  Aumonde,  which,  as  it  hath  proceeded  of 
your  special  1  desire  to  procure  our  contentment,  so  wee  verie  well 
esteeme  thereof,  and  therefore  desire  you  to  go  on,  assuring  you  that 
thereby  yee  shall  do  us  verie  acceptable  seruice,  whereof,  when  occasion 
shalbe  offered,  we  will  not  be  unmindefull.  Farewell.  Giuen  at  our 
Mannour  of  Theobaldes,  the  24th  day  of  Julie  1622. 

To  our  trustie  and  welbeloued  the  LAIRD  of  GLEANWRQUHYE. 

CHARLES  B. — Trustie  and  welbeloued,  wee  greet  yow  well.  Where 
as  wee  haue  giuen  warrant  unto  Alexander  M'Naughtan  gentleman  of 
our  priuie  chamber  in  ordinarie  for  levying  two  hundreth  bow-men  in 
that  our  kingdome,  for  our  seruice  in  the  war  wherein  we  are  engaged 
with  France ;  and  being  informed  that  the  persones  in  those  high 
countries  are  ordinarlie  good  bow-men,  wee  are  hereby  well  pleased  to 
desire  yow  to  use  your  best  meanes  to  cause  levy  such  a  nomber  of 
them  for  our  said  seruant  as  possiblie  yow  can,  he  performing  such 
conditiones  with  them  as  are  usuall  in  the  like  cases,  which  wee  will 
tak  as  a  speciall  pleasure  unto  us,  whereof  wee  will  not  be  unmindfull 
when  any  occasion  shall  offer  whereby  we  may  expresse  our  respect 
unto  yow.  So  wee  bid  yow  farewell.  From  our  court  at  Windsore, 
the  12  of  August  1627. 


To  our  richt  traist  freind  the  LAIRD  of  GLENURQUHE. 

After    our  verie    hartlie    commendatiouns.      Whereas  the  kings 
Maiestie  is  most  sollicite  and  desyrous  that  the  tyme  of  his  being  at 



438  Letters. 

Perth  there  may  be  a  show  and  mustour  mad  of  hielandmen,  in 
thair  countrie  habite  and  best  order,  for  the  better  performance  quher- 
of  these  ar  to  intreate  and  desyre  yow  to  single  out  and  conveene  a 
nomber  of  your  freinds  followers  and  dependers,  men  personable  for 
stature,  and  in  thair  best  array  and  equippage,  with  trews,  bowes,  dor- 
loches  and  others  thair  ordinarie  weapouns  and  furniture,  and  to  send 
thame  to  the  said  burgh  of  Perth  vpon  Mononday  the  eight  day  of 
Julii  nixt,  quhereby  his  Maiestie  may  receave  contentment,  the  countrie 
credite,  and  yourselffe  thanks ;  and  so  looking  for  your  precise  keeping 
of  this  dyet  in  maner  foresaid  we  committ  yow  to  God.  Frome 
Halyrudhous  the  xxix  day  of  Junij  1633. 

Your  verie  good  freinds, 

Q.  KINNOUL,  Cancellarius. 

To  my  verie  honorabill  and  louing  cousin  Sir  COLIN  CAMPBELL  of 

Glenurquhaye,  knight. 

12.  SIR, — I  hawe  beine  thir  manie  yeris  verie  desyrous  to  hawe  firr  tries 

to  grow  with  me,  and  doe  find  by  proofe  that  the  soorest  waye  to  make 
them  prosper  is  to  saw  them  in  the  seid  ;  and  hearing  that  yow  maye 
command  greatt  stoire  therof,  if  I  shall  make  bold  to  be  your  beggar 
and  heirby  entreatt  that  yow  wald  be  pleased  to  send  me  sum  good 
quantitie  therof  that  I  maye  caus  my  awin  gardiners  win  itt,  I  houp 
yow  will  not  take  itt  in  ill  pairt  from 

Your  varie  affectionatt  cousin  to  serve  yow, 

HALIEROODHOUS,  8  of  Februar  1637. 



To  my  verie  honorable  and  welbeloued  cousin  Sir  COLIN  CAMPBELL  of 
Glenurquhay,  knight. 

SIR, — I  hawe  resaued  from  this  bearer  the  firr  seid  which  I  maid 
bold  to  wrytt  for,  and  must  heirby  not  onlie  return  yow  many  humble 
thankes  but  lykewayes  entreatt  that  if  anie  thing  which  is  in  ray 
power  in  thir  pairtes  can  be  usefull  to  yow,  yow  wald  be  pleased  with 
als  greatt  friedome  to  command 

Your  verie  affectionatt  cousin  to  serve  yow, 

LETJIINGTOUNE,  the  penult  of  Februar  1637. 


[From  the  MARCHIONESS  of  HAMILTON.] 

HONOURED  COUSING, — I  resauid  your  lettir  and  your  feir  seid,  and 
geiuis  you  harttily  thankis  for  your  cair  in  sending  them  to  me.  Be- 
liue  me,  I  think  rnoir  of  them  nor  ye  can  imagin,  for  I  loue  them  moir 
nor  I  dou  al  the  frout  tris  in  the  wordil.  I  haue  alrady  ane  four  or 
fayf  houndir  of  my  auin  planting,  that  is  pratti  treis,  and  deid  dereckly 
weith  them  as  ye  set  doune  in  your  lettir  ;  bot  my  soune  louis  them  no 
les  nor  I  dou,  and  hes  wilit  me  to  plant  a  greit  rnanay  meie,  quhich 
meid  me  trobbil  you  for  this  yeir ;  and  as  ye  haue  takin  painis  for  me, 
I  must  requist  you  to  gar  prouayd  soum  of  the  seid  for  me. 

Lord  Linsay,  my  good  sonne,  he  is  ane  warie  grit  plantter  of  his  eig 
as  euir  I  kneue  anay,  and  I  am  glaid  to  cherich  him  to  it ;  He  will 
send  ane  hors  and  man  for  ane  leid  of  them  within  ten  or  tual  dayis, 




and  I  must  requist  you  to  gar  haue  them  rady.  He  bes  takin  in  ane 
greit  baunis  for  tbem.  He  can  win  the  seid  himselue,  as  he  hes  sein 
me  dou,  so  ye  wil  only  neid  to  send  him  the  noutis.  In  quhathe  can, 
I  sal  be  bond  to  you  ye  sail  find  him  caynd.  So,  wiching  you  al  hap- 
pines,  I  rest, 

Your  affectioned  cousing  to  poure, 



To  the  Bicht  honorable  the  LAIRD  of  GLENVRQUHIE  thes. 

RIGHT  HONORABLE, — I  receawed  the  hundreth  merkis  fra  this  berar, 
for  the  quhilk  I  shall  indewor  to  do  yowr  worship  better  service  heir- 
efter  ;  and  as  for  the  picturis  quhilk  I  am  yeit  to  maik  I  shall  do  all 
diligens  to  gett  theam  with  the  first  occasione,  bot  it  will  be  in  Janvarii 
befoir  I  can  begin  theam,  except  that  I  hawe  the  occasione  to  meit 
with  the  pairties  in  the  North,  quhair  I  mynd  to  stay  for  tuo.rnonethes  ; 
and  if  ether  ther  or  heir  I  can  be  able  to  do  yowr  worship  service,  I 
shall  be  moist  willing,  and  ewer  to  remane 

Yowr  worships  servand, 

EDINBURGH,  13  October  [1634.] 

16.  RIGHT  HONORABLE, — I  receawed  yowr  worships  letter  with  ane  mea 

sure  concerning  the  maiking  of  soume  picturis,  quhairof  sextine  of 
theam  ar  set  doune  in  not.     I  will  werie  willinglie  serwe  yowr  worship, 



and  my  pryce  shall  be  bot  the  ordinarie,  since  the  measure  is  just  the 
ordinarie.  The  pryce  quhilk  ewerie  one  payes  to  me,  abowe  the  west, 
is  twentie  merkis,  I  furnishing  claith  and  coulleris ;  bot  iff  I  furaiss 
ane  double  gilt  muller,  then  it  is  twentie  poundis.  Thes  I  deall  with 
all  alyk  ;  bot  I  am  moir  bound  to  hawe  anegrytecair  of  your  worships 
service,  becaus  of  my  gouid  payment  for  my  laist  imployment.  Onlie 
thus  your  worship  wold  resolwe  at  quhois  charges  I  mist  go  throwe  the 
countrey  to  maik  thir  picturis,  for  all  that  are  heir  in  town  neidis  onlie 
yowr  worships  letter  to  theam  to  causs  theam  sitt,  and  for  theam 
quhois  picturis  I  hawe  allreadie,  I  shall  double  theam,  or  then  giwe 
yowr  worship  the  principall.  So,  leawing  this  to  yowr  worships  con 
sideration  and  ansuer,  I  shall  ewer  remaine, 

Your  woirships  willing  servand, 

EDINBURGH,  23  Junii  [1635.] 

Iff  I  begin  the  picturs  in  Julii,  I  will  hawe  the  sextine  redie  about 
the  laist  of  September. 

To  the  Richt  honorable  and  his  assured  gude  frend  ROBERT  CAMPELL 
of  Glenfalloch  these. 

RYCHT  HONORABLE  SIR,  ...  I  receavit  from  the  berar  heirof  ane 
hundreth  merkis  without  anie  lettir,  for  he  said  that  he  tint  the  lettir 
ye  gaiff  him.  He  brocht  also  with  him  thre  kye,  ane  quharof  wes 
brandit,  ane  vther  blak,  the  thrid  wes  dyn.  I  wald  haiff  writin  the 


442  Letters. 

compt  of  thingis  furnest  to  Jhone  since  this  tyme  twelfmonth,  and 
Duncanis  since  his  cuming,  bot  my  wyffe  quho  knew  sundry  particu- 
laris  therof  wes  in  Edinburgh  ;  bot  it  salbe  sent  with  the  nixt  berar, 
God  willing.  The  bairnis,  blissed  be  God,  ar  weill.  The  freiss  that 
wes  sent  to  be  thame  clothes,  thair  wes  maid  ane  cott  and  brekis  to 
Duncan  thairof,  and  ane  cott  to  Jhone.  Ye  wald  send  alsmekle  cloth 
as  wald  be  ane  gown  to  Jhone,  and  his  old  gown  wald  serue  for  ane 
gown  to  Duncane.  The  berar  spak  sumthing  to  me  of  freiss  to  be 
Jhone  ane  garment  of  clothes,  bot  I  will  luke  for  your  lettir  mair 
particularlie.  Jhone  wilbe  ane  schollar,  God  willing,  if  he  be  nocht 
interrupted.  Duncane  beginins  weill,  God  saiff  him.  So  nocht  having 
forder  for  the  present  bot  remembering  my  commendationis  of  service 
to  the  lady  your  bedfallow,  committis  yow  both  with  the  rest  of  your 
children  to  God  his  eternall  protectioun.  I  pray  yow  haiff  ane  spe 
cial!  cair  of  your  dochteris,  for  I  trust  in  the  mercy  of  God  that  your 
ladis  salbe  gude  men.  Assure  the  lady  your  wyffe,  that  I  sail  haiff 
ane  speciall  cair,  vnder  God,  of  hir  sonnes  that  ar  heir,  and  requeist 
hir  nocht  to  think  long  eftir  thame.  The  dowblet  ye  caust  mak  to 
Duncane  is  now  vp  at  the  slot  of  his  breist.  Ye  wald  say  that  he 
wearis  his  belt  as  men  sayis  Mr.  George  Buchanan  did  weare  his,  the 
dowblet  is  growen  so  schort.  I  wott  nocht  how  your  ministeris  of 
Ergyle  and  Bredalban  wilbe  handit  with  your  Bischopis,  bot  all  the 
honest  men  of  the  ministi  ie  heir  luikis  for  nothing  bot  the  werst,  for 
the  Bischopis  and  they  will  nocht  agree  with  ws  heir ;  for  everie 
honest  minister  in  all  our  eist  partis  will  rather  leave  thair  ministrie 
or  they  yield  in  one  jot  to  the  Bischopis.  God  rnak  your  ministeris 
thair  honest  and  constant  men,  for  we  heir  thair  is  mony  slim  amongis 


tliame,  that  or  thay  quyte  the  bannok  thay  will  quyte  a  gude  con 
science.     God  of  his  mercy  be  with  yow,  and  restis 

Your  awin,  efter  the  old  maner, 

Duncan  mon  haiff  ane  vther  dowblet. 
HADINGTOUN,  the  16  of  November  1619. 

Thair  wes  tuo  of  the  xx  mark  peceis  rounged  and  far  lea  then  the 
thrid  wes.     If  they  will  pass,  I  sail  put  thame  soone  from  me.